Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 12 – L118A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses various coworkers and women named after people in a video. They express skepticism about actions taken by some members of the Church, including a woman named Shjit and a woman named J Delta. They also mention a woman named Bheema and a woman named Tina, as well as a woman named Wallah and a woman named Yvette. They end with a mention of a woman named Yvette and a woman named Yvette.
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Assalamu alaikum wa

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salam ala rasulillah Kareem and my word for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim for beshara holy Swati were silly angry

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at me listening sunny kuqali for Pasadena in

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Lesson number 118 so the hood is number 25 to 49 Translation

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what occurred and certainly out of Santa recent New Haven New Orleans Salam ala to Tony he is people in need indeed I local for you know the Iran a warner will be clear

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and that they're not terrible Do you all worship Allah except Allah in me indeed I a horrible I fear la come upon you are there ever a punishment yom of day alene painful for color so he said the chiefs and Medina those who care for who they disbelieved men from colleagues people, man not naraka we see you Illa except verschuren mn midlaner like us warmer and not naraka we see you it abarca he followed you in there except alladhina those who whom they are or are the Luna lowest of us

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by the apparent of the suggestion warmer and not narrow we see local for you are leyna upon us main from Franklin any superiority but rather novel Nicole we think you gotta be been one to lie

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caller he said yeah oh call me My people are at home Have you seen in a country I was either upon by unit in a clear proof main from or be my robe or attorney and he gave me Ramadan and mercy main from a lake near him for only yet so it is blinded are they come upon you? Should nosy makuha we make it compulsory on you were unknown and you all love her for it. Gary who wants to dislike

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well yeah and all only my people learn not as a lucam I asked you on a he upon it man and anywhere in not Algeria my reward Illa except Allah upon Allah, Allah wa and not an AI before it at all want to repel alladhina those who knew they believed in the home indeed they Maluku ones who need to be him they rub when I came me but I or aku I see you common people that you alone You all are ignorant

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well yeah and oh only my people mine who young Sunni he would help me main from Allah He Allah in His Torah to whom I repelled them or I expelled them.

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I further do they're not the karoun you all take heed

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whether or not a qu IC local for you or indeed with me causa no treasures Allahu of Allah. Allah and nor are an mo I know as right the unseen whether and nor akula I say in me indeed I Malecon and Angel winner and nor a kulu I say lil Edina to those who does the re it belittles it despises or Unicom your eyes learn never you to home he will give them Allahu Allah hiren any good Allahu Allah, Allah who knows better be male with what fee is in unfussy him their souls in me indeed I even then lemon surely from a very mean those who are unjust

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kalu they said yes or no, no. But in fact, J Delta you have disputed with us for acceptor so you have increased Jelena fighting us for dinner. So come to us be well with what they do. Now. you threaten us in if you were main from a cyber thing. Those who are truthful.

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Caller he said a NEMA indeed not but yet he can. He will come to you be he with it. Allahu Allah, if Shariah he will. Wilmer and not unto you all be more juicin at all one to frustrate

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whether an orient for come in

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benefits you know say my advice in a day or two I intended on that answer I am sincere Luckily for you on or uncertain I advise

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in if Ghana was Allahu Allah UD do he wants and that you will come he makes you go astray

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who he prob become your rub will lie and to him towards your own you all will be returned

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or your coluna they say if there are who he fabricated it gold say if if the right who I fabricated it for I lay here so upon ajami my sin well anna and i very own free of responsibility. Mima from what to God moon you all commit crime

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or you all commit sin

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we're all here and it was revealed Ella to no no at a salon and the who that indeed he learned never human he believes men from omega your people in law except man who are in fact or already Amana, he believed fella. So do not doubt that there is you be distressed that there is you be distressed Bheema because of what can do they were alone they do

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was not and construct, build

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and fulco the ship be our union with our observation joaquina and our inspiration. Weller and do not to Hartley Binney, you address me fee concerning or in a levina those who wanna move they wronged in the home indeed de moroccon wants to be drowned while snow and he constructed and phulka the ship waka lemma and each time or whenever Mara he passed or lay upon him mother own chiefs main from Tony he his people serve you they marked men who at him color he said in if that's who you are Mark Mina at us for in less than indeed we NASCAR we mark men come at you camera just as this Haroon you all mark for sofa, so will soon talamona you all will know man who yet D it will come to him or their

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own punishment your z it was humiliating or your Hulu and the descends are lay upon him or there been a punishment routine one nasty had that until either when it came on Rona our command or Pharaoh and it overflowed at the new the oven or the new owner we said when you load fee her in it men from Colin every xo Jane to meet his name to

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xo Jane to meet his name to look and your family in law except man who subaqua a past or lay he upon Him alone the word woman and who he believed what am I and not america he believed Mara who with him in there except polygon few what color and he said Erica boo you all embark fee her in it bismi with name Allah He of Allah Madre her its course wa and Musa her it's anchorage in indeed Robbie my Arab lover foreign surely forgiving for him one of his owners Civil

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War here and it tragedy it flows by him with them fee in mo Jin waves del zhiban like the mountains whenever and he called out no no in a salon even a who has done what can and he was fee in marzin a place of seclusion marzin a place of seclusion yeah all buena Yeah. My son Erica, you embark Marana with us Wallah and do not the Khun UB Mara with a carefree the disbelievers

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Carla he said, sir we I will take refuge either to Javelin a mountain. We are Simoni it will protect me, main from Allah the water. Allah He said let's not assume any protector. polyoma today, main from decree a law he of Allah

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Except man who rahima he was merciful. Well, hello. And it came in between or it intervened by no humor between them to an emoji the waves Fergana so he was made from a lover of those who are drowned

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walking Tina and it was said yeah all over the earth aviary you swallow murky your water wire and all summer sky aka Larry you withhold will they ever and it subsided Allah the water worked over a year and it was decreed it was concluded.

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The matter was the word and it's settled. Allah upon and Judy, the mount Judy

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worked ILA and it was said we're going away little count for the people have oily mean the wrongdoing whenever and he called out new new salon robber who is Rob for color. So he said Robbie Oh my Rob in indeed. Ebony my son, men from my family are in and indeed worthy. Your promise and help the true will enter and you are most just a hacky mean of those who judge partner he said yes or no Who knows? In who indeed he laser he is not mean from ellika your family in who indeed he am alone added value other than sila righteous fella so do not only you asked me man what laser it is not lacquer for you being with it or anyone any knowledge any indeed I are iluka I admonish you I'm

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that the corner you become men from a Jacqueline those who are ignorant

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either he said probably oh my god in me indeed I do I seek refuge Baker with you and that as Erica I asked you my what laser it is not Lee for me be with it Aleman any knowledge. What in law and if not the affair you forgive Lee for me. What are how many and you have mercy on me akun I will be mailed from aloha serene those who are losers.

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Taylor it was said yes or no who knew it you disembark be Salaam with security Minar from us well and Baraka blessings are Laika upon you? Or are there and upon oma main nation's main man from you marker with you? Were Oman and nations sumatera home soon we shall benefit them summer then Emma Sue whom it will touch them main net from us are there been a punishment a Lehman painful

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tilka that main from amber news a labor of the unseen no he her we reveal it a Laker to you man not contain you were there are no more her you know it until you whether and nor tomoka your people main from public before had this first bit. So be patient in indeed and October. The end result. Lynwood 13 for the

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recitation of these verses

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in Nigeria

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Movie Murphy

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in the

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to be more Gz

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wanna know

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while he

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ball speed

Hud 25-49 Translation 25-49

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