Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 13 – L127A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses various topics, including a webinar and a proposal to a woman named Hope, as well as various women and their-related individuals. They also mention a woman named Yenica from the Middle East and a woman named Sharon. The group is disjointed and difficult to follow, but they acknowledge the origin of their countries and mention Yenica's role as a woman from the Middle East.
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San Diego Sunni and Karim Allah but for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish. Lisa de were silly Md washlet Let me listen to your

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lesson number 127 suited to learn I am number one to 17 translation. I live flam MIMO Alif Lam MIMO Delica that I add to our verses and keytab of the book, one levy and that which owns Xena, it was revealed Elijah to you men from Rob Baker, your Rob and help is the truth when I can but actor most and NASS of the people left not up known they believe

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Allahu Allah and he is the one who refer he raised a silhouette the heavens, the lady without armor then any pillars, the owner her you all see it some then is there were heroes, Allah upon allows the throne was the hero and he suggested a shamsur The sun will come on and the moon coloane on yejide it runs the Agilent for a time muslimah one fixed you that bill he regulates he arranges

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the matter you for Sweden. He explains in detail

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the versus the signs, learn lucam so that you are better off with meeting Rob become of Europe to be known you all believe with certainty.

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Well who and he is anybody who met the he extended he stretched

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the earth with geralyn and he made fee her in it Rasiah firmly anchored mountains

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firmly anchored mountains

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what and unhelpful rivers woman and from Cali every assemble rod the fruits Jana he made fee her in it xo Jane Doe bears his name to Yoshi he raps Elena the night and the Hara the day in indeed fee in vaniqa that that is surely signs the government for a people yet the fact karoun they ponder they reflect Wi Fi and in the earth the term oceans lots

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Mota gelatin ones neighboring one and genoten Gardens main from our knaben gravelines y and that our own crops were and nothing you don't date bombs. So in one on multiple stemmed swing one on multiple stemmed one and ladle other than swing learning multiple stems. You score it is watered irrigated, we match in with water we're hidden one word and new for blue. We give superiority barraba have some of it Allah upon Berlin some fee in a local the fruit in the indeed fee in danika. That is surely signs are common for people yark alone they understand what in and if you wonder for our job, then amazing. Then astonishing. Ola whom they're saying

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what either when couldna we were to Robin dust show in indeed we Luffy surely in content creation God then one new

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owner Ecuador's alladhina are those who can follow the disbelieved bureau begin with their work and ruler, Ecuador's allele, the colors, the shackles fee in our nappy him there next? What olayinka and those of us have our inmates and now of the fire, whom they see her in it, Holly Dune, once abiding eternally.

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What and yesterday Luna, they seek to hear Seenu bisaya with the evil parabola before and her center the good work on and in fact harlot it past men from coddling him before them and must let the exemplary punishments were in the end indeed, Rob Becker, your Rob ledoux surely possessor Murphy rotten of forgiveness, finance for the people. Allah upon Leumi him their wrongdoing.

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In the end indeed Rebecca Europe, Russia did surely severe and repub in the retribution. were cool and he will say, or he says, and levina those who cafaro they disbelieved, Lola why not on Zilla it was sent down. I lay upon him as an aside. Mainly men from Robbie Israel innama indeed not but until you are 101 a warner one and licola for every moment of people had in a guide

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Allahu Allah uronema he knows man what that means she carries color every unser female, warmer and what? Who it decreases it reduces our hand the wounds warmer and what does that do? It increases wear color and every shade in thing or in the who with him be male CODEL, in an appointed measure, in a do measure,

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animal no lie of the unseen was Shahada and the witness al Kabir, the grand and Lutheran, the most exalted.

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So same equal men come from you among you, man who a server he concealed Alcala the word woman and who jawara he voiced aloud he publicized be with it woman and Who? Who He is most often one who hides behind by the night was Sadie born and freely walks or obvious been held by the de la who for him more Acrobat successive ones or ones who come in succession

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main from benei a day he before him woman and from comfy behind him yeah for hoonah who they guard him men from Emory command Allah He of Allah in the Indeed Allah Allah La not EULA euro he changes man what bitterman with a people had that until you're a euro they change my war to be unfussy him with themselves.

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What either and when or other. He intended Allahu Allah without even with a people to an evil fella, so not murder, any averting Lahu for it. Warmer and not the home for them men from dooney other than Him men from women, and he Guardian who he led who Yuriko, he shows you alberca the lightning, how often as fear, watermelon and as well. Why don't you and he raises, he lifts up a Sahaba the clouds as they call the heavy ones

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when you sit behind and it glorifies a lot of the thunder behind the E with history is one malayaka two and the angels main from Khalifa de his fear when you say no and he sends a sahuarita the Thunderbolts for you Cebu. So he reaches we have with it, man whoever Yeshua oh he wills we're home while they yuja de Luna de dispute fee concerning Allahu Allah. What what and he is shady do severe a nihan in the assault.

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Now who to him? There were two supplication call and help the truth. The real one levena and those who hear the owner they invoke men from dooney other than him learn not yes the G buena they respond la home for them vishay in with anything in there except carrabassett like one who extends like one who stretches cafe his two palms Illa to alert the water Leah blower so that it reaches for who his mouth warmer and not who it be barely he at all want to reach it. Warmer and not Dora call and cafe dean of the disbelievers. Illa except fee in Berlin error.

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One in Lehi and for Allah yes Judah he frustrates man whoever fee is in a semi where the heavens will up and the earth though unwillingly worker one and by compulsion well we now know whom and their shades below will do in the mornings will fall and the afternoons

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on say Monday man who are boo Israel smls of the heavens will up and the earth will say Allahu Allah and say I have done it the hostel you all have taken main from duty besides him earlier close friends land not yummly corner they possess the unfussy him for themselves. never find any profit or any benefit whatsoever and nor Berlin any harm cool

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Say hello are yes the way they equal or he is equal an Arma the blind one will proceed and the C one M or * are that's the way it is equal of Luma The darknesses were * and the light M or geralyn they have made Leilani for Allah choucair partners holla coo they have created the hunt he like his creation, further share the hustle it resembled. It seemed like an homage to the creation I lay him upon them. Good say Allahu Allah, Holly who is creator currently of every shade in thing wahoo and he is awash with the one of * the irresistible

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unzila he sent down men from a summer the sky mat and water for salad so it flowed out the attune valleys because he had according to its capacity factor mela so it carried a sailu the flood or the torrent Zevon form Robin one rising woman man and from what you'll be doing, they eat they burn. I lay upon it fee in and now the fire if they are to seek helium 10 jewelry ornaments or matar in goods utensils zabba done a phone Miss Lu like it gave Anika likewise yeah boo boo he strikes Allahu Allah. I'll help tell the truth What about Apple and the false hood for Amazon so as far as the phone failed herbal so it goes away? jiefang useless. What a man and as for man, what yen Pharaoh he

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benefits or it benefits and NASA the people fighting coup so it stays free in the earth. gallica likewise yo boo boo he strikes Allahu Allah, Allah himself the examples

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that listen to the recitation.

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Bismillah R Rahman. Me

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one lady

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she wants

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walk you out of the new bar

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una una op

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what is

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A, B, C and

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big deal.

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duni mu

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mu d mu

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d won manna

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fort fun

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holy * yes

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