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Al-Maidah 94-108 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 96

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Then Alice pantalla says, Hey, mela come Seidel Buhari lawful to you is the game from the sea. ohana, meaning eating and hunting, what it is permissible for you, Seidel Buhari, the hunting of the sea, meaning of those animals whose molad and muskan is water. What is molded me birthplace and muskan living place dwelling place. So basically they are born in water, and they live in water. That's where they live.

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So those animals who live in the sea, you are allowed to hunt them when? In the state of Arizona. Why? Because the journey of the sea is longer. Imagine you're going on a boat, and you're going for, let's say, two months, it's a long journey, do months or maybe a month? Now in that case, how much food are you going to take with you? Especially if your boat is not really that big? How much food can you take animals with you? If you take vegetables with you what's going to happen, they're going to get spoiled after some time. If you take some lentils or rice, which you're going to cook, it's possible that fire could spread in your boat and you know, it could be dangerous for you. So in that

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case, even in the state of Iran, fishing is permissible. Why? Because the journey is long. It's a different type of journey. This is the ease, this is the beauty of everything.

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And this shows that Allah subhanaw taala is there Eileen, he is Hakeem, he knows our situation. This shows that he is lovely, if one does not leave me, one who notices even the finest the level no details, very subtle, very affectionate, very kind. This is why he has allowed us that we can hunt in the sea, even in the state of

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what our will and its food, meaning the food of the of the sea. It is not our local it is a means of benefit for you. Meaning it is also permissible for you to eat.

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What is the mean by time it is said that slavery refers to those sea animals, which you find alive and you catch like for example, you see a fish, you throw in your fishing rod and you catch the fish, this is what site and Tom refers to those animals of the sea that you find that so for example, you see a dead fish floating on the surface of the water. So alive and that both are permissible. Similarly, if a huge fish is found dead by the shore, is that permissible? Yes, it is. So O'Hanlon. accom Seidel battery warfare amo Mata Allah calm, it is a means of benefit for you meaning news for you to consume. Who does you refer to? You refers to those people who are in the

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state of Iran. And it may also refer to those people who live at the sea, by the sea.

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When is the yellow and for the travelers. So yellow is on the roof letters Sr. and so yellow is used for travelers those who who are traveling. So Lacan refers to those who are in the state of Islam and say yellow refers to those people who are traveling for some other reason. So it is permissible for both whether a person is in a state of Islam or he's not in a state of Iran. If you find the sea animal that is dead, he can eat it. If he finds it alive and he catches it. Even that is permissible for him.

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Well, Halima Alaykum Seidel deadly and forbidden on you is the hunting of the land. Madam Holloman as long as you remain in the state of Ohio. So what does it mean? As soon as you come out of the state of Florida, you're allowed to hunt

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what the hola and fear Allah Allah de la hittar, Sharon, the one to him, you will be gathered to fear him, because he's watching everything that you're doing. fear him How? By observing His commands, and refraining from his prohibitions. Now, what do we learn from this ayah First of all, we learn about the permissibility of hunting sea animals, the permissibility of hunting sea animals, meaning fishing, when in the state of Iran, and even outside of the State of Israel. It is permissible in all cases in all situations.

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Secondly, we learn from this idea about the permissibility of eating all sea animals, the permissibility of eating all the animals, whether they are big or small, whether they're very tiny fish, or they're a huge whales permissible, whether you find it dead, or you find it alive. Still, it's permissible

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whether it is similar to a human being in its form.

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It is similar to a dog in its form, or it is similar to a pig in its form, okay, because this is how the Arabs looked at certain animals off the sea. So, for example, the dog of the sea is the shark, and the pig of the sea is the dolphin. For them, this is what they called it, this is what they called it, probably because of the mouth. So, basically, we see that any type of see animal, whether it is a mammal, so whether it is like a whale or a dolphin as well. So, whether it is a mammal, or it is not a mammal, so any kind of sea animal is permissible, and they do not need to be slaughtered properly, whether it is big or small, whether you find a dead or alive, any kind of sea creature,

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it's permissible for you to eat, which sea creature whose birthplace and living place is the water is the sea. If you take it out of the water, it may be able to survive for some time, but it cannot survive for long. Like for example, the dolphin, it can come out to the water for some time. But if you keep it out of the water for like a day, it can survive.

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Like for example, a dead fish. If you find it, obviously you didn't pronounce the name of Allah subhanaw taala up on it. So it's not necessary to say this.

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Like, for example, sharks, they eat other animals that live outside of the water even sometimes, and they sometimes even eat human beings still there permissible to eat. Why? Because this is general Seidel. This is general so all types of sea animals are permissible.

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We also learn from this ayah that just to clarify about the permissibility of eating all sea creatures, whether they're found dead or alive, whether they're herbivores, omnivores, or carnivores? Just to clarify.

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Now, what about those animals that can stay alive when they're taken out of the water? And what I mean by that is amphibians, like, for example, crocodiles, or marine turtles? Or let's say, seals, penguins, what else? frogs? They can live in water, and they can also live outside of water? Don't say you? Or what about crabs? and shellfish? Because, yes, they do live in the water. But you can also keep them outside of the water for a long time. Isn't it? So? You can. So what's the ruling concerning?

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There's a difference of opinion. Some scholars say that any animal that lives by the water, it can live inside the water. any animal is permissible.

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So for example, a seal it goes inside the water, but you see that seals and sea otters and sea lion walrus. So these animals, yes, they do go in the water. But you also see them outside of the water for a very long time.

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But can you take them away from water completely? No, you cannot.

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Even when they're kept in the zoo, there is always some water for them. So what does it show that they're molded? And muskan? is water whether they live inside the water or outside the water? What does it show that they're molded and muskan is the water.

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So they say that all animals regardless whether they're crocodiles, or they are polar bears, or they are any kind of these animals that live in the water by the water, they are permissible.

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under other scholars, they make a distinction. They say that no animals that can live outside the water for majority of their time for a long time. They don't fall in this category and they will be considered as animals of the land.

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Like for example, a crocodile or for example, a polar bear, they will be considered as animals of the land. And then you have to decide what type of animal they are.

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So if they have fangs, not halon. If they have fangs, they're not alone. So for example, a crocodile a polar bear, not permissible.

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If they don't have fangs, and they are very, like soft and gentle in their movement, then they are permissible. For example, a sea lion, a walrus. Similarly, a turtle, they're permissible. But these animals What do you have to do you have to slaughter them properly. Now there are some other creatures as well that live in the water that don't have blood, like for example, shellfish, they don't have blood. Now, what do you have to do in order to eat them? If you find them alive? You have to kill them. How will you kill them? Either by hitting them, or by stabbing them or by putting them in boiling hot water? Or by roasting them or something of the like you have to kill them before you

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can eat them.

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Now when you kill them, aren't they matter? Aren't they

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made that animal? No. Why? Because you don't have to drain any blood out of them,

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they're not going to be considered mica because they don't have any blood in them.

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And where do we get this ruling from? From the Locust, the Locust is hallen, it does not have blood in it, you don't have to slaughter it, you can eat the dead or alive. So any kind of shellfish is ultra permissible, any kind of shellfish is permissible. Even if it means you have to put it in boiling hot water, or you have to stab it, or you have to hit it in order to kill it, it will not be considered Mater. So snailed also would be permissible. The only What I mean is that if it's alive, if it's moving, you shouldn't put it in your mouth. There are people who do that live octopus live certain types of fish they actually eaten right away. And there is a particular way of eating and if

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you don't eat it correctly, it gets stuck inside your mouth. But what's the main thing that you're supposed to kill the animal before eating it and when you kill it, it won't be considered Mater. Why? Because it doesn't have any blood, you don't need to drain any blood out of it.

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The summarize, all sea animals are permissible, faulty animals are permissible, whether you find them dead or alive, big or small, whether they have blood or they don't have blood. When it comes to amphibians are some marine mammals which can live outside of the water for a very long time.

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Then in that case, you will consider them to be what land animals and you will deal with them accordingly. If they have fangs, not harder, if they don't have fangs, then they are Hello. And what do you have to do because they have blood in them, you have to slaughter them properly in order to drain the blood out.

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If they don't have blood in them, then no matter what type of animal they are, whether it is a shellfish or any kind of animal that doesn't have blood in it, sea animal, then you can eat it, even when it's dead. Why? Because you don't have to drain any blood out of it.

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Now, but there is an exception, frogs, they're not permissible. They're not permissible, because the prophets are a lot of them clearly forbade killing frogs. And if he forbade killing frogs, that means eating them is also forbidden.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that who are the Who? Matt Oh, and hello Mater to its water is pure and it's dead are lawful profits. A lot of them said that and remember when we did the AI about huddling earlier when we made it to a demo. So over there when we read the word Mater, I mentioned to you that there are two exceptions and one of them was sea animals fish. If they're found dead, they are permissible for us.

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And Java 11 Abdullah, he said that Allah's Messenger sent an army is a very interesting incident that allows messengers that a lot of them sent an army towards the east coast, and he appointed our VEDA even in July as their commander, and the army consisted of 300 men, including myself. We marched on until we reached a place where our food was about to finish. Just imagine an army and the food is about to finish,

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about our VEDA ordered us to collect all the food for our journey. So basically everybody whatever food you have bring it, and it was collected in two bags of dates. That's all they had left.

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Over Urbina kept on giving us our daily ration in small amounts from it until it was exhausted. And the share of each of us used to be one date only. Just imagine one date for one day.

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One of the narratives of the Hadees. He said that I asked Java to learn that How could one day suffice for you? And he replied, we came to know its value. When even that finished, we came to know its value and we ran out of that even

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Java Leonardo added that when we reach the seashore, we saw a huge fish, which was like a small mountain. And the army ate from it for 18 days.

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And then our VEDA ordered us that do have its ribs be affixed in the ground. And then he ordered that as she can will be written and it passed under the two lips to the two ribs that were forming the arch. So a camel could easily pass from underneath without touching. So imagine what a huge fish it must be. Possibly a whale a low Artem.

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So they found a dead and they ate from it. Why? Because all sea animals whether you find them alive or dead, they are permissible

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Another very important thing that we learned from this is that when it comes to eating halal and staying away from Haram, then one should remember his return to the

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because of loss of penalty, it says over here fear Allah, the one to whom you will be gathered.

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Because it's the fear of a loss of penalty. It's the fear of the accountability and the day of judgment that stops the person from disobedience. What do we learn in Elena ieva home? So my inner Elena, he said the home to us as they return, and we will call into account. So sometimes you just want to try different different foods. We said Oh, never mind, it's okay. But remember that How long will you enjoy this food for eventually you are going to the FAO,

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you are going to the hereafter. So make sure that you educate yourself about the food that is lawful and that is not lawful. And that you observe these commands as well.

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We listen to the recitation

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Let me show

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you know sometimes people ask questions like are crocodiles hunted or not. If you can really find the crocodile and you can get your hands on it, before it gets its jaws on you, then see what you can do.

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When it comes to killing shellfish, it doesn't seem like a very humane way of killing them because you're putting them in when they're alive in boiling hot water or you're roasting them directly. But remember that if it is permissible for locusts, then it is permissible for other creatures that are like that as well.

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It doesn't mean that you poke poke, poke, poke until the dies, can use the fastest and easiest way possible. Even the fish, if you ever go to like a store here even and you get a fish that is alive, they will hit it so that it dies. So it is permissible it is not considered as Mater because there is no blood that needs to be drained out. And it depends on the culture. I mean, think about how are you going to slaughter a mosquito or a fly. So it depends on the culture. Some don't consider it lawful and others do.

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Even water snakes even there permissible. eels are also permissible. You don't need to slaughter them, but it lives in the water.

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Those snakes that live in the sea that don't come out. If they do come out and they can also go into the water then they fall in the same category as a crocodiles.

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You can eat raw fish, you can eat sushi.

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Like for example, if you find a dead fish or something and you see that it's decaying, it's rotting, then you're not going to eat it. I mean, it's up to you it is permissible but you are going to decide for yourself.

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Okay, one more thing, an animal that is halal for consumption. Every part of it is including the brain and the feet and the intestines. I will stop there.

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When you're fishing, and you throw the rod or your neck in the water, you don't have to say Bismillah which is why you can eat fish that has been caught by a non Muslim whether he is from the hotel or not.

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reflections, that when sometimes when we're busy in our schedule, and we are with people who are all studying, then even when we see the opportunity to do something wrong, we don't do it. Because either we don't have the time, or we have just read something that day. And that day we have, you know, our demand is very high. And therefore, we're going to stay away from committing that sin. And sometimes when we are on a break, when we are not studying the Quran every day when we're not with the people of the Quran every day, then it's easier. And that's a test. And a loss of control is warning us from before that now that you have learned, be ready for a test that we see that when you

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learn something, then you are tested, then you are tested. It might happen with you sometimes that you learn about doing suburban class and you go home and there comes a test. And if you pass the test once and you will find that then it's easier to develop that habit.

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And the best time to check the level of your Eman. The level of your taqwa is when you're alone when you're absent from people that we see that in the state of Islam, you cannot even hunt, what does it show that when it comes to data, we should have we should we should be focused. And we should be fearful of a lot that time and not get distracted by anything. Even if there's something within your reach, even if it's something that you are allowed to do otherwise, because the focus should be entirely on everybody. Which is why when we pray in Florida, we're not allowed to even look here or there. We're not allowed to look except for the place of such data.

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And if we look at it, a loss of data has allowed that I you bet for us to eat and he has given us such a huge variety. And unfortunately we think oh this is how long does How long does it happen?

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Sometimes we ask Okay, what is halal? Just tell me whereas we should try to find out. Okay, what is it that I'm not allowed to eat? Because more is halal and less is heaven.