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Ar-Rad 18-43 Word Analysis and Tafsir 38-43


AI: Summary © The use of messengers in printing laws and deeds is a common practice throughout Islam. The recording of deeds and the " revealed cryptid revealed" concept are important for avoiding negative influence and creating a "monster" culture. The importance of belief in the book's truthfulness and avoiding negative comments is emphasized, as well as the need for witnessing and showing the true values of Islam to others. The success of the book's message is also highlighted, as it has been used to encourage people to follow their dreams.
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Santa Rosa lemon carbonica. And certainly we sent messengers before you, you're not the first messenger, there were many messengers who were sent before you what your anala home. And we made for them as virgin wives, whether via an altar children, as wide as the Florida is out, and the Liga is used for children. And the words of the year is actually a plural, which indicates at least three. It indicates at least three.

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So messengers were sent before you and they had wives, and they had children as well. Why is this mentioned over here? By the way? What's the point of mentioning this, that the messengers had wives and also children? What does that prove

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that they were human beings, there were people.

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Well Maracana, lira sulan, and it is not possible for a messenger and yet to be it, that he should bring a sign 1111 except by the permission of Allah, meaning no messenger can bring a miracle by himself. It only happens by the permission of Allah liquidly agilan keytab and for every term is a decree Kitab over here gives a meaning of decree, decree. So for every term, Allah subhanaw taala has a set decree for every time it is written as to what is going to happen at that time. You understand, for every moment, every second of return, every time every month, every year, Allah subhanaw taala has decreed as to what is going to happen in that time.

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You see, the machine of Makkah, they mainly had two objections against the profits out of ourselves. First of all, they would say that How come you are a human being? If you're supposed to be a messenger, then how come you're a human being? So the answer is given that this is not something new. The previous messengers were also who, human beings

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another objection that they had was of miracles, that why don't you show miracles to us? So what is the last panel gonna say, that no messenger brought miracles by himself. Similarly, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam cannot bring miracles by himself. Miracles only come by the permission of Allah and for everything is a certain time that is fixed.

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So if these people are demanding miracles, then they should remember that Allah has set a certain time for everything. It will come at its time.

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Young How long am I assure Allah eliminates whatever he wills while you spit, and he also confirms we're in the homolka tab and with him is the mother of the book.

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The Um, hello from the roof letters mean how well my microphone and my hand is to erase something do I put off so young fella who Allah eliminates my shirt, whatever he wills. This is basically connected with the last part of the previous ayah that liquidly Edgerrin keytab, for every term is a decree. Now, with regards to decree, Allah says that Allah can eliminate he can wipe off he can erase whatever he wills, where you split, and he can also confirm your split from the root letters set but we're in the homolka tab and besides he has the mother of the book.

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Now what is a loss of data eliminate from young Hello my Ayesha from what this has been understood in a number of ways. First of all, when it comes to the revealed scripture, the revealed cryptid revealed book Allah can eliminate whatever he wills and he can replace it by something else. And what is this called? NUS abrogation NUS em her lava Maya will use with.

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Secondly, he eliminates from what from tech lead from decree from Divine Decree. Because for everything, there is a decree that is fixed, recorded. So it's up to a law, he can erase from the decree, even whatever he wills. If, for example, a certain life time was fixed for a person, a law can alter that he can change that. He's not bound to that decree. He can alter it while you spit and he can also confirm meaning whatever was written, that's exactly made to happen.

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Thirdly, young fellow who is shot meaning he erases from the record of deeds. Every person when he commits actions all of them are what happens to them they are recorded. So when those deeds are recorded a lock and erase whatever he wills

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like for example, if a person

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has committed sins in the past. And then he repents to Allah he seeks forgiveness of luck and literally erase those sins. It is as though he never committed them. Never ever. Similarly, if a person has done some good deeds, and he ends up committing such an action that wipes off his good deeds, then a look and erase those good deeds as well. Yeah, how long am I a shot? Well, you spit and he can also confirm Where are you know who and with him, there is omocha, there is a mother of the book, what is the omocha tap the low.

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So basically, what has been mentioned is that Allah subhanaw taala has set a decree for everything, a time, decree for everything. For everything that happens, there's a decree for it, there is a certain time that is fixed for it. And all of this is recorded, where in the Calcutta in the mother of the book, but sometimes because of the actions of a person, what is written also, it has changed, it is altered, what is written from before is also altered. And this change is also recorded, where in the low her muscles.

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Like for example, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, there's a hadith that is in Muslims, that a person is deprived of provision because of his sins.

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I imagined certain provision was fixed for him. But because of his actions, what happens? What happens that decree is altered, His provision is not given to him. Similarly, there are what does it do? It changes the decree, I'm sure you've heard of it, there are it changes the decree. And similarly, for him, it increases the lifespan.

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So there are certain deeds which result in the alteration of the decree that Allah subhanaw taala has said from before, and this is up to Allah, he can change, or he can leave it as it is. If he does change anything, this change is also recorded, where in the monkey tab in the lower of muscles in the mother of the book, because he's the owner of the book, and he can eliminate whatever he wants, and he can confirm whatever he wants. If you own something you can do whatever you want with it. By, for example, if you've written an article, if you've written a paper, you have the master copy, you can edit it, isn't it,

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you have the right to do so.

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And if you go into the history, perhaps it will tell you that this edit was made at this time. And this edit was made at this time. Because you have the authority to do such a thing. Similarly, The Omen keytab belongs to a loss of primal data, and he can do whatever he wants,

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and learn how to learn and the other companions as well. They used to make a DA, the translation of witches that Oh Allah, if you have written us amongst the wretched ones, the Shruthi. If you have written us amongst the wretched ones, then remove the status from us and write us amongst the blessed ones to read. And if you wrote us amongst the blessed ones, please let us stay that way. For surely you erase and confirm whatever you will and with you is the mother of the book.

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So when you want something, then what should you realize that yes, it's written, but also remember, that Allah can change that. You understand? Also, remember that Allah can change that. So ask Allah, ask Allah never give up hope. Because many times when a person commits a major mistake, what does he think? That's it, I'm gone, I'm a loser, I'm finished. But look at that there are these companions, that although if you've recorded us amongst the people who are going to end up in the Hellfire, change that piece, and if you've written us amongst those people who are going to end up in general, please retain that keep that because you can do whatever you want.

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With a man and if we, whether we knew the end Mecca, we show you or profit sort of autism, if we show you verbal lead in the womb, some of that which we have promised them, meaning, if the punishment comes in your life, you see them being punished, no matter how fire Naka or we raise you and after you die, then these people are punished, then remember that for in them ironical below that, indeed upon you is the responsibility to convey your job is still there, your responsibility does not end you still have to convey whether the punishment comes now or it comes later. Well, Elena herself and upon us is a reckoning.

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So what does this teach us? That regardless of how people are behaving, what is our responsibility?

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We must continue to tell them

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amuro Have they not seen Do they not realize that anana till our bow

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Indeed we bring the earth nothing other, literally we come about the earth meaning we are bringing the earth, none Kosova reducing it, men from Earth raffia it sides Do they not realize that we are set up on the land reducing it from its borders, non coastal from the root letters, Moon coughs, Hard Knocks, which is to reduce something and upper Office of Florida I've thought of and thought of is the edge, the side the outmost part of something.

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So, the sides, the edges, the outermost parts of the earth, we are reducing them. In other words, the Earth is gradually being made narrower for them, smaller for them,

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the borders are coming together, the Earth is constricting upon them. Do they not see that?

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What does it mean by this?

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This has been understood in two ways. That first of all, in the context of the people of Mecca, that do they not realize that the land is shrinking for them, their freedom is shrinking for them. And as the years went by, their freedom was only restricted until eventually, when surah Bara was revealed when Saratoga was revealed, their freedom was completely put to an end.

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Initially, they were free, they could go whatever they wanted to. But when the prophet SAW that a lot of them came, they felt a bit restricted. And when he was in Medina, there was always this danger. Just to remember when the caravan was going of Abu sufian, from a sham all the way to Makkah, how threatened they felt that they had an army come from McCarter defender, and many times they would feel such danger, one battle after the other until eventually, they were completely overtaken at the conquest of Makkah. And after that, even there was no room left for them. So Allah subhanaw taala is telling them that Don't you see this, that your land is shrinking upon you, your

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freedom is being constricted, it's being limited.

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And then something that every person can notice, every person can realize that while a person is young, he has so much ability, he can go wherever he wants to. But then there comes a stage where even when he wants to go somewhere he's unable to go. He doesn't have the physical strength, he doesn't have the means. So, the Earth is literally shrinking upon him, his house shrinks for him, his freedom shrinks for him. And this is a warning for a person that realize and turn to Allah.

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Secondly, this has been understood as that the earth is physically shrinking in its size, that the earth is physically shrinking in its size, reducing its size, due to immense pressure on the core.

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So now under see this will lower Yakumo and allow judges, alarmist judgment concerning his Hulk whatever he will learn more actively hook me there is no one who can adjust his decision. Well, we did the word Mark p, but who is more awkward, one who succeeds the other one who comes after the other. So, there is no one who can come after a law has made a decision and alter it the understand

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there is no one who can come after a law has made a decision and alternate law more often, but it took me

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years sometimes you write something somewhere and other person comes in he alters it he changes it. I for example, people have put a sign up somewhere and a person out of mischief what do they do? They put no or they cut out something or they change the letter somehow. How do you feel? Imagine if you put that sign up and somebody comes into altered state How do you feel very insulted, very insulted.

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So Allah subhanaw taala, whatever hokum he makes no one can come and alter it

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was surreal. And he is swift in reckoning in taking the

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walk or the mackerel idiom and carbonate him and those before them had also plotted meaning just as your people are plotting against you similarity the people before also the plotted against you, against their messengers. But remember that for Lila Hill makuta mirror that to Allah belongs the plan entirely. They can make whatever plans they want, but ultimately, who has the most effective plan? Allah subhanaw taala who has control even over their plans? Allah subhanaw taala for Lila Hill Mukherjee, Mira, because Allah macro always prevails, they can plot and plan but a loss plan always prevails. Because your animal How does it prevail because he knows my taxi bucola Nuff said. He

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Every person earns. He knows what every person is doing. So if a person intends to do something, Allah knows about it. So how can a person cause failure to Allah? Allah can cause failure two people

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will say yeah, lemon co founder and soon the disbelievers will know that lemon or acaba de for whom is the end of the home for whom is the final home URL Cobra dub we have done this many times before as well in this lesson, and URL Cova aka What is this end result and adult the home cerca de who will have the end in the home meaning, the good end in the home which home the home of the hereafter

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this has been understood in another way as well, which is that Adele refers to dunya. So who will have the end? The ultimate end the outcome, which is favorable for him to this life to this dunya meaning who will be successful in this dunya ultimately, at the end? Who is it going to be? It's those who believe. So what's the yarmulke Pharaoh luminarc better

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when you're calling Medina cafaro and the disbeliever say to to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that less than more Salah you are not a messenger. The disbelievers say to you that you're not a messenger. Sometimes they come up with objections that How come you're a human being. Other times they say How come you're not wealthy. Other times they say that she was miracles. They say less than more Salah you are not a messenger. This is what this 80 if someone says that he has a certain position or he can do something, the other is to raise objections to say negative things so that person becomes doubtful. But the other is to say on their face that no you're not this

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guy for example, there's a doctor and a person says to him No, you're not a doctor. A person is a parent. And the child says no, you're not my parents. This is extreme disrespect. This is the extreme of denial the height of denial. So the Machina maka Yes, they would say where the miracle talcum, you're not that wealthy, they will come up with many objections. But this went up to the point where they said less than one Salah at the face of the Prophet sort of answer, that you're not a messenger. What is the lesson? Paul say to them kafa biLlahi shahidan vainio rabbinical Allah is sufficient as a witness between me and between you. He is sufficient as a witness over what over my

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truthfulness, whether or not I'm a messenger, he is enough as a witness. Whether you deny or you accept, if a law bears witness that I'm a messenger, that's enough, that's sufficient, because Allah knows the reality. He knows the truth He has sent me. And this is something that we must remember many times we are very sincere. We want to do something with other people, they doubt our intentions, they refuse to acknowledge us. What should we remember? A lie sufficient as a weakness he knows

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woman and the one who are in the hall with him, he will keytab knowledge of the book, being the one who has knowledge of the book, the one who has knowledge of the book, he is also sufficient as a witness over the fact that I am a messenger. Now who is this minor in the Who is the one who has knowledge of the Book who is is referring to first of all, the first to a lesser penalty. Secondly, it refers to the believers as well. And believers who are amongst the people of the book.

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So all of them they know that I'm a messenger, they bear witness, they say I shadow Allah Illallah well as shadow Mohammed Abdullah solo, they testify. So there are sufficient if you don't believe if you refuse if you reject, what's the big deal? You're only going to harm yourself.

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So if you look at it, in this entire sorta What have we been learning? At the beginning? What did we learn that most of the people, they deny the truthfulness of the Quran, although the Quran is ad hoc, but most people they refuse to accept it.

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Allah subhanaw taala has shown many of the signs in the solar that demonstrate his authority, his power, his ability, so that people recognize that this indeed is the word of Allah. And then the various objections that the people had against the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. They're refuted over here in this order. And finally, at the end, what is said that if the people refuse, if they don't accept if they deny, what's the big deal? Forget about them,

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like a loss of data size and sort of the scene that he has seen well called annual health.

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in academia, mousseline indeed you are the messengers, even if the people deny even if the people refuse so what what's the big deal? And remember sort of our this murky surah. Then remember, in Makkah, there was a lot of opposition. So in the midst of all of this opposition, the profit center of autism has been reassured has been comforted, that no matter how much people deny you, you know that you're a messenger. So continue in your work, continue in your mission. And there are many who do believe there are many who do accept. And you can see the good change that has come in their behavior. As a comparison was made between the people who respond and the people who don't respond.

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People who respond to Allah, how productive they become, how beneficial they become, that itself shows the truthfulness of the Quran.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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or why we need to do what we are doing. So this is the perfect answer that we can give to them.

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This distributed part of you are made to anapa de la Vela oceanica, he, either he,

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because many times he will question you, why are you doing this? Why are you spending so much of your time? What's the simple answer, that I have been commanded to worship Allah, and this is how I learn how to worship Allah. Anybody else?

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I was just thinking about the part when we were talking about the food of the soul is the dictator of Allah, and why there's so many people it was 40% of the people in the US state consume about 60% of the medication, antidepressants. And I was thinking when you think about it, it's a way of shaytan to take us away from liquor of Allah because as long as your mind is dead, even though the heart still yearns, and it's sick, you can't cure it, because the mind is dead. It's consumed with all this toxics up and until we come to realize that the cure and the miracle is in the Quran, this will only increase especially now with all the financial calamities that are going on in the world.

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And we see this every day. The people because of what is going on, they've increased becoming more depressed, and instead of turning to Allah, they're turning away. And it's because in this society, we're encouraged to follow our desires and not think about our morals and what our purpose of life is. And the Real Food for the Soul is the dhikr of Allah. And we think we're feeling sad, then go watch a movie, go chill out.

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I was just thinking about how you were mentioning that the Quran there's so many people, they read the Quran, and they think it's so fascinating and amazing. And just yesterday, I was with my friend at her University lecture, and the professor, he was her religion professor and he was saying all these things about the Quran, he was like, This is so fascinating. We can't figure this out. This is so amazing. This is so like miraculous. And then later I found out that he was an atheist. And I was like, it's this you know, the message you take away from the

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Granted if you actually look at it for what you know for like child take, kick him out of it, or to get guidance you do, but it's just like the perspective and how we take it.

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If you see like a prophet sallallahu sallam, how many times he rejected, but he never gave up. And if you think about yourself, how many times like we encourage people to come to the dean or we give them power to come in, after two times we rejected we give up and we never return back to the people to the person and look at profits or alyssum. people reject them and they keep doing the same things. So it is a big lesson for us. If someone is you see the message of the sponsor and the Quran, if you reject it, if you bombard you with the wrong word with the stuff, never give up, always remember our prophets Allah, Allah loves what he did, we should inshallah follow his way.

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Exactly. Because just imagine, he was mocked at he was ridiculed, and he was told lessthan of Salah, and I mean, if you're such horrible words, how do you feel, but he was told to continue,

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somebody just makes fun of the way, we're perhaps wearing a hijab when we think, oh, maybe I shouldn't wear it. We give up immediately.

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Just watching a video the other day, it's pretty old. But there were some folks who wanted to refer to God as Allah. And then they had a pope from New York and a mark from the area. And they were just basically debating whether if it's true or not, or if it should go through and then the Pope, what he said basically was, I'm speaking in the language of English, I'm going to refer to God as God, because that's how you say God. And he started to attribute in some of the things that Islam the followers of Islam do, such as, you know, the killings and the suicide bombings. And he's like, I do not want to preach a name of God, which would show that type of image of God and then the man

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responded, he says that just because of followers, these are not attributes or qualities or attributes of the pose and summon and that's just one portion of it, which just goes to show you that instead of always showing people what you are showed implement the attributes that Allah has show those to people how kind he is how loving he is, how merciful he is. And it's because we don't accept them ourselves. We don't show them and then people have this wrong image of us and as long as they have the wrong image about

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many times when we think about Islam, the first thing we talk about is the Hellfire we make people feel as though they're gonna end up in the Hellfire little children as well. And we don't tell them about a man. We don't

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just thinking about lithium ion.

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And the thing what's coming in my mind was this that really we think about our chilling time about our free time or break time and what kind of activities are we or indulge in those times? Right? So if we really choose to try to improve our recitation of Quran because this is what is we learned today that with it we really get the peace of heart right. So while we are doing that, we are having our chilling time into the right direction inshallah Allah, this is the Quran we just learned today again, that if we stick with that, if we stay with that, in the Hereafter, it would be set to Assalamu alaikum Mimosa Berta manemma acaba de. So this is the book which actually teaches us about

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having the endurance with the patience as well, right. And then in the end again, we learned to open the Xena ethical, right? So if we don't know Quran, it means we don't have the true recipe to have supper and to have the taco. So while we are having our chilling time here in the dunya, we can have the chilling time in the hereafter as well how just by getting the akula hada him was elucha or boba. So we need to direct our chilling time to the right direction.

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Because naturally people want breaks, they want to relax, want to do something different. But believe me, no matter what you do, it's not going to satisfy you. It's never going to fulfill you until and unless it's something to do with the remembrance of a loss.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses from the beginning.

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Taco Bell

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to be a

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bit worried

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a salon I'm already covered