Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 21 – L213A

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Luqman 12-15 Translation 12-15

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tsuda Hill Kareem Mr Barrett feroze Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Bob the SRA hernia surgery were Sidley and the Wagner family Sani yaku. Holy probenecid. And

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lesson number 213. Soda Look man, I am number 12 to 15. Translation while you're called and certainly, Dana, we gave local Myrna Luqman El Sheikh, Mata, the wisdom, and that wish could you be grateful lilla he, for a

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woman, and whoever? Yes, he is grateful for in number than indeed not but yes guru, he is grateful. Lina fee for himself. Woman and whoever cafaro he disbelieved for in then Indeed, Allah her, Allah, Lani Yun rich, hamedan praiseworthy, what is and when? Allah He said, Look, man, look man, liberty, he to his son wahiawa while he Uriah who he admonishes him here or buena Maya son left do not to shake you associate or to shake, you do shake. You said partners biLlahi with Allah in indeed a shaker, the ship the polytheism. Laval mo surely injustice or Lehman, one great

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one and was signer. We have enjoined al Insan. The human being beware early day he with his two parents, Hamlet who she carried him ooh who his mother Weidman weakness Allah upon one weakness what you saw you who and his weaning fee in our main two years and that wish could you be grateful leave for me while you were early deca and for your two parents. La yeah to me, ultimately, the destination. What in and if gehad occur, they do pressurize you. They do strove against you. Allah upon

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that to shake you associate partners. Be with me. Ma what laser it is not lucker for you, be he with it. Or in any knowledge fella then do not do to Homer you obey them to what Sahib Homer and you accompany them do fee in a dunya the world meroofer good. What a bear and follow sebelah way. Man of who? An Arab he returned. he repented. Elijah to me. Some then la jumi mo dercum your return for owner Bo calm. Then I will inform you Bhima with what Gundam you were Dharma loon you all do.

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recitations design,

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the war was slain