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Marina, Marina De La, La La

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La La La

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La La Nina

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one day

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he saw a manager that he was raised for the outcome, and people that offer their sacrifice.

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This is a time to celebrate and enjoy the festivities that day, but will the process of us so this man holding that goes well that sheep to death, basically sacred to sacrifice

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for the profit despite the way he did,

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it is something such as offering a sacrifice, which is supposed to be an act of worship. Even in a situation like that the prophets of blossom did not like the way he did that he told him, so a lot of them

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ended up LA,

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Santa condition,

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listen, a lot, a lot more days in and decrees that some other condition, which means perfection in every single matter. Whatever you do, a law demands that you do it perfectly.

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And you do it according to that standard of perfection. And then he says to him, specifically, color

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if you're going to be chemists, and then do

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an alternative, and make it nice,

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meaning don't kill it twice, three times before it dies. Just do it right. And then he said, when you hit the rock bottom, now he became even more specific. To explain the standard.

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However, you hit the rock bottom.

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And then you need to make sure before you put that animal down, that the knife is sharp.

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And then that when you kill the animal again, once

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from this day,

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he said

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I learned two things from the process of a lesson that I would never forget. And he mentioned this.

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Even though he speaks about animals, he speaks about slaughter in a day like eight. But today, the overall concept of the honey is for everything that you do in your life as a Muslim. Everything you do in your life, as a Muslim, honestly, just this week, we had an incident that I have to bring up to the attention of the people.

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We have some water consumption while going outside the main room. So we use the bathroom. And interestingly, when people come to us, they naturally just leave the shoes out, and they come in. But imagine when you have 100 people come to

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how it's gonna look like how the shoe saying who's gonna look like it was unbelievable. So I'm going to talk

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about how the community

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expect us to do things with

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ease with perfection, even something like this, to know,

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to see this site and design. And if someone brings a guest to see them. We've been there. Imagine if this happens every single time.

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I know when people they're not in a hurry. So they keep their shoes by the law.

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So that when they leave, they be the first they don't have to go inside. And then they become an extra 30 seconds.

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So they want to be the first and that's not about the issue of shoes or slippers. It's an issue of reason, understanding. It's a concept. It's a principle of some imperfection in the Muslim home. And I want to take right now beyond that and getting into the bigger picture.

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In this creation.

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he perfected everything he created.

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Can you imagine every creation everything that you see

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is the son of perfection in what we sometimes perceived to be as a deficiency, specific in creation, comparing this to the perfect that's how you need to recognize perfection. And it also provokes sometimes

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feelings of mercy, feelings of compassion with other people still love the perfection of the patient.

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And even allows notice as soon Allah, this is the creation of Allah means this is the name of Allah,

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Who perfected everything, somehow, the old

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news that he talked about the same concept

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that a lot of soldier loves that if you ever do anything, you do it with it.

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Which means to perfection.

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I love

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this, this is the word of Allah, Who perfected everything he makes.

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Time and look at

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those who when they spend they spend during the day during the night, which means secretly and privately and also publicly, rah, rah, they do that in terms of difficulty in terms of prosperity, we'll call the meaning of life, the other angle, what happiness from the people will love.

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The last panel data loves those

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reacting to other people's behavior, how are you going to handle them, there will always be steadfast to controlling yourself, controlling your anger, forgiving other people, teaches us behavior, this is perfection and our behavior and our man will love.

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And those who practice this behavior needs that perfect behavior.

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If you practice,

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if you practice, perfection in everything that you do, and you say, the Merciful loss of power that will be very close to me is when you look for mercy,

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which is

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good behavior, and good practice.

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Never let them

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perfection, perfection alone will never lead that needs to go away with a love for you. And we shall get to on

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how to dissolve.

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What do you get as a reward for perfection other than perfection? You know that this even happens a lot. How do you think people compete?

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The more perfection and professionalism The more you hold us up to standard, my standard and your your work ethics in this life, the more you'll recognize and respect from people. And

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again, we've come to the issue of sound, even though that was speaking about subjects such as sacrifice.

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So that sound should be everything should be everything and is not sufficient to be with intention.

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Right? You notice?

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So we always have the intention to do things with seven perfection. But do we truly do?

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And perfection? Or do you always just believe that we should, but then we have our own circumstances to lie and not to do the things with?

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Will the last creation? Look around? And

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he actually orders me and you to look into this

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new creation, the creation of man.

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Not just by the sight of the eye.

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Which means yes, you see that in your eyes? But does it really hit you? Do you feel? Do you recognize that in your heart, this is a sign of perfection and amazing creation of

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look into the physiology of human bodies and

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the function of every single part of your body. That's an amazing thing cannot be the work of just nature. It's the work of the one who created this measure. So

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this is the new exam and the last so job demands from me and do the work.

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We all

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need to do things perfectly.

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have you done with perfection? Now you need to respond to that would work

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with perfection.

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And first,

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when we worship Allah azza wa jal, when we worship Allah Subhana. Wa Juma is one of these days

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and only takes him to really calculate the time exactly, it doesn't take more than an hour, from the time you leave home.

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you've gone too far to walk into the

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salon, it's almost an hour,

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an hour of seven days of

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work and leisure time, just one hour. And we still have a lot of Muslims lagging and they waste a lot of time not doing

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even Juma.

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And if you don't even know how to do that, how to come early, how to sit for solo, how to listen how to retention, then we need to learn them.

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This is something we do on a weekly basis, it should be one of the most important things in our lives, at least for many people. That's the one the major event throughout the entire week. How do we do that? If you sit down here right now, knowing that there are surveillance cameras, watching every single moment, wouldn't you be paying attention? If you know that this event is broadcast live, people will be watching you on live TV on the globe, the cameras keep moving? Wouldn't you be paying attention to how you sit down what you do when you do them? And that's exactly what the process was in this context.

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was asked by Julian

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What does it mean?

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is perfection

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yoshikawa you see, which means you have the certainty of sight that is there, before he's

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alive in that certainty of sight, no doubt about

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it, we couldn't get to that level of certainty,

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or at least have the certainty of knowledge that he sees you.

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So the first level of certainty the certainty of sight

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be seen.

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If you couldn't get to that level of certainty.

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And then you know that he sees his panel does a certain thing.

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So we need to have that in every single aspect of

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the congregation or individually, if you do that in your environment,

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that you will enjoy every aspect of that.

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But if we don't do a good exam, it's lacking right now that the professional standards are performing.

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And that's when we start comparing about 10 years now.

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But have you checked the

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attention to how you perform your salon?

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This is very crucial. So that when you start to

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reflect on every action and every aspect of your life,

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even when it comes to taking care of our parents, the last

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you see people that you ask them when they say how can I take care of my parents? You know, I want to be durable to my parents, how can I use it? Is there a specific asset? Listen, a lot of agendas not speak too much about

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exam. Now when you take care of your parents with perfection, perfect, perfect uniform. I don't have to tell you.

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I wouldn't have to structure Do I need to tell you that when you speak to them, you don't raise your voice?

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Do I need to tell them to stare at your parents? Do I need to tell them not to say or just so that you cannot upset and angry? Do I have to say all these things I don't

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do your parents

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with perfection. Look at the meaning of

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what pleases them in a manner that was not the severe loss

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What is it? What is it that when you when you please your parents will not also cause injustice against anyone else, specifically your spouse and your wife or your husband? What is it, just do that, that pleases them, course, which is a loss as well. So even when it comes to the law, loss of local accent, even, even when you try to compare to these compared to dealing with your parents with a sound infection, and that was kind of the process.

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So the process of

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thought, after that I'm looking for

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the professor Watson told him, he says, Listen, do you have any parents, and He will give

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them the proper subsets and go back.

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Take care of your parents, this is usually

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so even taking care of the parents can be this part of the struggle to make it nice. I know it's not.

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It's not It's not easy. Specifically, when when there's so much drama in the family, a lot of family relations and complex relationship causes conflict between siblings and brothers and uncles and has been a while but it's really complex.

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When you teach your parents to treat them with a perfect man,

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and even with your children,

00:16:31--> 00:16:36

powerful data demand that you take care of specifically dealing with girls,

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non Muslim, non Muslim or non Muslim who have to work in the federal government,

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daughters, there is the age, the age of marriage.

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So he is us. And again, the sun is perfect treatment and kindness to his daughter, or daughter,

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Angelina, because of that exam, there will be reason for him to interrupt him.

00:17:13--> 00:17:23

So you do in your, your current job duty, you're not being asked to do anything beyond what you should do as a father as a mother. But if you do, do it,

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with kindness, with perfection, even the thing that you normally do as a father, as a mother, do it with perfection, this will be a reason for it.

00:17:35--> 00:17:43

So let's start with your daughter, you remember, there will be the shield, I guess there will be the shield.

00:17:45--> 00:17:46

So what do you do?

00:17:47--> 00:17:52

Again, even though this is natural to our children, in a nice manner, kindly

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demanded more emphasis here on perfection

00:18:01--> 00:18:07

things that happened in the society, a lot demanded from us to even to do things that we do and

00:18:09--> 00:18:12

greeting one, how difficult

00:18:14--> 00:18:21

how difficult that is. See, these are tiny, little things symbolic to us, so that we emphasize on everything in our mind

00:18:25--> 00:18:26

behind you

00:18:28--> 00:18:33

that if you ever been greeted, if someone greets you, your response should be

00:18:36--> 00:18:37

better than the

00:18:38--> 00:18:41

mean is perfection. If someone says

00:18:42--> 00:18:46

don't just you know, don't respond to them, let them hear. Because

00:18:48--> 00:19:00

when you do that, do it with a cheerful face. So now what you're doing, you're responding. And you give them an act of charity, big smile, you're cheering them up. You just bring happiness and joy to their lives. And if someone says

00:19:03--> 00:19:11

you can shake hands with them, then do it. But if someone brings you a lot of demand that you do it in a barrel, so how you react?

00:19:14--> 00:19:16

If you couldn't, you don't have

00:19:17--> 00:19:28

to be joyful and happy when you respond just the way you will just respond in the same manner. That's what demands from us. Again, even with issues such as

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Gender, Women.

00:19:37--> 00:19:41

And even when we talk, you know, people they like to talk specifically now in a lot of controversy.

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So they try to talk on the army and the army sometimes without proper knowledge. They just keep making martial art is so much a political analysis, but they have no clue what they're talking about. But it is

00:19:54--> 00:19:57

most of them said Listen, I have

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an agenda.

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to your house, in the center of a journal.

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For someone who leaves argumentation, even if he or she was writing it, even if you're right, for the conversation ends up becoming an argument, use this argument. And this case you can make your point through, and they will never be able to point you towards you because you know that you're right, for example. So what's the solution?

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we understand that

00:20:34--> 00:20:38

you don't have to fight, don't have to hate each other, you don't have to make it a lot of

00:20:39--> 00:20:54

communities, just leave it. Because part of the exam is that even if you're right, you don't have to force anyone to accept that you can shove it down their throat, you can do that. Just bring it up to them and they accept the

00:20:55--> 00:20:58

love and leave argumentation Colorado,

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was mentioned twice in the same

00:21:11--> 00:21:13

way that you you got to go to the bathroom.

00:21:15--> 00:21:17

Bill Hickman isn't wisdom,

00:21:19--> 00:21:20

which means perfect

00:21:21--> 00:21:22

position and reminder.

00:21:24--> 00:21:29

If you're ever gonna be arguing or debating with anybody, we'll let the

00:21:30--> 00:21:46

best and best man and one of his best professors are mentioned in the list just to get a better argument. You don't have to keep continuing with that. Just click and move on to something more beneficial for you about the

00:21:48--> 00:21:50

last panel, says

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is another instruction for us that he never taught them.

00:22:01--> 00:22:09

Fully daddy Rasul Allah was instructed to order the oma that if you're going to be talking something that is good, that is perfect, that is

00:22:12--> 00:22:28

not good, that which is best. So if you know that there are two levels of speech, choose that which is best for you, when you talk to people. And even when you receive anything, that you also receive and accept from people that will do the best.

00:22:29--> 00:22:33

So that when you listen to a speech, then you listen to that speech.

00:22:35--> 00:22:47

And you accept and follow the best of that speech. So when you talk, you talk the best. And when you receive all those, whatever it is, always look for the best. This is a concept.

00:22:48--> 00:22:50

And it's continuous, but not in everything.

00:22:52--> 00:23:31

In your professional field, as a Muslim, you are required to be perfect in your game. And that's why a lot of Muslims are here. And they work in this society and working in corporate America. Why? Because they need you to have a higher standard of work ethics. They expect you to do things differently. And they want you to do because they believe that they can benefit from your work ethics. Imagine if this is enhanced? Would you stand because of your belief system as a Muslim, you can multiply that incredible your effectiveness in the society and not just alive multiple times. This also your family, your small things,

00:23:32--> 00:23:42

and you almost lose everything else, even the little thing that you do and you say, and brings me back again, to the issue such as well you put your shoes when it comes to fitness.

00:23:44--> 00:23:44


00:23:49--> 00:23:59

if we don't once we start realizing that I don't have to have anyone to remind me, what is common sense. This is common sense. I don't even really want

00:24:00--> 00:24:05

to start working on this based on common sense. We will save on energy to talk about something much more important

00:24:08--> 00:24:16

is very, very important. No personal life is very important with our children with coworkers, even when you talk to people maintain that principle.

00:24:18--> 00:24:24

Try try to maintain that for the entire week. Follow the concept of

00:24:25--> 00:24:28

perfection every minute you do that. You try and return your

00:24:29--> 00:24:31

data provide you with the best

00:24:59--> 00:25:00

what are the

00:25:00--> 00:25:03

become more than emphasized and much more important,

00:25:04--> 00:25:06

become much more important to follow on.

00:25:08--> 00:25:14

Some of the last panel data mentioned even in the most unconventional circumstance, such as

00:25:16--> 00:25:21

such as conflict, when there's conflict, usually the circle of prohibitions,

00:25:22--> 00:25:35

norms, which is, what was what was actually bad. What was common for me to do, what was illegal was this allowed people to notice and say, I have a justification, I should do that. Because there is.

00:25:37--> 00:25:43

So we started via a lot of a lot of the rules that we believe to be wrong do simply because

00:25:45--> 00:25:57

and this happens on personal level, such as the case of divorce, or family, this Court has gone by them, they're just you know, they're arguing they keep fighting and some still, even when you're together, you have to do

00:25:59--> 00:26:06

and always have the higher purpose. Even when it comes to Allah. Allah says about divorce, he said.

00:26:13--> 00:26:22

So you see a lot comes into first time, second time, and during that time, whether you bring them back again,

00:26:24--> 00:26:25

tomorrow, do it in kindness.

00:26:28--> 00:26:30

When you release them, also,

00:26:32--> 00:26:43

my wife, husband wife is people who go into arguments because of their marriage relationship. And they decide to separate the rest of the world exam. We want to need any civil courts.

00:26:44--> 00:26:55

But it's because people don't do that. That's what they fight for. The thing is the army and the lies and demanding that even such a time like this, we should remember to stand up between us

00:26:57--> 00:26:58


00:27:00--> 00:27:03

never forget the virtue that that was developed between you that's

00:27:05--> 00:27:06

going to divorce.

00:27:08--> 00:27:10

You should observe that son, so if

00:27:11--> 00:27:15

we need to observe everything in everything, we should also observe that

00:27:17--> 00:27:18


00:27:21--> 00:27:25

again, being the MMR made like a copycat.

00:27:28--> 00:27:28


00:27:30--> 00:27:36

Don't be like a copycat some of them, if you do good, they do good. And they do God, what do you do you respond to the

00:27:37--> 00:27:41

universe is a zombie like, Don't beat him up? He says,

00:27:44--> 00:27:46

teachers have an accident

00:27:48--> 00:27:50

that people didn't go to you,

00:27:51--> 00:27:52

which is good. What if

00:27:53--> 00:27:55

What if transgressed against you

00:27:56--> 00:27:57

just avoid,

00:27:59--> 00:28:07

don't respond in the same manner. Never do that. We're living in a time when a lot of people are attacking Muslims and non Muslims

00:28:08--> 00:28:16

to take advantage of the situation that happens in Boston, and Muslim trying to defend themselves and some of them are caught in a situation they don't know what to do.

00:28:19--> 00:28:20


00:28:21--> 00:28:26

you don't have to talk too much to prove to people that these people don't represent

00:28:28--> 00:28:31

when this happened, when the incident happened in Boston

00:28:37--> 00:28:40

news, okay. Because even if the person was Muslim,

00:28:43--> 00:28:43


00:28:44--> 00:28:45

the person was Muslims,

00:28:47--> 00:28:58

I said, why he said, because because of Hamdulillah, I have so much credit in my local community, with my coworkers, my neighbors, my friends, that they know me, I

00:29:02--> 00:29:12

have done my part. I will wait for something to happen to start making conferences among the press release and all that stuff. So I don't have to do that I've been active with

00:29:13--> 00:29:15

all these years is

00:29:20--> 00:29:22

that if anything happens, then on

00:29:23--> 00:29:24

this visit to that level of

00:29:28--> 00:29:29


00:29:30--> 00:29:31

and our observation of the

00:29:35--> 00:29:35


00:29:40--> 00:29:43

So make sure that you keep that in your mind.

00:29:44--> 00:29:51

With your coworker with your friends, I want you to try to observe this principle. Keep that in your mind for the entire week.

00:29:54--> 00:29:59

And everything you do when you drive when you need when you pray.

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

You deal with your neighbors with everything. Please observe everything.

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