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Ta-Ha 41-76 Word Analysis and Tafsir 56-68

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Lesson number 161 sutopo her eye number 56.

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What are the lie now? Who is Tina cola? And we certainly showed fit around our science, which ones cola? All of them. All of the signs were shown to fit our own. What does it mean by that? meaning all the signs that were necessary for him to see in order to believe in Masada center in order to believe in a message that most artists and I was giving

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cola does not mean every single time but rather it means relevant to that context, every sign that was necessary for him to know.

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But what did he do for cadabra? But he denied he called the I'd say whatever and he refused to believe he refused to submit. He rejected

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in total out of 132 to 135. We have read in detail as to how so many ideas were shown to fit around and his people will call you ma'am at that dinner beam in 18 litres Helena via Femina hannula cabbie mini and they said no matter what sign you bring us with which to be which us We will not be believers in you. So what happened then a last panel data center upon them the various signs the flood, the locals, the lies the frog, etc, one after the other, but it fit our own accept it is people accept not at all in through the zone of I 48. We learn why manually human I attend Illa here a cabal Woman of the Year, and we showed them not assign except that it was greater than its sister,

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meaning every new sign was greater than the previous site.

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In total number 14, we learn what jaha dubya was the pinata and foster home. Ruhlman were Lupin, and they rejected them. While their inner selves were convinced of it. They rejected them outwardly. But in their hearts they were convinced. So why did they reject lindman What were the one out of injustice and arrogance?

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Color fit our own set dinner Have you come to us later honey Jana so that you expel us mean Alina from our land, our land of Egypt. Be serica with your magic Yeah, Musa Musa. And this was a false accusation. Mousavi said I've never said leave from here. I want to become the king. What did he say?

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For absurd Bani Israel send the money Israel. Musa Islam said something completely different and local for their own twisted his statement that have you come here to expel us from our land with your magic. And he calls the miracles magic. So the reason why he said the statement was do roses people against Messiah and to gain their support for himself.

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And many times, leaders do such things that they will show something that is untrue so that people their attention goes towards it. And they will show themselves as we really care for you. We really protect you. We're really concerned about you and this person, one men do men who have come here with a stick, showing miracles from that they're here to overthrow our entire nation. Has it ever happened that two people with magic they have managed to overthrow an entire government has it ever happened to individuals and they don't have any forces ever has it happened? Never. But look out for their own is saying this to turn people against massagin ism to make his people fear him to make his

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people become worried that if these two men are within us, we will not be able to live in peace. And like this, they blindly followed film

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felanitx dn Lega and for their own set to musasa that surely we will definitely come to you decision with magic myth Li like meaning we will counter your magic with our magic federal bainer appoint between us will be nikka and between you more than an appointment, what is more in a place and time of work that has been promised that has been appointed? That has been agreed on by both parties.

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So let's fix a time and let's fix a place land of livable we will not oppose it we will not go against it. Meaning both of us have to agree upon that time and that place that promise and both of us have to show up nano we meaningfully are honest people well and nor you mean neither can you become absent that day nor will we be absent that day. Both of us have to come and this is going to be mccannon into a place that is sewer that is equal that is even. So what is from the root letter seen? Well, yeah. And it's understood as our which is equal and same balance from both sides.

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So sua means a place that is playing that is flat that is even. Because if a ground is very uneven, it has a lot of ups and downs, then what will happen,

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people will not be able to see clearly as to what's going on, because it's possible that a person is prevented by the dune that is in the middle.

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So mccannon Sawa, it has to be a place that is equal and same balance from all sides, even with no depression with no Dune, nothing whatsoever.

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Secondly, mccannon so well, so it has been understood as that it is equal between US and EU, meaning it is of equal facility for both of us. I'm wrong. And he said that mccannon sua means that the distance is equal on both sides from where you have to come and from where we have to come. So it's fair for both of us, it's a central location,

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and central location, why else that all the people can come?

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Because if too far from one destination, it's possible that those people will not come Think about it, what kind of places do people like to go to that are central.

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For example, if you have a class in downtown, then people from all various cities can come.

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So mechanics, but are handled by those people who are determined, they will come even from two hours away.

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So he said that it should be a place that is agreed between us and you. And it has to be a place that is leveled so that everybody can see clearly. And it has to be a place of equal facility for us and you and for everyone else, that everybody is able to come.

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And it should be a place that is suitable for you to perform your magic and for us to perform our magic. Because sometimes it happens that the place that has been selected it's not suitable for one person for the kind of work that he has to do.

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Paula he said musala Sam said fine Merino comb your appointment is when yo Musina on the day of festival.

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What is this do festival? It's the day of read because Nina is beauty. And when do you see beauty at every level.

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People are happy, they're wearing nice clothes. They have decorated their houses. So yo Xena is that they have read.

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And the reason why most RSM selected this day was because all people took a day off from their work on this day.

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And if all people were off work, then what would happen? Everybody would be able to come.

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So Carla Marino Komiyama Xena, what are your shirt on NASA and that the people should be assembled at what time though her at mid morning.

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So he fixed the day and he fixed the time.

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The highest of the roof letters a lot higher. And the higher the time when the sun has completely risen. It's the time before noon. The sunlight has completely spread. So this is a time when we will gather up when I will show my miracle then you can show your magic

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for the elevator owners if it all went away for jamara and then he gathered gado his plan.

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He put together his plan. So mother other and then he came what was his plan that he gathered up

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that he sent in all the cities, messengers to call who the most expert magicians so for Gemma arcada who some other and then he came fully prepared on Yama, Xena at the fixed place do perform is magic.

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Carla who Mussa now before the magicians were about to perform their magic masala Sam Warrington

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called our Musa Musa Sam said to them, wait, what are you?

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Wait, what is wild mean? destruction and way local. This is a kalama of Toby. There is a kalama of reproach there what's wrong with you stop what you're doing. Don't do this whaler Come, let after Allah He can even do not fabricate a lie against Allah. How would they be fabricating ally against Allah? By competing with Allah's miracles? By calling his messenger a magician? This is lying against Allah. Because you know what the truth is, you know what the messenger is showing is not actually magic. But on the outward you are showing that it's magic so that people get deceived. Because in their hearts, they were convinced that this was not magic, especially for their own in

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you. But on the outward he was making all of this show so that people would be deceived people would believe him and nobody would believe in Mesa Arizona.

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So he warns them lead up to Allah He can even don't fabricate this lie against Allah meaning Don't call me a magician and don't call these miracles magic.

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Secondly, laughter I like the one also by associating partners with him. How

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you see the magicians, we're going to perform magic. And in order to perform magic one has to do schicke. Remember that magic cannot be performed except by doing Shik, how that in order to do magic you need to help up for instance gene

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and you will only get a gene to do something for you when you have pleased him, when you have offered something to him

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and remember, that when a person offers something, like for example, an animal or like for example, some food other than Allah, that is a part of ship.

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This is why we are told not to eat that animal which has been slaughtered for other than Allah.

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So he says to them, let after Allah He can even by performing this magic of yours, because if you do so for use hater compare them so he will exterminate you with punishment, because this is the consequence of the one who performs magic. The one who does magic what, that Allah will exterminate him with punishment. What does this word he use hate alchemy, use headers on the roof ever seen how to start? Remember, at calluna is 30. What does that mean? bribe forbidden wealth. And literally, this word means to peel the skin to peel the skin of something. So for example, a fruit or for example, an animal that has been slaughtered. So sad that is to peel its skin off.

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And this word is used for bribe Why? Because what this bribe do, it removes the religion of a person completely held on wealth. It completely removes his religion.

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So use hater compare that meaning he will completely destroy you, he will uproot you, he will destroy you by uprooting your wealth and your resources and your people, meaning you'll be finished. Because when something is peeled off, when an animal is skin, what is left of it, any life left in the animal? Nothing, nothing at all.

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If a fruit, the skin is peeled, what's going to happen? It's going to become dry. If you don't consume it, if it's left as it is, with the skin removed, it's going to become dry, it's going to finish very quickly. Whereas if you leave the skin, it's going to be able to remain for some time. So for us hate a conveyor that is going to exterminate you with punishment. If you lie against Allah walk on the harbor, and certainly he has failed miserably. What does fiber mean? To be defeated, to be unfulfilled to become unsuccessful, to be frustrated? So he will fail miserably? Who are the one who fabricated a lie against Allah?

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Now this was a very severe warning that Musashi Salaam gave to the magicians. Apparently it might appear as musasa as being very harsh. No, this is not harshness. This is not rudeness. This is being firm. This is being direct, because it was getting beyond limits now. So he is warning the magicians with a severe warning that don't do what you're doing.

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So what happened with Mozart, Islam gives such a severe warning for the nazzer.

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Now the magicians they disputed over their affair amongst themselves, that some magicians they said, We should not perform this magic against this man.

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Some said no, no, we should. Some said this is not a magician. This is a prophet of Allah. What he's saying cannot be coming out of the mountain edition. So there was a dispute amongst a mediation Some said let's compete against him. Others said don't do that. Because he gave you severe warning but he was hater can be either. This is just like how when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam called the Masada of Iran from Oba holla. Remember, they said let's go back. Let's not do this because it was a severe warning that come let the curse of Allah be upon those who are liars, whether it's us or you. This was something very serious. So what happened? They got worried and they left.

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Now over here also the magicians they became concerned to the began disputing with one another concerning this affair. But what did they do what a sovereign ledger but they conceal their private conversation. They did not let anyone know that they were actually having this dispute. They did not disclose their dispute to people, neither to the opposing party, meaning musalman her own nor to the public.

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Because if your disputes, if your differences are known to people, then they will not fear you anymore. You will not

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Have that all anymore? What do we learn in total and file I have 46 with a theory of law, what a pseudo well Latin as a shadow, whatever you obey, align His Messenger and do not dispute and thus lose courage and then your strength would depart. If you begin to dispute and people find out that you're disputing what's going to happen, you will lose your strength and people will not fear you anymore. So, whenever people fight, what happens they lose respect, they lose their all whether it is when a couple is fighting, or when parents or children are fighting or when coworkers are fighting, whether people are fighting at home or at work at school, anywhere what happens it leads

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to weakness. So, therefore, these musicians were very wise and what did they do? When they had this discussion, when they had this difference of opinion, they did not let it be known to anybody at all.

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Now, we see over here that Musa Islam he was so effective in his warning, that he shook the confidence of the magicians, he upgraded to a lot of visual history. So this is how Allah subhanaw taala assisted.

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Carlo they said in had any lesser hirani some of the magicians they said that these two men there are only two magicians that's it up there neither one I knew that they should drive you out of the Confirm your land, basically, you know with their magic, this is what they want to do. So you will let them do whatever they want to do. No, you have to defend yourself. You have to defeat them. We have a and they wish to take away. butare catacomb with your way that is a Muslim, the exemplary one.

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The color threatened they feel by the presence of doom and doom and whose nation is a slave nation who don't have any army who don't have any force with them. And all they have is a stick with which they're going to perform some so called Magic. Just imagine and theirs are threatened they feel they say that these are only two magicians who wish to expel you from your land with their magic. But one more thing that is mentioned over here is we have evitare karateka Muslim

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but he is from the reflectors far off and Paducah is the way of life. The manner of living the religion of a people the method other people even say the culture

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and the word Paducah is also used for the elite people, our society, the great people of the society Why? Because everybody follows them they set the trends, they set the traditions. So today has two meanings, traditions, trends, and also the trendsetters.

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So they want to do away with your buddy o'clock that is Muslim, and Muslim from neurofibromin center.

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And this word is a feminine off. I'm Sal Muslim, what's the structure? Muslim? What's the structure for Allah? Any other words on the same structure?

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Cobra for snare, and what's the masculine of that?

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Eisen akvile to similarly Musleh am Sal a lot of the

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So, Ansel means a shot of that which is excellent that which is most ideal, that which is best, perfect. So they want to do away with your most perfect traditions, with your excellent traditions, your excellent way of life, and your elite of the society they want to finish them.

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You understand

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that they want to finish your exemplary lifestyle. And they also want to do away with your noblemen with your elite.

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Just imagine

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how threatened the people would feel how threatened the magician's would feel.

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And even if they were a little scared by the threat of Masada center, what would they want to do? compete against him, finish this threat remove this threat.

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Now, there are two important points that must be noted over here. First of all, nowhere in history has it ever happened that two men do individuals with their magic have overthrown an entire kingdom. This has never happened.

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But what do we see that fit our own and his people they are using this threat to turn people against Masada seven

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Secondly, we see that fit our own was very proud of the Egyptian lifestyle of his elite of his traditions of his friends. And the people of that country were also very proud of their traditions.

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Elite. Just like today, people are very proud of their celebrities, their players, people who play in their teams, people who play sports for them, people who make movies for them, people who are in the government who have high positions. Generally the masses are very proud of such people, especially those whom they support.

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So how does fit our own and his people? How do they scare the rest of the magicians? That look, these two men are here to finish your culture finisher society, finish your traditions, finish your trends and finish the elite as well.

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But we see that the money is real. There were so weak and musallam Coronavirus, and there were only two men.

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And the same thing we might see today as well, that the Muslims are so weak, right? are so weak, they're being oppressed, in every land almost by their own leaders. But still, who are people afraid of? Muslims? Who are they afraid of? The Islamic law? What can it ever be implemented? Can you think about it realistically? Think about it. It's impossible, but still How are people frightened? How are people threatened that this is what can happen and they will overturn the entire society. And if you let them build a mosque over here, they will implement the Sharia law. It's impossible. How can they implement the Sharia law but look at how the people the masses, they are frightened

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they're frightened and this is exactly what your own was doing. Why because people are afraid of the truth.

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They feel threatened by it and this is exactly what fear own was experiencing.

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For me, okay. So he says to the magicians or the rest of the magicians, they say to the others, that all of you gather together your plan all of you resolve on a plan you jointly decide so much to them all of you come soften in lines in roles Why? Because when you come in lines you appear to be strong and united so for me okay there comes from to suffer. Walk on the floor. Hello, my name is Darla and in fact you will be successful today who when is Darla The one who

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overpowered The one who became superior meaning the one who will win he has succeeded.

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So Musa and Harun RSM, they came and the magicians they also can

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follow the site when the magicians came they said yeah Musa Mr. Antalya either you throw what Emma or an akuna that we become a well, I'm an alpha, the first row. Would you like to go first or should we go first? What does it show?

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What does this offer show? their courage, their confidence, then we're fine either way. It's up to you. Would you like to go first? Do you want us to go first? musasa What does he say? Carla? He said Val go rather you throw. Meaning you take the first turn. You go and show your magic. You throw your sticks and Europes we don't insult the Sharla is number 43 as well that are Allahu Musab al Kuma and Tomoko that throw whatever you will throw for either hibbeler home then suddenly their ropes hval is a Florida Hubbell and headless rope so all of a sudden their ropes were mostly you home and their staff seriously is the plural of Isla

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so all of a sudden their ropes and their staff their sticks you Hi yellow it seemed it appeared hot. Yeah, learn the heat, which is to imagine to suppose so you Hi yellow it was made to appear. It was given the impression

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la heat to him into musasa men certainly him because of their magic, another PSA, that indeed it was moving. It was slithering gliding swiftly.

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So all of a sudden, because of the magic that they had performed, it appeared to musallam that their ropes and their sticks, they were moving just like snakes do so.

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So what does it show to us?

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That magic is in reality, a deception of the eyes.

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It's not that actually that thing turns into a snake. Or for example, in in certain magic shows that would have a person lying down in a box and the digger saw and they caught the person from the middle. And you see the two pieces separate? It's not that actually the man has been caught into two. If you open the two boxes right there and then, you know, the magic will become quite clear to you that it's not really magic. So in reality, what is it? It's deception of the eyes? It's deception of the eyes. Over here we see that you Hi yellow Illa human saheliyon it appeared to him because of their search. So in reality magic is the deception of ice.

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insulted Allah

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116 We also see that Sahara or you know, nasty, was sterile Habu wotja will be second, Arlene, Debbie which the eyes of the people and the structure into them, and they presented a great feat of magic. But just imagine all of a sudden you're standing and there are so many sticks and ropes that have turned into snakes and you see them slithering and gliding. You see one snake and you begin to scream. And if you see so many snakes around you, how will you feel?

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Worried scared, it's only natural. When musasa he was shown at the Mount, when he was told to throw his staff and it turned into a snake. We learned that musar lesson and ran away from there.

00:25:41--> 00:25:57

He ran, he was scared. So imagine he was surrounded by all of these snakes, for older stuff, enough sci fi for them. So musasa Odessa, he sensed in himself, fear apprehension, Mussa

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I will just as from what I'm seeing, and what is a very subtle, a very light sound.

00:26:06--> 00:26:17

If you're sitting quietly doing something and all of a sudden you hear a very light sound. Like for example, perhaps the doors moving or perhaps you hear somebody walking? How do you feel?

00:26:18--> 00:26:28

Scared? You feel scared? So this is what what's is to feel fear in your heart. Okay, and you show that fear?

00:26:29--> 00:26:35

Do you say like, Who's that? Do you say that? No, do turn around. No, you pretend as though nothing is happening.

00:26:36--> 00:26:55

Just in case there is a gym, just in case there's something right? So you pretend as though nothing is happening. This is what what says that you feel fear in your heart. And you keep it inside. You don't show it? You don't show it. So oh just Athene FCC fatten Musa Musa also felt fear in his heart, and he didn't show it.

00:26:57--> 00:27:32

He had the confidence by the permission of Allah because he had made the rod that rubbish for his soldering. And he had said that we fear inanda harmful. But what did Allah subhanaw taala say to him, that, don't fear I am with you in the markoma. But after all, he was a human being. And he did feel some fear in his heart. What does it show the prophets are humans, the messengers of Allah, they are humans. It doesn't mean that if they're afraid of so many snakes around them, it lessens their rank. No, it does not. This is just a part of being human.

00:27:33--> 00:27:40

But this teaches is a very important lesson the reaction of Masada isn't, he does not panic over there, he does not even show any fear.

00:27:41--> 00:27:51

Because when you have certain feelings, like fear and sadness, if you show them, it will be very difficult for you to get rid of them.

00:27:52--> 00:27:57

If you don't show them, eventually, you'll be able to do away with them.

00:27:58--> 00:28:35

Like for example, if a person is worried, and you became looking here and there and you begin screaming, you begin yelling, you begin calling everybody for help, what will happen? Will it increase in your fear or decrease in your fear? increase. And if you don't show that fear, you just stay focused on your work. You pretend as though nothing happened. You continue your reading, you continue your writing, you continue your cooking, or whatever you were doing, what's going to happen, eventually you'll forget about it, you overcome that feeling? Isn't it? Similarly, sadness if you're sad, because of something that happened. And every time you see someone, you start talking

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to them about what happened to you about your life story, this happened to me, and this happened to me, what's going to happen, you will constantly remain sad.

00:28:44--> 00:28:56

But if you ignore it, if you don't show it, if you get yourself busy in something else, then what will happen? That feeling will eventually go away.

00:28:57--> 00:29:03

So some feelings, they should not be shown. Because if you show them they will increase.

00:29:04--> 00:29:09

And if you ignore them, if you suppress them, eventually, they will leave.

00:29:10--> 00:29:17

We learned insula earlier in one ayah 153, that the Sahaba as well at the Battle of warhead, what happened?

00:29:18--> 00:29:22

Fear spread among the ranks of the Muslims. And that is what led to their defeat

00:29:23--> 00:29:39

is still Sedona whenever the lunala hadn't, what was the real conflict of luck when you were climbing up the hook? And you were not even looking back at anyone and the messenger was calling you from behind you. But still, you did not look back. Why? Because of the fear that had spread everywhere.

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Now similarly, if you're all sitting over here, all of a sudden someone sees a spider in the class, and she screams Oh my god, spider what's going to happen? Everyone is going to start screaming. Everyone is going to start to worry. So what's the best way that you see the spider you

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Quietly Get up, take a piece of paper or tissue or something and just pick it up and go out of the classroom.

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This is the way it should be. Because if you show the fear, then the fear is going to spread. So now remember this. Okay? I remember once in class has happened, that there was a huge, strange kind of a spider with a lower than how many legs and one girl, she just got up quickly, she picked it up and she went and she took it away. And I was thinking this tonight, and if she made a fuss if she screamed, or if more than one or two people saw it, what would happen?

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We learned that Mr. Malik, once he was teaching, and a scorpion, it bit him. He didn't even move. He didn't even make noise. And admit him so many times so many times to the point that his face turned pale.

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So when a person is focused on what he's supposed to do, and then what happens, he is able to control his emotions, he's able to control his feelings, he's able to not show them.

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So similarly musasa over here as well, because he was focused on what he had to do. Yes, he did feel fear, but he just kept it inside. He did not show it.

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For now, we said, Allah subhanaw taala gave him the comfort. Allah subhanaw taala said to him, let the half don't fear in, enter narla because it is you indeed who will be superior, you are going to be victorious. So don't be afraid of all of these sticks and rocks that have turned into snakes. Don't be afraid of them, no matter how many they are, because eventually you are Allah you will be victorious.

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So we see that for a person to be successful in anything that he has to do, it is very important that he is confident that he has positive thinking

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that he has confidence that yes, I can do this. If Allah wills he should not think oh, this is impossible. How will I do it? Because if you keep telling yourself that is impossible, there's so many I'm so worried I'm so scared, you will lose all your courage. And if you remain confident that no this is possible, inshallah I will be able to it allows help is with me, then this will lead to success. So the key to success is what? Positive thinking a positive attitude. And part of that part of positive thinking is to have complete trust on Allah that Allah is with me. Therefore nothing can harm me. I will be able to do this