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Al-Isra 40-60 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 58-60


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of showing the power of loss of data and consciousness to avoid punishment and create " HELOC." They also discuss the use of " Velcro slretches" to make people feel fearful of their actions and establish the physical presence of the Prophet sallavi in order to establish the "hasn't been dreamed," meaning that people do not have the idea that it is just a dream, but a physical experience. The "hasn't been dreamed," meaning that people do not have the idea that it is just a dream, but a physical "hasn't been dreamed," meaning that people do not have the idea that it is just a dream, but a physical "hasn't been dreamed," meaning that people do not have the idea that it is just a dream, but a physical "hasn't been dreamed," meaning that people do not have the idea that it is just a dream, but a physical "hasn't
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What am in Korea and there is no Korea there is no town in LA except now we move Lika wants to destroy it. Monaco is actually more licona and the singular is more like so there is no city in Santa Monica except that we're going to destroy it How? By giving it debt. Now remember that the word HELOC or a lakh generally is used for destruction. But remember that this word is also used for deaths.

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Okay, any evidence

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out akuna minal halycon. The people said to use a fairly Sam's Father jacobellis and and that you will continue to remember use of until you will be out akuna Minal, Halloween and Halloween. So, those who die similarly, we learned earlier in in Rouen halakhah. If a man dies, and he leaves behind some property, then that is going to be divided in particular way. So the word HELOC, a HELOC is not just used for destruction, but it's also used for that.

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So there is no town there is no city there are no people except that we're going to finish it by giving it that when Cobra Yeomans piano before the day of judgment, in other words, no people are going to remain eternal in the studio.

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Anyone who comes to this dunya has to be Omar or the Buddha or one to punish it, or it was actually more evil. So either it's going to die, it's natural death, or it's going to be punished by a loss.

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Or they haven't shed even a severe punishment. Why? Why will they be punished because of their own wrongdoing? Because we have learned earlier and many places in the Quran, that when people they do wrong, then what happens the punishment of a loss of data comes upon them.

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Canada alika that is Phil kitabi. In the book, mistura, one inscribed, which book

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no Homer fools, this is recorded, this is fixed in the local muffles. What? That every nation, every city, every people, is either going to die, its natural depth, or it's going to be punished by almost

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no nation, no city, no town, no population is staying in this dunya forever,

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which shows to us that when people are nations, or cities, they are finished, perhaps by a natural disaster, or disease or something like that, then we should not just generalize that they have been punished by a loss.

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We should take a lesson. Definitely we should. And we should think about what kind of wrongs were rampant over there so that we can avoid those in order to be saved from the punishment of Allah. However, we cannot say that yes, these people were definitely punished by

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the people whom Allah subhanaw taala has informed us about that is understood. But after that, we cannot say that if a person has died a difficult death, see, he has been punished by Allah. If a person is suffering from illness, see, he's been punished by Allah. No. Because it's either a process of natural death, or it is a punishment of Allah. And we don't know. So we should not pass judgments. Our duty is to take a lesson and do something before death approaches us.

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One moment, our honor, and nothing has prevented us and lucila that we sent bill it with the science, ma'am, and I know nothing has prevented us to send the signs with signs, the signs that have been requested by the people of NACA, meaning wherever ready to send them. But the only thing that prevents us from sending these is from showing these miracles is because in law except on that customer behalf, he denied it, who denied it alone, the former people and the former people what happened, they requested that they should be shown miracles, when they were shown miracles, what did they do? They rejected and when they rejected what happened, the punishment of a lot descended upon

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them. So if these people as well, if they're shown the miracles and still didn't I then what's going to happen? What's going to happen? The punishment is when descend upon them. And Allah subhanaw taala when he sent the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what was the mission? The US hero who Allah did equally, Well, okay, El Capitan, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent so that their religion would be established.

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It would be established, because you see previously whenever a profit was sent, and the people rejected, people were destroyed, finished.

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Over, a chapter in history was over. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent to bring about a change, to bring about a change to establish the religion of Allah because he was a final messenger. So this is why the miracles that the machine of Makkah demanded they were not shown to them because if they would reject, they will be finished. And after the prophets are about a seven, no other messenger was going to come.

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An example is given over here now, what entertainer Samudra, Nakata and we gave the people of some mood that she can, as what as a miracle mobile slate often as a visible sign.

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And remember the word muktsar. mapset has two meanings, one that is visible, clear in itself. And secondly, one that makes the other see one that gives visibility one that gives sight.

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So the she camel itself was a beginner, it was a clear, evident miracle. And at the same time, it also made the people see the truth. It enabled the people to see the truthfulness

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of the messenger. But what are the people who follow them will be here, but they did injustice with it. What was their injustice? That they killed her?

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They killed her woman Oh, SEIU and we do not send bill it with the signs is that the halifa except one except to frighten over here. The reason behind sending miracles as mentioned that Why are miracle sent? What's the reason to warn the people, the leaf, the leaf is hollow fell out of fear, the wave do arouse fear, to frighten, to make fearful. This is the reason behind sending miracles to warn people. Why don't people have worked, that if they don't believe in the punishment is going to come

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to show to them the power of a loss of data through the miracle so that they become fearful of his punishment,

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that if a law can show this to us, then he can also send a great punishment on us. So this is the objective of sending the miracle. And the people of Makkah, why do they want to see the miracles just to be amused? This is not why miracles are sent to amuse people to impress people. No. This is not the objective. The objective is to warn people.

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Um, I haven't recorded that event or vessel Darren who said that the people of America, they asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to turn the mount of software into gold for them, and to remove the mountains from all around Makkah so that they could cultivate the land.

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And they said, if you're really a prophet, make this happen.

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Now think about this miracle.

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If the mount is turned into gold, who's going to use that gold?

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And as the mountains are going to be removed? Who's going to cultivate that land and benefit from it the people of Makkah?

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Does this serve the purpose of the miracle? The purpose of the miracle is to show the truth to people not to that people are entertained, and they begin to enjoy their lives. But the people of Makkah they had a different objective.

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So the profits are modest, and I was told by Allah subhanaw taala that if you wish, I will be patient and give them more time.

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Or if you wish, I will do what they're asking. But if they then disbelieve, they will be destroyed as the nations before them were destroyed. So the prophets of Allah seldom said, LA, Bella, Stephanie be him know Be patient and give them more time is that money from a noon Indian time in and give them more time. So then this I was revealed?

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What is galenica and when we set to you, in not a burger, indeed your Lord, a hell of a nurse. He has encompassed two people, meaning and remember when we said to you or prophets, autoloaders alum, that indeed your Lord has encompass the people. What does the word he helped me to completely surround how, in different ways from outside, but this is used in a tangible sense as well as in the intangible sense, in the tangible sense that you're completely surrounded that they cannot escape,

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or similarly that they're completely surrounded in your vision, that nothing at all escapes your vision.

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Like for example, imagine a building under complete surveillance. Anywhere you go. Any place you can be seen, by who

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by the people who are watching those cameras in front of whom are all those screens.

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I told you like their cameras over here as well. Be careful.

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So, however, is to completely surround so that none can escape or keep under complete. surveil.

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Or keep in knowledge be fully aware. So it heltah Is it me? Yeah. through knowledge. It is berseria through Bossa. And it's also through power. So in Naropa, a hell of a nurse, he has completely encircled the people in knowledge in power, he has complete control over them, therefore, deliver the message without any fear. They cannot harm you.

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He is watching them. He has knowledge about their activities. He knows them more than they know themselves. They cannot do you any harm. Go and do your job.

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One major honor. And we did not make a route here. Division allottee. That which arena, we showed you? The vision that we showed you.

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It was only inlet except fitness illness, a trial for the people. What does it mean by the word root? Yeah.

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The word root Yeah, is actually used for a dream. Remembering to do so we learned the word root Yeah, is actually used for a dream.

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But then it's not just limited to that meaning. It's also used for seeing something

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while a person is awake, physically seeing something.

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And over here, a vote yeah refers to what the prophets are allowed to set him saw at the SLR and the mirror image. And when he saw all of that,

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by his own eyes, he came and he informed the people about it.

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Now this thing, all of that that he saw, and he came and told people about it. What was this a big fitna for the people, a big test a big trial. What trial trial imagine

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that those who believed some became shaky, and those who didn't believe they became more strong in their denial in their rejection in their coffers.

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So this route Yeah, what we showed you when we took you on the night journey, and for the ascension, this was only a fitna for the people. A test for the people was shadow and the tree. Which tree Alma Luna, the one that is cursed filco and in the Quran, which tree is this? The Tree of the comb,

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the tree of the comb, which grows in Hellfire, and that is mentioned in the Quran. This tree is also a photographer that

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went to Hawaii for him and we frightened them familiars Ito Illa Kabira, but it does not increase them, except in the Leann in rebellion. That is great.

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Remember that the sola was revealed when the opposition against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was very intense. Remember, it was after the Islam and Islam was when, after the Prophet sort of artisan vicissitudes of life

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so imagine how much the opposition had intensified for the prophets of autism.

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He was facing rejection, so much that he had to leave Makkah and go to five to see if he could find shelter over there. He was rejected from there as well.

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And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was given the gift, he was taken on the journey of Islam.

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And when the prophet SAW that a lot of them came, and he informed the people of what had happened the next day. What happened? The people began mocking

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the people began rejecting him even more, and some who had believed became shaky in their faith. But what should we remember that Subhana he is glorified, nothing is difficult for him.

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So here, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is being encouraged that yes, you may think that things have become more difficult for you since this incident. However, remember that your Lord completely encircled people, they cannot do you any harm. Remember the incident when you recited the Quran, and the wife will have came to harm you. She wasn't even able to see you. In Naropa health of illness, you are under his protection. So go and do your job and do not fear people.

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And over here, the wisdom behind the Islam in Mirage has mentioned that why was the Prophet sallallahu Sallam taken on this journey?

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When he was already given all that knowledge? Why was he made to see all of that

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this was a test for the people.

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Al Bukhari has recorded that even or basaran, who said about the route here, that this is the vision which the Messenger of Allah saw with his own eyes on the night when he was taken on the night journey.

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This is the vision that he saw with his

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own eyes on the night that he was taken on the Niger. Now some people say, because of this word Rukia

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that the ESA and mer lodge were actually just a dream. It wasn't really a physical experience. And the evidence that they use is this word who here. But the fact is that we learned earlier in the first episode of Bani Israel, how this was not a dream, but rather it was a physical experience. And not just from that idea, but from the reports from the various ahaadeeth as well, what does it show to us that it was actually a physical experience? Similarly, the statement of Mr. bassel that I had that I just mentioned to you, what does that show? It was a physical experience.

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And besides over here, the reason behind the UI, as mentioned and what is that, that it's a fitna

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Tell me, a person can dream anything, isn't it? You can dream, the craziest of things. And if you tell people, they will not doubt you, they will just say Oh, it was only a dream and forget about it.

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So why is it that this dream if you say it's a dream became such a big deal for the people? It wouldn't be a big deal if the profits are of answered him said it was a dream only.

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He said that this was a physical experience, which is why it became a fitness for the people, which is why it was a big test for them. It was a trial for them.

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And it was this vision this night journey that became a trial for them. And another thing that also became a trial for the people. And what was that? The shedra Maroon FL clan which is a shadow is a coup.

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We learned through the divine number 43 and 44. That Inner Shadow does the Kumi tion will assume that indeed the tree of the comb is food for the sinful insert of soft fat is 64 and 66. We learn in shadow rotten, the hood up Aslan jehane. Talia ruhakana, who also shellene for in the homeless Aki Luna minha family Unum in hell boon.

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Indeed, it is a tree issuing from the bottom of the hellfire. So it grows in hellfire. And it's emerging fruit is as if it was heads of the devil, something extremely ugly. And the head of the devil How do you imagine it?

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How do you imagine it with two horns. Similarly, the fruit is definitely filled with a lot of what? thorns right. And indeed they will eat from it and fill it with their buddies. It is said that when this ayah was revealed when these verses were revealed, describing the shadows of Abu Jamal, he mocked a lot. And he said, bring us some dates and butter. And he started eating them and saying, Let us have some Zaku. We don't know any other is a boon. But this this was a big fitna and was also a fitna for them, that they said, How can there be a tree where there is fire jahannam is alpha and you say there is going to be a tree over there. So this became a big fitna for the people. If you

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look at it, the Islamic and the Zaku. Both of them are related to what matters of the unseen.

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They're related to the matters of the light. And it became difficult for the people to comprehend, therefore, their disbelief they rejected, they refuse to accept it.

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Even today, what happens with people, sometimes something with regards to the matters of the unseen, becomes very difficult for them to accept, they cannot comprehend it, and they cannot accept it. And because of that, they leave the religion or they reject parts of the religion.

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But the fact is that believing in LA is one of the first conditions that we have to fulfill in order to be believers in order to benefit from the Quran. What do we learn at the beginning of

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hudl, moutain alladhina. University who believe in the unseen

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because a true believer, what does he think that if my lord is telling me it's true, even if I cannot comprehend it, even if I cannot understand it, even if I cannot imagine it? If my lord is telling me it has to be true. The deficiency is in my in my intellect. And if a person realizes the perfection of Allah, He truly understands the meaning of sapan Allah, then he can never doubt anything that his rub is informing anything that Allah has said, which is why we see that aboubaker of the learner when he heard, what did he say?

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That if he said it, it's true, because I believe that revelation comes to him from the heavens, which is something much more serious. You know, and if he says that he went from

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journey in a part of the night, that's very easy for me to believe in.

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And we see that many things that were completely unknown before to the people that were completely unimaginable. They're possible today.

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Like, for example before, nobody could imagine that you could just pick up a thing, a square piece of metal. And you could speak to someone who is 1000s and 1000s of miles away from you. If you would tell somebody something like that they would laugh at your face. When we see that it's happening everywhere. Today, you pick up a phone, and you call someone who is in another country far away. And you can speak to them very easily. If people can make fireproof clothing, fireproof stuff, then why is it not difficult for a lot of panatela to make a fireproof tree? Why do we think that certain things are difficult for a lot, they're not difficult for a lot. If we can travel on a plane, within

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an hour or two, within 14 hours, we can go from west to east, within a few hours, less than 24 hours we can cross the word we can travel so far, then why? Why is it difficult for a lot to take as messenger in a part of the night for a journey. It's not difficult for him.

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So we see that believing in the unseen is a part of human and those people who don't believe in the unseen who don't trust their Lord, then what happens? What happens to them, the matters of the unseen they become a great fit enough for them, they become a great trial for them. Success isn't submitting to Allah, not in submitting to your aka because if you submit your article, you will always wonder you will always remain confused. And if you submit to a loss of data, then you'll be contented satisfied.

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Mr. fuga wanted to be like a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.