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Maryam 66-98 Translation 66-98

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Hello sweetie and Kareem Umberto

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rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Baba Shockley assadi were Sidley Emery washer owner of data melissani of tahu. Commonly probenecid nirma.

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Lesson number 159 with Maria, I am number 66 to 98 Translation waiuku and he says, I'll insert the human being either what when man that

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Me too I have died less so for surely soon overdue I will be taken out

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a year one alive

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does work and law not yet guru he remembers insano the human being and that indeed we Hakuna who we created him main fabuleux from before while I'm and not Jaco, he was Shay anything

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followed follow up Baker. So by Europe, Lennar shoranur home surely we will definitely gather them with Charlene and the Satan's some then Leonard later on the home surely we will definitely make them present hola around Johanna Hellfire gcea crouching on knees

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some then Lenin ziana surely we will definitely pull out men from Cali every shear I think sect a you home which of them are those of them

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I shall do is worst either against a Roman the Most Merciful or athiya in rebellion

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some then Lenin surely we are most knowing bill Lavina with those who home they are Ola most deserving.

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most worthy

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be her have it slowly year of being burnt.

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What in and not men come from you in except where he do her. One who arrives at it

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or one who passes over it.

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Ghana It was a lot of bigger upon your head. Final macula yeah year one that is decided. One that is decreed.

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Some then lunar g we will save alladhina those people who eat the whole they feared one other and we shall leave a volley mean the wrongdoers fee her in it do you the crouching on knees

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what either and when toothless is recited or lay him upon them, I AtuNa our verses by you net as clear signs. But you not as clear signs.

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Either he said aladeen those who cafaro they disbelieved. lilla Dena to those who am a new they believed au which every time the two groups hi Ron is better matam an imposition were accidental, and best or most beautiful melodiya in gathering in association

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welcome and how many Alekna we have destroyed bubbeleh home before then men from ordinary generation home they were so no better than in goods in possessions. What is it Yeah, and in appearance

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don't say man who can he was fee in Atlanta the misguidance folium did that then he should extend level for him a regimen the Most Merciful mother an extension

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had the until either when bro this all man what you are doing they are promised? ima either either the punishment or Emma and or a sir the our fissara the moon so soon they will know man who who are he is Chevron evil. Worse mccannon in place will our food and weaker gender in force enforce. In soldiers

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Why does he do any increases? Allahu Allah alladhina those who ater though they have

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guidance, Huda in guidance Wolbachia and those that remain

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and the everlasting ones

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are solid had the good deeds hi Ron are better in the near Bob Baker Europe the weapon in reward will hire on and better model the in return

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a thorough Ada Then have you seen a lady The one who care for he disbelieved be Aya Tina in our verses we'll call her and he said Luton surely I will definitely be given men and wealth well, whether they're and children

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he become informed

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a labor the unseen, um or it the harder he has taken in the near of the Most Merciful are the promise

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color No, selectable soon we shall right

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man what a colo. He says what am I do? And we extend Lahu for him. Men from Allah are there the punishment mud, the prolonging

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one or the two who and we will inherit him. Man in what YOLO he says, where Dina and he will come to us follow the alone single

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What the hell do and they have taken? men from duly lay other than Allah Eliot and gods, Leah kulu so that they are law home for them is an honor, glory.

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Color, no, say a foreigner soon they will deny very bad that to him with their worship. We are cornuta and they will be I lay him against them with the adversities opponents.

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Allah do not thorough You see, and that indeed we are center we have sent a shell to the Satan's Island Catherine upon the disbelievers that resume. It incites them as a constant incitement

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fella so do not that Arjun you make his or lay him upon them in NEMA. Indeed not but now do we count the home for them are the number

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yoma on the national we will gather homotopy the righteous people either do man the Most Merciful was the as a delegation.

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One a Sukkot and we will drive almajiri mean the criminals ILA to Johanna Hellfire with the interest

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lair, not young lacuna, they possess a shofar the intercession except man who it the harder he took in the width of man the Most Merciful are the covenant

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will call you and they said it the harder he has taken a regimen the Most Merciful One or the a son a child.

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Lockard certainly don't you have come Shay and a thing is

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a disaster. atrocious.

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Gotta do it is near a semi Well, they haven't yet have a partner. They rupture. They burst men who from it. What am Shaku and it splits open

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to the earth, what the hell through and it falls, it collapses, Lw the mountains had in ruins. In devastation.

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And that Daro, they attribute they call live, man for the Most Merciful, while other a child

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warmer and not young believe it is appropriate. It is proper, little rush man for the Most Merciful and that yet the leader he takes while other a child

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in not kulu all man who feed in a semi where the heavens while earth and the earth except the one who comes over man to the Most Merciful or other the as a servant. Lockard certainly saw whom he has enumerated them well and to whom he has counted them at the end counting

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wakulla home

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And all of them are the one who comes to him yoma on the LTM the standing for the as alone single individually

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in Indeed, Allah Vina those who am I know they believed were amilo and they did assign the hat the righteous deeds. Saya Geraldo soon he will make law home for them. Man the Most Merciful. Would the affection love for intimate then indeed not but yes sir Who we have made it easy.

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Bailey sonica in your language.

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Little bashira so you give good news. Be with it and muttering to the righteous people.

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What on there and you won't be here with it. Oh man, people look the most quarrelsome, most hostile.

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Welcome, and how many Lackner we have destroyed. Avila whom before then men from aadmin generation. How do the history you perceive? You sense men home from them. Men from the heading anyone? Oh or the smell. You hear? The home for them? shakes.

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A lot of sound

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regza a no sound.

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That's the sort of the recitation of these verses.

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Cal Santa

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at zoom as

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Yo manna soul

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man he was the

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