Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P20 204B Tafsir Al-Ankabut 16-22

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of Islam as a means of pride and fear for one's reputation. The importance of showing servitude and love by choice when it comes to being a Islam girlfriend is emphasized. The importance of finding out who gives guidance and avoiding risk is also emphasized. The potential negative impact of worshiping Allah on one's health and productivity is also discussed. The conversation touches on the potential for life to continue on and the importance of protecting oneself from evil influence. A documentary series called Life is also mentioned.
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Lesson number 204 Sora to learn Caboose i n number 16 Smilla Rahmanir Rahim

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What if Allah Hema and Ibrahim alayhis salam is on early Academy he when he said to his people, or Buddha Allah, what the guru who? Worship Allah and fear him? Why? Because they're leikam highroller calm that is best for you. In contenta Allah moon, if you should know, Ibrahim alayhis salam is mentioned over here. In the previous verses we learned about no Alayhis Salam, prophet after prophet is now mentioned over here to explain to us what it truly means to be a believer in Allah azza wa jal that what kind of trials what kind of difficulties a person may face when he believes in Allah, when he's calling people to Allah? Over here, the example of Ibraheem Alehissalaam has mentioned

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that Ibrahim and Ibrahim and his son was from the ocular ASAN Mina Russell, he was one of those prophets who were given a lot of determination, meaning he wasn't one of those prophets who gave up easily. No, he was someone who had a lot of determination in on the economy. He when He said to his people, his people, meaning his tribe, his nation that he lived amongst, and he began from his family, what did he say? Or a Buddha, Allah, all of you should worship Allah, what the Google and you should fear him. Notice over here, Ibrahima Islam, when Allah subhanaw taala shows him the truth, when Allah gives him guidance, He doesn't just keep it to himself. What does he do, he takes

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it to others. Because the thing is that when you're doing something different from the people who are around you, either you're going to call them to what you're doing, or they're going to call you to what they're doing.

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You understand, either you are going to be inviting them to what you're doing, or they will start inviting you to what they're doing. Now, many times what happens we find ourselves in a situation where we are being called, right? We are being asked, we are being ordered, we are being told, Do this, do this, do this, don't do this. And we learn in the Surah that a person cannot make compromises when it comes to his religion. When it comes to the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. You cannot even listen to your parents in order to do Sheikh with Allah, You can't do that. Right? So what do we learn from the example of Ibrahim or his sunnah, that even though he was the only person

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upon though hate, he didn't feel intimidated by the number of the people in his nation, he became the doctor, he, he became the caller, he started calling them because when you start calling others, then what happens? You have almost like the upper hand, you have strength, right? You're basically addressing them from a point of strength, because you're so confident in what you believe. And you're so firm about it, that you don't just want it for yourself, you actually want it for others also, think about it. Is it easy to be asked about something and then say no.

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Is it easy? When somebody asks you to do something you almost feel obligated to respond to them? Right? So Ibrahim or Islam, he called his family. He called his nation. He did Dawa. To them he said Worship Allah and fear him. Why worship Allah and fear Him, be servants to Allah because you are His servants anyway. You are his Mom, look, you are owned by him. Allah is the One Who owns you. So show servitude because that is what suits you. That is what you are worthy of showing servitude to Allah because he is your master, he is your owner, that he can hire Lacan that is best for you, meaning if you worship Allah, you show servitude to him, You fear Him, that is in your best interest. Denying

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the right of Allah is only going to harm you. Because the fact is that we are owned by Allah. Right? And not worshipping Allah not showing servitude to Allah. This doesn't mean that we can avoid Allah, that we can somehow escape his plan. No, we cannot we are owned by him. So it's only in our best interest to conform to the rules that Allah subhanaw taala has given to us. You know, for example, if you are a citizen of a country, then what is in your best interest?

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What is breaking the rules or follow the laws? Right? If you follow the laws good for you, if you don't follow the laws, then what does it mean? You're going to be prosecuted, you are going to be held accountable for the crimes that you're committing for the laws that you're breaking.

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And if somebody says, Well, no, I don't agree with the laws, then what are they told? Go go somewhere else, isn't it? Now when it comes to the dunya, fine, you can emigrate from one country to another. You always have the option of you know what, I quit? I am going back home, for example. But when it comes to being servants of Allah, do we have that option?

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Do we have that option? Can we say, You know what, I don't agree with this. I don't want it so forget it. I quit. Can we quit Allah's creation plan? Can we quit being Allah servants? No, we can't we don't have that freedom. We don't have that choice. And even if we tried, we wouldn't be able to. Because remember that there's two types of servitude, herbal DHEA is of two levels. All right. One level is general level of herb udia. This is another Arma konia. This is basically the entire creation being Allah servants, whether they believe in Allah or they don't believe in Allah, whether it's something living or nonliving, a person and animal, an old person or young person, man, woman,

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atheist, agnostic believer, whoever, any person, every single creature is Allah's

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correct, we are all owned by Allah, He created us, he owns us, he has full authority and control and power over us, he can give us life whenever he wants, he can cause us to die whenever he wants, he can give something to us he can take something away from us because after all, we are only His servants. The second level of riba of herb udia is specific level which is or Buddha or about the Hustla Kshatriya. Okay, which is basically to show servitude to Allah subhanaw taala. How, by worshiping Him by devotional service, by some religious observance. All right. This is a battle of obedience of submissiveness of humility, and love by choice. All right. So Obama here on Instagram

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is telling his people that you should show servitude to Allah. Why? Because the Alikum highroller comb, it's best for you, you are Allah servants anyway, when you will show servitude to him, then that will be better for you.

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Because anything, when it is used for the purpose for which it was made, then is it good for it or bad for it? It's good for it. Right? Like, for example, if a house is built so that somebody can live in it, and the house is really being used, right? People are living in it, it is being used, then you say, okay, it was worth the money. Right? It was worth it. But if it's lying empty, or if it's not being used as a house, it's being used as a store, right? Or a storage place, a shop or something like that, then what's going to happen? It's going to fall apart. It's not in its best interest. Correct. Think about it. You know, for example, there's certain equipment which is made

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for use in a house, okay? Like, for example, a dishwasher. Okay? Is there a difference between that dishwasher which is made for a house compared to an industrial use dishwasher? For restaurant use? Is there a difference? Huge difference. Now, if you get this really small dishwasher, which is suitable for an apartment, and you put it in a restaurant, what's going to happen to that dishwasher?

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It's gonna break, right? It's gonna die very quickly. On the other hand, if you get a giant dishwasher, okay, huge dishwasher, which is supposed to be for a restaurant and you bring it in your house and you use it there, then what's going to happen? Then what's going to happen? It's going to consume too much electricity, too much water, isn't it, your electricity bills are going to be very high. So always, when something is built for a specific purpose, when it is designed for a certain purpose, when it's used for that purpose, and that is in its best interest, using it for anything else is never ever in its best interest. So we were made to worship Allah. We were created for the

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worship of Allah. And when we worship Allah, when we choose Allah as our master, as our daily as our goal in life, our love, then what will happen? Our life will make sense. And when we dedicate our lives to something other than Allah, when we ignore the hug of Allah, we are in reality only harming ourselves. So Abram here I said, I'm Sid Valley come Jairo. Lakhan. In quantum tharla Moon, if you new meaning if you have knowledge, then you better worship Allah, then you better have fear of Allah. What does it show them that a person can only worship Allah when he has?

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When he has knowledge, knowledge,

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Have whose knowledge of what? First of all knowledge of oneself of one's own reality, that I am Allah servant. Then knowledge of Allah, knowledge of the reality of this world knowledge of Allah's book of Allah's law, because when you have knowledge, then do you make a better choice?

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Do you make a better choice? Yes, you do. Like for example, if you know what food has what nutrition, right, then are you going to make better choices when it comes to feeding yourself? When it comes to grocery shopping? Will you make better choices? You will? Why are you making those choices because you have knowledge. So in quantum tharla moon if you really have knowledge about yourself about to reality about the reality of this world, then worship only Allah, then pay attention to the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. So then this shows to us that if a person does not worship Allah, then does he really have knowledge? Does he really have knowledge? No, he doesn't.

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In NAMA, Ibrahim or SLM said in nama indeed only thurgoona You all worship min dunya Allah He besides Allah, O thanon idols, oh Thanh is a plural of weapon from wealthy noon and Watson is that which is worshipped besides Allah, okay, that which is worshipped besides Allah, and it is believed to possess some divine attributes, some divine powers, such as the ability to create the ability to give life, the ability to give benefit, or the ability to harm or to protect from harm, so on and so forth. Okay. And this weapon, could be a star, it could be a statue could be a river could be a mountain could be an animal, anything about which a person or people believe that this thing or this

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object, this person has divine attributes, divine qualities, okay? And so they worship it. So in the murder bounnam In dunya, Allah he will thanon these idols that you're worshiping, they're just statues. They're just Oh Thanh. What the lacuna if and you are creating meaning you are producing falsehood, if remember the word if a lie, right, falsehood, meaning these idols that you make yourself what are you making in reality falsehood, because it's all lies, these statues? These idols are not really gods. They are Alia bow Polina, they are false deities, because they have no reality to them. You know, for example, if you make a phone out of playdough on your cell phone, is it

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really a phone? Is it really a phone? No, it's not. No matter how much you pretend that it's a phone, it's not actually a phone.

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Right? Play food? If you say, Oh, so much food? Is it really food? No, it's made of plastic, if you try to eat it, you're only going to harm yourself. Alright, pretending that it's food is not going to turn it into real food. Right? So you're making something you're crafting something of gold, of silver, off wood, any material like that, and you're believing that it is God does not make it God. This is an if it's a lie that you have produced. Because in the Levina, indeed those who meaning those beings that you are Bulunan, you worship min dunya Allah He besides Allah, all these idols that you're worshiping, besides Allah, La Yummly Guna, they do not possess, meaning they do not own,

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they do not have the authority lakum for you respawn provision, meaning they do not have the power to provide you even these idols that you're worshiping. They cannot provide you, you are the ones who provide them. You are the ones who clothed them who perfume them oil them or put some, you know, special spices or whatever it is on them, right fragrance on them, or you bring food to them, you protect them. They don't give you anything. Who is the one who gives you in reality, the one who made you so far, but the who therefore seek or in the law, he mere Allah, Allah is the provision, meaning if you really want provision, don't ask these idols who can give you nothing. Ask who the

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one who can actually give you wobbu And then worship him also. Because if he is the one who's giving you Why should you worship anyone else? Wash Carolla who and be grateful to him for everything he's given you, without you even asking? La he told your own and remember that to him, You shall be returned. Now many times it happens that people you know they perform prayers they observe religious worship, why to seek worldly provision? I'm not talking about just Muslims. This is in every religion that people will generally turn towards religion.

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or they will perform religious rituals. Why so that they can get risk, whether that risk is marriage or money or children or any such thing, right, they turn towards religion for the purpose of getting that is, they become more religious for the purpose of getting more that is. Now, technically there's nothing wrong in that for a Muslim in the sense that if he is making dua to Allah, if He is going for Umrah, he is going for Hajj, right, hoping seeking Allah's reward even in the dunya there is nothing wrong with that, but it should not be our primary goal. You understand, it should not be our primary intention.

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You see in the Quran, we learned that there is nothing wrong if when you go for Hajj, you also engage in some business transactions, there is nothing wrong in that, that you buy and sell, make a profit fulfill your worldly needs. There is nothing wrong with that. But it should never be a person's

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primary intention. All right. Now, this is something we really need to think about. Because typically what happens, many people think about their salah, or think about reciting the Quran. Many of us are guilty of that. Think about you know, taking their Deen seriously, when we want something from Allah,

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isn't it? We have an exam the next day, literally 100 records of knuffel.

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Seriously, I've heard so many people doing that. I don't know how they do it. You know, praying eight or 12 or 13 in one night for a young lady is also difficult. I don't know how people do 100 Allah who are dumb in the sense that how do they actually recite 100 record? But anyway, it happens that for the purpose of worldly gain for the purpose of risk, we become very religious. Right now, Ibrahim alayhis salam he said to them over here that if you want to risk you should seek risk from WHO? Allah? Why? Because the one who owns something can give you

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part of it, isn't it?

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And somebody who's for himself, who's empty handed himself can he give you? No, he cannot. If he had something you would fulfill his own need, isn't it? So, Allah is the only one who is an Malik and Malik al Malik. Right, he is the one who owns the heavens and the earth, the resources the store houses of the heavens and the earth, he is a result. So seek this from Allah, not others besides Allah seeking provision from others is foolishness. What into Cathy boo. And if you all deny for God, then in fact, GABA he denied who denied Oman nations min oblique on before you, meaning you won't be the first ones to deny. Now this idea could be a statement of Ibrahim or the center or it

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could be a statement that is mentioned over here. That is addressing the people of Makkah. Okay, and then it will be understood as Joomla martaba.

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parenthetical sentence you understand? So what into Kathy Boo falcoda katha OMA Moolman publikum. If you deny meaning, if you owe people of Ibrahim or Sinha if you deny or you or people of Makkah, if you deny, and this is general, people of any time, any place, if a person denies then remember he's not the first to deny. Why, because for a kuzava Omen publikum and the word omen is the plural of OMA, many nations, many communities have denied before you, you won't be the first to deny. So if you deny it's your own loss. It's your own loss. You're not going to cause Allah any harm with your denial, woman and not Allah Rasul upon the messenger. In Nell Bella will Moo been except clear

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notification, meaning the Prophet of Allah is only obligated to convey the message. Ibrahim Arneson did his job he conveyed the message, every prophet of Allah conveyed clearly. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has also conveyed clearly the prophets have fulfilled their responsibilities. Now, the nation's must fulfill their responsibilities, we must fulfill our responsibility.

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The ball is basically in our court. Right? Now. Think about it. If a mother is calling her children to the dinner table.

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She called the children once she called them twice, she called them three times and each time the tone is getting harsher and more impatient. Then what happens eventually, she says, Fine, don't eat.

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Don't eat. I don't care if you're hungry. You don't want to eat don't eat but

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I can't keep calling you and waiting for you. Right? What is she going to do? She's going to eat herself and put the food away. Maybe that's what the kids want. This is why they're not coming. They don't want that rice again. Alright, so basically the point is that you can't force someone to do something they don't want to do. You can only tell them you can only make things clear to them.

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So the prophets of Allah conveyed the message. Now, it's the people's responsibility. Walmart Allah Allah SULI il Bella onmobile And look at the word but I will move in Mubin clear meaning the message is self evident. It's self explanatory, it's not rocket science. It clarifies doubts. It clarifies misconceptions, it clarifies confusions, the truth is clear from falsehood. I want um, I will um, do and not meaning Have they not yellow, they have seen meaning Have they not seen have they not considered? Do they not know this can infer how you will do? He initiates? He begins? Allahu Allah, Allah Hunka the creation, so Medan you're either who he repeats it, you're either from Errata.

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Right? I know that I owed is to return. Right? So have the not considered how Allah begins creation. And then he repeats it. That first of all, it never existed before. Allah subhanaw taala brought it into existence. He brought it into existence, he created something the likes of which never, ever existed. And then when he created it, he didn't just create it once he created it so many, many, many times. Take the example of Adam or his Santa, before either Melissa and which human being existed.

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No human being in San the first insan was who are the money center? Allah subhanaw taala created him. But then was Adam the only human being that was created? Know

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how Allah repeats the creation, just look at the number of people

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that how Allah subhanaw taala doesn't just create something once but he makes it meaning makes its likes? So many, many, many times. Right? Think about it. A fruit. Okay, strawberry, for example, how many seeds does it have?

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How many seeds are there on a strawberry? So many aren't that now imagine this one strawberry. But from that so many more can grow one tree? How many mangoes can it produce so many, but from each mango, so many more mangoes can come, isn't it? So who is the one who has brought these things into existence, and then he has just scattered them, he's multiplied them. So many that you cannot even count, you cannot even enumerate you cannot even calculate the number of things of animals of plants are fruit of vegetables of people, birds that Allah subhanaw taala has created. We cannot even guesstimate the number of these creatures, K for you, but do Allah who will help us somehow your ADA

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who so a thing is born and the process of life, it just keeps repeating itself. It's a continuous cycle. Right? Just because one person dies, otherwise, and I'm died. That didn't mean that now human beings will go extinct. You understand? One fruit is eaten, it doesn't mean that that particular fruit will go extinct. No. Life does not stop with the death of one person. With the death of a plant with the death of a tree. It doesn't stop life. It continues. It's a continuous cycle. Until Allah subhanaw taala plans to he decides to put an end to it. In Nevada, Allah Allah He has seen indeed that for Allah is easy. Your seed from usage? Very easy, simple. It's not difficult for

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Allah, he nurtured us here. Right? And he makes us grow like just like plants, you know, they grow. And then just like plants when they die, before they die. What do we see? The seeds are scattered everywhere. Right? So just like that, when people die, it's not that human beings will go extinct. No. They leave behind their seeds, they leave behind their children and from them. More people come more people come. So what's the lesson over here that think, reflect on your state, who began this process of creation? Who is making this creation continue who is making this life continue on this planet?

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And the point here is that if Allah repeats the creation before your very eyes, then you think it's difficult for Allah to cause resurrection because you

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Remember, this is a murky Surah right? It's basically teaching us the main principles of faith and all of them is belief in the hereafter also, into the rule Maya 27 Allah says well who Alevi? Yep the old Hulka sama your Edo. Well, whoever whenever I lay, it is Allah who begins creation and then he repeats it and that is even easier for him. Old says see rueful old travel in the land sea route from Sade Senora Salah Yasuo is to travel. So travel in the land, go through the land, this is literally literally get out of your house and traveled through the land. Or it could be done another way is also by learning by reading, right? So traveling the land, follow through, then look okay,

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for better ol Hulk, how he has initiated the creation. Observe how Allah began this creation, go to the east to the west goal in the mountains and the valleys go in the deserts and the forests go by the shores, and in the seas in the waters, and observe how life begins. Go look at seeds, go look at baby birds. Go look at baby animals, go look at tiny plants and See look how they grow, how to survive. If there were their own creators, they would never ever survive. They would never ever be living. Because think about the difficult circumstances that Allah subhanaw taala makes life continue.

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You know, it's amazing. Just look at baby turtles, how when they come out of their eggs, they come out of the sand, how they rush towards the water? Is it possible that they'll die before they make it to the water? Very much possible? Right? Because the birds they know exactly when those turtles are to hatch, is it? And then so many baby turtles? They're just caught immediately. Once the turtles make it to the water? Is every turtle able to grow? No, it's quite possible that it'll be eaten up before it even grows one inch bigger, isn't it? So look at how many dangerous how many threats there are in this world to life. Just our own existence, even how many things can go wrong?

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Seriously, how many things can go wrong? We could literally die within a second. Just one second think about it if our heart does not beat for literally five seconds. One minute. Hello us. We're done. Do we have control over our heart? No, we don't. So what's the message of this is go look at how life exists. How Allah subhanaw taala is making things grow and continue and live on Can they do it themselves know when you will observe it you will know that someone is making all of this happen and who is He Allah azza wa jal

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Salah calm, you know, I decided to observe like life, my anatomy teacher, she said even like pregnancy is like an extreme miracle because um, just for the egg to be dropped and to go to the tubes, like it could have gone a million different ways it could have gone on the intestines and been fertilized there. And just all the barriers that it has to go through for it to be fertilized is an extreme miracle. And like, they don't even understand how it could happen so perfectly.

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Exactly. And then for the baby to actually grow even that itself is a miracle. It could stop so many things can go wrong. I mean, you know, women go to the doctor to make sure that everything is fine as if the doctor is making everything happen.

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Right? Sometimes we believe that the doctor is making everything happen, but they're just regulating it and if something goes wrong, can they fix it? Can they change it? They cannot. They're helpless. Human beings in general are like very fascinated with if the world would end what would happen so a lot of all these like apocalyptic movies and books come out. But none of it actually ever happened in life still continues going on but it's highlighted such a miracle and it makes a lot of people reflect like, if one diseases take over the whole world this is what would happen and stuff like that. Yes, just one disease even how quickly it can destroy communities.

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Yesterday I was reading about chromosomes, right? So 46 are required for the human and Down Syndrome I was reading the only access on chromosome number 21 You know, access of rather than having to is going to have three they have a you know, genetic disorder of Down syndrome. And it was so horrifying.

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I was thinking about when my twins were you know, I was having twins. So all the time my mom says okay, read Quran read Quran, you know, the the, the Y is gonna be you know, having the same kind of characteristics of Hana.

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Fun little cave about the ol hunk, just go and look at how Allah has initiated the creation, how life continues, it cannot continue itself it would be impossible for it to continue itself. Allah subhanaw taala is the one who has originated it. He is the one who is nurturing it he is the one who is making it continue.

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There is this BBC series life documentary series life, I recommend that you look it up and watch even one or two you'll be amazed.

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It's amazing that how fish survive, really, how birds survive. How insects survive little little creatures from the smallest to the largest, how they survive. I mean elephants how much water they need to drink and how far that water could be. But how they walk all the way there for days and days and days.

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Salam Alikum watching a documentary like that and looking at Allah's creation actually bring you very close to Allah and like make you who you are you know who you are and Allah Who's Who is he exactly.

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So fundamental cave about the L Hulk some Allah who then Allah Yun Hsihu he will produce you and shoe same route known Jean Hamza Yun to you in chat is to cause something to grow. So firstly to produce and then make it grow. So Thalma Allah Who Yun CIO, then Allah will produce a Nash atta, the creation, okay, the production, that is a laugh era, the last one meaning the final one. And what is this referring to the Day of Judgment, resurrection? So basically, what we're being taught here is that when something dies, don't think it goes extinct. When a human being dies, he's not finished. They don't finish Allah will resurrect the dead in the Lucha or Allah could Alicia encoded indeed

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Allah over all things is competent.

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All of this, what does it show to us the power of Allah over everything, not just water, not just the atmosphere, not just soil, not just animals, not just birds, not just plants, every single thing, Allah is the One who has power over it. Because if he didn't, then you wouldn't be able to make life happen. So all of this is a testimony to the fact that Allah is the One who can do anything. He's competent over everything. All power rests with Allah. This is why you are the Romania Shah, who we are how many Russia he punishes whom He wills, and He has mercy upon whom He wills. And of course, when Allah punishes somebody, or when Allah shows mercy to somebody that is

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based on his justice, that is based on his knowledge, on his wisdom on his decision. And basically what this is teaching us is that why do you doubt his power? If he is the one who's created everything, he has spread creatures everywhere, and then when they die, he can recreate them, should he not have the power to punish whomever he wills and have mercy on whomever he wills, He has the power, what he lay, he took a boon and to Him you shall be returned to collarbone from call of Lamba to turn over to Him you shall be turned over you are going back to him You can never run away. Wama and not unto him you be more Josina at all wants to cause failure. Phil oddly in the earth, one

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after summer nor in the sky.

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Meaning you are human beings, you can never cause failure to Allah, neither in the earth by running away somewhere on land, nor in the sky by flying away. You can't do that. When you're alive on this earth. And when you die your soul is taken up still you cannot run away because when you're alive and when you're dead, you're still owned by Allah. Woman Allah calm and you do not have men doing Allah He besides Allah Muhuali King, any friend well and asleep or any helper, you have no widely known asleep besides Allah, who is really a protecting friend or guardian, someone who defends you and who is asleep someone who helps you. So there is no one who can defend you from Allah. And there

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is no one who can help you escape from Allah. Let's listen to the recitation. Well EBO Hema is bothering me here Moodle Allaha

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then he comes

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a ska

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I'm Lea Kunal Kumar is

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the law

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school and ELA

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to remove

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CARDONE calm which was only in Bala Mubi Oh ALLAH Mian Okay Thank you buddy Oh long will follow

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here see we'll see who we follow okay for bed

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molong we

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fill in the long

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body you on the more me

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Hummel me as

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well he laid me to polar Moon want

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to be more GZ

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you wanna know sleep

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