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Yusuf 19-35 Word Analysis and Tafsir 25-29

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What's the vocal verb and they both raced each other towards what towards the door

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established far from the route address seen by several subaqua is to proceed to go ahead of someone. And St. Barack is when two or more people are trying to run in competition are trying to outdo one another. So just imagine two people are running and the races who gets to the door first. So it's double combat. Both of them they ran towards the door. Use of RSM he ran in order to escape and she ran in order to stop him.

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And what happened?

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He ran with a debt and she told me so who his shirt Minh doubled in from the back.

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She tore his shirt from the back in order to catch up with him in order to stop him.

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That is from the root letters of Dell that from the word odd and odd is to tear something lengthwise.

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What does it mean to tear something lengthwise, so we see that she must have got use of some shirt from behind to stop him while he was running. And because of that his shirt got ripped. So odd that Cammisa hoomin debris.

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And what happened then? Well alpha and they both found say either her her husband, leather bag by the door. This was completely unexpected. They found her husband by the door. She had locked all of the doors and use of medicine and ran for the door. And as soon as he gets to the door, who does he find over there. The master alpha alpha is in the room fetters lamb farewell from the word left one and it's to find something by chance to meet someone unexpected.

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You're not looking for them. You're not looking for something but just by chance you find that they're

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like for example, you're looking for a particular let's say a pen.

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You were trying to find it you couldn't find it You gave up on it. Now after a week or something, you open up your purse, the inside pocket and you see the pen over there. This is what that by chance. Unexpectedly you see it there you weren't looking for that at that moment. By chance you find it. So alpha both of them found say either her husband say it is actually used for masters from the Ruth under senior that but figuratively It is also used for the husband. Why? Because he's like the master in the family.

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Both of them found her master leatherback near the door. What happened?

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She completely flipped completely. All he said Mirza Oh, what is the recompense man or other of the one who intended be Annika with your wife Sue an evil, someone who intends to do evil with your wife, what should be the punishment of that person except a use journal that he should be imprisoned or that will Aleem or a painful punishment that he should be tormented severely, and he should be beaten up.

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Just imagine how she flips Is this love.

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This is not love.

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But what happens at that time when people are inviting. They claim that they love you a lot. They claim that they will do anything for you. But when they get caught, they put the blame on you.

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This is exactly what happened with use of an incident.

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But use it for the system to not fall for her. He did not because he knew that what she was calling him to us wrong. And he resisted, and he ran away. And she became extremely upset. And when they found her husband, she says that he has intended to do something evil with me. What does she mean by this evil?

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That he tried to harm me sexually.

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Now why did she say this? First of all, she said this to save herself from her husband.

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Because you can imagine the state that she must have been in when she says hey look, I am ready and prepared for you come you can imagine the state that she must have been in.

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And if you suffer this time is running and his shirt historian, then obviously this was something extremely awkward, very awkward. So in order to save herself from her husband, immediately she flips and she puts the entire blame on who use the varicella.

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And secondly, why did she say this also to cover for the insult that she had just experienced because she had been rejected. She had been rejected by who by use of our listener. And when someone gets rejected in this way they become extremely furious. So she became furious. And she blamed use of

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that a person who intense evil with your family. He should be in prison.

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In Houston is from the new Tetris scene. jeem, new surgeon, and surgeon is a prison.

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And it's basically when a person is imprisoned after being proven guilty.

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Decision is what a prison where a person is sent after he is proven guilty.

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There are different types of prisons.

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One prison is that in which people perhaps stay for two or three days, maybe two or three nights, until their case is brought to the court, and then a final decision is made. And if they are to remain in prison for a long period of time, then they are sent to bigger prisons. So surgeon is a prison where a person is sent after he is proven guilty. Oh, are there any more painful punishment. So we see that moments ago, she claimed to love him. But now she was blaming him. So when we see that what she had for use of our discipline was not love. What was it? Last. And this is the reality of such feelings, that when a person only wishes to fulfill their lust with someone, then they don't

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care about the other person at all.

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In love what happens? You care about the other person you want to do? What would please the other person? And in last, you just want to fulfill your desire. You don't care at all about the other person.

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So use of artesanato What did he do? Did you just stand idle? No. Did you just take the blame? No. He declared his innocence. He defended himself. He says either here or that near NFC. She is the one who sought to seduce me. He says very confidently that he or she sought to seduce me or nuptse from my cell phone with it from the same root letters. Well, that was surely the shahidan and a witness testified earlier from her family.

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shahida hidden chat hidden from the reflectors. She didn't her dad.

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So a witness testified from her family that in Canada.

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If his shirt was put them in cabling, if it was torn from the front, cover this on the reflector scarf Balam. cobble ultimate before kobold means front front part. If the shirt is torn from the front, facade apart then she has broken the truth in blaming him. Well, hello amin al Kennedy been and he is the lives. So if the shirt is Dawn from the front, then that means she is truthful. And he is lying.

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Because the woman she just said that it's useless for

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and because both of them were blaming one another. There was no witness to say that okay, no, no, it's this person's fault or this person is innocent. There was no witness. So what did you need some circumstantial evidence, some circumstantial evidence? And what was that evidence that we have to look at the shirt?

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If the shirt is stolen from the front, then that means she was trying to defend herself. She was trying to defend herself. And in that process, she tore the shirt from the front.

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But we're in Ghana coming soon. And if his shirt was put them in urine, if it is torn from the back further, but then she is lying woman aside the thing and neither of those were truthful.

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Because of the shirt is torn from the back then what does it mean? He is trying to escape, and he is trying to defend himself.

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So then what happened for them and then when

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he saw who saw the husband,

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when he saw Cammisa who his shirt was put them into Berlin, it was ripped from the back. Color he said in the home in Katy con, indeed it is off the women's plots.

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It is from your plots in the corner indeed your Kate indeed your plot, it is Arlene It is great. What does it mean by the statement in the HU min KD Khan, he, this woman who in the who this has been understood in in several ways, but basically, it refers to the statement of the woman.

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That the statement of yours when you said that? What should be the recompense for the one who has intended to do evil with your wife, except that he should be imprisoned or he should be beaten up severely. This statement is off your plots, meaning it's your fault. You try to seduce him. And in order to cover yourself up, what did you do? You came up with a statement

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in order to prove your innocence. This is all of your plots and indeed your plots.

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Seeing the plots of you women, they're very great. Meaning you can tempt, you can fool the most strongest of men, you can fool, even the most wisest of men

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in the Qaeda corner away.

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What does it mean by the statement that, indeed your plots are very early?

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that women, if they try to seduce someone, if they try to especially change the mind of a man, they can do it very easily? Very, very easily.

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In one way, it's a big gift that has been given to women.

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And another way, it's a big test as well.

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Because a woman can use this ability to encourage her husband to do something good.

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And at the same time, she can use this skill to urge him to do something that is wrong, isn't it? So he says that this case that you have of making men change their minds, by your words, by your statements, by your blackmailing? by the things that you say, it's very great, because the statement that she said immediately, what should be the recommends of the one who has intended evil with your wife, any man if he listens to this, that my wife has been treated in this way by another man, what would he do?

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He would become furious. And immediately he will try to punish the man who has done something wrong and just imagine use if I was a slave, he could have easily just killed him or hate him or do anything, anything that he wanted. But then what happened? Because use of an s&m defended himself, he spoke up in his defense. This is why a person said shahida shahidan earlier, someone from the woman's family said that you have to look at the circumstantial evidence because both are accusing one another.

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So the women they're very quick, very skillful in changing the mind of men.

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So what is there as a student,

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he says, use of or use of artists, just turn away from this. Just imagine he does not punish his wife.

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He does not punish his wife, what does he say? Or use of just turn away from this journal and from what this matter, meaning don't talk about it? Forget it, ignore it.

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And the reason why he said this was because he did not wish this incident to become widespread.

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He did not wish that people should come to know of what his wife did. So he says to use a register now just forget about it, ignore it. Close the chapter move on,

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was still 50. And he tells his wife that seek forgiveness leave them behind for your sin. Apologize, say sorry, apologize to use of our lesson. In lucky indeed you continue, you have been been in halting any of those sinful heartbeat is a Florida party, and who is hot the one who commits a hotter, meaning, it's your fault, you are the one who is at fault.

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We say that for some problems, there are no solutions.

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You cannot solve the problem. You don't know what to do. Because imagine in the situation that disease was

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as a husband, and as a finance minister, when his wife has done something like this with the slave, what could he do?

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If He punished the slave? That would be completely unfair? And we see that disease was a man who had some sense in Him who was a wise man.

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On the other hand, if He punished his wife, then what would that lead to?

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What would that lead to a bad name for his family, people will start talking about it.

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So there are some problems in which you cannot do anything.

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Similarly, if for example, in a person's house or today, people do something wrong, such as this, children, they do something wrong such as this, then what can be done. If you try to punish them yourself, that's wrong because you don't have the law in your hand. You cannot do that.

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Even if your daughter goes and commit Zina, you cannot punish yourself Why? Because the law is not in your hand and if you do that, it would be wrong on your part to do such a thing.

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You cannot punish. So what is the solution?

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That you just advise people, you can only advise him

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like over here he advises her that you apologize, you say sorry, because it is your fault.

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We listen to the recitation and will continue

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fun for me.

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was still feeding

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It seems as though

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he was a very easygoing man. Because if it was anyone else, what would they do?

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What would they do, they would at least be harsh towards their wife. Maybe say, okay, you're divorced or go away from here, I don't want to see you again or something like getting rid of use of, you know, remove the fit and remove the problem at least. But it seems to be very easygoing, which is why he only says use ignore this, and to his wife, apologize, seek forgiveness from him. And don't repeat the same mistake again. That's all that he says. He seems to be very easygoing, man.

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And we see that the reason why he told us to forget about it to not talk about it was so that this incident would not spread, nobody would find out about it. But for a family like this, the finance minister, if an incident like this happens in their house, obviously it's going to spread.

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People are always looking for things to talk about, about people who are at this level, which is why we see people are following them with their cameras and any picnic, they go to any family when they have people are following them. What do you call them? popularity? Exactly. They follow them around, trying to look for things that they can talk about things that they can spread. And the same thing happened with this incident. The man he tried to keep it controlled, but it spread very quickly. And especially amongst the women, which is what is described in the following is that how the incident is spread so quickly, and how the woman was being spoken a lot, and how she tried to prove herself

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innocent. But inshallah we will continue that because it's a whole event in Shall we continue that in the next session. So what is one of the main lessons that we learned from what we learned today?

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One of the main lessons, that hyah is very important, even if there is a lot of age difference, because sometimes you think, Oh, it's family. They're so young, no big deal. But the fact is, that if someone is non Marham, they're not Muhammad. Allah knows about the state of the heart of people. You might say, No, no, there's nothing wrong that I'm thinking

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100 and not very good. But as you know, the third is shaped lawn, and you don't know what might happen the next woman.

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She was going to adopt him as a son, but it just look at how her feelings change.

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towards him.

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So this is very important.

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We see that user read SNMP declares his innocence, he does not take the blame for it.

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Generally, we think that being humble means that people are accusing you stake it, at least try to defend yourself, if you cannot prove it, at least you have attempted, and especially a blame like this, of committing Zina, of approaching the wife of the master, this is something unacceptable. This is something that would affect his reputation for the rest of his life, and which is why we learned in challenger story, that he made sure that he was declared as someone innocent.

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So we see over here that if we are accused of something that is wrong, then we should defend ourselves, we should speak up in defense.

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And we see that injustice, depriving people of their rights or oppressing them is something that is so wrong, that it leads people to doing wrong.

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If you deprive someone of their right, they're going to end up doing something that is wrong. And where does it start from, from your injustice from you're depriving them off there, right?

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We see that in places in countries where there is no justice where there's no law and order. What happens because of the loan that people are facing. They end up doing zollman others, and they think it's legal. But if you look at use of it slams way. On the other hand, that is a who, those people who are patient, although everyone was being unjust towards him, he does not think that that means he can be unjust towards others.

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Generally, what do we think, if we're being treated harshly,

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if we are being deprived of our right, then we can do the same to other people. But use it for the same is not like that. Just because people have been unfair to him. It doesn't mean that he should be unfair.

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And this is what your sign means that even in difficulties, you focus on the positive things, you focus on the blessings.

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If you look at it, he says at that moment that my master has been so good to me, I cannot do so well.

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So it's about focusing on the blessings. And when a person is like that, then he can

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we see that each and every single person is unique.

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Every person is unique. And because they are unique, there is something special about them something special, and you can benefit from that person, because of that special thing that they have. Because we learned earlier that use of redness around the people of the Caribbean design didn't pay attention, the disease he saw him he paid attention to him. Each and every person has some ability has some unique characteristic and because of that we can benefit from them. So never belittle anyone, you can learn from children, you can learn from people who are ignorant, like somebody once asked another Where did you learn wisdom from and he said from those people who are ignorant

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and we see that sometimes a person has some special abilities some special skill and it cannot come out unless a person goes through some difficulty.

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So a person should accept the difficulty acknowledge it because only then can the good come out of it.