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Ta-Ha 41-76 Word Analysis and Tafsir 69-76


AI: Summary © The WhatsApp app has been used to create fake moments and create fake moments, leading to the creation of fake Magicians and the use of fearless people. The Magicians use their power to overcome fear and become weak and fearless, and use their faith to convince others to take action. The Magicians have created punishment for their actions, called "the punishment of the day," and reward those who do not do well, including high ranks and reward for their deeds. They emphasize the importance of constantly purifying oneself and avoiding mistakes, and the need for determination and faith in oneself to achieve success in various fields.
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Well elkie Allah subhanho wa Taala masala Islam through Murphy armeniaca what is in your right hand?

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Throw that what is in your right hand what wasn't his right hand? It was his stuff. Now, the word I saw has not been used over here. Why? Because his assault was far superior than the various I saw that the magician's had used. So LP Murphy aminika the look of it will swallow up the call from the reflectors lamp alpha, which is to swallow to take something quickly by the hand or by the mouth. So telcos mehsana through what they have crafted,

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meaning the magic that they have performed your staff What is it going to do? It's going to swallow all of it up.

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Because in the mouse on Arrow, indeed what they have crafted What is it in reality? It's the case it's the trick of a sir head of a magician, whether you flickers a hero, and the magician does not succeed Hazel Atal, wherever he comes from, wherever he has come from whatever magic he has performed, he can never ever be successful. Neither Indonesia nor India.

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Now this verse is an amazing if it removes any fear that a person may have in his heart that someone has done magic on me. If a person ever feels like that, that someone has done magic on me, you should remember in Amazon are okay to say Hey, wait a second. Hey, sweater. This is the plot of magician a magician can never be successful.

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Because this is the reality that magic does not hold any weight compared to the Kalam

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on the one hand is magic. And on the other hand, is the miracle that Allah has given over here what was a miracle that must have his name was given

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the staff what is a miracle that Allah has given to the Muslim woman to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, it's

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so magic can never ever be compared to it doesn't have any weight, it cannot withstand the miracle that Allah Subhana Allah has bestowed that He has given.

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So in order to counter magic, what must be used the Quran

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and a person must have this conviction that a magician can never be successful.

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Neither in the dunya nor in the aka What did we learn earlier was that Islam warned them for us hater can be added. If you perform this magic of yours, Allah will exterminate you with punishment, he will completely finish you, you will have nothing left. This is the outcome of the magician. So why should you be worried? Why should you be scared?

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And remember that if a magician does manage to something even, it's only by the permission of

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what did we learn in through the belcarra i 102. That will now won't be allowed. Rena Beeman, I hadn't elaborate.

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They were not able to harm anyone with their magic except by the permission of Allah.

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And remember that magic is scuffle? And the one who does magic, what's the punishment for that, you know,

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there has to be killed.

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He has to be killed, because he is creating facade. And we have learned into the neither what the punishment is for those people who create facade, right? What did we learn that their hands should be cut off from opposite sides? Or that they should be crucified? This is the punishment for those people who create facade who spread terror in the society who take the piece away. So a magician, what is he doing? He is taking the piece away from the society. So this is his punishment in the dunya that he used to be killed. And in the accident, Allah has prepared a punishment for him. He wouldn't have no share when I say hello, hey, so

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now, this is with regard to the magician. What about the one who fears that magic has been done on him?

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He should not have any fear. Because he should remember that if anything has happened. It's by the will of Allah and Allah can change it. And magic is weak compared to the calamity.

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It is very, very weak. So mozzarella Sam, he threw his one staff. And what did that one staff do? It ate up it swallowed all of the snakes.

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The Kalam of Allah can finish magic no matter how tremendous how big that magic may be.

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Because sometimes people say that this magic is black magic. And to counter this black magic black magic has to be done. And noorani cure cannot be applied over here nobody meaning the cure from the Quran. But the fact is that the Kalam of Allah is much more stronger than the magic of the magicians.

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You see, it was one staff and the magicians they had thrown so many of their staffs as well as

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ropes, but musasa staff What did it do? It swallowed up all of their magic it finished it

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inserted RFI 118 119 we learned for Carl hepco wallbottle. American we are Malone for oolaboo nanika. One colorable sovereignty. So the truth was established and abolished was what they were doing and fit our own and his people were overcome right there and then and they became debased.

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So anytime a person feels fear of magic, then he should think if the group of magicians were defeated by husana, the definitely the magic that has been done on me, which I think can be finished with the cunnamulla.

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So a person should have this confidence should have this conviction to the opinion that this magic is nothing.

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And typically women have this fear, headache, magic, my child is crying, magic, accident, magic. This is what women typically think. No, everything is not magic. And even if it is, Allah has given you this Quran which is a shift that so use that instead of worrying who did magic and who did not do magic.

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Spend your time on more important things for all the Sahaba to suggest.

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So as the miracle as the staff of musar, listener, it consumed all of the magic that magicians have performed. The Magicians what happened to them, as they were thrown into frustration as ones were prostrating.

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Notice word loyalty, this module, because it shows how uncontrollably they fell into frustration that they were overcome. They were made helpless. All of a sudden without a second part. They fell into such them.

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So for all as Sahara to suggest,

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why did they fall down in frustration, or they're frustrating to

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the last panel down out of Tallinn for what they had witnessed. Although they said Amman will be Haruna Musa indeed we have believed in the Lord of how long and

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what is their own fear that his people will become believers. And what happened?

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His elite, the magicians, they became believers they submitted immediately.

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So no plot, no plan can work against the plan of a loss.

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Remember the powerful warning that muscle is an MBA welcome letter to Allah HCA even this warning had shattered the confidence of the magicians,

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because a dispute arose amongst them. So that is why they became weak. And when they saw the staff swallow all the snakes, they accepted immediately.

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Allah He said fitter onset until now, have you believed in Him? Do you believe in Him? Do you listen to him? Pamela and as an icon, before I gave you permission,

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you should listen to me You should take permission from me.

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Notice how the leaders of the fastest kings of the past they also controlled the religion of the people.

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You could not change your religion except by the permission of your leader. But today or hamdulillah there is this freedom that a person can have whatever faith he believes in However, there's limitation when it comes to practicing the faith. But things have improved.

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So he says amatola who Kabbalah and as an Allah come How dare you believe without my permission? In the hula Kabira come indeed he is your great one. Who was our listener that he is your grade one meaning he is your leader. He is your Marlin. He is your teacher he is your COVID in magic he is one was taught you all of this allele allameh como Sera, the one who has taught you magic.

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See how he believes so much in conspiracy theory. Who believes in this people who are weak internally, people who don't have confidence people who feel threatened all the time.

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Fellow caught there and then he threatens the magician's that surely I will definitely cut idea come your hands will joola come and your feet when he left and from opposite sides. Meaning your right hand and your left foot, your left hand and your right foot and when to cut up your hands and feet like this. And then I'm not going to leave you what it was suddenly gonna come and I will surely definitely crucify you all and will suddenly vanish from solid land back to sleep, which is to crucify someone. And how is that done? It's basically derived from the word solve and solve is a very tough thing something very hard. and solve is the back your food you remain sob. Ouattara. So

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solve is the back which is the toughest part, the bone. It's one of the toughest parts of the bodies. It's very hard. It's very tough and the sleeve is to crucify someone.

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How, by hanging a person with his hands and feet nailed into something with his back against it.

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So the back is against it in his hands and feet are nailed into it. Why is this done in order to kill others

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in order to kill a person so he says I am going to cut your hands and feet from opposite sides. And then I'm going to crucify

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let you remain in the starcher until you die.

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And I'm going to crucify your feet Judo enough in trunks of date bombs do there is a plural of JD

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remember during the holiday,

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when a third lamona and surely you will definitely know a unit which of us I should do is more severe than in punishment, or Albacore and more lasting.

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What does it mean by this? A unit a shadow either one of

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which of us meaning is it me or is it the lord of Musa

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because Musa Islam had threatened them for us hater can be

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so out of that fear the magician's had become believers. So now he says to them, that I will give you this punishment and then you will know whose punishment is greater, my punishment is greater or the punishment of the lord of Messiah is greater.

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And you will know who is more enduring. Who lasts for more? Is it me? Or is it the lord of Musa

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how clearly he was in deception. He was deceived by his power, by his authority.

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called to the set the magician said, Len theologica, we will never prefer you Allah upon my job. I know what has come to us minute by minute of the clear signs. clear signs have come to us. You see, the magicians, they were experts of magic. And when they saw what Musashi Sam had done, they knew it was not magic. And they knew that it was a miracle, it was a sign from Allah.

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So they said, once we have witnessed this truth, then we can never give you preference, we can never prefer your threat, we can never prefer your command. When the fatahna and the one who has created us, one lady fatahna. This well has been understood in two ways, first of all, well

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that this is connected with magic and that we can never prefer you over a what has come to us of the clear signs and be the one who has created us. We can never prefer you over the signs and over the Lord who created us. And secondly, this wire was understood as well of awesome that by the one who has created us, we will never ever give preference to you. No matter what you threaten us with. No matter how you punish us, we will never give you preference. Look at how arrogant our own was, what he thought of himself. And look at how low he had become in the sight of these musicians that the magicians they feared him so much and when they asked him that you know if we become victorious,

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what reward do you have for us? What reward if you don't promise them that you will become more corrupt to me, you will become close to me. This is what the magicians desired to come closer to fit on.

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But when the truth was obvious to them, look at how nofit on became in their eyes. That will never give you preference never at all not even a little bit faculty mountain to go ahead and decree whatever you wish to decree go ahead and decide whatever you want to decide and go ahead and execute what you have decided. Because in duck Lee, indeed not but you can only decree had inherited you can only pass a decree concerning this life of the world. You cannot make a decision for us concerning our

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Informatica Lee had hired to do your decree is only limited to the dunya.

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In this dunya you do what you want. But in the Hereafter, you cannot do anything that you want. And in this dunya even if you do inflict some punishment upon us, how long will you last? If you inflict some punishment on us? How long will we last? Without this punishment for a few more years? What's the big deal in the modality how they are hired to do

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and then you'll be recompense in the hereafter. We learned sort of the Sharla if 50 in that era of beaner, one collarbone, that they said loudly enough in elvina. Caliban there is no harm indeed to our Lord, we will return.

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Now look at the confidence that these magician said.

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Isn't it confidence that how confident they are, how courageous they are, and how certain they are have the truth of what they have believed

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that no matter what for their own threatens and what they don't budge, they don't become shaky.

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They don't say Okay, can we compromise over here our life is in danger. This happens when a person is certain about his email. When a person believes as a slick deal, then no matter what happens, he does not budge.

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We learn a lot in the Olia Allah He left home when our lady went home, yes, in the earlier of Allah, there is no fear on them normal degree. So in the dunya when they face difficulties, they don't fear. They say in abena Indeed, we have believed in our Lord, why Leo fear Allah Anahata Yana so that he can forgive us our mistakes our since we have believed hoping that our Lord will forgive our previous mistakes. What mistakes are they committed of magic, morosely. And magic involves a lot of corruption. The woman across Ghana, and that which you have compelled us which you have forced us early upon Ministry of Magic, meaning May Allah forgive us for the magic that you forced us to

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What was the magic that fit our own had forced them to perform?

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But first of all, he had forced them to perform this magic against materialism in competition with the miracles of Allah. Because remember, there was a dispute when musala Islam gave the warning, wasn't it? A group of them didn't want to go forward, but they were forced into it.

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So why am I a katana la humanist,

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and also fit our own. He used magic otherwise as well, a lot.

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Otherwise, well, he used magic a lot.

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You know, there are scholars who say that these pyramids that fit our own, built Yes, you know, he used the bunny, Israel, he used people. But at the same time, this is something that human beings cannot do themselves, you need huge equipment. So perhaps he had used gin or he had used magic because magic was very common in that land.

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And even till now, you may have heard of stories where people have gone and they have tried to go inside the pyramids, however they have been unable to. So a lot of great magic has been performed. So we'll map across an array humanistic for their own use a lot of magic. So these magicians, they said, May Allah forgive us for all this magic that we have performed because of you will love Ohio and is better and more lasting.

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You see fear onset. Soon you will know which of us is a shadow.

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So the magician says Allah is higher than you. In what in reward. Yes, you give great punishment, and that gives so much reward. He is high. you threaten us with your great punishment, a lot promises great reward, he is high on our court, and he is more or less, you are only a human being eventually you will die. And our call also that his reward and his punishment are more lasting.

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Even our vessels that are new, he said about the magicians, the Sahara that they were magicians at the beginning of the day, and show her that at the end of the day. They came at the time of Doha as magicians, and by the end of the day, they have become martyrs.

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In the hood, indeed he Allah subhanaw taala says in the who may the robber who whoever comes to his Lord would remain as a criminal, whatever crime that he has performed and he dies on that crime for in Allahu Johanna, then indeed for him is Hellfire layer mofi hawala here in which you will neither die, nor he will live. This is the punishment that is prepared for who, for the one who comes to his Lord as a criminal, the one who dies while he's committing the crime.

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So we see that the magicians What did they do? They repented, they did. And they became firm on it, even though they had only a few minutes to live after that. Perhaps they didn't even perform one Salah perhaps they didn't even learn one thing about their religion. All they knew was belief in Allah, submission to Him alone, believing in the Lord of Musa that's all they knew. But because they had repented, Allah subhanaw taala forgive them

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and if a person does not prevent if a person does not change his ways, and he dies like that, for in Allahu Johanna laya Murphy hallelujah. In sort of alpha 36 we learn la Yoko de la new fire mu two, whether you have a foreign woman or there be her kinetic energy could look for and for those who disbelieve will be the fire of hell. Death is not decreed for them so they may die. They will not be able to die, nor will it Stormin be lightened for them. So death is not going to be decreed and punishment will not be lightened in the dunya what happens if a person gets burnt

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If it's severe burn eventually what will happen? He will die, isn't it, but in the Hellfire, a person will never die.

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In total Arla is 11 to 13 we learn where the agenda will ashba Allah de Aslan nadolol coupa la Suma you move to see her when I hear but the wretched one will avoided he who will enter and burn in the greatest fire, neither dying there in nor living

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woman yet to him and whoever comes to him as a believer, whoever comes to a lot as a believer, called Amina slowly had in fact he has done righteous deeds for Allah ecola whom then those for them there is what adonijah the degrees what kind of degrees Allah Rola the highest ones Allah is the plural of earlier. So, the one who comes to a lot as a believer, and he has done righteous deeds, then for him, there will be high ranks higher ranks will be determined by what by the kind of man he had, by the kind of deeds he performed in total a half 19 we learned when he called Linda jaton Emilio, while you will feel home armella home or home law use level and for all there are degrees of

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reward and punishment according to what according to what they have done.

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And it is so that he may fully compensate them for their needs and they will not be wrong.

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What is that recompense? What are the origins of the ruler ginetta Arden in gardens of eternity 30 min 30 and how underneath which rivers flow holiday in a fee her abiding there eternally weather leakages and that is the reward for who man does for the one who purifies himself, the one who cleanses himself.

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Because human beings are human beings, they forget they make mistakes. If you physically get dirty every day, you spiritually also get stained every day.

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So what's the solution? Become hopeless? Become despaired?

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That Oh, I wash myself every day, but still I get dirty. Forget it. Let's not wash my hands again. Is that the solution? No. You keep cleaning yourself.

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So similarly, there you go, does that Oh, man does that guy, the one who constantly purifies himself purifies his naps. If he makes a mistake, he seeks forgiveness from Allah, he turns back to Allah. For him, there is reward. And for a person who gives a poor,

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the one who despairs of the mercy of Allah, then he will be deprived of reward.

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Because we have learned earlier that Romania cannot Milla de la lune none but the bar Lune despair of the mercy of Allah. And on the other hand, if a person goes to another extreme, that he doesn't even try to purify himself, he doesn't think it's important, then again for him, there is no such reward.

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So we learned that in order to be successful in the Sahara, what does a person need to do? He needs to constantly purify himself, that as soon as he sees that he has committed a mistake, that there is a shortcoming in him that he has done something wrong what's the solution? Go wash yourself.

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you read

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como si

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Li wala,

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we see that the magic The Magicians performed was very powerful, very powerful. But musallam had something to counter that. Right. And because he had something to counter that look at how all the musicians fell in frustration, they were defeated right there. And so the solution to success is not saying that, oh, they have so much we have nothing. The solution isn't asking a lot for help, and doing something yourself. So that you have the ability to counter the enemy as well.

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Whatever the enemy has, whether it's magic, or it's media or something else, whatever it is, because whatever technique they can use, Allah has something far for compared to that. And if a login grant you that, then you will remain victorious.

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One thing that I was reflecting on that where the magician said, * Lima undercard in nomadically.

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Go ahead, do whatever you want. You can only do anything in the studio. You can't do it in the air.

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Sometimes it happens that you are unable to do anything to defend yourself. You're completely under the pressure of the other under the complete authority of the other and you don't have any choice. So at that time, comfort yourself, what can they do? Maximum? What can they do? Anything that has to do with this life, nothing with the alpha.

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We see that around also before he died. He said I believe in the Lord.

00:30:00--> 00:30:03

Musa, but that belief did not help him.

00:30:04--> 00:30:11

And we see that the magicians they also said we believe in soon after that they were killed. What was the difference between the two? It was the does

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that fit our own did not have any, you know, purification in him, he did not intend to purify himself, cleanse himself improve himself. He was just saying it to save himself. Whereas the magicians, although they didn't have much time, after they became believers, they started with so much sincerity, which is why their belief helped them.

00:30:30--> 00:30:42

And the door of the army of pollute the drama of that Muslim army, that robina affiliate, Elena sabula, with COVID akademin on so now

00:30:43--> 00:30:57

that all our you pour down several honors, because without Saba, you can't do anything. So even these musicians, they had subs, which is why they were able to take such a bold step, that regardless of what you don't threaten them with, they remain firm.

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We see that the torture this death was horrible that the magician's had to face. But we see that still they remain determined, once they accepted the truth, they remain firm upon it. So we have to see as well, what do we do that sometime in the slightest things we give up, but there has to be some determination. And remember the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that he had a hit at?

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The best of you in the time of ignorance or the best of you in Islam. So we see that the magicians they were the most knowledgeable the most influential ones in the Jay Hillier of that society. But once they became believers, they were so determined. They had so much courage. They had so much so much confidence that they wouldn't give up.

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We listen to the recitation

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123 gentlemen

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18 an hour the

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National Water

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I'm Mark Ada

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on and

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he can even tell you straight up

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walk out the

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urging me

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to stop

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mean el de una de cappadonna taco

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Assalamu alaikum