Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P10 103C Tafsir Al-Tawbah 17-22

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of hamara and shangla for reference, the importance of the Kaaba in maintaining its place, and the negative consequences of not being properly educated on one's own deeds. The speakers also touch on the negative consequences of fear and corruption in the society of the present day, and the importance of striving for success and achieving great things in life. The speakers emphasize the importance of achieving excellence and being a good worker, as well as the need for training for the people around them to know that after the time of prayer, they will be the best friends. The importance of acceptance and being loved is also emphasized.
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Makana, it is not permissible, it does not be fit, who will mercy Kena for the Mercy keen for the idolaters it does not be fit them. They don't deserve this what a year model that they maintain, they populate masajid the mosques, Allah He of Allah. They don't deserve, that they should be the ones visiting the Kaaba. They don't deserve that they should be the ones looking after the Kaaba. Why? Because Shahina ones who witness Allah against unfussy him themselves will go for with the disbelief. They testify for their own disbelief, meaning while they're doing Cofer, it doesn't make sense that these people are coming to perform Hajj. Notice what is mentioned over here, your Moodle

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from the word remodel. And this word will appear in the following verses also from the letters I in meme raw.

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Alright, meme raw, Amara Yamamoto. It means to inhabit a place. What does it mean? to inhabit a place to live in a place? When there's a house that's empty, nobody's living there?

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Then what happens to it? It begins to smell inside, right? There may be something wrong with the plumbing, there may be something wrong with the heating. There may be something wrong with the windows but because nobody's living there, that places not taken care off. Correct. And the woman somebody inhabits that place they start taking care of it. Isn't that so? This sister wants told me about how she was looking into buying a house and and hamdulillah they found a house that was in a very, very poor condition. And because of that reason, they got the house, obviously very cheap. Okay. And she said that basically the house belonged to an old woman who had been living in a

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nursing home for many, many years, and the house was just closed. It was just closed. And so the towels were falling off. You know, there was leaks everywhere. windows were broken cobwebs everywhere. So what happened, they renovated the entire place, and now it looks as good as new. Okay, so when a place is empty, nobody's taking care of it. Nobody's living there. The opposite of that is a model or a model. You understand? Certainly Mala is not just about living somewhere. It's about being there. It's about looking after that place, maintaining that place. You understand? So remodeled the Masjid. What is it remodeled to the masjid? That a masjid is built? And it is left

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empty? Is that a mountain Masjid? That maybe once a week or once a day people come for one rule and they pray Salah and that's it? Is that remodel the Masjid? What is the marital Masjid that the masjid has taken care off? It fulfill the purpose of being a masjid and what is that? That there are people coming in going out doing something there? What is it that people do in a masjid worship Allah subhanaw taala do they could learn recite the Quran learn the Quran. All right. So this is reminder to the masjid Allah subhanaw taala says at the mercy keen do not deserve to do a remodel to the masjid. They don't deserve to come to Makkah and do Hajj. They don't deserve to come to the

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Kaaba and do POA. If they don't deserve that they look after the Kaaba, they clean it. They maintain the Masjid. They don't deserve to look after the pilgrims who come to the haram. Why? Allah says Shahidi now Allah and fusi him Bill cough because they're doing coffee.

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They're coming in disbelief. If you think about it, why is mocha important? What makes GABA important the fact that it is? What is it? The House of Allah Baitullah? Correct? And if there are people who are going there, and they're not even worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, they're worshipping some other idols. Okay, does that make sense? Does that make sense at all? It doesn't make sense. When they're committing disbelief of the one whose house it is, then how can they deserve to come? How can they deserve to maintain that place? When they're disbelieving in the messenger of the one whose house it is? That how can they deserve to be those who are doing a

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remodel to the masjid? They don't deserve that? It doesn't make any sense. So in other words, the Muslims are being gently reprimanded that why do you have a soft corner for these Michigan anyway? Why are you afraid?

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Why are you reluctant? Why are you hesitant the Michigan do

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don't deserve to come here. So why are you concerned that next year if they don't come, you will suffer or what will happen? The fact is that a principle is a principle. These people don't deserve to come here because of the ship and Cofer that they're committing. Shahidi, narla and fusi, Hindalco Hola, Ecuador's, have you thought to whom their deeds are wasted nullified within 90 and in the fire whom call they don't, they will abide eternally, meaning, no matter what apparent good deed they perform, of traveling to the Kaaba going to Mina, of doing tawaf of giving water to the pilgrims, no matter what a parent good deed they do. The fact is that it's not going to benefit

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them. Why is it not going to benefit them? Because of their ship? Because of their coffin? What does she do?

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What does she do? It nullifies cancels out all the good deeds of a person. You know, in the Quran, Allah mentions the names of several prophets, one after the other. And what is mentioned that if they did Sheikh, then all their good deeds would be nullified. Allah tells the messenger salAllahu alayhi wa sallam let in a Shakta layer Bopanna Amma look, if you did check your good deeds will be wasted. Imagine the profits out of lawn center.

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So it doesn't matter who the person is Arab or non Arab. If they do shank, their deeds are gone. So these Mushrikeen with their shank, even if they're maintaining the Kaaba for years, you know what it's not benefiting them anyway. So they should not be the ones who are the caretakers of the Kaaba, who come to do Hajj in nama. Indeed, not but Yamato, he populates, who deserves to come to the Kaaba and do Hajj, who deserves to look after the Pilgrims maintain the Kaaba who Allah told us over here, in Nima Yamato masajid Allah indeed only he should maintain the massages of Allah, Min M and a biller, those who believe in Allah while young will acid and the Last Day will accommo Salah and he

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established the prayer what are the zakah and he gives occur while I'm Yaksha and he did not fear in Allah except Allah meaning he only fears Allah subhanaw taala fossa so it is hoped Allah Iike those anukool nominal move the deen that they are of those who are rightly guided. It is hoped that these are the people who are rightly guided meaning these are the ones because remember that one lost pounds or uses the word or Eisah in a positive context and it gives the meaning of definitely. So it is these who are rightly guided not other than them. So what do we learn in this ayah who deserves to be the maintainer of a masjid, whether it is the Kaaba Baitullah or it is Masjid Nabawi or it is

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some mustard in North America who deserves to visit that masjid and look after that masjid and take care of it. Who first of all, what are the characteristics that are mentioned in this idea? Amen. Biller, he must believe in Allah. If he doesn't even believe in God, if he doesn't even believe in Allah subhanaw taala for whose sake the masjid is built, so that people can come and worship him? Is it not illogical that he's the one who is maintaining that place? He's the one who's populating that place?

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No, no, you see, like for example, a non Muslim can come to a masjid he can come and see but Ramana is what not just coming and visiting once every model is that you come once you come again you come every day, every other day, you are basically doing something there you're using that place for something you understand. Like for example, a class is held. Or for instance, you know people decide how the masjid is going to be managed the finances or whatever it may be. Okay because remodeled or Masjid. It has many aspects to it. All right, the bigger the organization, the more the work, like for example, the Kaaba, there were many aspects to it remodel. First of all, coming performing Hajj,

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Salah, okay. Likewise, the machine when they would come they would offer sacrifice to their idols also. Okay, that is also part of their Imara. All right. Likewise, the pilgrims who would come giving water to them to drink? Okay. Like, for example, when you go to the Kaaba, when you go to do or

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is it that you have to clean the floor yourself? And you have to go find the well of zamzam and get water for yourself. Do you have to do everything yourself? No, everything is done already. Who is doing it? Those who are taking care of that place?

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So over here, what do we learn that who deserves

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First of all, Iman Billa. Secondly, Eman milliohm al Assad believed in the last day. Thirdly, that he also establishes the prayer himself. I mean, if a person is managing the matters of a masjid, let's say organizing an event in the masjid, and he doesn't even pray salah. What's going to happen, then?

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What's going to happen? Are the people who are coming to the masjid? Are they going to pray? No, is that same spirit going to be imparted? Never.

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So accommo salah, he prays himself will add Zakah and he gives us a car, he's charitable himself. Well, I'm Yaksha Illa Allah and he only fears Allah. Because the thing is that when there's fear of Allah, then there can be honesty. And unfortunately, the problem that we see today, in many organizations, whether there are Muslim or non Muslim massage, or something else, that people lack the fear of God, which is why there's corruption, right? Which is why there are so many fraud cases. Isn't that so? Why? Because people do wrong behind others. They fear people, but they don't fear Allah subhanaw taala

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who deserves to populate the masjid the one who has fear of Allah fossa, Allah Iike Enya? Kuno Minamata Dean,

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at your Alton, did you make see coital Hajj Sequoya giving water to drink from the root letter seen Coffea did you make those who give water to drink to who? Al Hajj, hajj who are the Pilgrims? Those who give water to the pilgrims were a model masjid and populate the Masjid. So in other words, the people who do this did you make them Did you consider them command like who meaning as equal to the one who am an a biller? He will Yeoman if it were gehad the FISA bill Allah, the One who believes in Allah and the Last Day and strives in the way of Allah. You think both of them are equal. You think both of them are same.

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Allah says lay as the winner in the law, they're not equal near Allah will Hola Hola, como el Amin, and Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people.

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Two types of people are mentioned over here, one, those who focus on just the apparent good deeds, apparent good deeds, there is no faith, there is no spirit, there is no dedication for the sake of Allah. Nothing like that just a parent good deed. Why to please and impress the eyes of people? And what are those deeds, like, for example, giving water to the people to drink when they're thirsty, or, for example, populating the masjid, cleaning it taking care of it. And on the other hand, the other type of person is he who has the right kind of faith in Allah and the Last Day, he has Eman. He has love for Allah, He fears Allah, He cares about everyone. And he also strives in the way of

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Allah, he's not living his comfortable life, volunteering an hour a day, just to go and visit somebody who is doing more striving, who is better in the sight of Allah, of these two individuals, the one who has the right kind of faith, and also he strives in the way of Allah.

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Many times what happens is that deeds that are visible, meaning everybody can see

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that are apparent, people like to do them. They like to be at the forefront. All right. Now, we might think giving water to people, that's not really a big deal, but in that society at that time, that was a big deal.

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Okay, so this is why people thought that those who give water to the pilgrims, they're the best of humanity. They're the most righteous men. Which is why we see that once some people there were sitting together, they were talking this is a Hadith and Muslim. We learned that one of them said, I do not care if I do not perform any action after embracing Islam, other than providing drinking water for pilgrims.

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Meaning after Islam, what is most important to me, just giving water to the pilgrims, I don't care much about salah. I don't care about much about going out with the Prophet salallahu Salam on his expeditions. I'm most concerned about what what do I think is the most valuable deep, giving water to to the pilgrims. Another man said I do not care if I do not perform any action after embracing Islam other than maintaining and muscular haram. I think the best thing to do after Islam is that you go and take care of the Kaaba, you go and take care of a masjid

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Another man said, do you have in the Cause of Allah is more righteous than what you have said. He said, I think that what is more important is striving in the way of Allah subhanaw taala in whatever capacity being with the prophets of Allah is struggling with him, striving with him. So Ramona low on who when he heard this argument going on between the people, he said, Do not raise your voices next to the member of the messenger of allah sallallahu wasallam. And because it was time for stiletto Juma, he said, after Juma will go to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and asked him so when they went and asked him this, I was revealed, this idea was revealed that how could you equate, just

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giving water to people populating the masjid with striving in the Cause of Allah subhanaw taala they're not at the same level.

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It's like you're comparing someone who's training and you know, working hard to prepare for, you know, an event like a sporting event, unlike someone who's just, you know, at home relaxing, and once in a while to go for a walk and you know, something like that? Yes. On the one hand, is a person who has training every day, and on the other hand, is a person who sometimes plays weak in his basement. Are they the same? How could you think they're the same? They're not the same. So likewise, in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala, also all deeds are not equal. There are some deeds which are better than the other.

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And off those deeds, which one is the best, which one is at the top, striving in the way of Allah subhanaw taala. Which is why in your Hadith, we learned that a man came to the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam, and he said, or Prophet told me about a deed that equals to jihad. Meaning tell me something as a substitute for jihad, I can't do that. So is there anything else that I can do? The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, I do not find any such deed, there is nothing like it. And really, there's nothing like it. Right? Like, for example, if you were striving in the way of Allah, sacrificing your weekends in order to study the Quran, that is also a big struggle,

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that if a person says, you know, I don't want to dedicate these many hours or these many years in learning the Quran, is there any fast track thing that I can do?

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But the thing is that to learn the Quran, to understand the Quran, don't you need time? Yes, you need to dedicate that you can't do it in a month. You can't fast track it. It's not going to be the same at all. Ly as the winner in the law. They're not the same in the eyes of Allah. And Lavina Amanu those who believe were her Giroux and they emigrated what Jehovah do and distro feasable Allah in the way of Allah be unworldly him with their properties were unfussy him and their lives. These people are Allah mu Dada jetten are in the law, or Islam or greater the Rajasthan in rank or in de la, near Allah, what will their eco home welfare is soon and it is those who will be successful. So

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who's going to be successful, whose level is greater? Those who stay at home and just do whatever is convenient, or those who rise up to the challenge, do that extra bit that your son strive in order to achieve a greater goal, who's better in the sight of Allah, those who strive because look at what is mentioned over here, first of all, Iman, which was not easy at that time, then hijra, leaving your home.

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And like we discussed that in our context, perhaps it could be doing Hijra from a sin, doing Hijra from one state leaving something that's a big decision. It's a big sacrifice, it's a big struggle. And then what Jaha do visa vie Allah, striving in the way of Allah with your money, and also with your life, your time, people who do this their rank is much greater and they're the ones who will be successful. In a hadith and Buhari we learned that a man asked the Prophet salallahu Salam, O Allah's Messenger, what is the best deed? And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, a Salah to allow Actaea performing the prayer at its right time.

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Then he asked what is the next in goodness? So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said to be good and beautiful to your parents bedroom Valley then

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because that is difficult, isn't it? Being dutiful to your parents is something very difficult. Even children find it difficult

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when they find it difficult to listen to their parents to obey.

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So being dutiful to your parents, then the man asked what is next in goodness, the prophets of Allah send reply to participate in jihad in Allah's Cause.

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To participate in jihad in Allah's Cause, Yuba Shiro whom he gives them good news

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who robbed boom their Lord Brahma the men who have special mercy from Him. Those who strive in this manner, Allah subhanaw taala gives them good news of special mercy from him. What is that mercy in this world and the hereafter help, victory, success

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and rewards in the hereafter? What when and approval whose approval? Whose approval, Allah's approval, those who strive in Allah's Cause, Allah who will be happy with them, Allah who will approve of them, you know, what did one is basically read one is from the root letters, good, although the probably to be happy to be pleased with someone, when the people of Jana will enter Jannah and Allah subhanaw taala will give them the rewards that Allah will ask them, Are you satisfied? Are you happy? Did I fulfill my promise of reward to you? And the people will say, Yes, of course. Allah subhanaw taala will say, is there anything else that you want? And the people will

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say, Oh, Allah, you've given us more than we imagined even what more could we want in Jannah? Every wish of ours is fulfilled, what more can we want? Allah subhanaw taala will keep asking, is there anything else you want? Is there anything else you want? And then Allah subhanaw taala will say that now I have bestowed my one on you. So I will never be upset with you. From this day onwards, you can never displease me, I am forever happy and satisfied with you, forever happy and satisfied with you. But who will get to this level? Those who are just concerned about their breakfast, lunch and dinner,

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or those who are concerned about the breakfast, lunch and dinner of others, those who strive in Allah's Cause for the sake of religion for the sake of helping others for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala to please Him. So those who do that, Allah will give them Ridhwan which Annette and gardens le homefree have for them in it now emo mapy him. Look at the words Noreen MIPIM. Noreen from Nirma blessings. What kind of blessings will they have in Jana, that are more team more payments from off whelming a comma, a comma to establish and Mookie means one that is established, meaning forever established forever. They're never ending,

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perpetual, never changing, enduring, everlasting. Those are the blessings that they will have in Jannah. In this dunya, what happens? You get a gift, you get something, but then after some time, what happens to it?

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What happens to it? It remains the same, then what happens to it?

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Sometimes it breaks, sometimes you lose it. Sometimes it becomes worn out. Sometimes it becomes outdated.

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Even if it's in perfect condition. Isn't it outdated? And you feel shy of holding it? I still have an iphone four s. And the other day I needed a charger desperately. And the entire Oh, who the I couldn't find it every time as you have an iPhone charger? Yeah, I have an iPhone five.

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And I'm like, No, I want the four. And they're like, What? Who has that? Like I have it because it's in perfect condition. And my need is being fulfilled. It has the same software, so I really don't need to upgrade. But the thing is that the things of this world, what happens? They get worn out, they get old, you get bored of them, isn't it? No matter how valuable no matter what warranty you have, eventually, something's going to happen to it. Something is going to happen to it. And that just shows to us that no matter what valuable things of this dunya you can attain, really they don't mean anything. They don't mean much. Because eventually a day will come when the earth will be

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shattered. Either Ducati will have to duck and duck.

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Powdered, flattened, flattened completely.

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So where will your crystal go?

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And where will your dishes go? And where will your stuff go? All finished. All finished. This is the reality of this world.

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I got a piece of jewelry on my wedding day. Okay. And the other day What happened that I noticed that there was a stone that was missing

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a diamond that had fallen off and I don't know where it is. I don't know where it is. It's been many years since I've had it. I've used it I've abused it. But to just think about

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that precious stone, perhaps lying in one of the drain pipes,

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perhaps mixed up with snow and sand, alo Ireland where it is. But what does that show to you? What is the value of this, of this thing? What is the value of the things of this world, we attach way too much importance to them. They don't mean much the blessings of the dunya they are looking, they are worth striving for. But we see the blessings of this world, we work for years, we make money, so that we can buy those expensive things and those expensive things deteriorate right in front of us. We lose them.

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Even now, as students as you know, daughters as sisters, as wives, we're always striving to please the people who around us. But we find that you know, especially as a student, it's like I really good marks and all my other subjects in this one subject that I'm really bad at. It's like, you know, a seven year 60 Whatever. My parents always point out that one mark, and I'm like everything else I did good. Why can't you do that? It's like we can never please the people here. So you know, if we we should strive for Allah's eternal pleasure. That means he'll never be upset with us again. Yes. Because the thing is, no matter how much you can make somebody happy today, there will be a

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time when they will be disappointed in you. Right? Your parents tell you, they love you, they love you. And then the next day, they're yelling at you. Right? You think that your husband is best friends with you. He's the one who cares about you the most. And you just realize that he's yelling at you, where he's upset with you, and you're hurt because of what he said. So this is life. This is life. It is not perfect. The things are not perfect. Approval is not perfect. One day you could be in somebody's good books tomorrow you are in their bad books. So what should we strive for? Eternal Pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala that will bring us eternal blessings love home fi hennur Emo mopane

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but it is given to who is given to those who strive those who struggle holiday in a fee her abiding there in eternally Avada forever ever, ever, never ending in the law her in the who urged on our lame indeed Allah with him is a great reward. So why are you just happy with the things of this world? Because you know, what prevents us from striving and Allah's Cause? What? What prevents us desires and also the things of this world, the people who we want to keep happy, right? Like, for example, you have a choice between either doing your golf in the morning, in the evening, in order to get Allah special reward and special protection, or you chat with someone.

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If you continue to do your earth call, they might get upset, and we don't want to make them upset. So what do we do? We leave the car one day, another day, another day? Yes, somebody's happy with us because we're always available to them. But you know what, we're missing out on a lot of reward. It's just that people, those who are around you, they need a little bit of training in the sense that they need to know that after Salah you do some earth god and eventually they'll get used to it. Like I remember my son initially used to get really bogged that Mama you're praying and then you're doing if God and you're not talking to me you to talk to me talk to me. And now I just, you know,

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pointing with my fingers, and he knows that I'm doing a call. So he'll come and sit and wait until I'm done. And then he'll talk to me. He's accepted it eventually. He was upset initially. Now he's okay with it.

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So anything that we want to do for the sake of Allah, we struggle in Allah's way, what happens? Sometimes there's conflict, either please people, or please Allah. So what is necessary, we Please Allah, and people will eventually be happy

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that we see the prophets of Allah was him, he would be amongst his family members, and he would talk to them and be with them. And as soon as the time for prayer entered, he would become like a stranger. I used to have these friends who had walked with like, every time after school, and this one time, there was this lady and she was carrying her groceries. And she like there was a lot so I went and helped her. And when I came back after helping her they sort of laughed. I mean, they were like, Oh, you don't even know her and like this and that. So like, at that time, I was just like, you know why it's okay. I didn't do it, you know, just to like, show off or anything. I did it

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because she needed help and ended up for a little sponsor. So I did a few things like that later on as well and like eventually they accepted in

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then they actually started like saying good things about me. And then I was just, you know, like it felt good. I mean, you should be humble, but like, it felt good that it's they accepted it. Yeah. Alhamdulillah lands a blessing. Yeah. And then like later on, I saw one of them helping another lady out. So I felt really good.

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And hamdulillah so, sometimes there's really either you help someone or you please people, and you take that extra step. And eventually, people will also be okay with you. They will accept you.

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Like that. You know how we were mentioning that we beautify things with dystonia, anyone dares to need to be the best friends. He has been with our handles in one of her lectures. And she's like, it's like when you go to a hotel, for example, you're not gonna go to the manager and say, I don't like this bed. I don't really call my walls. I want to paint the walls properly. I want this color to suit me because I don't like teal or whatever. That this dunya is temporary. So when we try to fix Kate this dunya by ourselves, it's like you trying to go to hotel and renovated by yourself? You're not going to be there for long. Yes, very true. Very true.

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Anyway, let's listen to the recitation.

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Murca more shrieking

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more Mercer. Lot he Shahidi now Allah

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Allah What

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do you do

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in Moodle Meza G the law human being you one year will mean theory we're up on

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our earth as

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a meal Yaksha in lung all

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Kuno Mina daddy, John tomb CEPA

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G the army COMM And Ben

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Coleman been

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mean, here you are just had Fe savvy

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All along when I do warn you me a levena

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jell o Jahad. Goofy's ideally

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more foreseen more dollar Jetta nine. The law all right. What

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your bash shell mob?

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One you

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will join

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me Holly Deena feel

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in a long

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drill. Now we

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just want to show quickly. One thing is that where I work, we have two head offices, one in downtown and one in Brampton. So often from meetings, we have to travel to Brampton. But because some people who live closer to downtown and don't have access to Brampton, there is one of my manager who takes the initiative to drive everyone to Brampton every morning, six o'clock, which requires her to take even extra steps. So she comes all the way from Mississauga, down to Kipling to pick up people then take them back to Brampton and then at four o'clock then drop them back to Kipling. So one day I was in the car with other managers and stuff, and we were just going back home to Kipling, and one of

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the other managers asked her like, why do you do this? Right? This is so much extra for you. So two answers, she gives that one that what is extra 20 minutes gonna do for her. It's better that she just attains good deeds on her and fills her bucket up for you know, whatever can with good deeds and stuff, right? And she said that, you know, it's just extra time that I'm putting in for you guys, which is not a big deal to me. 20 minutes of sleep is not going to do much. So that hit me in the car and I was like, oh my God when we have to drink

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I have people for different places like even for sake of Islam for classes, I'll hold that in the morning to carpool and stuff like that we require like, okay, you know what? work according to me and stuff, right? According to my timings. And if I go late, you go late if I go early, or you go early and stuff, right. And I was thinking, we do this all the time, and we don't think about the good deeds that we might gain if we just carpool or do this or do that together. But where she who's a Christian is thinking that tunneler like, I'm just getting good deeds. What is extra 20 minutes for me, I just gotta go on time. And so this is a very important point, that 20 minutes of extra

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sleep, what is it gonna do? 10 minutes of extra sleep? What is that going to do? And if I don't have it, am I going to collapse? Am I going to, you know, is something serious going to happen? What's the big deal? But the thing is that we keep clinging on to these 10 minutes here. 20 minutes, there are $5 here, $20 there. And these are the things that prevent us from striving. And Allah subhanaw taala is cause

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so a little bit of sacrifice. 20 minutes here, $10 here, and it can take you really far. As long as they come from what you're saying, actually right now. I think it was yesterday. I'm not sure I was debating with myself early in the morning after I woke up fetcher. I had a little bit of the lesson that I do yet, because I couldn't find time I was doing something during the week. And I was like, if I normally leave that nine o'clock or get ready to get dressed at nine o'clock in Federalist one, six, so I'm like if I go to sleep for an hour now because I was really tired. I still have an hour to do the lesson. And now I was thinking while I was doing my resume.

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I was thinking if I have one hour of sleep is not really going to do me any good right now. And on top of that, if I do have that one hour of sleeping and be even more tired afterwards, I might as well just stay awake right now while I'm praying and I'm already awake. Yes.

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