Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 15 – L149B

Taimiyyah Zubair
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wilhemina shavon rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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lesson number 149. So little Essa number 94, to 101 moment our anessa umino. And nothing prevented the people that they should believe it's a woman Buddha, when guidance came to them, meaning people had no reason to disbelieve when the guidance came to them, when the messenger came to them, when the hawk came to them when the Quran came to them in law, except there was only one doubt that the people had,

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which prevented them from believing. And what was that doubt? and kalu that they said, a virus Allah who has a law raised by Sharon masuleh, a human messenger

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has Allah sent a human messenger, not an angel or something else.

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So they found it extremely strange that Allah had sent a human being as a messenger. They said that the messenger should have been angels or some other kind of supernatural being, so that we could really see him as someone unique as someone who is teaching us something we don't know. But a human being like us, how can he be a messenger? They did not want that another human being just like themselves should guide them

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on say, what's the response at a loss penetrative to that, that low Can I feel all the if there was in the earth, mela ecotone angels, em shuna they're walking. If on the earth there were angels who walk multiplied in Nina insecurity as once in complete peace, the word multiply in Nina is a florala. Multiply in and martoma in is one that is content, one that is addressed, and ultimate unknown, is to become still, but it will not enter will McCann where fee is to stay in a place to reside in a place to take it as one's home.

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So if there were upon the earth, angels who are walking angels who are living on the earth, if this earth was a home to the angels, then what would happen? Leonard Zellner, then surely we would send down or lay him upon them in a summer he from the sky, Malacca masuleh, an angel messenger.

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Why, because a messenger is always sent

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to a people that he is from. Meaning that a messenger is always of the same type of creation that he is sent,

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if the creation to whom a messenger is to be sent, or humans and Allah will send a human messenger, and if that creation is angels, and Allah will send you an angel messenger.

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And this is one of the blessings of Allah.

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Because if the recipients are human beings, and if the messenger is an angel, then there would be a communication gap between them.

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There would be a lot of misunderstanding between people from different cultures even sometimes cannot understand one another. People from different backgrounds cannot understand one another. If one was raised in one country, and the other was raised in another country, their outlook on life is completely different. Their manner of thinking is different. They're not compatible, isn't it? So,

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then how can we say that if human beings were to be sent an angel messenger that would be good for them? It would not be good for them. They would be in compatibility, there would be a lot of communication gap between the misunderstandings between

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say to the people that go fabula he sufficient is Allah shahidan as a witness benei between me webinar calm and between you sufficient? Is he as a witness over what? over my truthfulness? That indeed, revelation comes to me?

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If you don't believe in it, you don't testify to that. Allah testifies to that, and that is sufficient

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because in who indeed he can or he is ever very bad, he have a servant's he is heavier on he is aware, and he is also bullied on he is seen.

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We see that what he is strictly a matter that is between the messenger and between Allah soprano alone. No other person can see the revelation. No other person can say that yes, Revelation is coming without believing in the messenger

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and many people refuse

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To believe in the Messenger of Allah. Why? Because again, they get stuck on revelation that how do we know it is really revelation? And because they do not believe in the unseen, it's very difficult for them to believe in the messenger. But what do we learn over here? That if people don't believe Allah is a witness to it, Allah is sending the messenger, Allah is sending the revelation.

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And if Allah is saying that is sufficient,

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and in this statement is comfort for the Prophet, sort of a sort of reassurance for the prophets,

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that if people don't believe, if people don't affirm your Lord affirms your Lord testifies to that.

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Woman Yeti and whoever he guides, who guides Allahu Allah guides

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any person whom Allah guides for one more

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than indeed he is rightly guided, he is the one who is in receipt of guidance.

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If you know, hey, Daya is off, how many types do types right? One is a chat instruction and the other is to feel the ability to accept.

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So whoever Allah guide this Hidayat is off the field.

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Then only that person is muted, only that person is rightly guided, he is on the right way.

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Intellectual cap is 17 we learn majalah who, for whom woman Yulin fell into data who will Yamashita whoever Allah guides, he is rightly guided.

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And on the other hand, what my yield limb and whoever he sends a stray whoever Allah sends a stray felon $30 home then you will never find for such people Oh Leah guardians mean do an E besides

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meaning for such people, you can never find anyone who can guide

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you can find the most convincing person even to come and speak to them. But they will not accept they will not believe

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you can give them the most convincing proofs and evidences but still they will not accept

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because such a person has been allowed to go astray by who

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by a loss parameter.

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So what do we learn from this?

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That guidance and misguidance is in the hands of who have lost

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a person whom Allah guides, no one can misguide him, no one can lead him astray.

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And a person whom Allah allows to go astray, no one can guide.

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Now the question is, what does it mean by euglena?

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How can Allah send someone a string? How do we understand this?

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You see, whenever it is stated in the Quran, that whoever Allah sends astray, it means that Allah does not offer guidance to him.

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Why? Because he does not desire it, he does not want it.

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Because Allah gives instruction, knowledge to everyone how there is everywhere that he has placed, people can reflect on them, they can come to a conclusion, they can see the truth.

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Similarly, Allah has sent revelation. And it's not just for believers, but it's for everybody to learn to study to benefit from.

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But if a person does not want to be guided,

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then Allah will not give him guidance.

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guidance is not that cheap. It's not that insignificant, that even if a person does not desire it, he's given it. No, this guidance is something very valuable.

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And it's given to only those who are worthy of it, who are deserving of it, who want it really bad.

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Because think about it, if there are two people, one person really wants what you have,

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you will give it to them. Why? Because you know, they're going to take care of it, they're going to value it. But if there is another child, who you know, does not even know the value of this thing, he does not desire it, you're not going to waste it by giving it to them. Because if you give it to them, they're gonna throw it away. They're going to ruin it, they're going to destroy it.

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So depending on how precious something is, you give it to those who are deserving of it. And you don't give it to those who are not deserving of it.

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Woman you blame whoever Allah sends a stray felon $30 home Oh, Leah, I mean dooney you can never find any guardian for him besides Allah, no one can guide him, no one can take care of him.

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And also Yulin is understood as that Allah abandons him. Yeah, he abandons and he leaves him to himself.

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So such a person you cannot find anyone to take care of him

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when I show him and we will gather them when you're welcome.

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On the day of judgment, how Allah would you come upon their faces? Such people whom Allah allows to go astray who do not want guidance? How will they be raised on the day of judgment upon their faces, they will be walking on their faces, they will be dragged on their faces.

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And what's the state of these people Rumia as one's blind, Romanian is a plural of Dharma and Dharma is a person who is blind.

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So they will be blind. What Bookman and dumb, thorough enough I become, unable to speak with someone and Deaf florala are some unable to hear

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my way home jahannam their abode is Hellfire

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Colima Hubbard every time it subsided, meaning every time the fire the intensity, the heat will lessen, it will subside what will happen zidan at home we will increase them so even in burning

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the burning of Hellfire will never reduce

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it will never be extinguished.

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Each time the fire will be reduced, it will be increased on them.

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And each time they will get used to the burning their skins will be replenished as we have learned earlier

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so that the punishment never ends for the O'Fallon azita con in Florida, it will never be reduced for you, it will only be increased for you.

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So, we see in this ayah that a person who Allah guides, he is guided and a person who he sends a straight no one can guide him No one can help him

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and who are such people, those who do not desire guidance. And such people who do not desire guidance, what is their state going to be that they're going to be resurrected on the day of judgment as blind as dumb and as deaf, unable to see unable to hear unable to speak. But we see in other places of the Quran that people on the day of judgment will be able to see will be able to hear and will be able to speak as well. How do we reconcile between these two if

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for example we see in turtle calf I have 53

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What are l moody Muna now RA,

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they will see the Hellfire here we read they will be Roman.

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Similarly inserted for con number 13 we learn their own una casa Bora they will cry out for destruction. They are they will speak they will call out they will cry out but here we read they will be done. Similarly, we learned in terms of the font I have 12 semi una hora de un was a few they will hear its fury and roaring enrolling. But here we see that there will be death.

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So how do we understand between the two? How do we put the two together?

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Remember, this is not contradiction. What this means is that they will not see anything that will be a source of comfort for them.

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They will not hear anything that will be a source of comfort for them.

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And they will not speak anything except for destruction or for relief.

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You see when a person is overcome by fear? When a person is overcome by pain? Can you think properly? No. Can he carry a conversation? No. Can he see the obvious things? No, he cannot.

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When a person is overcome by his emotions, he cannot see the obvious things. He cannot hear what is being said to him. He cannot speak what's going on in his head.

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Similarly, the punishment will be so intense for them, that it will be as if they are deaf to any comforting sound. And they will be dumb to saying anything beneficial and they will be blind to seeing anything that is comforting.

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And also if you see over here, that one actual room yomo pmet Allah would you hear him? They will be raised on their faces. So when someone is walking on their faces and they see anything but the ground

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can they even hear clearly? Can they speak at all? No they cannot because all of the senses are aware

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on the face. So if a person has been made to walk on the face, then you cannot use those faculties at all. Now a person may wonder how is it possible for people to walk on their faces we learned through common eye number 48 yo ma use her buena fanatee Allah with him the day they are dragged into the front

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on their faces. Similarly, we learned from a Heidi's that is rewarded by both Bukhari and Muslim that ns even Malik he said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was asked once that O Messenger of Allah, how will the people be gathered on their faces. He said, The one who made them walk on their feet, is also able to make them walk on their faces. It's not difficult for him, he can make them walk on their faces.

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Because he in the first place gave them the ability to walk on their feet.

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All the scholars have said that the meaning of Romeo and Bookman was so much is that they will not see anything that will please their eyes, meaning they will not see gender,

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they will not see a loss of data.

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And they will not hear anything that will be enjoyed by their ears. They will not hear any sound that is enjoyable.

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Because what will they hear

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the roaring of the hellfire.

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And they will not speak anything that will be accepted from them.

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Every word they're going to say it will not be accepted. No statement is going to be accepted from them. So they're as good as dumb and deaf and blind.

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Why is it so? Because in the dunia, they did not see the ayah

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and they're able they did not see them. They did not reflect on them. They did not take lessons from them.

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In the dunya they became deaf to listening to the truth. And they refused to speak to affirm the truth as well. because of this reason, they'll be raised omean Well, Bookman was someone

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Maria whom Johanna Colima, Hubbert, Xena, who says

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that he could design a home that is a Recompense. Why be unknown? kifaru Be it now because they disbelieved in our eye at

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our proofs, our evidence is our revelation. They denied it, they refused to accept it will call you and they said in their denial, either our when good now we were a llama and boons, plural of other meaning when we have turned into bones, what will fatten and remains Rafat is the crushed bits of something, crushed bits of something remains of something that are blown here and there.

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So when we have turned into bonds, and remains in there are indeed we love Arizona surely wants to be raised Hong Kong into a creation that is God then that is new.

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They say, how is it possible that we will be resurrected?

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So we see in the previous ayah, the punishment is mentioned? For what? For their denial, denial of what? Of the Hereafter, denial of the Ayat of Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, I will amuro Have they not seen? Have they not considered that anila that, Indeed, Allah, Allah is the one who Hala casati was the one who has created the heavens and the earth with all their immensity. If you look, the Earth is so huge, if you look up to the sky, and if you try to measure the sky, if you try to measure the universe, you cannot do that.

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So the one who has created the heavens and the earth with all their immensity, he is he is able, either and yes, Luca, mesilla. Home, that he can create like them as well.

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He can create the life of these human beings, again, he can repeat their creation, because he has created the heavens and the earth and the heavens and the earth are huge, massive, extremely complicated as well. There's a whole system that is set in place, each thing is running perfectly.

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So the one who can create the heavens and the earth in our perfection, can he not recreate human beings?

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If you compare the size of a human being to the size of the heavens and the earth, the heavens and the earth are huge, and the human being is so tiny, using it's difficult for a lot to recreate a human being. It's not difficult for him at all. Would you rather know him and he has made for them Agilent a fixed term meaning for each person, he has set a term that is going to expire at some point and for all people for humanity. He has also specified the time of the day of judgment. And this time, Larry Murphy There is no doubt in it.

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It will certainly come forever, but he has refused, who has refused allegedly Muna the wrongdoers in local foreign executives really meaning the wrongdoers they have refused everything but

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they have refused to show any response but that often I mean

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They only deny.

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So we see in this ayah that Allah soprano Darla is inviting the people to reflect that use your mind. Use your observation, use your eyes, look at the size of the heavens and the earth. Look at how Allah has created them. Think about it, if he can create them, you cannot recreate you.

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And if someone has made something the first time, it is easier for him to create a second time. We don't insult them Nazareth is 27 under a shadow halcon me sama? Are you a more difficult creation? Or is the heaven? What's more difficult? What's more big, what's more complicated, you are the summer, it's obviously the sky.

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Similarly, into the office, I have 57 we learned last summer where you will all the academic unhealthiness the creation of the heavens and the earth is indeed greater than the creation of entire mankind. All people at one place, and the heavens and the earth on the other side, what is bigger, what is greater what is more difficult, creating the heavens and the earth?

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So if he has created the heavens and the earth, how can he not recreate people, once they have died?

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Only say to them low unto if you were dumb licona you possess, if you are possessed the hawza in the depositories, the store houses of Russia to be of the mercy of my Lord. If you had the possession of the Hosea in the store houses the depositories of the risk of the mercy of Allah soprano.

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Such as if you had the authority to send rain, to give risk to give different different things all over the heavens in the year two different types of creatures. If you were made responsible of that you owe people then what would happen? The unseco surely you would withhold, you would hold back.

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I'm sack them on Saturday, SATA m SQL m sec, which is to keep something with yourself. So you would retain you would keep all of this Rama with yourself Why? Hospital in fact, out of the fear of spending out of the fear of exhaustion, you would fear that if you give to everybody,

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if you give the risk if you send the rain, if you send the snow, then you would fear that there'll be a point when it will run out. And this is what we think as well, that if technically spring has begun then it should stop snowing, but we see that there is no limit to the design of a loss. Here he can send rain again and again he can send snow again and again. Because this is entirely in the hands of a loss predator. And if it was left to you, you would not get anything out of the fear of spending. What can insano and the human being is ever cateura He is very stingy, he is very miserly.

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kutools is from the routers off camera. And

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is the opposite of a Seraph is refers to what be excessive

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and other is to be stingy is to be extremely stingy. And a tool is used for a person who is very stingy by nature.

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Who has very stingy nature, very miserly.

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When a person is extremely miserly in nature, what is he going to do? When it comes to spending money. He'll be very stingy

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when it comes to cooking food. When it comes to giving food when it comes to using cleaning supplies, when it comes to using toilet paper. When it comes to using clothes, extremely stingy. It's a nature of a person, isn't it?

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And people who are generous. They're very generous when it comes to cooking food when it comes to giving money when it comes to using money. When we're not talking about being wasteful. We're talking about generosity. So cateura Zoo, someone who is extremely stingy by nature, who is very tight in his heart, very stingy and batara is to spend very little

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and in particular, it is used for someone who does not even spend on the genuine needs of his family, despite having the money.

00:24:38 --> 00:24:42

You see, one is that a person does not have money, he does not have an income.

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And because of that, whatever he has, he is very careful about it. He does not spend on little things. And he is very careful on what he has to use it very carefully.

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But the other is that a person has 100 and that Allah has given him abundantly. He has

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savings account. He has an income coming in multiple incomes. But still he is very stingy with regards to spending on his family even on the basic necessities, that for everything that he is buying, he's wondering, can I find a cheaper somewhere else can I may do without this as well? Can my children grow without this fresh fruit? Can my children go without having milk? Can I make do without buying new clothes for them this season? This is what other is a tool.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says what kind of insane cateura human beings are stingy by nature, that when they have something they never wanted to run out, they want that it should be with them.

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So over here, a loss of habitat is saying that if the human beings were given possession over a loss, penalties, treasures, that human beings would not spend on others, then no creature would survive. The birds would be deprived, the livestock would be deprived, the fish would be deprived. This is why it's almost mercy, that he has not given this control to us. Because otherwise not even human beings would survive. Because when a person can be so stingy with his family, even with his children, even How can he not be stingy with the rest of the creation,

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and especially the thing about fear of spending, Allah subhanaw taala does not have that fear.

00:26:22 --> 00:26:26

We learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allah His hand is full

00:26:27 --> 00:26:30

and never decreases. Because it is giving night and day.

00:26:32 --> 00:26:34

That Allah subhanaw taala spends night and day

00:26:35 --> 00:26:40

all the time he's spending but nothing of his Casa is reduced.

00:26:41 --> 00:26:57

Do you not see how much he has given since he created the heavens and the earth? Think about it, how much he has given. Every season. rain comes snow comes, plants grow, leaves grow fruit grows different types of

00:26:58 --> 00:27:13

isn't it? So for example, if there's a couple, a husband and wife, mother and father, as long as they're on the same page, as long as they're together, they're united. They're not arguing they're not fighting with one another people respect them.

00:27:14 --> 00:27:41

And the moment they start fighting with one another before others, people lose respect. Yeah, even Adam and Phil univocally spend so that you can be spent on our problem is we don't even spend and sometimes literally, our risk is being withheld because we're not giving away what we have right now. You will see many times we give something away

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and you get more of that respect for you and also your spouse. They're not going to respect you anymore. Because when a person begins to argue and fight, then what happens is negative side shows are either Mr. shabu Jesu what either muscle hero maneuver in

00:28:06 --> 00:28:16

that Verily, man was created very impatient, irritable when evil touches him and stingy when God touches.

00:28:17 --> 00:28:29

This is how people are very impatient. When something bad happens extremely irritable when something good happens, very stingy except to except those who are devoted to Salah

00:28:30 --> 00:28:32

we learned elsewhere in the Quran as well.

00:28:33 --> 00:28:52

In surah, An Nisa that amla homeless Lieberman and Mulkey for either layer, you tuna nurse and appeal or have their share of dominion, then if that were so, they would not give the people even as much as the spec on a date. See, this is how stingy people are by nature.

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Now, it doesn't mean that if Allah Subhana Allah has said human beings are stingy, then we have to be stingy. No, this is not being mentioned in a praiseworthy way. what is being said is that Allah subhanaw taala has not left some matters to you. Because if there were left in your hand, you would not give anything to anyone, you would not share anything at all. Because by nature, you're stingy.

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So this shows that we should be generous we should open up our hearts we should open up our hands. And we should give generously. Because only when we give then we will be given. If we don't give we will not be given

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Was hula

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Shona Madonna

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a man or

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