Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 24 – L249D

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Sounds a blemishes on rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 249 sora min I am number 69 to 85.

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And under either Ludhiana yuja de Lune, Fei Attila he, and now your cell phone. Do you not consider those who dispute concerning the signs of Allah? How are they overdid?

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You think about it, the mention of medalla with the ayatollah, it comes again and again, in the surah, especially alladhina yuja, the unifi Ayatollah This is mentioned again and again. Why? Because it shows how often people do it. So many people do it, because this is what prevents a person from accepting the idea.

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Whether it's hokum, or it is the religion of anything. What is it that prevents a person from accepting it, it's dial in the ayatollah. And also it shows how wrong it is how much Allah dislikes it. So alone Torah in alladhina yuja de Luna fi Aya Tila, have you considered those people who do do that in the eyes of Allah? Have you reflected on them? Have you seen them? Have you ever heard their arguments? Have you ever heard their objections? Have you ever reflected on their situation? And now your cell phone? It's amazing, from where are they averted? that they do not reflect they do not use your minds. They only assume to be intelligent. And it's amazing how the truth is obvious. But still

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they're doing to dial in the ayatollah. So what do we learn from this, that a person who does detail in the eyes of Allah is not really using his mind. He's not really reflecting on the eye of Allah.

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He's raising objections based on lack of knowledge, he is refusing to accept them because of lack of understanding, lack of reflection, because the person who will use his mind it cannot be that he hears what Allah has said. And he objects at it, especially after learning about all of these is that Allah is the one who controls your life, he controls your death, he controls your, your process of aging, even everything is in his control, then how is it possible that a person will hear an eye of Allah and he will do to that? So a person who does you dial in the Ayat of Allah, it shows the lack of knowledge that he has, because Allah says, a new sort of phone from where they turned away?

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Who are they a Latina, camdeboo, Bill kitabi, those who deny the book, which book, the book that Allah has revealed, whether it is that Allah that Allah revealed at that time, at the time of musar listener, or it is the NGO or it is the Quran to the scripture that Allah has revealed those who deny it. And also they deny a Webby man or son NaVi hero Selena, and that which we have sent our messengers with, and what does it refer to everything else, but the Scripture. For example, for the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he wasn't just given the Quran, but also the sun. No, no, sorry, Sam. He wasn't just given the total. He wasn't just given the commandments, but he was also given miracles.

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So what do you make out of sudden ivyrose Solana? So those people who do do that in the eyes of Allah, what do they want to achieve by doing today, that they want to deny the keytab and they also deny what Allah has sent His messengers with, for Sophia, Allah won't soon they will know what will they know the consequence of their denial.

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And when will they know it will have led up to him when the shackles are around their necks was sedessa lu and also the chains use how boon they will be dragged by those shackles and those chains they'll be dragged.

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And when will this be in the hereafter in the punishment of that is the plural of wood and gold is used for anything through which the limb of a person is bound is tied up. It could be a handcuff, it could be a neck collar, it could be a rope, it could be a chain, but generally the word of land is used for neck collars. So it is a laloux feet or knocking him when the collars will be around their necks.

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This is so humiliating,

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so humiliating, typically an animal, he is tied around his neck. But we see that the criminals and the hereafter those who died in the eyes of Allah too arrogant to submit to Allah, it will allow up to him and also was sassy too, and also the chains. Cell acid is a product of Silsila and Silsila is used for a chain that is used to tie or bind a prisoner

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to Murphy suits a lot in Xero has ever been drawn for Solukhumbu Hulu. So what's the lesson and also the chains meaning these chains will also be around their necks. And with these collars and with these chains, use Habu

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They will be dragged, they will be pulled us her wounds from seeing how the answer is to drag something. What does that mean? to drag something? You see one is that something that is vertical you're pulling it like for example a door you pull it open, but the other is that something is sitting on the ground. Like for instance a table, a huge piece of furniture, a sofa. So, what do you have to do you have to drag it.

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So how from the same route is used for clouds. Why? Because they're also drag. So use harpoon, they will be dragged they will be trailed on the ground, the chains will be attached to the shackles and the keepers of * will drag them along on their faces. And they will be dragged into what Phil hammy into the boiling hot water.

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In Hellfire, there are different types of punishments, different types, and people will be punished through different different punishments one after the other

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from one place of torture one place of punishment to another, so there'll be dragged with these chains into boiling hot water and then from there, some of inadi use jamun then they will be filled with flame in the fire then there'll be taken back into the fire and over there they will be set ablaze use Joan seen Jean or cetera and cetera is to light something on fire to burn something.

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Like for example, there is an oven and you fill it up with fire. So use German they will be set ablaze they'll be filled with fire,

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which I had said that there'll be lit on fire and hence they will become the fuel of hellfire.

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Intro so fat is 6768 we learn so much in Allahumma salli ala shoba min Hamid, some intimate Gera who let him then indeed they will have after it a mixture of boiling hot water and then indeed their return will be due the fire incidence of man I have 43 to 45 how he Johanna Malati you can be will be helmet remove your Khufu anabaena hair will be in a home even and they will go around between it and boiling hot water that is heated to the utmost degree. So we see that the punishment

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will be of various types of boiling hot water of fire itself and they will be transferred from one punishment to the other taken from one punishment to the other. incidents of the Han I have 47 to 50 we learn Hulu 42 illa Sawa injure him,

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it will be commanded sees him and drag him into the midst of the fire. So masuku see many other meme, then pour over his head from the dormant of boiling hot water.

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And it will be said, Look this this in under Aziza Kareem, indeed, you were very honored, you were very noble in

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the heat. And indeed, this is what you're used to dispute what you used to doubt concerning.

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So we see that the reason behind you that is pride, arrogance, and those who are arrogant alone will humiliate them.

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Those who are too proud to accept what Allah has commanded. They know what Allah has commanded, but still they have a list of excuses, a list of justifications, a list of objections.

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And we have to be very careful. Because very easily we say, I don't understand, why do I have to do this, but this is not practical. It's not practical for me. This is the Ayat of Allah, when Allah has given a command, our response should be severe. Now what Aparna?

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And if a person says no, but it's not practical, no, but it doesn't make sense. This is general in the eyes of Allah and the consequences are very serious.

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So mozzarella, whom then it will be set to them in America to shikun where is that which you used to associate? That which you used to turn to other than Allah, that which you used to worship other than Allah? Where are they can they help you today? Mendelian Allah He besides Allah, you used to worship them, you used to associate them with Allah kalu their response will be Balu and they got lost from us. They have forsaken us. They have abandoned us. We do not see them. We do not know where they are. They have gone away. They cannot do anything for us. Balu on

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and then they will say, but Lana, connecther room and kabu Shay, but rather, we never used to call upon before anything. What does it mean by this, that they will outright deny the worship of other than

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They will say no we never used to worship other than Allah they will deny it outright, like incidental and II 23 we learn when like European American language Tiki, they will say by Allah our Lord we never did shit we will never have those riches.

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So even over here they will say but alumna Kannada Roman cover, Lucia.

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And secondly, this statement is also understood as their confession that those who we were calling upon before they were in reality nothing

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but lambda code another room and they were in reality nothing. We called upon them we worship them, we went to them we asked them, but they were nothing they were non existent. Because what does Allah subhanaw taala say about false gods in here in that there are only names, some may do more, which you have named which you have assigned. You have invented there is no reality to false gods they're not actually gods. But lambda could another room in Cabo, Lucia, they will realize that they will confess them, but today they're not willing to confess the Dalai Lama who care for him. Thus does Allah send a stray who the disbelievers why because of their girlfriend because of their ship, that

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they will even lose their mind in the hereafter that they have been doing work all their lives and in the Hellfire Delta we never did.

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karate Can you be on caffeine?

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Or we can also understand this as that in this dunya they're worshipping them in the hereafter they will realize they were nothing.

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They only con that is so meaning this punishment that is described above. Why is it so why it's such a severe punishment Bhima contempt for hoonah fill out the belated help, because you used to exalt upon the earth without any right wabi Malecon, number one and because you used to behave Incidentally, the for hoonah Pharaoh have fought for is to be happy. And it's used in both positive way and also negative way. When it's positive it is when a person is happy upon receiving something, and you can see the happiness. And when it's negative, it is a state of happiness in which a person begins to show off. He becomes crowd and mainly for his over immediate or physical pleasure,

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physical, immediate or worldly enjoyment.

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so that he could be more content or for hoonah film or the belated Hulk, you used to be very happy upon the earth. You were very happy, and you had no right to have that happiness. You had no right to be happy. wabi malcontent and rahoon. And because you used to exalt what is the mean by this, that you had no right to be happy? What is it that they were very happy about?

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This is like the form of PowToon that you used to be extremely happy, and you would show off and you were ungrateful. Instead of turning to Allah being grateful, you became arrogant upon receiving blessings.

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And because of that arrogance, you committed many crimes. Like for example, desert island, the ayatollah, for instance, in the previous if we learned about our own throne had everything of this dunya we learnt about Cartoon Cartoon also had a lot. He was extremely wealthy. But that, well, that luxury, it led them to pride, it led them to Judah in the ayatollah, it led them to committing many sins. And those sins, they became very proud of them, they were so happy about them as if they were doing something good.

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And isn't it so that people are doing wrong things, but they do them with so much delight, so much happiness, so confidently? How happy people look when they're doing something wrong, when they walk up a stage, dressed in a very inappropriate way, saying inappropriate, things are happy, they look how proud they feel that economic content of Rihanna fell off,

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you did wrong things. And you were so happy over them and you had no right to be happy about doing those wrong things. Then you can make content of her own FM or the vital health webinar content and rahoon. And because you used to exalt number one is from Mario and Mario is the stage after four. When a person is extremely happy, such that he begins to belittle those who have less than him. And he begins to disrespect those who have more than him who are better than him or greater than him. So when we make content on rahoon, that because of these blessings, you became so happy, you became so proud, you belittle those who were lesser than you, and you were arrogant towards those who are

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greater than you will be malcontent. amerihome and many times what happens that such kind of happiness takes a person to being arrogant towards even Allah subhanaw taala even his commands his words. And if you think about it, Allah subhanaw taala has filled this earth with many blessings, but

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As a writer with his blessings, the one who believes in Him or the one who believes in Him, the one who believes in him.

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But still, we see that there are those who disbelieve in a love but still they're enjoying many blessings. And what happens when they enjoy those blessings? Are they grateful? No, they begin to rejoice, they begin to exalt they begin to use those blessings against the deen of Allah. So this is the reason why they will be punished in the hereafter that they enjoyed the blessing so much yet they were never grateful.

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So ingratitude is also a crime.

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You had so much, you had no right over it. You are so happy. You are so proud. You are so boastful. But you never turn to Allah, in humility in gratitude, and a believer, what is his way? What should be his way that when he receives a blessing, he should be grateful, he should not be arrogant, when he receives a blessing, you should become more obedient, you should become more humble. And he should leave disobedience. It will be said all the Hulu abueva Johanna, enter the gates of *, Holly Dena fee her abiding there in eternity. Once you enter, after that there is no return. carlina fee her for the summit one Matata butene. So how evil is the abode of those who are arrogant?

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And who are those who are arrogant? Who does it refer to you? Those who did for those that matter? and also those that are detail in the ayatollah. And here the web of Hellfire mentioned how many of whom are there? Seven and so the hedgeye 4344 we learn what in Niger hannema Marine marine that has several to liko leave every men home just a maximum it has seven gates and for every gate is of them a portion that is designated.

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And once people they enter Holly Dena fee her just like a criminal when he's given a life sentence as he enters the prison. Take one look, one last time finished. You're never going back for someone with a kabillion Who are those who end up there. Those who are proud those who are arrogant. So pride arrogance is something extremely dangerous. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said he will not enter Paradise who has in his heart an atom's week of arrogance. an atom's weight of arrogance. Because even an atom's weight of arrogance is enough to prevent a person from accepting the command of Allah submitting to Allah. Allah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said every weekend for obscure

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person who the people look down upon, but his oath is fulfilled by Allah when he takes an oath to do something.

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And may I inform you of the people of Hellfire, they are those who are violent, those who are arrogant, and those who are stubborn. They are the people of hellfire. And the people of general who humble whom people belittle whom people look down on.

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But when they make an oath, Allah fulfills that. And people of Hellfire Who are they, those who are violent, arrogant and stubborn.

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First bit, so be patient. The profits are a lot of cinemas being advised, be patient have patience, over what over the opposition over the ridiculous over the doodad. Because remember that in the world of law, you have indeed the promise of a live stream which promise, the truth will prevail, no matter how much people refuse it, no matter how much people try to suppress it.

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In noir de la help for Emmanuel de en Naka, and also promise of a lot refers to the punishment that is promised for those who do that in the eyes of Allah as described in the previous ayah for imaginary Annika, then if we show you variable leadin, or at home some of that which we threaten them, meaning if the punishment on these people comes during your life

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and notice how the punishment is described as borrow bernadina some of that which we threatened them, because Indonesia, no matter what punishment a person suffers, it's only partial.

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Whereas the rest of it whereas a greater portion of India. So for imaginary and recoverable let the Narita home owner our fire nicor we give you that meaning the punishment does not fall on these people during your life rather it comes after you die for Elena yujiro that in either case, they're coming back to us.

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So in other words, whether the punishment comes immediately or it is delayed, ultimately, it will definitely come to them because for Elena yujiro they can never escape us. Intro to Zoho fire fortunately we learn for him and at Havana rica for in our main home in Turkey moon Oh nohrian Nicola de vida now home for inner la mahkota de Lune. And whether or not we take you away in that indeed we will take retribution from them

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or whether or not we show you that which we have promised them indeed we are perfect inability. We can punish them.

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One or the other Santa Rosa.

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I'm in publica and we have already sent messengers before you. This is not something new. Many messengers have been sent before. And men whom from among those messengers are those who man cosna alayka we have narrated upon you, meaning we have informed you about their news. And in that is a great lesson for all of us, women home and all those messengers are those who Magnum Naxos alayka, we have not informed you about them, we have not narrated their news upon you, we have not told you about them. So, there have been many messengers who came before Prophet sallallahu. Some messengers, Allah informed us often, and other messengers, he did not inform us of them. But Allah did send many

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messengers and all of those messengers, what did they face opposition from their people? There weren't a few messengers, there were many, many messengers who came, and all of them face difficulties and trials, save the Messenger of Allah face difficulties and trials. It was not something new. He was not alone in that.

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And in this is a great lesson for us that even if a person faces some difficulty in the way of Allah, he should remember there have been so many people before who suffered in the way of Allah. If I'm suffering today, I'm not alone. This is not something new. But we see that throughout history, who did Allah assist those who were on his way? In certain NASA I 164 we learn what are the causes now Homer Aleikum and kaaboo masala Nam Naxos. Omar Lake McCallum, Allahu Masada crema. In total for can i a 38 where are they and what the mood was habit was See, will Karuna baynard elica kathira many Quran many generations between and we don't know about them, Allah did not inform us of them

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into abrahamyan nine lm you could never

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call me know where Arden was, I would remember to him lay on him in the law. No one knows him but Allah because Allah did not inform us of that.

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One I kind of knew my sulan and it is not for a messenger meaning it's not possible for a messenger that a yet dlba I think that he would bring a sign in levy vanilla except by the permission of Allah, and what this ayah mean over here, miracle, and also a verse, so no messenger could produce an idea by himself, he could not produce a miracle by himself. Every time he performed a miracle every time he presented an idea before people it was by the permission of Allah. Remember the story of Rhys Arneson. Every time he performed a miracle, what did he say?

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The evening, the evening Bismillah Bismillah. with the permission of Allah for either general law, he then when the command of a lock in which command the command of their punishment final decision came the punishment of the people. And when does that come? When the people deny the AI when the people deny the miracle? for either general law, he will help it was decreed with the truth meaning with justice, which is that will hospital hoonah legal morbidly known that the falsifies the followers of falsehood, they incurred loss waha Sera, Sera, he suffered loss who who nanika right there. And then when the amount of a law came when the decision of Allah came, who lost, it was the

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mobile phone. It wasn't the messengers. But it was a mobile, mobile played on Laurel of mobile, who is mostly the one who follows falsehood. The truth is there. The truth is clear. But he does with it. He does not accept it. He does not submit to it, and he clings to badly. So those who claim to battle what happens to them ultimately, they finish. They're defeated. Those who oppose the messengers, they were finished. Like for example,

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he was a Muslim follower fault. So the truth was clear. But what happened was he Rahu narikala booboo, so it's only a matter of few days before the deniers are caught. So be patient and keep focused on what you're doing.

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A lovely lady, Jelena Kemal Anoma, Allah is the one who has made for you. The grazing livestock, different different animals of livestock. Why later kabu minha so that you can embark on some of them, you embark on them, like for example, camels woman has canola and some of these animals you eat like for example,

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God goods and a home does not include chicken, okay?

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And, um, are

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grazing livestock animals that graze like cows, what else? sheep, goats, camels grazing.

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So women have the Quran and from them you eat as well. What does it mean by this from them you eat of it, you eat?

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What do we eat of these animals? First of all,

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Does the person eat all of the animals that he has? Not necessarily.

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He may have cows and oxen, but it's not necessarily that all of them have been kept for the purpose of consumption.

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Some are kept for the purpose of tilling the land as well, right for farming purposes. cemetery camels, people don't buy them necessarily to eat them, but they buy them also for writing. So men has acun first of all means that not all of them, but some of them you eat. Secondly, it also means that from them you eat meaning their meat,

00:25:34 --> 00:25:39

you don't eat the bones. Some people do that too. They like chewing on the bones.

00:25:40 --> 00:25:48

So mean hydrocodone and also their milk. And then the milk byproducts and the meat byproducts you eat them as well.

00:25:49 --> 00:25:50

So woman had a

00:25:51 --> 00:26:34

little kaboom, in her woman had a crush on every part of the animal is not necessarily eaten, can be consumed. Every part is not necessarily eaten. Like for example, the eyes can't eat them. You can eat the brain, you can eat the feet, but you can't eat the eyes. So women have been part of it. Part of it, some of it you eat, and what is it that people eat, which they prefer? Which they like an every person has his own choice. I like this part of meat when there is a chicken for example, people like their specific pieces of meat so I mean, not that good on your choice. So this shows us the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala that he has provided us these animals, such a huge favor. These

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animals we use them for different purposes. We also eat them, and we enjoy them

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into the SR 7173. Same thing as mentioned that LLM euro and the Huracan Allahu mimma Amina Idina, an arm and for whom Allah Malecon Allah is the one who has created these animals and people, they become their Malik, who gave them the right to be there, Malik Allah, with Allah Allah who and we have made them humble for them. We have subjugated them, for people from in Heroku boom woman hi Kowloon. Well, we have enough here what machete will fly your school over here Allah says welcome fee him and after. And for you. There are other benefits in these animals. There are many other benefits for human after a plural of mantra such as their milk, their offspring, therefore, there

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will Juanita boo or lay her so that you can attain through these animals upon them has written a need which needs that is feasible, do recall that is in you're just meeting a need a desire that you have in your heart, you satisfy that desire, you fulfill that need How? By using these animals? What does this mean? That you can go wherever you want to when you ride these animals.

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And you know, sometimes it's harder is also the desire to ride a camel. So what do you who are hesitant to do recon primarily, this refers to travel that through these animals, you're able to reach different places and get what you want. And notice how it has been harder than fucile dhulikhel that how did that is in your heart when you really want to go there? But how are you able to go to these animals

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and you can understand this today that you really want to go to certain places but how can you go there only if you have a car and the person who does not have a car does not have that luxury, he realizes this blessing

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and people who have it they're driving here driving there whenever they want to take the keys and take the car and go then they get so accustomed to the blessing right. So the taboo earlier had them fusil do recall where I lay upon these animals were a little funky and upon the ships to Him alone, you are carried on these animals you are carrying meaning you travel and on the ships you travel. On land you travel how over these animals and on sea. You travel how by ships instead of five to seven it is mentioned while an AMA Hall aka the comfy hydrophone woman if your woman has cologne while comfy her German on hanaa to the hoonah we're heinous rahoon

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escala Camila Bella the lambda Coronavirus de inhibition can enforce in our bakoma over him

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that these animals they carry your burdens for you. And if you were to carry them yourself, it would be very difficult for you. And especially in mountainous areas, what happens even if people have Jeeps, but still animals are used. Why? Because it's much easier in certain movements and I have 21 to 22 we're in Allah config and armillary Bora no speaker may Murphy boo boo Nia, while a comfy hum an afro cathedra woman has Kuru, while a while and full Caterham alone.

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Allah says Will you do it

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shows you His signs, he shows you his if so many proofs of his existence, proofs of his oneness proofs of his many favors upon you His mercy on you. Why? statue humble before him, you turn to him, you pray to Him, you obey Him, you listen to him. But for a delay you don't kill on. So which of the signs of Allah? Can you deny? Which of the signs of Allah Do you deny? How can you deny what can you deny? Meaning you cannot? Because everything you have is from Allah, everything that's mentioned over here, the power of that is with Allah, how can you deny you cannot deny, because there's so many ayah and they're so clear. So we see that a loss of parallel data shows us many signs within

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ourselves outside of ourselves, time to time again and again, in our lives, through the things that are around us. And there's no way that we can deny them.

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Flm You see, have they not traveled through the land? famzoo so they look gave a Kanaka to Lydia makaveli him? How was the end of those people who were before them? The people before what did they do, they denied the eyes of Allah. And the people before can actually come in home. They were more numerous than that meaning in numbers, the people of the past were more. And there were also a shadow quwata they were stronger in their strength. They were much more stronger than the people up today.

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And if you look at it, each generation is weaker than the previous one.

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This yesterday, I was talking to my aunt and she said she went for a walk. I mean, when she was telling me where exactly she went. I was surprised that she went and took a whole round and sick. I was wondering, I asked her Did you not get tired? She said no, no, if I take two or three rounds, and Okay, Tara said I'll get tired when I even reach there.

00:31:57 --> 00:32:21

And you took one round and you came back and you're not dying. So we see this that even the generation of today, they're weaker than the previous generation. You cook one day in the kitchen, you're tired and your mother cooks every single day. You go to the dishwasher, one thing I could have done so much and she does it all the time. So the people of the past they were much stronger, much stronger, was shed the water

00:32:22 --> 00:32:25

and they were also stronger in what what I thought on film,

00:32:26 --> 00:32:46

in their, in their remnants, meaning the remnants that they left their traces that they left in the year. They were much greater. The monuments they built. The things they made, the art they had. The paintings, they made the clothes they made the clothes, the state whatever they made, they exist still today.

00:32:47 --> 00:33:31

But Allah says firmer on our own home McCann we xe boon. Whatever they used to acquire, it did not benefit them. When they disbelieved in Allah when they denied the Ayat of Allah, family of nine Houma can we exceed their earnings? Whatever they acquired, it did not help them. When, when the punishment of Allah descended. So we see that in this as a clear warning that the people of the past they were greater, they were stronger. But Allah destroyed them. Why because of their sins. And why did they say because they were overly engrossed in the dunya? Because what is mentioned over here have a shot the whole work and what I found on film of what does it show they were engrossed in the

00:33:31 --> 00:33:42

dunya. Because only then a person is concerned about building huge monuments, and making strong things and all of that only then a person is busy and doing these things.

00:33:43 --> 00:33:49

So they were engrossed in this dunya. And when they were shown the ayatollah, they had no interest

00:33:50 --> 00:34:02

for them to go through and build a net. And when their messengers came to them with clear proofs, what was their reaction 30 hoobie Marine domina Lane, they merely rejoiced in what they had of knowledge, who,

00:34:03 --> 00:34:10

the people, the messengers, they came to them with clear evidences, but the people they were very happy with the knowledge that they had,

00:34:11 --> 00:34:17

they were content with it, which is why they never bothered to pay attention to what the messengers brought.

00:34:18 --> 00:34:56

What we know is sufficient, what we know is enough, what we know is much better. Look at our art, look at our architecture, look at our beliefs, what the messenger has brought, they were never interested in it will be marrying the woman and what How could he McCann who he is does he own, but they were enveloped by what they used to ridicule. Because fairy who is also understood as the market that the market what women in the home in and what they had of knowledge, who had acknowledged a second meaning is what the messengers had of knowledge. So the knowledge that the messengers brought the people they marked at it. So the messengers, they told them about the oneness

00:34:56 --> 00:34:59

of Allah, they told him about the Hereafter, the people they marked at it.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:21

So what they're marked at it's surrounded them fellow magic or to musubi by Gina fairy habima in the humanitarian, well, how could we him McCann will be here soon. So what do we learn? There are two types of knowledge. One is the knowledge of dunya that people have acquired how to their experience through observation.

00:35:22 --> 00:35:24

The other type of knowledge is what the messengers bring,

00:35:26 --> 00:35:27

which one is better?

00:35:28 --> 00:35:30

That which the messengers bring,

00:35:32 --> 00:35:35

which one is more important that which the messengers bring?

00:35:37 --> 00:35:52

It doesn't mean that the knowledge of dunya is useless, unnecessary? No, it's very important, you need it. However, a person should never be so proud about his worldly knowledge that he begins to belittle the knowledge that the messenger has brought.

00:35:54 --> 00:35:59

But unfortunately, what has become the way of many people today, they will listen to a person

00:36:00 --> 00:36:10

because they have a PhD in such and such, because they have a master's in such and such. And if a person has studied the Quran, then they don't give any importance. This is wrong.

00:36:12 --> 00:36:35

Yes, the knowledge of the dunya it gives you a broader perspective. It opens up your mind, it definitely helps a person. However, we see that if a person becomes proud over worldly knowledge, then this is incorrect. Because the people of the past suffered from this problem. They boasted over 40 who they were proud, they would boast

00:36:36 --> 00:36:46

and many times people are very proud about the knowledge that people have come up with the theories that they have invented the philosophies that they have come up with, which is why they belittle the religion of Allah.

00:36:48 --> 00:36:50

Instead of the room is heaven. Allah says Dr. Luna

00:36:51 --> 00:36:52

dounia Homer and

00:36:54 --> 00:37:32

they know what is apparent of the worldly life but they have the hereafter unaware this is the case of many people. They're very proud about their worldly knowledge. But when it comes to the deen, completely ignorant, so we have to be careful for them no but center. And when they saw our punishment who the people of the past who were very proud about their worldly knowledge, their worldly skills, their worldly expertise. Furthermore, Albert Santa, when they saw our punishment called Mr. novella, they said we believe in Allah was the only walk I found that and we disbelieve the Mako Navajo machine with that which we used to associate with him. All those beings that we

00:37:32 --> 00:38:14

associated with Allah, we denied them today. Like, for example, for I'm very proud of a civilization for ecoman Musleh. Very proud, he belittled what Mossad is Anambra didn't pay any attention to it, did you deal with it? And what happened? When the punishment came upon him, he said, I believe in Allah instituted in 1991, or two under who La ilaha illAllah de m, and at the Hebrew Israelites were elemental muslimeen. He said, that I believe that there is no deity except that in whom the children of Israel I believe, and I want the Muslims, but Allah says, follow me aqui And Pharaoh whom he may know, but their Eman it did not benefit them. Moreover, so now when they saw our punishment,

00:38:15 --> 00:39:00

when they saw the punishment, and they believed at that time, then their Eman did not help them. And this is some Nutan law, the way of Allah. This is how Allah deals with the people. And this is allottee, which are the 100 theory that he which has, in fact fast with regards to this service, meaning every time if a person believes at the time of death, any person, no matter what you do, no matter what age if he believes at the time of death, once the punishment has come upon him, is it accepted from him? It's not accepted. Well, hasura hoonah little coffee rune and right there, when the punishment came, those who were disbelievers, they suffered great loss. And what this hasira

00:39:00 --> 00:39:05

mean over here, they were destroyed their Haasan their loss, it became apparent to everyone.

00:39:06 --> 00:39:19

Because once the punishment has come, then even if a person repents, even if a person believes it will not benefit him. So what does this teach us that the time to submit to the ayatollah is now

00:39:22 --> 00:39:28

and if a person becomes arrogant, then even if he tries to accept at the time of death, it will be of no use.

00:39:30 --> 00:39:47

And if a person is arrogant, he will only be degraded, if you go back to the beginning of the surah, that how the sifat of Allah were mentioned that he is lofted them abilityto shadie, that are called Defoe aren't these Cepat elaborated in the sutra

00:39:48 --> 00:39:59

that he is the throw he has given so much to people. And he should either call for who those who become arrogant, those who refuse to humble themselves and those who turn to a lot the right

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00

Time He is

00:40:20 --> 00:40:21


00:40:37 --> 00:40:38

been here was

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poverty can mean

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a long

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00:43:04 --> 00:43:05

Are you ready?

00:43:38 --> 00:43:41

Can we xe boo,

00:43:46 --> 00:43:47


00:43:55 --> 00:43:55

boo boo

00:44:34 --> 00:44:37

for the following three reberty

00:44:47 --> 00:44:48

will be handicapped

00:44:49 --> 00:44:53

anta a stockbroker wanted to be like Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Ghafir 56-85 Tafsir 69-85

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