Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 13 – L127C

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Well fill early and in the earth meaning what jar the fill of the end he has placed in the earth He has made in the earth with our own plots, lands, portions, areas

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that are Muto gelato that are neighboring

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with our own is the plural of Krita attune

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attune paper with a tablet booth at the end.

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And what is a guitar, a piece of something, a portion of something

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and Moto G is the plural of Moto G. Moto G Java Ratan with demo booth at the end. This remove the lift and replace it with a demo booth. And it's from the roof address gene. Well,

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Jeff, who has a job, neighbor, so moto Jaya, we are one that is neighbouring to the other, side by side adjacent to one another.

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So he has made in the earth plots, lands,

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areas that are different, but they're right next to one another. They're side by side.

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Meaning the entire Earth is not the same. The soil all over the earth is not the same. Some parts of the earth they're Sandy, others, they're very rocky, others are grassy, others are muddy. Similarly, some land, it's very fertile. If you pour water over it, it will absorb everything. But other lands, they are not that fertile.

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No matter what you put in the land will not absorb and it will not produce anything.

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So what is mentioned over here is the diversity that is found in the soil even

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the diversity that is in the soil that is beneath our feet. It's not the same. There's so much variety, in its color, in its texture, in its structure in its content in its characteristics. Some soil, it's very acidic, it's very salty, it cannot produce anything, and some is completely opposite.

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So there's a lot of variety that Allah subhanaw taala has kept in the soil even.

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But the beautiful thing is that despite all of these differences, it's not that you have one portion of the earth one quarter that is very grassy, and another quarter that is just Sandy, another quarter that is Rocky, no, you have portions of land side by side, but they will vary in their characteristics. All of a sudden, you see, the soil beneath your feet is very Sandy. And then you see it's muddy.

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For example, if you ever go to the beach and from there, as you're traveling back from the beach towards your house, you may have noticed that by the beach, it's all sand but as you keep going, it changes into a completely different type of mud. On the sand you cannot grow anything but in the mud, your fields and fields.

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So this diversity of last parameter that escaped but all of them are side by side

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with jannatul and gardens, meaning a loss of Paradise place in the earth genette meaning gardens, orchards. And these orchards are of what many are Nevin of grape vines are now VISIT FLORIDA greenup. So orchards of grape vines

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was uttered and crops that are run from the root letters they Laureen and zutter is field crop plantation.

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So Allah subhanaw taala has also made orchards that earn crops, their crops when a Thielen and date farms

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slean were known, there are multiple stems will lay the scene when in and that are not multiple stems.

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If you go over this part of the eye again that will fill out the pattern with a job. This is the first sentence the second sentence is where jannatul min rnrb

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he has placed in the earth within the land neighboring plots. Secondly, he has placed in the earth gardens of grapevines. And then he has placed in the earth zilveren when a fee loan that are seen one on one, that's another sentence

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that he has made such crops and big bombs that are multiple stem and there are also single stem.

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What does it mean by the swing when is from the root letter saw at noon well, and sign one is basically two or more from a single stem from a single route.

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Typically what you have if you put a seed in one sprout will come out one chute will come up and that chute is going to turn into a stem which is going to grow

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into a tree. Typically, from one root you get only one step.

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But particularly in the farms and in crops, you have from one root, multiple stems that are coming out. But this is not the case with everyday prom, this is not the case with every type of crop for every single crop. There is a variety that a lot of times it has kept that some you will find multiple stems and others you will find single stem, you might have seen images of date bumps,

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that you have only one day founder standing in sometimes you see two that are coming out from the same route.

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Similarly, if you look at a wheat crop closely, that from the green from the root comes out, not just one stem, but multiple stems. Which is why when we learned early in sort of the bacala the example of the habit that from the hub become seven cymbala How is it seven cymbala. Each symbol isn't one stem, right, but that hub that produces seven stems. So in the crops and eight pounds Allah has made that are multiple standard, also latest one.

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But the amazing thing is that you score all of this has watered you score from the roof ever seen coffee be met in our head with the same water

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with the same water.

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But there is a righty

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you want the same type of grain all over the entire field. But the produce is different. The produce is different in its appearance in its characteristics and also in the fruit. When you finally know and we give superiority to follow from newsletters fell Bodleian. Barbara has some of it elaborate upon some others that although the water is the same that is given to all of these plants, but the end result is different. The end result is different. And especially a las panatela gives superiority to some over the other Phil local in the taste in the flavor. In the fruit. We'll call from the root letters, Hamza cathlamet, it is used for fruit for flavor for taste.

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So the fruit of the crop, it is different. Sometimes it's amazing. You go to the grocery store, and you pick up apples from the same bin. One turns out to be very sweet and other turns out to be completely different in its taste.

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Sometimes they vary in their color, sometimes in their texture, sometimes in their flavor.

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So this is the amazing thing that it's not that one tree has been given different water

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or another plant has been given different type of water. No, they've been given the same type of water. But the end result is different. When fabu barbarella Marilyn, feel the tastes are different textures are different flavors are different sweetness level is different. Some are sweet, some are less sweet. Some are very hard and dry.

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It was amazing. Once somebody showed me a date, which was first of all very huge, and it was extremely dry. It was like hard like a rock. You cannot even break it with your hand.

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And everything. This is a type of a date. It's amazing

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that some dates are so soft, you put them in your mouth and they melt immediately. Some days you have to chew and other days you can't even break with your own hand. You have to crush it with something. So when you fall below Valhalla burden fill the fruit it varies in the field alika indeed in that area are surely signs becoming a loon for people who use their intellect.

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Especially over here what has mentioned this, because their pumps have been mentioned over here and grapevines have been mentioned. If you are enter a date market, you will see many many kinds of dates, you will see a variety and many times you cannot tell the difference between them Do you all of them appear to be dates

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because the trees resemble one another, perhaps in their appearance, also, the dates they resemble one another. But the taste is very different. When you eat it, then you can tell the difference.

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And Hassan Bosley, he said with regards to this ayah that, Hannah methylone this is an example that letter of the law who knew khulumani Adam, that Allah subhanaw taala has given for the hearts of the children of Adam.

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That us loom were had their origin is the same well who moves telefoon Fl Heidi was surely well Emanuel kufri but yet they vary in their height and in their shelf in their Eman and in their cover.

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All of them have been created from

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Other lesson of their origin is the same. But still there is so much diversity in the people. One is so productive one is so useful. One is so good in his nature and the other is completely opposite.

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People are of different types different characteristics. There are some people who are extremely arrogant, some people who are very submissive.

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Similarly, it's possible that people they resemble one another in their appearance.

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They resemble one another in their appearance, sometimes sibling sometimes twins, or, for example, when people belong to the same nation, the same race they resemble in their appearance. However, in their nature, they may be completely different.

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They're a completely different, for example, people have certain assumptions with regards to certain races, people have a certain country, people have a certain background, people have certain assumptions about them. However, we should not generalize. Because it's possible that a person belongs to certain people, but he is completely different from them.

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It's possible because Allah subhanaw taala has placed as variety within people, so we should never generalize. And there's always a variety, there's always variation, the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. If you just look at your five fingers even Are they all have the same size? No, one is very long, the other is not that long, the other is the shortest. They vary in their characteristics. Similarly, in a family, children, one has certain characteristics, another has completely different but they're both of them are from the same origin. Right? Sometimes parents wonder that Who is this child of mine on? He's not like me, he's not like my husband. Who is he like, or he's so different.

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All the children are so obedient, except for this one. I don't know what's wrong with him. Allah subhanaw taala has kept this variety in his creation, from fruit, to crop, to the trees, to the taste, everything, there is a variety. Similarly, people, they study the Quran, use hobbema in our head, people study the Quran. But at the end, each person benefits differently. There's one person who benefits immensely, immensely, there is a complete change in his life, a complete change in his knowledge and his outlook in life, but another person there is no change. So is there a problem with the water? Is there a problem with the Quran? No. It's about the person himself. What kind of

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benefit is he taking?

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We're intelligent and if you are astonished, meaning the prophets or the laurenson. If you are very surprised, at what utter disbelief that all of these if had been mentioned, all of these signs have been mentioned. But still people don't believe

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these either there but still they turn away still they don't take a lesson. Allah subhanaw taala conference Prophet Solomon send them that if you are astonished, if you wonder, then chargable then astonishing is cola whom they're saying. more surprising. more amazing is their statement, which statement that either corner, that when we have become to Robin dust, that inner shell indeed we left the Hulk and God in a new creation.

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You are amazed at their disbelief despite the clarity of the truth. more amazing. Is their statement more wondrous? Is their statement more astonishing is their statement?

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Which statement that when we have turned to dust, are we going to be brought into a new creation?

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This statement of theirs is more strange. Why? Because if someone has made something once, it is only easier for them to recreate again. Isn't it? So? Like, for example, if you've written an email once, isn't it easier to write it the second time? Yes. If you have cooked something once, isn't it easier to cook it the second time? It is easy.

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Every time you do something it becomes more and more easy for you. And Allah subhanaw taala He is the one who brought all of us into existence without an example that existed before he originated all of us. And it's not that a loss of perils are created human beings and animals and plants just all at once. No. This process of creation and recreation, it repeats all the time.

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Every year we see plants turning green, and every year we see them shedding their leaves every year this happens.

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So it's amazing. These people think that a lot cannot recreate them. Their statement is far more amazing.

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Olay Kala Dena, those are the people who which people can follow. They have disbelieved meaning people who say this, that how can Allah recreate us? Such people have disappeared?

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Leave him in there Lord. Because who is Rob?

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Who is Rob

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Holic Malik and with a bit and a person who denies resurrection he is denying these characteristics of a loss of habitat that He is the Creator that he is the owner that he is in with a bit.

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So you can Latina for him what will occur in those people and our lead up to him the colors the shackles will be in there next Atlanta is a plural of will with Obama on the rain not kasra okay and what is the whole chain

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a color, but in particular it is said that who is such a color that is around the neck to which the hands are tied. So Allah Hillel will be FIAR Now, can you in there next?

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The question is, Why will the colors be in there next?

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Remember this rule

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that the punishment is always similar to the crime?

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It's always similar to crime, it's of the same nature it's of the same type.

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How can think of an example

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like the people of Lutheranism, they turned their photo upside down, their towns were turned upside down. Similarly, the people from the B'nai Israel, the people of ala, who had committed transgression with regards to the Sabbath, they said, it's not Saturday, but still they were fishing. They were turned into IPS, who are like human beings, but they're not really like human beings. So the punishment is always similar to the crime.

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Over here, this punishment will be given to them because they did not submit their necks before Allah. They did not submit themselves before the troops

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and therefore their necks will be died. They did not humble themselves, therefore they will be humiliated. They were arrogant and stubborn. They will be made small. Allah equal to feed him and are now because of Florida, or No. Well, Nika endorsed us however now they're the companions of the Fire home via Holly Dune and they will be abiding there eternally

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into the life it is 71 and 72. We learn it will have their two feet are knocking him was Selassie to

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us use Hakuna Phil Hi, Mimi, some of inadi you still own

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when the shackles are around their necks and the chains. The shackles are around their necks and not just the shackles also the chains and they will be dragged into boiling water. Then in the fire, they will be filled with flame like action like punishment.

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ySr de Luna Cabeza de and they impatiently urge you to bring about the evil yesterday, Luna from his theater, to hasten to urge for something impatiently to demand for something before it's due time.

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So they demand impatiently from you. For what this a year for the evil carbonyl has been before the person who does they refer to the machine of Makkah and who are the demanding this from the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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What are they demanding? A say meaning the threatened punishment. Carbonell has to know before the good meaning before asking for good before asking for Allah's mercy. before asking for guidance. before asking for forgiveness. What do they ask for? punishment? What would they say?

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When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would tell them and when he would warn them about the punishment they would say every day you tell us that the punishment will come bring it and they would say this out of mockery out of extreme denial.

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Whereas there you don't look at it. Other than has an alarm Allah subhanaw taala says work hard. And in fact, harlot it has fast men hobbling in before them and muscle at the exemplary punishments and muscle that is a plural of masuleh from the roof letters mean silent missile, what does missile mean?

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One that is similar to the other.

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And what is a massage and example massage example. Something that is shown to the others that he can take a lesson from it.

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Why is example given so that a person can understand so that a person can take a lesson?

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Like for example, you want to teach your child a lesson? What do you do? You tell him about someone who did the exact same thing that he's trying to do?

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He wants to play with fire. And you tell him about an incident in which another child was playing with fire and how he hurt himself. So why are you giving this example so that the child can take a lesson? So muscular is an exemplary punishment.

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That upon knowing of it, people take a lesson.

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And as a result of that, they abstain from committing that action

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and exemplary punishment from which people can take a lesson.

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And as a result of that they abstained from doing that. So called 100 mil lovely human muscle that many exemplary punishments have passed before then they're demanding for the punishment. Why are they demanding for it? So many people in the past they were punished cannot take a lesson from them.

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Because many times what happens when a person has gone through something difficult? What does he say? You know, learn a lesson. Take heed from what I went through, don't repeat the same mistake. But what do people say? Let me commit my own mistakes, and I will realize myself. This is exactly what the machinima were doing. They were demanding punishments. Allah says why the people before you were punished. What a normal burqa, and indeed your Lord laduma ferati Ganassi is surely possessor of forgiveness for the people. Meaning he wants to forgive people for in spite of their transgression, and since Allah subhanaw taala forgives them, and he continues to bestow mercy upon

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them. His laduma ferati leanness,

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because if Allah subhanaw taala were to punish people immediately for the crimes that they're committing, then what would happen?

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What would happen? Not a single creature would be alive today.

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Others won't be here him despite the wrongdoing. Despite the loan that people are committing a loss of power data continues to forgive them. He lets them live in North America and indeed your Lord Lesha de licchavi is surely severe in retribution, meaning when he wishes to take revenge, when he intends to do that, then none can stop him. And his punishment is very severe. We call them the Drina cafaro and the disbelievers say, learner owns in early to mid lobby, how come an IRA has not been revealed to him has not been sent down to him from his Lord. Why has an ayah not been given to him from his lawyer?

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What kind of IO where the demanding

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a tangible miracle like musasa was given the staff he started Islam could cure the people. So they also wanted at the profits on a lot of sudden be given a similar miracle. Lola why not.

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But the fact is, that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was given many miracles.

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The first of them was for own and it was very relevant to the people.

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So what does Allah subhanaw taala say, that intimate intimacy, you are only a one, your job is to convey warning. Your duty is not to show Marvels to the people so that they look at strange things and they say Well, no. This is not your mission. You haven't been set to just impress people to amaze people to astonish them.

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You have been sent to warn people

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the mosquito Mecca they would demand many miracles on the profits auto loans, and for example, they would say that turn the sulfide model into gold.

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This can identify malware, they would say turn it into gold. And when you've done that, we will believe that you're a messenger. But what is a mercy? You are a whiner your emotions it and you are well he couldn't be home he had and for every people a guide.

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This part of the air has been understood in two ways. First of all, a continuation of intimate intimacy.

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That you are a prophet sallallahu Sallam are a warner to the people. And you are liquidly common for every nation. They had in a guide, meaning every nation, every people that exists in the earth that will exist until the day of judgment. You have been sent as a guide to all of them.

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Because many people say that he was only a messenger sent to

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who? The Arabs or the Mexicans. But what does Allah subhanaw taala say that you are a guide for all people when he couldn't communicate.

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Secondly, this part of the eye has been understood as that

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you are only a warner. Your job is to convey the message to convey the warning.

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And the fact that you've been sent as a warning This is not something strange. Because Allah subhanaw taala sends a hat to every nation.

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While he couldn't come in handy, and for every nation is a guide, someone who has been sent to them to guide them. So your duty is to give people guidance, not to entertain them by showing miracle to them.

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