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Ar-Rad 1-17 Word Analysis and Tafsir 8-10


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Allah subhanaw taala says Allahu Allah knows Matta camino. colusa what each female carries, Allah knows what every single female carries were in its womb, and this female owns there is every female, whether human or have other creatures. A female cow, a female, and whatever matter Hello colusa

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and he also knows a woman at the label of Hamill what the wombs reduce what the wounds decrease in what matters that and what it increases

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the label is from the real veterans line Yeah, but and the railed This is why not with a lot with a lot, what does it mean? Anger and this is why with a lot, okay, which means to decrease to diminish, remember, intro to what we learned was

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the story of new nslm volleyball mat and the water it subsided, it reduced it shrank. So why is to reduce and Warhammer florala?

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Which is what matters that does that is from the letters A yada, yada, which is to increase.

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Now, these verbs that you see over here to lelu and does that do, they're understood in two ways. In Java, you will learn this in detail when you do fair in grammar. But just as a glimpse of what you'll be studying in Java, there are two types of fair there are many, many categorization but in a certain type of categorization, there are two types of fair what are the first one lasme? And the other is modality.

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What does it mean by lasme? That there is no object that is needed, there is no object that is required.

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When someone is doing an action, he's doing it by himself by for example, he stood up, you have to explain as to where he stood up, it's understood you got it from the chair.

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Or he went, this is what lesson

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and the other is modality What does it mean that you must have an object to be able to understand the sentence? Like for example, someone says that he spoke. So you wonder he spoke to?

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Similarly, he took out you wonder he took out what he expelled he expelled who

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an object is necessary.

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Now these verbs the leeloo and does dare do? They are both lasme and maturity. What does it mean by that? That, first of all, let's look at the meaning of Toledo. And then we'll move on to this data, that he knows what the wombs deleted, if we take the meaning of lasme that he knows what the wombs how the wounds lose, they decrease.

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And secondly, what are the what the wounds cause to shrink?

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What the wounds cause to reduce what is in the womb,

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the baby the fetus,

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and what is outside of the womb, the rest of the body.

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Now, as the baby increases, as the baby grows, what happens? The rest of the body, it suffers loss, or it gains. Similarly, as a fetus grows inside, what happens to it, it grows in its weight. And sometimes it does not grow beyond a certain point,

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isn't it so it does not grow beyond a certain point. So Allah subhanaw taala knows whatever inside the womb, what it grows in and what it reduces in.

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And he knows outside of the womb, what the worm causes to grow, what wound causes to reduce.

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So as an amateur, Now, why is it that the wounds increase in or what is it the fetus increases in? First of all, we're talking about the duration, the length, the length of the pregnancy, Allah knows how long it will be, whether it will be shorter than then it's supposed to be, or it will be longer, or it will be the executor.

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Allah knows about the duration, the exaggeration, but the length of the time that the woman is going to carry the baby.

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by for example, every woman is who is pregnant, she's given a due date, an estimated due date. Allah knows exactly when that time is going to come. Sometimes maybe arrives two months before, sometimes a week before sometimes overdue. Allah knows if that term is going to be

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To label or does that do if it's going to be reduced, or it's going to be increased a lot nose. So first of all, in its duration.

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similarity when it comes to labor, when a woman is in labor, nobody can tell how long it will be, they say, within a couple of hours, within a few minutes, but sometimes it takes only one hour. Sometimes it takes many, many hours, only Allah knows how long that time is going to be.

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Secondly, methylene blue or hammer matters that it refers to the size or the weight of the fetus.

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The size, the weight, the the formation of the baby that is inside the womb.

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That How much is the weight of the baby?

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How much does he weigh? Is he very heavy? Or is he underweight? Does he have enough fat? Or does he not have enough fat?

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submit any information? Visit maybe have five fingers on both hands. Are there six or therefore it happens many times that sometimes children are born with an extra finger. It happens an extra ear and extra dole. Allah subhanaw taala knows what increases in the wombs and what decreases in the wombs and only a luck and no, no one else can know.

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You may have seen a girl who was born with two heads, two heads and one body. It's amazing unless a parent is the only one who knows

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what grows what overgrows what undergrowth only Allah subhanaw taala is aware of.

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Similarly it happens that sometimes a fetus it does not grow beyond a certain point. It stops growing, it stops gaining weight, the baby stops growing in size. Instead what happens? The womb or in the womb out of the womb something else is growing in its size. Like for example, sometimes when certain women if they have fibroids or if they have cysts instead of the baby growing the cysts, they begin to grow the fibroids they begin to grow. It happens. So only Allah knows what is increasing what is growing what is reducing in the womb. Thirdly,

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my little aha moment is that it refers to the other things that are in the womb, like for example, the water the blood, the placenta

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allows subhanaw taala knows, fourthly matter little aha moment is that the womb itself, that how it expands how it contracts during the pregnancy afterwards during labor, as a contractions can only Allah soprano diagnose that the legal or hammer matters data Toledo as it contracts and as data as it expense only Allah knows. And although primarily it refers to the fetus that is inside of the room that has been spoken about, but the meaning is not limited to that. Because the woman is not just the fetus, for example, a woman's menstrual period, she does not know if she's going to get it for the exact five days or it's going to be six days, or if it's going to be four days, which is why

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people are always questioning with the teacher.

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When she's got the Shahada subject all the time she's being questioned. So only Allah subhanaw taala no similarity whether it's gonna be very heavy or very light, short or long. Only Allah knows math illegal or hammer, what matters that

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what condition and everything are in the who with him is bimmercode out in a do measure from the root cause of Denver, everything that exists everything that is there in the heavens and the earth, it is according to me, according to a set decree

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that it cannot exceed. For example, if the baby is supposed to stay in the womb of the mother until a certain period of time, it cannot come out before that. It cannot, nor can it stay after that.

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Similarly, if a woman is remembered for a certain period of time, she cannot menstruate for less than that for longer than that. So everything is in a certain measure, in the decree of Allah will call Lucia in or in the home.

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And this is amazing that only Allah subhanaw taala knows because look at how the iberians Allah we are them. Only Allah knows what's in the womb, when it will come out on time before or late. The due dates, everything only Allah subhanaw taala knows.

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And it's amazing how today, even though people have so much technology through which they can try to figure out what's inside. What happens. People say it's going to be a boy and ends up being a girl.

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They say it's gonna be a girl ends up being a boy. Similarly, they see that there are no problems with the baby, nothing at all. But when the baby is born, then they see some serious

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problems. Serious disabilities are sometimes they say that there's going to be a severe disability when the baby is born perfectly fine. So only Allah knows what is going on inside the womb, nor a woman can look inside of herself and look at her baby. No woman can look inside herself and tell, okay, this is what's going on. This is why I'm hurting. You can tell only Allah subhanaw taala knows, even if they do tell you about the gender of the baby, they cannot tell you about the exact features, they cannot tell you about the exact details. And although there's this 3d ultrasound that they have come up with, in which they can, to some extent it but the features, but still, it's not

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that detailed. And that's only the physical aspect. What about the temperament? What about the behavior? What about the actions that person is going to commit? What about the final end of that person, only a loss penalty knows how long that baby's going to live, whether that baby is going to survive or not. Only Allah knows. Allah knows about all of these details. And if you look at it, this is one matter that parents have no say in people have no say.

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If they want the nose to be a certain way, they want the eyes to be a certain way. They don't have any choice, no choice whatsoever, they cannot select. Human beings cannot interfere in this matter at all. Only Allah subhanaw taala knows our little lady with Shahada. He is the Knower of the unseen and the witness to Allah subhanaw taala is, he knows the way Like for example, the womb and what is inside what is going to happen. And he also knows a Shahada, that which is witnessed that which can be seen and Who is he, he is ultrabeat, he is the grand

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and he is the exalted What are all from the root letters in langwell, from earloop. So, he is the grand and he is also the most exalted over his creation, he is the most supreme one, no one can defeat him, no one can overcome him, no one can alter his plan, no one can cause failure to his plan. He is ultrabeat and he is almost all human beings, they can only see their children when, when the children come out into the world. But Allah subhanaw taala sees the child when the child is still in the womb. He knows about the child he sees the child when the child is still inside the womb.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us and sort of earlier on number six, that who under the user will come fill or hammock a fire shirt, it is he who forms you in the woods however he wills However, he will no one else has any say in this matter. He decides whether it should be a boy or a girl, what kind of characteristics the child should have.

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And if you notice again and again the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala has been mentioned over here.

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Along with the creation, what has been mentioned, the knowledge of Allah, that are the moonlight Allah we are them Why? Because knowledge is power.

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And the one who has knowledge has power. So Allah subhanaw taala knows everything to this detail, which manifests the power that he possesses, and so much knowledge he has that sour Omen come, it is the same to him, men come from among you, it is completely the same to him concerning you money or someone Allah, the One who conceals his speech woman jollibee and the one who publicizes it,

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whether someone among you conceals his speech or He manifests it, it is the same to him. It does not make a difference to him whether you whisper something or you yell out something he can hear. Because Allah subhanaw taala is a semir he can hear everything.

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So while men come it is the same to Allah in His knowledge.

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Whether you say something secretly a server and a server from the root that are seen that all of a sudden little Cola, he conceals the word. What does it mean by concealing his speech? That for example, a person intends to say something but he doesn't say it at all, he concealed it.

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Or for example, a person says something in a whisper only a local woman jollibee and the one who voices it out the one who publicize it. Like for example, a person shares what he's thinking

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or a person yells out a person screams a sound like is he whispers and Jehovah that he yells out

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woman and the one who who are he is most often one who hides milele by the night. Meaning and the one who is hiding by the night. Allah subhanaw taala knows of him was sad even been to her and one who is clearly visible by the day. Allah subhanaw taala knows him as well. It doesn't make a difference to him. whether someone is hiding in the darkness of the night or someone is openly going about in the day. It

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does not make a difference to him. Whether you whisper or you yell, or you do something openly or secretly, it is all the same to him he sees and he hears.

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No matter what state you're in, it does not make a difference to him most often is from newsletters halfaya from the word copier, which is to hide stuff in one who hides, one who tries to hide.

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The person who tries to hide in the night, the last season and was sad he will be in the house and the one who is clearly visible by the day Allah sees him as well. Sadie is on the roof ever seen while Beth and Saba is to flow?

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What does it mean to flow to go freely

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read this word and sort of cough as well.

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What the hell is the below Valley salada the fish it made its way into the Baja Saba making the tunnel or openly. So sarova is to flow it is to go about freely, to be visible.

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And it is also to enter into a hidden passage or to enter into a tunnel and continue to go in it by for example, just imagine it all through which cars are driving, or just imagine an underground tunnel, let's say subway trains they are going

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which is why the word subtle, but it's used for the fishing sort of carbon shell as you will learn that the fish as it went into the water as it swam, it made a tunnel. So sad it is one who walks one who makes his way one who goes about obviously freely or also secretly into a tunnel into a tunnel

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system society woman the harm has been understood in two ways. First of all, one was going about in the date openly manifestly he can be seen. For example, a person is driving a convertible, he can be seen.

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On the other hand, there could be a person who is driving a car, with the windows all covered up, which are very dark covered up completely and perhaps he's sitting in the back, he cannot be seen by people. But sorry, one example is like a person is driving in a convertible obvious to everyone can be seen by anyone.

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Similarly, a person is writing on a motorbike. He can be seen by anyone making his way openly in broad daylight.

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Secondly, ceremony in the house has been understood as the one who hides during the day, by entering somewhere by hiding somewhere. Like for example, a person goes into a tunnel. A person goes into an underground subway, a person goes into a hole, the person passes by somewhere into a very narrow alley.

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So a person who is hiding during the day as well. A loss of panaderia knows him. So if you whisper something to someone a lot knows. If you yell, Allah knows, if you openly talk about something Allah knows if you decide not to say something Allah knows. If you do something openly, Allah knows if you try to do something secretly, Allah knows. If you have the lights on, he's watching you. If you have the lights off, he's watching you again. You can not hide from him.

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You can never hide from him, because to him, it is the same because he sees everything and he also hears everything.

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And sort of milk I number 13 and 14 Allah subhanaw taala says what a civil colloquium, I want you have to be in who are Lehman, B that is sort of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, TOEFL COVID,

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that whether you conceal your speech, or you manifest it, he knows about what is in the hearts, does he not know the one who created well who will not even be and he is subtle and is also acquainted.

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Similarly, in Surah Taha is number seven Allah subhanaw taala says, we're in such a horrible coli, for inner who Yalla Silva will end if you speak aloud, then indeed he knows the secret and what is even more hidden. If you speak aloud, then indeed he knows what is secret. And what is even more hidden. three levels. One is that you say something openly. The other is that you whisper and the other is that you just keep it in your heart. Allah knows all three levels.

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Instead of 16 and 17. We learn one or the other Kunal insana, winner and a woman to watch this will be enough so we have created the human being and we know what he whispers to himself in every person talks to himself. When you're talking to yourself, Allah knows exactly what you're talking about. What you're saying what you're thinking, when Accra will relay men have been worried and we are closer to him.

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his jugular vein. Where is your junkier vein inside you? Allah is closer to you than that.

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But lies closer to you than that. If you had a lot como de la Kiana adelia minihane, shimelle carried when the two receivers they receive seated on the right and on the left who are the two angels? Everything you think you say you word out, you yell you whisper, the angels, they record everything because in our lexicon, the halfling Who are they kill aman ketamine and there is a very beautiful incident that we learned. I should know that our when she said that All praise is due to Allah whose hearing has encompassed all voices by Allah. She who came to complain about her husband, the Messenger of Allah was speaking while I was in another part of the room. Yet I did not hear some

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of what she said. But Allah subhanaw taala revealed called the semi Allah who Poland lady to God Luca. Allah heard the statement of the woman who was arguing with you concerning her husband. At lunch, she was complaining to Allah, Allahu yestermorrow Tao nakoma, Allah was hearing your conversation, or I shall dinner that says I was in the same room. Just in another part. I could not hear everything. And Allah subhanaw taala revealed for the same year. That's amazing.

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Because Allah hears everything.

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So after the quality of knowledge, what has been mentioned, the power of listening,

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and not just listening, but also watching, seeing of muscle. Because most often belay was sorry, womanhood is also mentioned.

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So someone who knows everything, someone who hears everything, someone who watches everything. how knowledgeable is he? How powerful is he? How able is he? How supreme is he? And yet you turn away from him. Yet you do not listen to him. Yet you do not submit before him.

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If you turn away from him, Where will you go? There is no escape from Allah except to Allah except to him. That's the only way of salvation not running away from him but running to him.

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And this is the message that we are being given over here. Because at the beginning of the sort of what did we learn most people they don't accept.

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So either being shown so that we accept that we turn to him.

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That's the sort of the recitation of these verses

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me can help

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