Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 06 – L066E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various accusations of bias and misinformation regarding the origin of certain words and phrases, including a book from the sky being addressed as a sign of confidence in the people of the book and requests for divine letters to convince the people of the book to believe in the messenger. They emphasize the importance of showing actual evidence of theiruthfulness and the need for written letters to show theiruthfulness. The speakers also discuss various topics including the use of "verbal" in various media outlets, the challenges faced by people who demand miracles, and the importance of fulfilling obligations.
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I was a bit lame in a ship on June Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim.

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Lesson number 66 Surah Nisa.

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Yes alga anokye Tabby and tuna zerah la him keytab Amina sama, the People of the Scripture ask you to bring down to them a book from the sky. Yes, Luca? What's the plural of? Yes, Luca? Yes aluna.

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Remember in total Pokhara we are that word many times.

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So yes, Luna, can they ask you? Yes, Luca, he asks you

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who asks you located the people of the book? And who does you refer to the profits of autism?

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Who does the anarchy tab include the Jews as well as the Christians?

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However, in the context, Adam keytab only refers to the Jews. Why?

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Because they were the ones who were present in Medina.

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They were the ones who were present in Medina.

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So yes, no, no kita the Jews, the people of the book, they ask you and to know Ziva that you should bring down

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you should cause to come down. Are they him upon them? Kitab Amina sama a book from the sky.

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They were turning the lights on during February's noon xylem and nazara unit zero 10. Zero, what does it mean? Nasrallah he sent down to them zeal is to bring something down.

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And it's useful revelation. But remember that Missoula, there is another word as well. unzila? What does Missoula mean to gradually bring down to gradually sent down? So it gives a sense of bringing down in stages?

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Why would you bring something down in stages? Why

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it's easier to take Wiles.

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If you give something to someone all at once, they might not value it. But if you give one thing after the other, then what's going to happen, they're going to value it more. Right? So it shows the importance of what is being sent down what is being given.

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So, what is gradually sent down something that is very important.

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And remember that this form necessary, it also gives a sense of shit, that to do an action with a lot of shit. Like with what out of severity, intensity, and this word has been used over here that you should bring down upon them, it doesn't mean that you should gradually bring down upon them. But what it means is that you should just bring it down upon them that they demand with so much persistence, they demand with so much confidence, and with so much arrogance, with so much pride, that you should definitely bring it down upon them. What should you bring down upon them? A book from the sky? What does it mean by the word kita.

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The archetype as you know is used for a book, but it also applies to a document meaning something that is written back to something that is written back to circuit album in a seminar has been understood as first of all a book that is other than the Quran,

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a book that is other than the Quran.

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And this book, it mentions the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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And it's a written document.

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Because the Quran was not being revealed in written form.

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And the book that the loci that were given the Jews especially were given the Torah that was written, it was inscribed.

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So they said, We want a similar book that is inscribed other than the Quran, and it mentions your truthfulness, bring it down from the sky for us as an evidence.

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Others outside the cabin over here gives a sense of a letter

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that you should go up to the sky and bring down from the sky letters that are addressed to our leaders.

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mean there is a letter from the last panel data that also and so yes, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is indeed the messenger. So basically, we should be sent divine letters, that really you are the messenger.

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Now what is this, we learned that the leaders of the Jews in Medina, they demanded from the prophets out of all the sudden that a book be revealed to them, that a book be sent down to them, specifically informing them that he is a messenger, specifically informing them that he is a messenger instructing them that they must believe in him.

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And this book should be written or this document should be written just as musasa was given the Alwah.

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So yes, atoka Debbie Antonio's Iranian Kitab Amina sama, but this was something very serious. I mean, they're demanding this and it

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The profits are a lot of them is really a true profit. And he should bring something like that. If you think of it if he's really a true prophet and something like this should happen, and this is exactly why they asked him to see whether or not he was actually a messenger.

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So this demand, what is the loss of transparency and response for the Salou Moosa Berman's Eric, then in fact, they asked musala ceram, something much greater than that?

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What does I mean by this? Well,

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first of all, that if you consider this shocking, if you consider this to be very surprising, very amazing, a very serious sin on their part, that they're asking you to bring in a divine letters from the sky for them, telling them that really, you're the messenger, using that this is a big deal. Know, what happened at the time of musasa is much more serious. They're only asking you to bring a letter, what they asked musallam was that we're not going to believe in you until we see Allah. That's what they said. So it kind of gives a sense that don't take these people seriously. Don't take these people seriously. There's no need to fulfill every request of theirs. That they're

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demanding miracles. No, you're not going to show one miracle after the other does so that these people are going to believe No, they didn't believe then they're not going to believe now.

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For other Salou Moosa Escobar, amin zanic, they asked musar Listen, I'm something much greater than that. And what is it that they asked him for follows? Or they said, Elena la Jonathan, show us a lot and very openly see the word Yara.

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We learned the word Jihad earlier, what is your an action or a word that is said openly? So what does it mean by JIRA over here, that he should become visible to us, Allah should become visible to us. He should show Himself to us openly, publicly.

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arena show us

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and look at the width. They're asking me now you show us like who are you that you want to see a las panatela

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and we learned earlier in total Baccarat that when musala salaam he was receiving the commandments on the Mount Sinai, or when he was given the book to take to the bunny is about you. What did they say that we're not going to believe that these Allah, these tablets that you have brought are really from a loss of panel data until you show a loss of data to us, that you have to show him to us? And we also don't another opinion is that some of those people they were taken to the Mount Sinai, do listen to the conversation between Allah subhanaw taala and was our listener. And even despite listening, what is it that we don't believe until and unless we see Allah? Just imagine

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adding a larger heart and show us Allah? Clearly, openly? What happened? For a holla to masakatsu then the Thunderbolt struck them. What is this article?

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a bolt of lightning a thunderbolt.

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Remember that Sarika literally is the loud blasting sound in the sky, just like a blast. A very loud noise in the sky.

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Sometimes this blast is accompanied with lightning.

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Cypher is what in itself, it's only the blast. It's only the sound. Sometimes the sound is accompanied by lightning, which causes fire, destruction.

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And sometimes it also causes that.

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So basically, this sound is a cause of death sometimes. And sometimes it is a way of punishment.

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This is why the word psycho is not just used for the sound for the blast, but it is also used for fire.

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It is also used for punishment. It is also used for Thunderbolt, but primarily what does it mean?

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What's the actual meaning of the word? Just a blast. But because the blast never comes around, there's always something with it. This is why those things are also called side.

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So over here for that tool, sorry, Ricardo, what does it mean? Over here it means that that that sees them as a result of what

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as a result of the blast and the Thunderbolt.

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Why is what I mean him because of their injustice, what was their injustice? What was their injustice?

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That arena la Giada sure los pantalla openly to us. Now this demand was not out of love.

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I for example Musashi Sam also said, or LA. Show yourself to me I wish to see you but he was not struck in the form of punishment. He was not punished. However, the bunny is trial they were punished. Why? Because moosehide Islam is out of love and Bunny is

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File us out of arrogance out of

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so below me him because of their injustice some matter how they are Aegina then they took the calf,

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for what? For worship, they made it as a god mimbar the magic atom will begin at after the clear signs had come to them.

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Over here you see the word film,

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what is some money sometimes used in several ways, first of all it gives a sense of then after some time chose the sequence of events, this happened and then that happened.

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And sometimes the Word format does not necessarily indicate the sequence of events, but rather it indicates the seriousness of what is being mentioned after off what is being mentioned next. So, somebody gives a sense of then more over. Moreover, worse than that, is that such and such happened.

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Because if you look at it, what actually happened, the bunnies fail, they cross the sea with musasa

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correct. Now, they were safe in the desert

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musar SLM went to Mount Sinai to get the tiller

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behind him what happened.

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The Bani Israel took the calf for worship. masala Sam came back and he was so angry that he threw the Alwah. Remember, he threw the LR, he was so angry because of what they had done.

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Then the punishment was carried out on those people who took the car for worship.

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Then, when we saw this, and I'm sure they did, and they said, we're not going to believe until we know that it's really from Allah, then a group of 70 men were taken by masala Salaam to Mount Sinai.

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Over there, those 70 men asked that we want to see Allah.

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So if you think of it, the event that is mentioned first actually occurred afterwards. They took the car for worship first. And then they demanded that they should see a loss of penalty

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for the sequence of events is the opposite. But over here, it's mentioned the other way, why?

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Somebody does not mean then after that, but what it means is worse than

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worse than that. I mean, you think this is bad. This is worse. This is also what they did. So they asked that they want to see a lot of panel data. And they also took the car for worship, despite the fact that a lot of panel data had saved them.

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To the caf current I mentioned first, but it wasn't mentioned first. Why? Why? Because so many shows that you think that is worse. This is worse. You think that is bad? This is much more bad.

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So what does it show? how evil their crimes were

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for a phoner Andranik, then we pardoned them from that? We pardoned from that, from what? From their taking their agent for worship despite their knowing better. They knew that our last parameter is the one who saved them but yet they took the car for worship, but Allah subhanaw taala, yet He forgive them

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for a phoner enzootic then we pardon from that, being despite the sin of these people, still we forgive them.

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What to you know Moosa? soltana Medina and we gave Masada ceram a clear evidence, a clear authority.

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What does that mean by cellphone?

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So foreign means authority. Basically, the word saluto means to dominate. It gives you a sense of having power having a lot of strength. The word Sultan is used for authority because the one who has authority dominates over others.

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The word salon is also used for strength because with strength you dominate.

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And the word salon is also used for an evidence of proof and argument. What kind of evidence such an evidence such a proof that dominates the other meaning that makes a person victorious. So the word sovann has several meanings.

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So mozzarella, Santa was given by a las pantallas autonomo Bina What does he mean by that? First of all authority? He was given clear authority.

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If you look at it, what was the punishment for those people who worship the calf?

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capital punishment right? They were supposed to be killed. For Cthulhu enforcer come, kill yourselves or kill those people who worship the calf. I mean, that's a very serious punishment. They're saying to mozzarella salad. We're not going to believe in you until such and such happens. And mozzarella. Sam tells him kill yourself. This is a command from Allah, and they actually do it. Do you see what I'm trying to say? That Musa Sam tells him believe? They say we're not going to believe until such and such happens.

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But when musala sam tell them this is the punishment they cannot resist him.

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They cannot resist him. So musala salon had this authority that when he would tell people something, a lot of times it had given him the sovann. That many times people, they couldn't say anything to him. I mean, you send them something very serious kill yourself. And they actually did that.

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So we gave them massages, and I'm so fine. I'm Urbina. This was authority, firmness, or, and if he didn't have this, it wasn't easy for him to deal with these people.

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What do we learn from this i? First of all, we learned that if you look at the context, if you think of it, all of these incidents, they are mentioned elsewhere in the Quran in much more detail. We read about them into local Baccarat. So they're mentioning to the power. I mean, all over the Quran. These incidents are mentioned over here, they're only being referred to. Why are they being referred to because the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is being consoled

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that the people demanded from him, bring us a miracle. Show us a miracle. If you show it to us, then we will believe.

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But he's been reassured that no matter how many miracle to show to these people, if they don't want to believe they're not going to believe, look at what happened before. Look at what happened before the sea has parted in front of you, you cross the sea onto shore, that ally is the one who saved you. Despite that, you're thinking that a calf is worthy of your worship.

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So in this ayah, there is comfort for the diary for the one who called other people to a loss of data, that when he faces challenges, and he thinks that what he is going through is very serious, that it's impossible for him to continue. And what he is going through is something that is unbearable, he should remember that there are before

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those people who invited people to worship of Allah subhanaw taala before him, the prophets of Allah before Him. And He will definitely see that those before him face challenges that were much worse.

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Because sometimes, you know, when somebody asks you something, when somebody makes a demand from you, you're like, you're speechless, you don't know what to say. And you think that that said, this is so serious, you can't go on. But a lot of times, it reassures us over here that you know what you're going through. Yes, you may think it's very difficult. But remember those people before you, they faced many more challenges, look at what musala went through, was much more difficult for him.

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We also learned from this idea that when people demand miracles, then they're not serious. They're not serious in their search of guidance. They're not actually demanding the miracles that they can believe.

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And sometimes what happens,

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there was this friend of mine, one of our relatives became an atheist. And she was trying to prove to her that there is no God. And she's like, if there is God, then all of these lights should turn off immediately. If there is God.

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I mean, who are you to order the Creator of the heavens and the earth like that? You know, if you really exist, then you show me by switching off all of these lights. I mean, this is ridiculous. If a person does that, what does it show? He's not serious. He doesn't want to believe because if he wants to believe that he will see the sun in the moon, other lights. So when a person is demanding miracles, when a person is demanding that the whole world around them should change just to prove to them that God exists, then don't give any importance to them. Because the people before like the Bani Israel, they demanded so many miracles, so many things, so many things are shown to them. But

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still the display What does it show? That true change comes from within a person? It comes from within a person? It comes from realization. It doesn't come from seeing miracles.

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What, fair enough Oh, como turabi Misaki him? And we raised over them the Mount, which mount the mount of

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why the Misaki him because of their covenant? What does it mean by this because of their covenant? This has been understood in two ways. First of all, because of their refusal of the covenant.

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Remember, we learned earlier that the bunnies for you, they were told to accept the commands that Allah Subhana Allah was giving them and they refused. And what happened? A loss of pounds are lifted up the mountain, and it was suspended over their heads that accept this datas believe otherwise, you're finished. No, that's it. We didn't save you for no reason. You were saved from the slavery of fit our own. The whole sea was parted for you, you were saved. Why? Doesn't that you live a comfortable life? No, you have been chosen to deliver the message of Allah to other people. So accept this responsibility. Take this charge, and when they refuse, then the mountain was raised

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over them. We don't insult them.

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If I have 171 What is an attack on algebra FOCA, who can know who was one new a new who work it would be him huduma Tina can be converting what kuruma de la la contenta con

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and mentioned when we raise the mountain above them as if it was a dark cloud, and there were certain that it would fall upon them. And Allah said, take what we have given you with determination and remember what is in it that you might fear Allah.

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So the mentor was raised above them. Why? Because of their refusal of taking the covenant.

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Second, secondly, decide B means after him What this means is, so that they would fear and accept the covenant.

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The amount was raised above them Why? So that they would fear and accept the covenant? What's the first meaning because of their refusal to accept secondly, so that they would accept

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work olalla home and we said to them, Oh, hold on babe. So didn't enter through the door. How frustrating meaning when you enter the city, the battle markers, then how should you enter while prostrating to a loss of friends? But what did they do? What did they do? Did they enter with humidity? No. They were told to say HIPAA, what did they say hemper.

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Will call Nana home and afterwards we said to them, let our do precept do not exceed concerning the Sabbath. Do not transgress concerning the Sabbath.

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When the Bani Israel were saved from federal, as we know that they remained in the desert for 40 years, and after the death of Masada, Sam, eventually what happened? Under the leadership of you shall be known they entered the Battle of this Jerusalem.

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And much later, what happened? The Bani Israel, they had their own kingdom. They had their own government, they had a lot of power, they had a lot of authority, and they were living peacefully. Now, what happened? The Bani Israel they were told that with regard to the Sabbath, the Saturday, you're only going to do

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nothing else. But

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you're only going to worship Allah subhanaw taala. Nothing else but that, and as we have learned about their story, but the people who lived by the sea, and they used to catch fish, they were fishermen. And what did they do that on Friday night, they would put the net in Saturday, they wouldn't touch it. Sunday, they would take it out. And as a result, they would actually catch fish on Saturday, while not really fishing. They weren't really fishing, but they would also catch fish. But they were told very clearly that letter, do precept do not transgress with regards to the Sabbath, meaning whatever rules you have been given concerning the Sabbath, follow them strictly.

00:23:02 --> 00:23:15

Don't abuse them in any way. But what do they do? They didn't respect they transgressed the home of the sanctity of the Sabbath. How? By catching fish

00:23:17 --> 00:23:30

while hunting them in home, and we took from them mythical vallila a very strong covenant, a solemn oath. About what about the Sabbath? But what did they do? They broke it.

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The word hernias is from the root letters, rain, lambs law, and the word of the law is used for the thickness, the hardness of something. When something is very hard, and also very thick, when something is solid, it's tough.

00:23:46 --> 00:24:05

And then it's used for the sacredness of something that when something is very sacred, it's inviolable, you cannot disrespect it you have to sanctify so misaka Lila is a covenant that is very firm, and a covenant that is inviolable, meaning you cannot go against it.

00:24:07 --> 00:24:16

So they had a very solemn oath, a very solemn promise that they had made with the loss of penalty yet what did they do? They went against the promise.

00:24:17 --> 00:24:21

And this is a practical example of hypocrisy.

00:24:22 --> 00:24:24

In the previous ayat we learned about

00:24:25 --> 00:24:31

what does hypocrisy include that when a person makes a promise, he breaks it.

00:24:32 --> 00:24:45

He breaks it when he's given an Amana? He does clean. So we see that so many covenants were taken from the children of Israel from the Bani Israel. But what did they do? They broke them. They went against them.

00:24:46 --> 00:24:59

We also learned from this ayah about the obligation of fulfilling promises, the obligation of fulfilling promises because so many times Misa has been mentioned. What does that show the least has mentioned why

00:25:00 --> 00:25:05

What does that show about the necessity the obligation of fulfilling promises?

00:25:06 --> 00:25:12

Many times what happens that when people are in good times they tend to forget and ignore the responsibilities that have been laid upon them?

00:25:13 --> 00:25:39

They haven't missed out on kalila. Everything is fine. They don't let our doofus up. But because everything is fine, they're like, No, we want to fish. We also want fish on Saturday. We can't suffer a loss even if one day. And many times we do this, that when we're in good times, when everything is fine. we indulge so much in fulfilling our desires that we forget about the responsibilities that have been laid upon us.

00:25:40 --> 00:26:04

This think about it sometimes on the weekend. We're so happy one thing after the other Sunday night, we realize we haven't even opened our bridges doesn't happen. It's our responsibility upon us. We have to do our essence seven times. But there's a party there's a dinner, or there's a day off doesn't matter. We forget. It's very important for us to fulfill the obligations that have been laid upon us.

00:26:05 --> 00:26:11

We also learn from this eyeball the obligation of being humble. When a person receives some blessings. Where do we learn that from?

00:26:13 --> 00:26:20

The whole babba search that you're being given such a huge blessing. Don't be arrogant, but be humble.

An-Nisa 148-162 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 153-154

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