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An-Nahl 22-40 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 26-29

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Then almost panatela says, called Mecca and Medina makaveli him, those people before them had already plotted

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over here the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has been comforted, that if you look at it, the opposition, or the people of Makkah, included a lot of false propaganda, all of this that they were doing, calling the Quran, so people are winning, or they had sent their people in the outskirts of Makkah, telling people this is sacred, this is Sherry, this is gahanna. All of this is what false propaganda. And at the same time, they would also mock at the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, mark the Quran. And by this, they would misguide people, they would avert people from the religion of Allah.

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has been comforted over here.

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Just imagine if people are doing such activities to turn people away from you. They're spreading false rumors about you. And because of that, nobody comes to you, nobody listens to you. How do you feel extremely discouraged. Very, very discouraged.

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And just imagine the profits are the loudest. And I was in such a position.

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Like, for example, these days, what happens? A lot of media, what's happening in the news, Muslims, the way that they're portrayed, sometimes people hear them this recently, I was watching this documentary in which there is particular Masjid, that is to be built in the US. And I'm sure you've all heard about it, as well. And there's a lot of opposition from the people of the city. And I was amazed at the kind of things that they were saying, completely ignorant. Why? Because all of their knowledge of Islam and Muslims is based on what on the news.

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They're afraid that by a Masjid being built in their city, there is going to be Sharia law.

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Whereas the fact is, Acharya law is banned by humans law. I mean, no matter how much Muslim strike, they cannot implement it.

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And they had pictures of this woman whose nose had been cut somewhere, I guess, in Iran or somewhere, and they were afraid that this was going to happen in the US. Now, anybody who uses common sense, will realize that this is the United States of America, where Sharia law is prohibited, you cannot apply that. So even if there is a Masjid, how can they implement such a thing?

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And when these people were questioned, have you met these Muslims who live here? They said, No. This is amazing. This is very wrong on our part as well that the people who are living in our city don't know us don't know what we believe in don't know what we practice. This is why we should regularly encourage people to come to the masjid when we have our events over here, such as building bridges, we should invite as many people as we can bring them.

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So the fact is that people generally they base their opinions on one on what they have heard

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on what their leaders have told them.

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This happens today. This happened at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah and this also happened before

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so the profits are a lot isn't it has been comforted over here that do not worry, yes, it's happening at your time people are using false propaganda. They're saying wrong things about you completely untrue. And because of that people are being turned away from Islam.

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But the fact is that even before or the mecca or Medina, macabre him, the people before these people have mccammon hobbling him, then refers to the people of Mecca before them, the people also plotted. Already this has happened. This is nothing new. This is not a new strategy. This has happened before as well, that the people before plotted what plots did they make plots against the prophet who had been sent to them in order to harm him, in order to defeat the prophet in his mission, in order to portray him as someone who was very evil,

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or the macabre, Lydia makaveli him.

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And also they're plotted to turn people away from their religion,

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to make them fear their religion of Allah, to collapse the foundation of their religion by using false propaganda by saying things such as this is only a sad, little ugly. They did all of that. So if it's happening today, it's nothing new.

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And who did this especially in the past, it was the unbelievers in general. However, it was their leaders and their kings, who made such plots, who used false propaganda against the messenger, who made many plans in order to avert people from the religion of Allah.

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Like for example, for their own What did you do? When Messiah Salman Hakuna Islam they came What did they say that look these people have come to evict you from your land. Whereas they came in said, Let the slaves go. Let the Bani Israel go and they said he has gone to evict all of you from here and so that they should become kings.

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So they may plot but what happened to those plots Allah soprano data sets for Attila, who saw a locking banana home their building, meaning Allah brought their building milk or it from the foundations. In other words, he brought their building down from the foundations. Now, what does it mean by this they're building? What does it building refer to?

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They're building, the building of the people of the past, of those people who conspired against the messengers. This building has been understood in several ways. First of all, it is said that the bunion it refers to the physical structures, the towers, the palaces, the forts, that they had built, in order to protect themselves in those buildings. by for example, the people of the moon, what did they do? They had built their houses in mountains. Why is that there are many they're safe and secure over there.

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However, that same building, that they had built a loss of panatela made it the cause of their death, how that allowed trick allowed sound it echoed immensely in those buildings causing all of them to die.

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So it refers to the buildings of the people of the past had built so that they can be protected from natural disasters, or so that these buildings can last forever. And their legacy can continue. They can be remembered forever. But Allah subhanaw taala, he unleashed against those buildings, winds and earthquakes, and all such buildings were demolished, and only a few stand today, which are assigned for people.

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We learned so little are off I 137, where the mon American is narrow theater, I want to work on mobile, Womack, and we are in issue and we destroyed what fit our own and his people were producing. And what they had been building for their own had built many buildings, many structures, but only a few stand today.

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And it wasn't just for their own. It was people before him people after him who had built great monuments, huge towers, huge buildings, so that they can be remembered forever.

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Like, for example, if you look at what for their own built,

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pyramids, huge buildings, were the places where people would come and study where those places build so that people could come and learn some skills, no huge pyramids were built so that their kings could be buried inside them. So that they can be remembered forever. Their legacy can continue forever. However, those various buildings that they had built, finished, destroyed. And you may have heard about all of these great buildings that people had built in the past, forts and huge structures, so that they can be remembered as monuments they made, but all of them are gone.

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And their signs remain, the remnants remain, and sometimes even those do not exist. Their traces are found in just in writings in books, in records. Like for example, if you think about the hanging gardens, people cannot even figure out where they were exactly their only opinions. So people built many things, many strange things, so that they could protect themselves from the punishment of Allah, but their buildings, they were collapsed.

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Secondly, they said that for the lack of banana home, this building, it refers to the buildings which they had constructed in mockery of the prophets of Allah,

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to mark at what they were saying.

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Like, for example, we learned that even our vessels that are new, he said, that this particularly refers to num root, num root, who built a tower, who had a huge tower built constructed, saying that it should be constructed for him so that he can ascend through that tower up to the heavens and wage war against the lucema. What?

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Because when he was told that Allah subhanaw taala, his ashes up there, and in this amount, they're angels, and there's many creation over there. What did he say? Okay, build from your tower, definitely go up there and see what's there and let me fight this God that you saying exists? Because Nimrod, he claimed to be God Himself.

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So these buildings that they constructed, they were finished by a loss of planetary seminary we learned about fit our own in sort of causal sign number 38 that we'll call a fit our own. Yeah, you

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married him to the Camilla invitee for Okay, the Lia Herman or latini Feder Elisa Han Li a failure either either he Moosa, we're in Nila of a new woman, okay to be

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fair on said that all my chips I have not known you to have a god other than me, being the only God that you have in my knowledge Izu me. So if Moosa is saying that there is another god, I have no idea about that God

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Then ignite for me Oh, hi man, hi man was this one of the minute he said to him that ignite for me a fire upon clay and make for me a tower, meaning use clean and burn it and make a tower so that I may look at a God of Musa

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so that I can go up on this tower and look at this god of Musa

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The only God that I know exists is me. Allah Spano. Tata says, Look, they made all of these plots, they built these buildings, and with them they had a good laugh at the messenger, they managed to lead many people astray. But what happened to their buildings. last panel data calls them all to be finished.

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Third data set that this Boolean this building, it refers to the intangible structure. It's not tangible, it's intangible structure of schemes and plots and strategies that they had used in order to harm the Messenger of Allah in order to turn people away from their religion of Allah. And even such plans, such plots Allah subhanaw taala cause them to be failed.

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He eliminated their plots completely.

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We learn in the Quran, that cool lemma. Oh, Kaduna will help me out of a holla every time they have kindle the fire for war, Allah extinguished it. Every time they tried to do something against the religion. Allah subhanaw taala extinguishes it. Every time people make a plot to turn people away from their religion, they're not successful. Why? Because, yes, there are people who fall prey, who follow them blindly. But at the same time, there are those people who begin to question will begin to wonder that why is it like that? And why is it like this, and they research about their religion. And they come to the conclusion that this is the right religion and they become Muslim.

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For example, we see that so many people, they became Muslim, in the past recent years.

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Because constantly, you know, all of these things that are going on, people are more curious about what Islam is. So for Attila, who banyana, who mean uncover it, and uncover it is a Florida corridor. And our that is what the foundation of something, something that something rests upon. It's a place or a rule, or anything that something rests upon. It's using the tangible sense as well as the intangible sense. tangible sense, like, for example, the foundation of a building,

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in the intangible sense, like, for example, the rules of that read, which is why you have your character, which has the basic rules of the dream,

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I'm sure you have heard of the word guide. This is what it is.

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For her, Laura Lee masafumi and phulka him. So the roof, the ceiling, it fell upon them from above the meaning the very building that they had constructed, the very plot that they have planned, that they had devised, it fell upon them, they fell prey to their own plots and plans were attacked human level, and the punishment came to them when Hazel is alone from where they could not even perceive the punishment came upon them from where they could not even imagine. They thought in those buildings, they would be safe and secure. They thought that by making such plans, they would avert people from the religion of Allah.

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But by all such activities, people only became more curious, they became only more interested. So their plans, their plots, all of them, they turned against them. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is being comforted over here, that if these people are making such plots, do not worry. Because ultimately, a loss of panel data is supporting you. No matter what these people do, they can never be successful.

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And we see that this happened at the time of the first messenger as well. Neuharth Acela, he was the first messenger who was sent. And even at that time, people did a lot of a lot of plotting to turn people away from their religion, we learned sort of new hire 22 that were mackerel Macron cabella and they have hatched a mighty scheme, a mighty scheme to turn people away from their religion. So do not worry your prophet of Allah, Allah is sufficient for you against these people.

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And in this is a very important lesson for us as well. That sometimes we see that somebody has turned hostile against us for no genuine reason. And they're talking negatively about us to every single person. This recently somebody was asking me about how one of their relatives does not like them at all. And she is talking to every single person in the family against their husband, and their

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In laws and their other family members are talking to every single person against them. So she's like, What do I do? What should you do in this situation you should remember that ultimately, Allah subhanaw taala will expose the truth

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and people who talk like this, people who spread such negative talk amongst people, nobody believes and eventually

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and people look at actions more than the look at your words, they will see how your behavior is and how this person's behavior is. So in your behavior, in your manner, you remain correct and proper. You do not say anything that is rude, you do not say anything that is offensive, and Allah will take care of you.

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Because many times people have this fear or this person is plotting against me, this person is saying negative things about me. So you should remember if you're upon the truth, the truth will be exposed.

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So my unwelcome reality, then on the Day of Judgment, you see him he will humiliate them. On the day of judgment, a loss of penalty will humiliate them in the dunya. They were punished, how were they punished? That the very building that they had built, it collapsed upon them, the very plot they had devised, it turned against them.

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And on the Day of Judgment, Allah will humiliate them, how will he humiliate them by exposing their deeds by exposing their plots? Because right now, their plots are hidden, they're conspiracies they're hidden. They don't tell people about exactly what they're doing, about what their goals are. So, Allah says he will humiliate them on that day by exposing their blocks by exposing their deeds.

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by for example, if a person is going around talking negatively about a person, he has a whole plan in his mind, which is hidden from people. But on the Day of Judgment, alone will humiliate this person by exposing his plan and he will humiliate that person by exposing what he used to hide in his heart,

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way a coup and he will say I initial okay he, where are my partners alladhina kontum those beings which you used to concerning whom used to share una fi him, you all used to oppose in them to Shakuni ism newsletters, Shin Kafka, and what shocked me enmity, opposition basically from the word ship, which means a rift a split. And when there's a group of people, when there's a family, there's a rift, what happens? people, they develop empathy for one another, they develop hate for one another, they begin to oppose one another.

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So where are my partners, meaning those beings whom you are associated with me?

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And for the sake of these partners, you use to oppose oppose who the believers fee him meaning fees abelian in their way, whose wait for the sake of these idols for the sake of these false gods. So all those false gods that you used to worship, and you oppose the believers because of them for their sake? Where are those Gods today? How come they're not here to help you? How come they're absent from here

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on alladhina altura. Those people who are given knowledge, they will say, in Elisa Leone, indeed, the humiliation today was Sue and the evil is upon who are then carefully upon those disbelief.

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Who are these people Olivia otter.

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Some have said that it refers to the angels. And others have said that alladhina otter in those who have been given knowledge, it refers to the prophets and the believers.

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They are given knowledge of what of the truth, they know what the truth is, that there isn't a reality to these gods.

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So such people at that point, they will say that humiliation and evil is upon those who disbelieved. What does it mean by humiliation in the context that they're disgraced? They have no answer left, they have been exposed. And what is a suit referred to evil? It refers to punishment.

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So we see over here, that the machine, when they will be questioned, where your Gods they will not respond, isn't it? They're not saying anything, who is speaking over here, who is speaking over here? And levena water in. So Why will the machine not respond? Why will they not give an answer? Why?

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Because of extreme embarrassment.

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Just imagine if somebody puts you on the spot like this. And they asked you about something that you used to do before thinking you were right, but you were completely wrong. And when the truth is exposed to you and your question about it, what will you say? You will be speechless, you will have nothing left to say. So, because of extreme embarrassment because of regret, they will not be able to answer

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and also they will not have an answer. Meaning they will not be able to give an excuse.

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They will not be able to present any excuse

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So who will respond then? The people of knowledge? What does it show to us that alladhina Atilla they will respond.

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It shows to us the importance of knowledge, the importance of knowledge, that they're the ones who will be able to speak. They're the ones who know about the truth in this world and also in the hereafter.

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We learn instead of profit, I number 73 and 74 that some Makita home HTML content to shikonin Dune, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Balaam Naka, another Roman club Lucia, then it will be set to them, where is that which you used to associate with him in worship other than Allah, they will say, they have departed from us rather we did not use to invoke previously anything.

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So, at one point, we see that the machine they will not be able to say anything. at another point, we see that they will say something, but what will they say? They will completely refuse having done any shark in the past. For some, they will be rendered speechless. And some, if they speak, they will utter lies.

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Who are these al caffiene? Who are these disbelievers last panel data describes them that alladhina that our fair Humala equal to those people whom the angels take in depth, how in what state do they die, volley me and foresee him, ones who are wronging themselves. Meaning when the angels take them, when they take their souls, their state is of what soul their state is of doing room upon themselves. What is Islam that they were committed on themselves? What is this injustice that they were committed against themselves?

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This belief, gopher chick, because she is loadrunner lean similarly, misguiding other people or see an act of disobedience, oppression, all of this is what look and when a person oppresses another or when a person disobeys when a person does something wrong, who is he harming himself because it is heads largely me and forcing him not want to do is hold him against a law or Islam against other people largely me and forcing him because when a person wrongs another, in reality, he is harming himself.

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So when the angels take them, when the angels take their souls for alpha, whoo, these people, they offer a selama the peace alcova from the reflectors lamp Sophia literally to meet and from this results or to throw something.

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So they will cast they will offer a seller,

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a seller his piece. Basically it is used for solving

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this form a seller It is used for so what does that mean? reconciliation to reform your relationship? How do you do that? What's the first step?

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What's the first step if somebody is upset with you? What's the first thing you will do to make things better with the salon? Right, when you will speak to them you will say center when you see them you will say center.

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So, asylum primarily it means oil, then it is used for the greeting of Selim, then it is also used for submitting yourself surrendering, obeying, showing humility being very compliant.

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So for our power selama What does it mean by this that first of all, they will offer seller, the angels have come to take their souls and they will become very nice. And they will test Allah hoping that these angels are such that will treat them good.

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Secondly, for L o selama. It means that they will submit they will become very compliant. They will submit themselves to believe in Allah. They will surrender immediately. They will say yes, I believe I believe throughout their lives What are they doing? They're resisting the truth. resisting the truth kuruva woman Kira almost have been on but at the time of death when they see the angels what happens for Alka was Salah. And they will say Morocco Nana Rama lumen, so we never did anything wrong. We never used to do anything wrong.

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Bella rather the angel will say that banner? Of course you did in alojar. Lee won't be my quantum Dharma Loon. Indeed Allah is Knowing of what you were doing.

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So we see over here that some people they live their lives drowned in live in sin and doing wrong things.

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Whether it is major sins, or minor sense, whether it is scuffled or shake, or something of a lesser degree.

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And throughout their lives, they're busy doing one thing after the other completely abused.

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obvious to the fact that one day, the Angel of Death is going to appear before me, completely oblivious completely ignorant of the fact completely heedless of it. But when this reality hits them, when the Angel of Death comes to take their soul, they will immediately surrender.

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Just like a person who is committing one crime after the other, one wrong thing after the other. And as soon as he gets caught by the police, by the authorities, by someone who is of a higher rank than them, they come and catch them red handed. What is the reaction? I'm sorry, I never did it. I never did it. They refuse. And when a person is caught like this, no matter what he says, Is it going to make a difference? Is it going to make any difference? No. If he says I promise I will change. I promise I'll never do anything like that again. Is that going to make a difference at all? No, because it is too late to reform. The time to reform is when a person is breathing.

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When a person does not see the angel of death, once he sees the angel of death, it's too late to reform

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for the Hulu, so it will be set to them that enter into Abu Abu Johanna into the doors of hellfire. Enter the gates of Hellfire, why Holly Lena fee has to abide eternity there and never to come out of there

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for a bit semeth Well, moussaka been and how wretched is a resident of the arrogant once Messiah is from the ruthless South Korea. And it is love a place where a person stays for a very long time.

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So how evil is the place of abode for who for those who are too arrogant to accept the truth? Who are too arrogant to change themselves according to the commands of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So we see over here, that such people will enter hell, from the day they die. From the day they die, they will enter hellfire. How? Because remember the Hadees that the grave is either a bit of the pits of Hellfire, or it is a place of the places of gender.

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Because in the grave, what's going to happen? Either a window to gender is going to be opened, or a window to Hellfire is going to be opened.

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And it is said that they will enter Hellfire from the day they die. How with their souls? Because death means the separation of body and soul, isn't it? So the body Yes, it's in the grave. But where's the soul? It's in the hellfire.

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And their bodies will also feel the heat and hot wings were in the grave because the window to Hellfire has been opened.

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And when the Day of Resurrection comes, then what will happen? Their souls will be united with their bodies and then together the soul and the body will go to the hellfire.

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So this shows to us the evidence of the punishment in Bursa, because many think that there is no punishment in verses there is no punishment after death until they have judgment. punishment is when after they have judgment, but what is this show to us? that as soon as they will be given that as soon as their soul to be taken, they will be told further Hulu abueva, Johanna mahalo, Tina Fey, featherweight semeth will make a copy. And over here if you notice, arrogance is mentioned again. Constantly what is being mentioned from the beginning is to call arrogance to the truth.

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What does it mean by arrogance to the truth that a person knows what should be done, but he does not do it. He knows what must be done, but he refuses to accept he refuses to follow. And primarily over here. This is arrogance against the truth arrogance against the messenger. Because you may wonder that primarily over here the punishment is for who the machine. But we see that all machine, they are not arrogant towards people. There are some Michigan we're very humble isn't until

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there are Michigan who are very humble. Even at the time of the prophet SAW a lot of snow there were many Michigan who are humble towards other people. They weren't too proud of themselves. So what is this a stigma? This is tikvah is against the truth that when you know what the truth is what Allah wants you to do, but still you refuse to accept it. You refuse to change yourself.

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So what's the lesson in this for us? That what is arrogance? knowing the truth and then rejecting it? Knowing what must be done, still refusing to do it. And here we need to check ourselves as well.

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That sometimes we know what to do.

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We know what the instructions are, we know what must be done, and what must be avoided. But still, we don't care. It says those rules don't exist for us. So we need to be very, very careful. Because it starts with these little things.

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where a person is told, okay, this is what the rule is what he says, No, I'm not going to do it. Who are you to tell me, I'm a free person, you can't impose this on me. I have been created free, I have my own choice. And you shouldn't be forcing me here. Anyway, I have come here with my own choice, and I will do whatever I want. This is a sign of arrogance.

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And when it enters at this level, then it only increases. Because remember, arrogance, it's like a disease. If you don't cure it, what's going to happen, it's going to increase it's going to spread, it's going to spread everywhere.

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If you keep it in your heart, it's gonna come out in your words, in your actions in your behavior in looks somewhere or the other. So, we need to be extremely careful, where we know what must be done, then we must follow

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and ultimately the person thinks, I am only a person who may not have been created from not for something so small, so insignificant, what's the big deal? So what and if a person accepts if a person humbles himself for the sake of Allah, then what's the promise of Allah with elevated mantova Darla preferable law, a person who lowers himself for the sake of Allah, Allah will elevate him. And if a person does not lower himself for the sake of Allah, then what's going to happen?

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He is going to be disgraced. He will think that he's very great, but in reality, he is small in the sight of people, and ultimately it will not.

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Listen to the recitation of these ayat.

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Be ready.

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Like most of us spend our entire lives trying to save ourselves from death, but we don't do the same when it comes to the ACA, whereas the opposite is true that we can save ourselves from the AFA. But we can never

00:35:00--> 00:35:12

received from death. And I think that the more we realize that we're able to save each others from Hellfire and charlyk, all of us helping each other that would be a lot beneficial than always trying to avoid death. Because if that's not possible,

00:35:13--> 00:35:13

it's really nice.

00:35:15--> 00:35:39

If you think of it, this is so true, all our lives are focused on what this is how your skin should be in his own clothes should be and this is how it should be. So that you can have a better skin. So many things out there. But the fact is that no matter how much you tried to save yourself, eventually what's going to happen, you're gonna die. So our focus in life should not be on deceiving ourselves from death, it should be on saving ourselves from the hellfire.

00:35:41--> 00:36:11

I just think of the IRA, Mr. Yusuf Luna, oh my god, no. And this basically in a psychology These are things called introspection. In psychologists, they ask you, what are you thinking? Or what are you feeling because fMRI machines and there's no test, there's nothing that can tell you what you're thinking, right? So the patient can lie very easily, especially if they have like a disease of the heart. Or these are the mind that the current bears to tell nothing else about. It doesn't need to do introspection or anything. Like they can just tell what you're thinking. So if remember, psychologists have a person that they might find out what I'm thinking there aren't universal laws.

00:36:11--> 00:36:43

You can he knows exactly what's in your heart. Exactly. Because many times people are afraid to go to such people, because they think that Oh, they'll find out what I'm thinking. Especially because if somebody's studying psychology, they will keep saying, Oh, you know, the reason why you're behaving like this is because of such and such. And people try to avoid such people because they're constantly analyzing them. They're afraid. But the fact is that if we are concerned that Allah knows what is inside what is outside, then he should be more fearful of a loss. And because of that fear, he should reform himself.

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just, this is about the people who will bear the burden of other people who are misguiding them and incident I would like to share the weekend my daughter was telling me that in her school, there is a girl who said that she's an atheist. And my daughter was giving her Dawa and telling her about online the creation and she was agreeing to everything. And then after what she said, You know, I live close to the masjid. And I literally go to the masjid and through the window and see and I would like to, you know, go inside. So then my daughter said, Why don't you go, I'll take you if you want. And she said, Oh no, I can't go to the masjid. So she said, Why? Because you know, I live

00:37:19--> 00:37:53

closer to the masjid. And my mother will not like it that I go to the masjid. So she said, Why? Because people park their car in a wrong way there. And my mother doesn't like that. And because of that she will not allow me to call them as if this incident really gave me shivers that we we do so much to give our will learning law knowledge and everything. And just because people have parking the car in the wrong way and are being inconvenient to the people who live around that area has taken people away from the masjid. And now the mother won't allow her to go even close to the masjid. So this is something which I would ask all of you to tell your brother and your father and

00:37:53--> 00:38:04

the male people who park their car around the masjid. Be careful of this incident that we are not aware that because of our behavior of a small actions like this can take away people from Islam.

00:38:06--> 00:38:39

Santa Monica, I was really thinking about the arrogance. Like it's mentioned so many times and like, if you like if we were to ask anyone in this room or anyone, like do you have arrogance? They're denying me No, I don't have any arrogance. But when it comes to actually accepting the truth, and you deny it, then you know you have arrogance. And if you know that time, then analyze yourself and correct yourself. Don't say you know what, I can do this later. Like many of us, we've learned, we've learned so far, like 14 years, and we've had so many commands. How many of us do we actually implement and how many of us say you know what, we'll do this later. This is for another time this

00:38:39--> 00:38:44

we can do this later. We don't accept it right away. So just learn that whenever there's a command accepted right away.

00:38:46--> 00:39:03

Slowly I was just looking at this I am a Shangri la de la semana how important that knowledge is and sometimes you come here we know it's important, but we don't really give it the weight of like, getting this knowledge so inshallah we should really really get motivated with this shower.

00:39:05--> 00:39:09

What did you think about the comment of the machine of mechanical honest?

00:39:11--> 00:39:12

What did that make you think?

00:39:14--> 00:39:39

I was thinking about like the story of usefulness. And like many of us when we learn to be just like you know what, it's just a story of the past is it just happened then we don't actually reflect on it and take the course and as it is and then reflect and ponder upon him do those actions. And I was thinking so Hannah like them saying it's a thought theater or a wedding. It's those things are for the past. They've already completely disassociated themselves from the Quran. So we should be careful of how many stories we learn from the Quran.

00:39:40--> 00:39:47

Mainly, if you look at it, the people of Arabia, they would ask the Arabs, they would ask the people about the Quran.

00:39:48--> 00:40:00

That what is your opinion? What do you think? What do you have to say? And this is the response that they would give that it's only a little early. Now why would they ask the people of Makkah because

00:40:00--> 00:40:21

They had heard the Quran. So similarly, it happens with us many times as well that people ask us about the religion. They ask us about the Quran, they ask us about different things about it. And many times, our response is either of ignorance, something that displays complete ignorance, we have no idea. Or sometimes it's not that positive.

00:40:22--> 00:40:30

Because you see, with just one comment with one response, either you can encourage someone to come closer to the Koran, or you can discourage them.

00:40:31--> 00:41:03

So it's very important that when people ask us about the Quran, we must give them a positive responses that they are encouraged. Not that they are discouraged. If people ask us, so how is your course going to test after test? All the homework, this never comes to an end? It's so difficult, it's so long, the day is so long over there. If we give any kind of negative response, then what are we doing? very discouraging people. And if somebody gets discouraged because of us, then that is a way of turning people away from the religion.

00:41:04--> 00:41:14

And if you think of it, if you're undergoing any kind of hardship, you should be happy about that. Because there is reward for every hardship that you suffer in the way of almost

00:41:15--> 00:41:26

every hardship, we learned in totowa, that any llama, any thirst, any hunger, any fatigue, anything that the suffering the way of Allah ilaqua it will be

00:41:28--> 00:41:37

a righteous deed is written for that. So if a person focuses on that, then he will not mention the difficulties, what will you mention the good things, what he's enjoying.

00:41:39--> 00:42:08

Making it sort of like, one of the reasons that I think they're also making is because that's what the books that they've created. That's what they're all about. Because I was talking to a Hindu friend of mine, and she's like, I was talking to her about some command in the gland. She's like, but I thought it was the stories. And I told her No, it's not just stories, like you have commands and prohibitions. And she was like, oh, because our books are just stories about what happened to the people and you're supposed to figure out stuff yourself. And I'm like, thinking that maybe that's one of the reasons that, you know, they're rejecting it, obviously. But it's also that that's

00:42:08--> 00:42:23

because they don't have the knowledge or the proper knowledge that they're like, Oh, it's the stories. It's behind here. And they don't even know the Quran themselves. And the few things that they have heard based on that they give such a negative comment by which people are turned away from the religion. Okay, last comment, and then we'll continue.

00:42:26--> 00:43:00

Just on that note, I was just thinking, from a parent's point of view. I was listening to this lecture in the weekend, and the sheriff was talking about how he was talking about the parish nations. And he was talking about how when our children come to us and they say, you know what, man that I would like to study the deen. And, you know, we're always dumbfounded. Oh, really? Mashallah. Good. But maybe after you finish your degree, maybe after you do this and that, but when you think about it, we're belittling the dean, we're belittling. What are we doing? What kind of image are we setting and what kind of future are we creating for the generations to come? Instead of valuing the

00:43:00--> 00:43:24

currency? Mashallah, okay? You know what the worldly studies can wait, focus on your deen Now, while you're still young, while you can achieve more, we turn them away, and we change the perception and then we wonder when they're grownups when we tell them why aren't you playing when you're doing this and that we blame them and we blame society when reality it's our own fault. We didn't mold them and shape them and give them what they need.

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See him all

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he got me