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Yusuf 58-87 Word Analysis and Tafsir 85-87

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So now when he was this set, and he's praying to Allah, he has turned away from the people. He's presenting his hours before Allah. Allah said,

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who said, the rest of the brothers or the other family members who were there. They said to him, that Allah He by Allah Dafoe you will not see that guru use of you will remember us have had the corner Hold on, until you will become fatally ill out. akuna Minal hurricane, or you will become of those who perish

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instead of comforting him.

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Instead of saying, Father, we apologize for what we did before. What do they say?

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They begin yelling at their father. They begin scolding you that why are you remembering use of why don't you just get over him? He's gone. It's been so many years. Get over it. After all. They say the law he deftly Oh, you will not see step two, from the root letters fatter and fatter is to not cease to be. So that's the meaning you will always you will continue to death guru use of you will continue to remember use of had the corner hold on until you become fatally ill. How about isn't newsletters have bought

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and held is someone who is sick to the point of death.

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Someone who is so ill, someone who is so sick, that he is at the verge of dying. There is no hope of recovery. No hope at all, someone who's fatally ill.

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There are no chances of survival. So you will continue to remember the son of yours until this grief will make you hard.

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It is said that there are different levels of illness in the Arabic language. Like for example, there's the word Illa. Allah is also used for illness, but that's the first stage. Similarly, there's something in nissaki Ibraheem alehissalaam said that. And this is when a person is ill, but it cannot be seen by the other.

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Eye, for example, you feel unwell, you feel ill you feel as if your body is hurting? If it is if you're going to come down with a cold, and you stay in bed, then your sister comes in, she's like, why are you in bed? You're like, I don't feel good. Your voice is completely fine. You're not coughing, you don't have a fever? Nothing like that. Like, then how are you? Are you just pretending you're ill. So so famous who one who is suffering from an illness, but is inside the body, it cannot be seen by the other. And then there is muddy, muddy, there's also one who is ill, but it is such illness that it can be seen by the other.

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And then finally, there is huddled after many other stages. Finally there is health. And how long is the final stage of illness. And this could be physical, as well as emotional.

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This could be physical, and it can also be emotional.

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And it is such illness in which a person is unable to do anything. After that. He's unable to anything, he becomes completely dependent on others, he's not able to go use the washroom himself, he's not able to eat himself, he's not able to change himself, he's not able to walk himself, he is completely dependent on others, he is unable to do anything,

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which is why this word is also used for something that has become useless, it does not have any use left in it, it becomes a burden.

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So how long is the last the final stage of illness in which a person becomes completely disabled, in which he becomes completely dependent on others. And this illness could be physical, then it can also be emotional, it can also be weakness of the mind.

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It is also that How about his weakness of mind or physical illness due to old age? What is it weakness of the mind or physical illness? Why? Because of old age, because it's possible that a person is old, he's very elderly, but he doesn't have any major illness. But because he is all his body has become weak, then what happens? he's unable to open the refrigerator himself. He's unable to open a microwave himself. He's unable to bend down to pick up his socks himself. He's unable to do his laundry himself. He's unable to go up and down the stairs himself, he becomes completely dependent on others. This is what Harold is also. And also weakness of mind when a person cannot

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remember basic basic things. Many times that happens when people as they age they develop loss of memory. they're unable to remember even the names of their children, even the names of their children. It happens and I'm sure you must have seen this

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is also said that Harold is weakness of mind or physical illness because of extreme love because of extreme

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Love, when a person is in love with the other, and he is missing them too much, or he is not able to get the one on the love, then what happens? People become sick sometimes there is a story that is narrated of someone who was very, very sick. And nobody could figure out what the problem was they could not diagnose the problem.

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So somebody was passing by from that town, and he was told about this particular man who was ill. So he was brought.

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So what did he do, he put his hand on his wrist.

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And he started mentioning different places, different cities. So when he mentioned a particular city, he felt a change in the pulse. So then what did he do, he started mentioning the different places within that city, the different streets, the different areas. And eventually, he figured out that at a particular area, his false there was a slight change in that. Now he concentrated that even more, and he started mentioning the names of the people who were living over there, and finally got to a particular household in which there was a girl whom this man was in love with. So he said, just get him married to her, and he'll be fine and he was fine. So what happens when people are in

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and they're unable to get the one whom they love, they become physically ill or they become emotionally unstable. You may have seen that sometimes such people, if a person wants to marry another and they refuse they rejected, they cut themselves off from the rest of the people, they will stay in their room all day, they will go out at night, they will not meet with their family.

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Why because of extreme love. Similarly, it is also that their health is due to this physical illness or weakness of the mind due to constant grief, continuous grief.

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that a person has been so sad, extremely sad, that he becomes physically dependent on others, he cannot think straight, he becomes very ill. So they're saying that you will continue to remember use of until you become fatally ill out. akuna minal halycon or you will die. So in other words, stop remembering use of because if you continue like this, you're going to die because of this grief of yours. What does he say? Kala he said, in number ushiku bothy, we're Hosni, it a law. I am only complaining of my suffering and my grief due to Allah not to you. I'm not talking to you.

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I'm not saying to you that I misuse of Who am I talking to? my robe? Allah subhanaw taala. In high school, high school from the room fetters sheen craughwell, Sheikha chacun, which is to complain.

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So I'm only complaining of my bus Bessie and bus is from the country's best asset. But Sophia, what does it mean to spread the scatter. So birth is such grief, that despite much effort, a person is not able to keep it in his heart. It just spreads.

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But is what it is such grief that spreads No matter how much a person tries to suppress it, no matter how much a person tries to control it, it just comes out.

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So you're corporatism as well he was clean.

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But it would show his grief his sadness would show not that he would complain to people, but because he would pray to Allah.

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How do we show our grief? How do we show our sadness by complaining to people by talking to one person and then another person and then calling another and then sending an email to another?

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This is what bus

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however your Cobra Sonam How did he express his grief before Who? Before his lungs were Hosni and my grief my affliction my sorrow in Allah to Allah What are la mina la he and I know from Allah mela Tara moon what you don't know. Meaning I know that I am going to meet Yusuf.

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I am very sure. I'm very confident. I'm very hopeful.

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Because they were saying to him that stop remembering use of It's been so long to get over him. But what does he say? That I know from Allah what you don't know. I know that use have had a dream. And that dream is going to come true. And in that dream, it was clear that the sun the moon, the stars were prostrating to usurp. So this means that we are going to come back together someday or Lumina law humanitarian alone. So what's the lesson in this for us?

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That when we are suffering from some loss from some sorrow, from some grief from some way, Who should we share that with

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a loss apparently.

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And we should really take this seriously.

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Because we say that we should share with a lot but when it comes to

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sharing this with Allah, we don't do that.

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Think about the last time you had a problem. How long did you spend on the phone talking to someone? And how long did you spend making the artwork? Think about it.

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Our problem is that we show our grief to people all the time. And in that we end up complaining about a loss of planetary saying words that are inappropriate, that are not right, that are not correct. And with that, instead of inviting the help of a lot, we turn that away even more. What we need to do is that in times of grief and sorrow, we should follow the footsteps of Ruth Yaqoob and share our griefs with Allah.

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Yeah, Bonnie Yeah. And he says that, oh, my son's is horrible. All of you go, Father has so many use of go and find out about use of will he and his brother's Look at him. The way that the difficulty, the hardship, it increases, he lost his one son. And then he lost another one. And because of him, his third son also stayed back, his hope also increases,

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his hope also increases. Because a believer knows that when the difficulty has increased, then relief is very near. It's very close, it's not too far away.

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So he says, All My Sons go and search for uses, go and find him. The hasta su from newsletters has been seen has and what is his main sense? The physical sense, like for example, the sense of hearing, the sense of seeing, touching, smelling different different senses we have, and the hustle is to search for something using all of one senses.

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What does it mean, to search for something using all of one's senses? Like for example, if you're searching for something in the middle of the night, what are you going to do?

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You're going to open up your eyes.

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At the same time you're going to be feeling you're going to be hearing listening very carefully as well. And if it's some food you're going to be smelling. So the essence is to search for something using all one senses.

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There is another word as well, which is used for searching for looking for something which is the desktop.

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There's the justice and there's the hustle.

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The hustle This is positive, and the justice is negative.

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The Justice is to what what does justice mean, to spy? Or to try to find out about someone's private matters, someone's private affairs. Where did you go? Who did you call? Who did you speak to? This is what someone's private affairs. This is what the justice is. And their hustle is to search for something, but this is used in a positive sense. So for the ssme use of search for use of what he and his brother and his brothers meaning don't go out as spies openly go and search for use and his brothers. What are they so and do not despair? Do not give a cold middle Oh hello of relief from Allah. Don't give up hope of relief from Allah. It says Oh, he's telling them go and search for them

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and don't come back until you have them. Don't give up hope of relief from Allah. No matter how long it takes. Don't give up. Ro ism newsletters Roja and ro basically means comfort, freshness, happiness, refreshment, mercy.

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And this is why this word is also used for relief. So don't give up of relief of mercy from Allah. Because in the who, indeed he lay so mellow hella. He does not give a pope of the mercy of Allah, in little calm will care for your own except for the disbelieving people. Why do they give a pope of the mercy of Allah of relief from Allah? Because they don't know about Allah's mercy? They don't know about the promises of Allah. They don't believe in that.

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And we believe in the promises of Allah. We know that if there is difficulty relief is coming very soon.

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So then what happened? The brothers of use of RSM, they left for Egypt to at least get Binyamin and the other brother back to Egypt. If they couldn't find use of at least they should try to get those two brothers back from Egypt. So after this point, they went to Egypt. What's the lesson in this? that whatever the situation is, no matter what circumstance that person is in, what should he do? He should keep struggling. He should not give up hope of the mercy of Allah. He should not despair. He should trust upon him.

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What happens with us sometimes we want to do something we try. We try again.

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Doesn't work and we think maybe it's not meant for me, jacobellis sam could also have said that maybe this is what Allah wants,

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that he could have accepted this defeat, that maybe this is what Allah wants, then maybe I'm not meant to see my son, maybe I'm meant to go through all of these problems in life, and I am never meant to see my son's again, maybe it's not meant for me. But we see that he does not give up hope. Our problem is that when we are going through some difficulty, what happens, we give up hope completely, we become your uess, your awesome cafo

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that maybe this is not for me, we accept defeat. And this is something that a lot of dislikes, he wants us to remain hopeful, he wants us to remain positive. Because in this situation, what is being tested? How much do we trust Allah.

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Also, again, we see the connection between the speed and tawakkol, that he makes a plan. And he also relies upon Allah subhanaw taala. He makes the right to Allah. And then he also tells his sons go and search for them. He doesn't say okay, find a stay at home. And from somewhere the other, they will come home. No, he says, Go and search go and find out.

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Go and find, investigate, see where they are.

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And also a very other important lesson that we learned from this is that when things get really bad, when things get really, really tough, when you think that it's unbearable. When you think that you're reaching your maximum limit, you cannot be patient anymore. That's it,

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then you should know that relief is very soon. relief is very, very soon. It's going to be very soon. It's going to come very soon.

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Because if you think about it, when

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the night comes, initially there is darkness and motive all the way up to the Russia, there is darkness, but still there's some light.

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But then in the middle of the night, it becomes extremely dark, extremely dark. And then what happens gradually, the morning comes in. And this is how problems and difficulties are.

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That initially it seems variable. But as the problems they escalate, as they increase. We think this is the end of everything. But in fact, this is the end of the problem. Very soon it's going to be over. We see that Dr. Coburn is and I when he lost you, sir. He was very sad. But when he lost Vinnie I mean as well. He knew that very soon he was going to find his

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look at how hopeful he becomes over here. He's extremely sad. Yes, he's very sad. But he does not give up hope his hope only increases and he says All My Sons go and search for uses, go and find him. He did not send them all these years. But he sends them now. Why? Why does he send them now? Because he knows that now the problems have escalated. And now relief is going to come very soon. But usually what is our behavior, when the problems escalate? We give up.

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If all those years we have been patient, we haven't yelled at someone, we have been forgiving towards them. There comes a point when the problems are increased so much. And what happens, we begin yelling at them, we begin screaming at them. And this is the point where we either preserve and secure our reward, or we wash it away ourselves.

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This is the point.

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Just imagine all of those years that you've been patient, you have struggled, you have endured, you have control yourself. Now comes a point where you can preserve that reward. Or you can do something in which all that reward is washed away. But many times unfortunately we fail. There is only a few people who by the mercy of Allah realize that if the difficulties are escalating, then relief is coming very soon. And because of that they remain positive even in such situations.

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We listen to the recitation

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or less

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Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, you

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Danny being in Germany

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hockey it

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me all day long,

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Thinking about how he still called his children's, you have an idea. And he's still tell them to go and search for them and don't give up hope or mercy. And it's a lesson for parents, like you raise your children, you put efforts on them, and then they hate you and you still giving them turning them back to Allah and you're not being distance from them. I had a case where my daughter called the police on her mother, because her father and her mother were not getting along. So the mother was in our office and she's like, I don't want to see her. I don't want to do anything with her. Take her away from me. If she dies, it's even better for me. And then we learn a lesson how

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Forgiving and Merciful Jakob is.

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That despite the fact that his children has been that even at this point, they're yelling at him, instead of comforting him, instead of crying with him. Instead of giving him a hug. Instead of saying that we're sorry, they began yelling at him.

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But look at his forgiveness. Look at his big heart, that he doesn't tell them to go away. He gives them hope, that go and search for use of and his brothers and don't give up hope of Allah.

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I was just thinking about the transition between when the one brother was telling them to go tell your father this and this and this as excuses. And then the very next verse is they've already told the father and I was thinking about how like in movies and TV shows today, like there's always they have this technique where they'll zoom in on something and then when they zoom out the scenes completely different. So it's kind of like the same technique here where they kind of zoom in on this one brother who's saying, Tell your father this and then when they zoom out now

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The scene is different, they are back at home and father already listened to them.

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So it's like 1400 years before they already, like, already had this tech. Exactly. This is why it's accidental causes the Quran is the best speech and the story is the best of the stories because of the way it has been narrated that it's brief. It's concise. It's very descriptive. There's one scene after the other, the transition is amazing.

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I was just

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yesterday's lesson in today's lesson, I was just wondering how your past comes back to you again and again. And it's a lesson for all of us, especially young girls, that if you think that you can do something wrong. And then after a couple of years, you'll forget it. We see with the case of diseases wife, and then with the case of the brothers, how the past is still haunting them exactly.

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That what you do, it comes back to you, you have to see the consequences in your own life.

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When you cause harm to someone and you think nothing will happen to you remember that something will happen, it will come back to you.

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Sometimes, when they call him

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the brother call him as a Muslim, sometimes people because of their stances, the position they are the compromise because of the family, whatever the rule and the law, they compromise them. Because even you know the father will be suffering because he lost him and he lost himself. But still because of the deposition. Yep. It didn't compromise with their brothers. Yes, very good point. That user is and I was Emerson and the brothers are called Emerson. And they say that please keep us keep one of us instead of Binyamin because his father will be very sad. But what did we learn that oberliga stand up for justice, right, stand up for truth, stand up for justice, even if it's against

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yourself, even if it's against your family. So if the cup was discovered from the bag of Binyamin, and he was to be punished, and although his father was going to suffer, although his brothers were requesting use of medicine and did not change the law, he did not change though.

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I was thinking whole lesson I learned one thing for myself with Coca Cola, and how I was connecting these things that we don't believe in this thing completely. We don't have conviction, though, we say but actually, we are making a mistake, we don't really have it in heart. And we lost the server, and

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how I was just reading this method, all possible things that strategies in the ways we're using due to the situation. When we get failed. We thought okay, we tried and we failed. And then we think that we made the God and still things are not working. So our strategies, and by the same time of putting all the respect when they don't work, we forget that for everything. There is a time, Allah knows that. and in this situation, I was relating how it helps us.

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If we remember when the story began, the brothers wanted the use of an Islam to get their father's face empty film, like this face, they thought was very prominent because of this. Being muslin. They wanted to get him away. And now on the end of the story, they themselves call him we see

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with the time, that was a time, if they realized in time, maybe things didn't get worse, but they learned with time. And then again, the sons coalesce around wanted many things to be learned them as well. And of course for us as well. There is a lesson, but they learned again, with the time now they realize I'm not going to go back. I have already made mistakes in the past, I'm not going to repeat it. So there is a time for me to realize that yes. And for this, what is required is patience on the part of those who are above the rest of the people. Like for example, your Uber hustler, it must have been very frustrating for him to ride on his children understand. But he knew that it

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takes time for people to learn.

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I just want to say that Yahuwah this lamb he cried to the extent that he became blind. And it just goes to show that we're humans that we have emotions and crying and weeping and grieving. These are emotions that are permissible and many times people think that after three days, it's not permissible to even cry. But it's just important that you don't let your emotions get the best of you where you leave your salon and you leave your your frog. Exactly. And remember that hadiza alone will not punish you for crying for feeling sad, but He will punish you for what you say. Right so you have to hold your tongue

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key will end over here. So panicle Levin will be handy to show the world that either her and the stockbroker wanted to be a surgeon or an equal ally.