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Yusuf 36-57 Translation 36-57

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala allowed of Sudan Karim, Amma Barak Pharaoh the villa him in a straight line of a jean Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Frobisher Ashley's odd way Sidley Emily wash lunar clatter Melissa de Cali perbanas ignoramus

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lesson number 124 suta Yusuf is number 36 to 57 Translation whether hola and he entered Mara who with him as cijena the prison for the end do young men color he said I had the humor one of them do in me indeed I Alani I saw myself are asleep. I am pressing camera wine. What color and he said

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the other in me indeed. I Ronnie, I saw myself marshmallow I carry FOCA above see my head hopes and bread that glue it eats a playroom, the birds Minho from it.

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Now Bittner inform us beta wheeling II with its interpretation in net indeed we narrow aka we see you mean from a worsening those who do utmost good.

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Allah He said learn not yet de coma. It will come to you both foreign food to the corny you both will be provided with it

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inlet except number two Kuma I informed you to be that really he with its interpretation of Allah before and that yet the Kumar it comes to you to the nicoma that all you do, man from what our nominee he taught me for being my route in me indeed I don't have to I have left military create home of people less not you me noona they believe biLlahi with Allah we're home and they will ask us with the hereafter whom they are casiotone ones who disbelieve

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what the bar and I have followed men letter creed religion

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but of my father's Ibrahim Ibrahim are in a salon where his health and his health were good and you're cool.

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Man not Canada it was Lennar for us and that new shrieker we associate partners biLlahi with Allah main from Shay in anything there Lika that main from fuddled bounty favor Allah He of Allah Elena abundance where Allah and upon a nurse the people well I can no but actor almost a nurse of the people learn not eh guru they give thanks.

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Yeah, oh sahibi my two companions, a surgeon of the prison of our Babel lords, Gods with a 30 different ones separate ones heighten better.

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Or Allah, Allah and worship the one alcohol the prevailing

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man not terrible Duna you all worship men from dooney other than Him in there except as smart names. So made to her you all have named it and Tom you all come and your forefathers man not Angela he sent down Allahu Allah be here for it. Men from Sudan in any authority in not the decision Illa except left for Allah amaura he commanded and that not darboux on worship inlet except a year who only him

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then a cadet at the new religion. Alka young the one straight the right when I can but accept almost a nurse of the people learn not the early moon they know.

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Yeah, oh sahibi my two companions a surgeon of the prison. Ama as for a hadoo Kumar one of you to fire see so he will give to drink robber who his master camera wine. What ama and as for the other for use level so he will be crucified for that kulu so it will eat a plane the birds main from what he has had earlier it was decreed the matter under the which fee in it the stuff the end. You do we're seeking verdict?

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The stuff the end you do we're seeking verdict?

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Well color and he said Lily to the one who won he thought and the who that in de nejen want to be saved min Houma from

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them to both corny you mentioned me in the near but a big your master for unser who so he made him forget a shade on the shape on the cross mentioning or behave to his master or of his master fella bitter so he remained fee in a surgeon the prison biller some 70 years

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what color and he said al Malik the king in me indeed. Otto I saw server seven because cows cement fat ones yeah coluna it eats them stubborn seven or jevelin thin ones lean ones whatsoever and seven Subaru leptin spikes COVID green Walker and other yeah besides dry ones yeah uh you have for you Alma let the Chiefs have to need you all explained to me

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see concerning blue area my vision in if control you all level here for divisions that are rune you all interpret

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or no they said otherwise confused confused ones or otherwise mixture

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a slamming of false dreams warmer and not national we better wait with interpretation a slam of the dreams barely mean at all ones who know

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Wakanda and he said a lady who Niger he was saved or he was freed main humor from them to what end it Dakota? He remembered BARDA after him within a time

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and I will not be I will inform you with that really he of its interpretation for LBC loony so you all send me

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useful or useful or you heard all of these the truthful one astina explained to us fee concerning sebert seven bacara cows seven fat ones yeah coluna it eats them seven seven or eight Jeff Dean once won and suburbs seven some bullet spikes called green wall and over other yeah besides dry ones. gnarly so I May or June I returned in honor to announce the people that are in the home so that they are alone. They know

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he said desert Aruna you all will plant you all will cultivate sabar 717 years that oven consecutively. Farmer so what has occurred to you all harvested, you all reaped further rules, so you will leave it C in somebody it's spike Illa except Polina few member from what the coluna you won't eat

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so much then yet D it will come main from BB after Delica that stubborn seven shades severe ones yet goodness they will consume man what

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but then don't you all sent ahead Luna for them in there except for Leland, few member for Lord Dursley noon, you all will store.

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So much then, yet the it will come men from birth after vaniqa that are on a year fee in it you also he will be rained or he will be relieved.

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You also he will be rained or he will be relieved unless the people work and fee in it the acetone they will press

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wirkkala and he said al Malika the king it Tony you all come to me be with Him forever so when Jerry who he came to him or was Zulu, the messenger caller he said if you return inactive Arabic your master first Allah so ask him my word balou is the case. And this was of the women allottee those who putana Descartes idea hoonah their hands in the indeed Robbie Myra Milord week I begin with their plot earlywood one who knows?

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Allah He said, Man, what horrible continent your condition is when or what tune you will try to seduce use or for use of iron from nipsey He is so bullish. They said hashtag Allah. Allah forbid.

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Or Allah preserve us. Math, not our name, then we knew our lady upon him or about him. Men from Sue in any evil, call it she said in my wife and our Z's of their disease, and now has household age became evident and help the truth and I look forward to him.

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I tried to seduce him on from Nazi he himself were in the who and indeed he lemon surely from a solid team, those who are truthful

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Danica, that Leah lemon so he knows a need that indeed a lamb not a horn who I betray him believe in the unseen or in the absence

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derived in the unseen or in the absence or unknown and that Indeed Allah Allah lead not yet He guides guide or plot Allah any of those who drink

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juice 13 Well, and not Uber do, I acquit myself I absolved myself netsy myself in indeed and NASA the nuts the soul that amount of surely a persistent enjoying

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that amount of surely a persistent enjoying surely one who persists in enjoying

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bisou with the evil

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Illa except, man what urashima he was merciful for a be Myra in the indeed Robbie, Myra were foreign, most forgiving for shaman post merciful

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bacala and he said to the king, Tony, you all come to me be here with him as Douglas who I will appoint him exclusively as Douglas who I will appoint him exclusively. Lina see for myself for that muscle when kalama who he spoke to him, Allah He said in NACA indeed you and the oma today, let Dana near as Makino one who is established

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Amina one who is trusted.

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Pilot he said, a journey you appoint me Allah upon hawza in treasuries or treasuries

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out of the land in me, indeed I happy alone, a guardian or Neiman one who knows

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what gallica and likewise makhana we established firmly Lucifer for use of a solemn fee in the earth, yet about world he settles mania from it Hi to wherever your shirt he will. Mostly will we reach barrage mattina with our mercy, man, whoever in the chat we will want that and not nuclear we waste a little reward and worsening of those who do utmost good

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work and learn surely agile reward and accuracy of the hereafter. Hiring is better levena for those who are new, they believed what can I do and they work yet the code they adopt the code for this year alone.

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That's the end of the recitation of these verses from the weekend.

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Ne Ne

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Ne, ne

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ne ne Roman, not beaten

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Be a joke to me. Let

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me know

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on a new show

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upon larina germini Huma

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de Tina de

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semana Manny

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de coeur

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de la la la

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walk on

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in BB k

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a house house on health

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is to

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be in

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Tony be stuffing is small enough see

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me happy

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see me