Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 15 – L147E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of following the Prophet's instructions to avoid harping on their idols is highlighted, along with the danger of double punishment. The speaker also discusses the importance of small actions in people's status, such as cutting a partner's hair or causing them to lose their job or reputation. The speaker emphasizes the importance of following people who say they are doing well, even if they don't have the same.
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Okay, let's continue.

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We're in Godot, and indeed, they were near. They were about

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Godot, Tetris Caf well done.

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And gather your card is to be at the verge of doing something. It has to be at the point of doing something. It does not mean that a person actually did it. But it is that he was about to do it and he didn't do it.

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Like, for example, you were about to leave the house, but something happened and you did not leave. So what Inca do and indeed they were near

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lafc Luna, that surely they put you in fitna

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surely they tempt you on away from the word fitna, when followed by and it means to tempt someone away from something

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they were about to tempt you away from what Allah do hanaa ileka from that which we had inspired you

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why leader study so that you can fabricate our llena upon us later who other than it other than what other than what we have revealed to you?

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And if you were to do that, what he then and then let the Haruka surely they will take you in as a close friend,

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even our vessel dinner, and he said regarding this ayah that omega even holla, a Buddha, and some other chiefs of Makkah, they came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they said to him, all Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam that our idol, just touch our item.

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Don't prostrate to it, don't kiss it, just touch it, and we will become Muslim.

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Now imagine, if you want somebody to become a Muslim, terribly, you desire intensely for them to become Muslim. And they say, if you do this, we will become Muslim, wouldn't you want to fulfill their condition? right? Especially if it's all the leaders, if it's all the chiefs

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and others surface you might say, Okay, I don't have any respect for the idols in my heart, I don't believe in them at all whatsoever and touching them, it's like touching another object.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says that these people they were about to tempt you away from what we had revealed to you, what was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to be firm on the oneness of almost do not compromise on the heat.

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But they were about to tempt you away from that, by making you touch their idols out of respect.

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And they were doing this so that later 30 year Alayna as a result of that you would fabricate a bonus later who other than it meaning you would end up saying that it's okay. It's permissible Dutch them, to respect them, to show some respect to them, whereas a loss of data has not said anything like that.

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And if you were to listen to them, let the hadoo Kahala they would have taken you as a friend, they would listen to you.

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You see any action that a prophet does any action whether it is a gesture, or it is a statement or it is an approval? What happens with that action, it becomes an evidence.

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The followers what do they do they base their religion, on the actions on the statements on the gestures of who of the Prophet of Allah.

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So if the Prophet sallallahu Sallam were to listen to the machine and what would happen,

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this would be an incorrect representation of the DEA.

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Because in our Dean, though, he is the main thing you cannot compromise in it at all, even a little bit.

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So if the profits or loss would compromise even slightly than what would happen

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it would change the religion it would change the fundamentals of our religion.

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Well Lola and had it not been on that thought but NACA we stabilized we strengthened you said better use of beta speed which is to give stability to give firmness had we not made you firm on what on the truth law could certainly get you would have you're about to get that again from gaff well then gather you're good. You would have certainly done Cano you incline la him to them Shay and kalila a little bit

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had we not given you stability, you would have actually inclined to them a little bit you would have listened to them. Darwin was you know some

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of our calf known and rakuen is to lean towards something or someone and look on his on the same route which is a pillar and a pillar is leaned on to in order to take support from

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and rakuen is also to trust someone

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to rely on someone and lean towards them, why in order to gain their support in order to gain their protection,

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like we have learned earlier well at our current era levina varnamo do not incline towards those who lose all meaning to not take their support, do not trust upon them.

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So had we not given you stability, you would have inclined towards them a little bit out of your desire that they should be unbelievers. So, this statement shows that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam did not listen to those machines. He did not fulfill their request, he did not make this error at all. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala protected a loss of data saved him had it not been for a loss protection. He was, after all, a human being. What does it show to us

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that a person can only be saved from making errors when he is protected by a loss.

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Because many times when you're in such a situation, you're very vulnerable, because you desire greedily that the other person should listen, they should obey, they should accept.

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And if the set of condition which apparently seems okay, you might fall over there,

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and sometimes in the desire that the other person should believe you don't tend to analyze his request property.

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So the only case where a person can be saved is when, when Allah subhanaw taala protects.

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Another very important lesson that we learned from this is that Adare is always concerned about the one who is calling, meaning he always wants him to be accepting of the message.

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Even then, meaning if you had inclined to them even a little bit, if you had listened to them even a little bit, if you just start the idle with your fingertips even what would happen conagra surely would make you taste their fill hayati, double life or their film ematic and double that. What does it mean by that?

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We would make you taste double life and double death

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doesn't mean he would live two lives.

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Any idea? What would this mean? There fell higher the

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then you would get double punishment in the life of this world. And also double punishment after that meaning in the Hereafter, double the punishment than any other person would receive, on compromising on their religion with regards to this matter.

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And if that would happen, so mulata divakar, Elena and Lila then you would not find for yourself against as a helper.

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So over here, it's a severe warning that if you had listened to them, if you had inclined to them even a little bit, then you would receive double punishment in dounia and accurate compared to punishment that another person would suffer from in dystonia or India.

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Now, the question is why double, y double. Because as I mentioned to you, the action of the Prophet is taken as an evidence, and anything that the Prophet does, the other people are going to follow.

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So if he were to set an incorrect practice, everybody would follow him. And remember, if you start something good, everyone who does the good after you, you get your word for that if you start something bad, everyone who does it after you, you also get the same for that.

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And also, we think of it, his reward was very great for the sacrifices that he was making for the work that he was doing. And if the reward is very great, then the punishment is also great.

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If the reward is great for something, and the punishment is also great for not doing that.

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And it depends on the status of a person. The status of the person of the profit sort of artisan was a Prophethood he was the last of the profits.

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inserted by a 1331 we learned Yan is that an OBE mania demon can be found at MOBA unit and you barfleur level their fame or wives of the Prophet whoever of you should commit a clear immorality for her the punishment would be doubled to fold. Why?

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Because of your status, and then in the following Ayah It is said well, mania cannot mean kondalilla he will also de Ouattara mozzarella, Han, no dia, a judo hammer attaining

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and whoever of you devoutly obeys a line is messenger and does righteousness, we will give her her reward twice. So what does it show

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where the reward is great. The punishment is also great. Why? Because of the status of a person. There's a statement in the Arabic language. We should have said, work about your own Rajamouli solidity saw

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was a hot little kbd cover

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That kebabs if the big actions of who have rudderless led of a small man, of a small person, of a person who's not that important,

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his big actions are also what saw their small. Why?

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Because of his status because of his position, no matter what he does, no matter what he achieves, because his status is not that great, therefore, it's not a big deal,

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however, was a hot issue, and the small actions of legend kbT have a big person are what they're good at. They're big.

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His small actions are also big, why? Because of his big status.

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One example, and inshallah you would understand, if two people are getting married, ordinary couple, no matter how much they spend, matter where they go, no matter where they get married, does the whole world know about it? Is it a big deal? No.

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Whereas somebody from the royal family gets married, and people are concerned about what kind of hairstyle? Where is the wedding going to be, who is making the dishes, and where the food is going to be what's on the menu, and everything is given importance.

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Why? What's the difference, it's in the status, the greater the status, your small actions even are a big deal. And if your status is low, no matter what you do, it's still very small, because of who you are. So the profits or the loss of his status was not ordinary, he was a prophet of Allah. Therefore, even this action, just touching the idle slightly with his fingertips even was a big deal. It was a big deal.

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So it shows to us that he had a great responsibility upon himself.

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Now, for example, if another person is doing that, and he is tricked into a situation like that, and he makes a major error, he makes a major mistake, remember that if it's out of forgetfulness, if it's out of ignorance,

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out of not realizing that, Oh, my God, this is wrong, then he is not accountable.

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Because this is a gift of a last panel data on this oma, that whatever they do out of forgetfulness, then that is forgiven for them.

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However, if a person consciously does it, he knows that what he is doing is incorrect. Other people tell him do not do this, but still he persists on it, then depending on what level he is at, he will be held accountable. Like for example, if a person has a huge following a huge following people follow Him, people listen to him from all over the world, millions of people respond to him.

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Then he has to be careful about every action of his every statement of his

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because whatever he will say, people will take it people will follow it. So you have to be extremely careful.

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What Canada and indeed they were layer stuff as soon as they were near that layer stuff is Zuniga. They were about to drive you from where middle lt from the land.

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We have done this word earlier. yesterday. mizuna was Stef, this, what does it mean? It has various meanings of them is to uproot something or someone to move it out of its position by shaking it violently. So we're in Canada layer stuff is zoonotic, they were about to drive you from the land, which land the land of Makkah. They were about to uproot you from there. Leo, did you come in here, so that they would expand you from it, they would drive you out from the center.

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Meaning they wanted to expel the profits of the loans that um, they wanted to evict him from aka at the very beginning. They were trying from the very beginning, but they were unable to do so.

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And eventually, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did leave Makkah, it was because Allah subhanaw taala commanded him to where he then and then meaning if they were able to successfully move you out of the city, les Alba, sooner they would not remain philosophica behind you in the collision, except a little meaning even if they managed to drive you out of here. How long would they stay in Makkah? How long

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for a few years only.

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And we see that once the Prophet sallallahu Sallam left Makkah, what happened? He went to Medina, there wasn't Sonic state. There were various battles between the Muslims and the mushrikeen of Makkah. And eventually the Prophet sallallahu Sallam conquered Makkah.

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So even if they do move you out of here, they're not staying here for long.

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And we see that many of the leaders of the machine they were killed, in which battle and the Battle of buddy when the first battle, I would general was killed. Imagine

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and there were others, such as a Buddha

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And other leaders who did not even come to battle, but what happened? They died in that very city.

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If you think about all these big leaders, all these big chiefs who oppose the prophets are allowed to settle in Makkah, we don't learn much about them in later periods of the Prophet sort of Allison's life. Why? Because they died or they were killed at the very beginning.

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And this is Sonata, this is the way of who have a lot of panel data. This is established way of dealing with who man called the center of those who we sent before, meaning the messengers when we send before, this is the practice that we have had with them as well. What that when their people drove them out, very soon the people were finished.

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When the people drove their messenger out, when they attempted to harm the messenger, the people were destroyed. What did you do and you will not find listen Latina for our way that we that any alteration, that we do some new letters, how well learn and hold is to change the wheel is to transfer. So you will not find any change any alteration for our way. In other words, if these people, if they try to harm you, they will be harmed by almost a penalty.

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If they try to evict you, they will be evicted from here by who by a loss penalty. This is the Sunnah of Allah, that Allah protects his messengers. He grants them success, He grants them victory, because after all, they're messengers of who have lost.

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Who is the master of the heavens and the earth?

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dolla is

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gonna come in and

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come in,

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show you a section.

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Article. So I was really thinking about it like the eye on where if you're blind in the dream, and you'd be blind in Africa, and many times when we see people who are blind, we feel really sorry for them all, they can see this, they can't experience this, they can't see this. But we don't think about the fact that if you're blind in the religion sense wise, like you're blind to the fact that there's almost 100 out there, then you're actually the real ones who are blind. But when we think about it, we don't have that motivation. Okay, we have to give that to other people. Because in that sense, they are blind to the religion. So it just should give us like enough sense that you should

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give that out to everyone so that they open their eyes. In the literal sense. If you look at it, if somebody is blind, we feel bad for them. Why? Because they're missing out on looking at so many things. We feel really bad for them. But this kind of blindness is nothing compared to the blindness of the because of the other a person will be deprived of seeing who Allah soprano died, he will be deprived of seeing the blessings of Jana. And what is dunya compared origin It's nothing. So whatever person is unable to see this dunya

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everything that happens in Estonia last penetrated, showing something to us that you think if a person is deprived of seeing the blessings of dunya is a big deal of bigger details of a person is deprived of seeing the blessings of gender.

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I just want to add to that point that that's the sad part amongst many of us, that when somebody does have an abled body and they're fully capable of doing so many things, but they're not inclined towards the religion or the deen that nobody ever pities these people. Why? Because they have that capability. And religion is seen as something that can come easily, whereas becoming a doctor not that is something that's seen as an accomplishment. And I went to a fundraising dinner once where I forgot the name of the speaker, but he was blind and he was telling us about his life story and he was just saying how everywhere I go, I'm always pity people look at me and he's told this by his

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family, he's married he has children. And he was saying everyone always mentioned or smile look that you know he cannot see and he feels that

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Why do people pity me and you know, throughout my life, like my own parents have never pity me. And every time I tell them, oh, so and so said that I'm blind, and my parents always told me, no, you're not blind, you just can't see. And they never saw it as a defect for him. And he said that I never seen that until people reminded me of that. He said, I see so many people around me, were completely ignorant with regards to the, and there's no pity upon those people. But something that I was reflecting on was, when it comes to taking a lesson, just to think that all of us one fella can afflict us with his calamity at any point. But what's it gonna take for us to take a lesson. And

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sometimes, like, even when I'm driving on the highway, people cut you off. And sometimes you do face a near death experience. And at that moment, you are in shock. And you're listening to the radio, and you just want to know what the traffic is like, and that when you turn the radio off, and you're in charge, but Moments later, everything's all smooth sailing, and you turn the radio back on, and everything's all good in fine. So I mean, is it going to take major illness or a near death experience? Or is it going to take a tsunami I mean, when we was a couple young guys

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I was thinking about died when on the danger train, where people are going to be called by their leaders. And then handle I like, we all want to be called by Mohammed, Hassan. But when it comes to the, like, following the Sunnah, we belittle it so much, like we're like, it's just so nice to just and that's not that important. But when it comes to following other people on this video, like the people that we love, we want to follow every single thing they do. If you think of it, if somebody called us by saying that, or this person who works at such and such place, Doctor, so and so for instance, Professor so and so. It's a source of great pride for us, whatever person says, student of

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the Koran, I don't mention that

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halfhill don't mention that. We think it's embarrassing. So if you find it embarrassing in the dunya, how can we be proud of the same title in the hereafter? Whatever you truly follow in your heart, that is how you will be called on the Day of Judgment.

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Something I've learned yesterday is that Allah doesn't combine security with fear. It's either you spend your dunya fearing Allah and then in Africa, you have security, or it's either you feel secure in this dunya thought you're hosting it, and then after and you're just being

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shut off.

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I just want to share a personal experience when I went for my surgery. And I remember, the week before I was leaving, I was scared to death. I'm just thinking about

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not being able to see

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that week we were studying

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the code follow explains that he makes everything so clear for us in the sorry that I remember telling

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my surgeon

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so I was so grateful when he said someone who continually reminded me even when the term Muslim, and he said along the line he was my dad was with me and I was just oh my god, what if something goes wrong? What? And I was so scared, like, I'm looking at everything, my nails, my, my wrinkles, everything. And I was like, What if What if I lose, and I was so scared when you said

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not being able to see the face? I mean, and I remember, I was so grateful when I came back that I became a student of the girl because how else would I know who aligns? How else would I know his attributes? How else would I know he's the most loving, the most forgiving, and really cherish these moments? Because I mean, I was I really was. And when you come back to reading the Quran, you know his names, you know, his attributes, how to go to him, and face him five times a day, it

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really truly triggers because you never know, like,

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I came back I survived the surgery. And so when people ask me, you know, like, even I know people here and I want to give them a lecture, not because of the surgery, but I want to really give them that that was a really awakening moment for me personally, because I was like, What if I lost my sight, and like you said it would have been a great way of emulation because I would have been like, I can't see.

00:24:16 --> 00:24:18

I can't see the Krishna.

00:24:19 --> 00:24:35

And many times such moments come in every person's life, every individual's life, where a lot of primetime shows us the value of the blessings that He has given to us. And if we still don't take a lesson, then it is only we who are to me, it is only our fault.

00:24:36 --> 00:24:40

What are the interpretations of this is that a person who is blind to the blessings of almost

00:24:41 --> 00:24:49

anything he sees them, yet he is not grateful for them, then he will be blind to the blessings of, of the hereafter.

00:24:51 --> 00:24:59

One of the things through which I've also pointed out has given preference to human beings as the article that He has given. And with this article, we're supposed to worship alone.

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Supposed to reflect on the blessings that he has bestowed on us and use them in a way that is appropriate, not turning away from him. Because if we turn away from him that is in gratitude for one of the greatest blessings that He has given to us. If you compare yourself to people who have some neurological problems and disability, they're unable to move, they're unable to get up, they're unable to sit properly, they're unable to speak, they're unable to, you know, eat this recently, somebody had sent me this blog in which this woman had written about her child who had

00:25:34 --> 00:25:53

cerebral palsy. So because of that, he is unable to move or anything. When he was born, he wasn't even able to eat himself, or take milk himself, there was a tube that was put in his stomach through which the food would be given to the child. Now that he had learned how to sit, when he sits up, if he fell onto the side, he would not be able to get up himself.

00:25:55 --> 00:25:56

Just imagine,

00:25:57 --> 00:26:00

if you have a call that functions properly,

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that your body is connected, you can send messages, and within moments, you can accomplish so many things. It's such a big blessing. But still if we don't see these blessings, if we don't value them, and this is the height of gratitude,

00:26:16 --> 00:26:17

and gratitude.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses from the beginning.

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Tikka Chateau La ilaha illa Anta

Al-Isra 66-77 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 73-77

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