Taimiyyah Zubair – Fahm Al-Quran – 05A An Nisa 24 31

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of marriage in Islam is highlighted, where men and women become the wife of the man who has the freedom to choose their partner. The speaker emphasizes the need for men to hold onto their partner and not let them go without their consent. The importance of finding the right means to achieve marriage is emphasized, including finding the right spouse and finding the most suitable one. The speaker also discusses the legal consequence of taking someone's property without their consent and avoiding major sins.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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One more sonet domina Nisa, Elana Melaka a monochrome, and also prohibited to you for marriage are all married women, except those that your right hands possess keytab Allah here Aleikum, this is the decree of Allah upon you. In the previous ayah, at the end of the fourth Jews, we learned about those women which are prohibited for marriage. And amongst them are who the women who are related to a man through blood. So for example, mother, daughter, sister, and so on and so forth. And now over here, we learned that all married women, that if a woman is already married, than another man cannot marry her. This is something that is not permissible. And if marriage is not permissible with her,

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then that means that sexual relations are also not at all permissible with a woman who is married. That doesn't mean that with a single woman that is permissible, no, Xena is how long, but especially in the case where a woman is married, then this is something that is worse. Which is why for a married person, the punishment for Xena is much more severe. So also prohibited to you for marriage are all married women, except those that your right hands possess, meaning those women that follow us captive women, because captivity is something that announced the nikka. And over here, this is an exceptional situation that need not be explained at this time. This is the decree of Allah upon you.

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Meaning This is something that Allah has decided for you so accepted and lawful for you all, meaning unlawful to you are all other women beyond these, provided that you seek them in marriage with gifts from your property, desiring chastity, not unlawful sexual *, meaning establish relations with nikka, not outside of nikka. So for whatever you enjoy of marriage from them, meaning whenever a man marries a woman, then what does he have to do? He must give them their due compensation as an obligation, meaning he must give them why is it that the man has to give the model to the woman at the time of marriage and not the other way around? Because we see that the man has been given the

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responsibility over the family, he has been made the command and he has been given the financial burden also. And so he has to take responsibility of the woman and that begins from the moment of nikka onwards that at the time

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Have nikka he's asked to spend on her, then what does it mean that after the nikka he does not have to spend on her, no he does have to spend on her he has to take care of her needs. And there is no blame upon you for what you mutually agree to do beyond the obligation Indeed Allah is Ever knowing and wise. We see that a loss of prana with Allah has placed in men in human beings, many desires, which are on one hand a source of pleasure for a person, but at the same time, they're also a big test, food drink, these are all natural desires. And just as for food and drink, Allah soprano tada has given a certain limit certain guidelines that this is the correct way of fulfilling your desire

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when it comes to eating and drinking. Likewise, when it comes to sexual desire, which is also a natural desire, which Allah has created in people, we see that there are certain guidelines that Allah azza wa jal has given to human beings that they must observe when fulfilling these natural desires. A person cannot say that Allah has placed the sexual desire in me so I can fulfill it. However, I please know, just as when it comes to food and drink, we eat what Allah has made permissible. We drink what Allah has made permissible. Likewise when it comes to sexual desire also, it may only be fulfilled in the way that Allah has legislated a person must remain within the limits

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that Allah subhanaw taala has set. Now first and foremost, we see that between a man and a woman, the only permissible way of fulfilling desire, fulfilling sexual desire is through the bond of Nika.

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Because we see over here more sonet meaning when you marry women, then phunki who then marry the women and who will be unwelcome more Sweeney, Layla Mousavi hain. What it means by mursaleen is that you must fortify yourself in the bond of marriage, that a person must not go on fulfilling his sexual desire with whomsoever whatsoever he pleases. Or she pleases. No, this must be done in the bond of Nika. And what is Nika? Nika is the official, official social contract in which two people, man and woman are made halaal for each other. And this official contract is made how, by making a law, a witness by making people a witness, that these two people, man and woman, these two are

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coming together in the bond of marriage, they make a law witness, and the people also are witness to that contract. And why is this done? Why is it that this contract has to be publicized, because hidden liquor is something that should not be done? nica is something that should be publicized. Why? Because this is an announcement. This is a declaration that the two are now going to live as husband and wife, fulfilling their obligations, fulfilling their duties to one another, so that both can live in harmony, and so a Muslim family may come about and when people are at peace at home, only then can there be peace and harmony in society. So we see that this relationship has been made

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sacred through the bond of marriage. Why, in order to preserve the sanctity of the Muslim society in general. So we see on the one hand nicca, allows fulfillment of desire. And on the other hand, it also brings sanctity to the familial bonds.

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Well, let me start there, men come talan and whoever among you cannot find the means to marry free believing women. Because we see that in the previous ayah men have been ordered to give the mouse to women at the time of marriage. We learned earlier that if a man marries a woman, and he sets a Maha, but he intends never to give it to her, then he will appear before a lot as a Zani as a fornicator. So we see that what makes marriage nicca different from Xena is the fact that the man is taking responsibility. How is he taking responsibility of the woman of the children? How by spending on her? Now why is it that the man has been obliged to spend because if you think about her when it

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comes to sexual desire, generally, it is the man who has more of this desire compared to women. So the man is obligated to spend on the woman while taking responsibility of her so that he will take this relationship seriously. Because when it comes to this relationship, a man has nothing to lose. In fact, he only gains pleasure. A woman, on the other hand, is putting herself in a very vulnerable situation. She could become pregnant, she's losing her virginity. So in that case, the man has to take responsibility of her and how is he going to take responsibility of her by spending on her and also by making a lot of witness by making people a witness by entering into the bond of marriage. So

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whoever among you cannot find the means to marry free believing women. If I'm

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Man cannot afford to give them a hug, then what should he do, then he may marry from those whom your right hands possess of believing slave women, meaning if he cannot afford a free woman, in what sense that he cannot bring a good enough Maha for her, he doesn't have the means to give her a decent amount of mouth at the time of marriage, then what can he do, he can marry a slave woman, how that he will give her mother. But of course, her mother will be much less compared to the mother of a free woman, given the the difference in the social status. But the condition is that the slave woman must be a believing woman. And Allah is most knowing about your faith, you believers are off

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one another. So don't feel bad about marrying a slave. Because what makes both of you equal is your faith, despite the huge difference in the social status, so marry them with the permission of their people, meaning marry the slave woman how, with the permission of her master, and give them their due compensation according to what is acceptable, meaning even if a slave woman, if a free man is marrying her, then it is not allowed for him to not give her any more her. No, he has to give her some model, even if it'd be something very small, but he has to give her something. Why because he has to take this marriage seriously. They should be chaste. Neither of those who commit unlawful

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* randomly nor those who take secret lovers. But once they are sheltered in marriage, if they should commit adultery, then for them is half the punishment for the three women meeting a slave woman after marriage. If she does end up committing Zina then her punishment is less. Why because her background is different. Her social status is different. This allowances for him which allowance allowance to marry a slave woman. This allowances for which men The One Who among you, fears sin, what sin the sin of Xena, meaning he's afraid that if he does not get married, then he will commit Zina he will commit how long so an option is given to him that you may marry a slave

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What we learned from this is that a person must not rush into marriage. Marriage is something that is a part of our religion. Definitely a part of our religion, intellect to know Allah says that will alcohol I am income, that the single people amongst you get them married. However, what we see here is that a person must not rush into marriage, he must find first of all the means to afford marriage. And by affording marriage, it's not meant that a person must be able to throw a huge wedding party and afford a very expensive dress and spend extravagantly. No, he must have the means to provide the mahad for the wife First of all, and secondly, take the financial responsibility of

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looking after her for the rest of his life and taking care of a family also after this point onwards. So if a person does not find these means, then what should he do? Allah says what unjust middle highroller come if you are patient that is better for you. Meaning, an option is given here that a person may marry a slave woman, however, for free man to marry a slave woman, given the huge difference in their social status, and also given the huge difference in their backgrounds. And also given the compatibility issues that both will not be very much compatible, even though both will be believers, but because their backgrounds are different. Both will find it difficult to live with

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each other in peace in harmony. This is why Allah says we're unjust middle, hierarchical. So this teaches us that marriage is not just about fulfillment of desire. What matters is the compatibility between man and woman. Both must be compatible. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful, meaning he knows your struggles. So while you are waiting for the right spouse, it doesn't mean you wait for Prince Charming. It doesn't mean you wait for hudl nine. No, it means that until you find the most suitable option, and you're waiting for that time and you are looking, you are trying to afford the means to get married. Then during that time, remember that Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. He

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understands your struggles, he knows your struggles, because many times it happens that for men and for women, when they cannot find a suitable spouse, it becomes difficult for them. It doesn't mean that a person must go into harem, but constantly they're fighting a battle and inner battle against their own desires or against negative thinking or against feeling hopeless or feeling that there is no hope for their marriage. So when a person is constantly struggling against themselves with respect to marriage, then remember that Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. Now this ayah

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What does it teach us? That first of all, when a person wishes to fulfill their sexual desire, they must do so with the responsibility. And what is that by entering the bond of marriage. This is both for men, as well as for women. And when it comes to getting married, we see that the first and foremost priority should be the man of the other person, the faith of the other person, meaning the social status that even may be compromised, that a man is told go marry a slave woman, but a man must not be compromised. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that a woman is married for four things, her wealth, her family status, her beauty and her religion. So you should marry the

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religious woman, otherwise you will be a loser. And this goes for women, as well as for men, meaning a woman also when she's looking for a suitable spouse for a husband, then what is it that she must give priority to? To the dean? Why? Because if the to wish to live happily, then been must be a priority for both of them. If a woman is religious, but the husband doesn't believe in Allah, then what will happen? He doesn't pray at all. Then how can a woman live in this marriage? How can you find peace in this marriage? How can she find love in this marriage? When the person whom she's with does not love, the one whom she loves? He does not love Allah. He doesn't believe in Allah. He

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rejects Allah, how can there be peace in this union. So this is why a man for a believer is of utmost importance when it comes to marriage. Then we also see over here in this ayah, that it is not permissible for men and women to be lovers without nikka. Because over here, we see that more sonet that they should be more sun as women through the bond of marriage, they should be more sun out Layla Sophie had one hour talking about the

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meaning sexual relationships should not be established outside of the bond of marriage. There is no concept of a man and woman merely being lovers of one another. No. The only permissible way is through nica. And the best thing that can happen between two people who love each other is in fact nikka it is makara it is marriage. And we see that in order to avoid Zina, in order to avoid the possibility of a man and woman falling in love with each other. And then committing Zina committing Haram, we see that anything that leads to Xena has also been forbidden. So for instance, we learn even a lot of the lower end who narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that

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behold, a man is not alone with a woman. But the third of them is shavon. When a man and woman, unrelated man and woman, when they're going to be alone, who's going to be the third of them? shaytaan it is going to be shaped on. So we must take this matter very seriously. And watch ourselves that never at any point in time, should we be sitting with a non Muslim man at a table all by ourselves, so that we're having a private conversation that a third cannot listen. No, this is something that is not correct. Neither should we be sitting in privacy, conversing in privacy, going somewhere with a non Maha man in a car at a restaurant. This is something that does not benefit a

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Muslim man, nor does it benefit a Muslim woman. And this is part of protecting ourselves guarding ourselves. Because no matter how much a person says, No, no, I'm not thinking like this, about that man he's married or no, I am married, doesn't matter whether you are married or he is married. shavon is the third when the two of you are alone. Therefore, a Muslim person must take this matter very seriously. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said that he who believes in Allah and the Last Day must never be alone with a woman such that between him and her is no Muslim, no matter meaning there is no third person. Rather, the two of them are alone, two non Muslim, meaning a woman

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and men who are not related there alone. This is something that does not refer to a person who believes in Allah and the Last Day, that in a hadith We also learned that it is forbidden for a man to speak to unrelated women in their houses without the approval of their husbands. Meaning This is something that's not permissible that a man does goes into the house of his friend, he's not there. And he goes and chats with his wife for long hours or goes and has tea and coffee and dinner with her while the husband is away while the children are gone. No, this is something that is not allowed for Muslim men, nor is it permissible for Muslim women. Now remember, this is something that's

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hardly ever one sided. A man can only converse with a woman like this if she allows. A man can only be alone with a woman if she allows. So while men have been ordered to keep away from this

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We must also protect ourselves and not help the other in committing sin.

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And we see that when two people do get married, when two people do get married, and they do give preference to Amen, when it comes to this bond of marriage, then listen to this Hadees or the Lebanon ignor, as reported at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the world is but a quick passing enjoyment, meaning every enjoyment in this life will pass very quickly. There is nothing that comes and you begin to enjoy that it stays, no, you enjoy it, and very soon, it goes away. And this is true with every blessing in this world. And the best enjoyment of this world is a bias and virtuous woman.

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bias and virtuous woman bias and virtuous spouse companion. Why, because when to have a man in Allah, and the two have come together in faith, coming together in the bond of marriage than both will be a source of comfort for one another, a source of strengthening one another helping each other in the way of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. So we see over here, that marriage is something that has been given a lot of importance marriage is something that is encouraged in the right way. much sooner than later, almost, if you hadn't won, I would totally do it than not taking secret lovers, but rather taking the other person as a spouse through the sacred bond of marriage. In our heads, we

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learned that when a man to be struck with an iron hammer on his head, a person, if he would be struck with an iron hammer on his head, then that would be better than touching a woman who is not permissible to him. Because sometimes in this love in the so called Love, what happens, many limits are crossed, initially to sit at a table, and then they hold hands. And then this leads from one step to the other, ending up in how long the profits are. The law is that upset that we're a person to be struck with an iron hammer on his head,

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iron hammer, have you seen it, how having it as if a person is struck with that that would be better than touching the hand of a non Muslim. Of course, the exceptional situations in a state of emergency. Or, for example, in the case of a health physician, I mean, this is a different situation. But generally, when there's no reason, then it is something that is forbidden. You read the law, who lubaina law come along wants to make clear to you the lawful from the unlawful and guide you to the good practices of those before you and to accept your repentance. And Allah is Knowing and wise, and Allah wants to accept your repentance, but those who follow their passions

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want you to digress into a great deviation. They say there is no need for marriage, you read the law and you have a foreign comb, and Allah wants to lighten for you your difficulties. This is why he has told you to get married and mankind was created weak. So no one can say that, oh, I don't need to get married or you have believed do not consume one another's wealth unjustly. The other person's property what belongs to another person must only be taken how by their approval by their consent. And if a person takes it unjustly, then this is something that is forbidden. How is it that a person could take another person's property unjustly through theft, by stealing it river, demanding that

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interest be paid or by force, taking somebody else's thing by force snatching it away from them, remember that the property of another is held on upon us it is forbidden upon us and we cannot take something that does not belong to us. Even if it be very, very small. We can only take it when the owner is okay with us taking it they allow us they approve of it Illa and takuna t Jonathan until all the men come, but only in lawful business by mutual consent, meaning of the other allows you to take something off his then it is permissible for you to take otherwise it is not. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever takes a morsel of food, a morsel of food belonging to

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another believer without his consent, then Allah will feed him it's equivalent from hellfire. And whoever wears the claws of a Muslim without his consent, then Allah will clothed him with its equivalent in hellfire. And this is something that we should all be very, very careful about. How often is it that Adam Masjid shoes are stolen? jackets are stolen? How often is it that people sweaters are taken away, or their food or their bag or whatever they had, all of a sudden it's disappeared. So many times this has happened that

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People have complained that our shoes we cannot find them brand new shoes, we cannot find them. And this is not just once or twice, it has happened repeatedly over and over again. And this is something that unfortunately is common throughout the Muslim world. We have lost respect for other people's property.

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And we think that it is okay for us to do it. The profits of the laws that I'm saying even if it's a morsel of food, imagine a morsel of food one bite of food. If it is taken without the approval of the other person, then Allah will give its equivalent from the hellfire. And if a person wears another person's clothes, imagine a jacket or a hijab and abaya slippers, whatever it may be, belongs to the other person, but we take it without their consent, then this is something that will lead to punishment in the hellfire. Because the prophets of Allah says that Allah will clothe him with its equivalent from the hellfire. So this is something serious. And we must remind our children

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share this hadith with them, warn them, because many times, children also they don't realize the seriousness of this matter. And just because they see something that looks good to them, they pick it up, Ramadan is coming, our going to the mustard will become more frequent. So let's prepare ourselves and our children mentally that we cannot touch even one date that doesn't belong to us. We cannot take it it is how long for us? If it is for everybody, then go ahead. Bismillah. But if it's not meant for everybody, it belongs to a particular individual than let's not touch it. Because if we're touching it, if we're taking it, then in fact, we're taking a piece of Hellfire and do not

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kill yourselves. Do not kill yourselves do not commit suicide or do not kill one another. Because ourselves also means your own Muslim brothers and sisters. Why? Because Muslims are like one body so do not kill each other or do not literally kill yourself. Because suicide is something that is haram. Indeed, Allah is Do you ever Merciful, so accept His commands, He created you, he loves you. He's merciful towards you. So whatever he's decreed for you, that is best for you. Because sometimes what happens a person gets fed up with the difficulties with the trials that he's going through, and he wants to kill himself. He wants to bring an end to his life. But what does Allah say, led us to

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do and full circle, do not kill yourselves. We think that if we are going to take our life away, we are being merciful to ourselves, who is in fact merciful to us. Allah is merciful to us, because now you can live alone, Epson Illa was our heart, if he's making us go through some pain through some trial through some difficulty, it is for the purpose of cleaning and purifying us so that we get more rewards in the Hereafter, so that we turn to Allah, we think about him and we find him and we begin to worship Him. There is a reason behind trials. But what happens, a person thinks that trials, tests pain, difficulty, that he has to get out of them, and he hastens and he kills himself.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that a person belonging to the people of the past suffered from a boil, meaning like a boil on his skin, all right, and when it pained him, when it bothered him a lot, the pain became unbearable, he drew out an error from the quiver and pierced it and when he pierced it, the bleeding did not stop until he died.

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He did not intend to kill himself, or perhaps he did Allahu Arnhem. But he did something he should not have done. He hurt his own body, he pierced his own body with an arrow because of which he bled so much that he died. Your Lord said, I forbid his entrance into paradise. I forbid his entrance into paradise. Imagine our whole life of work is gone waste. Why? Because a person was hasty. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, whoever killed himself with an instrument of iron, he will come on the Day of Judgment with his iron in his hand, to continually stab himself in his stomach with it in the fire of jahannam, dwelling in that state eternally, and whoever kills himself with poison, that

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his poison will be in his hand, to continually take it in the fire of jahannam, dwelling in that state eternally. So it is extreme foolishness to kill oneself, because life is only a one time blessing. Once we leave, we're not coming back to this world, there is no return to this world after departure. And this life must be valued. And it is only Allah who gives life and who gives death. We are no one's to give ourselves to death to cause ourselves to die. We are no one's to kill ourselves, we don't have that permission. And whoever does that in aggression and injustice, then we will drive him into a fire and that for Allah is always easy. If you avoid the major things which

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you are forbidden, we will remove from you your lesser sins and admit you to a noble entrance into paradise. So we see that it is necessary that we avoid major sins Why?

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So that Allah will forgive us our minor sins, minor sins do they happen very easily and very frequently, but major sins, they're more noticeable. And so we have been given a very important guideline over here that avoid major sins so that your minor sins will also be forgiven. Now the question is, what are the major sins there are many among them. Among them the worst of all major sins, the most serious of all major sins is shipped, associating partners with Allah, then magic. Patil, killing a person, an innocent person, disobeying one's parents consuming interest, also desecrating the sanctity of the Kaaba. Likewise, with holding extra water. If a person has extra

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water, he's on a journey, somebody is thirsty, they asked him for some water, and he doesn't give it withholding extra water. This is also a major sin. We think perhaps those people who traveled in the desert, this applies to them know how about at home, when you have a glass of water or a jug of water upstairs in your room, and you want to finish it. Or you are afraid that if somebody else will come and drink it, then it will get finished. And so you don't let them have it. You don't give them the permission to drink it. This is also withholding extra water. And this can happen even in our house with our own children with our own husband. And this is something that we need to be very

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careful about drinking alcohol. This is also a major sin, learning and practicing magic and falsely accusing someone who is innocent. These are all examples of major sins and they must be avoided so that Allah will forgive us our minor things

Juz’ 5: An-Nisa’ 24-147
An-Nisa’ 24-31

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