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Yusuf 36-57 Word Analysis and Tafsir 54-57

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Well, Colin Maluku, and the king said, Oh, Tony, bring him to me. The king said, Bring use of an Instagram to me, when he learned about the innocence of use of Edison, when he learned about the quality of his character, his intelligence, he said, Just bring him to me. And when you bring him to me, a star lifts Julio FC, I will appoint him exclusively for myself. Earlier, the king said, Just bring him to me. But now in use of Arsenal was declared as someone innocent. Look at how his status was exalted in the eyes of the king, that now he says, that bring him and I will appoint him exclusively for myself.

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As to his home from the roof address hot lamps are hulu's class, what does that mean?

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To be pure, to be unmixed, to be unadulterated

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and is stiff last is to select to choose someone.

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And remember, there are many words that are used for choosing. But it's the last is to select someone and appoint them exclusively for a particular work for a particular position for a particular rank, freeing them from all other obligations.

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So as to fleece hooli, nuptse, he is going to be for me only.

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In other words, he's not going to go back to someone's house as a slave. No, he is going to be with me. I'm going to appoint him as my personal advisor, my secretary.

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So use the restaurant became the secretary, the personal advisor of the king at this point, this is what the king declared. But when the king met him, then he changed his mind again. Every time he learned something about use of medicine, he respects him even more.

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usage is Sam's rank increases in the site first he says just bring him then he says I will appoint him exclusively for myself, he will only have to obey me, but then Fela can lemahieu. But then when he spoke to him, when the king spoke to us around escena. Allah He said in Mecca indeed you Aloma today, Medina, near us in our country, you are McCain, you are established and you are a mean, you are fully trusted. You're not even answerable to me.

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Before What did he say?

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You're only from my work. Now he says you are McCain. And you are I mean?

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Who is McCain? mccain is a miracle fighters meme cough noon, from the word mechanic and what does it mean

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to be strong to be established? So you are McCain, you are established in your position?

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In other words, there is no one who can fight for your position.

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Generally what happens if a person has a particular position in a country, then other people can come? There can be elections, nothing like that you are McKean, you are firmly established in this position of yours. And on top of that, you're I mean, you're fully trusted.

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I mean, from the routers, thumbs up me know. You're fully trusted. I don't know how to I don't trust you at all.

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Up until now, the king had only heard about UC Berkeley center. But when he met him, he was even more confident in him.

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He was even more impressed by him.

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He recognized his virtues, his great ability, his brilliance, his good conduct, his mannerism, he recognized all of those abilities, which is why he gave him such a high position in the country as well.

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And use of our salon if you look at it, how did he come to this position?

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Did he ever get into politics? No. Did he ever seek a higher position in that country? No. You don't see him fighting in politics. You don't see him? You know, fighting with other people trying to make his way up, wrestle his way up? No. He comes as a slave in that country. And he just accepts whatever Allah gives him. Whatever Allah gives him, he accepts it. If he's made a slave, he accepts it. If he sent to the prison confined, he accepts it. And when a person accepts what Allah subhanaw taala gives him, then Allah exalts him.

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Our problem is that we want to exalt ourselves by us, which is why we begin fighting for positions, we begin fighting for higher ranks, but this is not the way to obtaining higher ranks. What is the way that you accept the share that alasa peloton is giving you

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because only when

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You will accept it, then you will be able to learn something from it. When you will learn, then you can proceed. If you don't go through the proper training and you jump to the highest level, can you perform properly? Can you you cannot.

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So, use of an s&m obtain such a high position in that country. And no, this was a non Muslim country.

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These people were not Muslim. And on top of that he was not even an Egyptian. And at that time, race was a big deal. He was not an addiction, he was not a local.

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And so many people were against it. Or rather, he faced so many challenges against all odds, just look at him succeed. Look at him attain that highest position in the land.

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So, what did you serve as an MC when the king said to him in nikka, Leo, Medina, Kenan Ameen, Carla, he said, a journey you place me meaning if you want me to do some work for you. If you declare me as someone McKean and Ameen, then put me, Allah Jose, it will act upon the treasures of the earth, meaning appoint me as someone in charge over the store houses of the land

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appoint me as the in charge, I left meaning in charge of what the hazards of the land of Egypt.

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What does that mean? It's the Florida designer, and designer is a place where things are stored.

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So make me responsible for the harvest store houses. Because in the next 15 years, some major things were going to happen. And they were very, very important, they had to be dealt with a lot of care, a lot of attention. Because seven years, we're going to be have plenty than seven years of shortage. And in the seven years of plenty, they had to make sure that they use their resources wisely. They had to preserve them. And in the next seven years, again, they had to use what they had stored very wisely so that they would have enough for the next year.

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So he says that appoint me as responsible for the harvest storehouses of Egypt. Because in me, indeed, I am happy alone. I am a guardian. And I'm also our Lehman, I'm also knowing

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he mentioned two characteristics of is over here, first of all, have you and secondly, Arlene, who has herpes is from health, which is to guard to preserve something. In other words, I am very sincere, and I will fully look after the sore houses, I will manage them fully, I am happy as I am able, I can fully preserve them, I can fully guard them, I can fully maintain and look after them.

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And secondly, I am early. In other words, I am competent, I know how to deal with the coming years.

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What do we learn from this?

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There in order to be worthy of some work? A person must have these two characteristics.

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And what are they? First of all, he must be happy, he must be able to manage it, he must be able to fully look after it. And secondly, he must have knowledge of it.

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Because if he lacks even one of these qualities, then he will not be able to do that work properly. These two qualities are very essential for anyone to be able to do anything.

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But there's something very strange that we see in this ayah. What is that? The use of our Islam is asking that you should be given this position.

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And he's also praising himself.

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Do you see that? He's asking that make me in charge of the entire store houses. And then he says I am happy I am rd? And thirdly, what is he doing? He is asking for a high position in a non Muslim government

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to understand three things going on over here which we might find extremely objectionable,

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isn't it? If you find someone demanding that they should be given a position, you don't like that? If you find someone praising themselves, you don't like that. If you hear about a Muslim, working in a non Muslim government, you don't like that idea at all.

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So these three things are very objectionable, if you think of them, but use of restaurant is doing all these three things. What's the answer to this?

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First of all, we see that if he is mentioning his good qualities, he's not saying I'm very Jamil and very beautiful.

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Northern say that I'm very Kareem. And very noble, although he was Kareem. He was Kareem Abdul Kareem Abdul Kareem Abdul Karim. He was very

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He does not say I'm very beautiful, although he was the most handsome person. He does not say I'm very noble. What qualities does he mentioned over here? the qualities that are relevant to the work that he wishes to do.

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So this is not self praise, this is not self protection.

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This is not self praise. He's not projecting himself. He's mentioning the qualities which are very relevant.

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Secondly, if you think of it, he's asking for leadership,

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isn't it? He's asking for a high position. But asking for a high position for leadership is not permissible. You know that. There's a hadith in Bukhari, in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said to similar, that our block might have been someone I do not ask for leadership. Do not ask for leadership. If you are given it without asking for it, then you will be helped.

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If you're given a position of leadership without demanding it, you will be helped by Allah. But if you are given it through asking for it, then it will be left up to you, meaning Allah will not assist you.

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Similarly, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said another narration which isn't a Muslim, he said, that we will not give the high position to the one who demands it from us, will law he will never give it to the one who demands it from us. But we see that he's seeking a high position he's seeking leadership in this country. And what's the answer to that?

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And we see that he's asking why so that he can benefit the people. He is not asking for that he can make a lot of money.

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But rather, he's asking so that he can help the people who are going to become destitute and needy in the coming years, not so that he could gather a lot of money for himself.

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So in other words, he's not asking out of desire for that position.

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Do you understand he does not have desire for it?

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What does he have a sense of responsibility.

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He felt that it was his responsibility to do this work.

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Ultimately see that Thirdly, he considered this work, managing the Hosein at this time, as an obligation upon himself. This is why he says give this position to me. And this is why he says I feel and I think I am able to do this. Because he had the ability, he had the skill. He had the knowledge, and there was no one else was more capable for this work other than him.

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No one else was more capable than him. This is why he's putting himself out there. And he wants that position. Not because he's going to become very famous because of that, but because he will be able to help people. And he took it as his responsibility. And we see that after coming out to the prison use of it, Sam could have easily gone back home

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country, he could have gone back to canal. But he didn't. Why? Because he knew that the next 15 years were going to be very challenging for the entire nation. And it was his obligation that he must stay here and he must look after the needs of the people. Because if he does not then people are going to suffer at a mass scale.

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So he's not seeking leadership out of desire for it, but rather he takes it as a responsibility upon himself.

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And when he is looking for a position in a non Muslim government, then again this is not objectionable, why because he is not compromising on his religion. In fact, when he will gain this position, then he will be able to convey even more.

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You understand?

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Use of RSM when he was in the prison, he began his Dawa. But when this opportunity came before him, he accepted it, he went out for it. Why? Because he knew that in this position, he would be more effective, he would be able to do more.

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And we need to understand this fact as well.

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That many times we cut ourselves off from the rest of the society, we completely disassociate ourselves thinking that we have to apply Sora in this day and age in this country that we're in. Whereas it's not for this point, we cannot apply that right now.

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We have to go through many, many stages, until eventually we can apply that. So what do we need to do right now we need to teach people we need to tell people and what is one of the most effective ways when you are amongst people.

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When you are in the society, use a wrestler. He is giving power to the people in the prison. That's only possible when he's amongst the people. When he's given this responsibility, he accepts it. Why? Because he's going to interact with so many people

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In this position and only then he will be able to communicate. If you cut yourself off, and you don't tell people, then how are you meant to convey the message, you cannot.

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Then what happens? Allah subhanaw taala says worker Delica and thus, maccarinelli use of a filler. We established use of renessa lamb in the land,

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which land the land of Egypt, yet about what woman had, he could settle there in Hazel Yasha wherever he will get a bow from bow himself. Up until now, the use of artists around was either a slave who is also limited in his freedom in his activities.

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Or he was in the prison, a person who was completely physically confined. But now use of artisan was not only out of slavery, and out of the prison, rather he had such a higher position in the land, which is why he had the ability to go wherever he wanted. Yet Oh man, he hated Russia. He could go wherever he wanted, you know, see will be like mattina, Manisha we touch with our mercy whomsoever we will wanna know their mercy Nene, and we do not allow to be lost the reward of those people who do good.

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The people who do Excel, Allah does not waste their reward.

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Now, what is the exam that used to run? Is that um, did what was his accent?

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Huh? It was his alpha, okay? Is abstaining is chastity is staying away from sin. What else? His patience his solid.

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That was also a very good deed. This is what brought your son.

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And the fact that he was not selfish at all.

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You see, use of Islam is not selfish. in any situation.

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You don't send selfishness from him.

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You always find him wanting to benefit people.

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For example, when the two inmates, the prisoners when they came to him, and they asked him about the interpretation, he didn't say, I'm not going to tell you. He doesn't say that. Nor does he say you have to give me your food that I will tell you.

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He tells them the interpretation for free. He wants benefit for the people. And he tells them in a very nice way.

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Similarly, when the man comes back to him asking for the interpretation, he doesn't set a condition. He doesn't say no, I'm not gonna tell you. You never mentioned me. You never did anything for me. You never advocated for me. You never started, you know, movement for my sake, that I should be released from the prison. Nothing like that. So why should I help? You know, we don't sense the selfish attitude in use of our dishonor. When he was freed from the prison, he didn't go back home. He stayed because he felt it was his responsibility to benefit the Egyptian people. It was his responsibility to save them.

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We don't sense the selfishness at all in him. Allah subhanaw taala called him a Morrison and he says we don't waste the reward of such mercy.

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Then almost Apparently, he says Well, I don't get it. Hi, Ron. And surely the reward of the hereafter it is much better.

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For who lilla Dena Amano for those people who believe what can we get the horn and they're also those people who have Taqwa. They also abstain from saying they fear Allah.

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Because you serve our listeners, he was given a huge reward in this dunya. What was that reward? He was given a high position. Freedom in the land yet about what woman her high Xhosa. He wasn't answerable to anyone.

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He wasn't answerable to anyone he was free.

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This was a huge reward. But what does Allah say? There is a much greater reward in the hereafter for him.

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Because the more sin Yes, he gets benefit in the dunya. But the reward of the Hereafter is much, much better.

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We listened to the recitation

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Tony, be

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House house health for

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be in

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America maliko to nimi stuffily solina. See

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Paula Johnny on

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will be met in

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I just wanted to point out like the patients that pop

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through all the time from the beginning, like straight from the beginning when his brothers put him to the wall all the way till now and the message had come to him. And he was like, Oh, you know what, like the one he had sent to get him out first Canton like, instead of saying, Oh, I'm sorry for not being there for so long. He didn't blow up like many of us, if we had that chance, we'd like completely blow up. We've been here for so long, you didn't come on support. So hello, I used to handle that patients. And then it was like, on top of that he didn't put like the responsibility. He plays responsibility first, before he points to comfort. He could have gone to his family stayed

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with his family been happy ever after. But then he decided, you know what, I have responsibility here. I have to do it. It is and he did it. And he didn't even go for a break. He didn't even say let me go for a month. I'll come back. And I'll do the work. No. He took it as his responsibility. How many of us would do that? We haven't seen our family for years. They probably don't even know if we're alive.

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Even we don't know if our father, our parents, our siblings, if they're alive, we have no idea. But use of nslm he didn't go because he took this as his responsibility. Because Allah subhanaw taala gave him that knowledge, not just so that he could tell people he had that knowledge, but so that he could truly bring benefit to people, and how do you bring benefit to people through your knowledge, when you tell them, and when you also act upon it. And this was his duty.

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He took it as his responsibility.

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But many times it happens with us that Allah has given us some skill, some expertise, some kind of knowledge, and we still prefer our own comfort, our own enjoyment over the responsibility that Allah has given us.

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So basically, the importance of not giving up, because he had a dream. And his father interpreted that dream and he told him that Allah will choose you,

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choose you. And he believed in that his father who was a prophet, he interpreted that dream for him.

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He never gave up, he never lost hope, no matter what happened, even if he was in the prison for so long. Instead of wasting his time, what did he do?

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He did our Do what you can do, don't look for things that are not in your hands.

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So I actually just wanted to mention when he says in the happier than

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it may seem at first that he's boosting his qualities. But like, if you think about it, even in real life right now, like when we're given a resume to make sense for a job, right? We're tallying our skills with their job description. So his job description was to be happy than our name. And so I thought that was really lame, and stuff. So he wasn't being arrogant about his qualities in any way. Exactly. And for example, if you see someone's resume with just big words, and no qualifications, what do you think this person is showing off? And in fact, there are people who are very good at making

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Such as humans. But at the end of the day, what do you look at the qualification of the person. And that's exactly what Lucifer is. And I was mentioning

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his qualifications, his abilities, he didn't say, I'm very beautiful, he didn't sound very noble. He didn't sound very patient. What does he say? I am capable, I am competent, I can fully look after this work. So give me this work. So in other words, he was introducing himself. And remember that when you have a certain skill, and nobody else is able to do that work, it becomes your obligation to do it.

00:25:35--> 00:25:54

Do you know that you have to go up and offer your services like for example, if someone is choking, and you've taken the training of CPR? Are you just going to sit there and watch and say, No, no, I shouldn't be boasting that I have this training. If you don't go and offer your services, that person could die before the ambulance comes.

00:25:56--> 00:26:15

Similarly, if you have a certain skill, Allah has given you that ability going after your services don't wait to be called. If we always expect that other people should call us. This is like arrogance that other people should come back into us know, if you have a skill accepted, go offer your services.

00:26:17--> 00:26:36

We also see the wisdom of useful Islam when sapper is required his patience. When assertiveness is required, he's assertive, he defends himself when the woman accuses him ultimately goes to the king, he's assertive. Or even before when he's in the prison when the envoy of the king comes in, he's assertive, he says, No, I'm not going to come out and tell you.

00:26:37--> 00:26:40

We think humility means not saying anything.

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one of the important lessons that I actually learned today was having good character. Because um, we see useful Islam, he went to prison, and yet he was put on mursaleen. And he was true for them, and we trusted him. And then he had a high position lobster country. So it just goes to show you know how important it is to have good character. Exactly. Because when a person has good character that he really shines through, then people accept him, no matter who he is, even if his religion is different.

00:27:13--> 00:27:55

I was thinking constantly how useful esalaam he did not boast about his own being Sadek. People are coming in and saying that he was truthful, he never once said he never once said that I am the son of a prophet. He never wanted to say those things about him. There's another comment that somebody gave, the use of ready saddam is like a tree shadow to play Yuba, which gives fruit throughout the year, even in unfavorable conditions, even when climatic conditions are not good. Even when he was in the prison, he benefited the people use the word Islam was not shy to use the opportunities, he got to say what is right, and what is most appropriate. What do we think shyness is?

00:27:56--> 00:28:06

Not saying what is right. Use of our discipline had the right type of shyness, that when someone called him to evil, he did not accept it.

00:28:07--> 00:28:12

We think at this point responding, his confidence.

00:28:13--> 00:28:15

And he was not shy of speaking the truth.

00:28:17--> 00:28:18

Who has a microphone

00:28:20--> 00:28:50

Assalamu alaikum. I was just thinking there's a beautiful concept in Islam, which is called a son, and in some way never teaches you that you've done good enough that you are just done complete. Like when you say oh, I'm good. I've done good, right? You can do better always in Islam. And the other thing is that in prison, you might think like you have nothing good to do but he's called a MOS and doing good in prison even. And you might have known like recent prisoners. There's one boy who was present and he actually memorized the Koran while he was in prison. He's done good. And he memorized.

00:28:52--> 00:29:02

Once we were visiting another country, one of the Arab countries and by chance, there was a newspaper and on the front page, there was this long competition amongst the prison inmates

00:29:04--> 00:29:23

who were so amazed. And those prison inmates from were from all over the world, different people who had come to that country and committed different different crimes and they ended up in the prison. And they were given their over there. they memorize the Quran. They took ages and recitation while they were biding their time in the prison, and there was a Quran competition for

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him being hafizullah Aleem being knowledgeable of the finance thing. Go back to the last one who teller bringing him to the house of Aziz, who was a financial minister. So he being slave in that house. He imbibed he learned from his environment, and that is why he didn't go through any official training or education of this. So again, Allah subhana wa Taala, putting him into the well, he knew from the depths of the well he has to come out, he has to be sold for the rahima Duda to the house. And he will come to the house of Aziz and no one else. So this wasn't a coincidence. This was a last minute, let's plan

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And we're going to study how he is lengthy. He plans things exactly.

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If you look at it in that house, he got all that training. And then eventually, when he wanted the position, he was able to do his work with all the skills that he had acquired. And at the same time, he could also convey the message. Because remember, when you suffer this, and I was at this position, he was not just managing financial affairs of the people, he was also doing Dharma to them, because after all, he was a messenger, receiver. They said, I was a messenger, he was not only a righteous man, he had the message of a lot to convey to the people. And he was able to convey that how, by being in that position.

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Another very important lesson that we learned from this is that, that after every difficulty, there is relief.

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It may take long, but there is relief. It took years and years and a lot of hardship, false accusations, but still there was relief. And because he was patient, because he did your son can get the reward. And what does Allah say? That the reward of the Hereafter is far better? Are you impressed by this worldly position? that's nothing compared to the reward of the

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I was just thinking about this constant theme that I noticed that the story of yourself of paying back the people that have done good to you is like, when you suppose one was in the house of the disease, and he was constantly focused on repaying him for all the blessings that he'd done on him. And when he was in the President was talking to prisoners, he mentioned that Allah is the one who gave me these blessings. And now he feels that this country has done a lot for him. So he's paying back his country. But I think we should look at what blessings are on us from Allah and from people and from our country. Exactly. Because only when a person is like this, then you can have some

00:31:48--> 00:32:29

silver. And then he can focus on the positives instead of the negatives when he's going through a difficult situation. Because otherwise, when you're going through hardship, you can only remember negative things. But if you're grateful, you will focus on the positives like a loss of paralysis. First Kuru Allah, Allah, Darla come to flee home, remember the blessings of Allah so that you can be successful, it's just thinking about how his good character is universally recognized by everyone around him. And that if we adopt good character, as part of ourselves as well, then that can also be a form of our because everybody recognizes it. And you can also tell them that like, this is, not

00:32:29--> 00:33:05

only is it just common good, it's also what our religion calls to. Exactly. And this is one of the most effective ways of doing them. Because when you are good to other people, other people want to listen to you, if you're not good to them, if you're not punctual, if you're not honest, and people don't want to listen to you, they don't trust you. You think if you tell them what a lottery winner believe, you know, when they can't believe if you did your work on time, then they will not trust you in the matters of religion either. So good character is one of the best ways of doing Darla and this is how we see use of a sudden, he's doing very well by his armor by his actions within people

00:33:05--> 00:33:08

who are not Muslim. And this is what we need to do as well.

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Okay, subhanak Allahumma be harmonica, the shadow Allah either in the anta nesta heruka wanna to break Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh