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An-Nahl 22-40 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 36-40

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What are the vajrasana? And certainly, we had raised frequently omitted in every oma in every nation of azulon. A messenger over here, Allah subhanaw taala nullifies their claim he refutes their justification. What was their justification? That if we're doing wrong actions because Allah wants us to do it, if we are doing it our forefathers they were doing it. It's because they wanted us to do it. A loss parent artist says no. This is not what I want you to do. What I want you to do is what I sent my messengers with.

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And voila Coronavirus no we certainly sent messengers we could live on Madden in every oma in every nation,

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a messenger was sent to every nation.

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And that messenger he conveyed an error by the law, that you all should worship Allah, meaning worship only him, why did any Buddha and all of you should avoid the toggled? Meaning avoid the worship and obedience to the thought? This is the message that all the messengers conveyed all of them to to their people.

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So in other words, Allah subhanaw taala has made known to people what he likes what he wants, he has made it known to people throughout history throughout time, how by sending messengers

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and what is it that he wants us to do? That we should only worship Allah, and we should avoid the Davos. Both these things are important. The worship of Allah alone and avoiding the thought the question is what is taught? What is the hood? We have studied this earlier as well.

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Any being that is worshipped besides Allah, soprano, Nevada,

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what else a salt.

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Anything that calls to its worship,

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meaning anything that calls people that invites people to worship Him, instead of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. Basically thoughts from toeing the line yet, and what is still the enemy, rebellion, transgression, transgressing your limits that have been set for you.

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Now everything is an optimal alasa penalty. And now is small and what befits in his work that he should worship, a loss of

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the level of the art is lower than the level of Allah subhanaw taala by many, many degrees.

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So if there's any being that is worship besides Allah, then it is transgressing beyond its limits, it is thought.

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Similarly, if there is anyone who is calling people to worship Him, then what is it thought? If there's anyone who is calling people away from what the messengers are calling that is what a hoot. Soto is understood as one who stands in opposition to the messenger.

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The messenger calls people to the worship of Allah, and both calls people to the worship of oneself or the worship of something else. The understand

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Kahoot is not just other beings that are worshipped besides love, but it also includes those who call to the worship of other than Allah.

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So the messengers they convey to the people in every era that worship Allah alone and avoid the hook, both are necessary.

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Because if a person does not avoid the thought, then how will he be able to worship Allah? If constantly there are people who are calling you away from Allah and how can you worship Him alone

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for Menachem so from them, meaning from the people from the various Omen to whom Allah sent messengers to

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there were those who man had Allahu whom Allah guided

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for among the previous nations, when Allah sent messengers, there were those people who Allah guided, Allah guided in the sense that Allah gave them tofi to accept the message. They were given the ability to accept, they were guided, they believed.

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woman whom and from among them, we knew from among the people to whom messengers were sent. There were man whom have got it was justified, it was proven, it became true, or lay upon him abala the misguidance What does it mean by this headquarter la Atlanta? It was proven that this person only deserves misguidance this person does not deserve guidance. How does that become proven? How does that become justified? When a person desires misguidance

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because Allah is rule is that he guides the one who wants to be guided.

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And if a person does not want to be guided and Allah will not force guide

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upon him.

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So men who man How could Our Lady banana? Why? Because of their own inclination towards misguidance.

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So if there are people who are upon balada who are doing wrong things, it's not because Allah wants them to, you understand this is a continuation of the previous ayah. It's not because Ally's forcing them to. It's because they are making the choice themselves. And Allah has given us the freedom to make our choices.

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So for zero fill up, so go and travel in the earth, go about in the earth, go and look funds through and then look kafer can Araki with Luca dB. How was the consequence of those people who denied? Which people, those people who deny their messengers? Look, what was their end? What was their ultimate result? Go and look at the remnants of the people of the people of some mood, the people of her own, go and see what was their end result when they rejected the messengers

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into his adulthood. Now the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is being comforted, that if you desire greedily for their guidance, that is from the newsletters her are all sought his.

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And his is to be extremely greedy for something.

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What is it, to be extremely greedy for something, to want something really badly that you want it so bad that you don't care about the consequences? You understand? You want something so bad that you don't even care about the consequences? what might happen? You just really, really wanted. It's a very strong longing and desire and greed for something.

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And it is derived from the expression. How does Al Assad was sober, that the launder the person who was washing the clothes, he tore the clothes in his desire to clean them. You understand? Like, for example, people when they used to wash clothes before, they would rub them by their hands. And they would also use these huge thick sticks and they would beat them. And even today, this happens. So imagine a person is constantly beating the clothes, constantly rubbing them just to get that stain out. And in that process, he tears the clot.

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severely, sometimes people use a very strong detergent, a very strong bleach. In that process, the cloth, it loses its threads, its fiber, and eventually becomes extremely thin. It loses its elasticity sometimes because of the strong detergents that people use. So hence is the extreme desire and greed and longing for something that you want it so bad. You don't even care about what happens. You just want it.

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So a lot of parents are saying that in the Hazara, who their home Prophet sallallahu wasallam. If you really really want them to be guided, if you want their guidance really badly, then remember that for in the law lay the minute that Allah does not guide the one whom he sends a string. And who does Allah say industry? A person who wants misguidance then no matter what you do, you will not be able to guide such a person. Why am I the homie nurseline, and they will have no helpers. Such people once they've gone astray, once they choose misguidance for themselves, then they will have no helpers who will prevent them from the punishment.

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Now we see over here that the Prophet said a lot of sudden he desired guidance for the people, despite the fact that they were opposing him.

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We learned at the beginning of this lesson, that how the machine of Makkah, they spread false propaganda against him. But still we see that he desired guidance for them. He wanted them to be guided. Why did he want them to be guided? Why was he so hideous? Because if you think of it, he wanted good further, if you have something Hi, Carla. Hi, Ron. If you have some height, don't you want to share it with other people?

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If something has benefited you, if something has brought you peace and comfort and contentment in your heart, don't you want to share it with the people? Of course you do. And the prophets are a lot of sort of wanted this good for the rest of the people as well.

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Similarly, another reason as to why he wanted them to be guided, was because they were his own family. They were his people. He had lived amongst them. He had been living amongst them for such a long time. So many of them were related to him. If they were not related, at least he knew that they were his acquaintances and think about it. People who are related to you, people who you know so well. People who have talked to you, people who have helped you, people have told you what you should do what you should not do. People who have made your life easy for you, isn't it your duty that you should also want to die for them?

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Just imagine, you know sometimes I wonder

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When you come into school in the morning, you see these people standing at the crosswalks, helping children cross the road. I'm sure you all have seen such people who have spent hours in the cold in the snow in the rain with their snow jackets with the stop sign in or helping you cross the street. That's a huge favor. They've done on you HUGE favor. They've stood in the cold for your sake. Isn't it your duty that you do something to save them from the heat of the fire on the Day of Judgment. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam was greedy for the guidance of people, despite how they behave towards him. Because they were his friends, they were his family. They were his relatives. He knew them,

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they were his acquaintances. And if we really feel for our friends and relatives, then we would also want guidance for them.

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Then another reason as to why he wanted He died for them was because he knew what awaited them otherwise, that if they don't believe if they continue in these ways, he was worried for them. This is how much he desired guidance for them in the hydrosol yahuda, whom Allah subhanaw taala is telling you if you wanted really bad remember that if they choose misguidance for themselves, you cannot do anything for them. One at a home in Nestle and they will not have any helpers.

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Well, Uncle Sam will be lazy and they swear by Allah who the machine Jetta emani him their strongest odds. The machine swear by Allah their strongest words. How does a person swear a strong or

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like for example, it doesn't just say I swear that's gonna happen. But he says I swear by a law or to make it even more stronger. I swear by Allah, the One in whose hand is my life.

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So aka Mobileye, Giada emani him just on the roof at a gym had that and you had this to put in once full effort, once exertion, once maximum ability into doing something to the point that he gets tired, he puts in his maximum effort, the best that he can do. So this effort, so oxen will be led by a man him and a man is a Florida, you mean, the very best odds that they could swear the strongest odds that they could swear, this is how they would swear oath, saying that larabars Allahu Allah will not resurrect mania move to the one who dies, they would say, with so much conviction, that Allah is not going to resurrect the dead. In other words, there is no afterlife.

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Once we have died, we are going to be finished, we are going to decay, our bodies are going to be consumed, they're going to be rotten. And once they have been declared by the earth, and once they have been consumed by the earth, we're never going to be resurrected.

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They would swear. But Allah Subhana Dallas has been a rather meaning no, he is going to resurrect them. And this is worse than a promise or lay upon him that has happened in truth.

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This is a promise that Allah has made and he will definitely fulfill it. It's a true promise he will definitely resurrect the dead

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when I can act on Nessie layer, the moon, but most of the people they do not know what do they not know? What do they not know

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that they are going to be resurrected, that there is going to be an afterlife.

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If you ask people randomly on the street, people who you work with people you study with, if you ask them, What do you think about afterlife? People don't really think about it. They don't pay any attention to it.

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Most of the people do not know that they're going to be resurrected, that they're going to be questioned. They're going to be held accountable. There is Jana, there is now and before that there is herself an agenda and now there is Hollywood, they have no idea well, I can act on NASA layer and they do not know they have no idea. So whose duty is it? To tell them? It's our duty. And for that we need to be hideous, just like the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was.

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Because unless you become hurries, you will not be able to convey the message.

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Is he like, for example? How does I told you it's an expression where the laundry he washes the cloth so much that they there don't have to put in a lot of effort and time into that. Just imagine if you're washing clothes by hand and you're rubbing, rubbing, rubbing constantly. If you're doing that constantly, it will cause your skin to get damaged or to even get torn to to an extent. It will cause your hands to hurt. But you do it why? Because you want your clothes to be free of any stains. Why? What is your motivation? It's the health it's the greed.

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So similarly we have to have this kind of helps to guide

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People and if we don't have that hits, we will not be able to do it. Because if we're only concerned about our image about being embarrassed about being put on a spot, then we will not be able to convey

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liova Hina home, why will Allah resurrect the dead? Why is he going to resurrect all those people who have died, so that he can clarify to them, he can make known to them. So this lamb is off Rila lamb is off, the previous one was off October This is

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Leo Bay, you know, the womb, so that he can make clear to them made clear to to the people, what can he make clear to them? A lady that which yesterday funa fee, they used to differ in?

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What is it that people differ in, in this life? Everything. People differ concerning everything, people have differences with regards to every single metric, whether it is religious, or otherwise, people have many differences.

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So all of these differences that are in this world, people wonder, okay, what is the truth, then? What is the right thing to do? What is the right opinion? What is the right approach? What is the correct way of thinking? What should we be doing right now? People have differences, one person is calling to one way another person is calling to another way. So you're left in this confusion? Will Allah leave people in this confusion forever? No, he will show the truth when on the Day of Judgment. And in this dunya we are being examined.

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So it's as though this life is not so that we struggle struggle struggle to find out what the correct way is what the truth is. I mean, truth, obviously, with regards to alpha with regards to the thing that is our responsibility. But beyond that, we should not be spending our lives worrying about Okay, what is the right opinion? What's the right approach? What's the right thing? Because no matter how much you try, you will not be able to find out what exactly the truth is because people are in differences. Where is this truth going to be discovered? In the answer? So in our life, we should be concerned about what preparing for our

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living according to the truth that Allah subhanaw taala has told us and if we're always concerned that okay, what's the right way of washing dishes? And what's the right way of doing this? And we argue and debate and research on that and waste our life on that. That's not why we were sent. We were sent to do something. Leo Bagan. Allahumma, la de funa fee. In particular, Olivia California fee. This is specifically with regards to the measure of the hereafter. The truth concerning the hereafter that people have different concerning it from the very beginning. Some have said no, after no afterlife, others have said that no, there is afterlife, then those people who say there is no

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afterlife, they have many differences. Those people who say there is an afterlife, even they have many differences. So what is the truth? What is the reality? A Lost Planet? Allah is going to show that on the Day of Judgment, how through his app through desert through Jenna through now,

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when the RLM alladhina cafaro. And another reason as to why Allah will resurrect the dead is so that the disbelievers will come to know that unknown can okay they been that indeed they had been liars,

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liars concerning what

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concerning the hereafter. When they said that there is no hereafter on the Day of Judgment, they will know that yes, there is a hereafter. And whatever they said, was a lie.

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So we see that in this dunya, the truth will not always be clear to some people, they will always dispute with the believers, concerning the matters of religion, they will always dispute with one another concerning what is right, what is wrong. What is better, and what is worse. All these people have disputes they have differences.

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And all those people who claim who dispute with others, what do they claim that they are right, isn't it? Because otherwise why would they argue they will not argue they will admit that they're wrong and they would admit that they have to do something else.

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So Allah who will show on the Day of Judgment, who is really right, and who is really wrong, who was speaking the truth, and who was speaking lies, a loss penalty. We'll clarify that on the Day of Judgment

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insalata najem is 31 we learn the edges here ladina Assa will be my arm Ito where does it lead in an arsenal will have

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the Day of Judgment. Allah will bring it about why that email recommends those who do evil with the penalty of what they have done, and recompense those who do good with the best reward.

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So on the Day of Judgment, it will be clarified who was right who was wrong. How

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By the recommends that the people will be given

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intro to AI a 14 to 16 we learn especially with regards to when the LM alladhina cafaro under home can Academy that they will realize they were liars that in the dunya when they said there is no Hellfire, they will realize that what they had been saying was all false

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into the toy 14 to 16 we learned that had he now let the content be here to cut the bone. This is a fire which you used to belie which you used to deny FSH on Hydra until now too soon. Is this magic or do you not see is slow hair first boo oh let us bureau server owner Lee come in no matter his own Quantum thermolon destitute and whether you are tolerant of it or intolerant of it, it is all the same. You are only being recompensed for what you have done. So we see that in the hereafter by giving the recompense to the people the recompense that they deserve a loss penalty will show who was right who was wrong. And bringing about this day of judgment is not at all difficult for almost

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no dialogue.

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Because in Nima indeed not but coluna our word, our statement, our command, Leisha in for anything, either or the Navajo when we intended it, or dinner from Iran to intent,

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when we intend something to happen, when we intend something to come into existence, when we intend something to occur, then our word to that thing is only an akula that we say level two it can be fire Kuhn. So, it becomes it will be it will happen, meaning for anything to come into existence, all that Allah subhanaw taala has to say is good for anything to occur a loss of power that just has to say to it could be he only has to give the command once and then it happens. He does not need to repeat the command again and again. What happens to us, we say do it, gum, gum gum, we say so many times, nobody comes. But Allah subhanaw taala he is jell O Allah, He is much higher, much more

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powerful. He only says Be once and it happens he does not need to repeat his command.

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Nor does he need to confirm whatever he commands, because nothing can come and stop whatever he has commanded.

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So over here in this ayah what is being clarified the doubt that people have concerning the Day of Judgment. Some people they doubt coming up the Day of Judgment saying that How is it possible? such a huge world? How is it possible that it will be turned into a flat surfaces like bread, white bread, all of these huge buildings, it takes so long to demolish them. It takes so long to remove the debris to level a ground. So how is it possible that this whole world that has mountains and trees and buildings and people and rivers and oceans and 1000s and 1000s of creatures on how is it possible this whole world will turn flat? What does Allah say? It's not difficult for me, I just

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have to say Khan and it will happen. It's not difficult for our last penalty at all.

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Similarly, people wonder that there is a sun, there is a moon there are so many stars. They're so huge. How is it possible that the entire system of the heavens and the earth is going to collapse on that day? How is it possible? It's not difficult for a loss of data

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into a tokamak if we learn one I'm Rona illawarra, Hayden Callahan, hayneville bustle, and our command is but one like a glance of the eye. Just a blink of the eye just a glance of the eye and that's it. Whatever Allah has commanded will occur. Similarly, in Slovakia scene I 82 we learn in a row either urata Shay and an akula who can fire Kuhn, his command is only when he intends a thing that he says to it be and it happens, it occurs. Similarly, instead of Look man, I have 28 we learn Malakal, Coco, whatever. So come in that kind of scene where the creation of all of you and the resurrection of all of you is only like the creation and resurrection of a single person. It's not

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difficult for Allah to create all of you to recreate all of you. It's not impossible for him at all.

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With a simple recitation desert

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if we want to die in a state of being played you been, then we should also have that health for other people as well. And how do you do that? By calling them to what are the messengers called people to an ear with a Lucha, which then you booked

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and only when we are passionate when we really want good for other people, then when they ask us about the Quran, then the only thing that's going to come out of our mouth is that it is higher and we're going to forget the difficulties. We're going to forget the challenges. All that we're going to say is it is high, because then we have enjoyed it ourselves. We want other people to enjoy it as well. If we have benefited, we want others to benefit as well. Because the reality is that most people do not know what I cannot rely on.

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And our duty is to tell people if we're hurries, we will tell them positive things so that they're also encouraged.

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to add any

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