Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 12 – L120D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the confusion between their goals and what they say, including the use of "haracing" language and the lack of understanding between them. They stress the importance of respecting family and not harming their reputation, as well as the need for people to show that they can love their partner and their partner's behavior. They also caution against being involved in a situation where someone is causing harm to others and emphasize the need for more positive experiences to help people live their dreams.
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How's it belay Misha? vinylidene Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim.

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Lesson number 120 solitude.

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Now, after Sherry budesonide repeatedly advises nation, what was their response?

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Or do they said, yes, you're able or should a man of color who we don't understand. We don't get it. Kathy Alon much of mimma, the owner of what you see,

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we don't understand much of what you say, we don't get it.

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If you think about it, these people were very smart, very intelligent, when it came to business, when it came to buying and selling, that they would cheat one another.

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And you have to be very smart in order to teach one another.

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Similarly, a person has to be very smart, in order to cut short his, this taxes, etc. So these people, they weren't, you can say dumb, but they were smart. They were intelligent people, especially when it came to worldly affairs were in the matters. However, when it came to religion, what do they say? We don't understand.

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You speak at another level.

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So we see that there was a mental gap between the messenger and between the people.

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Why? Because these people, their objective was the benefits of this world. And the Prophet, the messenger, what was his objective? After.

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And when people have completely different objectives, completely different goals, then they understand things differently as well.

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So they say man of kabuki theater, Army, metal, we don't understand much of what you say,

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Enough cohesion the room fetters fell off have Phil, Phil is to understand something.

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It's not just to see things at their surface, but to know the depth of something as well, to go beyond the obvious

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to know the underlying to know what is behind to know the reason behind something. This is what Phil is. So we don't understand. If you're telling us not to cheat. If you're telling us not to reduce one another day, right? Then we're going to suffer a loss, don't you see that?

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We don't look in the same way as you look, man of coca theorem and metaphor.

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We're in and aloka. And indeed, we see you feanor in us, very fun week.

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So sometimes it happens that you're telling somebody about the Quran. You're telling somebody something about the day, they're like, I'm sorry, I don't get it.

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I don't understand. They cannot understand certain concepts. It just doesn't go in. And it's possible that we were also amongst those people once upon a time

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that Why do women have to do this? or Why do people have to do this? Why do Muslims have to do this? But when you study the Quran, when your focus changes, then you begin to understand, then you begin to understand.

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So the same to him, we don't understand you. And besides, we see you as someone very weak amongst us. But he has one who is suffering from some

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weakness, and why do they say that we see you as weak.

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Because he did not have many supporters. He did not have many supporters.

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It is sad that he was the only person.

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So we see you as the reef, one person, you're very vulnerable. You don't have any defendants, any supporters, and also because his tribe was not on his religion.

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Well, Allah Toka and if it was not for your family, Laura jamnagar, we would have stoned you.

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We only respect you, because of your tribe. If you did not belong to this tribe, we would have finished you we would have killed you. The only reason why you're alive today is because we respect your tribe.

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Letters blah, blah. And the word wants to applies to a group of people, generally less than 10. But more than three

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and from this the word love is used for a tribe, a sub tribe, a clan, a family clan, this sort of thing. So Ross is a family a clan. So if it was not for your clan, we would have stoned you, Mama and and you are not our Naina upon us bureau Z's at all mighty meaning you're not too respectable in our eyes. Remember the different meanings of the word are these one was mighty was one who is precious, mean valuable one who deserves glory.

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So you're not that glorious, respectable in our eyes. So we don't really care about you. If we want to finish it. We can finish in a moment

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we learn the Traver listener, he is known as huddly will ambia.

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What does that mean? healthy of the MBA

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The orator of the prophets, out of all the prophets, he was the most amazing speaker. He was the most persistent, he was the most eloquent. And he was also the most convincing. If you look at the arguments that he has presented over here, one after the other, he presents his own example. He says, I don't contradict my own statement. And look, if I can do it, you can do it, too. He's very persistent. He does not give up easily. And he presents one thing after the other so that people would believe he is called, hopefully will mbf. But look, still people say we don't understand.

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We don't understand you. Why, because your objective is different. Their focus is different.

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Srebrenica was from their nation, and a person who belong to the same people. He understands them. He can relate with them. And he was doing that. But still, they would say we don't get it.

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Sometimes it happens, you're getting somebody in English, but they still don't get it. They don't comprehend because their mind is elsewhere. Their focus is something else. They don't comprehend those expressions. They don't comprehend why you're saying that. It doesn't seem logical to them at all.

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And then they threatened him that if you don't stop your ways, then you're very there amongst us. And besides, we only respect you because of your family.

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The question is, why are they concerned about his tribe?

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While Ola to Colorado Naka, why did they respect this tribe? They should have just killed them if they wanted to. Why did they not kill him because of his tribe.

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Remember, this was also an Arab tribe, they were the descendants of who Ibrahim are

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the people of Medina, or of the descendants of Ibrahim or listener, and there were also Arabs.

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And in Arabs, we know about this, that if somebody from your tribe is harmed, whether you agree with them or you disagree with them, you will take revenge for them. You'll definitely stand up for them, even if you disagree with them, which is why we see that the profits are the longest Elon.

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Although his own uncle Abu Talib did not believe in him. But still he was supported by that uncle Abu Talib supported him, nobody could lift a finger against the profits on a lot of them until obatala was alive. And we learned that over time, he said, versus a four tree with regard to this metric. For example, He said that what law he lanius lu la cabeza marry him had oosa to fedorova Divina

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that By Allah, they will never harm you with their great numbers until I am buried in the earth.

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In other words, until I'm alive, they will never be able to harm you. You have my full support. Yeah, my full support, foster be emrich. So proclaim your matter proclaim your affair. Go ahead, do Darla.

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He's supporting him. At the same time, he does not believe in him. Just look at this. He's saying first learn the emrich go and proclaim your command your affair go make this known amongst people Malaika or that and should be that are called women who are union. So basically saying that, you know, you have my full support. Nobody can say anything to you be happy, rejoice, be comfortable, and go ahead and spread this message, you have my support.

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This is the kind of support that tribes would offer to one another. And this is a support that Srebrenica also received from his tribe. So it was because of this reason that the rest of people were not willing to kill him.

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They were not willing to kill him. But they say that Wilma and Elena VRC is you're not as easy amongst us at all. We don't consider you to be mighty and powerful. You cannot take revenge from us at all. So we see that on one side they say we see you as their if

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on the other side, they say that if it was not for your family, we would have killed you see the contradiction?

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You see the contradiction? They say you're very brief. But it's your family whose support you have because of whom we cannot, can you they're contradicting themselves. They don't even know what's going on.

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He said he gave them a response because he was healthy when he was very persistent. He said yeah call me earthly azura local minima.

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All my people is my family more respected for power by you than Allah. You find my family more powerful, more respectable, deserving more respect than Allah.

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This is to come around

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and robbed his family. Yeah indicates me or a zoo more mighty, more great. I lay come upon human Allah, then Allah, meaning you find it more powerful and worthy of respect than Allah subhanaw taala. Why does he make this comparison

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That I am the messenger of Allah, I am conveying you what Allah subhanaw taala has commanded you. You don't respect what Allah has said. But you respect my family.

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You don't respect a law. You don't fear a law, but you fear my family.

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If you harm me, you're afraid that my family is going to take revenge from you. You're afraid of my family. But at the same time, you're not afraid that Allah will punish you for the wrongs that you're doing.

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You fear people, you fear my family more than you fear Allah.

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What the has to move, and you all have taken him, meaning you have placed him him meaning Allah subhanaw taala what a come behind yourselves, Lydian in back with three units on the roof fetters law, how are our employees is from the word love. What does that mean? Back who backs and Lee is when something is placed behind the back. And it's completely forgotten and neglected, not given any attention. A person does not care about it, he does not give any importance to it. So leave at the at the end is of Misbah, meaning one that has been placed behind the back.

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So you have placed him behind yourselves in your back meaning behind your back. In other words, you don't fear Allah at all. You don't give him any importance whatsoever.

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In order to be indeed my lord Bhima, karma Luna with whatever that you're doing, he is he is encompassing. He encompasses everything that you do in knowledge and alter inability. So he's warning the people

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that you would leave me alone out of respect for my family, but not out of respect for Allah.

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And you have disregarded of completing you have ignored him completely. That he has given you so much yet you are not grateful to him. He has provided you all of this yet you do not follow his instructions.

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He has sent you a messenger yet you do not accept him. You have completely disregarded Allah. You are so heedless of Allah His mind. His grander, His Majesty, his power, you're afraid of the might of some people you're not afraid of the might of of law.

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And then he threatens him that way. Hold me and all my people, airmen who are either mechanical, work in your position, air muddle, meaning keep doing what you're doing. Go ahead, practice your ways, cheat other people stint cause last to one another. Go ahead. Do whatever you want. airmen who are that mechanical? What is mechanic a position that you have taken? What is your position of cheating, adopting unfair means and airmen? Who are that mechanical also means go ahead, keep proposing me. Continuing your opposition in the army indeed I am also working meaning I am also working on my position and what is my position in Urdu lol Islam must start. My job is to keep

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conveying the message. So I'm going to continue as well. So for talamona soon you will know me t here or there when you have a z who it comes to him a punishment that is going to humiliate him, women who work at it and who is a liar. Soon it will be known that who will suffer a humiliating punishment and who is a liar. You call me a liar. We'll see who the liar is. What does evil and keep waiting in the American Rocky and indeed I am with you of those who wait,

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what the rocky polluters are all off.

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And Rocky is one who supervises one who oversees one who watches over something in alecan or la cumbre Kiba. It's derived from the word Raka Raka is neck. Seraphim is one who has his watch on the neck of the other meaning he's keeping a close check on the other.

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So if the cable, keep waiting,

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and if the car is basically when someone waits for something consciously, and with alertness,

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you understand that a person is waiting for the other how

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consciously and he's very alert, very careful.

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He's very alert about the activities of the person whom He is waiting for.

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Like for example, if you're waiting for someone to drive into your driveway, perhaps you'll be standing by the window looking out looking out for the sign of the car and if not the sign of the car.

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At least the sound of the car.

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So you're very alert, very conscious about the one whom you're waiting for about their activities. This is what if the hobbies, so keep waiting? For what for the end result? Let's see who is upon the truth and who is upon default.

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We listen to the rest of it recitation first and then we'll continue.

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You want to

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in the

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t bu in nema komati. Me,

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I was thinking on the part one show, but

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I was thinking when everything's come together so that I can accomplish a task of mine. So I shouldn't say that's a coincidence that this thing happened, I should say is from the topic of a lie be grateful for because when a person is grateful, then he's given more opportunities. And if a person thinks, oh, it's because of me, then okay. So we cannot differentiate like religion with our daily matters, like playing with others,

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to get things done.

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Exactly. We cannot separate our Deen our religion from the other aspects of our lives, whether it is finances, or it is a flower core, it is the way we deal with other people. Or it is, you know, giving the other people their rights, if you look at it, what he is presenting is an entire way of life. That when you're buying and selling, don't cheat, when you are giving the rights of other people don't reduce in them.

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So this is very important that we must make our whole life as a part of the

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and we were just talking about how their answers were so irrational to him. Like they were mocking on things that were good qualities like oh, you pray so much, you're so righteous. And I'm thinking like, how often do we do that today? That we see someone doing good and we're like, well, she's just trying to be righteous like you know, that's only righteous person left in the world type of thing. And also how to before you continue Lutheranism. Even he was told by his people in nomina, swing Yata Haroon, there are people who are very clean.

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And also we were saying, with regards to, we were just saying not to go so far, just how the fashion trend the clothes are repeating the history is repeating, right. And we're like, for every profit, there was history the same repeatedly calling every profit their, their people did the same thing with the previous did and I'm like, you know, my last bottle save us from reading the history, even though we're giving the same skills as they did. When we don't want to listen to something we're like, oh, you know, like, this doesn't have anything to do with religion. We don't necessarily This is my personal choice.

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We were talking about how we all make the same excuses like in this day and age where like, it's so hard to get a house without ribbon. It's so hard to do this without being involved in harm. And they're making the same excuse back then. But our excuse is that it was easier back then. And the people back then are like it was easier way before then. So it's like the same excuses is how you handle it.

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sensor hood has begun I'm just enjoying the different strategies, all the different messages used. And like they came across a different kind of troubleshooting and challenging situation and how did they use all of them. And I underlined during everything here today I learned that regarding the stuff of Allah subhanaw taala that he mentioned that how important it is that we need to connect the people towards Allah subhanaw taala through love that Allah loves you. Because in Christianity, everybody stays center, center soloing and when we say to our case of anybody say I love, love America, like every time we give the introduction to the people first about the anger, but I was

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thinking if you love someone out of their love, you'll never want to make that person and then you will want to disobey them. Exactly. And then Subhanallah another thing like he was very humble and loving towards the people and everything.

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time he was only Emmanuella mechanic like, he was very,

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like farm on it as well, like had the confidence. For example, we say the case we turn, we teach them everything with good, don't touch the dangerous, it's not good for you. But if a person is very stubborn, we say, Okay, go ahead, touch it, see the consequences, and how balanced it is that as our technique, we need all these strategies.

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I just want to say with regards to attaining wealth through halaal means, I think many times people view people who cheat on a personal level as being cheats. But you'll see many times, people, they, they lie on their OSEP forums or other applications, and they cheat the government. But yet they're not seen as cheaters. So I think that's something to take into consideration as well.

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First of all, use only those means that

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one is that a person is adopting her means. And on top of that he's cheating and that he's lying, that's much worse.

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I was just thinking like how it applies to us. Sometimes what happens is you go to a store, and they'll say, Oh, you can just pay cash, and you don't have to pay tax, and you'll pay less. And that's something we should be careful of, because we think, Oh, yeah, we're making, we don't have to pay as much. And we're not causing harm to the other person. But when we came in this country, we made a pact treaty with the country that as long as we pay taxes, that we would be protected. So we should be really careful. And we should not cooperate with one another in doing something wrong, we should not become a witness, we should not help them assist them in doing something wrong. There was

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a I don't remember who exactly it was. But there was a person from the past who he was

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having this business transaction with another person, and he was cheating him. The other person was cheating him. And he realized that he didn't mind the loss that he was suffering. But he said, I'm sorry, I cannot help you in doing something wrong. I don't care whether I'm suffering or not. I'm concerned about you, I don't want to be an aid. I don't want to be someone who is cooperating with you in doing something wrong. And this is something that we need to keep in mind as well. Because sometimes you say, well, nevermind, they won't have to pay as many taxes they're suffering from so much, you know, financial problems, etc, etc. You know, it's just a way of helping someone know, in

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reality, you're not helping them, you're cooperating with them in something that is wrong. Well, that's our one one is me, when we're doing

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sonicwall, I just wanted to say like, nowadays, if you think about it, is so prominent, and it's a norm now. And when you start to fall into Haram, you become like the way they were you can't see the halaal anymore, you start saying you know what? I can't imagine living without it. I can't imagine doing anything without her on. And then you must probably he takes away that they'll feel for you to see the * and so always stick with her. When you're giving power to somebody like don't do Reba, although it has to be more convincing, yes, definitely, definitely has to be more convincing. When you have to provide alternatives, you have to show them that it is possible to live without doing

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these things. Like for example, even Luther this time, he provided an alternative for the people. Similarly, sure, Abraham, he presents his own example. And if you look at it, this was changing the entire economic system. This was like bringing about a revolution, a change in the work ethic of every single person. This is like today, somebody coming up and removing rubber. Can you imagine what a drastic change that would be a drastic change. And people were not willing to make those changes because they were so used to it.

00:23:41 --> 00:24:13

And they wanted religion out of it. I was just thinking what the name of Allah subhanaw taala will do it. And I was thinking that this one time this teacher, she was talking about how when we teach children about Islam, or when we introduce them to concept, our last one with data, we always teach them through fear. And she was saying that we should never do that with children because and although like everyone learns differently, some people learn through fear some people learn to love But love is sort of a concept that like even in the hardest or toughest of people it makes its way through. So it's like we should always teach them through like the side that is more appealing.

00:24:14 --> 00:24:30

Rather than a side that is like sort of a negative because when you go to the negative then all of a sudden the atmosphere is negative. But when you go with something positive then even like positive results, which is why if you look at it, he tells them what not to do and he tells them what to do. He tells him the same thing in different ways.

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Okay, let's continue this.

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What am I on Luna? And when our command came that Jaina shoe or even one Latina Armand O'Meara who brought him in, we saved sure Abraham and those people who believe with him by Mercy from Us.

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So what do we learn

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that Trevor is an arm he continued to tell the people despite their opposition, you

00:25:00 --> 00:25:12

Despite their resistance, despite their mockery, despite they're constantly taunting him, he continued in his mission. He said to them, you're a mono and I am also army. So then what happened

00:25:13 --> 00:25:40

when they did not change their ways, when they persisted on their ways Sherif Hassan had warned them that a punishment that descended on the people before you could also reach you. So when I met JOHN BOEHNER when our command came, meaning our decree of their destruction, we saved Sheree Berta saddam and those people who had believed in him baramati minute as a mercy from Us and what happened to the rest of the people

00:25:41 --> 00:25:47

were 100 Attila de Navarra mo and it seized who those people who had done

00:25:48 --> 00:25:59

what sees them as say hello to the piercing cry for us by houfy daddy him Jessie mean so they became in their homes ones lying facedown.

00:26:00 --> 00:26:03

The word of say hello is from the roof letters solid Yeah.

00:26:04 --> 00:26:16

And as I mentioned to you earlier that the word psycho is used for if piercing sound, a very loud blast. And literally the word is used for the sound that is produced by the word as it has been cut

00:26:17 --> 00:26:19

or a cloth as it has been torn.

00:26:20 --> 00:26:21

Have you ever used a tape gun

00:26:23 --> 00:26:42

a tape gun as you put the tape onto the box and then you you pull the tape on towards yourself it makes very loud uncomfortable shrieking sound the multiply that 1000 times more than that. Just imagine the shrill the shrieking the noise This is what is the highs

00:26:43 --> 00:26:52

so what a holiday Latina vamos a Say hi to for us bajo de la him JT mean and they became in their homes. datamine gentlemen is a Florida Jasmine.

00:26:53 --> 00:26:59

And Jasmine is from the roof actress Jean Femi Judo is to fall on one's knees.

00:27:00 --> 00:27:05

So they had fallen on their knees face down nine dead in their homes.

00:27:07 --> 00:27:35

These people thought that they had complete authority over their land, over their business over their economical system, which is why they wanted religion to stay out of it. They weren't willing to bring about the changes according to the instructions of a lesser creditor. But that very Earth upon which they used to disobey a law, which they were very proud of which they thought they had complete control over that religion should not interfere with it.

00:27:36 --> 00:27:44

That seem Earth, it shook beneath them. And a piercing cry came from about destroying them completely.

00:27:46 --> 00:27:55

So we see that a double punishment of center upon them, not just a piercing blast, but also an earthquake. Also an earthquake season

00:27:56 --> 00:28:03

galamian ofI had, it was as if they never dwelled in it. Y'all know from the routers lane known yet.

00:28:04 --> 00:28:08

Honey I've been McCann is to reside in a place to live in a place.

00:28:09 --> 00:28:24

So it was as if they never lived in those houses. It was if they never lived in that place, completely wiped off, completely eradicated from the surface of the earth. They were finished destroyed, as if there was no life over there before.

00:28:25 --> 00:28:34

Just imagine their marketplaces, their business centers. So much business going on over there people coming and going so much trade, so much commerce.

00:28:35 --> 00:28:40

And all of a sudden, it says if nothing was there, nothing at all.

00:28:42 --> 00:28:47

Just imagine if you go to a mall when it's full. And you go at a time when it's empty.

00:28:48 --> 00:28:51

Go ahead. I'm sorry. I was just talking to my cousin yesterday.

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And it was close to their homes very close to their home. And I've been to that place and I remember the market return and everything and she was telling us that it was so loud, that people the locks of their doors even though they were so far away from the place, they just tear it apart and the noise is exactly what you're seeing right now. It was a loud sound. And people jumped from their beds like because some people were sleeping some people are going to school some people were just going to their marketplaces just opening their you know their shops and stuff like that. And if you see the pictures and what if you get if you do get a chance there's a big hole in the ground and

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just the the things that they were saying they're like you said they were busy in their own days not thinking this will happen and a lot of people from cassava were saying recently that this is happening Karachi that is happening as well but you know we're saved Alhamdulillah just move on with our day enjoy won't happen to us.

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