Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P20 201C Tafsir Al-Qasas 52-56

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of acceptance of the Bible in avoiding double rewarded behavior is emphasized, as it is not about who is one of them, but rather what they believe in. The struggles faced by Muslims who want to accept Islam and receive double reward are also discussed. The importance of acceptance and avoiding crooked behavior is emphasized, along with the need for guidance and strong faith in Islam. The speakers also touch on the negative impact of Islam on people, including mocking and criticizing their actions.
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Levina those who are the inner home, we have given them al Kitab. The book the Scripture, men cobbly He from before it home, they vie with it you mean own they believe

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those to whom we have given the Scripture before the Quran. They believe in the Quran.

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On the one hand, the mushy Keane of Makkah, they are mentioned that how the proofs of guidance, they are evident before them, but still look at their reaction. They are persistent on their call for under disbelief. And on the other hand, Allah subhanaw taala mentions a group from the People of the Book Alladhina Atay, now Hamal Kitab, those to whom we have given the Scripture, meaning, the people who were given the Scripture are the Jews and Christians, men copy from before it, meaning before the Quran.

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So in other words, those who truly believe in the Torah and the Injeel

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when they learn about the Quran, Allah says whom believe me known, they believe in the Quran. They don't say okay, give us proof after proof after proof. No, they come across the Quran, one interaction, one exposure is sufficient to convince them that this is the truth, even if it takes some time to gradually accept it. But the first encounter with the book of Allah hits them, because they're familiar with Scripture.

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They have no bias, they have no pride in their hearts, they are true seekers of truth. So the true seeker of help when he sees the Quran, then he recognizes it as the truth and He accepts it, he has no difficulty accepting it. Take the example of Selma, Alpha zero belong on. All right, how he was a fire worshiper. And how one day by accident he came across a group of Christians. Right and at that time, they were the people upon the truth in the sense that they were the followers of Rhys artists and I'm in before the prophets on a lot of sediment was recited as sunnah, whom people were to follow, right? And how so mattify to see one encounter enough to tell him that this is the truth,

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and how much he paid for the truth. Right? And then how when he ended up in Medina, one encounter with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam one hearing of the Quran is sufficient to tell him that this is the Huck. Now remember, the surah is murky, right? And these if they were revealed about a certain group of people who were also Christians, we learned that when the Muslims migrated to Abyssinia, all right, and they went to an address he, Najafi he actually sent a group of people, all right, his own men to Makkah in order to meet the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. All right. And when they came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in Makkah, the prophets of Allah has sinned and recited the

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Quran to them. And when they heard the recitation, they wept and wept, and they also believed they didn't say but you're an Arab.

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Alright, you are from Makkah.

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You are from the children of is married. Alright, no bias over there. Because it's not about who it's about what? Right? It's not about, you're not one of us. It's about what you're saying makes total sense. So a Levina Artina homall kita, the true carriers of the Scripture, the true carriers of the book, true believers in the book. When they come across the Quran, they believe in it. What either and when you plan it is recited are laying him on them meaning when the Quran is recited on them, although they say m and b we believe in it. So naturally they say, it makes total sense to me. I believe in it, and Nabi in who they say indeed it is an Haku it is the truth, Mira Bina from our

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Lord. And they say in Hakuna min Cobley Muslim in indeed we were even before this ones who were in submission to God. We already believed in God, we already surrendered to Him. So now when we learn about this book of Allah, we believe in that also.

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So here we are being taught that all people are not the same. And also all people of the book are not the same lady so Sawa. There are some who are in search of the truth. They are not biased and when they find the truth, they do not delay in accepting it. They accept the truth because it is the truth. They recognize it to be the truth. They don't accept it simply because majority is upon it. No, they accept it because they recognize it as the truth

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Hola Erica. Allah says those people use toner they shall be given a JIRA home they reward medulla Taney. Two times meaning double. Such people will be given the reward twice, who will be given reward twice for whom is double reward

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for a person from the Al Kitab who believes in the Quran

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for a person who believes in Masada, Salah, Zachary Allah said, well the prophets of Allah recited salah, and then when he also believes in Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, then he gets double multiplied reward medulla tiny medulla tiny is a dual off medulla. Why double reward one for their belief in the Torah and g and the other for their belief in the Quran, Hmong attain

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and also double why Vmail Suburu

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be mad because of that, which are because of what Sabado they were patient meaning because of their solver because of their patients. In other words, when they recognize the truth, they don't find any inner difficulty in accepting it. Right? From the heart, it's very easy to accept they have no bias, they accept it. Where's the difficulty? It's all external. It's all external. It's the people it's the society, it's the community, it's the family, right? It's the environment. And so leaving that or why living in that accepting the Quran accepting believing in Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and then publicizing that believe requires a lot of southern be Masaharu.

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You know, for example, if there is a person who looks like an Arab looks like a Pakistani looks like, you know, a person who's from a Muslim country, Muslim majority country, and you were asked about your religion, and you say I'm a Muslim. Okay, fine. Sure.

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But if there's a person who doesn't look like they come from a Muslim majority country, okay, your skin color is different, their eyes are different. Hair is different everything's and then they're asked about their religion and they say I'm a Muslim. They're gonna get

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strange looks.

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Right? This friend of mine, she mashallah very fair, green eyes, everything. She doesn't look like a Pakistani okay. She went to Philistine to visit Mr. lochsa. She had so much trouble, because every few minutes she was stopped. She was stopped by security because they will interrogate her. Where are you from? Where are you from? Where are you from? Because it didn't make sense to them. That how is it this person who doesn't look like they come from Muslim majority country, and yet they're wearing the hijab. All right, it was very difficult for them. Anyway,

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accepting Islam, this can be a very, very difficult thing for a person, not internally. Internally, the hack comes in so easily as if you're just drinking water when you're thirsty. It's so easy to accept it in your heart. But it's about living with that faith amongst the people who are related to you. How, how will they accept this change? This requires a lot of SABR.

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Just think about it so many times, you know, even coming from Muslim families, we struggle with things such as her job,

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isn't it? Our family doesn't accept that. We are now wearing hijab we're now wearing an Avaya. Just think about it. And how would we cry and cry and pity ourselves at all? My family doesn't support me, what am I going to do? This is just the issue of a piece of cloth.

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Okay, there are others who are struggling on a daily basis because of the beliefs that they have adopted, because of the fate that they have adopted. So female Savella because of their southern Allah who will give them double reward, because of course the effort is more the sacrifice is greater. The struggle is more and Allah does not waste the reward of those who struggle for his sake. So Hola. Iike yo, tona adura humara Taney B mal Saba row.

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In a hadith we learned this is in Makati. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said the three people will have double reward. One A person from the People of the Scripture meaning from the located from the Jews and the Christians who believed in his prophet and then also believed in Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, such a person will have doubled reward. Secondly, a slave who discharges his duties to Allah and his master, meaning a slave who is a good obedient servant to Allah. And also he is a good obedient servant to the one who owns him.

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All right, imagine a slave gets double reward, double reward. I mean, his level in the sight of Allah would be

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greater than his masters, you understand.

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And then thirdly, a master of a female slave meaning a man who owns a female slave, but he teaches her good manners and educates her in the best possible way and then sets her free and Mary's are also in he doesn't just keep her as a slave. Rather he sets her free and then he honors her by accepting her by treating her as if she was his equal in the society that he marries her. So such a person will also have doubled reward. Allah does not waste the effort of those who are son

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way adult or owner and they avert Jabra owner dal ra Hamza dar, dar is to to ward off all right. And also it is at a one, two, the raw data is also used for crookedness. Okay, so Kawana Donahoe, meaning I fixed his crookedness. I fixed him, knocked some sense into him. Right. This is a one two Dotto. So we're doing our own or the ward off meaning the fix Bill has an A with good a savior, that evil, meaning the evil that is sent their way. How do they repel it? How do they deal with it with goodness, not with evil?

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Why me man, and from that which Rosa canal whom we have provided them, you don't feel goon they spend, they spend out of what We have provided them. So Allah will give them double reward, because they haven't just said with their mouths that they believe they haven't just accepted faith in their hearts, but they have internalized it. So their actions have changed, their behavior has changed, their lifestyle has changed, they're dealing with people has changed. It's an entire transformation that imagined repelling evil with good, and then spending a lot of your own money on others in the way of Allah. And then most of all suburb.

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Right? Because what happens when you come across people who disagree with the choices that you've made with the decisions that you've made? Will you receive a U haul from them? Say, Yeah, could be in the form of a dirty look could be in the form of a rude comment. Right? Like, for example, many times when people learn about somebody accepting Islam, they say, So who are they marrying? Is this because of a marriage? Is this because of a love affair?

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I mean, questioning somebody's intentions. And you know what, even if they accepted Islam because of marriage Alhamdulillah really Alhamdulillah this is not easy changing a religion, to marry somebody. It's not easy.

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It's not easy. And if a person has accepted Islam, they say Allah, Allah illallah, Muhammad Rasool Allah, and they know that they're no longer going to identify themselves as Jewish or Christian, but now they're going to be Muslim. Yes, whatever they practice of Islam is another story. But you know, your identity even changing that is no easy thing.

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No easy thing. But many times, people are criticized directly or indirectly, they're looked down upon for the choices that they're making in their religion.

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So bearing all of that with sub tolerating all of that whatsoever, it's not easy.

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Exactly. It happened at the time of the Prophet sallallahu cinnamal. So that once a hobby he accepted Islam, and then his entire family accepted Islam. Right. It wasn't just him. It was his entire family. We learn about other people whose family did not accept Islam, but there were others whose entire family accepted Islam. Right. So be now Sadhguru you have to hear a lot. You have to deal with a lot. You have to change a lot. It's not an easy change.

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And oh family in my building. The son he married a woman from Jordan and she was Muslim. And he learned about Islam and he converted and then his family, he convinced them to convert Mashallah. So both of his parents converted to Islam, and then he convinced his sister and mashallah now like the entire family's Muslim Alhamdulillah why not? I mean, if this was the result of a marriage, a beautiful marriage, right? You know, like we learned about you at the low on her that when her tribe was brought in as basically captives of war in Medina, the one who stuck what happened you waited a little longer because she was a princess she went to the Prophet solo awesome and said that, you

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know, I want to buy my freedom. I can't be a slave to somebody. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave her a choice, that either I can help you by your freedom and you can go back find your father, wherever he is hiding. You're free, or you can marry me

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I'll free you and you can marry me Dwayne at Elana Warren had she chose to marry the Prophet said Eliza. And when she chose to marry the Prophet Salah was on what happened. All the Muslims said, we kind of have the in laws of the prophets of Allah Islam as our slaves. That's not right. So the set them all free.

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They set them all free, all those capitals of war free. And then when they see this sign of Islam, they all accept Islam also. So because of this marriage, what happened? The fate of Burnham was to lock it completely changed, completely changed the whole entire tribe, they changed. And this was the result of a marriage. Right? So we really need to get over this, that so into accepted Islam because of marriage. You know, it's amazing how we judge people's intentions, who are we to judge and when we do that, just think about how much it would hurt them, how much it would hurt them, how much it would annoy them. This is the suburb that Allah is talking about, be mouseover, who Allah

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will give them double reward. And the thing is that if a person does not have suburb, then really he cannot believe the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he cannot remain as a Muslim. Because living as a Muslim, living Islam, in any day and age is not easy. You will always be criticized, you will always be made fun of you will always be opposed, in one way or another. So you need some you need Saba, hidden, right, who was the Roman Emperor at the time of the Prophet salallahu. Salam, we learned in Behati, about how you know the letter was sent to him. And basically he discussed with his top priests and then all and he recognized that yes, Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was the prophet that

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they were waiting for. And what happened one day that hit a call, he had all his, you know, chiefs, his leaders, governors brought into this meeting area, and he had all the doors locked. Okay. And he basically presented the letter of the Prophet saw that was them to them presented the whole case. And he said, What do you think about accepting Islam, okay. And all of a sudden, the governors they got so upset, they started leaving, but when they were trying to leave, the doors were closed, so they couldn't go. So they had to come back to hirako. And when they came back to hirako, Heracles said, I was just testing you. I'm not accepting Islam, I was just testing you. So when he saw that

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his people were not with him. He didn't accept Islam. He did not accept Islam, when he saw that his people were not going to support him. He didn't have somebody over there. Right. But there were others who had sobor. And they accepted Islam. So accepting Islam, living Islam requires slavery, where the owner will hasn't had to say here. And when a person has accepted Islam, when a person is living in London, it's necessary that you Repel evil with good woman models of Colombian football, and spend out of the wealth that Allah subhanaw taala has given were either semi or lower, and when they hear ill speech, what is low, we have discussed this many times before. Basically, just as a

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reminder, love is something that's not even worthy of listening to.

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It's not worth your time, it's not worth your your brainpower. It's not worth your mental bandwidth. You don't need to listen to it. Because if you were to listen to it, it's not going to benefit you. And if you don't listen to it, that's not going to harm you.

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You're not missing anything. This is right. Like, for example, if there's a particular movie, if you've seen it, what knowledge is it going to give you?

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How has it increased your knowledge, especially when that entire story is invented? It's fictionary. Right? And if you don't see it, if you don't watch it, what are you missing out on?

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Really, what are you missing out on nothing? So this is an example of low. Now over here low is referring to the criticism, the nonsense they hear about Islam about their conversion, criticism for their conversion, what you guys send me or level when they hear such low? nonsense about Islam, false propaganda about Islam, for people mocking them because of their Islam? What is their reaction? Or they'll do on who they just turn away from it. They don't pay attention to it because it's not even worth listening to.

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It's not even worth listening to. So they don't pay attention to it. Well, oh, no, and they say Lana Arma Luna for us and our deeds walakum Arma LUCAM and for you are your deeds. So to each his own meaning you worry about your deeds, and I'm worried about my deeds. Salaam Alaikum peace beyond you learn up the little jacquelene we do not seek the ignorant, meaning, we don't want to spend time with the ignorant. Basically, we have no interested in debating with you.

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We'd rather be on our own. So by lineup Donald J. Haley this

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says they're beautiful UCLA that when they hear nonsense about Islam, they don't indulge in those conversations. Now this I also continuation of the previous verses context is off the people who came from Halberstadt from Abyssinia. And we learned that when they accepted Islam and when they were leaving, they were going back to have a shirt, the machine there, harass them. So for instance, we learned about a Buddha that he said to them, who Allah He Mala Aina, Rockman hammock men come by Allah, we have not seen any group of people more foolish than you.

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How foolish Are you? You are supposed to be the courtiers off a king and ever seen you a king. You're supposed to be his courtiers. You're supposed to be more advanced than us financially in every way. And here, you'll come and hear you listen to this man. And you're crying because of what you hear.

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You understand? They basically started criticizing this group of Muslims. And what happened? They completely ignored them. They did not argue with them, no big deal was created. And they just went their own way. They went back home, the senior they didn't confront the machete keen. And the problem was resolved over there. They said set out when are they gonna land up the hill? Jay Haley. You see the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that part of a person's perfection of their Islam is that they leave What does not concern them. Islam very much concerns us. If people really kill it, argue about it, whatever it does concern us. But honestly, people who are criticizing Islam, they have no

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interest in learning about Islam.

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Really what they're doing is hear one thing from here and hear one thing from there, put them together, and present Islam as something so evil, the root cause of all the problems in the world. Right, last night chick or medicine, and he had this webinar on slavery. It was a two hour long webinar. And it was really interesting to see that how slavery is always portrayed as an Islamic problem. Whereas it's not an Islamic problem. It's a human problem. It's existed since such a long time, since always, right? And how people point to Islam always when slavery is mentioned. Whereas when you compare Islam's perspective on slavery with other religions perspective, I mean, Islam

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looks like wow,

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it looks so beautiful. So LANAP Delinda Helene, the thing is that people who do criticize Islam, mostly they are ignorant of it.

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So if you're trying to argue with an ignorant person, how far you're gonna go, how far are you gonna go in that conversation? You're not gonna go far.

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam said that Allah has hated for you three things. useless talk.

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Okay, feel we'll call pillar Wirkkala. Pillar, meaning it was said, what Carla? And he said, meaning he said, she said they said, it was said, quote, and quote, really, you take a sentence out of a book and you caught it there and you caught it there and you caught it there. Feel a call? I mean, if it's really leading you to a good, healthy conclusion, wonderful. But if it's just a bunch of randomness spread across 500 pages, I don't have time for that.

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Field we'll call Allah has hated this for you wasting time, secondly, wasting of wealth. And thirdly, asking too many questions excessive questioning, meaning irrelevant questions. Allah says in NACA, indeed, you lead the you cannot guide men, but the one whom you love.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us prophet is messenger, that guidance is not in your hands, you cannot guide those whom you love,

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whom you love me, the people whom you love. You cannot give guidance to them, and whom you love me and the people whom you really really want, that they should believe. You cannot guide them, who guides them, who can guide people, while I can Allah HYAH Dima Yasha but it is Allah who guides whoever He wills wha hoo and he is our Allah Most knowing Bill Mota deal with the rightly guided he knows who is truly upon guidance, who is worthy of guidance and who is upon misguidance this knowledge is with Allah. So when he guides somebody, he knows that such a person is deserving of guidance. And when Allah deprives a person of guidance, then Allah knows that this person is not

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worthy of guidance. Because sometimes we think we wonder, you know, it would be so nice if such and such person were Muslim.

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Right? Don't we have this wishful thinking? We do, right? It's always good to have such

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hoped to have such wishes. But you know, when we say I wonder why they're not Muslim? Why wouldn't Allah guide them? Why would Allah deprive them? This is a question that we shouldn't have. Because Allah knows who is worthy of guidance and who is not worthy of guidance. Guidance is not in our control. It is not in our hands. It is Allah's decision.

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This idea was specifically revealed concerning who I will tell you the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu radiocentre.

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I will tell him who was so close to the Prophet sallallahu sunnah is almost like a father to him. First of all, he was his uncle. And secondly, it taken care of him. And the prophets of Allah Azza was also so close to him. He had so much respect for him. That when you think about, for instance, his marriage to Khadija Abdullah Mourinho. All right, who is it that allowed him? Who is it that the prophets of Allah, Allah, and I'm asked about this marriage? I will tell him, he consulted his uncle. And when his uncle gave him a Go ahead, then the Prophet SAW Allah sunnah married Khadija Ilana,

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the prophets, Allah Allah said, I've had so much respect for him without him that he knew a little tall, it was suffering from financial problems. And when he had a big family, the profits are the loss. And I'm asked if he could keep it in the long run. Right? And they've agreed, so I did a little on who was raised by the Prophet salallahu, the center, I mean, look at the connection between these two. And then when the prophets of Allah is and receive prophethood, I will tell him, he knew he would say verses of poetry, something like that. Certainly, I know that the religion of Mohammed is the best religion of all creation.

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It's the best religion. We know that our nephew was not a liar. But why is that he did not accept Islam. Why?

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Because of his tribe,

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because of his forefathers.

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And he said that, like for example, we learned that when Obatala was close to his death, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said to him, or my uncle, just say La Ilaha illa Allah, so that I can say something for you.

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I can defend you on the Day of Judgment. Just say Allah Allah, Allah, Allah just say it, even if you haven't lived according to it all your life. Doesn't matter. Just say Allah, Allah. Ilana just say this one statement. But what happened? A couple Talib said we're not for the fear of the Quraysh blaming me and saying that it was the fear of death that caused me to say Lila in limbo, I would have certainly delighted your eyes. Again, it's the fear of people that's preventing him.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he wanted his uncle to accept Islam so badly that any obika lower and who knew about it, I mentioned this to you earlier also that at Fatima aka when Abu Bakr is father, okay, he came to the Prophet salallahu Salam in order to accept Islam. And I'm because Father at that time, white hair, literally all white and he was from the age of Bhutan, okay, meaning from the same class you could say, or rather the same group, when his father came up with a half or when he came and he put his hand in the hand of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam have a bucket of the little iron who wept and wept and he said, I wish this was the hand of Abu Talib

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because he knew how badly the Prophet sallallahu Sallam wanted Abu Talib to accept Islam. How much it pained him, it hurt him that I will Talib did not accept Islam.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was his beloved nephew. I will call him, you know, defended him argued for him. He tolerated he went in the boycott for his nephew imagine for three years he suffered from the social boycott for his nephew, but still a well thought of did not accept Islam. He did not.

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What could the Prophet salallahu Salam do so Allah revealed this idea that in Nicola demon,

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you cannot guide those whom you love guidance is not in your head. When I kill Allah Dima Yeshua, it is Allah who guides whom He pleases.

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This is why never take Islam for granted.

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Never ever take Islam for granted. It is entirely Allah's favor on us. If he has put us in a Muslim family or if he has shown us Islam if he has given us the ability to accept it. If he has given us the ability to learn it. This is entirely Allah spavor Wahoo Arla mobile moto the Allah is most knowing of those who are rightly guided

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so he can give

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guidance and he can also take it away.

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He can give guidance and he can also take it away. This is frightening because Allah knows who's worthy of guidance.

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Ibrahim Ali Salam 's father,

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how much of a humorless and unwanted his father to accept Islam? Did he know he didn't? Ibrahim barley his grandfather did not believe. No Hello salaam he wanted his son to believe that his son really? No he didn't. Luther Islam's wife did not believe the Prophet sallallahu Saddam's uncle did not believe. So the fact of the matter is that guidance is with Allah He gives it to whom He pleases and so to Nahal io 37 Allah says in darkness Allah Huda home for in Allahu Allah, the manual little,

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even if you should strive greedily you badly desire their guidance, Allah does not guide those whom He has sent a straight you can desire all you want you can wish all you want. But if a person himself does not want guidance, why would Allah force guidance down his throat? This is not the way of Allah. Let's listen to the recitation I Lavina

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Kitab Amin cubberly beanie You mean

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we're either YouTube

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people fearful home. Well either send me your loved one

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LUCAM Salomon narla

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Delphine Jahai in Ocala demon. Who Allah.

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Allah de mi

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