Taimiyyah Zubair – Taqwa in Ramadan

Taimiyyah Zubair
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the month of Ramadan. If you think about it, the last panel tada could have legislated fasting in any one of the 12 months of the year. But alas panatela legislated fasting in the month of Ramadan, meaning out of all the years it is the month of Ramadan that Allah subhanaw taala chose for fasting and the month of Ramadan is in fact the same month that Allah subhanaw taala chose for the revelation of the Quran. And this is the same month in which we are commanded to fast and if you look at the verses of the Quran, we see that fasting is something that develops the Aqua the consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala, that mindfulness that that awareness that my lord is watching

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me, so I better be careful, I better not do what he is not pleased with and i and i was should want to do what pleases My Lord xojo. So fasting illest pensado tells us in the Quran that it has been prescribed upon you, why La La Quinta takuna in order that you may develop taqwa. And then we see that when it comes to the Quran, about the Quran, Allah tala tala says that it is who then the Luther King it is a guide for those people who have Taqwa. So we see that fasting develops dakhla and follow on guides people who have Taqwa. So it is as though fasting prepares you to be able to benefit from the Quran. Because fasting is something that not only, you know, purifies us gets rid

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of our sins, but it is also something that spiritually strengthens us. That gives us the ability to control ourselves, that gives us the strength to push harder to go further. And it really makes us aware of our strengths that we typically underestimate, or we typically don't realize. So fasting develops the core and when we have the quote, we are able to truly benefit from the Quran.

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And I want to remind you all of the verse in the Quran, in which our last panel Darla mentions, fasting which is inserted above Allah, and in this ayah Allah, Allah says that shouto Ramadan and ledi on Zilla vehicle on that the month of Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was revealed. And the Quran is who deadliness it is a guidance for all people, what by unity mean alhuda and it contains evidences or clear proofs of guidance and one photon it is also a criterion and this is why Allah says femen Shane I mean commercia often your song so whoever is present whoever witnesses the month of Ramadan, then he should fast it. So, we see that before the command of fasting is given, we

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are told about how the month of Ramadan is special that why fast in the month of Ramadan And out of all the you know distinct qualities of the month of Ramadan aliss pounds it mentions the fact that the month of Ramadan is the one in which the Quran was revealed. So basically we see that what makes the month of Ramadan special the father of Ramadan above the rest of the months is the fact that the Quran was revealed in this month. And what is the Quran the Quran is guidance for people it gives direction it gives instruction, but it doesn't just give instruction, it also has clear proofs of guidance, meaning it gives solid knowledge solid evidences because of which a person's you know

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heart and mind are also at peace, you know your your your curiosity is satisfied. And then thirdly, the Quran is also a criterion meaning something that develops that ability within you to to be able to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. And then after mentioning what the month of Ramadan is what its specialty is, then Allah, Allah tells us that whoever witnesses this month then they should fast in this month. Now, one thing interesting about the month of Milan is that it is actually mentioned in the Quran.

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Meaning the word Ramadan is mentioned in the Quran. And it's a very interesting word. You see the word remote.

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It actually means when, when the ground becomes extremely hot, because of the sun, you may have experienced villas pannacotta allow us all to go back to his house and worship him over there. But you may have experienced if you've ever been at the Kaaba in the summer, in midday literally, that the ground is so hot that you find it difficult to walk bare feet, right or even with your socks on. So this is not when the ground becomes extremely hot. And

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why is Ramadan called Ramadan there's different reasons but it is said that the effect of Ramadan is that it burns since it destroys since and that is excellent that through fasting we are purified. But with that purification, there should also be development there should also be growth. And that growth actually comes with the Quran. Meaning when you feed your soul, the the nourishment of the Quran, you see in the Quran.

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In the words of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, as well as in the Quran, we see different descriptions of the Quran and one of the descriptions of the Quran is actually ruled that it is a spirit and why is it called rule because the Quran is nourishment for the soul, it is nourishment for the roof. Allah subhanaw taala has sent down rain from the sky because of which there is produce there is growth there is you know food there is business trade economy. And Alice Pandora has also sent down revelation from above in order to feed our souls. So, the month of Ramadan is an excellent opportunity to not just you know purify ourselves inshallah, but also to develop ourselves to

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improve ourselves to to discover our strengths, to reconnect with Allah subhanaw taala. And it's that is possible when we connect with the Quran. When we strengthen our bond with the book of Allah soprano, Tada. And there are so many different ways of reconnecting with the Quran, we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would actually review the entire Quran in the month of Ramadan, and he would actually do it with the intelligibility. We learned in Hadees, that gibreel used to meet the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, every single night of Ramadan, until the end of the month, and the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam used to recite the Quran to debrief, meaning he

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would review it with him. And then we see that this was the way of the companions. This was also the way of the righteous predecessors. We learn about email zippity Rahim Allah, that whenever the month of Ramadan would enter, he would say in the Mahabharata to call an army, that now this is the time for the recitation of the Quran, and for feeding people. Meaning Now is the time to reconnect with the Quran, and to recite as much of the Quran as we can. And we see this in, in the example of many righteous scholars of the past. Of course, the best example is that of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So really, this is the title, you know, the different foods that we're going to eat into

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who's in Africa. But this is also a time when we think about how it is that we want to reconnect with the Quran, and how it is that we want to benefit from the book of Allah. So some of the things that inshallah we can all do. And I want to spend the next few minutes talking about those things, is first of all, the recitation of the Quran, reconnect with the book of Allah by reciting it. I know that you know, the rest of the year, it does get hard, we get busy. You know, we do have that intention to recite more Quran, but it's any, of course, there's the whispers of chez Pon and there are no real distractions and what happens is that we keep delaying right? And we keep saying that

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inshallah tomorrow recite or I will increase my recitation hopefully soon. But the month of Ramadan, in sha Allah set a goal that not a day should pass, except that you recite something from the Quran. Allah, Allah tells us that in alladhina, Luna Kitab, Allah that indeed the people who recite the book of Allah, welcome Sadat, and they established the

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Prayer, what unfuckable Mima was upon our home, and they spend out of what We have given them, Ceylon wirelend, eaten privately and publicly than such people who do these three things. They recite the book of Allah, they establish the prayer and they spend, then such people yo Juna t Jonathan none taboo, they are expecting a profit, a game that will never ever perish, meaning they are investing in something in which there is no loss, there's only benefit that they're going to get what shows that the recitation of the Quran is such that know that how much ever you recite, you only benefit, you only benefit. So sometimes we have these grand visions that you know what I'm

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going to recite the entire quote on like 10 times 30 times, every single day, I'm going to recite, you know, five Jews, three Jews, and then when we're not able to do that we completely give up. And this is not the time to give up. Even if you were able to recite one page of the Quran, it is worth it. And I know that for many sisters, you know, given that your family is now going to be home, in the month of Ramadan, your kids are home, and now you're responsible to you know, take care of their schooling as well. And there's, you know, all of a sudden, such a different reality that we are in, don't get discouraged if you get to recite only a little bit of the Quran. But recite something

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every single day, recite something, don't let a day go by, without you having recited something of the Quran. And even if your dream is not perfect, and even if your recitation is slow, it doesn't matter start from somewhere, because whatever you recite of the Quran, then this is any a pajara a prophet a benefit that that will never perish, you need this is a win win, you're only going to gain benefit by reciting the Quran in sha Allah.

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And then we see that of course, there is reward for reciting every single letter of the Quran. But there's your specifically reward for reciting the Quran, while fasting while in the state of fasting. So we learn, for example, in our hobbies, that the Quran will come on the Day of Judgment, okay. And it will come in the form of a person. And it will say that I am the one that kept you awake at night, and I am the one that made you thirsty during the day. Meaning in order to recite me, you stayed up at night, you did not sleep. And in order to recite me, yes, you became thirsty. And you see these days, if you're reciting the Quran, while you're not fasting, you got thirsty, you

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take a sip of water too, and then you keep going, right? But while you're fasting, it really happens that your mouth becomes dry, your throat becomes drying and you feel that fatigue. But when you when you keep reciting as much as you can, then this is something that will bring you you need the intercession of the Quran in sha Allah on the day of judgment as well.

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Sometimes what happens is that we want to recite the Quran in private meaning we don't want anybody to hear our recitation, right. And other times. And what happens is that especially now, any if your home and your family's home, anytime that you start the recitation there are going to be people who are also going to listen to you, right? So remember that the recitation of the Quran can be done in private and it can also be done in public, meaning it is perfectly fine. Whether you recite the poem on in a way that you are, you know, reciting on your own, or you recite in a way that other people can hear it. It's It's fine. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the person who

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recites the Quran in a loud voice is like someone who gives charity openly and the one who recites the Quran quietly, or or see or privately is like the one who gives a charity privately, meaning both are good.

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And then we see that because of the recitation of the Quran,

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he a person.

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They don't just benefit in terms of, you know, getting reward in the hereafter. We see that the recitation of the Quran is also a source of blessing in the house of earning over the long run, who he used to say that because of the recitation of the Quran, a house becomes vast for its inhabitants. And these days, perhaps, you know, we're all feeling a little constricted. Right? That

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You know, perhaps people are, you know, they're just itching to go out somewhere. A Buddha used to say that because of the recitation of the Quran, a house becomes vast for its people.

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And that doesn't mean that the square footage of your home of your house of your property is going to increase, it's going to multiply somehow know the size is going to be the same. But you're going to feel at ease in your own house, you're going to feel comfortable in your own house, you're going to feel that sukoon you know, that comfort that you know what, I'm happy here. And that comfort of the heart is one of the greatest blessings that a person can have.

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And he said that because of the recitation of the Quran, the angels are present in the house, and the shell clean, leave that house and the blessing in the house increases wackadoodle Hiroo, its goodness increases. And all of this is when the Quran is recited in the house. And he was to say that wonderful art is not recited in a house, that it becomes constricted for its inhabitants, they don't feel at ease, they just want to run out, they just want to get out. They don't feel comfortable. And the angels leave it and the shower clean are present in it. And it's goodness is decreased. So take advantage of the month of Ramadan, but are humbled Allah, you know, you're

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getting to spend time at home. And don't just spend time, you know, in your bed or you know, just lazing around, make sure that you spend some time reciting the Quran and encourage your family to do so as well. Especially as women, you know, encourage your children, encourage your spouse, encourage your you know, whoever is at home with you encourage them to recite, you know, a little or a lot, whatever that they're able to.

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And then we see that when a person recites the Quran, then because of that recitation person will be protected from the punishment of the grave also. soprano Allah, we learned that when a person will be placed in their grave, and the punishment approaches them from the side of their head. The recitation of the Quran repels that punishment, it comes in between it repels that punishment that you cannot get past me. And when the person is approached from his sides, his sadaqa his charity repels it. And when he is approached from the side of his feet, than his walking to the mustard repels It will also primarily give us adelphia, to walk to our massages again. So, when a person

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recites the call on them, that recitation will also be a source of protection for them in the grave. And then of course, the Quran will be a source of honor and intercession for a person on the Day of Judgment. So the first thing that we can do in sha Allah to reconnect with the Quran is to recite in as much as we can, every single day, a little or a lot, whether we get the privilege, you know, what, whether we get the

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you know, the luxury to recite in private, or we must recite it in front of other people and we feel awkward, it doesn't matter as long as we get to recite it Alhamdulillah The second thing that we can do is to recite the Quran in piano late in the night prayer and this is something that you know, that a lot of people I know are are feeling about the about this Ramadan

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majority of the people Mashallah you know, they go to the masjid and they get to listen to the recitation of the Quran. And soprano many people get to play their piano in such a way that they, you know, they complete the entire put on in that and this year, they're concerned that it's not going to happen if there's no title we're in the masjid.

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there's a there's a beautiful Hadith in Sahih Bukhari in which we learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was praying in the night in the month of Ramadan, he was praying in the separate

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room sorry if that was made outside with with small walls. So when he when he would stand in there, people could actually see him. So he was praying in there and some people notice that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was praying, so they started praying behind him. And then the news spread and the more people came the following night, more people came the following night. And then one night, when the people came, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam did not come out, meaning he did not come in that room in order to pray over there. Other people got a little impatient, they started speaking loudly. They started doing different things to get his attention. And then the

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Prophet salallahu alaihe salam came out Finally, and he was a little upset.

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Set. And he said the only reason why I delayed meaning I did not want to lead you is so that the night prayer does not become obligatory on you. So he said that perform. The best place for a person to perform voluntary prayers is at home, not the masjid, the default prayer. Of course, for men, the best place to perform false prayer for them is in the masjid. The obligatory prayer must be performed in the masjid by men. But when it comes to voluntary prayer, then the best place to perform voluntary prayer is actually in the masjid. So it is actually in the home. So Alhamdulillah if we're getting the opportunity to pray pmla in the month of Ramadan at home, then this is also a

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blessing, it is not something which is less righteous. This is also something that has its significance in our religion, so don't feel bad about it. Now, what we can do is, of course, you know, perhaps, discuss, you know, talk with sisters who have been praying at home for the past many, many years because they, they don't have that luxury to go to the masjid or whether it is because of little children or it is because of their you know, family situation, or, or whatever it may be, but discuss with them and ask them as to how they have developed different routines for themselves in order to pray in the night regularly.

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But when it comes to piano lay, then remember that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever establishes prayers during the nights of Ramadan with a man and sincere faith, hoping to attain a lesser rewards than all of their past sins will be forgiven.

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All of their past sins will be forgiven. So this means that again, no Night of the month of Ramadan should pass except that we pray some family and what is pm will lay is worship in the night. Which means that anytime after a shot and before you're so who if you get to pray even to an account, right? And you recite some Quran in it insha Allah that will be excellent. inshallah, that will be excellent. Of course, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his way was that he would,

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he would pray in the night,

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the same pm that he would do in the rest of the year, and that was a talker out with with the witness. So if you can also perform each record, inshallah That's excellent.

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And when it comes to the prayer in the night, of course, one of the highlights of that is the recitation of the Quran And yes, there are different opinions with regards to how you can recite the Quran in the night prayer. But any whatever called on you have memorized, even if it's just the last three rows of the Quran, called our the brokenness of global health could have been, could have been us, if these are the only students that you know, and you can recite them on repeat, like maybe three times each, in every locker, and Hamdulillah, you recited Quran in Korea. Excellent. So you have that, you know, that virtue that benefit. And,

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of course, it is also permissible to recite from the most huff so you can open up the most have and then recite like that. And if there is somebody in your home who has memorized the Quran, then inshallah, if you pray and jamara that would be even better. There's a beautiful Hadees because I know as a mother, I can understand that some nights can be very, very hard.

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You know, especially when you've been fasting all day, and then you've had to prepare if thought and then you feed your family and then after that you wrap up and

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by the time that you're done with the kitchen, sometimes you're exhausted right your back is hurting your your of course your brain is tired, you know you're physically exhausted, and praying those nights can be especially hard. But listen to this hadith. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah subhanaw taala smiles yaku and he laughs He is delighted

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at two people.

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And one of them is He who rises from his bed and his blankets and his covers meaning his comfortable bed, he leaves it on a cold night, he performs will do and performs the prayer, meaning he performs pmla so Allah azza wa jal says to His angels, what has caused the servant of mine to do what he has done? Any Why? Why is the servant of mine leaving this comfort?

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leaving their bed leaving their sleep.

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And why are they worshiping me? So the angels say Our Lord, out of hope of what is with you, and out of fear of what is with you. So Allah subhanaw taala says, So indeed, I have given him what he hopes for. And I have protected him from what he fears. So my dear sisters, especially my dear sisters, the nights that you're tired, and you don't feel like you don't, you don't feel like you can do it. Even if you can pray to God do it. And with that hope that Alyssa Powell tada will smile at you that unless the panel thread will be pleased with you,

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to give us the strength to worship Him in an excellent way in this month of Ramadan with this Ramadan be a source of purification and growth for us. The last thing I want to mention very quickly, inshallah is about another way of connecting with the Quran. And that is through reflection. Remember that?

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us that this is a book that we have revealed. Why Lia double it so that people reflect on its versus Wailea to deca alibag. And so that the people of intellect

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take lesson from the Quran. And this is the reason why Allah subhanaw taala reveal the Quran that people should reflect on it. People should take lesson from it and has an adversity. He said that the Quran was revealed so that people reflect on it. However, people have taken its recitation as sufficient as its armor, they think that they have done enough by just reciting the Quran

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which is what I want to talk about that 100 Allah where we will spend time reciting the Quran during the day and reciting the Quran during the night. It is also very important for us to understand what the Quran says to reflect on the verses of the Quran. And any This is not something that is very difficult to do. Because the last time goddesses were Laconia sonoko analytic we have made the Quran easy for remembrance easy for the purpose of taking lesson.

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illustrations, it says FLIR to the barnacle anwil did not reflect on the Quran Amala khudobin Uk value How is it that their hearts are locked up? Any Why will people not reflect on the Quran meaning they must they must reflect on the Quran and inshallah I want to end with this because I believe my time is up inshallah, in this month of Ramadan because I am home and I believe that a lot of you are also going to be home inshallah, I want to take this opportunity to share this with you that in the month of Ramadan every single day inshallah I will be doing a brief overview of every Jews of the Quran, where we will go through the translation of the entire Quran basically, and and

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focus on certain verses and reflect on them. So and inshallah it will be just two hours a day, every day so that within the month of Ramadan inshallah we are able to complete the entire Quran so that we are also amongst those people who are able to reflect on the Quran, because because it is only through reflection that we can take lesson and it is only when we can take lesson and we can remember what the Quran says that we can actually implement and follow it. So that inshallah we are able to give the rights of the Quran the right of its recitation, the right of its memorization, the right of action and the rate of contemplation. So inshallah with that I will end you can check

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inshallah, on my social media to see when exactly this program will be beginning the timings in sha Allah. All of that you can see on my social media, inshallah, I'll be sharing the details very soon botica lo fi calm Giacomo fate and again to the being the team for arranging this program for hosting such great speakers

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milas permintaan reward you immensely for every single moment that she put in to put this all together botica low frequency panicle lahoma behind the Chateau de la ilaha illa Anta a stone Furukawa to buoy Lake a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah hillburn cattle,

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excuse me as a beer for the wonderful message that you delivered and I think

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