Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 15 – L149A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Alia nursery Hill karimabad

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shape honorable Jean Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem of the Sherif Ali is suddenly with Sidley, MD, Washington or better mill discerning Kahoot probenecid

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lesson number 149 and number 94 to 111.

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Wilma and not manner he prevented or it prevented anessa the people and that you know, they believe it when a home it came to them and Gouda the guidance Illa except on that palu they said that Bertha here is Allahu Allah verschuren a human being persona as a messenger. Ponce low if Ghana was fee in an elder the earth Mullah ecotone angels, em Shona, they walk motema in Nina, one secure once in peace, Lennar zelner surely we would send down or lay him upon them main from a summer the sky, mannequin and Angel Rasulullah a messenger

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on say Kapha he sufficed Bella he definitely Allah shahidan as a witness benei between me webinar calm and between you in the who indeed he can and he is ever very bad that he with his servants hubiera always all aware but so you're all resolved seeing

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women and whoever Yes, he guides Allahu Allah for who then he is. The one who is rightly guided woman and whoever you've lil, he sends a stray felon, then we'll never do that. You will find the home for them earlier any clause protecting friends, men from dooney he other than Him besides him. What and now sure home we will gather them. Yo ma en de OPM, the standing Allah upon would you hear him their faces omean once blind, well Bookman and Once done, also man and once they

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were home, their abode Johanna is help. Colima whenever habit, it's subsided zudena home we increase them Sara in blazing fire

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there Lika that Jessica home is there recommends the unknown because indeed they cafaro they disbelieved the eye a dinner with our versus what call you and they said are either when corner we were element bones were too fat and fragments remains of our inner indeed we love Arizona surely wants to be resurrected. How can any creation Jedi the new

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did work and learn not euro they see that indeed Allah Allah, Allah de is the one who Kanaka he created a similar work the heavens will up and the earth audio on one who is able Allah upon and that yes Lucas? He creates mithila home like them with Gianna and he has made la home for them. agilan a term lead not prybar any doubt fee in it forever, but he refused early moon the wrongdoers in that except grifola disbelief.

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Ponce low if until you all dumb licona you all possess hawza in treasuries rush Merci. Merci. Robbie of Eden, then the unseco surely you all held back harshita due to fear and infer of the spending what can and he is ever concerned the human being Arturo one who is very miser

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while awkward, and certainly at Dana we gave Musa moosari salon this earth 918 signs by uniting once clear first. So you ask Bonnie children is la isla of Israel is when a home he came to them for color. So he said to him that our own new fit our own a neat indeed a Luca, surely I think you Yeah. Or Musa Musashi Salaam masura when bewitched

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Allah, he said, Lacan, certainly, or Linda, you knew ma not unzila he sat down, had to lay these in there except roborock smls of the heavens while up and the boss saw it as clear insights.

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As clear evidence says, What in me, and indeed a logo Nuka surely I think you Yeah, or fit our own fit our own myth Buddha want to be destroyed for our audience. So he intended and that, yes, the physical home, he approved them, men from the earth for a lacuna who so we drowned him, woman and whoever, Mara who with him Jimmy are all together. What color and we said men from Bharti, he after him liberty to children is la isla of Israel, he was guru, you all dwell in the earth, for either so when it came to promise an asset of the last or of the hereafter jitna weekend become with you all lessee in a gathering

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what Bill healthy and with the truth and then who we have sent it down what Bill healthy and with the truth mezzetta it came down it descended warmer and not also NACA we have sent you in that except mobile Sheeran as a bearer of good news, when a dealer and as a warranty

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work we'll add an add on for a cleaner who we have separated it later. So that you recite it or that upon a nurse the people either upon mocks in a prolonged period or intervals. One is the law who and we have sent it down then the law a definite gradual sending down

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Don't say me No you all believe Believe it or not took me No you all believe in the Indeed Allah arena those who go to they were given an ailment the knowledge, men from poverty he before it, either when youth that it is recited or lay him upon them. Yes he Runa they fall down lil Ani, on the chins. So Jeddah as one's frustrating

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way of coluna and they say Subhana glorified exalted rabina I will in indeed can it was what I do promise Raveena of our reps lemma ruler surely want to be fulfilled

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while he Runa and they fall down lil as funny under Chin's yearbook una de we were busy to home and it increases them who sure in humble submission

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will say or do you all invoke your call Allah Allah O or order your call your invoke of rushman the Most Merciful? A Yama whichever there oh you will call fellow who then for him and as Matt the names and harrismith the most beautiful ones? Whether or not you say aloud, basal Attica with your solar with your prayer, whether and do not to have you below behalf with a word utterly and you see baina between velyka that Sabina away will call and say al hamdu all praise lillahi for Allah, Allah de The one who loves not yet he has taken one of them a child, a son whalum and not yakun it is or he is level for him. Shetty cone, any partner fee in the dominion, the kingdom, welcome and not yet

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when it is where he is. level for him whether you own any clothes, protecting friend, any Guardian men from because of

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the meekness, the humiliation, walk a bedroom, and you magnify him, glorify Him, that be a great glorification of great magnification.

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Let's listen to the visitors.

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Bernie is

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he need any

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wabi Lucia

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Al-Isra 94-111 Translation 94-111

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