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Repeat after me.

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What does that mean? That oh my lord, increase me, in my knowledge. Why are we making this though?

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Do you want to increase in the amount?

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Why do you want

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to implement it? Why would you implement knowledge that you're learning

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to be a better person to be a better Muslim, and to please Allah subhanaw taala

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that for every person, every action that we do any deed that it is, whether it's seeking knowledge, or it is getting in charity, ad but you do what should be our intention to please Allah subhanaw taala because our intention is not to please Allah subhanaw taala it is not to go closer to a lot than that action is useless. Once the action is done, it's over, it's finished. But if we do something for the sake of a law, then you know what you will find its benefit in the Hereafter, you will reap its benefit in this dunya as well. So as we embark on this journey of seeking knowledge opening at the dawn of Lhasa Katana, we have to be sure why we're doing it. We're doing it to please

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Allah subhana wa Tada, we're doing it to better ourselves. We're doing it so that we can come closer to Allah, we can be successful in this dunya and in the This is why we're studying the Quran. So are you with me? Everybody has this intention. Any other intention? such as my mom sent me?

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Does anybody have this intention? don't have it anymore. Leave that aside. Yeah, your mom pushed you. But now that you're here, make up your mind. I'm doing it for a law so that I can benefit. I can be a better person. So everybody's on the same page. Okay. Do you all have your notebooks with you a pen with you have it ready? Because you're going to start writing.

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There's a statement by a scholar

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and Sidon knowledge is like an animal that you want to catch.

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Just imagine a hunter, or just imagine a person who's fishing.

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Have you gone fishing? So how do you fish do you have to stand silently, sometimes, patiently, right, and you cannot miss the fish when it comes to feeding as soon as you feel your fishing rod slightly moving, pull it out. So you have to be ready and alert. You can't be just standing there talking on your cell phone here. I'm so bored. No, you don't do that you have to be standing very alert. So Spanner when said,

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knowledge is like an animal you want to catch. And if you don't catch it on time, what's gonna happen, it's gonna go away, you've lost that opportunity, that whole hour that you were standing very patiently gone. So we'll slow you down while kita to do it. Ankita writing is what harnesses that animal, that knowledge. So if you don't write that knowledge down, what's going to happen, you're gonna lose this. So this is why it's important that as we're sitting in this classroom, we have our friends and our notebooks ready. As soon as you find something necessary to write down immediately you can write it down. Now if your pen is somewhere in the pencil case, by the time you

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want to write it down, by the time you get that pen out of the pencil case and you write it in red, what did you say? I completely forgot this alert, ready with your pen in your hand and your book right in front of you. In this course in sha Allah, we will be studying the Quran.

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Does anyone know what the word Koran means?

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on the word could earn it literally means recitation. Have you heard of the word para? There are odd. So in so is an excellent party meaning so and so is an excellent reciter and tera recitation. So hold on is from the word para. And Allah is to recite to read. So on is the recitation that which has read that which is meant to be recited. So is the Quran only meant to be put on your bookshelf very nicely.

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Are you supposed to just have a very nice put on app on your phone? And you say yeah, I have an app on my phone. I bought it by the way. No, what's the purpose of the Quran? Why do we have it? What are we supposed to do with the Quran? Read it. But tell me something. When can you benefit from reading a particular text?

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When you understand it?

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Yes, the Quran when you read it, you get benefit anyway, whether you understand or not, because for every letter, you recite how much Hasina do you earn, then the Koran in reading it as benefit but the complete full benefit you

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Gain when you actually understand and this is why we're here, so we can understand the Quran better. It is also the word for honors from the word Cortana and Cortana is to join together and in the on what is joined together

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many Sutras, many chapters, many lessons, many admonitions many stories. So a lot of good stuff is joined together in the Quran. And this is why we want to study the Quran. This is why you want to learn the Quran.

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What is the Quran if somebody were to ask you? What's the Quran? Like for example, you put the Quran on your shelf and there's a little child and he asks you what is this put on? Or you happen to go to school and you have your Quran with you now inshallah you'll be going on the bus with you're just going to school with your just perhaps to learn your lesson. If somebody asks you what is the Quran? How would you describe the Quran to them?

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It is a book that guides us to the right path. What else? This is the book that has the words of a loss of pilots are that in it. This book on shows us how to live our lives in a more peaceful manner in a more righteous manner. It guides to virtue, it addresses human needs and provide solutions gives you answers to your questions to your problems. But if somebody were to ask you, who's the author? When was it written? Who's the publisher? What would you say?

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That this is the speech of Allah soprano. So the Quran is the Arabic column it is the Arabic speech of Allah. And this book on Allah subhanaw taala revealed it revealed it to who?

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prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam?

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How did he reveal it? Through the angels up to you? And how was it revealed? In wording and Meaning? Meaning it wasn't just the words that were revealed. But along with the words the understanding of those words, what does this text mean? Even that was taught to the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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And this has been preserved meaning the Quran has been preserved in the most half. Since one,

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long time, from the very beginning. It has been preserved in the most hub and has reached by mutawatir transmissions, what is the meaning many, many? There isn't just one way through which the Quran has been passed down. Now many, many people have passed it on. So which is why it's an authentic test. There is no doubt about it. Because somebody might say 1400 years old, you think it is still the same? It is the same. It's definitely the same. And it is a challenge to mankind to produce something similar to it. This is what the Koran is.

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Allah soprano Tada. He also tells us about the

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in his own words, we learn in sort of the sharada ii 192 to 196. A lot of panel data says, What in

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the bellami Bellamy indeed this Quran is a revelation of who the Lord of the worlds just imagine, Lord of the worlds the entire creation, who created it, Allah subhanaw taala The one who created everything, the one who owns everything. He is the one who has sent us for under

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NASA v. Hill wrote me the trustworthy spirit, meaning the angel gibreel he has brought it down. A lot of panels are chose the best angel to bring down the Koran, and how does Allah describe him over here trustworthy at another place in the Koran. The other characteristics of the energy view that are mentioned are that he's very strong, very mighty, very able. Meaning not a weak Angel, but a very evil Angel.

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Allah politically takuna Amina Moody,

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upon your heart, meaning on the heart of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, why was the Quran revealed on the Prophet sallallahu Salah so that you would be of the Warners. The reason behind the revelation of the Quran is to warn people warn them about what about the punishment of Allah, but the anger of Allah about failure loss in the hereafter. So this Quran is here to save us. It's a warning. Lita akuna Minal, Moon z, d sending out all the movie in a clear Arabic language. So in what language was unrevealed in in Arabic? Now tell me can you call the translation to

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the actual Quran is in what Arabic language so the translation cannot be equal to it. If you want to understand and benefit

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From the words of Allah, what do you have to do?

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learn Arabic? Is that the answer?

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There are two ways. One is that you first gain complete mastery in the Arabic language. How many people can do that? You can attend Arabic classes anywhere. But seriously, how many people can ask you to become experts of the Arabic language? Can everybody do that? Is that in everybody's ability? You think every person can become excellent in Arabic language? No, it's not within everybody's ability. So there's another way, which is that you understand the Arabic text. And this is why we're here. In this course in sha Allah, our aim is not to make you experts of the Arabic language. Our aim is to make you understand the Arabic text of the Quran. So that when you read the ayah when you

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hear the ayah you will understand it.

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Why did Allah subhanaw taala reveal the hold on? What's the purpose to guide mankind? The last panel tada says interest Ibrahim I want kita unzila who alayka This is a Book which We have revealed to you why Leto puja NASA Minos Lulu automatic, Ella new so that you may take people out of the darkness into the light.

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What is the light? It's the Quran. And what's darkness life without Quran?

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If you think about darkness, Is it scary? Yes, it is. What happens in darkness, you're very vulnerable. You can get harmed very, very easily. For example, if you walk into a very dark room, and there's a piece of furniture, like for example, a table, can you see it? What's going to happen as you walk into the room?

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You're gonna bump into it, you could hurt yourself.

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Similarly, just imagine you're in a very dark building and there's stairs, you don't see the stairs, can you fall? Can you hurt yourself? Can you make mistakes? Yes. So life without on is a life that isn't darkness. Which is why a person could end up harming himself, a person could end up making huge mistakes. This is why it's essential that we understand that. So kita one ns Allahu la completo region asimina photomatic illa no be in the lobby here in our salon, in our season, honey, to the bath of the one was mighty and praiseworthy,

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which is the path of Allah subhanaw taala

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who are the recipients of the Quran, mankind, which people? The Quran is a message for who? for all mankind, for all people, regardless of their age of their color, or their nationality, or their ethnicity of their race, nothing matters. their gender doesn't matter.

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The Quran is for who all of mankind, lots of panels, Allah says in zelner la calcaterra li nursey will help. We have sent down the Quran to you for who,

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for the people, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was supposed to convey the Quran to all people all of mankind, which is why we see that maka, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was there, there were many people who were free many people who were slaves, many people who are rich, and many people who were poor. They were people who were from the tribe of Quraysh. Those were very elite. And there were those who were freed slaves like for example, to haber Rumi, he was a freed Roman slave. He was actually from Rome. seminary we have people like Bella Bella Juan who from Habesha so we see people from different different backgrounds. But the Quran was for honor them.

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This message this Quran is for who all of mankind.

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How is the Quran revealed? How did it get to us?

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It was revealed slowly, gradually over a period of 23 years. And how was it given to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam through what he revelation? Are you familiar with the word war he inshallah we'll learn about the details of war he soon as in the literal meaning to the Quran was revealed through where he and it was revealed. Gradually. Allah Subhana Allah says into the Islamic Ayah 106 local an and photo canal who Lita Cora who are on a nasty Allah moccasin, when is de la Hooton Zilla that this plan, which we have separated by intervals, why have we separated it by intervals? Meaning it's sent out gradually, so that you might recite it to the people over a prolonged period. How long was

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this period 23 years, and we have sent it down progressively. Now what's the reason why was Apple unrevealed gradually over a period of 23 years, whenever some is were revealed, they were reading

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into the situation that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam or the Muslims were facing. So when it came, it was very meaningful for them very relevant for them, they could apply it. It was easier for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for the companions to implement it. Just imagine, if we were to teach you the entire Quran today,

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would it be possible first of all? Secondly, would you be able to remember everything?

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And instead of enjoying the experience, benefiting from the experience, what would you remember? It was so difficult.

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So Allah subhanaw taala, out of his mercy, he revealed the Quran over a period of 23 years. Because when you do something gradually, first of all, it's the way of Allah. Allah subhana wa, tada created the heavens and the earth also in six days. Why could you not create it in a second?

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Of course he could. But it's the way of a loss of penalty that he does things gradually and this is what we learn as well. This is what he teaches us as well.

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There's a lot of benefit in studying the Quran gradually, because when you take it gradually, you can remember it better. You can benefit you can implement.

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What was the Quran revealed?

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In the month of Ramadan? Allah subhanaw taala says, Shadow Ramadan and lady on the left.

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It's the month of Ramadan in which the Quran was revealed. Allah subhanaw taala chose the blessed month of Ramadan, and which night in particular

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Laila to little cottage in the Navajo feel a little code? What does it show? Why am I mentioning all of this? When was it revealed? What's the purpose?

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Allah subhana wa tada chose a very blessed month, a very blessed night. When you do something at a very special time, what does it show that what you're doing is very special. It's not ordinary. So I want you to realize that the book you're about to study is not an ordinary book. It's a very special book, Allah subhanaw taala has given a lot of honor to this book, he chose the best angel to send down the spot on and the person the human being who received this Koran was who? Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam the best of all people,

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the night that Allah chose the best night. So this quote is very special.

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How is the Quran revealed? A loss of panel data sent it down how through Why? And how has the Quran been revealed in the form of Sutras, as well as I add inshallah, we'll be studying all of the sources of the Quran. But before we study, any sooner we have to know what the word pseudo means what is a pseudo by the way.

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Chapter wall barrier. The word surah literally means an enclosure, something that closes something else within it.

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So just imagine you're at home and you look out your window, your kitchen window, and you see the fences of all the backyards. your backyard is what

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in an enclosure. The fence is what it's enclosing your piece of land your property within it. To the word sort of literally means an enclosure or a fencing. And it's from the word salad or your pseudo saraya pseudo literally is to surround something with a wall or a railing. Why do you think the sort of the Quran is called surah? What is it enclosed within itself? particular idea. lessons

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I add versus there's a particular setup I asked which the soldier has enclosed within itself. For example, when you think of Sudoku Fatiha, which I do think of

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all the way to one of Bali.

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A surah contains a specific set of verses and obviously those verses that teaches many things, many lessons, many concepts many themes. And the word Sora also has another meaning which is an elevated plain and elevated thing you can see it from a distance, something that is at a height is honorable, respectable. So the Quran Arabic sutras are important. Every single surah is important.

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How many suitors are there in the Quran?

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114 are you ready to study all of them? What's your attitude to studying all of the sutras of the Quran? Be excited. Every surah is special. Every soldier is full of gems. Now these fillers What do they have within them is versus what's an ayah

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a verse of the Quran, the literal meaning of the word if it's used for a sign and indication It's also used for a miracle. It's also used for a sentence

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It's also used for a lesson and admonition It has many different meanings. So if you combine all these meanings together, and you look at the eye of the Koran, what are the eyes of the Quran?

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An eye is a verse of the Quran. And it's a miracle from Allah, every single ayah is a miracle. And as you study it, as you study every year, you will realize that miracle, how eloquent it is, how profound it is, how meaningful it is, how relevant it is, how beautiful it is, from the words to the meaning, the content, the style, everything is so beautiful.

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And it is a verse of the Quran, it's a miracle from a lot. It contains lessons for mankind. Why, so that people can benefit from them.

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And it's also an admonition for the believers, as well as disbelievers. There's a lot of advice, a lot of lessons.

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It has many names.

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Do you know some of the names is put on?

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For on? What does fun mean? criterion? It's from farakka. farakka is to separate to distinguish the iron gives you the ability to distinguish to separate between what and what is it here to divide people? No, it tells you what is right and what is wrong. It tells you what is good and what is bad. It tells you what is beneficial and what is harmful. It tells you what will lead you to success and what will lead you to failure. It tells you about what will lead to the pleasure of Allah and what will lead you to the displeasure of a lot of the anger of Allah.

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Have you ever been in confusion? What do I do? Do I do this? Or do I do that? Of course, all the time. And sometimes, you know, you look around you in this dunya there's so many ways people do things. One person is doing one thing one way another person is doing something the other way. What's the better way? What's the best way?

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It's the way that is shown to us in the Quran. Why? Because this quote is from Allah subhanaw taala and who is Allah He knows us. The way that he has shown is the best for us to the Quran gives us criterion. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, in certain pecan devour can lead the nwsl for Kannada, AB de la coonan in Ireland, meaning that less is the one who has sent down the foot on the criterion upon his servant. Similarly, the Quran has another name as well, which is a Vic and what does a victory mean?

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remembrance reminder to the Quran is a reminder as well, how in what sense? For example, it's quite possible. somebody asks you, where were you today? Saturday, weekend? Where were you this morning? You might tell them I've joined a course to study the Quran.

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They might say why are you doing it?

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Don't you know what you're supposed to do already? You know, you have to pray you pray anyway. You know that you're supposed to pass in the month of Ramadan, you do it anyway. Or you might question yourself, why should I study the Quran? Why? Because the Quran will remind you of what you're supposed to do. We all know we should be patient. Similarly, we know that we're supposed to fulfill our promises. We know that we should have trust on Allah. We know about many things. But what happens? We forget sometimes we don't realize how important these things are, how important these virtues are, how important these actions are, which is why we get carried away when I will forget

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it. I can't be bothered with this. But the Quran reminds you of its importance. The Quran reminds you of its relevance. The Quran reminds you of how much Allah subhanaw taala likes that virtue. So this is why the Quran is important. Allah subhanaw taala says what in the whole of equal laka What do you call Mecca? this Quran is a reminder for you or prophets on a lot of sentiment also for your people. Think about it the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Did you not know their religion from the beginning till the end? Of course he did. He was the one on whom the religion was revealed to a lot of hands on it says reminder for you.

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If he needed that reminder, do we not needed more? Yes, we do.

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And this court on how important is it? You have learned about the virtues of the Quran, the Exalted status of the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran coulby family law he will be rahmati fabby Delica folio for who with this call on people should rejoice. They should be excited. I want to see the excitement on your face all that the people can gather. It is better than all that the people can collect.

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People collect many things from money, do things that are valuable to some hours on sleep, people collect many things. But what is the last panel Darla said the Quran is the best that you can collect.

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Because think about it every week, because it's the best that you could ever

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Take for yourself, who will hire me my tomorrow, a loss of power with artists as well Heather decor.

00:25:07--> 00:25:30

Angela, who that this is a reminder which is blessing, it's mobile rock, it's full of many blessings. Mubarak is something that is full of hair, full of many blessings. So this is what the Quran is. It's full of blessings and inshallah you will see those blessings you will see those benefits as you study the Quran. The Quran and Sunnah who we have revealed it we have sent it down.

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Those who study this Quran, what did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say about those people, the

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people who learn it, people who teach it people who implement it, people who recite it, people who memorize it, people who understand it, they are the people of the crime. So as we have embarked on this journey, we are going to be reading the Quran, we are going to be understanding the Quran, we are going to be known as those people who go to a Quran class. So rejoice over it. Be happy about this. Don't be embarrassed. This is something directed by Allah. And obviously, the best of you the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the best among you are who those who study the Quran, learn the Quran, and also and teaches because he's doing the best thing ever.

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I want all of you to stand up for half a minute and share one thing with the person standing next to you about are going to be the inheritors of the Prophet. And that's one of the greatest blessings that you could possibly have. This is just said that she learned that what she's doing is somehow you feel or something you that you have learned.

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And when I make you stand up, it doesn't mean go to the cafeteria.

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When I make you stand up, it's not a break. It's actually a part of the class activity. So don't think that it's not important. This is also important. And when I've told you this, I lay him upon them. Lady other than alma looby those who earned anger are lay him up. How many can say that? Yes, when I hear the Quran, I know what it means.

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Very few. If Allah subhanaw taala has thought I'll bore lien.

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Those who are misguided.

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Was it difficult we're about to do. This is not like taking an English course this is not like taking a math course this is not like taking a geography course. No. It become more familiar with the Arabic text because I don't want you to just memorize without understanding. You have to understand the words and then memorize them only then you'll be able to

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because the Koran is either a huge jelica or alayka. It's either an argument for you or against you, meaning remember that this word allender is a combination of two words L and hunt. It's a combination of two words L and L. In the Arab implemented, she passed it on, but some other people don't put on will be a hedge against that. Yes, they studied but they forgot they learned but they never implemented. So you do lilla he now live in Lehi. This is also a combination of two words, Lee and a lot of us we should be excited about what we're doing. But at the same time we should realize its seriousness, and only when we realize its seriousness. Can we do this work properly.

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So with this in our mind