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Al-Kahf 27-44 Word Analysis and Tafsir 39-44


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He says well, Ola, and why not? Is the health agenda when you entered your garden? Why is it that when you entered your garden and you were impressed by it, you were amazed by what you saw? Why did you not hold on you said, Masha Allah whatever Allah wills Why did you not say that? When you were impressed by it

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when you liked it a lot. When you were amazed by it, you should have said Masha Allah, because nothing happens except by the will of Allah.

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La quwata illa Villa there is no power except with Allah. Who made this garden unlimited. Who gave you all of this? Allah? So there is no power except with Allah. It's not with you. It's with Allah soprano Tada. You should have said Masha Allah La quwata illa Billah in torani if you see me, Anna, I am a Pollock lesser minca than you men and in wealth well Adam and in children. If you felt if you saw me lesser than you in wealth and children and you realized your superiority, you realized the abundance of your wealth. You should have said Masha Allah La quwata illa Allah instead of saying statements such as my other new entity that had the Aveda, instead of saying and I mean come on and

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whether you should have attributed all of this to a loss of penalty.

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If you notice the phrase, Masha Allah, whatever Allah wills This statement is always said when a person is amazed by something

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when a person is astonished, impressed by something

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like for example, you see something beautiful you say Mashallah, you see a lovely child you say motion you hear someone say something very nice you say Mashallah. But if you lose something, you don't say my Shut up, whatever Allah has willed, okay? You don't say that that point when do you say Mashallah, at the time of amazement, at the time of surprise, at the occasion when a person is impressed by something when he likes something.

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And Masha Allah is understood as had that, Masha Allah, this as you see it, it's because Allah has wielded as it this is what Allah has with.

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And also we can understand Masha Allah as Masha Allah will get in whatever Allah wills that happens. Level whether 11 left, there is no power except with Allah. So only Allah has power to bestow to take away to change the times. Only he has the power in torani and apollomon chameleon.

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So we see over here that the believer, he reminds his companion, that whatever property, whatever wealth, whatever children, whatever people you have, is because Allah subhanaw taala has given it to you. This is the gift of Allah upon you. This is not the result of your power. Rather, it is a result of a loss of panel data bestowing.

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It's not the result of your effort, but rather it's the gift of Allah.

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And this is something that each and every one of us must realize that when we see something nice when we see something beautiful, whether it belongs to us, or it belongs to somebody else, when we like it, what should we say? Masha? Allah nelco with a loving

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because generally when we see something nice, especially if it belongs to us, what happens? We begin to feel very arrogant.

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Like for example, you get dressed up you put your new clothes on, you put makeup on and look at yourself in the mirror like yes, now I look fine. Now instead of admiring yourself over there and say yes, I think today I look better than so and so person. See how perfectly I put my eyeliner how perfectly this lipstick goes with my clothes instead of admiring herself or then thinking arrogantly what should a person think my shell wala quwata

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similarly, you dress up your child, and he looks lovely or she looks beautiful, adorable. And at that time instead of thinking oh how lovely my child looks and see my choices. Excellent. And my child has my features. Look at her hair so lovely. Instead of feeling arrogant, what should a person think? This is because a lucky this is what Allah has will therefore all praise to Allah.

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And look at the way he's doing our that he is also giving him an alternate Why did you not do this? Why

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Did you not say that you should have said this instead,

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we learned from our bodies that whoever is given something good in the way of family or wealth, and upon receiving it, he says, Masha, Allah, La quwata, illa Billah whatever Allah wills happens, and there is no power except with Allah, He will never experience any ill in it. He will never experience any ill from it.

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Like for example, you get your new phone and you're looking at it and you're admiring it like Oh, nice and shiny and expensive looking. You're looking at it. At that time, what should you say? Masha? Allah nakota

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admit that this is from Allah, it's not the result of your effort. It's not the result of your power, you hand it over to Allah Pender

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and then what will happen you will not experience any ill from it.

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And another version we learned that a person who says Masha Allah La quwata, Illa, Allah upon seeing someone from his family or his well, then he will not witness in it any you can say problem any suffering any alpha, except for that,

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except for that.

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So, whenever you see a child who looks very cute, or you see yourself or you see something that you own, and you like it, you begin to admire it at that time say these words.

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Because these words What do they reflect? humility, that this is because of Allah, not because of me.

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Yesterday we learned about insha Allah and now we learn about Masha Allah,

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you say inshallah, when you intend to do something, because you realize that you cannot accomplish anything except by the will of Allah. And when you have been able to accomplish it, then at that time, instead of taking credit yourself, what do you say? This is because of the will of Allah, Masha Allah.

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Many times it happens that people, when they get wealth, or when they learn a bit more, they end up going towards COVID they end up committing coffee, because of the arrogance that develops in the heart of a person that I know so much, I have so much I don't need anyone. And this is because of urge because of being impressed and amazed by yourself that I am so good. So at these times when a person is being impressed by himself, what should he say, Masha, Allah, La quwata, illa Billah, this will prevent him from becoming arrogant, this will prevent him from heading towards schofer. This will keep him humble. And this will also secure his wealth. Because remember, that many times we

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give the evil eye,

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sometimes to our own children, sometimes our own wealth, how, by just staring and admiring and thinking arrogantly about it, we give the evil eye. So when you say these words, then inshallah you're also preventing the evil.

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And many times a person will begin to show off, he will going to mention I have this degree, I've learned that I took that course I went to this school. And because of that I'm so successful, I know such and such. So this arrogance, it begins to show as well.

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So when anytime that a person realizes something that Allah has given him, admit, confess, express that it is from Allah, how, by saying these words.

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And now he warns his friend, he warned his companion, that for us out of be, it may be that my Lord, perhaps my Lord, and you do need that he will give me heileman genetica better than your garden.

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Look at him. He says, perhaps my Lord will give me something better than your garden.

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Because everything is in the hands of Allah soprano tada level with the 11 if you have something today, it's because Allah gave you if I don't have something today, it's because Allah didn't give me and Allah can change the times he can reverse the situation. If I don't have it, now, he can give it to me tomorrow for ourselves or be an up any higher Hiraman genetica. He doesn't say, can you please give me something?

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Generally what happens when people see those who are richer than them more wealthier than them? Then they begin to expect wealth and help from them?

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And they say sometimes and you know if they give this much amount, it's just loose change for them. What's the big deal? Why don't they give it

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and sometimes people will outright go and request Who does he request Who is he open from a loss of data for ourselves or be Milord will give me

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and this is a this has been understood in two ways.

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That first of all, this is strategy. Roger, that. He is hoping

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this person is hoping that my Lord will give me better than

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your garden in a way he's making. He's praying

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that hopefully inshallah My Lord will give me more than what you have better than what you have, and he will destroy what you have.

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And secondly, I can also be understood as the worker as a possibility in future. So in other words, he is warning his friend, that today you're showing off, what if tomorrow, I have more than you?

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And then what will you think?

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Today you think I am inferior because I have less tomorrow I could have more than you.

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This is why a person should never feel arrogant.

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He should never feel that he is better than the other just because he has more wealth. Because wealth is not something that is permanent.

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It increases decreases person gets it, he loses it.

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So far, so it'll be a huge journey Hi, Robin genetica, where usila and he could send a lockets and I lay upon it upon what, upon genetica upon your garden, he could send upon your garden has been a calamity.

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What is his van?

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We have done this word earlier as well.

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A shower of stones or you could say like a storm, a calamity.

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Some have said that has been our solaric it's the plural of the word has been attune, and her Spanner or thunderbolts so work sorry.

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And his van, his app, what does that mean?

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account calculation reckoning. So his van is first of all thunderbolts and secondly, perfect accounting, reckoning.

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So what you're saying earlier has been and he could send upon your garden, thunderbolts, destroying your garden, or he could send upon your garden of perfect reckoning, perfect reckoning that you deserve.

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And this would come from where Minnesota from the sky. Now why does he mention from the sky, because when something comes down from the sky, a person cannot avoid it,

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it cannot be avoided, because it's coming from above, it's coming from the top. Whereas if something is coming from the side, then you can do something or the other to prevent it.

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Like for example, if there's fire, what can you do

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use the water or do something or the other in order to prevent the fire from spreading.

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Similarly, there's a flood, then again, you can perhaps build a wall, you can do something or the other to prevent it. And sometimes even that is not possible. But when something comes down from the sky, it cannot be avoided at all.

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For to spare her. So it will become meaning your garden will become sorry than a plane, what is sorry, plain ground, it's used for the top layer of the soil, it will become sorry, then that is all that is slippery, that is barren, completely empty.

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Zelo is from the roof that is a lamp off. And zelicah is primarily used for the slipping of the foot.

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When does your foot slip

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when the ground is slippery.

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And it could be slippery, when for example, the rocks are extremely smooth, so that you step on it and your foot keeps slipping. Or it could be slippery because it's a steep slope.

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So every time you step, you keep falling down.

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It could be slippery, because it's extremely wet. It could be slippery, because it's like quicksand that you put your foot and it sinks in, you cannot stabilize your foot at all.

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So he could turn your garden into sir Eden zelicah, into a plane that is slippery, that is barren, on which even your foot cannot stand firmly.

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Now in this eye is a warning for all of us.

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That when a person begins to boast in front of the other,

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then he can create feelings of jealousy in the heart of the other, isn't it? You're boasting, you're showing off your wealth and the other person becomes jealous of you.

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Or he feels hurt if not jealous? by for example, in this case, he's a believer, right? He doesn't seem to be jealous, but he definitely seems to be a little hurt.

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And when a person is hurt, he is Muslim.

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And the Muslim his da is accepted, his prayer is accepted.

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So if we take the meaning that our side gives meaning of theology, he is praying, this is like a duality is making against him. That Allah can give me better and he can destroy your garden

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and your garden will become completely plain. The soil will become slippery, you cannot grow anything on it. So

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A person should be extremely careful when he boasts in front of others he should be very cautious of this

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I'll use behalf he warns him again or it's possible that it would become what would become my ohana its water would become useless. Use it we cannot understand this as agenda as a garden Why?

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cannot be understood as the garden but rather it is Matt Ooh, ha.

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Give me two reasons.

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Matt Ooh, this is my fourth. So it shows that use we have that's the fell off map.

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And another reason

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another reason why use bear hug cannot refer to the agenda the garden?

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Anyone can answer Come on, it's very simple.

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It's masculine.

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You see earlier what did we learn to be here sorry, then zelicah the agenda would become sorry than silica dust we have why because gender is feminine and over here used to be here. So it cannot refer to the feminine, it cannot be the gender. So what is it then the water.

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So the water would become meaning the not the river that was in the gardens, it could become home run deep sunken into the earth loaded from the roof hydrous rainwater and hold is when something is deeply underground.

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When something goes deeply underground, subterranean, when it goes to the bottom, it's depressed into the ground, you cannot extract it you cannot take it out

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on something sinks. It is a lot of the I knew who that his eye has gone in. Similarly, the word here is also used for sunset.

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So use Bahama who has children or its water could become deeply underground. So you will not be able to take it out you will not be able to access that water.

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And if the water is gone, how can you irrigate your portraits?

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How is it possible?

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Oh, use Bahama who have fallen, fallen does doTERRA then you will never be able to level for it meaning for the water for 11 to seek meaning you will never be able to seek the water, you will never be able to search it find demand region,

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meaning you will have completely lost. So we see over here that he is showing him the different possibilities through which his garden could be destroyed. He mentioned two things. First of all, a calamity from the sky that would destroy the orchards, burn the crop, destroy all of the plants and the trees.

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But imagine if something like this happens. Still, a person can do something later, isn't it?

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But if the ground becomes sorry, then zelicah, slippery, wet and muddy? Then can you do anything on that soil? Can you know you cannot do anything on it.

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And if I'll use the hammer will hold on the second option that he gives us the second possibility that the river the stream it would be deeply sunken into the earth. If the water is gone, can you grow anything over there? You cannot, you cannot recover at all. So he's showing him different possibilities through which his garden could be destroyed. And why is he doing this in order to warn his companion that Be careful

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what we hear Toby summary he and his fruit were encompassed, encompassed by what

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encompassed by the calamity that almost pantalla said

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who he were Hippo is when something is completely surrounded in circle. So we're here for the family, he has some of his produce. And remember the word salad is not just referring to the produce, but also his well.

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His well for me the three meanings if somebody gave you so he loved me, somebody all of that surplus, abundant produce, that had just been harvested all the fruit that had just been picked, or that was ready to be picked, or all that wealth that he had amassed, who hated. It was surrounded, surrounded by what by some calamity. And notice the word here. This is my rule. And a verb is module sometimes to show what to show mystery suspense. What else, one more reason

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to show the enormity of what has happened

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or healed or the summary.

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Just imagine he'll ever be somebody. It shows the enormity of the calamity that encompass that destroyed his entire wealth.

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For us, but then he became you unlivable. He was stirring cafe, he his two palms Cafe is actually a frame do a lot of guff and cuff is the palm of the hand.

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So he was you can leave a cafe, and remember to clean pallava up with a stern, upside down, up and down again and again. So he was turning his hands, his palms up and down. When you've lost something, what do you do? It's gone.

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Or when you're nervous when you're anxious when you're worried when you were very sad, or when you are regretting then what happens, a person turns his hands upside down again and again. he rubs his hands together. So for us about how you hollybrook a fee for data said that he was clasping his hands together in a gesture of regret and grief for the wealth that he had lost. Or them in for coffee her over what he had spent on it. Man and for American football shows that he had invested a lot on those two orchards. He had spent a lot of money on those two gardens are there man for coffee?

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So at the end, he had nothing. He was just left empty handed. And he was clasping his hands together, rubbing them together, turning them up and down. Out of grief out of regret. While he while we're while it was fallen down. What was the garden was our lair Oh Lucia upon its trellises how we ever move letters power yet, and how is to be empty. And power is also when something falls down. How well wait is when a house has been demolished? When is the building demolished when it's empty from inside.

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So when you Holly atone, it was fallen down Allah Lucia, Lucia is the plural of ash, or Aneesh and you know that the word is also used for trellises a structure that is made on which vines they grow on or they take support on. So these orchards were of what their of grape vines are, obviously there must have been a lot of trellises in those orchards.

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So how on earth are Lucia, all of those trellises that fallen, those that were supporting the vines, and obviously the vines that also collapsed. And you can imagine how delicate how fragile the grapes are. So you can imagine if the trellises are fallen, if the grape vines have fallen, what will happen to the fruit, it's finished, it's gone. Way akula and he was saying, Yeah, lightening or wood that I bought, I wish that I had not wishing I had not done shake beer or be with my Lord. I hadn't anyone. He got the message that his friend was telling.

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His friend told him that I do not do shake with my Lord. And he says yeah, late any language. I wish I had not done shake with my lord of what have my knifes of my wealth. So we see that over here. He is regretful, he is sorry. But does that benefit him at all? Does that bring his garden back? No. Does that change anything? No, it's too late.

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Because regret after the loss has been incurred, is of no benefit at all. It's of no use at all.

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In the dunya, at least a person can see it, he can repent, and perhaps Allah will have mercy on him.

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But if a person spends his life in this foolishness in this deception, that my wealth is everything, and it's never going to go I'm never going to go. And because of that, he loses his faith. He begins to show off, he begins to belittle other people, then in the hereafter when he realizes it's going to be too late.

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It's going to be too late. It's not going to benefit him at all.

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While I'm taco Lu, and he did not have there was not for him fear to any group of people, any band, any party that could use Haruna who could help him he did not have any group that would help him. Men do nilay besides of

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what mecanim does, and nor was he to take revenge, nor was he to defend himself.

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Generally what happens if a person is in trouble? Who does he rely upon to help him his friends?

00:24:29--> 00:24:47

And if nobody comes to his help, at least he tries to defend himself. Mutasa is one who helps himself one who defends himself. So he didn't have any group that would help him. And at the same time, he could not even help himself. While mecanim does a little

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earlier. What did he say? and act amin kanalen.

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Arizona follow I have more people. But Allah says that

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He didn't have any fear that could help him.

00:25:03--> 00:25:34

No matter how much anger, he expressed, no matter how much sorrow and regret he expressed, he could not change the situation at all. Why am I kind of went So, what do we learn from this? The next day it teaches us the lesson, that hoonah Lika there, l wilayah. To the authority lilla Hill help is completely for Allah the truth hoonah Lika what is an alchemy right here at this very place at this very time.

00:25:36--> 00:26:08

Meaning at such times, at such instances, at such moments, when people lose their wealth, they lose their connections, and they are also weak themselves. They know they cannot help themselves, that no other person can help them and their wealth cannot help them. At these moments, what do people realize that alcohol is the authority belongs to who only Allah subhanaw taala who is the truth, it only belongs to him, no one but him.

00:26:09--> 00:26:38

Therefore, a person should never, ever turn his back to Allah, he should never think that if he has wealth, he does not need Allah, if he has too much knowledge, he does not need to humble before Allah. If he has too many people, too many friends he is surrounded by those whom he loves, he never needs to pray to Allah never should a person think like this. Because at these moments, every person is made to realize that Allah tala in

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your wealth cannot help you, your friends cannot help you, you yourself cannot help yourself ally to dinner. What does this word mean? Well, I mean, we have done this word earlier as well. And wilaya means nosara victory, help support and wilaya is also understood as wilaya which means certain authority sovereignty to be in charge.

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So we can understand this in two ways that all authority belongs to who have

00:27:14--> 00:27:19

Masha Allah level with the 11th level or the 11th.

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And also Allah can be understood as help, that none can be helped, except the one who Allah helps.

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That when your friends leave you, when people are helpless, when you don't have any strength, when you lost all your money, then at that time, what do you realize that help can only come from who? Allah Subhana

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Allah wilayah to lilla Hill, it only comes from Allah, The truth will help is the safety of Allah, the truth, and it can also be understood as the safer off according to some well, meaning true help and support or victory is only with the law. However, the stronger opinion is that will help is the safety of Allah

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who are hired on Sabbath, he is best in reward when it comes to giving reward, who gives the best reward?

00:28:15--> 00:28:27

Allah soprano will hire Nickelback and when it comes to giving recompense, when it comes to giving the end result, the consequence, the outcome, who gives the best outcome? Allah soprano,

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we see that this person, what was his problem? He did not trust upon Allah, Who did he rely upon himself, his wealth and his people.

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But he was made to realize that all of them are nothing, they cannot help you.

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And people also have the same problem today.

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In any difficulty, what do they think about their money, their cards, their connections, their parents, their children, their friends, their uncles, their aunts, something material, rarely ever do we think that Allah is the one who can help us. He is the one who can take us out of the problem. But Allah subhanaw taala puts us in some situations in which we are made to realize that we have been deceived, who nearly convallaria to the level who are higher on Sahaba were higher and he is the one who gives the best reward and the best outcome. Why is this mentioned over here? Because of a person relies upon Allah, not his wealth. If a person relies upon Allah, not the people, then he

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will get the best reward and he will get the best outcome. best outcome. If you look at it, if people if they give you a reward, what kind of reward will they give you? What kind of reward only what is within their ability isn't one

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reward for one good deed?

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Generally, if you do good in your test, how many marks you get? One Mark? For one right answer, isn't it?

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You don't get 150% How much do you get? 100% not more than that. Because this is the reward that people can give. If they try to give you more, they will not be able to calculate it properly,

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isn't it? If they give you 150%? Can they calculate that properly? They cannot. It's not in their system. It's not within their ability.

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But when Allah gives reward, he multiplies the reward many, many times, seven times 10 times 700 times, so many times, he multiplies the reward to unlimited times even

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Likewise, when it comes to a local band, when it comes to outcome, the end result.

00:30:56--> 00:31:11

What Allah gives is also better. Why? Because it is everlasting. It is eternal. It does not come from any decline. It does not decay. It does not finish. But the reward that people give, eventually, it finishes.

00:31:12--> 00:31:24

Eventually, you forget about it, or they forget about it, or people forget about it, isn't it and after some time you realize it doesn't fulfill your need anymore. You move on from it.

00:31:26--> 00:31:33

But the reward that Allah gives, it is higher on Sullivan will heighten ocula Therefore, a person should rely upon who

00:31:36--> 00:31:38

will listen to the recitation.

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acabo de

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novo fatty

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we'll be hammered.

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Well here

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we are on baby

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If you notice,

00:35:16--> 00:35:28

well guess what? It's a blessing, isn't it. But the blessing of this dunya is not that great compared to the reward that Allah gives to a person in the hereafter.

00:35:29--> 00:35:42

I mean, the blessings of the Zuni, obviously, they're very beneficial. But that's on one hand, but the reward that Allah gives in the hereafter for a person sober, for a person's humidity, for a person's sugar is much greater. it's higher than

00:35:43--> 00:35:44


00:35:47--> 00:36:02

We see over here, that within moments, the entire scene changes, that how his garden is so beautiful with grape vines, and date bombs and rivers, and crops. And all of that is changed into how we know

00:36:04--> 00:36:15

that within moments, the entire scene is changed. So this dunya has no permanence, it has no Sabbath. Therefore, a person should never be fooled by what he has, he should never get deceived by it.

00:36:17--> 00:36:28

I just want to make one point that Anya 36, the man is saying that I don't think the Hereafter is going to come. And then in the same sentence, you see that if I go back to less data, he's going to give me more admits my he's doing *.

00:36:29--> 00:36:55

Because many times in the moment in this situation, we don't look at the reality as it is, we get so deceived by what we see that we don't have the right perspective anymore. So we see that in the back of his mind, he knew that there is a hereafter, because he says, well, it would appear to either be, and later on, he does say, the La Nina wishes ahead. And so at the back of his mind, he knew, but on the apparent he was fooled by what he saw.

00:36:58--> 00:37:27

I was just pointing out that in a previous lesson that we learned, we learned about young men, however, those who are in gender that given so many luxuries, and those things will last forever. And I was thinking about a while he thought he had everything that was gonna last forever. But when they went away, then he realized, Okay, you know what, I did make a mistake, I didn't do what I was supposed to be, I didn't give the hack. So we should just realize that everything in this dunya, you are going to leave behind one day, you're the richest person or the poorest person. And that's the message that we get into following that as well.

00:37:28--> 00:38:02

So like, I was just thinking, that in this world, some people have a lot of money, and some people have very little money. And a lot of people think that like 8% of the world's wealth is concentrated in America and North America basically are the richest countries. A lot of people consistently say things like, if all those richest people in the world would just give their wealth to their poorest people, then everything would be equal, and everybody would have the same amount of money. But that's not the way it is a lot gave some people more and some people less. And in this story, there were two men, one person had two gardens and the other person it doesn't say he had any guardians.

00:38:02--> 00:38:22

So sometimes there is enough wealth in the world for everybody, but it's just not distributed. Exactly. And that is up to the assertion of Allah. So you shouldn't. And you see like, this is the test, that the one who has been given more What does he do the one who has been given less What is he doing? Because at the end of the day, this wealth does not have any value. Both are being tested.

00:38:24--> 00:38:58

Just fitna Well, I will ask why law is not allowed in our religion, because as soon as people when their testaments are usually that was my lucky ticket, or that's my lucky coin that I scratched and won. So don't attribute the wealth to us. dollar. And also, the last part which says that the best outcome is ultimate, it provides the best outcome. I think a lottery machine is so unfair. I don't know what you pay for the ticket, but you don't get anything in return. And maybe one day you might end and again, you're not gonna attribute to us. And many times people who do win, what happens to them, they get so deceived and fooled by this wealth that their life completely changes. They become

00:38:58--> 00:38:59

so arrogant.

00:39:01--> 00:39:23

Assalamu alaykum I just wanted to point out that some people, they just want to show what they have, but they don't want to share it. And if you're not going to share it, then then don't show it exactly. Very true. That we see this man he's just showing his wealth. He says Anna Clurman, Kamala mavala. He doesn't say, you know, I have so much hamdulillah Why didn't you take some of it? Nothing like that.

00:39:25--> 00:39:26

We listened to the recitation

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Paulina who saw he boo, boo,

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one Ola

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we're here for we're to

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subclinical locomobi. Hamdi can a shadow layer and a stockbroker when I said I'm already cold