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Ibrahim 1-17 Translation 1-17

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Jean Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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Safely Andrey wilden better melissani acabo de la pena cygnar in my lesson number 129, sort of Ibrahim I am number one to 17 Translation

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and if Lambo and if Langa kita boon, a book, Angela who we have revealed it, he Laika to you, little creature, so you take out and NASA, the people main from a rumor, the darkness is it ala to a new delight the evening with permission from the hymn of the ILA to Surat, but Allah Aziz of the mighty, and Hamid the Praiseworthy,

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Allahu Allah, under the is the one who Lahu for him. Now, whatever fee is in a semi where the heavens warmer and whatever fee is in the earth will wailing and destruction Whoa. Little caffeine for the disbelievers men from other punishment shall lead in severe.

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And Medina those who yesterday buena, they prefer, and higher the life adonia of the world, either upon an era the Hereafter, well and the so doona they stop the hinder and from severely we Allah He of Allah. Wherever hoonah her and they see it a ledger crooked Bula eco those fee in Berlin strange error bar Eden one far

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warmer and not our center. We have sent men from Gosselin any messenger in LA except Billy San with language told me of his people liuba Hina so he makes clear the home for them for you below. So he leads astray Allahu Allah, man whoever your shadow He wills wherever the and he guides man whoever your shadow He wills or who and he is a disease of the always Almighty al Hakim they always always

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Weatherford and certainly our son now we sent Musa Musa alayhis Salam be it now with our science. On that average you take out comarca your people, men from a Luma the darknesses illa to a new the light well and that good whom you remind them admonish them be a year with DayZ Allahu Allah in the indeed fee in their liquor that the ayah sure designs liquidity for every suberin most patient Shaku most grateful for it and when Allah He said, Musa Musa alayhis Salam lukumi for his people. With guru you will remember near moto blessing ally of Allah La come upon you is when and Jericho he saved you main from early people that are only a fit on eso monochrome, they afflict you super evil,

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either the punishment will end with a beholder they slaughter a banana or comb your sons or as the human and they keep alive. Mr. acoem your women were free and in their legal debt. Are you all Valera on a trial? main from Rob become your Rob, are we one great? What is and when he announced Rob bukem Europe, the insurance if shocker to you are grateful let us see denticon surely I will definitely increase for you while in and surely if given to you disbelieved in indeed, either be my punishment, there should be surely severe.

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Wakanda and he said in if duck furu you all disbelieved until you all women and whoever he is in an hour the earth Jimmy on all together for in London indeed Allahu Allah Nava Legion, surely rich, free of need hamedan always most praiseworthy.

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mm did not yet the comb. It comes to you never news and Medina of those who main from publican before you count people knew him of new wilden and art with a mood and mood when Medina and those who main from barding him

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After them learn not yet know whom he knows them except Allahu Allah.

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At home, it came to them. Russolo their messengers, build a unit with the clear signs for do so they returned a deer hold their hands fee in a flower he him their modes, or how new and they said, in indeed we perform now we have disbelieved. The manner in what or symptom your scent behave with it, or inner And indeed We Luffy surely in shatkin doubt mimma from what did their own inner you all invite us LA to it, Marie when one making restless carnac it said rasuluh their messengers are his fee in Allahu Allah shakin adult father created originated, as some of the heavens will help and the earth the other room, he invites you Leoville so that he may forgive McComb for you, men from the

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new become your sins are you a hero calm and he gives us fight in order to adjourn in a term with some one fixed pilu they said in not and don't you all except verschuren men, myth Luna like us by Sharon men, myth Luna like us duty do you all want your intent on that just what do you all stop us from what Ghana you was your Buddha he worships Abba una our forefathers for tuna so you all come to us this morning with an authority with a proof will be one clear on that it's at their home to them rasuluh their messengers in not nano we in that except by Sharon men with locum like you when I can know but Allah Allah Jamar knew he favors other upon man whoever you show he wills men from rebels

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he his servants, warmer and not Ghana, it was Lana for us on that night to come, we come to you busulfan in with an authority with a proof Illa except the evening with permission of Allah He of Allah. Allah and upon Allah He Allah affiliate the workout so he should trust me noon the believers

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warmer and what Lana for us, unless that not network and we trust Allah upon Allah He Allah work hard while in fact her done he guided us sabudana our ways while an sp runner and surely we will definitely be patient. Surely we will definitely endure patiently

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Allah upon Mao What are they to Muna you all inflict pain on us? You all hurt us? were either and upon Allahu Allah failure the worker so he should trust Animoto. chiune those who trust what corner and he said alladhina those who cafaro they disbelieved little city into their messengers. nanogen nickel surely we will definitely expand you men from albina our land or letter Luna surely you will definitely return fee in militina our religion for her so he inspired he revealed even him to them or boo home they rub Lenovo he can surely we will definitely destroy a rally mean the wrongdoers will add Lenovo skin and nickel. Surely we will definitely make you dwell. Surely we will definitely

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make you settle

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in the land men from him after them vaniqa that Lehman for who hoffa he feared mock army, my standing my position, work and coffer he feared were easy. My threat

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was tough, the who and they sought victory or the sort of decision or whatever. And he was disappointed kolu every Jabarin great tyrant. Great competitor. I need most obstinate or opposite

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men from what he beyond him. Johanna mo is how will you score and he will be given to drink. He will be made to drink main from Marine water Saudi then brilliant festering via

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the utter Java who he will try to set it

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whenever and not do. He will be near. You see who he swallows it where he he

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And it will come to him. Elmo to the death main from Cali every MacAllan place winner and not who are he? We may get at all one today. Women and from worre e beyond him before him our level of punishment when he isn't one massive severe

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that's listen to the recitation.

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This is Mila man. wahi

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eater kita

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a lot

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up Nana home.

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workI daddy

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leave me

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