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An-Nahl 96-113 Translation 96-113

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Wa salli. ala rasulillah him karimabad fairuza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, rubbish Shashi, so did he wear Sidley, Emery, Washington etc melissani of kahuku be open as you can imagine.

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Lesson number 139 pseudo to natural eye number 96 to 113

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math whatever in the comb is with you then further it will end warmer and whatever in this is with Allahu Allah burping one that remains one that will last well and Leonard Xena surely we will definitely reward and Medina those who saw better they were patient as you know home they reward the assignee with best more what can oh they were yamalube they do

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man whoever amela he did sadly hand righteous men from record in a male or a female was worth while he is what minion a believer seminarian now who then surely we will definitely make him live higher than a life for you button good 100 Xena home and surely we will definitely reward them digital home their reward be eseni McCann we are Milan with best of what they used to do for either so when

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you recited the Quran, First there is the name seek refuge with the loss of final data. I'm going to shape it regime from the shavon who is a cursed in no indeed he Lisa it is not legal for him so far known any authority on alladhina amanu unbelievers are are learned upon about behavior to work alone they trust upon their innama indeed, Norbert Soltani who has authority and albena on those people who are well known or who they befriend him while Latina in Brazil home they be here with him machete cone wanzhou associate what either and when, but then we changed a attend a verse mechanic in place I think of a verse or law when the law or level is most knowing female with what university

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Louis sends down all notices in the mail indeed not but until you are most one who fabricates by rather subtle who most of them lay on the moon they do not know.

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Say Missoula who he brought it down through spirit and kudos the pure men from Rob Baker, your Rob been helped with the truth. Loser beta so he makes from Medina those who are new they believed were hidden and a guidance rubbish law and good news live muslimeen for those who submit

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was called and certainly now we know and the home that indeed the Yoko Luna they say in the MA indeed not that you are limo guru, he teaches him by Sharon, amen. Listen down language and the Z of who you introduce, they refer to they wrongly attribute in IE to it Algerian foreign, non Arab or has this lesser known tongue language or other unit Arabic will been clear

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in the indeed and Medina those who lead not you'd be known as they believe the FT with vs Allahu Allah land not yet de him He guides them Allahu Allah when our home and for them are there been a punishment anyone painful

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in nama indeed now but yesterday he fabricates and KD weapon I am the Dean of those who learn not you may know that they believe the fit with vs allottee of

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America and those whom they are and carry won't deniers.

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Man whoever cafaro he disbelieved the Mahi in Allah, men from Baldy after he man he has believed a man except man who Oakley her he was forced or called guru and his heart was in no one content. Then even with the belief when I came but man who shadow her he opened the grocery with the disbelief, sovereign chest, for our name so upon them harbor bone anger, main from a law a law when a home and for them our dragon a punishment or we will grade

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their liquor that the unknown because indeed this is to have both their preferred inherit the life adonia of the world

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and the hereafter or under and that Indeed Allah Allah land not

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Yeah, the guides are around the people and carefully the disbelieving.

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Winner equals and the Drina are those who Toba he sealed Allahu Allah. Allah upon guru became their hearts wisdom or him and their hearing were upsetting him and their sights were Ola eco and those home they are alcohol free load the heedless ones. ledger almost assuredly no doubt unknown indeed they fill in the hereafter home they are

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the losers.

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So more than in indeed Rebecca Europe, Linda Medina, for those who have immigrated main from Bali after mer that 14 they waited to trial or 40 No, they are persecuted. So more than jaha do they stroll or Subaru and they will patient in the indeed of Becker Europe main from body hair after it level foreign surely most forgiving, Brahim on most merciful

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yoga on day 30 it will come every medicine soul to God will it argues on about Nazi hair itself or to offer and it will be given in full every month since all male whatever I mean not a did. We're home and they lead not Yokomo moon they will be wronged

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or bearable and his truck Allahu Allah matalon an example or the attorney of a town cabinet It was a militant one secure not to my inner one satisfied yet he had it comes to risk will have its provision rather than abundantly main from Cali every McCarran in place. factor for us. So if denied the unknown with blessings Allahu Allah, forever call her so he made it taste Allahu Allah lieberson craving and jewel of the hunger will hope and the fear they may have because of what can be they were you're smarter than they do

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when occurred and certainly Jehovah came to them or sooner a messenger main home from them.

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But they denied him or her home so it sees them Irabu the punishment or home and they Wally moon wants to do wrong.

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That's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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homea una

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una de la Jeremy

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There you go

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let's see what was known as

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