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Maryam 41-65 Word Analysis and Tafsir 46-50

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How does this father respond? He says color are all people. You turn away

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This is him says to him. How dare you?

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This is different for there are different Toby's that How dare you turn away a law even under an earlier Tia Brahim.

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Or Ibrahim, you dare to turn away from my gods. But all the ones from the real fetters are all vain balaclava and drama is to incline towards something. And when this word is followed by our unlike over here, lollywood enter on Alibaba data means to turn away from something

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to be averse to something to dislike something we have learned earlier, we're Mayra harbor. I'm middle of April.

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So they won't enter an early hottie from my gods. Yeah, Ibrahim.

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Notice, Ibrahim is and I'm called him. Yeah.

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But his father when he responds to him, he doesn't say I wanna Yeah. What does he say? Yeah, Ibrahim.

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How dare you turn away from my gods? Let in Surely if less than 30 you do not stop. Meaning you do not stop from criticizing me. You do not stop from criticizing my Gods from this new way that you have invented?

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The Ottoman NACA, surely I will definitely stone you. I'm going to kill you. I'm going to stone you to death. Why journey Malia and you just leave me for a long period of time, meaning I don't want to see your face. Just go away from here.

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Look at the compassion and the gentleness and the care with which Ibrahim Edison approaches father.

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But look at the harsh response that he receives. This is normal. It's very normal. It's possible that you talk to someone very nicely, very kindly, you're trying to come up with an agreement with them, you try to discuss the matter with them, you want them to listen, you want them to accept. But the reaction that you get so negative, the response that you get is so negative, it's possible. It's possible. Don't be discouraged at that time.

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Don't begin to doubt yourself.

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So he says to him, if you don't stop, or German, or German from the roof address, or RG me, Roger.

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And Roger has literally to throw stones at someone.

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And this is under certain both tangible ways as well as intangible,

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tangible, literally throwing stones at someone.

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And Rajim is a punishment that is given

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when a person is stoned to death when a person is is pelted with stones until he dies.

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So to kill someone by stoning them.

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And secondly, this word is also used for in the intangible sense to curse someone to report someone do say such harsh words to them, that injure them that hurt them. Just as when somebody throws a stone on you, Doesn't it hurt you.

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Of course, it leaves a mark on your body, your body hurts, maybe your body will get bruised, maybe it'll get cut. Similarly, when harsh words are thrown at someone, even they're hurt, and sometimes they hurt much more.

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So the abdomen aka I am going to give it to you.

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Or I'm going to kill you.

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If you don't stop so you better stop. And if you don't want to stop, then we're Judy, Malia then leave me for a long period of time. Oh God, even lyric letters hygiene blah. The word hatred is from the same root,

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delete, and Malaya from the new fetters name langwell. And Molly is a long period of time.

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The word inlet is from the same route. And inlet is to give respect to someone to delay their time to keep increasing their time.

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Do not catch them immediately.

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To give them one chance after another chance. So Molly is a long period of time. So Oh God, Malaya, get away from me. I don't want to see your face. Just leave me alone.

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Now imagine yourself in this position.

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You're talking to your parents, you're talking to someone who is very, very beloved to you.

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And you're telling them something out of sincerity. You really want good for them.

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And you use the best way to approach them. But this is the response that you get.

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It's not just that I don't want to listen to you. They say if you don't start we're going to kill you.

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Just imagine somebody threatens to kill you just because of what you say to them. And you know that they mean it and they say Go away from here. You're being

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reprimanded for speaking the truth. You're beyond reproach for living by the truth, for accepting the truth.

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Now, just imagine the grief and the sorrow of Ibrahim Raisa, but he was patient for the sake of Allah.

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This is why he did not lose his respect for his father, even though

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he even now again when he addressed his father, he was not disrespectful.

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What does he say? Allah said, when

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he said, Oh, my father, peace be upon you,

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basically upon you. Why does he say this? For two reasons? First of all, to counter the evil with good, because what do we learn? When one person deals with you in an evil way? How should you respond to them in the evil way? No, in a good way.

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Those who will refute evil with good or those who deal evil with good when other people deal with them in an evil way, they respond to them in a good way. So this is why he said Salomon article

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that this be upon you, you will not find anything negative for me. If you are harsh towards me, I will not be harsh towards you. If you yell at me, I'm not going to yell at you. If you threaten to kill me, I'm not going to threaten to wage war against you. No, you're not going to receive any harm from me. All that you're going to get from me is send them send them when our lake.

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And secondly, he says salaamu alayka, for the purpose of farewell.

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Because his father told him, if you want to stay here, you have to stop saying these words.

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If you continue to say these words, then I'm going to kill you.

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And if you want to remain on this way of yours, and you have to leave. So what is the Brahim restaurant used to do? He chooses to leave. So he says Salaam when I like? Fine, I'll go.

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Because think about it. When the other person is not willing to even listen to you. When they're not willing to accept even a little bit. They're so hostile, they're so averse. They're so harsh, then what can you do? Can you try to argue with them? No. Is it going to bring any benefit? Not at all, it's only going to increase the trouble. Imagine if the first response that you get is so harsh. If you continue to discuss with them, what more response Are you going to receive, it's going to be even more harsh. So the best way to deal with such situations is of withdrawal that just leave going from there.

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And this gives us a very important lesson that when you're talking to someone, and they're only harsh In response, then what should you do?

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What should you do?

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Leave and the conversation right there and then leave. And then maybe bring up that conversation at another point. Don't dwell upon it. Because if you dwell upon it, it's only going to lead to more problems.

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Sometimes it happens, you're talking to your husband, you're talking to your sister, you're talking to your brother, and you're discussing something with them, you're sharing something with them. But you get such a harsh response. Now at that time, don't argue, just leave just up. Ended right there. Call us around our lake. And he says to us the federal law cannot be sued. I will seek forgiveness for you from my Lord. Because in no who can be happy. Yes, indeed, he is ever gracious to me.

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I want to seek forgiveness for you from Alice Pendleton.

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And I'm very hopeful that he will accept my prayer for you. Because my lord towards me is very, very kind.

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Happy. The word happy is from the roof that was half hour

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and half hour is to ask about someone while investigating their matters.

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For example, you want to know about why your friend is looking so down.

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So what do you do you ask them? Everything okay? She says yes. She doesn't say anything. So what do you do? Then you ask her sister is everything okay with her? She says no. Such and such happened yesterday. Now what is that you ignore? Okay? It's her choice. She's in a bad mood. Let her be in a bad mood. If you are indifferent towards her bad mood, what does it show? You don't care? Isn't it? Isn't it?

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But if she has a bad mood, and you ask if you find out if you investigate, What's the reason? What is it show that you care? It's not that you're being nosy? What's the reason behind that? That you care for her and you're concerned for her

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and this is something that is very necessary. This is very important.

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So heavy therefore is used for an item, one who is knowledgeable about something or someone. One was fully aware, thoroughly conversant about something. And secondly, happy is also used for someone who was very kind

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was very affectionate, very gracious, all this concern, always asking.

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Over here the meaning of heavy is guide. So he is very, very kind to me. He responds to my prayers, and I'm very hopeful that he will respond to this prayer of mine as well.

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Even though he might have said I'm was halimun aware who Mooney remember, he had such qualities. He was very affectionate, he was very tolerant, he would turn to Allah repeatedly. And he would feel for people a lot.

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And these qualities are very important for someone who's calling people to Allah.

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Because if he does not care for them, then he will not be able to convey the message to them. Which is Abraham or listen because he's so caring. This is why what does he say to his father, that Salaam on our Lake, I am going to seek forgiveness from Allah for you.

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Now a person may wonder

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that seeking forgiveness for a non Muslim, is that permissible even Is that allowed?

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You see, seeking forgiveness for a non Muslim for a person who's not a believer means praying to Allah to guide them. Okay?

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Because, think about it, if a person is not a Muslim, the moment they become a Muslim, what's going to happen to all their mistakes.

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All of their sins finished, they're gone. forgiven, isn't it? A person is forgiven immediately. So seeking forgiveness for a non Muslim while he or she is alive means praying to Allah to guide them.

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But when such a person has died on their belief, then a person is not allowed to seek forgiveness for him or her anymore.

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As we have learned earlier, instead of adobo I number 113. That Mac ended in a vegan when Medina amanu is the field in machine

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that it's not permissible for the believers and even the Prophet that they should see forgiveness for who for them wished he can wallow can corba even if they are their close relatives, member, the maccabean Allah home anonymous Harbinger came after it has been clarified to them, that they're the inmates of dream.

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So until they're alive, it's our obligation that we must pray for them. We must help them. But once they have passed away, then it's the young hustler, no more chances, no more return.

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Therefore, a person is not allowed to pray after that point, once a person has died in that state.

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What on earth as a local, Ibrahim nslm says, and I will leave you, meaning I will not stay with you anymore. You told me why junie Malaya Fine, I will leave what matter the owner I will keep away from you and I will also keep away from who that which you worship men do and he left besides Allah.

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I have nothing to do with you anymore with your ways, with your customs with your practices. Nor do I have anything to do with these beings that you worship besides Allah? What is my religion? Who do I worship? What are the root of b and I call upon my Lord, meaning I only worship Allah or secondly, other ob, I pray to Him for your guidance. I sir, hopefully Allah akuna that I will not be bitter iraq be with prayer to my Lord shall be young one who is unblessed

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we learned earlier as well. That's a career lesson and what did he say? When an account visa for Bishop? I have never been unfortunate in praying to you oh my lord. Similarly, we see that Ibrahim are listening was also very hopeful that oh my god in the past, you've never disappointed me. You've always responded to my prayers. So I said Allah akuna bigger your Bishop a meeting. I'm very hopeful that he will respond.

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Fellow marthas Allah whom then when he did leave them,

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he said that he was going to leave them he was true to their word. He left the people. What am I doing I'm a doula and also what they worship besides Allah. What happened? Well, heaven Allah who we granted him, Allah subhanaw taala gifted him who is have a son, whose name was his how we are hooba and also Yahoo, who was the airacobra who sent him his grandson. Well, kullander on Nana be here and each we made a profit.

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He was gifted a child

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Who has made a profit? He was gifted a grandchild who was ultimate a prophet? What do we learn from this, that when a person has to leave something, when a person has to leave someone, for the sake of a law, in order to live by the truth, in order to remain committed to it,

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then he should remember that Allah will always compensate him with something better.

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This is a promise of Allah. Ibrahim restaurant had to leave his father.

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But look at how harsh his father was.

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And on the other hand, Allah subhanaw taala gave him children,

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not just children, even grandchildren. And we see that both his son and his grandson who were there, they were prophets of Allah, or colander and Namibia. What a perfect alternate what a better substitute Allah subhanaw taala gave him. But this is only for who the person who is asleep the

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the person who lives by the truth, no matter what obstacles he faces. Generally what happens, it's the fear of losing people.

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It's the fear of losing our comfort, it's the fear of losing our money that stops us from living by the truth.

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If I follow this command of Allah, I might lose my job. If I start wearing their hijab, I might lose this, I might lose that people are gonna start staring at me, people are gonna start talking about me. This is the fear, right? That prevents people from obeying the commands of Allah. But what can we learn over here, that when a person does have to suffer from some loss, because of Allah subhanaw taala, then Allah will definitely give him a substitute.

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And it will be a better substitute.

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I remember somebody once mentioned to me that they worked at a bank. And when they learned that they should not be working over there, they gave up a job. And it was extremely difficult. But when they gave up that job, they found another job, which made the more money

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which was for lesser hours. So they were able to do the course they were able to make more money

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and things improved for them. Now person might think at that point, I'm the sole breadwinner for my family. If I leave this work, where am I going to get money from? But if at that time a person believes that, no, this is the truth, I have to do it. I have to live by it, then it's not possible that Allah will leave such a verse. It's not possible that Allah will abandon such a person. No, he will give a better solution. He will give a better substitute.

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Many times we're afraid because of the love of this dunya but what do we see Allah will give a better alternative.

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Well, heaven no is how we are Quba, welcome and Jelena BIA

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what will happen Allahu Mira Medina and we gave them of our mercy. Allah subhanaw taala blessed all of them meaning Ibrahim are listed and his son and his grandson, all of them Allah blessed with his mercy, what is this mercy, children wealth prestige, which are another home and we made for them Lisa has

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a good reputation early year of high honor.

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What is lisanne

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literally means dunk. But from this the word listen is also used for words that are uttered language that is spoken and from this results are used for the mention.

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So we made for them listen meaning mentioned but what kind of mentioned how are they spoken about? Sweet okay. said yes, it means truth but it also means honor. Remember other most likely a position of honor MacArthur's looking a seat of honor. So lisanna Saga came a good mentioned meaning good praise, good reputation, a reputation of high honor and such reputation that is early yet that is high, Exalted, so true, an honorable Vicar that has remained after them even though they have gone.

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Think about it. Ibrahim right his son, his son, and his grandson they came so many years ago, isn't it?

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But still they're spoken about. Still there are praised and they are praised not just by the Muslims. They're praised by who? By the Christians and not just the Christians, even the Jews.

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All of these Abrahamic religions, they look up to Abraham Hardison, they respect him. Well, we'll have another homie Medina when you're unknown.

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The homeless in a Silicon Valley. Yeah. What do we think? If we live by the truth, if we speak the truth, we're going to get humiliated. We're going to get insulted. People are going to look up to us anymore. We're going to lose all of this prestige that we have. People look up to me because I wear such close people look up to me because I speak in this way. If I stop all of this people not gonna look up to me anymore. But what do we see? That my kind of delay baqia whatever is for Allah, when a person does something for Allah, it remains it lasts, even though many, many years passed by

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will listen to the recitation.

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shame on

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we've seen the previous ayah that the Prophet Solomon is commanded, we're under home warranty, people, warn the people because they're in hoffler, they do not believe So wake them up, make them realize the truth because life is too short. And the Hereafter is forever. And now we see a practical example of how Ibrahim is an underdog with his father, to take him out of office

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to guide him to show him the way.

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Many times it happens that you talk to somebody about their religion, you talk to them, but they get offended right away.

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Look at the response that the Father gives a lot of women you dare to turn away? How dare you? How dare you speak up against my gods. And if you don't stop, I'm gonna kill you. Look at how offended he becomes.

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So be prepared for this. That happens many times. It's not always that every time you speak to someone, they're going to get offended. Sometimes you will see such reactions. But don't give up over there.

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You know, sometimes people call it your house, setting some things to you. telemarketers, and they get to hear all sorts of responses. Sometimes, people insult them sometimes a yell at them sometimes make them feel bad. Sometimes I said don't call here again. Take my name off of your list. But what is their response to they begin to yell? Have you ever argued with the telemarketer? Have you ever managed to have a fight with them over the phone? No.

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Because no matter what you say to them, they remain calm, right? They remain firm. They

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Have a good day, we'll speak again, we'll call back. Even if you tell them don't call back, they will call again, they don't give up. Who can be like this? A person who is determined a person who is focused on his mission. If he gets lost, oh, look at the way he's talking to me, I'm so hurt. He cannot continue like this. You have to have your eyes focused on the mission, I have to sell this product. Doesn't matter what people say. You're not going to feel weak.

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telemarketers they're very determined, very nice and polite because they know that their conversations are being recorded. And if something goes wrong, they will be held accountable.

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And we have to remember as well that when we're doing Dawa, our conversation is also being recorded. Allah is watching us

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is even the first incident we learned about how to raise children, right? From the story of your heroism, and now we see how to treat your parents, how to call them, how to invite them. Both are necessary for every single person.

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But I was just thinking that sometimes it's not our family members, and sometimes it's us. So sometimes we come up to our parents and they're cooking, they're very stressed, and you're giving Dawa to them, then it's not the best time or when your brother's watching a playoff game or something and you come in front of him, he's not gonna want to listen to you. So it's not his fault. It's your fault that by time, so pick a nice time to exactly wisdom must be there. That the topics that you choose to discuss the way you discuss the time that you're discussing, all these things must be considered

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are just thinking about Muslims positive mindset just on Diwali has a positive attitude towards my rub. He always says to me, he's very kind my dogs never get ignored. And for us just even before we make too much a negative mindset, am I gonna accept it was the point but I'll make it anyway. And then we asked, Why do I do exactly that he says in the who can be happy? Yeah, he's so kind to me. You always respond to either eyes and we see the replugging medicine fulfill his promise. He did make the offer his father, so many places in the Quran. That was Abraham medicinova mentioned for instance, and so Ibrahim I have 41. We learned earlier Robin a Philly Wiley Wiley they will move

00:27:10--> 00:27:11

mina yamakawa

00:27:12--> 00:27:23

similarity we learned into the Sharla number 86 that won't really be in the academy Nepali. He prayed for his father and later on, he was told not to when his father died in that state.

00:27:24--> 00:27:52

So look at the concern that he had for his father, that even though his father rejected him, he was so harsh to him. He didn't stop making Dora. What happens to us. If we talk to someone they refuse, we're like, they're gonna go to hellfire. Forget them. I don't want to waste my time over there. But we see that Ibrahim Hassan he's so concerned for his father, that although his father refused, he still prays for him that he Allah guide him.

00:27:53--> 00:28:01

Because a person who really wants to die for the other, he will never stop. He will have this well wishing burning inside of him until he dies.

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Psycho I was just thinking how in order for a person to become expert as something they have to go through experience. It's not that the first time they do it, that they become an expert. So it's not that you go out there and then you give that one you say for example, if they're rude to you, then that's you give up No, you have to expose yourself to these situations often, and that only increases your email. And another thing was that when the father of Ibrahima, a son said that I will stone you if you don't leave right now, then he didn't think twice. Okay. My father is really important to me. And you know, I should stay I should think about what I'm doing. Now. He just said,

00:28:39--> 00:28:53

because he was, he was determined, he was very truthful. He was firm in his faith, he wasn't going to leave it, no matter what people said, no matter how much they threatened. Imagine somebody tells you on your face, you're gonna get killed.

00:28:54--> 00:29:01

We hear you might lose your job, you might face a lot of difficulty. And that's enough to stop us.

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Tonight, I just wanted to give one point, how he was a dick. How he was so truthful. Sometimes when we are like when we're facing we're asked, okay, you know, what, did you do this, and you're gonna have to tell the truth. Even if it's against yourself. Sometimes you say, you know what, I don't think if I tell a lie, maybe it's just a white lie. I can get through it. But even having those things when you start to tell the truth all the time, people start to believe everything you say, and even though you got harmed in the short term, the long term people start to say, okay, know what, I can rely on her. I can rely on him. He's telling the truth. No matter what he does, that

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person becomes reliable. He has a good reputation. He's trustworthy. People believe him, no matter what he says.