Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P04 055A Translation Al-Nisa 7-14

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses various topics including war, family loss, and a webinar hosted by MoAGG, Alla, and Kwinana. They also mention a loss of family members and a webinar about a woman named Amy. The group discusses various references to God, including beasts, relationships, and references to God. They mention various people, including a woman named Holly, a man named John, and a woman named Lottie.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who went to Saudi Arabia out of Saudi his Karim Amma beret for Ruda. bIllahi min ash shaytani. R rajim Bismillah hormonal Rahim.

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Rubbish. Riley Saudi were Sidley Emery wash LuLaRoe to the Tom melissani of Kahu. Foley, have been asked

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by a number seven to 14,

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Lizzie jelly for the men, Leslie Boone, a portion member from whatever Taraka he left. And while he then the two parents, well, Accra, Boone and the closest relatives, and Accra Boone, the closest relatives. Well in Nisa, and for the women, mostly been a portion member from what Taraka he left a while he then the two parents, well, Accra, Boone, and the closest relatives mimma. From what I left, it was less men who from it, or who, or caesura, it was more, mostly been a portion Maroubra one ordained where either and when, however, he was present on this matter at the division, although possessors a record of the close relationship, while your terminal and the orphans while Messiah

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keen, and the ones needy, for the room, so you all provide them, men who from it will all know and you all say law home to them. Oh learn a word. My rufa one that is approved, while Yorkshire and he should fear and livina those who low if there are coup de left men from Kulfi him behind them, the return of spring, children, they are often once week. How awful they feared or lay him upon them, failure to cool. So they should fear Allah, Allah will Jacobo and they should say oh we learn a word. So either one St. One correct. In indeed, a Levina those who yet Karuna they eat umbrella wealth properties. Alia Turner of the orphans Ruhlman injustice in the AMA. Indeed not but yet

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Kwinana they eat fi in but only him their bellies, narrow fire. What and say us loner soon they will enter and burn Sarah euro in a blazing fire. You see come. He commands you. He instructs you. Allahu Allah. Fie in Allah become your children. Let they carry for the meal. Miss Liu like have we share an answer again? Of the two females

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for in Van if Kamala Bay were Miss Allen women for up above is not Amy to females further Hoonah so for them SaLuSa two thirds ma of what the rocker he left

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we're in and if cannot she was why he didn't single one further her so for her and useful the half war and Lee about way he for his two parents. Luckily for every we're heading one min Houma from them to a seduce the one six minima from what Taraka he left in if Ghana he was the WHO for him where they don't a child. For in then if lamb not your cone he is the WHO for him. When a dune a child well and what he saw who inherited him, Ebola who his parents fairly are me so far his mother as soon as the one

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heard for in Bend if Canada he was law who for him the Horton brothers fully on me he then for his mother as seduce the one six men from body after was three yet in a will request. Usually he fulfills terms of request of will he directs, be her with it.

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Or Damon adapt.

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Alba welcome your father's webinar Oh calm and your sons, your children, law not DeLuna you all know a home which of them of Colorado is near. Lake home for you Mefa in profit in benefit forgotten a duty a fixture men from Allah He Allah in indeed Allah Allah Ghana, he is ever or Lehmann always following Hakima or was always welcome and for you new useful have more of what the rocker left as well as you come your wives in if lamb not your calm he was the hunted for them. When I don't a child for in so if Ghana was the Hoonah for them, when a tune a child for the comb then for you. A rubber the fourth mimma from what the Rachna they left. Men from by the after was so your 10 or when

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you seen they fulfill terms of well are they bequeath the direct be her with it oh or Damon a debt while a Hoonah and for them a robber the fourth MEMA from what the rock tomb you left in if love not your con he was looking for you when I don't a child for Indian if Ghana he was looking for you when a child fell 100 So for them a summon the eight member from what doctor you are left men from body after will see your team a will to sooner you will be queried you will direct behalf with it. Oh or dining a debt we're in and if Ghana he was Virgilian a man Euro zoo he is inherited canal a 10 Ghana a person with no Ascendance or descendants

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Oh or Imran attune a woman when a who and for Him a home a brother or often a sister fairly equally. So for each we're heading one men Houma from them to a seduce the one six. For in then if guy knew they were extra more men from the liquor bat for home so they should occur partners fee in as soon as the 1/3 men from body after was so yet in a will. You saw it is weld be happy with it. Oh or Damon edit zero other than Modar when one harming will see a 10 a commandment men from Allah Allah. Allah Who and Allah or Lehmann always annoying halimun Always overbearing

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Tilka that who do do by limits, Allah He of Allah, woman and whoever Uteri he obeys Allah, Allah water Sudha who and his messenger you know, he will admit him Jannetty gardens, that God it flows, men from dirty her underneath it, and how the rivers Holly Deena ones abiding eternally free her in it with Anika and that unfolds the success of the degree great woman and whoever Yes, he disobeys Allah Allah wa Sula, who and His Messenger were tired and he transgresses for do the rule, his boundaries, his limits your the fellow who he will admit him Nowra in fire, Harley then one abiding eternally fee her in it, whether who and for him. I

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Baboon a punishment Mohit on one most disgraceful

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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Lidija lino Cebu

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Lisa you

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need anyone are called on wound

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care home now see

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ya either How about this matter

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Turkey you know

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we actually in Allah boom in haunting him de

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lot friendlier to Long Island me up who polos and the the

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Toony him now was I also alone as

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you'll see formula will be

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live then carry me through how little all day that is

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methane if

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we're here again at two I hate that

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hating me in Houma sudo su MIM

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our etha who

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want to

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me pseudos me Do you want to see end UCB

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mean hola hola

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Iman Hakima

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What are you so mad at

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me we'll see it

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to me Let me up

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again and I adore that

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talk to

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too soon

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see ya again Louis

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we want to

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talk to

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hate him in humans pseudos

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Galamian daddy Shoraka

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at us all the

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daily noise

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will see I

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mean Allah he will long Lottie Moon honey do go do don't love me you

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Holly DNAP he can also lovely lean

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on me, I'll see

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now inside either

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