Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P20 202E Tafsir Al-Qasas 82-88

Taimiyyah Zubair
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What else Baja. And he became who? Alladhina dos who the man? No, they wished for McDonough who his place his position whose position, Kowloon because the first group of people that are mentioned over here, those who UD do not have the dunya, who loved this worldly life who wanted to have similar to what Kareem was given. So just Bill MC by yesterday, meaning just yesterday, those who wanted to be in the place of our own, they wanted to have what Arun was given. Now what happened. What were they seeing today after Kowloon was swallowed, Yoko Luna they were saying, wake up and wake up. Or how wake Anna is basically Kalama after our job our job is amazement. It's basically a word that

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expresses amazement. Okay way is for Tajik Alright, so Wake Up Now meaning how shocking how astonished I am. When you're shocked what kind of words do you say

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what kind of expressions do you say when you're shocked

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wow oh

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oh my god. There's different versions right. Some are polite and some are not polite. Right some are appropriate and some are not appropriate is something that we need to be careful about so that when we are shocked at something on were amazed because of something at that time also say words which are appropriate. So anyway, they said waker Anna, how astonished we are how. Hola Hola. Yep, Souter Visca. He extends provision. Li Mejia share or for whomsoever He wields minute everybody from His servants weigh a good deal. And he restricts you absoluto from bust bust is to extend. And yuck there is the opposite of that, that he constricted, that this is a lost decision. It is his control.

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He is the giver. And he is the taker. He gave our own so much. And in one moment he took everything away from calm

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everything away from Corona, it was taken away from him. This is Allah's decision. People don't give or take. It's it's Allah subhanaw taala who Gibbs we are owned by him. Lola. So now after seeing what happened with Otto they understood this reality that our benefit and loss this is in lose control. Allah has control only and this is a part of our PETA. Lola they said if not and that mon Allahu arlena if Allah had not shown favor to us, Lucha Fabiana surely, we would also have been swallowed by the Earth. We would also have been taken in by the Earth law has ever been, we would have met the same end like our own. Why? Because we want it to be like Qarun and a person will be

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with those whom he loves.

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Wake up and know who Oh, how lie you Fluffle curfew ruin, the disbelievers do not succeed. Ever. Those who disbelieve those who show coffin, whether that Cofer is in the form of denial, rejection of Allah, His commands his rights, or it is in the form of ingratitude because remember, Crawford is also the opposite of sugar. So such people can never ever succeed. So after seeing what happened with God when they understood, delicate battle akhira Allah subhanaw taala teaches us a lesson over here, deca, that a barrel after the home of the Hereafter, Niger Aloha, we assign it Lavina for those who lie URI Duna they do not intend they do not want one exalted pneus Phil already in the

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earth, one Alfa Saba nor any corruption the home of the Hereafter Jana, that is the real home right? That is the home of salaam because what happened to cartoons over here it was followed by the Earth, the home of the Hereafter the eternal abroad, that is given to hoo

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hoo, what is mentioned in this ayah it is given to a levena

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law everybody said, law UD do not rule no one fill out one facade, those who neither desire exalted nests on the earth, nor do they desire any corruption. Now what does it mean by this? Or no one below, or no means to be high

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Those who do not want to be high above people, meaning they do not desire

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to be greater or to show their greatness above people nor do they try to be greater than what their true statuses and become arrogant with Allah subhanaw taala because you see early ways to rise right to be higher when you have to rise, Allah, Allah Ya Allah He rose, he exalted himself. Right? So long will you do not only one fell out of the meaning in their worldly life, they never like to go high against people, nor high against Allah subhanaw taala In other words, they do not become arrogant with people, nor do they become arrogant with Allah subhanaw taala Rather, they are humble with people and absolutely humble before Allah azza wa jal so gentlemen will be granted to who the

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who, the humble.

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Jana is the home for humble people 400 Servants of Allah, La UD do not rely on one fell ugly, one facade that the second condition is that they don't desire corruption in the land. Now, when a person is doing something wrong, by for example, if a person is wasting a lot of water,

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okay, is there intention to really waste water? Yeah, let me just leave the water on, you know, I want to waste some water. Do people do that? No. But when a person is wasting water, what are they doing? They're fulfilling their desire, which will result in facade, you understand? So that is meant that they're neither pursue their desires to such an extent that corruption, facade is the result? No, they control their desires. They control themselves. They protect themselves from committing sin.

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You know, for example, if you have something nice, if you can do something nice, it's so tempting to show off.

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Or it's so tempting to even let other people know about what you can do.

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Like for example, if you're driving,

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alright, and somebody tries to, you know, overtake you or something you're like, let me show you. We'll show you what I can do.

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And so you quickly switch lanes, you know, and then you get ahead of them, then you don't let change lane or anything like that. You're tempted. You understand? But can this lead to facade?

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Serious facade? Correct. So what is it that will prevent you from really showing up over there? Humility? Let's Okay, nevermind. Let him go. What is he going to do?

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So Lowry do not renew when Phil LD Well Alpha Sada, you see, one is the home of this world and the other is the home of the Hereafter. The whole of this word temporary, the home of the Hereafter, a turtle perfect. The whole of this world it's given to everybody. The home of the Hereafter is only given to such people. Those who don't want greatness here. They want greatness up in the skies. They don't want greatness here in this life. The Seeker of Accra wants to be known up in the skies. That's where he wants to be famous. And for that he strives to do good. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, I looked at Paradise and saw that the majority of its residents were the poor.

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Majority of the residents of Jannah were who people who were poor in this world, because money is fitna many people get affected by the nearby their money. It's very rare that a person has money and yet they have self control. And sometimes self control. You know, it doesn't necessarily mean Oh, don't go have alcohol. No, it means don't show off.

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam said on the Day of Judgment, when you will be gathered, it will be said where are the poor and needy of the ummah. They will get up and they will be asked, What kind of deeds did you perform? They will say, Our Lord, we were put in hardship. And we were patient, and you gave wealth and riches and power to people other than us. Allah will say you have spoken the truth, so they will enter Jannah before others and the difficulty of the hisab will be on those who were given authority.

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power. And those who were given Well, this is a Hadith in Sahih, that the lead with the lead.

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So this is a fact that, you know, one is a person whose design renew in the world, that I want to have more money so that my status is higher. I want to have more education so that my status is higher because sometimes it's not just money. It's also job. It's also your career that could lead a person to become arrogant. Right? So the people who are pursuing this world that they're not saddled with less, because then they are less compared to people. Such people cannot make it to Jana easily. It's going to be very difficult. We have to make Jana. Our goal, Jana, our goal, that is the real target, then Jana is the goal, then what happens even when a person gets a whole lot of money, a

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whole lot of money, a lot of fame, it doesn't corrupt him. Look at the examples of Donald earnest and I'm so a man or in his center, power, money, everything did corrupt them. Did it corrupt them? No it didn't. It in fact, let them closer to Allah subhanaw taala. So a man Ali Salam said, Hey, I'm in fugly Robbie, this is fun, the favor of my Lord.

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He didn't show off over there. So money, worldly feel riches, whatever it is, it is a tool. It is a tool, it's either a tool that a person will use to take him to Jannah or a person will let corrupt him and it will take him to a very bad place.

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So this hadith in particular, that I mentioned, about poverty, because the thing is that many times if we have less, we're not happy with it. We're not content with it. But if we do become content with it, that Oh Allah, I'm trying to make more money. But I cannot after all, compromise my Deen. So I will be satisfied with what you've given me. He's content with less over here than Allah will compensate him on the day of judgment. But there are very few people who will bear this patiently. Generally what happens I do become angry, we become depressed. We become upset with Allah's decree. And sometimes we also begin to adopt haram means to gain or Alou in this world. Haram means that for

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example, how can we say that? We don't own this house?

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You understand sometimes? What is it that makes people take a haram loan? And buy a house? What is it that prompts them? Oh, we have daughters, they have to get married. And when people will come and ask for their hand in marriage? How can we say that? Oh, we don't own this house.

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You understand? This is UD Dina aluminum fill up?

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Wanting supremacy in this worldly life, at the cost of what? The home of the Hereafter.

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So sometimes, this is what we think how can I do without a house of my own? How can I do without a car of my own? How can I do without furniture in my house? How can I do it without such and such and such? Allah offers us better when we say no, we want it now. Now, even if it's haram means so the whole of the Hereafter is reserved for the humble servants of Allah, for the obedient servants of Allah and those whose focus is obedience, manager, I will have sanity, then whoever comes with a good deed meaning on the Day of Judgment, follow who hate him, and then he will have better than it leading he will be rewarded many times more than what he has brought. This is real treasure. This is

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real wealth. This is real richness, that a person is rich in the hereafter woman Jabba sejati and whoever comes with an evil deed, Fela Youjizz then he will not be recompensed who are Lavina Amina psychiat, those who do evil deeds, Ilana CAN WE ARE maroon except as much as what they used to do. And this is real poverty. What is real richness, the richness and the home of the Hereafter. What is real poverty, poverty on the Day of Judgment, richness and poverty are not by money, they are by deeds

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in the levy, indeed, the one who thought about

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the one who has made obligatory I leaker on you Al Quran, the Quran, Laura Dukkha showing the he will return you Ilan to a place of return. Now at the end of the sort of the prophets otherwise them is directly addressed over here these verses are the concluding verses of the surah. Remember, I mentioned to you earlier the total costs. It is sad that this surah was revealed near the time of hijra, right. That part of it is mucky part of it is muddy, so it's some say

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This was around the time of hijra, and the story of Musa alayhis. Salam, as mentioned over there in the Surah and recite Islam in particular what we learn in this surah about him is how he ended up leaving Egypt.

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Did Allah subhanaw taala bring him back?

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Did Allah bring him back to Egypt?

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Who did as a prophet in a better state now,

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you understand, he fled as a criminal. Hi, you know, he was basically running to protect his life. And Allah subhanaw taala brought him back over there is He came as a prophet, he came as a messenger. He came to speak to frown. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what happened with him? Did he have to leave? Mercato? He had to because if he slept in his house that night, what would happen? Then was she Kenya let's around his house would have killed him. Right? So in the middle of the night, the profits or the loss and I'm left, so inland lady photobiological Quran or Prophet sallallahu sallam, the one who has made the Quran obligatory on you, the one who has imposed this

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Quran on you, what does it mean by the seas impose the Quran on you? Meaning he hasn't given you a choice concerning the Quran, he has sent it down on you, he has made it mandatory on you that you must recite it that you must convey it that you must implement it

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was a prophet Satellizer asked did you be come to him asking him here this is an offer. I accept this contract, would you like was the profit and loss and given the choice? No, he wasn't. Allah made it obligatory on him you must receive this Quran and you must convey it. So the one who gave you this obligation? Lera Dukkha LMR. Rod one who does rod rod is to return so long shortly rod do one who will return can you LMR to the place off, I would mod for mine. Well, that place of our place of return. Meaning yes, you're leaving Mecca. What Allah will bring you back to Makkah in a better state.

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Did that happen? Yes, very soon, the Prophet salallahu Salam returned to Makkah as a victor, and Maude place a return is also understood as MACOM Muhammad,

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the praiseworthy station that the Prophet salallahu Salam shall be assigned on the day of judgment, and only he will be assigned that station. So basically, the lesson over here is rely on a law

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and expect only a good result from Allah. You are given a choice regarding this matter. And you have accepted this matter. You will have suffered a lot in the way of Allah and Allah will not deprive you of good here and in the next world. He will grant you victory. He will grant you honor, he will give you unlimited reward.

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So keep working. Ponce Rob be our llamo My Lord is most knowing mangia Bill Houda of the one who has brought guidance women who are field Allah, Allah mobian And the one who is in manifest error, meaning with your return to Makkah, the truth shall become manifest, the truth will become clear who won our contest. And you were not taught do you expect you never ever expected Raja to have hope for something to expect it? So you never imagined you never expected that you call it will be conveyed ileka To you al Kitab the Book you ever imagined in your wildest dreams even that the Quran will be given to you? The prophets of Allah Islam is being told that you never thought about this in love.

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But it is a mercy from your Lord. It is only Allah's mercy on you that you have been given this Quran, fellow Arthur Conan, so you must never be the healer on an assistant little caffeine to the disbelievers do not assist the disbelievers. How, by leaving your work, do your work properly.

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We see that Nusantara Salam when he approached the mountain did he expect that he will be given prophethood over there? Did he think that Allah subhanaw taala was going to talk to him? No.

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Likewise, the Prophet salallahu Salam never imagined that the Quran will be given to him that he will be chosen as a prophet. So what he's been taught over here is that Allah has given this to you without you even imagining or expecting it. This is purely

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Allah's Mercy exclusively his favor. So receive this favor gracefully, and do your assigned task well, properly. Allah has bestowed a huge favor upon you. Now you do or son in your obedience. You see, if you hoped, right, if you have this hope that your mom is going to give you a gift when you graduate, for example, and then she gives you a gift. It's a nice feeling.

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But if you did not even think that she would give you a gift, and that gift just shows up.

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It just shows up. You weren't expecting it. He just shows up.

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As in one day, you go home and there's a car standing in the driveway and you wonder who's who's inside. And you go in and they're like here for you.

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I mean, just imagine if this were to happen to you. You never expected it. It just happened. This is completely their favor on you. Well, because if you haven't even expressed that wish, then it was as if you were asking for it. The profits of the loss I've never imagined this was only Allah says favor on him that he was given the Quran. So he is told Do not be an assistant to the disbelievers. Meaning if you do not do your job properly, then you are assisting

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the disbelievers so do your job well. Yes, it's difficult, but do it properly. When I saw the NACA Wallah and not yes What do naka de at all over to you they at all prevent your sub for this to stop right? And yes, so do your so do why because it's day. So let them not prevent you let them not avert to you. And I want to learn from the verses of Allah, meaning from reciting the verses from conveying the verses bother it owns it at a lake after they have been revealed to you. Meaning once knowledge has come to you, don't let people stop you from it. Whether in Arabic and invite people to your LORD, this is the goal while at Akona, nominal Mushrikeen and never be of those who associate

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others with Allah, the prophets of Allah said I would never do ship than what is meant over here. Same thing that leaving this work is supporting the Mushrikeen leaving the Cananda of Allah and giving importance to what people say is a form of sugar. It is a form of sugar.

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When I told you and never call upon Ma Ma he was ALLAH ILA, and another God. Never ever make this mistake. Realize and never forget the seriousness of this crime here because as children, maybe we learned about how bad Sheikh is, right? And then as we grow older, and we meet different people, and we learn about different things, right? Yeah, I should because bad yeah. Okay. And then when we see this concept being emphasized in the Quran again and again, we wonder what's the big deal? It is a very big deal. Never forget the seriousness of the sin. Because La ilaha illa. Who there is no deity but Allah. This is the greatest reality, Kung Fu che in her Licon everything will be destroyed. Illa

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word you have all except his face. Every thing will be destroyed. Except Allah subhanaw taala So seek none but Allah pursue nothing else except his face Lahoma hackmore His is the judgment that is inescapable. What a lie he told Joan and to Him you will be returned. So prepare to meet him.

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Prepare to meet who? Allah subhanaw taala in toto CalFire 38. We learn one oceanic will be Robbie Harada. I do not associate with my lord. Anyone intuitive. Muzammil is nine. We're taught Rob Bell Mushrik he will McGreevy La ilaha illa who Fatah Hill who Akela He is the Lord of the East and the West. There is no deity except Him. So take him as disposer of your affairs in salted ramen i a 2627. Allah says Kulu Manali have found everyone upon the earth will perish. Web powered hoorah. Becca dole Jalali will EClub and they will remain the Face of your Lord, Owner of Majesty and Honor.

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So then, is it worth it?

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Pursuing the NEA? Is it worth it? To love the NEA? Is it worth it? No, it's not. Because no matter what it is that we fall in love with, it's going to finish it's going to break it's going to get destroyed.

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The only one the only being that is worthy of our heart of our lives of our actions of our efforts is who Allah subhanaw taala

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Because La ilaha illa who la hochma where he later Joan his judgment prevails and ultimately we have to return to him so let's prepare to meet him let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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what else Bye Hello Levine

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see up on

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the wall

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the way up on the low

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Oh didn't get down

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Lina ut do now

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34 You

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the follow up you can pull

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on Docker

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moody warmer

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Joe a

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mere mob being fell Coonan over here on Fieri. What else don't

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lie at 118

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going to show you in

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more you need to

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share your favorite if I'm this lesson or part of Iowa with the person standing next to you

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All right.

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Can I tell you my favorite part?

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Can I Okay? The aisle in which Allah subhanaw taala addresses the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that in the Liddy follow by legal Khurana, Laura Dukkha Ilana

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you know, we are studying the Sierra these days. And I mean, you know how the Prophet sallallaahu Sam's life was literally turned upside down.

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Everything was just

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everything changed. When the Quran came in his life, people will respected him, were now the same people who abused him.

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The place in which his life was saved was now the place in which his life was in danger.

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In a place where because of your loss, your closest ones would feel bad for you. Now what happened? People will rejoicing at any loss the Prophet sallallahu Sallam faced like for example, the death of his son of Buddha marked at the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam endured a lot, a lot of difficulties because of the Quran.

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This is a fact.

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But what do we see in his life that he

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accepted he embraced all those difficulties and he did not give up and Allah

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So panel Tada addressed him here in this is your so much love for the Prophet salallahu Salam, but don't think all of this difficulty the suffering is in vain. No, he is going to bring you back over here.

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He is going to raise your status he's going to give you a position that no other human being will be given. No angel shall be given in this is a huge lesson that when a person suffers anything in their life, because of Allah, because of Quran, then that suffering is not actually suffering. What is it?

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It's a blessing, because it's only going to draw a person closer to success.

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And this is exactly what the next slide is about, or at least the beginning of the next Surah Surah Toulon. Cobalt is about

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