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Santa Monica Hello cats everyone welcome back to on 3430 100 and ottobre I mean tonight we're joined by a very special guest Dr. Jihad Sophia de la from LA is la la. Dr. Jihad Welcome to the show.

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Humbly lots of pleasure to be here before everyone. I'm doing that. So Dr. Jihad hamdulillah someone that does vital work and have the knowledge but I mean the community he's an Imam. He runs a probably one of the most important organizations in North America I'm the notice La La which everyone should support him to another doing work that is truly filling a void and he did not what I mean, and he just finished his PhD and handed down by me just a few months ago, we were talking about that hamdulillah and he is his next goal is to embark on getting share from those biceps. We were talking about that before. before the show started we're trying to

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we're debating before before we started what takes longer to get shift from those biceps or to get a PhD so

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productive Yeah, tell us about a slot la really quick, like what the work that you're doing with the slot inshallah? Well, it's lovely Alhamdulillah we were on the shoulders of giants who came before us, you know, so I want to definitely my father who maps to deixa fear and others the pioneer and communities that came before so we we are a product of Temple 27 and also mesh to a bad lab which was opened in 1986. So today Alhamdulillah we have a full time food pantry. We have a slide Academy, which is a private school with teaching Quran and Arabic language and also some of the, you know, core sciences on Crenshaw and slawson. This is in South Los Angeles. We also have four homes for

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transitional houses, two for formerly incarcerated and also homeless women and formerly incarcerated and homeless men. So we're doing the work you know, we on the front lines in South Los Angeles and it's a pleasure being here before you all you know, I think, you know, we get in a lot of inspiration from the work of you Mmm, and then also via Yaki, stalham de la, Zakouma, hashtag appreciate all that you do and hums along Ronnie,

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Mama Haman cello title, tada, we'll go ahead and get started. So hamdulillah I mean, we're coming to the GES 16 now, so we have past the first half of the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala allow us to have an accepted second half of Ramadan, and the last 100 to allow us to observe later to call the alarm. I mean, and this is of course, a joke that contains I think the favorites of many different people who reflect on the poor and there are often people that will be asked what is your favorite surah of the Quran, and a lot of them will say sewers muddy on for example. And that is of course in this just as kind of like, you know, before on my blog, I was talking about Abdullah bin misu little the

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law of town, Idaho and the way he talked about how we should read the Quran. And I love even Massoud little the Allahu anhu his reflections on the Quran.

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And he was the one that said Whoever loves the poor and loves Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he has all of these beautiful narrations about the how a meme about the different high means and the poor and disorders that start with how I mean, he has these beautiful narrations about how to read hold on with the pace he he received the Quran 70 Soros fresh from the mouth of the Prophet, slice alum. And of course he was the first to recite the Quran publicly. And he says about this particular portion of the poor and just listen to what he says it's very beautiful. He says about Benny is slightly sort of Benny slide which we said is sort of the slop and

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calf, Maryam baja and ambia. So the narration is an authentic narration actually in body that he says about sort of any slide and calf mme ba Anbiya pilot in hoonah minella ATAR Oh, well, he well Hahnemann Tila de, he said that these are some of my first earnings. And this is some of my most precious old property. What does he mean by that? They're gonna not talk about that. First of all, they use this as a proof that the title team that the way that the Quran is set up, the way the sutras are set up is indeed divine, that the order of the the sutras is something that comes as a form of revelation as well, because it's significant coming from administrator, there'll be a lot of

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time in this way. They also say that what he means by that is that these were some of the first sutras that had been misu. There'll be a lot of time and he'll reveal to get him through the hard times. You know, when you say, like, those are the old earnings. These are the jewels that I leaned upon, for many, many years. And I always go back to them. These are my Tila, these are my my old earnings. It's really special. So these words

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sutras that were revealed, of course, in the mechi phase, all of this as mecu Koran. They were revealed as the Muslims were undergoing persecution. And they were not revealed in the last phase, per se of the second phase. But in fact, you see, some of these sources are some portions of the stories were revealed in the middle phase of Mexico. How do we know that because we know for example, what sort of medium that Jaffa will be a lot of data on who recited the surah two and the joshy when he went to Abyssinia so that is a proof that it is earlier in terms of its revelation. And so this is a juice that contains some of those the sutras that you really go back on some of the

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fundamentals of Islam and some of the very personal stories of the prophets. So there are two things I want you to take from this inshallah time. I know we have some beautiful reflections ahead of us number one that this is the damages. This is d damages, how is it the damages? The previous joys, Allah subhanaw taala says de la subida Robbie Kevin Hekmati, one more either to the hustler in spirit,

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to call to the weight of Allah, with wisdom and with beautiful preaching. This is the Jews in which you see wisdom and beautiful preaching, both in terms of the way that the sutras themselves were, you know, were used in the sila, and in the stories of the prophets themselves and how they will do their how they are being instructed by Allah subhanaw taala to to do dour. So first and foremost, from the SEO perspective, again, sort of medium is the surah that Jafar or the Allahu anhu when he was with the Muslims and think about how consequential this moment is with Jaffa all the time and when the early Muslims, as they are called forth in Abyssinia, where they have fled to seek refuge

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and Ahmed have been asked as an opponent of Islam at that time, is telling the joshy that these people do not believe in a sigh some they don't believe in Jesus peace be upon him the way that you do that they are different from you that they insult a Saudi Salaam because they don't hold the Trinity for example, and they don't hold some of the the mainstream Christian beliefs about Jesus peace be upon them about our society is set up. And Jafar will the Allahu taala and who steps forward and he finds no other verses, no other speech, no poetry, nothing that is more fitting than reciting these verses of sort of Miriam about reciting his Salaam and they brought a new joshy to

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tears and an A joshy embraced the slum on the basis of the introduction of a Sati his Salaam as comes into it at mme. So, it is the surah in which you have the conversion of an A joshy. Right, sort of Baja is the surah, in which you have the conversion of ometer. And it will be a lot of time. So So Pamela, the conversion of an A joshy. And I just want you to think about the connection between the two. The conversion of an A joshy through sort of medium gave the Muslims a safe space in Abyssinia because at that point, there's no doubt anymore, that an A joshy is not only not going to send them back and not persecute them, but he's even going to join their religion and be a part

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of them. So at that point, they have complete safety and avicennia there's no more apprehension about whether or not you know things are going to change for them. They knew a Naja, she had them and they knew that they had the security provided to them from Allah subhanaw taala through an A joshy and that sort of money and then you get into sort of Baja on mobile photography a lot of time on her when he went to his sister's home and he recited those verses of sort of Baja and became a Muslim through sort of Baja. It was the Islam of Omar or the Allahu anhu that gave the Muslims a sense of power and public a public outcome of their Islam or coming out with their Islam publicly

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within Mecca. So the solidifying of some level of security and his victory of the Muslims in Mecca, came through the Islam of Amara called Pablo, the Allahu anhu, which came through sort of Baja, and the solidifying and power and access and safety of the Muslims and Abyssinia came through the Islam of Anna joshy, which came through the recitation of surah. Mme so Subhana Allah Urdu lsvt Roby Kevin Hekmati when more than half Sunnah, there's no greater doubt within the Quran. There is no greater speech than the poor and there's no greater way to call to Allah subhanaw taala than the poor.

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And we see exactly what happened as a result of that, within the context of the spirit of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, then you look at the stories of the prophets themselves, as they relate to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in this Judas and the stories of the prophets themselves is one in which your eyes are being answered, your eyes are being answered. So Allah subhana wa tada is going one by one, through the stories of these prophets and how they're calling upon Allah and their do eyes are actually spelled out.

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Allah subhana wa tada is showing us the result of those droughts. And so Allah does not leave a drought of a prophet and this Jews without the answer and the result of that you're closely following it. So when you look at swithin cat, for example, you have the people of the cave, the sleepers of the cave, right? And they called upon Allah subhanaw taala. And then that was answered, and now you haven't sort of muddy them every single time and mme and Pa, and you go through the sutras and MBR the deer out of a prophet as mentioned, the result comes right after that. However, the result is often different than what they initially called upon Allah with. Some of the other

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connections that you can make in the sutras that relate to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is that these drafts were all revolving around the idea of what will come after us Subhan Allah every single day of the prophets that is mentioned here is that they could do a better job at their dour and so that the dour could be long standing and successful that it would survive the test of time and the test of persecution. Every single one of their dogs has something to do with that. Whether it was a curiosity his Salaam, asking for your hair, it his salon, whether it was even monogram it has set up right she was worried about you know, she did not ask Alice pans out for a child but she was worried

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about what would happen to her and what they would say about the people have been that what they would say about her family and her name. And what that would mean for what she stood for and what her family stood for. When they accused her of what they would accuse her with. When you think about Ibrahim it is set up when you think about Mossad he said I'm asking Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah and sort of money um he's asking Allah subhanaw taala which IV was 11 le Haruna He grant me a brother, or grant me nimbu of my brother grant me support from my brother, so he can help me with his eloquence with his support. And then in sort of Baja, it's mostly Sam himself, asking Allah

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subhanaw taala to guide his tongue. Both of them are about the legacy of the Tao of the success of the dour and the Tao of staying firm, and surviving the test of persecution and time. Every single one of them so there's a connection between Dawa to Allah, meaning calling to Allah subhanaw taala and due to Allah calling upon Allah subhana wa tada that the prophets hear all of their stories are about them calling upon Allah subhanho wa Taala so that they could be better at calling to Allah subhanho wa Taala and you can go one by one, and you can measure that in sha Allah to Allah and of course this was the concern of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. The do as of the prophets lie Selim

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that he was making in Mecca, were that Allah subhana wa tada would grant legacy to this call of Ibrahim it snom and the call of the prophets and that it would survive all of the persecution that was coming his way out of his thoughts was to them and he was willing so the law is for them to endure the worst of persecution, so long as which is in his day, so long as Allah subhanho wa Taala will allow the Tao of the Prophet slice alum to survive and to go forth. The last thing I'll mention here, inshallah Tao then I'll hand it over the sincerity of the prophets in this regard and the way that the result sometimes you know, Subhana Allah does not actually match with the initial intent of

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the DA yet at the same time, the effect of it is blesses one's equity. It says I'm asked the loss of Hannah Montana for a child and you can connect this to source of calf. Zachary is not asked Allah subhanaw taala for Yeah, he already has Salaam so that you hear it his Salaam could be of course Allah named him Yeah, but so that his son Yachty his Salaam could be a means of continuing the legacy of prophethood and continuing the dour and he did that it just set up but yeah it his salon was was Shaheed he was martyred, he was killed for his doubt. And we see in sort of calf Subhanallah, a young child that's also killed, but for the opposite reason. So the point is, is that

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the way that succession works, the way that legacy works, is very different for each person. Each story however, we see the combination of calling to Allah subhana wa tada calling upon Allah subhanaw taala and the way that those two things are intertwined in the life of the Prophet slice them as well, and how it gave them strength and how these sources played a role in actually establishing Islam and Abyssinia and in Makkah, as well. And Sharlto with that, I'll turn it to Dr. Jihad if you have any reflections and saw that we can move to check from Bob

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Smith Bismillah no and Hamdi lab, I think, you know, some of the points that you hit on,

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especially just the duality of the NBA, you know, the

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loss of a hand with Allah giving us this privilege of having, you know, sort of like a window into the secret conversations between his Anbiya and also himself and seeing what they're going through at the time. I mean, this is

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Is that well within itself, you know, allowing us to see what they're going through, and really resignate in their struggle, but also getting this window to the secret conversations. I mean, this is such, you know, such a beautiful opportunity for us, you know, the had these different narratives. And then also, you know, we look at our bunnahabhain having these power figures, powerful figures, that, you know, in turn to Islam, you know, and what that does to the overall community, you know, we have more recently, Kyrie Irving and some of the others who, you know, have this cloud, you know, I think about being in the inner city and some of the gang leaders who become

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Muslim and how powerful that is for the overall community. And you know, it really you know, it's it speaks to the Muslim community being able to draw these parallels between what we're dealing with today and then also the early Muslim community well hamdulillah beautiful reflection

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that whatever happens, you know, bless you, Chef Abdullah

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Abdullah, I think I think I got it I gotta call it out the elephant is in the room so Jihad doctor jihad is smooth man. I mean, I saw a lot of smooth presentation smooth my Shall I speak my Allah bless you shake mela mela preserve you Mashallah very smooth Mashallah. None. I

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mean, they love they love blessing they love bless, you know, Mashallah, I think I think, you know, will shift Omar was mentioning and Dr. jihad,

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about the importance of being an influence and the importance of, you know, when you have that position to use it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And to use it to call people to that which is good. And when you call to people that to that which is good is prioritizations, right, you prioritize and you know, that which is fumbled and that which is fallen mfu, that which is more preferred over the other. And no doubt that the prophets I named him with Salaam, they're the best of individuals, that Allah subhanaw taala has brought on this planet and you in human existence being that they've been given the message of a loss of kind of without and hence being called an OB

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and an OB is the one that you will fail, or you'll be the one that gives the news and the message to the people.

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And the chapter of Taha is a very profound chapter amongst the chapters that Shekhar mentioned in regards to this, you know, this just being a Jew of dour when listening to the chapter of Taha and reciting it, it talks primarily about Musashi Salaam and his experience, to find a law there's no prophet that has been mentioned in the Quran like Moosa and that is what ultimately with the wisdom of an Hakeem the wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala why he chose moose on a Salaam. But what's most important is that we look at these stories even to the Arabic language that has been used, and try to extract lifelong benefits and gems that we can implement within ourselves. So in Sharla, together

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in sha Allah being the lead, we want to just cover chapter number 77 and 78. When it speaks about it's right after

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the story of the magician's that embraced Islam because, you know, it's a fine line when you read roughly around chapter verse number 50. around that area where Musashi Salaam is speaking with her own and and you know, they agreed to meet at an area where it would be a festival because Moosa was calling into Islam, but he was calling his people to obviously the corporate and worshiping worshiping Him, He said, I don't know but Allah as he mentioned, I'm the Lord the Most High which he said, and he felt the threat of Russa at a salon. So he said, we call them you know, to bring your people I'll bring my people and they will meet at a place at a neutral place and it will be as I

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said a festival yoma zenity when you're short on NASA Doha that they will meet at a festival and when the in the morning time roughly for one of the theater I don't know for Jim arcade and so on turn and he gathered his people gather this plan and they plan in the plight as opposed to like it's really descriptive. It's literally like you can paint a picture with what is going on and how a lot verse by verse

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saying okay, this is what is happening. Now it's turning around and planning a plot. The moose on a Salaam says this to him in a lawsuit kinda without it continues on where the magicians came, and they came with their sticks and their ropes and then they threw their sticks in their ropes for a while Hey, get on test. So it was something like a serpent it was it was it was made to look like a serpent in front of Messiah a Salaam. To the degree that the last 1000s for Oh Joseph enough tea for 10 Moosa. So Moosa had a fear in itself. It was

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It was a conceived fear within himself when he saw this little loss of power to Allah says putting that in that took off in the Canton Allah that don't have any fear of Moses you have the upper hand in any case when going through these verses Mossad as and I'm telling you, you know they tell Moshe Aleppo he he throws his staff his beloved staff that he received at the beginning of the chapter moves him at the beginning of chapter of pa he throws it effort for young young performer yet Cuckoo Cuckoo. So it's swallowed the magician's ropes and sticks that were that were slithering and looking like they were surface as some mentioned, so at that moment for okay as to how to Suja this the

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magicians they prostrating follow me Nebula behera naomasa they said we believe in the Lord of Moses, then Pharaoh threatens him and then he says that he will cut you know one limb from one side, one leg from one side and then the opposite side of the hand and he will crucify them and put them on the door and roughly on a palm tree. In any case, after all this takes place.

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Allah subhana wa Taala reveals to moose and he uses the verb to reveal he said after are the lambs *ara Jean Welcome to ohana Illa Musa and as the Body Body fabric loving body can feel better, yes and latter half of that I can What? Tasha? Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the order that he gave to Moosa.

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He says, verily we reveal to Musa to travel by the night with my servants and we want to ponder, kind of pick this verse apart. Imagine now there is a threat from fear own. to Moosa and his followers and from the followers were from those that were following fear own that were forced that they said, a crossing and even a sinner that they were forced to perform the the actions of sorcery to try to bring fear into Moosa, but they ended up becoming Muslim. So fair, Allen is enraged. So a lot tells him Look, take my slaves, and he calls us to be a baddie. Be a baddie, because they made a sacrifice. Because when you read in this story, when when fear around threatened to kill them, they

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said, * holding on to all, do as you wish, do as you wish, we only throw last kind of more time, in the medical the head height to doing it. This is what this is the authority that you think you have is only in this life, but there's something beyond that. So fit our own is fuming at this point, a loss of kind of what the other with his wisdom tells Moses to travel in the nighttime and the verse the verb that he uses a city which is we heard yesterday is sir Ah, well, mira Raj is to travel at night, us to give me a baddie. He tells him to travel with his slaves, with my servants, a *load of loving party have been filled by a young person. And here's the second part. So the

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first part is Allah subhanaw taala, ordering him to travel at the nighttime with his servants, and then he tells him to enter the bar to hit the sea. With that beloved staff now this staff has many, many virtues from them as we're lost $1 says you know when he told him to hit the staff with this the spot Mousavi coming if I could not only be so I can imagine when law told him to hit be also okay with your cane with your staff and hedge fund budget admin with Natasha Tina. Then from it came 12 different springs of water or the animal called luminescent mushroom and some of the scholars mentioned that each spring was for the US about for each of the tribes of Bani Israel. So here is

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another situation where a loss of kinda without a totem to hit the sea from the blood from 30 threatened to hit the sea with it and he says Patrick it will be a path now this path what kind of path is it it's a dry path within the sea Can you imagine he tells him to hit the sea with this stuff and then operate can yeah basin yeah basin means dry, not even like muddy, dry. So when he hits it the see parts into 12 different channels that some scholars say

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and the ground they have to it as it parts they have to walk in the ground and they have to actually run in fleet but the ground is barren and dry. That's why a lot makes the point says ye Besson that it is dry then after that he says that's a call for data can I talk sure he says travel by net with my slaves and hit the sea fearing neither nor Oh being overtaken Let's call for Duncan Yanni it Rockefeller owner would you would you under who do not have any fear of Pharaoh and his army approaching you? Well that's what Natasha Jani let her talk shut minella do not fear that you will drowned. And this is important. Because throughout, you know, Moses stories later on, he mentions

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numerous times that he's scared It's okay to be scared. It's okay to be scared when you are challenged with something in life. It's okay to be scared to tell your father, your mother. I'm scared when it's a mission that you're trying to fulfill.

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For the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala it's okay to have fear. That's a part of the process. It's human. And Moses said that numerous times in the year for Elena oh and yokocho there verily I fear that fear will go beyond the bounds or it will violate unless with us is led to hoffa in the medical marijuana. Do not have any fear For verily we are with you. When you practice the *tier Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, when you practice with a floss and you have fear, this is okay. But having ultimate talk in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah is telling most of this is also telling you. He's also telling you, when Moosa was given the staff at the beginning of the chapter, and we

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see in the chapter of namin, verse number 10, when he was given the staff, Allah subhana wa Taala told him throw the staff and it turned into a written test I turned it to a serpent that was moving. Last month out of mentions that Moosa what lamb What have you done while I'm you after that he turned and ran and alive and get specifics and love you after he didn't even turn around? He fled. I lost what I told him Don't be scared. So when realizing this brothers and sisters, most it is that I'm fulfilled the mission. Even though he was he was fearful from fiddling around. He was fearful from the situation that took place a lot to go into this see that has been part of 12 ways for each

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tribe of Bani Israel. And there was dry ground that is amazing in and of itself. If this is amazing, trust me.

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Go on. And Allah subhanaw taala says after that photography to only be God for him stay home. Mmm, gotcha. Then a lot of fear on his army followed them and then they were covered by the sea, that is at a surmountable at an amount that Allah knows last year how many alien meat medals yum and yum some scholars say is a big, deep, deep sea that has been that is engulfed and conferred on and caused into john Butler, coma who won and lost $1 says after that,

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what about the fear Oklahoma doubt and fear own misguided as people and did not guide them? And that is an interesting point that last month, Allah says that he misguided them and did not guide them. Right. So we know that a lawsuit kinda with data said that your own is misguided, but a lot makes Tokido and assurity. That there was no form of guidance from Fidel because earlier in the chapter we are not in the chapter we see in the chapter a lot. Well, last month, Allah mentions the statement of your own

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that that he met with you can elaborate on it come in Naseby law said, I do not say anything except that this is my position. And I am not calling you except to that which is a form of guidance. So realizing brothers and sisters, that this story of most artists and I'm we can take an opportunity to read it and understand this beautiful event that took place. And that more Saturday sundown was a human being. And we see that throughout numerous, you know instances of his life and of his prophethood that reminds us that there is opportunity for us to always be better people do not let fear hold you back from worshipping a lawsuit kind of with data. And if you're in the path of

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worshiping the Lord doing something that is good for Islam, and you have fear continue on for real Verily, Allah subhanaw taala is all hearing and the OSI knows what Allah blesses saw show.

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From the last how long it seems like as you can see, sincerity and vulnerability are not a contradiction to each

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one of these just because you're vulnerable doesn't mean you're insincere. It's how you channel that vulnerability that makes you sincere and so these profits we're seeing their vulnerability but that's not a slight on them even increases our admiration of them. So Panama.

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Doctor, Dr. take us away, Chef.

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I'll be Lachman. shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam Allah, Allah Muhammad in Le he was happy. I mean, I'm first of all Shaykh Abdullah Alhamdulillah you're hitting on some very important some significant points. When we look at you know, even the communities in the inner city, how they do what is called story linking, you know, drawing the parallels between many of the stories especially you thinking about the black church and also the black Masjid so many parallels between the story of even what's taking place and the story of Musa La Silla, without, you know, delaying this, we're going to go right into the draft But

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first, we have inhabit elf here on the end of Butovo. This is important this command go to fit our own. Indeed, he has transgressed this and we know that musala A Salaam, needing some some tools before going to fit around. And before saying this very powerful, this very powerful

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Do and we look at this conversation between Musashi Salaam and this occlusion between him on a loss of the hand who at the end of his request, as it begins, right? Call a rubbish rally surgery. Well, you're certainly Amri. We'll look at this particular do my lord expand for me, my chest and East for me my task and this idea that is placed fourth in this drop shadow such

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as this expanding of the chest. What does this mean? I saw Guney he says that this means really to illuminate the heart with a man and there's other interpretations. But we look at why did musala A Salaam need his chest expanded? You know, we go to sort of to shoo, shoo RR and which moves Silas lamb. He mentioned. While you're de PUE soldering, he says I fear my chest with Titan. So imagine musala as a lamb, and this is why people can relate so much to move Sally Cena. This idea of having his test his chest, tighten. You know, we look at people going through depression, we look at people going through various moments of, you know, feeling dejected and sad and, and worried and anxious,

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right? It's when your emotional state has paralyzed you. And you it's very difficult to complete the task musante Sallam he wanted to be in the best state of mind. Everyone has the fear own a feral that they must face. And you want to face that fit our own in a very healthy state of mind. So this is just really trying to gain this understanding how when we go through this our biggest challenges in life you have we can lie in between the person and their success is this negative psychological states, anxiety, depression, so on and so forth. So move Sally Sam. He wanted to be in a healthy mindset. Some of the orlimar have interpreted this as more Sally said, I'm asking for Hickman asking

00:32:26--> 00:32:45

for wisdom, asking for self confidence or contentment. And, you know, put my mind at ease or give me a, you know, have a peace of mind or even knowledge, right? So we want to go we have to make sure that we go and visit

00:32:46--> 00:32:52

with what's taking place 10 years prior to this particular Do

00:32:53--> 00:33:27

we know from the story of Musa alayhis salaam, where he was going through in regards to him enjoying status in Egypt. He was raised in the house of the pharaoh he was raised in the house of Pharaoh and him going through the incident where as Allah mentions in the Quran, that he struck an individual and he ended up killing this individual. Right. So you have well we relate to Moosa. You know, I think about the brothers who are incarcerated.

00:33:28--> 00:33:36

I think about the brothers growing up in the inner city, the brothers and sisters growing up in the inner city. When you look at Moosa

00:33:38--> 00:34:08

accidentally killing someone placed in a situation where he's a fugitive on the run, the most one of the most beloved servants of Allah subhanho wa Taala is now a fugitive on the run. We look at even the story of use of La cynap finding himself in prison. We look at individuals asiyah being married to a tyrant, right? And even I'm bad he describes Moosa.

00:34:09--> 00:34:12

He's going from Egypt to Megan,

00:34:13--> 00:34:59

only eating plants and leaves, right. Moosa alehissalaam a fugitive, he has a bounty on his neck. He's living in fear mu says he's homeless. He is hungry, right? So we have to look at what has taken place before this this do I rubbish Ronnie surgery? Well, you're certainly angry. What Hello okay at that time melissani you have Kahu Cowley. And moving on to this, this other part of the dura that and untie the knot from my tongue, alright, that they may understand my speech. So most we know, when he was younger as a child, his tongue as some of the narrative say that his tongue was burnt

00:35:00--> 00:35:57

Buy hot coal, right? And this part of the day is really asking Allah subhanho wa ala not to allow his deficiencies to paralyze him, not to allow his deficiencies to present prevent him from gaining success on his mission is mission to face spirit our own right. And Moosa as we see us Moosa having a lot of fears and insecurities, you know, dealing with, you know, his, his, the potential of his chest tightening, right? dealing with his speech, maybe not being as clear as say his brother, alright. But musala salami was chosen by loss of the hand who was allowed to be put in his position, that are lost behind what the Allah knows best, who to put in these leadership positions, that you

00:35:57--> 00:36:52

have mu Silas lamb, so many things he had went through, but now he's speaking to a loss of the handle what the hell, that sometimes we count each other out. Never count your brother and sister out. You see Moosa killed an individual was a fugitive on the run, homeless and hungry. And now we're Kela Allahu Moosa attack Lima, that Allah subhanho wa Taala saying that Allah spoke to Moosa directly now he's speaking to a loss of the hand who What the hell is going on in this particular to add this to is powerful? What do I leave a zero min, Ollie and appoint for me a minister from my family? Hi, Runa. I see. Aaron, my brother who stood up he as three, increase through him my

00:36:52--> 00:37:42

strength, well as Shri Kofi emri. Right, and let him share my tasks. And here, what we realize is that Musa alayhis salaam, he's needing help. This is the dude out of the park, the dude that propelled his brother into Prophethood. We can't do this alone. We sometimes have this idea that we want to be on the mountaintop by ourselves. We can't do this alone, that we can't even if you're in a position of leadership, you're going to always need the help of your brother and sister. This idea of I want to be on the mountaintop alone. Look at New Salah a Salaam. He's praying for his brother and this propelled his brother Harun into Prophethood. And this is important for us as a Muslim

00:37:42--> 00:38:00

community, instead of dividing. Let us look at Moosa the example of moose la Salaam, and making to our for our brother and sister because we need their assistance, and beautifully the deer are here, it makes a shift into

00:38:01--> 00:38:32

this, you know, first person but it's cool. All right, it makes a shift, a beautiful part of this do k new sub B hacker kathira. When that could occur kathira in a cocoon, Toby net or Sierra, and this two hour goes on to say that we may exalt you much. And remember you much indeed, you are with us ever seen. And this do add this last three parts of this do.

00:38:33--> 00:38:54

It's switches. Now it's about the community. You can't forget about the community, being able to praise a loss of behind who went to Ireland and the community setting we were praising Allah subhanho wa Taala. We're glorifying Allah subhanho wa Taala. Together, you see the beautiful ending of this. Do

00:38:55--> 00:39:50

now you have this beginning commandment, it had the ILA theater owner in the hotel Hall, go to fit our own Indeed, he has transformed transgressed Moosa, he had these requests, and this is this dude. And which moves are laced and I'm had this request, now he's ready to face fit around his mind in his heart are prepared now. his confidence is up. Now. His brother is at his side, right? And they're able to exalt Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah And together, they're able to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah together. And for us what we can take from this is that all of us have have a fear of our own affair well, that we have to face and we have to ask a loss of behind what the

00:39:50--> 00:39:59

Allah to expand our chest, our chest being the home of our heart. You see human beings we love expansion. We love bigger cars, bigger home.

00:40:00--> 00:40:57

But what about the home of the call of the heart? And we ask that a loss of behind what the Allah make us of those who are able to realize this particular you know, do we look at this, this is that was revealed that comes after this new app in which Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, He accepts this do musala a salon, but he goes on and he says, and we had already conferred upon you another time he's reminding musala a salon we answered to add before whenever you're you're making to an asking a loss of behind what the Allah Don't forget that Allah Subhana Allah Allah has answered many of your requests your supplications before sometimes we approach to do as if Allah subhanho wa Taala has

00:40:57--> 00:41:25

never answered our supplications but Allah Subhana who what the Allah has always been there he's never left he reminds me of silence and I'm I've always been there I've been there since you were a child I've always been right there. So I'm answering your door right now but I've always answer yes applications so we ask that Allah Subhana Allah make us of those are able to even if it's an English recite this beautiful to

00:41:26--> 00:41:39

moose and I didn't know justice to this beautiful do AP but our homework is to read over it and read some of the explanations involved in this do musala Scylla

00:41:40--> 00:41:53

does not allow hate on accuracy how beautiful reflections so how are you know, I remember one of the or not he said that no person has ever done a favor to another as great as most Hi Sam to How to Win It was by his daughter, he became a prophet.

00:41:55--> 00:42:32

Allah what a favor you know, and you talk about building each other up and moving people forward. I was thinking about the brothers of use of it. He said, um, they wanted to put use a party he said, you know, in a well they wanted to kill him and get rid of him out of jealousy. Most Einstein wants his older brother to share in Prophethood with him, and then of itself is noble. And the fact that by the way, you know, I think that I'll just end on this because I got asked this question about you know, profits and sins and we say profits, according to our creed do not commit major sins before after Prophethood and so many of the scholars mentioned that the man that most is not killed the

00:42:32--> 00:43:14

reason why he got involved in that fight was on the basis of a noble faulty assumption not an Egyptian man fighting with a man from Benny Islam you have the oppressors and the oppressed. So most ISIS intervened out of a noble intention right to help the the man for many slightly against the you know the people that own against the man that was fighting him and in the process not only took on the wrong party, but in the process actually killed the man by accident. So how even that was noble so it was not affected but of course it you know, for all of us, you know, some of the greatest companions of the Prophet sly some had indeed committed major sins before they became Muslim and

00:43:14--> 00:43:38

they rose to be the heroes of Islam so with prophets they have a different macom but the lesson is still there they have a different station but the lesson is still there but we see what the companions of the Prophet slicin them all types of prior lives before they came into Islam and then prior experiences that were fashioned into just this beautiful community that we hope that we can be a part of so exactly look out for the beautiful reflections here are Yeah.

00:43:39--> 00:43:43

Company la ceccato Do you have anything else you want to say?

00:43:45--> 00:44:17

No, I mean there's there's a there's a lot in there you must show lots of vertical I mean, I like how you tied it into you know Moosa just just this just like you said, the vulnerability of a situation it really humanizes the prophets which is important for us as people that are you know, going through things in life you know, it's very important that we don't make them like their make belief. But these are things I really took place and then automatically when we read an experience or something that took place, we put it on ourselves and you see how you how you just mentioned the Dr. Musa made her own a profit and I was thinking about when you when Moosa grabbed him by his

00:44:17--> 00:44:25

laptop, at whatever your Nazi brother doing that. I mean, I'm almost sure that happened. You know, you know, I was the older brother, you know.

00:44:30--> 00:44:47

Wow, just come to light. Yeah, I mean, it's beautiful. I really hope that you viewing now Michelle or whenever that you take the opportunity to read take the opportunity to read the story of Musa particularly the chapter for her. And so Pamela and you know, look at ourselves and escalus once out of the bat for steadfastness, and show while

00:44:49--> 00:44:59

I'm doing that. I'm delighted to have her Dr. Jia, we really appreciate having you on and show like for the benefit of the audience, but the nighttime of the European last tonight finished on a long strong webinar.

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will be the Sunday in Charlottetown and hamdulillah Riyadh will be joining us there as well inshallah tada so very happy to have you inshallah you'll be a regular with us benign tada Mila reward you for the great work that you're doing with the slight healing Allah sometimes I continue to grant you success my last panel to Allah continue to allow you to benefit and to be elevated in this life and the next

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is a privilege being before your Alhamdulillah you know I'm a fan you know so to be on here is definitely an honor. And you know you all are doing some beautiful work some great work, you know, impacting the entire in the entire world you know, so and hamdulillah You know, I'm I'm honored to be on you know this platform and you know and hamdulillah we just just getting started inshallah, inshallah inshallah. So we'll see you Sunday chef and Siobhan for everyone else. We'll see you tomorrow inshallah for put on 30 for 30 please do go to yuckiness two.org slash autobahn, download the ebooks support the pain and support slot la in the nighttime, about a kilometer, almost an hour

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you come back and fly with cattle.

00:46:15--> 00:46:50

There's this emphasis throughout the Quran and the Sunnah on Asahi, Honolulu, and the first the foreigners, those that rush to do good and we are to study them so that we can learn the lessons from them and that we can in some ways even be them. So please join me for the series in sha Allah which will be going on for a very long time in sha Allah, Allah Allah where we talk about the first and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from a cyber opponent alone to make us from those firsts on the day of judgment that rushed to the fountain of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and that are joined with him and genitive Fidel Salama, I mean look forward to having you follow along in sha

00:46:50--> 00:46:53

Allah wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah when a council