Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 15 – L145D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of speaking certain words in relation to one's relationship with others is discussed, including the use of words to make people feel the best and make people feel the worst. The success of daily life is emphasized, along with the importance of being informed of one's actions and avoiding delusion. The hesitation of individuals seeking relief from the pandemic and fear of punishment from the Prophet is also discussed, along with the need to fulfill needs and avoid becoming a harpoon. The importance of transferring harm and achieving relief is emphasized, along with hesitation towards transferring from one place to another and seeking relief.
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Hello humans shivling rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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Allah number 53

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Welcome Larry Birdy. yaku Letty here arson and tell my servants to say that which is best, oh Prophet sallallahu wasallam tell my servants, meaning my believing servants, that your kulu they should speak

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whenever they speak, what should they say allottee that which meaning and kalama to look at the statement that is, here it is a person is best, whenever they speak, they should speak 1000 words. Why? Because English hate on it, indeed the shaitan What does he do jacobina home, he induces evil among them.

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He is his objective is to create discord between people.

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And how does he do that? By inciting people to say bad words and by making people miss understand one another. And when that happens, when there is miscommunication, there is misunderstanding there's rudeness and words it translates into actions and people become rude with one another. And when it turns into actions, then what happens it leads to fights and leads to arguments. And when a person's relationship with someone is not healthy, then it will affect the rest of his life as well. And chatline, he comes to us how, by making our relationships bad with other people. Why because initially, Atlantic Canada and insanity are the one we'll be in Indeed, the headline is ever to the

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human being a clear enemy, there is no doubt about the enmity that chatline has towards the human being.

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Over here, last panel data tells us that we should speak certain words, or certain words has been understood in two ways over here.

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That first of all, that the believers should speak

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certain words, meaning when they're doing Dawa, when they're giving Dawa when they're calling people to Allah soprano data.

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How should they give it through good words? And good words itself is understood as that what a llama. Because the best statement is that statement through which a person is being invited to a loss into the facility that is 33 we learn woman is no colon, who is better in speech, meaning whose speech is best, may Mandara Illa, then the one who calls people to Allah.

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So the best speech is what? What is it? calling people because a person who has been given the ability to speak, he can speak for different reasons. You speak for different reasons. Sometimes you speak to promote what you're doing. Sometimes you speak to defend yourself. Sometimes you speak to request something.

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You speak for different reasons. But the best time that you could speak is when when you're calling someone to almost a parameter.

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And secondly, accent over here has been understood as an everyday conversation. When you're conversing with one another. When you're talking to one another, use good words, use the best words, from your vocabulary, use the best words that you can use. And best does not mean that which is very difficult to understand. But best means that which is going to be very easy for the other person to take. That is going to make him happy when he listens to those words, he's not going to be offended, he's not going to be hurt. He's not going to begin to wonder what did she mean by that statement?

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It's easy for the listener to say good words, say easy words in a good manner. Because inner shaitana yen's obey know whom yendo is from NASA and NASA is to incite evil to create fitna between people.

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This is his objective, then he wants that you should say harsh words, that you should say rude words that you should say ambiguous words, so that the other person misunderstands you, or the other person gets offended.

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And when he will get offended, what's going to happen your relationship is going to get affected.

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It's going to be negatively affected. In the shaitana yen's albena, home,

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in Atlantic Canada in Sani, or the we're moving.

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So we learn in this verse, a very beautiful principle with regards to our daily life and also with regard to our eternal success. And what is that principle that when we use our tongue, we should use it to call people to Allah.

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And when we use our tongue, we should say that which is good.

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Because this tongue that Allah has given us will be questioned about that as well over the gentlemen, it's a blessing, and we should use it not abuse it.

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I remember once a teacher advised someone was going to teach the Quran, she said that this tongue that is used to teach the Quran should not be used to hurt people should not be used to abuse people.

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This tongue that Allah has given you, through which you recite the Quran, you do the recitation of the Quran, you go and tell people you go and share good things with people don't use it to abuse people as well.

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Because this would be disrespect. Do the work that you're taking from this.

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Because if something is used for a good purpose, you only use it for a good purpose. You don't make it dirty. You don't make it filthy. By using it for a bad purpose.

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To the stung, is an object that Allah has given you to recite his column with don't say words that are going to please the shapes that are going to create the score between people.

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And we see that off the best speech that a person can utter

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is what calling people to a loss of printer.

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You see, many times when people have something, and they want to sell it, what do they do? They use marketing. And with marketing, they can make the most useless of things appear to be very useful. They make it seem as though it's a solution to all your problems in your life. Like I don't know how your particular food that you eat could be so effective in your life, that it would affect your relationship with other people to the extent that they will come to you they will come after you. You know it doesn't make sense sometimes how people advertise certain products.

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So we see that it's all about words. The words that you use, they can make something appear to be very valuable and they can make something appear to be very insignificant.

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So when you are promoting the Quran, when you are telling people about the Quran, use wisdom, use powerful words, use good words and use this tongue to call people to Allah soprano that

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you use the Stan to promote yourself, why not promote the thing?

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We learnt earlier and so the natural Iowan 25 odor lsvt. Rob Baker bill Hekmati. Well, morality has entity which I did humility.

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And all of us think that the standard Allah has given me I use it so much to talk.

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Think about it, how much we talk every single day. But how much of our talking is used for calling people to Allah?

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Think about it.

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Some people Allah has given them this gift of speaking very well. They're very effective in their speech. They're very tactful. They're very good. So they should use this ability to serve today. Similarly, some people have the ability to draw very well. They're excellent artists, excellent artists, do you see a piece of their art and you're impressed? You're very impressed by it. You wonder which perfectionist or which artists drew that picture. But many times we see it's amateur artists. So if somebody has been given that ability, what should they use it for? Use it for the Dean of a loss.

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If a person has been given the ability to write well, what should they use it for? For the deen of Allah, because that is the best way of being grateful for the blessing for the special gift that Allah gave you. Think about it, Allah give that gift to you. Other people don't have it. You can write so well. Other people can write that way you can draw so other people can do that, no matter how many times they make. So when you have been given a special gift, should you not use it to serve the Dean of law.

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Use it. That is gratitude.

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from Ireland when your Lord is most knowing, become with you.

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Your Lord knows you very well. Your Lord is most knowing of you, not other people, not you yourself, who knows you. Allah knows. Now this ayah is directly connected with the previous I

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in the previous ayah. What do we learn? called people to Allah say 1000 words. When you go to a party, you talk a lot, but in your conversations, also call people to the dean say 1000 words. Now sometimes when you're doing Dawa, what happens people begin to ask you questions.

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And sometimes those questions are such that if you answer them correctly, people are going to get very offended.

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Like, for example, the machine of Makkah, they would say to the prophets or Amara Salah

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That those people who commit should you say they will end up in Hellfire? So are you saying that all of our forefathers will end up in Hellfire?

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What's the answer? Technically? Yes.

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But if you say that answer people are going to get offended to you're saying that my father is in hellfire.

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You're saying that my grandfather is in hellfire. You say that your father your grandfather is in hellfire. That's very offensive. seminary people come and ask weird questions. They put you in a situation where you If you answer, you will turn away from the DEA. And if you don't answer, you're going to be misinforming them.

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So you are in a dilemma? What should you do?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, tell them that at such point, instead of giving answers yourself, tell them or have become Ireland. Your Lord knows very well.

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Allah is fully aware, I am here only to tell you not to tell you about the destiny of people. Not to tell you about the fate of people about the end result of people

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Asia or Hong Kong, if you will take and have mercy on you.

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Oh, or in your shed, if you will, your neighbor can punish you. It's up to him, because reward and punishment are entirely whose decision of loss.

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Well, my other son Luca, and we have not sent you a prophet sallallahu wasallam are laying him upon them working as a manager, wakita Zoo, someone on whom tawakkol isn't someone who makes the final decisions, someone who executes whatever has to be accomplished.

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So you are not sent as it were keel over the people, meaning your job is only to convey, you have not been sent to tell people you're going to heaven and you're going to *. No, your job is to tell people what they should be doing. And we should remember this as well. Whenever we are doing our instead of giving fatwa to people, this person is very righteous and this person is misguided. And this person is going to Hellfire and this person is up there. We are not meant to make such decisions. Our job is to just convey our job is to tell people what they're supposed to do. It's to give warning, and to give good news not to tell them about their fate.

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In total, last year, I had 21 and 22. We learned for that kid in number 10 with a kid less than or lay him be Muslim.

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So remind your only a reminder, and you are not over them a controller, you have not been sent over the people as a controller to control them to force them to accept and to say that you're going to heaven Are you going to help? This is not your job. So what lesson do we learn from this is that when we are given power, and we're put in a situation in a very difficult situation, then what should we do? We should just say Allah knows best. Allahu Allah. Accept that you don't know. And really you don't know. Because at the end of the day, it's a lost decision. He can send whoever he wants to do agenda and whoever he wants to to hellfire. It's up to him. It's his decision. No one

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can question him. No one can objected his decision. So leave the matter to him.

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And also, another very important point that do not delve into the argument. Just remember your role, you're not there to argue. You're only there to convey and who's the judge allies to judge

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what a book Arlen will endure, Lord is most knowing the man for sumati will have whoever that is in the heavens and the earth. Any creature that is in the heavens that is in the earth, who knows very well about it? Almost. Why? Because he is their Creator. He has created all of them. We don't even know how many things there are, how many people there are, how many ants there are, we have no idea. We have no idea about what exactly they are. We don't know where they live. We don't know what they do. We don't know who knows Allah subhanho wa Taala called the fat burner and certainly we have preferred barber Nabina. Some prophets are the barrel over others. What attina the Buddha's a Buddha

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and we gave to the would suppose

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in this ayah there is the reputation of another objection of the people of Makkah. The people of Makkah would say that if someone was to be made a prophet, why this man, why Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam because he was not the chief of a tribe. He was not someone who was very wealthy. He didn't have any kind of authority.

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We'd heard instead of zakharov, number 31, that the people would say, well, carlu Lola and Mozilla had an allegedly middle Korea taneous Lee, why was the prime not sent down upon a great man from one of the two cities and the two cities what they meant by that was maka and by because remember, it was the people of Makkah decoration after them, it was the people of thought, if, who were, you can say, the great powers of Arabia. And after the conquest of Makkah, there was threat from the people of thought, which is why the prophets all of a sudden went there.

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So they would say that how come some great men from Macau or a thief was not selected for Prophethood? Why this man, so a Lost Planet, Allah says that Allah is most knowing of whoever is in the heavens and the earth. He knows his creation very well. And he knows who is deserving of prophethood and who is not.

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So if the profits are allowed a certain was chosen, that was not a mistake, it was not an error. It was based on the knowledge of of loss of

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bank was there are some people today who say that actually, the profit was supposed to be a little bit.

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This is what they say. And the angel was mistaken, or Allahu Rn, and what they say what they say they're actually the Prophet was supposed to be a little they don't, this was not a mistake. This is Prophethood. This is revelation, Allah subhanaw taala sent an angel who was a mean, who is trustworthy, how could such a big error be made, maybe you can make an error like that, but not the engine of the loss of final data. This is a big deal. So Allah knows very well about his creation and if he has chosen someone for Prophethood, it is not by mistake, it is based on his knowledge.

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And the fact is, that between profits as well as a loss of panatela has preferred some over the other. So if this preference is there, amongst profits, then this preference is there amongst normal people as well.

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That when some profits have been given more than the others or something unique compared to the others, then amongst people as well, there is one man who is given Prophethood by Allah subhanaw taala and the rest are not given. And all of this is based on what on the wisdom of Allah soprano.

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With regards to the diff lien between the prophets of Allah, we see that prophets were raised above one another in different ways that Allah soprano data gave to one prophet which he did not give to another prophet.

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Like for example, Adam or they said him Allah subhanaw taala created with his own hands on hands via Dania remember. Similarly, new harness around all of people now come from whose descendants new hairdresser he was given this preference Ibrahim race and I was given the gift of friendship with the head of local Ibrahima kalila.

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Masada Santa a las panatela spoke to him directly. We're Carla mama who said that Lima.

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So they manually said I was given the ability to understand the speech of animals, birds, and other prophets were not given that ability. Similarly restarted, Cena was given the special gift of being born without a father.

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Similarly, we see that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was given the gift of what

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the theme of this surah

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is Surah and Murat, he was given that gift. So if you think that this is very strange, Allah subhanaw taala gave gifts to his prophets and this is the gift that He has given to him what sort of lives

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what attina the Buddha is a Buddha and we gave to the RSM, the

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auditor say, call upon alladhina those beings who there are certain that you claim you assert min Dhoni besides meaning you claim that they are Gods besides that they deserve worship, besides.

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And these beings could be anything that is worshipped Besides,

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whether it is an inanimate object, like an idol, or it is an angel or a prophet of Allah, or a person who has died or Jin Se call upon those whom you claim as Gods besides Him, call upon them. If you do so, follow em licona they do not possess cash from Dudley uncom. They do not possess the ability for removal of adversity from you. They don't have any ability to remove any load from you what is the harm that is suffered by a person in his body or in his

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knifes or in his circumstances, remember that what is the

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harm, a detriment a suffering that a person is experiencing were in his body in his burden, physical suffering physical ailment in his knifes life For example, emotional, mental, psychological.

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And similarly in his circumstances, like, for example, wealth or situation that he's in. So, if you call upon others, besides a lot, they can not remove the load from you while at the Wheeler, nor are they capable to transfer it to someone else, that we learn from the divers

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how well learn how and how old is what

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to surround

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and how to use for a year. And we go through the structure of the wheel, the wheel is delete modification, alteration,

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it is to transfer from one point to another, from one place to another. Because when something is transferred from one place to another, a lot of changes take place, a lot of alteration takes place. And if you connect this meaning with hole hole is what a year in a year, so many changes happen. So many things change, people don't remain the same. So these beings are not even able do transfer to shift your problem from you to someone else who has the power to remove the load or to transfer it to someone else who own the loss.

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So the reality is that only a loss of penalty has the ability to remove harm. Or if you take it away from a person or to transfer it or to bestow any good, no one else besides Allah has that authority. And those beings whom you call upon, thinking that they can bring you relief, almost a penalty Allah says Allah, Ecuador's a levina are those who you're the owner, they call upon meaning those beings whom they call upon

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Yeah, the owner in the other owner there refers to the machine okay. So those beings alladhina the owner whom these wishes again call upon, what is the reality of these beings? What are they doing? They themselves are Yeah, but the hoonah ll be human were sila. They seek means of access to their Lord.

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They themselves are trying to get closer to Allah soprano.

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So how can they do anything to benefit you? How can they remove any arm from you when they themselves are needy before?

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Yeah, but the hoonah they seek it out bring him to the Lord Allah sila, what does vasila mean?

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We have done this word earlier we'll see that is

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a means of approach a means of attaining nearness to someone.

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And giratina salutely. He said that Alessia is that which brings one closer to Allah. Technically, what is it? An action that brings a person closer to a loss of what is it an act of worship, an act of obedience. So all of these beings are in reality trying to get closer to Allah, a human which of them is closest, meaning all of them try to get closer to a loss of friends.

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If you look at it, the angels What are they doing? glorifying Allah worshipping Allah the prophets what do they do? They worshiped Allah the righteous people. What do they do they also worship Allah soprano Dada and if you think about the inanimate objects we learned earlier than were in min che in LA you submit her behind the even there are busy glorifying Allah soprano Tara, worshiping Him. So when they are needy before Allah, how can they fulfill your need? Well jr Amato, and they hope for his mercy, way a harpoon and they fear or their Bahu his punishment. In this part of the ayah, a perfect servant of Allah is described,

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who is the servant of Allah, that he tries to attain nearness to Allah? he busies himself in the worship of Allah to get closer to him, because he hopes for the mercy of Allah and thirdly, he fears the punishment.

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This is when art is in a beaker indeed the punishment of your Lord kanima Dora, it is ever to be cautious of Macedon. newletters. had that or hated Kudo hendricken What does that mean? precaution. So hey, there is such fear in which a person is very careful, alert. He is trying to protect himself from some danger. So much

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That which is to be guarded against that which is worthy of being feared.

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So we see that in this ayah, Allah subhanaw taala refutes shake in another way. What are the seraphina? How? That those beings whom you worship besides Allah, they are busy worshiping Allah themselves. If you look at it, all the messengers, they wanted newness to Allah, and the one who is seeking nearness to Allah Himself, how can he make you here?

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Because the machine what would they say that we are only worshipping these idols to attain closeness to Allah? But the fact is that if someone himself is trying to get close, and how can they bring you close? How is it possible? If they themselves are needy, then how can they make you free of need? How can they fulfill your need? Because people are selfish. Like, for example, if you hire an agent to purchase a house, and he himself is also looking for a house, it's possible that he finds a house which you know, meets your requirements, and instead of telling you what is he going to do, he's conducted himself, and later on, you find out he actually found that out for you and he didn't tell

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you about it. How do you feel cheated? This is not fair. So someone who is needy himself, he is concerned about himself first, he doesn't care about you. He doesn't care about you at all. So all of these people, all of these beings from your worship besides Allah, they are dependent, they are needy before him.

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And we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam at the Battle of but he made the how you yaka you, there are medical studies I need your your general motto. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also feared the punishment of Allah. So many times in the Muslim doors, what do we learn, save us from the punishment, or the becoming a journeyman and working our way up? And we're not sure either, but we fear your punishment so many times it is mentioned in various eras. So if the Prophet himself was needy at the mercy of Allah himself, he feared the punishment of law, and not just the Prophet, the angels even when they fear the punishment of Allah into the natural if we learn Johar funaro boom

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info for him. So then how can they fulfill your needs?

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