Tawfique Chowdhury – Tafseer 2014 – Episode 02 – Surah Waaqiah

Tawfique Chowdhury
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With a lot of blessings, almost 5000 people logged in online.

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So online There seems to be a huge amount of people logging on Mashallah varkala which is a great blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala and I think for a lot of people they want to sit in be in the comfort of their, of their favorite chair. I'd like to say a cup of cup of coffee in their hands but

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obviously, I mean of course if they're in other places of the world where there is a third time and why not.

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But everywhere else, I guess at least if not with a cup of coffee in the hands that at least with the heart attentive and very eagerly waiting to hear about the words of Allah subhana wa tada

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Yeah, honey. When Ramadan is to come, the scholars Islam used to close their books of Philip. They used to close their books are fixed and they only used to keep the Quran open. And that is what Mr. Mohammed used to do in my Muhammad as well as my Malik and others that would close the books of faith and then they would open the books of the Quran meaning the seal of the court add read or citation or add the double reflection in the Quran etc. And that is because we lie This is the month of the Quran and the month are coming close to Allah subhanho wa Taala with the Quran so equity This is sort of waka which is one of the most beautiful surah in the Quran. By the way some people asked

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how are we choosing which sources to to go through? Well, if you have a particular surah that you feel that you would like me to take and try to do, let me know but I've chosen some of the the the suitors in the Quran that are the most

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the most sweetest of the tongue, the easiest to recite the ones that have the most amazing heart touching stories and lessons for all of us, the ones that are most relevant I guess, to the people around us from my experience and our for the way that I have seen human beings and how they have muslimeen and how they have been, I chose those sources that I feel would be the most appropriate for them. So this is the way I've chosen the students for the first 10 days inshallah which is first 10 days of Ramadan. The Sooners will be more of the more of the marquee type of suitors those that are revealed in Makkah, that has a lot of lessons for the day of judgment to soften our on our

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hearts, because we've had 11 months of very bad of lack of a better really 11 months of no fasting and no real sort of power no real you know the hatchet at all. So we've developed a bit of a hard heart so I want to soften the hearts I want to crack it with the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala then in the in the middle 10 middle 10 days inshallah which is the 11th till the 12th until the 20th. inshallah, I want to focus on those soldiers that have a lot of lessons for us right, such as lessons about manners, lessons about doing more for the cause of Allah lessons like focusing on our character, improving our morals and behaviors. Then the last 10 days in sha Allah tala want to focus

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on those sources that sum up everything, and then give the best of both worlds. And some of some of the lessons that we've we've learned previously and also the most popular sources that people love to recite, like surah, Yaseen and Sudha, Rama and others who will take in that inshallah, in the last 10 days, meaning this is the logic that I'm following, if anyone would like a particular surah I mean, don't come to me Surah Baqarah at the moment, because that's going to take a whole Ramadan to finish.

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But if you come to me with other suitors that you've that you would love to listen to the Tafseer of or that you always wanted to know, then please do so in China just messaged me on facebook in Sharla. But we have with a Soraka Soraka was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in Makkah. And this was revealed, as some of the scholars said that it was revealed early on, even before the Islam of God allowed around who, when God allowed around who accepted Islam. We know that he was he, before he accepted Islam. He wants to console it and he was seen to be walking somewhere. And so people said, What are you going on what he said, I'm going to go and kill Mohammed Salah. So people

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said to him, why don't you just start with your own family, your family we heard that has actually accepted Islam. So he got really angry. He went to his sister and found that his sister accepted Islam. And so he hit her very hard until blood started to come out from her face. So at that point, Omar saw the blood coming down from her face and he felt sorry. So at that point,

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he said Show me what you have been given. So at that point, the the sister Amaro de la Toronto said, No, first you go and wash yourself for indeed you are. You are nudges you are in a filthy state. Yeah. Because in the machine he couldn't adjust right because the disbelievers isolators they don't clean themselves properly. Many of them are they committed

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have greater defilement and they don't purify themselves as a result. He said, You are not just so at that point, Ahmadiyya Lutheran who heard the verse because his sister recited that verse in the Quran, like,

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no one can touch is called annex of the pure ones. And that verse is actually for Slovakia. So we know that the surah was already revealed by that time, right? And this is some of the ways by which the scholars decipher when was the surah revealed? Because there's no real indication in the surah when was it exactly revealed? So we know this revealed early before the Islamic Ummah, rhodiola Allahu, so the early periods of the prophets so lambs messenger ship in Makkah, this surah is amazing, because it talks about the three groups of people that are less than what Allah will divide the people into on the Day of Judgment, there will be the Sabbath oral alone, then there'll be the

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right right hand people have the right hand, and then people have the left hand. So Allah subhanho wa Taala has already decreed that of the people on this earth. Some of them are for the 17 some of them from the US hubballi mean, and the rest from us, hava chemin. Allah subhanho wa Taala has already decreed this, and Allah subhanho wa Taala has already written this down in the low helmet booth. And Allah subhanaw taala

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brings it out on the day of will bring it out in reality, as we lead our life today in this dunya whether we are from the cyber cleaner from the civilian mean, or I will be left with a submachine gun in the surah Allah subhanho wa Taala describes how the disbelievers disbelief and they do not understand the reality of the day of judgment and on the Day of Judgment, I'll divide people into the three groups as for the Sabbath pain, Allah describes the gentleman that has been given to them which is alpha, docile Allah and the highest of gentlemen, what sort of life they will lead, what sort of food they will eat, what sort of clothes they will wear, what sort of women they will marry,

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what sort of spouses they will have, what sort of life they will have, and what sort of enjoyment that they will have in this dunya that unless it moves on to us, heavily me, the people on the right hand, what sort of life they will lead in how how the gender that they will have, which is the lower levels of gender will resemble places that have lots of fruit trees and lots of places to eat, and lots of reclining couches and lots of amazing places to see and wander around. And they will have pure wives of the of similar age mature age of the age of 33. Who are who are created just for this horrible me. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala moves on to description as hava Shimon. And as habashi

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mana those people that have the left hand and allies of the talks about the food that will eat the clothes, they will wear the punishment and torture that they will have, how they will eat from this country and how they will eat from the from this tree that has acidic fruits that grows from the from the depth of jahannam and how when they eat this they will feel extremely thirsty, but they'll be burning up but still feel so thirsty that they will drink from boiling water and the boiling water will do nothing except to burn their insides. And this is the this is the as horrible, as harbor Shimon. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala moves on to the to the second page or the third page of

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the surah where he talks about why is it that people disbelieve? It's because they do not ponder. They don't reflect. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us about four things to reflect on in this sutra. First thing reflect on is how we were created from nothing, or we were created from a despicable fluid that flows from our private parts. So is it is it the fluid that creates itself or does something else created? Meaning does Allah subhanho wa Taala create human beings out of it? Then Allah talks about the examples of what we harvest and what we grow in harvest and Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the water that we drink, that Allah Subhana Allah talks about the fire

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that we can build from the, from the trees that we have, and ask us whether we ponder about these things or not. Then finally, Allah subhanho wa Taala takes the promise by the stars and by the flowing or the,

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or the celestial bodies and how they move around. Allah subhanho wa Taala promises by them. And he talks about how this Quran is indeed a pure book that is preserved in a low helmet fold that has been sent down from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Finally, Allah ends the sutra by talking about our last moment of death, and when the soul has reached the throat, and indeed it is about to come out and angels are pulling the soul out of the body, then the angels will behave with the soul, according to which of the three groups we are from. So a lot returns the conversation back to the first three groups from which he started talking about which is the three groups that he created for the people

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of Jana Johanna. So, if it is from the macabre been meaning the sagittarian the ones who are the forefront, then rowhammer I have no agenda tonight, meaning that he will straightaway enter into agenda, all the blessings agenda will be open to him, such as orlimar, such as scholars

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Such as Mujahideen, those people who die in the path of Allah straightaway entry into agenda, then Allah Subhana Allah talks about if it is not as heavily I mean, as for Salah mala coming as having me meaning, then be then Peace be upon you or people have the right hand Peace be upon you, or people have the right hand meaning that they will the people right hand, their souls will go back to gender, but their bodies will be in in the grave, and they will sleep in their graves, the sleeping of someone who is newly married, meaning no other will cover no punishment other but not then not direct entry to gender, but they will have to wait later on, but they will be in peace in their

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grades. There are lots of us harbor shamal Well, I'm in Camila mocha Divina. Darlene if he was from the Dali in the ones who are so misguided for newzoo lumen hamin. Then straightaway entry to Johanna meaning the fire. The grave will be full of fire with us layer two j m and n A window will be opened up from Johanna has a new solo home Yama, D, this will be their recompense on the day that they pass away until the day they resurrect in which day they're thrown into the tremendous Johanna that has been created for them in kewanee. This is Sarah Walker, very powerful surah beautiful surah as well. And something will have the Rila I'm sure if you understand the meaning of you will truly want to be

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from the Sabbath. And you will want to strive and struggle saying I want to be from the side that Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim In the Name of Allah, the generally Merciful, the specifically merciful to the believers, either worker article worker, when the worker takes place, what does that mean? worker mean comes from the word worker which is to definitely take which has to take place. So what their meaning that which has taken place the worker, that is referred with alohacare, meaning the one that is inevitable, it's taking place is inevitable. So the inevitable event, either worker artell worker when the inevitable event takes place, can you see how Allah has called the Day of

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Judgment inevitable? It will happen it's inevitable is no way there's some possibility for you to think otherwise. Meaning to say that the day of judgment will not take place. That's impossible. It will most definitely take place it is an inevitable event. either walk it walk, leisurely walk it hacker diba it's taking place is not katiba meaning it is not a lie. It's taking place is not a lie, it is most definitely truth, half a dato raffia half and half other is to lower refer is to raise. So half the Latin, meaning this day of judgment will humble some of them many will lower some people were Rafa and will raise others who are who are the ones who the day of judgment will have a will

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will humble they are the rich people, those people who have wealth, in this dunya the day of judgment will humble them, those people who had might and power in this dunya Allah will humble them, it will lower them and those people who are lowly in this dunya those people who are humble in this dunya will be high and mighty on that day raffia those people who were who this dunya is a prison for them will be high and mighty on the day. Whereas those people who this dunya was an enjoyment and luxury for them will be lowest on that day in the authentic hadith, Mr. Mohammed, the prophets are seldom said the rich people will be the lowest of the Day of Judgment except for those

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who donate in the cause of Allah except for those who get who are charitable in the cause Allah half eaten raw

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coffee raffia raising others and lowering others either rejected or Dora Germany When will it take place when the earth will shake with the tremendous shaking Raja Raja means complete shaking right completely shaking when every single part of of the body shakes. That's COVID job. So the earth shaking mini every single thing in the earth will shake tremendously. Either rejected or the Rajah will boost settle g Barlow bus and the mountains have been crushed with a single crushing for Karnataka, Mombasa. When they're crushed, meaning they're uprooted smashed against each other, they are crushed. They are they have become Hubba meaning sand moon Botha meaning scattered sand, so they

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become like dust. And when the wind blows. It is because it is as if the mountains have now scattered This is how powerful the day of judgment will be. When massive mountains to understand the significance of this verse brothers and sisters, go and stand in front of a mountain. Go to Cameron heights for example. Yeah, all go to Genting Highlands when you see the big mountains and the big rocks. Imagine when they are smashed to each other. Imagine the impact it will have with each other's Parliament

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for Karnataka Mombasa, so it has become like scattered dust will continue as well john salata and you are

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As virgin salata, meaning three groups of people, as virgin salata, meaning three groups of people,

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for us herbal maimana As for the people of the right hand, as hobbled many, many, many, many comes with the word mean, which is right. So as Hubble maimana ma Hubble maimana what will tell you who the people of the right hand are? Well as Hubble Mashallah, and the people of the left hand what will tell you who the people at the left hand are, was hub wasabia coda Sadiq Khan, Saba Kuhn comfortable word subaqua meaning to be at forefront meaning it's a competition. So they understand that this life is a competition in goodness 70 years of goodness, competition and goodness so that we can excel and win against each other. Wasabi Kona Sadiq Khan, those who excel brothers, no

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sisters, Islam, do you know how bad our understanding of this verse is today? that today we don't even understand that we are meant to compete with for gender. Today we're the most careless Have you seen? When we stand in a row for example, for salah and there is a gap in the front? What do we do? My brother You take it No, No brother you take it? No brother, you take it, you know we offer the front row to someone else. Which is madness. Madness. The Sahaba would never do that they would struggle with each other to be the one that takes it.

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No. Oh, but this is impolite. What do you mean polite? It's impolite when eating food Yes. When waiting for the offer to your brother first that's politeness when it comes to a bother This is not impoliteness No, this is wasabia code. This is subak This is to be at forefront. So do not be foolish or whiny. Yeah, do not be foolish in the acts are a Bada, you must be the first to do it. The first to attain it the first to achieve it. This is why Abu Bakar is to compete against Omar and Omar would compete against Abu Bakar. Why? To be the first to worship Allah. And that's why the prophets of Salaam said if you knew how much reward there is the first row, you would even put lots

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meaning you would put your names into a pot to find out who would be the ones who has to go in the first row today. If you knew how much reward there is, so brothers and sister Islam Do not be of those people at all. rather know that this is about competition. Competition, Allah says in the Quran, while he Mithra Lika after describing jamna Allah says, and for the example of Jenna foliate enough acyl mata nafi. So let the company let the competition begin. Let the competitors compete. Let the competitors compete. So I am competing with you, you are competing with me remember that my chef is to compete with us in trying to be the one who is at the first row, which used to work

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faster than us to be the one in the first row. Literally, the woman would go off the back of the machine, he would compete to be in the first round. Why? Because this is about competition. And if we don't have the spirit of competition, believe me, honey, we don't know what else. Well, you know, I've gone to this. Developers, you know, in Malaysia, you've got this really amazing thing when developers launch their their flats, and it's really interesting price, a good price. And they say you know what, you know, signing starts at 10 o'clock, oh my god, the number of people that are competing with each other to buy buy plots. It's crazy. Has anyone ever attended that? It's madness

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madhouse. So why are people struggling so hard? This is for, you know, to give the money even you know what I'm trying to say? madness to buy a plot of land? Can you imagine gender now? Why is it that we don't compete? It's probably because we don't believe enough. So we need to work on our belief about gender and belief in the Day of Judgment. Well, South Dakota sobre como una equal makara both They are the ones who are close to me, meaning they are the ones who have tried to come close to me. So I have, I have also come close to them with equal caribou. They are the ones who are close to me, Fiji unknotted name in the highest of the gardens of Paradise, which is a blessing,

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Jana of, of tremendous blessing fula to mineral awali in a large number of people from the previous generation. So the scholars Islam said three things three meanings for this fula terminal awali means that a lot of people from the previous nations before the oma Mohamed Salah, and only a few people from the Omar Mohamed Salah, but this is not authentic. This is not the strongest opinion this is one opinion the scholars not strong Why? Because the prophets are self centered authentic hadith in Bukhari, would it would it make you happy? if if if

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one fourth of the people agenda was from you meaning from Muslim mean of the oma Mohammed salah and the Sahaba became happy Rasul Allah, that would be brilliant. Then the problem said Would it be happy would you be happy? If you are half the people of gender, then the Sahaba became even more happy

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Then the prophets have said no rather I make dua to Allah, that you are the vast majority of the people of gender. So the Omar Mohammed says Allah will be 66% of the people of gender. From the authentic hadith we know that the people agenda will be made into 120 rows of the 120 rows of first 80 rows will be the people of the oma Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Mashallah Baraka Allah. So, how blessed are we brothers and sisters? highest probability of being for the people agenda Mashallah highest probability, wasabi Kona sobre como la makara bofi jan 99 through la terminal awali. The second meaning of fuller terminal Alia scholar said is a large number of people from the previous

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generation of which a previous meaning the generations of the Sahaba, and the companions, their companions or their companions, and only a few were Callie luminal, athlete and only a few from our generation. And this is the strongest opinion, the fact that this full length of middle Arlene refers to the generation of the Sahaba generation the Prophet says our love and their generation and the generation after it and the generation after a large number of them are from the sub Bakun. Right. Whereas the sub routine from our generation in our time 21st century is only a few which is true vast majority of the people 1.5 billion Muslims who say how many of them actually pray? How

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many how many of them actually fast properly? How many of them actually fast Ramadan but will not pray?

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Isn't a true I remember when I was young, I had no knowledge of Islam. I was born to Muslim family, but I would fast the day but spend the whole day watching indian indian movies.

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One after the other. We had cassettes, you know those big fat cassettes? we'd read three at a time, we'll say okay, fasting these days is about 12 hours. Okay, but three days, three hours, nine o'clock. 10 o'clock might wake up at 10 o'clock. 11 o'clock. Let's put in one indian movie that takes three hours to finish second in the movie. It'll take three hours to finish next indian movie by the time it finishes Alhamdulillah we're ready for a star. What is that? So Pamela it's amazing the misguidance of shaitan Subhanallah Yanni hamdulillah la dee da da da da, da li B tala was guided us hamdulillah vocally luminosity and this is the sad story honey that only a few of our generation

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will be from the Sabbath.

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Yeah, and that is true because how many of us truly strive and struggle with a blood and sweat and tears for the sake of water man. So Allah as of now continues and tells us what type of gender they will go on a pseudo remote Dora, they are going to go and into this beautiful gender there is the highest of Jinan, in which they are pseudo pseudo means is the plural of sarees which means beds. But over here It refers to reclining couches, and are suited meaning lots of beds of light. Bow buena Madonna meaning beautifully prepared for them. So it's not as bad that is not prepared or a couch that's not prepared, but fantastically prepared with beautiful cushions and heavy brocade and

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light emanating all of it from it light. Light is actually the couch is made of light can you imagine Subhana Allah suuri Maota Mata Ki la mata kabini Mata Ki Mini, they're not lying down nor sitting up. They are reclining. So they reclining nicely like this reclining with tokina Buta cobbly, meaning they are facing each other. So they're on thrones of light. All of these people are facing each other motorcar believe facing each other. You have to fool not only will Donna mohalla dude running around them, jumping over them around them beneath them, our will done meaning children, there's a sort of servants our children will die no mohalla don't eternally, eternally you

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youth, meaning they're not going to grow old so they're always going to be youth, meaning the servants of the people of the of the harbor others or the team will be servants that are eternally young, that are running around with every type of beautiful drink and wine to for them to drink. The aquabion What are they doing? They're running run be acquired with cups. What about and with vessels pouring vessels inside the vessels are wine and the most delectable delights be acquired in America. We'll see. And with crystal cups me marine from all beautiful, beautiful drinks that Allah has created for us law use of their own from that drink. They are not going to get a headache meaning

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like alcohol when you drink in this dunya you get a headache or you get a hangover and headache. You're not going to get a soda so that means a headache lights of their own. Meaning they will not get a headache from it. While Are you on the phone now will they become drunk and drowsy or foggy hatin on top of this beautiful drinks that they will drink for Kiha beautiful

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Yeah honey does anyone really appreciate don't you appreciate the drink when you breaking your fast? Yeah How How amazing is that right Mashallah, it might be a little bit of a sweet drink How amazing is that? It's amazing well like imagine the drinks agenda how much we will appreciate it on top of this will fuck you hatin fruits be my highroad for whatever they wish whatever they love meaning

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the scholars that have said that when they're reclining on their couches and they look at a fruit tree that has beautiful fruit, the tree will bend and come forward you don't have to move.

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Okay, the tree will bend and come forward and put the fruit in front of your mouth. I mean, you have to take a bite but I mean that's the only thing perhaps,

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but the tree will come and this is this is what the even a boss said that the fruit will come and present itself in front of you so you can take a bite will fall he had them in my room. And, and, and fruits, Beamer from whatever it the highroad whatever they love and whatever they wish, while Lakshmi and laminin meet hamdulillah for me to write guys, we all hungry now once a meet biryanis right? We're lovely hiring toil meaning the fruit or the meat of time, which is found meaning all different types of

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birds like for example, you might like chicken or you might like Turkey, or you might like pheasants or you might like for example, you know, some other bird that you that you like eating so, well let me tell you the mash tahune and the meat of birds from whatever they love. So even a bird said in the Tafseer of this verse, He said when a believer looks at a bird and he wants to eat it, the bird will become barbecued in front of him straightaway I mean he doesn't have to go and catch it and run after it and then wife Yella Let's cook something

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and then you know we have to scan it and we have to go through all of that and wait for it to boil. Is it ready yet? Is it ready yet? No, no? None of that stuff. Okay. It's it's barbecued and ready in front of you like me? Are you kidding? Me? My gosh, the home for whatever they wish will hold on.

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And the women with the most lovely beautiful black eyes. Okay, hold hold. Hold means

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wide eyed women. Allah in many eyes so very wide eyed, black, beautiful mascara all around. This is called hold a Why are they called hold in? They call her in because as soon as you look at them, what will mesmerize you is their eyes before their body or anything else about them. But we know so much about them. I am reports almost 30 verses in his poetry of No need regarding the whole aid. how beautiful they are how they're made from saffron they made from saffronart clay. So if the women of this dunya made from clay Can you imagine women of gender made being made from saffron, how you'll be able to see the nerves from their from their bodies, how the femur is more expensive than all of

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this dunya and all that it contains how when they when they smile or they laugh, there'll be lightning that they will cause lightning in the sky from the amount of light they have on their bodies somehow learn how they will sing for their husbands and these are the whole eight I won't go too much into it inshallah well Hooray.

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I'm thoroughly look Lu l mcnown. Yanni. I'm gonna save total in discussion for a camping day for the brothers All right, guys, we organize a camping day for the brothers.

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This is a brother's only event in Sharla Okay, I'm Sally mcnown like the example of look look, which is a pearls mcnown meaning preserved pearls. So imagine pearls that are hidden within beautiful silk garments, so they conceal beautiful pearls why they call conceal pearls, whereas for the servants they are called Lulu among thora right look nama thora meaning scattered pearls because the servers are running around so it's like pearls are scattered. You take a pearl necklace and is scattered and they're jumping on top of each other. This is called scattered pearls. So the servants look like scattered pearls. Right? But the whole in a coup amok Luna meaning concealed pearls, meaning that

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they are not for service, they are only for enjoyment. Therefore companionship they're not there for to serve you food or anything no they will do that but out a pleasure not out of they're not created for service they created for pleasure. Okay,

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come Sally Lu l mcnown. jazza Bhima kanayama load as a reward for what they used to do Leia spa owner fee her loved one wallet Thema they will not here there in any level meaning any vain speech wasted speech while at FEMA nor any sinful words, swearing words, harmful words, okay, or any sounds like

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You know, like this sound that we make like

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those sort of sounds, they will not hear any sort of Thema in luckyland Salomon Salama except for this the same piece be on your PSP on your enjoyment upon enjoyment well as hobble Yemeni mahabali me and the people have the right hand what will tell you about the people of the right hand fee sideral mock dude guys can you see how important it is to be from the right and not the left? Yeah, right and left and Sabine now will is going to describe the light right hand this is why we do everything with the right hand is what we eat with the right we wear our shoes with the right we start with the right we do every good thing with the right and we do everything that is negative or

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false or bad with the left.

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Right, let's move on was horrible Yemeni mass hubballi amin and the people of the right hand what will tell you what the people that had feces through the mosquito they'll be in gardens with ciders. So that means secretaries, secretaries have those very huge load trees, massive massive branches with massive, massive leaves. So if we say that a McDonald's meaning widespread slow trees while polishing mambu means fruits mango meaning layered on top of each other. Okay, so imagine like banana trees with the with the trees with the with the Have you seen the bananas how they come with the fruits are layered on top of each other? Yeah, in the same way. tala Hinman both refers to

00:31:31 --> 00:31:35

banana trees that are layered with fruits on top of each other.

00:31:37 --> 00:32:21

But doesn't just refer to banana trees refers to all other types of trees as well. But it specifically the reference here is to banana trees. Or Talia mumbled while Villa Mahmoud and veil means shade, bamboo and many widespread shade shade from what shade from the light of the throne of Allah not light from the sun, because law your honor fee has shumsa well as Amhara as a lesson surah inside they will not see any sun nor an extreme cold right, so there'll be no sun there, but the light in general will be from the throne of a rock man. Right? Okay for you aluminum dude in widespread shade, well, ma in my Scoob and water that is poured forth plentifully beautiful pure

00:32:21 --> 00:33:01

water that is plentiful flowing springs that are flowing everywhere for them to drink from. Well, my mama in my school will fuck you hatin. kathira and fruits that are abundant. Lots of fruits everywhere. Lubbock to Acton while I'm Noah lahmacun meaning it does not ever finish while am Noah meaning that is not seasonal. It will not end with the season. Yeah, guys, is there a type of food that you like to eat that ends with the season like I like strawberries for example. musculus strawberries only grow in certain times. Also like cherries, probably with the cherries that you know also grows in different seasons also like anyway, I like too many things, isn't it? I think

00:33:01 --> 00:33:42

we're probably hungry. But anyway, but the point is that can you see when you like a fruit? Unfortunately, the season finishes isn't that right. But this season, it will never ever finish Mashallah Lamacq to actually ma'am No, I will never ever finish after eat it it will pop out again. nor will it be ever seasonal, meaning that it will it will start and finish at one time, while furoshiki Marfa and flourish meaning over here the scholar said Photoshop can mean two things. It can either mean beds for them to recline and to restaurant. Not for sleeping by the way because there's no sleeping agenda. We will never sleep in gender no more sleep. Jana is not for sleep.

00:33:42 --> 00:33:48

There's reason why scholar said there is no sleep in general is because it would be a waste of time to sleep.

00:33:49 --> 00:34:05

We want to enjoy Okay, so no sleep, no sleep in general you'll never get tired. Okay? It will just want to do new things but not that you will ever get tired of doing something at all physically tired that we get tired now we want sleep. No sleep at all.

00:34:07 --> 00:34:54

Well, Fukushima for our meaning reclining beds that are more for other raised up high that raised a pile of futoshi marpha some of the scholars said Fukushima refers to the wider agenda there like the like your beds, meaning that you lie on them. Without Allah Allah. Well, Fukushima in the hoonah insha Allah because the next verse refers to the women who are the spouses of the US hubballi amin in na hoona. Verily, We have created them in sha Allah with a beautiful in childhood new creation, who is talking about the wives of the people of gender, the spouses of the people of gender, for jalna hoonah upca so we made them meaning the wives of the people of us hubballi mean we made them

00:34:54 --> 00:34:59

akara what is upcoming? We made them into vergence. And that's what

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

Hadith which is in the in Bihar in other states, that when a man sleeps with his wife in general, his wife will return back to him virgin again. So she will return her virginity every single time right. So, this is what it means by for Jana hoonah upca meaning perpetually virgins, we have made them perpetually vergence Auto band at Strava auto means mature full breasted mature women meaning as a scholar as mentioned in the pursuit of this verse, the women will be at the age of 33 years old, okay, at the age of 33 when they have attained the full maturity physically in others, and some of the brothers are looking like no I want younger man, listen, you'll be fine okay accepted

00:35:41 --> 00:36:28

autobahn, which is mature women at Strava means equal age right. Mature aged women have equal age. So, the So, the people who will enter gender will be at the age of 33 and the wives will be also mature aged at the age of 33 odoban a throbber. The US hobby Leah mean for the people of the right hand through la terminal a one in a large number of people from the previous generations meaning the previous generation of the early generations of the Sahaba were through law to male athlete and a large number of the people of the latter generations as well okay, that generation which is from our generation shala and latter than that will be a large number of people be in the left Allah subhanho

00:36:28 --> 00:37:17

wa Taala wills wasabi Oshima now, turns to the people of the left hand was harbor Shima Lima Oshima, and the people of the left hand what will tell you about the people of the left hand fee some whom you will have been free some will have been what is some and have been mean? So meaning in boiling water and boiling fire from boiling water and tremendously hot fire How hot is the fire the fire as the authentic hadith in Bukhari state that it was burning for 70 years fire of Johanna was killed was lit. And when you when you mean lit, meaning that that the angels are blowing into it, plus flowing fuel into it for 70 years, until the fire became red, then another 70 years until it became

00:37:18 --> 00:37:27

white and then another 70 years until the fire became black. Okay. So it is, it is 1000s of times

00:37:28 --> 00:37:44

hotter Of course, the heat state 70 times hotter than this than this, that this earth will love to alum the hottest thing that we know of, perhaps is the center of the Sun which is millions of degrees. So only Allah subhanaw taala knows how hot this really is only Allah knows.

00:37:46 --> 00:38:36

FISA mumu have been in some room and have been so boiling water and boiling, boiling fire while volley me and smokes. So columns of smoke that comes out from the fire labarie Do you wanna carry no coolness will they ever have wala Karim nor any gentleness or softness at all? It will be all hard, hard, hard work. In the home Colonel korbanot alikum atrophied verily before this jahannam they were upon tremendous luxury car no cobbler Dallek, meaning before Johanna Muth Rafi Rafi meaning they were in tariff tariff means luxury so they were in tremendous luxury. What car do you serve Rona Anil Henson of him and they used to use abroad meaning they used to hurry to do and harmful of him

00:38:37 --> 00:39:01

and health many a tremendous sin allowing the great sins so they used to do is to to Harry to do great things. What's an example of great sins equality? The prophets of Silla mentioned some of the great things that people do yeah. And I can tell you some of the sins we fall into very quickly, disobeying parents, for example, very quickly, or for example, delay or Salah or for example, today dealing a rebel

00:39:02 --> 00:39:47

or for example Riba? Yeah, how many sins do we hurry to fall into? So why do we really have to really have to watch ourselves? What do you serve Runa lol Henson of him and they used to hurry up to do health which is sinful and loving the great sins. So be very wary that we do not become from those people who hurry to do great sins. Were cladonia Kowloon and they used to say, either mithuna if we were to die, while qunar Pura Vida and we become dust and soil and sand, where Adama will become bones. In llama burrow phone, are we going to be brought back to this life again? Meaning that is to deny the day of judgment and inquiry. Remember we spoke about yesterday. Some people deny

00:39:47 --> 00:39:59

with their tongues other people deny with their actions. How do you deny with your actions like you sin carelessly and you don't even care that Allah will take you to account. So when you sin carelessly without worrying about the Day of Judgment

00:40:00 --> 00:40:49

This is the person who is sitting and not caring. And this is the person who's also disbelieving in the Day of Judgment by his action. What can we do coluna either mithuna Wakanda to Robin, wherever you are in Alibaba on days to say, if we were to die, we become sad and bones, are we going to then be resurrected? Our own our own even the people, our forefathers from the past meaning our fathers for the early generations so they were amazed. Pull in our leader and say to them many indefiniteness in in surety absolute in absolute s tell them oh Mohamed Salah Salem call in the Alina will are feeling very the first and the last one language more una de la Makati Yo mama alone.

00:40:49 --> 00:41:39

La much more own la meaning of assurity la Mata Ki. Most definitely much more own will be gathered together. Isla to me cotton to an appointed time maloom well known appointed time from thereafter inoculum Oh, you all are you have done alone, those who are donload who those who have become a stray and faraway. I'll look at the boon the liars, Allah subhanaw taala calls the mocha the boon where they're actually curfew rule. So in the Quran book the creep or kasi line is synonymous with Kufa synonymous with Cofer while uyama iluka Db why luoma db, go to the lies go to the lies well on that data the liars who is referring to to the caffeine those who disbelieve in his science. So

00:41:39 --> 00:42:27

therefore, some of you have done Lunel caffeine role instead of caffeine analysis. Look at the board. Then thereafter on that day, all you who are a stray the doll the wicked people, those who are liars, meaning you hide the truth. The archelon I mean, Sharjah remains a comb, you will most definitely eat from the tree of Zaku what is is a country Allah says in Surah suffered the country is a tree that grows from the Aslan jehane from the bottom of *. So the hardest part of Hill comes a tree of fire from it grows the fruits, this tree is kazoku it's its fruit. inshallah, when we take sort of suffered we'll come to it. Its fruit resembles the heads of shaitan It is as if the

00:42:27 --> 00:43:12

heads are Sheltie and cut off and given to you. And when you eat from it, it is acidic it will destroy your insides. So as the scholars mentioned as people are eating from it, their mouth disintegrates because of the the acidity of it. And but they will eat it in hunger. And then because of the burning of the acid, they'll want to drink water but they will only have boiling water to drink. The Aki Luna Misha remains a co you will most definitely eat from the tree of Zaku family una min Alberto that will fill up your stomachs and tear up your stomachs for Shari buena Allah He then you will struggle to drink on top of this. Shari Buddha Allah He will you struggle to drink boiling

00:43:12 --> 00:43:53

water mineral hamin from the boiling water for Sha de buena so you will drink sure Bella him. You will drink like the drinking of thirsty camels? Have you seen thirsty camels after a long desert trip of 20 days. 30 days how they drink the drink like they haven't had water before. And I've seen camels drink mom telling you you put a bucket in front of them. Bam it's gone. Okay, I'm telling you to put the mountain in the suck it up. You put another bucket the subject sucked up they drink like oh my god. So they're not like the drinking of the cows or putting the tongue out or the drinking of the cats when Tiger No no, no, they suck. So Sha de buena showed him What is him? He was thirsty

00:43:53 --> 00:44:37

camels. So you will drink the drinking of thirsty camels? Yes Allah. Can you see how Allah is giving you a graphic picture? How masterful is this Quran in creating graphic pictures in our head. This is why we no one could ever copy the Quran. How masterful is our man with his words and creating amazingly graphic pictures in our head with examples we can relate to like a thirsty camel. Like for example a shaytans head like for example, you know, couches, though nothing is similar from this dunya to that right? Nothing can be equal. Because that is amazing. But Subhanallah look at how masterful this court and his will like you I am lost in the mastery of this Arabic It is so amazing.

00:44:37 --> 00:44:59

For Sha de buena shootable him ha the new Zulu homeo Medina, this is your nozel meaning you're dwelling on the day of the of the day of of accounting the Day of Resurrection the day of accounting that no Hala Kanaka we are the ones who have created you follow law to set the Condor. Why is it that you do not believe

00:45:00 --> 00:45:27

Now unless he moves on to telling us those four things that I said at the beginning of the of the surah, four things for us to ponder on, why do we not ponder on these four things? If we just punted on these four things would find enough example for us to believe one of those four things. First, Allah will talk about * and how Allah created mankind from *, that Allah will talk about harvests and crops that Allah will talk about water that ultimate fire. So look at the four things Allah talks about,

00:45:29 --> 00:45:52

for it to be known. For too many have you seen more to known that which comes out of your private parts, which you expel from your body and you consider it filthy? And you wash off your body by two known unknown takuna? Who are you the one who creates from this the Hulk the creation? Are you the one who gives life to the * into this human being

00:45:53 --> 00:45:58

in Hollywood, or or are we the one who creates human beings from this *?

00:45:59 --> 00:46:44

No, cadorna Bina Komal Mota we are the ones who have spread and decreed death Mota woman will be must booklet and we are not going to be proceeded in this meaning we have decreed death and no one can decree death before us meaning we're the ones who give life and death one mana we must Smokey and no one can precede us or beat us in this Allah Luba de la masala come that we are most definitely able to change your creation. We're known she acoem and creative female at Ala Moana into a creation that you're not aware of what is the lesson here? Ally's saying that we are able to can you see this human being a lack created from *? Are you the one who gives it life? Or who is the

00:46:44 --> 00:47:10

one giver of life? And when death comes? Are you the one who caused it to die? Or are we the one who has total control of death? And if we wanted can we not deform this human being into another creation? And if we wanted can we not change you into monkeys and swine and other things that Allah xojo made other human beings into? Absolutely This is what I was talking about. If Allah wanted Allah could change your creation into a totally different creation

00:47:11 --> 00:47:12


00:47:13 --> 00:47:56

nobody lamb Salah C'mon Shia confirm Allah tala Mon and we will create into something that you never ever knew will occur the Allium to Monash and Allah wa laqad and most definitely you have Allium tomb you are most aware, and Nash Tallulah the first creation meaning you can see your creation, the first time that you created falola to the Quran. So why don't you ponder on the second creation, which is the resurrection that Allah will recreate everything after we have passed away for a two month rule. Do you not see what you harvest? Meaning when you harvest cleanup ponder on the harvesting that you're doing but the hydrophone unknown Tesla owner, who are you the one who plants

00:47:56 --> 00:48:04

the trees that are is to plant so until Are you the ones that are gonna Who are you the ones who planted cause the tree to come out of the earth?

00:48:05 --> 00:48:38

Or are we the ones who plant it Honey, I'm telling you as a medical doctor, when patients come to me and I'm a trauma doctor, when people come to my emergency department, and then you know, limbs have been cut off and the chest is smashed, the face is smashed. I remember one guy had a lie, you know, he was a meat grinder. You know, he grinds meat, he cuts meat, he puts his you know, the big meats, pieces of meat to this big thing as he was fixing this thing. The whole blade came off and cut all of his face. His face was literally falling off like this.

00:48:39 --> 00:49:12

Oh my god, I had I mean, I have not seen as many scary things. As I said, I saw that day when his face was falling off his tongue was showing his Yes, Allah, Allah holy *. What do doctors do? They just do it together. That's all we can do. We just do it together but who fixes it? It's Allah, the farmers all they can do is to plant it but who kills? Who brings it out? It's Allah. The doctors can just give you a bit of medicine but who can actually kill the bug and fix it? It's Allah. This is why why do you want like unto terracotta? Who?

00:49:13 --> 00:49:19

Are you the one who causes it to come out of the earth? Or are we the one who causes it to come out of the earth?

00:49:20 --> 00:49:59

Lola Shah if we wanted ledger, Allah who would have made it meaning this this tree hatami meaning completely yabbies meaning dry, and yellow and hotel which is which is ashes Have you seen? For example, trees that come out and then suddenly the heat hot sun comes and they don't get enough water and they become shriveled and dry and fall to the ground and die is have you seen that? That's holtermann loner sha Allah Allah huhtamaki for volume taco then you would have you would have put your hands in your head and said, Oh my god, what what has happened? in Allah Mara moon

00:50:00 --> 00:50:39

You are the farmers in you saw this would have happened you would have said, oh we are destroyed by the National mushroom or rather we are the ones who are prevented from a full harvest. So Allah azza wa jal is quoting the farmers when they see that their harvest destroyed. What do they do? Oh no, we're destroyed our harvest is gone. It's completely destroyed. This fire is destroyed my harvest, though the drought has destroyed my crops. This is what a Lazarus quoting and and saying but rather, we are the ones who have been stuck. This is a Lakota farmers whose crops are destroyed. This is what they would normally say. After I told my editor rasa chabaud Have you seen the water that you

00:50:39 --> 00:51:18

drink? unto anzaldo? Mohammed Al musli? Are you the ones who have brought it down from the Muslim Muslim meaning from the heavens or national moon Zulu? Or are we the ones who have sent the water down from the from the skies whiny today the meteorologists and and and the scholars who study this, they cannot say with 100% certainty even till today where it will exactly rain. That's why they talk about probability of raining they also today there is a high probability rains low probability rains right? They cannot say most definitely with 100% certainty because Allah says it is Allah The one who decrease it. Like

00:51:19 --> 00:52:03

unto anzahl to move luminol musli Norman zielona Are we the ones who sends it down? Low inertia if we wanted jalna who jaja we would have made this water sour or salty or unpalatable to judge means sour or completely unpalatable means I can't drink the water. If we wanted we would have made the water unpalatable follow letter schools why is it that you don't give me sugar? Why don't you thank me for the blessings have given you meaning you don't have to go out for this water. I send it down to you fresh water for you. From which you grow your crops and from it which you feed your yourselves and from which you sustain yourself. Why don't you thank me. Sugar is Jada *. So

00:52:03 --> 00:52:50

sugar is extra upon praise. To say Alhamdulillah is praise but sugar means praise. Plus doing something good for Allah. Like for example memorizing the Quran or praying or fasting or giving sadaqa This is to do sugar. You must praise Allah press do a good deed. That is what sugar is. So why don't you thank me? For it to menara lucky to have you seen the fire that you can do that you start up? Until Are you the ones unshot to have you the one are you the ones who have caused it to start shujaa from it? Are you the ones who have caused it's trees that give the fire to grow? Um, not only are we the ones who cause the trees that give fire to grow, that Mooji Allah who does

00:52:50 --> 00:53:29

keratin, we are the ones who are made the trees as a reminder, what Mata and lil McQueen and a matar meaning a provision for those who are God fearing so for those who are travelers and God fearing, what is the law talking about that Kira what is it that girl that Kira is as a scholar as mentioned, why are the trees that particular because the trees are full of water and they are bred from water they're made from water right? But the same trees we can get fire from wherever from water you can never get fire. So this is the third Kira see how Allah subhanho wa Taala can create from water, something that was dry enough that will give you fire.

00:53:30 --> 00:54:21

Right and this is the this is the example of lifegiving that from the plains of resurrection which is clay. Allah can create a human being that doesn't look like a living creature. Right now new janitors kiloton Juan Mata and lil McQueen, for sub Bismillah because of him, so glorify the name of your Lord, the great one, Allah the Great fella. Now Allah azza wa jal moves on to the last part of the surah and talks about the curse of the swear Allah will take about how this Quran is so valuable. So what is the lesson follow? So now, a rather Fukushima will be my walk and no joke, I swear by the, by the movement of the celestial bodies, be my walk, baby, my Walker and new job my

00:54:21 --> 00:54:43

Walker meaning the constellations, you know, and the trajectories that they move on the planets of the trajectories on which they move. I swear by the trajectories that they move on. And of course, I mean, that's amazing. And we know how big the universe is, or we think we know, at least we think we know, can you imagine paddler less worrying by all of the planets and by the moving.

00:54:44 --> 00:54:59

And that's what a soldier says we're in the hole and this promise la casa ml is a swear low talamona team If you only knew how great the software is, meaning if you only knew how great a swear I have just taken

00:55:00 --> 00:55:24

Right If you only knew how great a swear I've taken we're in a hula Casa mode lo talamona of him in the hula court don't carry verily this is nothing but a noble or an Corinne noble or noble in every way, noble in his message noble in its resuscitation, noble in its meanings noble in its in its

00:55:25 --> 00:56:15

the cure that it has its noble in every single way whoever recites it becomes noble whoever does not recite it does not loses the inability in our locker add on carry fee kitabi mcnown in a key tab up a book that is mcnown that is preserved. So what is Allah referring to? this Quran is within another book that is preserved, in which book is the Quran already in it is in the book callowhill mfold. So Allah here is referring to low health food by Kitab Al mcnown, fie kitabi mcnown la Yama, Soho lol motohiro no one can touch the low health food except for the Buddha Harun those who are poor, who are the pure ones, the angels. Right? So the soldier who has been referred to here are the angels,

00:56:15 --> 00:56:55

the scholars of Islam, use this verse to say that therefore the Quran there is a lot of my fault should not be touched except in a state of Voodoo. However, some of the elements such as if it hasn't been others are of the opinion that this verse refers only to angels, and refers to the low helmet food cannot be touched by angels. As for the Quran, then equality but hasn't he allowed it to be touched? Without my advice? My advice is if you can try to not touch the Quran with will do If, on the other hand, you're someone who recites the Quran all the time, like you're memorizing, right then many of the LMR of the Shafi mme and others have given the excuse to actually touch the Quran

00:56:55 --> 00:57:31

without Voodoo on the on the basis of the ruler on the basis that it is too difficult to keep you will do all the time. And you are a student of the Quran that is constantly reciting the Quran. However, at all at all other times try to have to do when you recite the Quran. Secondly, if you cannot have to do that now you have these instruments and iPads and phones etc, that you can have the Quran on, but I still advise anyone memorize the Quran to use the proper must have because you need to write in it. At least put a marker aside for you to remember some of the things in the Quran. Otherwise you will forget. Yeah, otherwise you'll forget when you recite the Quran. So my

00:57:31 --> 00:58:12

sincere advice is to is to follow this verse in its application to the Quran, as much as possible, unless it's difficulty, too much difficulty, then you don't have to have to touch the Quran Allah Allah Allah transito Mirabella el amin it is a book that is sent down then z is a book that's sent down. Meaning if it's sent down that means Allah must be up in the heavens. So Allah azza wa jal This is why Rasulullah Salim in the last Hajj he said Allah Houma, farshad Allah Masha Allah who have ushered in arafat, he said this three times or Allah and he pointed his finger to the sky and said Oh Allah witness or Allah witness or Allah witness in front of 100,000 Sahaba he did this. It

00:58:12 --> 00:58:58

shows therefore allies in the heavens and he sent down the Quran to us 10 Zeeland mille Rabbil alameen frog from the Lord of mankind met a lot of alamy meaning all of creation of our behalf Alhaji unto moody known is it with this hadith with this Quran, Hadith means speech. So with this speech, it are you with this speech moodiness meaning Are you confused and are you doubtful? What aluna is Kaku and naka de Beaune, and you're expecting your provision to come to you, even though you continue to lie about this Quran. So now Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the moment of death. Remember we said that was the end of this surah Allah will talk about the moment of death.

00:58:58 --> 00:59:02

Look at how powerful this verse is for Lola

00:59:03 --> 00:59:13

either Bulava Tohoku so no rather than a when the soul has come out of the body and reach the throat

00:59:14 --> 00:59:32

Bulava kill Haku johani SubhanAllah. If you go to the palliative Ward palette award is in the hospital the word in which people are dying of cancer and terminal disease. If you go to the palate of word, you will hear the souls reaching the throat because you will hear

00:59:34 --> 00:59:46

the sound I can tell you as a doctor, I've heard this so many times for Lola either Bulava defalco when the soul has reached the throat you know it is in the throat now.

00:59:47 --> 00:59:59

Well until he is in the room and at that point you are looking at the soul that is about to leave. Yeah, you're looking at the soul about to leave or some of the scholars said it

01:00:00 --> 01:00:10

First the person dying as his eyesight is still there, but it's going away what he's still able to see as his soul is able to is reaching the throat now about to come out of the mouth.

01:00:12 --> 01:00:57

One Two Hina is in town road and you are looking at this soul die. When national Acorah la human come and we are closer to it. Min comb then you will Akela to zero who's not new here. The scholars Islam as the CEO said nano here refers to the angels and our angels are closer to it than you meaning then you have family members of the deceased or or doctors who are trying to save this, this human being we are closer to it than you but we'll actually leftover zero but you cannot see my angels. Yeah. And so the authentic headed state the Angel of Death comes and he comes to the head and then he calls the soul out. If it is a soul of a believer that the soul of a believer comes out

01:00:57 --> 01:01:27

just like honey comes out from a honey other nice flowing honey, soft and gentle. But if it is a soul of our shaitan soul of enemy of Allah, someone who was who did not have he die and guidance, then the angel will tear the soul out as he's tearing the soul. He tears his veins and tears his arteries, tears his muscles everything as a soul is struggling to stay in the body. But he's tearing the soul out of the body. Right and this is the description the scholars have given

01:01:29 --> 01:01:39

falola in content Rama Dini one aka v Min kumala Killa tomasino but you cannot see my angels for Lola so if it is indeed true

01:01:40 --> 01:02:00

in quantum that you are not ready remedy that you are not obliged to follow by religion, that you are not obliged to follow what I have told you in this course and that you're not obliged to follow this core ad and this hedaya for God haha encounter God in return the soul back into the body if you can.

01:02:02 --> 01:02:14

Right, return the soul into the body as you can with Allah Subhan Allah. I remember a patient of mine who came into the emergency department. She had a chest pain that day.

01:02:15 --> 01:02:20

And then suddenly before she knew what she was on the resource resource table, meaning in the most

01:02:21 --> 01:02:32

critical part of the emergency department with four or five doctors all operate together to save somebody. It's called a recessed Bay in the recessed Bay and I remember the patient saying I feel I'm going to die today.

01:02:34 --> 01:03:13

And everything we tried, we did everything possible two or three doctors working on this patient. But little by little her body gave away her heart giveaway, liver giveaway kidney giveaway, one after the other started failing. And the lady died despite struggling with her for four hours trying to save this girl, honey. Well, I I was a young young person as well. 30 years old. You know when you when it's time to die, man, if no one can save you, no one can save you. So this verse will lie he really rings hard in mind. I know how true and how how promise how strong this promise is. Third God in

01:03:14 --> 01:04:00

return the soul back no era, there's no way there's no way to return it back when your time has come for in Cardinal makabe now Lazarus has so now if this soul was from the Caribbean, those who are close to me, those who prayed a lot those who fasted those who struggled with the life and blood and sweat and tears for my cause for him minecon Emil makara been if he if he indeed is from the Caribbean those who are close to me for roho noir Rihanna agenda to name the rose what I had meaning what a beautiful life What a beautiful dwelling What a beautiful dress What a beautiful food will he have for rojava right hand on what Jana tuna aim and the blessing agenda, which is waiting for him.

01:04:00 --> 01:04:33

So he enters into agenda directly as as the Hadeeth mentioned when a when a person who dies with the path of Allah in fighting in the path of Allah, that person dies as soon as the sword strikes his neck. Only pain he feels is a pinch. And then he goes directly into gender. It goes directly to gender for row hold where I have no agenda tonight, meaning the angels take his soul directly and straight away to gender. Well, mine Can I mean us hi Billy. I mean, and if he was from the people of the right hand

01:04:34 --> 01:05:00

for Salah moolah coming as hobby I mean, so the angels as they're being taken up as his soul has been taken up to Allah and then returned back to the habit to the grave to be questioned. Salah mala Casa Salam Salam meaning peace on you, oh people peace on your peace in the angels, from the heavens to the earth will say Salaam to the soul as it is going up and coming

01:05:00 --> 01:05:29

Down. Salah Malacca mean us habila mean peace to you are people of the right hand? Well I'm in condominial Makati been up dalim. As for if he is from the mocap the been the liars the dolly those who are misguided, totally misguided for new Zulu mean HMI then straightaway a dwelling of HMI, which is fire, you'll be put into the fire straightaway what is a lead talking about?

01:05:30 --> 01:05:59

He's talking about as applicable for new Zulu men humming straight away. Your grave is a double cover straightaway. we'll toss Leah to join him, and he'll be taken on a path to jahannam meaning on the Day of Judgment, he'll be taken on a path to jahannam in the law who will have kolia pain verily this court is a hawk is the truth eliakim absolute truth more certain than your eyesight

01:06:00 --> 01:06:33

because above it ngulia T is happily again, I really attain meaning when you see something you definitely believe it. Right? But happily, again, is even more certain and more true than the eyesight. What you can see definitely in the valley, this Quran is the half polyalkylene meaning this will most definitely come true brothers and sisters in Islam. This is not a joke. This is the truth of Allah azza wa jal for sub bismi Arabic Alavi so glorify the name of your Lord the Most High the great

01:06:35 --> 01:07:05

Allah What can you see how amazing the surah is? powerful, isn't it? The one very very powerful. recite the surah in your in your tahajjud Salah recited in your prayers, memorize the surah recite it again and again. I mean Allah subhanho wa Taala make use of those people who understand this value and come close to Allah Xhosa through it was through Dawa al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen until tomorrow at 6pm again, inshallah salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Sh Tawfique Chowdhury’s Tafseer series continues with Surah Waaqiah, recorded on 03 July 2014 in Malaysia.

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