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Al-Isra 78-93 Translation 78-93

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de su de him Karim a mbarara for the wilhemina shavon yo rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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Rubbish Rashid is sadly were silly and re watch Lola rock Dr. melissani of koko de Robin as ignor in

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Lesson number 148 Circle israa is number 78 to 93.

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Establish a four letter this will lead to lukie edge decline as chumps of the sun. ILA do versus the darkening a lady of the night. Well, and or an

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alpha of the fudge of the dawn, in indeed, are an upsurge of the dawn, Ghana it was Masuda one that is witnessed woman and from a lady the night further hedger then you awaken to pray be with it nafi Latin and additional

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an optional lacquer for you are sir perhaps on that. Yeah, Bertha. He will raise you. Rob Booker, you're more common a station much more the one that is praiseworthy.

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Will call and say rugby Oh my rub at the same knee. admit me. You make me enter mohalla and entrance or a place of entrance? Mahal and entrance or a place of entrance swiftclean after what? And originally you take me out. You exit me. mock Roger. And exit or a place of exit. Slip going off to work journal and you make leave for me. Men from Loudoun County near you. So fine and and authority mislead or supporting one that helps.

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Will call and say it came I'll have good the truth was and they have got it departed. It disappeared about when the false hood in the indeed elbow please the false hood. Ghana it is ever Zoho call bound to depart well and noona Zulu we sent down men from Al Quran the Quran ma What? Who it is chifa a healing a cure well and urashima tune immersi Lil momineen for the believers whether and not yours either it increases awali mina the wrongdoers in there except herself or in loss what either and when we've restored our the upon an insert the human being or a robot he turned away well and he became far or he distanced

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be journey be he with his side what either and when Messiah who touched him a shovel the evil Ghana he is ever yet Oh sir. One greatly despairing, greatly hopeless

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say Conan all yarmulke he does Allah upon shakeela t his manner follow bukom so your URL is most knowing Beeman of who he is the more guided sebelah in way

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whereas aluna can and they ask you about a route the route on say a route the route men from Emory command matter or be of my route warmer and not ot to your given men from an intimate knowledge in that except or Lila a little

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while in and surely if Chetna we will. Leonard Habana. Surely we would definitely take away bill Eddie with that which are hanaa We revealed ilica to you so much then learn not that you do you find lucky for yourself. Be here with it are leyna upon us we're keila a trustee

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Illa except rush Martin are mercy men from Rebecca Europe. In indeed Pablo who his favor is bounty, Ghana it was an acre upon you to be wrong, great. All say let him Surely if HDMI it gathered into the mankind, the human being while Jin and the Jin Allah upon and that you

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Get to they can be mostly wet like hazard this on the land not yet tuna they will come be Miss Lee with it's like Willow and even if Ghana was bound to home some of them liberating for others will hero assistant helper

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will occur occurred and certainly savasana we have diversified we have mentioned in different ways. Len nasci for the people fee in Heather this Al Quran the Quran main from Cooley every method in example

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forever, but he refused. So most of the people in LA except for our disbelief in gratitude

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will argue and they said learn never not meaner we will believe lucker for you have the until that Judo you break open you gosh for learner for us men from the earth Jambor a spring

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Oh or the corner it is lucky for you Jenna to a garden. Maine from New Zealand Dave farms work and arena been grapevines. But to find your so that you guys for and how the rivers play data between it among it that JIRA a gushing forth. Oh or to split up you cause to fall. A summer the sky camera just as Zonda you claimed Elena upon us kiss a fan as a fragment for as fragments.

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Oh, dear eucom biLlahi with Allah when Malaika and the angels babila as a group in front o or Yokozuna? It is lucky for you by doing a house men from Zack Ruffin gold, O or DARPA you ascend fee in a summer the sky will learn and never note meaning we will believe little kicker to your ascending head until tuna Zilla you gradually bring down our laner upon us keytab and a book Nakuru. We read it all say super Hannah. glorified. Rugby is my rock.

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Em are not going to I was Illa except by Sharon, a human being Rasulullah a messenger.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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