Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 12 – L120E

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Took a no fee here. It was as if they never lived there before.

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As if there was no life, no activity, no business, no commerce over there before. And what are the Lima dm unquestionably aware with my dm, meaning may they be cursed come a very good mood, just as some mood was distanced away, just as some mood was removed away from the mercy of

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the people of some other mentioned over here. Why?

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Because the people have some mood. They were in a way their neighbors they lived around the same area. Their place where they used to live was near to the place where the people of Medina used to live.

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Similarly, the punishment that struck the people of Medina was similar to the punishment that struck the people of the mood that are that was the same. They were similar in their disbelief and alternative of the crimes that they committed highway robbery.

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And they were also both Arabs. So Allah subhanaw taala says at a border Lima, Deanna come a buried samode distanced away removed away are the people of Medina, just as the people of the mood were removed away.

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You know, this expression over the limit the camera battery that some would, as if they were thrown away, just like the people of some mood or thrown away, what does it show that Allah subhanaw taala is so funny, he is so rich, he is so free of me, he does not need people.

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He does not need them. He destroyed one nation, he destroyed another one. When I help her recover, he does not fear the consequences at all.

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If we believe if we obey, it's for our own benefit.

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If we worship Allah, if we accept the teachings that are less apparent, it has given it's for our own benefit. We're not benefiting a lot. Because he does not care.

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And a burden Lima Deanna, come a very that's a mood, just as the people of some mood were removed away from the mercy of Allah.

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If we look at it, the people of Meridian, they were not willing to change their ways.

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They were not willing to change their lives, whether it was their religious traditions, or it was their financial practices, they weren't willing to change them.

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No matter what the messenger said they weren't willing to accept. But did their system continue?

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Did their lifestyle continue? It did not.

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Anything that a person does in this world. It does not continue sooner or later, it's going to come to an end.

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And it's unfortunate that a person would strive to preserve it, at the expense of displeasing Allah spend at the expense of upsetting almost

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like, for example, a person wants to get a house through * and get an education through heaven. Do something get money through heroin? Okay. Do it

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will be it will be him denying the ayatollah rejecting them. But how long will you live in that house? How long will that house last? How long will that money last? How long will that education last? For how long? A few years, a couple of years. But sooner or later it's going to come to an end. Allow me Have no fear. It was as if they never lived over there. But this is the test.

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This is how we are tested that do we give importance to something that's going to benefit us for a few years only? Or something that's going to benefit us eternally in the hereafter? What is it that we give preference to?

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One or the other? sellner Mousavi Aya Tina, and certainly we sent musar lisanna as a messenger with our science. What does it mean by science?

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The various miracles that moussaka Sunnah was given.

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And over here in particular, I add refers to the tangible signs, the tangible miracles that were physical that could be seen by the people, like for example, that are saw journeying into the snake

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or a similarity, the glowing hand or the punishments the various punishments that were sent upon the people of Iran.

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So Allah soprano data sent Messiah center with his Ayad was so funny movies and also a clear authority.

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What does it mean by Sultani? mobian? As you know, the word Sultan has various meanings, evidence argument authority.

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Over here, it has been understood as authority.

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What kind of authority is this,

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that the power that musallam had in conveying the message, the style in which he conveyed the message with so much confidence?

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we learned earlier that when Musashi said I'm sure the miracles were on call that magic. masala Santa was not willing to accept it. He says you call this magic. It's not magic. It's as if he was scolding

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Pharaoh How dare you call this magic?

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For this was so fun, who has the courage to go and speak before a king and a king satisfy their own and say that what you're saying is wrong? How dare you call me a magician?

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Musa SNM was given so funny movie in a clear authority.

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Secondly, so far we've been has also been understood as the OSI, in particular, his staff, why? Because a staff it's a symbol of strength. It's a symbol of support.

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So musasa was given many ads, and amongst them in particular, there are saw which is called so called a movie. Because this I saw, it defeated the magicians. they parted the seat, it performed various miracles.

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And musasa was sent to who elevator owner woman that he to fit our own and his mullet. What does it mean by my lap, the elite, the elite of the society, the Coptic people, forever also they followed, meaning the people instead of following the messenger, who do they follow and refer on the command of

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what was a command of her own.

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He had said that another book woman, Darla, I am your Lord. So they followed him. they obeyed Him, they continue to worship Him.

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I'm gonna fit her own the affair fit our own the system, the matter of fit our own, of not accepting new status and challenging him. The people followed him in that

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instead of using their own mind, what did they do, they followed fit.

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They followed him, they followed his path in the way of transgression against the messenger.

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Woman to fit her own. And the armor of her own the command of her own was not at all below she It was not at all rightly guided

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Rashid, again, we're doing this work on the roof letters that are seen that and what is it that which is upright conduct that which is rational, that which is rightly guided, so his command was not correct at all, it did not lead them to hate.

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So we see that the people have had our own instead of following musar, listen, they followed Pharaoh, why,

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because fit our own head lunia he had a great title, a great position, authority, wealth, fame, glory.

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And on the other hand, we'll start to set him he was one of the bunnies, a slave nation.

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He was from a slave nation, he didn't have that money. He didn't have that authority. He didn't have all the glamour and beauty and Xena that fit our own and his people had.

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So just imagine fit our own on one side. And one side is that on one side? What do you think that people were impressed by?

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The content, meaning what the messenger was saying or what fit or own was saying or what was obvious, meaning the appearance of musasa with the appearance of film they follow to their own because of his appearance. They didn't look at what musasa was saying, and what fit or own was saying.

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What for their own was saying was completely irrational, illogical. How, like, for example, when he brought the magicians in competition with musasa, he was defeated. He was a loser over there. But still because he had so much money because he had so much power instead of believing in most artists and him instead of following him good people follow it on

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their own said I am God. Can any human claim that he is God? If he says that? What are you going to think?

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What are you going to think about him? that something's wrong with his mind? he's claiming to be God, then how come he can die? How come his father died? How come his mother died? How can he become sick? How can you feel sad? How can you be God? What fitter own said was completely irrational. But still people followed him because of his appearance, because of his wealth, because of his money. And what Musashi Sam said was very rational, that don't oppress the money. You let them go.

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The one who created you worship Him, be slaves to him. Don't be slaves to one another. Don't be slave to this dunya but still the people followed.

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Because people get impressed by that which is obvious by the apparent only. They don't look beyond the appearance.

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We learn about fit our own that for our saw fit our own of asuna for a while now who then will be there but fit our own. he disobeyed the messenger so we seized him with a severe punishment.

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This was the armor of Iran disobeying the messenger.

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And the people followed him in that

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Yakubu coma who he will proceed his people Yakubu from the petrous off

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The mean and other myectomy is to go ahead of someone

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to lead someone by walking in front of them by being in front of them.

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So Yakubu karma who he will proceed his people, meaning he will lead his people who are his people, those who follow him when Yokoyama on the Day of Judgment, the people who follow for your own, who do the same that fit our own did, whether it was at his time or after him, fit our own is going to lead all such people on the Day of Judgment. What does it mean by that?

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Anyone who follows the footsteps of their own, in being arrogant,

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in refusing to submit, in refusing to worship Allah, in oppressing people,

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in whatever they in whatever age it is, no matter what era it is, such a person is going to be led by who fit.

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Even if there is no relationship between the two. Even if that person is not Coptic is not Egyptian, but he follows the way of their own, he will be led by film, because Alvaro mermen

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a person is with those whom he loves.

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Which is why we learned that a person who refuses to praise Allah,

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who will he be with in the Hereafter, people like fit our own, and hammer.

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Because refusing to pray, is extreme arrogance. Extreme arrogance. This is following the footsteps of Pharaoh.

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So the way he led the people in dunya, the way the people followed him in disobedience in arrogance, the way he led his people into the middle of the sea, drowning all of them. Similarly, he will lead his people on the Day of Judgment. And where is he going to take them to the Hellfire for our other home, so he will lead them and now into the fire?

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Oh, water from the roof as well or that wood is to come to water.

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It is basically to arrive at a watering place.

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So he is going to lead them to the fire. Why is this word used over here? Oh, the homeowner

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that he is going to lead them to the watering place of the hellfire.

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If you look at it, the day of judgment is so intense, it is so long. It is so difficult

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that people will say get us out of here take us to our destination. And for them to get out of the Day of Judgment is like going to a watering place

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and for their own is going to take them out from that place to where to the Hellfire to get some Sakina to get some peace to get some comfort, but they're not going to find any comfort over there. For a while the homeowner will be saddled with the mold and also just imagine a flock of sheep that is being driven by the shepherd to the watering place. To the waterhole just imagine how the sheep are following the shepherd how they're coming, one after the other in obedience. This is how all the people who follow their own in behavior are going to follow for their own on the day of judgment to Hellfire

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will be saddled with dumo rude, and how wretched is the place to which they are LED, how wretched how evil is the place to which they are LED.

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And with is the place of arrival, which is basically from the same route as our other world order. And it's a watering place, a place where animals come in order to get water in order to drink,

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which is also used for a thirsty person or a caravan that has gone out in search of water. So where is the place where they arrived?

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So how evil is this watering place? Animal the one that they are led to the one that they are brought to the one that they will be brought to in order to quench their thirst modal this buffoon

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so with the place Elmo route, that they are brought to

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how wretched how evil is that place. And this place Hellfire is described as a watching place by way of sarcasm.

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By way of sarcasm.

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In the dunya they followed him to literally the watering place to the middle of the sea and the hereafter they will follow him into the hellfire.

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So how even as this place that they will arrive at what would be true, and they were made to follow, he had he in this meaning in this world, they were made to follow learner curse. In this dunya they ended up with curse who, the people who followed around.

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When y'all want the AMA and also on the Day of Judgment, they will be given what they will be pursued by what curse of Allah.

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So the curse of Allah is upon them in this dunya and also in the Akira bitser reform of food and wretched is the gift which is given how evil is the gift that is given to them.

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We see over here, that a person whoever he follows in this dunya whoever he follows in this lineage, he will be led by him on the Day of Judgment. If a person follows the messenger, if a person follows someone who is righteous, then he will be led by him on the Day of Judgment.

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And how embarrassing if a person is not led by the prophets of Allah sent him on the Day of Judgment.

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Instead, he is led by people like fit our own.

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People who are disbelievers, people who are known for their crimes for their evil for their disobedience to Allah subhanaw taala but unfortunately we blindly follow them we blindly love them without looking at who they really are. We will put their posters up, we will follow them everywhere. We will see what they're saying what they're wearing, what they're doing.

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Do we want to be led by them on the Day of Judgement

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bit service or food? What an evil gift it is that is given. What is this evil gift that is mentioned over here a rift This is referring to curse learner will be roofie had he learned Latin while milk Liam learner is sent upon them in this dunya and also on the day of judgment and what an evil gift it is that is given to them.

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And again, the word gift has been used in the way of sarcasm. The word lift is from the roof letters are all fat that bra for that. And rift is used for a present a gift that is given to someone who is poor, who is needy, who needs that gift.

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There are different types of gifts right? This particular is given to someone who is needy.

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Similarly, the word is used for appointing a stipend for someone what is the stipend

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if someone's on welfare, every month they get a particular amount from the government. So rift is also to appoint a stipend for someone who is it appointed for for someone who is needed for someone who needs that money. And it's given to them regularly. It's not just given to them once and that's it. No, it's given to them every other week, or every month or every few months, sometimes every single week.

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seminary from the same note as a word of alfalfa, and alfalfa was the fund that the people of kadesh used to collect in order to serve the project to serve the pilgrims. They had this fund known as referred for further Rafa Elif del tema, Buta from the same route Rafa. So basically this is a gift that is given to someone who is needy.

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So what is the gift that is given to them on that day, Curse of this dunya and curse of the hereafter. Even our Bessel Dillard who said that a rift refers to a learner borrower, the learner curse after curse what an evil gift it is that is given to them Alma food, the one that is gifted.

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So we see that the lesson in these is for us is that we have to be careful about who we are following.

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Who is it that we're following?

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If you look at it, in all of these stories that we have learned thus far, in this little in particular, there is a messenger who was guarding the people. And on the other side, who is calling them, it's either their idols, or their norms, their practices, their culture, Japan in our need fit our own.

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So we have to choose our leader who is it that we're following today? Who is it that we're obeying today?

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Because whoever we obey today, whoever's footsteps we go on today, we're going to follow them tomorrow as well.

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We're going to follow them tomorrow as well. So we have to be careful

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that you come in and bear in Korra. This is from the news of the cities, Alcoa, Florida area, meaning el metco. What is mentioned thus far, the incidents that have been mentioned thus far. The people of New Ibrahim hood silent Shri Musa Rahim ceramiche Marine, that this is of the news of those towns that know also who we related are they

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upon you may have from it.

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Meaning we're only telling you some information about the incidents that happened in the past with these people with these nations with these rounds. We're not telling you what every single detail we're telling you about what some of the details minha meaning and bad and that is a plural of number. So then you come in and bear in aura No sir alayka and men have are immune from it, our car in war has seen and also harvested

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meaning from the Cora, whom you have learned about, there are some that are caught him and some that are asleep.

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What does it mean by that?

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I am is one that is standing, one that is still alive,

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in the sense that their buildings, their structures, their ruins are still standing today.

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And we see that, for example, for their own, as I mentioned at the end, the buildings that he constructed, they're still standing today. Similarly, the people of some old who lived in houses that they had carved inside mountains there exist in today.

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So men have Karima, it doesn't mean that they're alive today. What it means is that the structures that they built, their remnants are still standing today, but three people have gone. There, people have finished.

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And this is the reality with every single person, that whatever you have today, you are going to go and it's going to stay behind.

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Either it's going to stay behind him, or it's going to be his lead has seen this on the roof of his house.

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And has seen is a field that has been more that has been grieved that has been harvested

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that has been harvested.

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And remember I mentioned to you earlier that one is household and the other is has lead

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hasard with an olive is to harvest at the right time when the fruit is ripe when the crop is ready. And when you do that you gain profit.

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But helsley is that which is more than that which is harvested before time.

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And when a field is harvested before time, and what's the result,

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data loss of the effort of what you've built of what you've done, of what you were looking after completely gone, it's finished because it's not going to bring you any benefit either. So has seed means that there are remnants even are finished, you don't see their remnants even so mean how far in are those towns there are some whose remnants are still standing today. And there are others whose remnants have completely gone today, there are three completely finished, they're completely obliterated from the surface of the earth.

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So we see, for example,

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the nation of wood they were completely destroyed. Whereas a nation of some loot, some of the remnants are presented, the people of her own his remnants are present today.

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Well, now that I'm now home, and we did not run them, meaning we were not unjust towards them, when when we destroyed them,

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because the person may wonder, these people they were destroyed by Allah.

00:23:23 --> 00:23:25

Was this injustice on the part of Allah? No.

00:23:26 --> 00:23:32

Well, no, no, no, we did not do any injustice towards them, by destroying them by punishing them

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when I can, but let me emphasize them they run themselves out by bringing this punishment about on themselves. Because all of their messengers they warn them, knew her lesson and warn the people. And finally we learned about Cerberus and even he warned the people that if you don't change your ways, I fear for you the punishment is going to descend.

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Lutheranism said la some income rajadamnern Rashid.

00:23:58 --> 00:24:09

So the messengers they warn the people they told us about what they were not supposed to do, but still the people did not listen. While I can while I move and foster home they brought about this consequence

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from their own home. So it did not benefit them. What did not benefit them earlier to whom their gods that they have the plural of Illa? Which Gods allottee Yeah, the room and Dune Allah, those whom they used to invoke besides

00:24:26 --> 00:24:28

mincha in anything at all.

00:24:29 --> 00:24:42

The gods whom they used to worship besides Allah, whom they were not willing to give up at any cost, they did not help them when the punishment of unlucky lemma jumbled up when the command of your Lord came

00:24:43 --> 00:24:53

when the punishment came upon the people of New listener, did their idol save them? No, they weren't willing to give them up. But did they save them? They did not.

00:24:54 --> 00:24:59

Likewise with every other nation when the punishment came, did their idols help them at all?

00:25:00 --> 00:25:04

No, they did not help them. In fact, their items even were destroyed.

00:25:05 --> 00:25:19

Similarly, it's possible that a person is preferring this dunya the wealth, or anything of this world over a loss of time. He's giving it preference over a loss of friends.

00:25:20 --> 00:25:24

But think about it, when death approaches a person,

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can these things defend a person? Can they save a person? No, they cannot. The very house that a person builds on her own, and he's not willing to give that up for the sake of a lot. Sometimes a person dies in that same house. That same house, the very car that a person has bought on how long a person meets an accident in that same car,

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that very same car,

00:25:52 --> 00:26:15

from our elements are unknown. And he had to home and let the other owner mundo de la human, che, la magia amarula Big Mama as I do home, and they did not increase them of a lotta to be except in complete destruction, meaning their false gods, they only increase them in destruction that was from the roof letters, but dub, dub,

00:26:17 --> 00:26:45

dub, dub dub, dub means to be destroyed, to be perished. And that beep is to reach destruction, to reach ultimate destruction due to constant loss. So basically, that B is to be headed to destruction is to be on your way to loss and destruction and devastation. Then one step after the other gradually, a person is led to destruction.

00:26:46 --> 00:26:51

So these gods they only lead them to complete annihilation to complete destruction.

00:26:52 --> 00:26:57

They did not give them prosperity, they only led them to their end.

00:26:58 --> 00:27:36

And if you look at it, if a person is spending his life serving this world, then what happens each day, the same dunya that a person is striving to acquire is leading him to his end, a person is losing his time a person is becoming physically enabled, physically exhausted, it's only leading him to his end. Why waste your life? Why waste your energy? Why waste your time in something that is leading you to destruction? Whereas at the same time, the same energy a person uses in the way of Allah? What did we learn? Why is it the kung fu weapon? In our karate? He will increase your inner core.

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And eventually you have to go anyway, then why didn't you go for the sake of Allah?

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So what's the lesson? What's the moral of all of these stories that nothing can be given preference, above a loss of parameter, no family, no wealth, no business,

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no affiliations, no desire, no lust, nothing at all can be given preference, over a loss of panel data. Because if a person gives preference to anything else above Allah, then what's going to happen?

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It's not going to protect him. It's not going to save him.

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And it's only going to increase a person in his destruction. It's going to deteriorate a person, it's not going to increase him. It's going to exhaust a person not nourishing, it's going to drain him, not grow him.

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The only thing that gives benefit to a person is belief in Allah and his obedience, because eventually leads to this unhappiness

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in dystonia, and also India.

00:28:42 --> 00:28:51

So we should live our lives consciously choose wisely about who we want to follow what we want to do, and make the right choices.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these ions.

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The no one

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else baffles

00:29:20 --> 00:29:23


00:29:34 --> 00:29:35


00:29:37 --> 00:29:39

be? Tina wants to

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be enough.

00:29:50 --> 00:29:50


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morphine mochi,

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00:30:23 --> 00:30:23


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learning coming

00:30:34 --> 00:30:34


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board all

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to be

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will be handicapped

Hud 84-101 Word Analysis and Tafsir 95-101

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