Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P21 215E Tafsir Al-Sajdah 12-14

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of "medea" and its relation to death, emphasizing the importance of not giving too many chances to win and the difficulty of going too far to reach the point of death. They also discuss the importance of testing and learning from actions in order to make the best choices and emphasize the punishment of people's actions for actions and mistakes. The largest and most important meeting in human history is highlighted, with leaders encouraged to gather what they want to meet with their Lord.
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Arooga bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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Allah says Wello Torah, and if only you could see wallow, and if only Torah you could see Edwin l moody Munna the criminals plural of the word majorem. If you could only see when the criminals nakki su will all see him. They will be in a state of nakki pseudo OC him Nikki Su is actually nakki sooner nakki sooner well known at the end of plural, but the known has been dropped because Nikki sudo Zim there is a connection over here of Moodle off McGuffey lay and the word Nike soon as a plural of the word NEC is NAC is Farrell, NEC is one who does NASA and next what does next mean noon cap seen next is to place what was at the top to place it were at the bottom.

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So something that was up is now placed where? At the bottom. This is NACA sir. So the head, neck e su cm Rousses a plural AF.

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Now where's the head supposed to be in a body at the top? So nakki sudo OC him means they will be hanging their heads low, they will be lowering their heads bending down their heads? When is it that we bend our head down?

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Out of shame, out of embarrassment, out of guilt, humiliation, disgrace. So the criminals on the Day of Judgment, their heads will hang low? Why out of shame or in the lobby him near their Lord? And what will they say? They will say Robina our Lord of Asana we have seen now, before we didn't show gratitude for our vision. Now we have seen what some Erina and we have heard followed your nose so return us meaning send us back to the worldly life so that normal we can do Saleh and righteousness, send us back to the life of the world so that we can do something good something righteous in now moving on. Indeed we are now once or certain moving on plural of the word moving Mukhin is one who

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has yet been one who has conviction meeting now we have no doubt left before did they have doubt? Yes, they lived in doubt, they were in doubt about the agora. This is why they never prepared for it. They rejected it. Now when they will see the Day of Judgment they will see all the events and they will hear Samir, now a Busan now was a mariner that we have seen we have heard ourselves, then of course there's no denying, they will say now we have your pain, can we please be sent back to the world?

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So what do we see that at the time of death after death? What happens? The veils of the unseen they removed the partitions the screens between us and the unseen they're removed. Now, the matters of the Hereafter are what are usually occurs when a person sees them with his own eyes. So there is no denying.

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But once a person dies, is there any coming back? No, there isn't. This is similar to how fit our own set at the time of death, I believe but was that belief accepted? No, it wasn't in sort of Medea Maya 38 Allah's parents are and it says a smear be him What else will slit yo maya tuna that on the day that they will come to us they will hear so well. And they will see so well.

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They will hear so clearly. They will see so clearly. Right now they're in doubt. But on that day, all their doubts shall be gone. They will say can we return? But is that chance going to be given? No it won't. Because Allah knows that if these people were to be returned, they wouldn't take advantage of the second chance even. Because if you think about it in our lives, are we given second, third, fourth chances? Are we many times how often does it happen that we are in a certain situation where we feel bad about what we've done and we're like, that's it I'm never doing this again. But then what happens? Allah takes us out of that situation and we fall back into the same

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mistakes. But 100 Allah Allah subhanaw taala has kept the door of Toba open.

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But in the Hereafter, if a person says Send me back so I can fix myself. Allah says in total and on May 28. While I would do law do li man who were in the home look at the bone. If they were returned, they would repeat what they were forbidden from. They would commit the same things again, in Nola cabbie. Well, they're just lying to get out of this trouble. Allah says well oh shit now and if we wanted, let Taina

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Surely we could have given. If Allah wanted, he could have given Coonan Epson every soul every person who there had its Huda its guidance. If Allah wanted, he could have given guidance to every single soul, meaning Allah subhanaw taala would have forced it on every person.

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Allah would not have given choice to people that you have Iman, you choose to believe you decide, no, if Allah wanted, he could have made all people Muslim. If Allah wanted, he could not have given us the choice to disobey Him. Just like the angels, do they have any choice. Now they don't. The animals, do they have any choice? Now they don't? It's amazing how animals will, you know, for example, penguins. I mean, you wonder why do they have to go so far? So far? Walk all those miles just to have their babies. Why? Why don't they just do that in a warmer place? Where's they can go? But why are they doing that? Why do they go to that place? Because that is what Allah subhanaw taala

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has instructed them to do. So no matter how hard it is, no matter how difficult it is, no matter how long the journey is, they do it. They go for it. So if Allah subhanaw taala wanted, he could have made us like that also not given us any choice. But this is what differentiates human beings from the rest of the creation. Allah subhanaw taala has endowed us with reason and he has given us the free will to choose what we want to do. And then we are responsible for the choices that we make. This is what the test of life is about. What Allah subhanaw taala created Adam or a sinner he made it clear in the GRE don't fill out the Khalifa and it was understood that this Khalifa this man he

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would have choice which is why the angel said a third geography Hi my UFCU fear that this man he's going to create facade in the earth where the angels not right? They were Why is he called Dima he will shed blood the angels were right, because man has the choice to do that. But this is what the test of life is that what choices do we make? What actions do we do? And then we are responsible for our actions. We are responsible for our choices. Allah says well I can but how it came into effect. I'll call the word mini from me, meaning my word has come into effect. Which word which statement that let him learn shortly I will definitely fill from the root letters meme lamb Hamza mill, mill

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Assa T were mill ugly What does mill mean? The fill of something right? So let amla Anna Surely I will definitely fill up Johanna * mean Elgin naughty? I will fill up * with who with a Jinnah what? Our agenda the gin? This is not Jana. Okay Jana is different Jana is different. Both are from the same root because both are hidden and the verb Jana Jim no known what does it mean? That which is hidden to hide? So Meenal Jin naughty onesie? I will fill up * with gin and people Ultramarine all together.

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What does this mean?

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You see, when Allah subhanaw taala created Adam Rawlinson and he ordered the angels to prostrate to Adam.

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And this was to show the honor that Allah subhanaw taala has given men and amongst those angels a bliss was also present, right? And it bliss he refused to prostrate. And then he justified. And then he blamed Allah. And he vowed to take revenge. What was that revenge? He said, that I am going to take all of his children with me where to *?

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So Allah subhanaw taala. He said, If I'll help will help to cool that fall help. This is what's going to happen, then. Go you have the choice. We'll try to mislead people as much as you want. However, my sincere servants, you will not be able to mislead them. Allah's grateful sincere servants, those who call upon Allah shaitan will not be able to mislead them.

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And then check on basically he was trying to be all arrogant that I'm going to take all of the children of Adam with me to help. And Allah subhanaw taala told him, that it doesn't affect him basically, he can feel * with all of humanity, all of jinn and it will not make a difference to him. It does not reduce his power. It does not reduce his honor. So over here, what ol is this, the response to the challenge of a bliss? What was it Lisa's challenge that I will take all of humanity with me to help

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Allah subhanaw taala said fine, go ahead we'll help we'll help you upon the amla Allah Jehan nama mineral Jeanette UNSC edge Mary. So what is this ayah teaching us? What this is teaching us is that Allah subhanaw taala can force guidance upon people.

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He can do that.

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He can force them to worship him, he can force us to obey Him.

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He can take away free will from us choice from us. But that is not the way of Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala created man gave him reason. And I told him you decide you choose what you want to do and then you're responsible for your choices. And this is why there's Jana and this is why there's a knob in total insanity is number two, Allah says in Now Hala canal insane I mean not to fatten am shajing Nebuta Lee Phaedra Allah Whoa, Samia basura that Allah subhanaw taala created man from a sperm drop mixture. Why never Italy he we test him.

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Our life is what it's a test. And Allah has made the human being Sameer on basura hearing and seeing that use you're hearing us you're seeing us your vision, and then make the best choices that you can.

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And the person who does not adopt the best way he chooses to pretend as if he never heard chooses to pretend as if he never saw he never learned then this does not reduce Allah's power at all. Because Allah says Well, I can help Alumini let him learn nurjahan Nemorino junortoun NASCI OG marine so basically if we use these faculties we make the right choices, our benefit and if we don't our own loss for Dooku so test those in * they'll be told test go ahead and test the map because of what nnessee told me you forgot

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this now test what the punishment why? Because you forgotten to see through from this era noon Senia What did you forget? Lee call a meeting Yomi come off your day Heather this, you forgot this meeting, which meeting of the Day of Judgment

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and because you forgot, you did what you did. You made the wrong choices. So now suffer the consequences of those choices. Whose fault is it? It is entirely yours. Be madness. See Tom Lika Iommi, calm Heather Inanna Sina calm indeed we will forget you. Allah will say this to who? Those in punishment that we will forget you. Does Allah subhanaw taala forget?

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Does he forget? Allah doesn't forget because He is Allah Eileen Womack cannot book and a CEO your Lord is never forgetful he never forgets.

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Musar listen, I'm also said that to fit around that liability robiola yen sir, my Lord does not forget. So why is it that Allah will say in Annecy, nickel, that we will forget you in the punishment.

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What this means is that we don't care about you.

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It's as if you don't exist for us anymore.

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This is how far removed people in * will be from the Mercy of Allah Subhana.

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Allah knows. But what this means is that Allah who will not care

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Allah subhanaw taala is a rock man,

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a rock man, the one who has mercy is all encompassing. The one who has mercy reaches everyone and everything in this world, and it's because of that Mercy of Allah, that even animals are affectionate to each other. Birds are affectionate to each other people are affectionate to each other. It's because of that mercy. And it's because of that mercy, that even those who reject Allah subhanaw taala. Those who oppose Allah subhanaw taala are given a chance to live a chance to eat a chance to breathe a chance to enjoy. Isn't that amazing? How vast Allah's Mercy is a rough man. But the one who doesn't benefit from his mercy today than he will be deprived of it forever later.

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For Dooku be mana Seto Malika yo Miko Heather Inanna senoko You see, the punishment is always similar to the crime. What's the crime over here forgetting Allah?

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So what's the punishment that Allah will forget them where they will go and test or they will hold the punishment of eternity? Why be my condom Tom Malone because of what you used to do.

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All this punishment is for what? For your own actions meaning you brought this upon yourselves. This is not injustice. This is the result of your own actions, your own wrongdoing

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with who either will hold either hold what is Hold me, eternity, Holly Deena fee how ones abiding eternally so I Thou shall hold meaning punishment of eternity meaning punishment that will never end

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they will be forgotten, abandoned in the punishment into Jaffa 34 Allah says, Will Kala, Yeoman and circle come in to see Tom Lika yo Miko

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today we shall forget you just as you forgot this meeting into the shoot I have 40 Allah says wedges that will say yeah, Team say he told me through her, the retribution for an evil act is an evil one like it, meaning the punishment is similar to the offense.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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what oh, my god Munna keys you see him

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follow G Man

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Washington man, Dana

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Hoda muda wala King help.

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me what I can help Paulo Paulo Nila

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Jahan Amin el Jean

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Z Ajay Mary Maori for Lupo be man se tumuli all I

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the Bina

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down man Oh

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no, we really need to ask ourselves that how often? How frequently is it that we remember the call with Allah the meeting with Allah?

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Because the crime over here is forgetting that meeting.

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And if you think about it, anytime we do something wrong, we say something wrong, we feel something wrong, we listen to something wrong, we see something wrong. What's the reason behind it? What is it that allowed us to do that? We forgot the meeting with Allah.

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Because if we remember the meeting with Allah than we would prepare for it,

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we wouldn't do something that would hurt us in that meeting. That would harm us in that meeting.

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Think about it. If you have to travel somewhere, you have to go somewhere. Don't you prepare for it. As long as you remember it, it's on your mind, you're going to prepare for it.

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And when you stop thinking about it, that's when you stop preparing for it.

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So this meeting that each and every one of us will have with Allah subhanaw taala is the greatest meeting the greatest occasion of our existence, the greatest moment of our existence, meeting Allah.

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Think about it. If we have to meet, for example, somebody who's going to interview us for a job. Do we prepare for that meeting? If we have to meet someone who's proposing us

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for marriage or for something else? Do we prepare for that meeting? Do we think about it? Is it on our heads?

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It even haunts us when we're sleeping?

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No, seriously, it does.

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And these are just worldly meetings, meetings with old people.

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About what about things that are I mean important, but they're not that important compared to the era. So the meeting with Allah is the Greatest, the most important occasion in your life. And this is the meeting that we have been sent in this world to prepare for.

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Do what you want. Collect what you want. Gather what you want

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to meet Allah subhanaw taala to have the best meeting with your Lord. That is what we want.

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