Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 12 – L117G

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the failure of Islam to stop people from achieving goals and the potential consequences of the "has been realized" theory. They touch on the negative consequences of the "has been realized" theory and its potential consequences, including negative consequences of " ledger" being used and " ledger" being used. They also discuss the characteristics of individuals who are either humble or arrogant when suffering from hardship or loss, and emphasize the importance of finding out who is doing the right thing and overcoming them. The speakers also emphasize the need to practice values and not just focus on getting good things out of the world.
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Buddha aka those lumea Kumar, Xena fill up, they can never at all costs failure to Allah on earth. mortgages, Ynez Florida mortgages.

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All of these efforts that they're putting into stop people from the way of Allah presenting their religion as something that is cricket. They can never be successful in doing that. They can never be successful in making Allah helpless in defeating the plan of Allah. Allah is going to make his religion superior, dominant, whether people like it or they don't like it.

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And just imagine towards the end of the second period, when the profits or losses that have had gone to five and he came back, just imagine every single day was so difficult.

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It was as though the light of Islam would blow out would extinguish at anytime, anytime.

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There was at the point when Abubakar learn who even he was facing persecution, just imagine before it was only the slaves, but now aboubaker of America was not allowed to recite Quran openly.

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So, what is the last point are to say that they think that they can extinguish the light of Islam, they cannot lead economical new mortgages enough and they cannot make Allah help us in the earth.

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Why is the earth mentioned

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because that is where the people are. If they cannot cause failure to the plan of align the earth they think they can cause failure in disguise. I was it possible they cannot

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warmer Canada home and they will not have been done in lab besides allotment earlier, any clause protecting friends, meaning no one is going to come and save them from the punishment of Allah. You bar for the homeowner that On the contrary, the punishment is going to be doubled for them. You borrow from through letters law that are in fact, it's going to be increased for them multiplied for them, Why? Why increased for them?

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Because their crime was double. They stopped themselves and they also stopped others.

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They stop people from the wave Allah and they also try to make the religion of Allah seem as crooked. So you borrow for the homeowner that the punishment is going to be multiplied for them.

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McCann we are still to own a summer. They were not able to hear what can we use a drone? nor could they see doesn't mean that literally they were deaf and blind. What does it mean? That they dislike the truth so much. They could not even bear to listen to it. They dislike the truth so much that they couldn't even bear to see it.

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McIndoe yesterday theory on a summer a woman can we assume

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similarly, when they heard the Quran, they will not understand it, they were not able to comprehend it, they will not be able to see the truth.

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So, such people, they will have double punishment, because they kept away and they also stopped others away. They would not listen and they would also stop others from listening. They would not see and they would also not let other people see

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when a person does something wrong himself and he also encourages other people to do it. Then he will not just be punished for the wrongs that he is doing. He will also be punished for the way that he is promoted.

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Because a crime has been multiplied.

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We learned sort of facility I have 26 that will call and lead in a car photo lead a smart rule. He hasn't called an Willow fee, healer locum Dudley Boone.

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And those people who disbelieve they say do not listen to this Quran, Mark annaliesa Tirana summer.

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They would say don't listen to this Koran, and speak noisily during its recitation

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so that other people also cannot listen. Don't listen to yourself. And don't let other people listen. McCann we used to do in the summer.

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Similarly, we have learned in silicon anonim, I have 26 that are humean honer and Wu Wei an owner and that they prevent others from him and are themselves remote from him as well.

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So for such people, there is double punishment. But on the Day of Judgment, they will have regrets that at least they should have listened.

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Because if you think of it listening is something very easy to do, isn't it? If you're reading you have to hold the book right now to keep your eyes open. Right? You have to look at the book and look around. Correct. Similarly, if you're writing even that is difficult. If you're talking even that is challenging, but when it comes to listening, you don't even have to open or close your ears. You don't. You don't have to put in any effort at all. So they will have regrets on the day of judgment that at least we should have tried to listen because listening is so easy

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as well.

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We learn insolate motor worker who loco nanus Maru owner mechana feels Highbury if we had listened, if we use a little bit of our reason, we would not be amongst the companions of the blazing fire.

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Ola eco Latina it is those people who custody and foster home who have lost themselves while they learn home. And last is from them McCann we have thrown that which they used to fabricate

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such people, they have lost themselves they have suffered the ultimate loss.

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Such people have suffered the ultimate loss and all that they used to invent, they will lose it.

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What is it that they invented? They invented many arguments that okay, we will say this, we will present this excuse, we will present this justification. But all of those justifications, all of those excuses will be lost.

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Like, for example, even Indonesia, if a person knows that he's doing something wrong, especially amongst children, and they're discussing amongst themselves that what if your parents got you? What did they ask you? What are you gonna say? I'm gonna say this, and I'm gonna say this, and I'm going to say this and when they're caught, they don't know what to say. Right? All those justifications and excuses and arguments, they're lost.

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Because when they're busy enjoying or when they're busy doing what they want to do, at that time, it's very easy to come up with justifications. And people become very unrealistic with regards to them.

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And when they face reality, when it comes to for them, everything that they had made up, it's gone. Similarly will they'll learn who am I? Can we have children? What else did they invent their false gods thinking that they would help them but on the Day of Judgment, none will come to their aid.

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Lead ledger Rama, assuredly unknown, indeed, they fail after in the hereafter hohman of sorrow, they will be the greatest losers. Notice the word ledger on ledger Rama, is, you put these words together that and gentlemen.

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Together they convey the meaning of assuredly

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you cannot translate and separately, the law not and gentlemen, something else. No, it's one word, ledger Rama. assuredly.

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Okay. It is a combination of law and gentlemen. But if you would separate them, if you translated them separately, they would give a completely different meaning together they given me.

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Jerome literally means to cut something. What does it mean to cut something and found this the word Jerome? What does it mean to commit a crime? Because when a person commits crimes, he is cutting the boundaries. He's crossing the boundaries, the limits and learn jarama together it gives the meaning of help can definitely assuredly, of course, there is no doubt.

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And lezama appears five times the Quran five times and each time it is followed by unknown. So ledger, Rama and

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both of them mean indeed, larger or means assuredly unknown means indeed.

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So together, it gives the meaning of like this is an absolute fact. There is no doubt in this

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large arama unknown field authority, homo axon, there is no doubt that indeed these people in the hereafter they will be the greatest losers. No one will suffer more loss than them. No one at all.

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Notice the word is

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it's not hard. And soon you will learn about other definitely in English the club that Excel is one who suffers greatest loss, no one suffers more loss than him.

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Why are they the afternoon?

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How are they afternoon? Because if you look at it, they will lose themselves in the previous hire and that either has zero and they will lose themselves. They will lose themselves to work to the hellfire.

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They will have no peace, no comfort, no happiness, no joy, no friends, no breaks, nothing

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and no freedom. Nothing. No freedom at all. No choice.

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ledger on unknown Ville accuracy. So they're the greatest losers in the hereafter.

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But on the other hand, in alladhina amanu indeed those people who believe what Amina sila had and the alternate righteous deeds will refer to a lot of being him and they humble themselves to their Lord, but who is from their letters. Ha that is backed

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If that is from hot, and hot is used for low and soft ground,

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what is it? Low and soft ground? How do you understand soft ground?

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That it's smooth, it's leveled, it's very easy to walk on it.

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And in particular, it's so soft that if you step on it, your foot would sink.

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I, for example, very soon, when all the snow has melted away,

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and the temperature is also much warmer, than if you go to a forest, if you go to a place where a lot of snow had accumulated. And if you step on that ground, it's so soft, because of all the water that is inside.

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So you step in it, it's not like quicksand. You step in it, and your foot will sink.

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This is how soft it is. Or like when snow has freshly, you know, fallen down. When there has been a very recent and fresh snow, then if you step on that know what happens. Your foot sinks, isn't it? What is that it's getting cold and icy. This is like when it's soft, you step on it and your foot sinks. This is what hops is.

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they became low. They sank. They became humble, in our opinion to their Lord.

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They believed and they did righteous deeds. And on top of that, they became very humble in honor of being to their Lord.

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What does it mean by this Akbar to Isla obey Him? That a directive their fear, their humility, their sincerity, there dedication, all of it due to the loss of

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people are humble and soft before many, isn't it? They're compliant, they're obedient.

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They listen to many people. However, these people they direct their obedience, their compliance, their humility, their servitude to who to a loss.

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If a person is very obedient in front of someone, what does that mean?

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That they will just have to say, a command once an instruction once and immediately they will follow,

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isn't it?

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Immediately they'll follow without any question.

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So similarly, to a lot of being in that they fall before their Lord. They don't stand arrogant.

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They don't stand arrogant. Whatever command comes, they accept it, they fall, they break down, their hearts tremble.

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They don't present excuses. They don't keep delaying.

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They don't say that no, no, I cannot do this much. I can only do a little bit. No.

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They become humbled before their Lord.

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Owner equals halogen. Such people are the companions of Paradise and home via holiday, they will abide there in eternity. If you notice in this ayah besides a man in our Masada, what is mentioned, in particular, is that humidity?

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And how can a person develop this quality within himself when he realizes his own reality, when he understands himself, that I am nothing, I am only a slave. And when a person thinks like that, then every command that he learns, he accepts it, he falls down before it. He doesn't stand arrogantly anymore.

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When you find out this is from Allah, He will do it.

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It's from Allah, it's completely true, this is what is beneficial for me, he will do it, he will not present excuses, he will not delay he will do it.

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Now the example of these two groups, which we have been seeing from the very beginning, those people who are very ungrateful and despairing at the time of the loss of a blessing.

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Similarly, when suffering from a hardship or when a hardship is taken away, they become very arrogant, extremely happy, very boastful. On the other hand, those people who do suffer.

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So if you see from the beginning, a comparison is being made between two groups of people.

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Those who believe and those who don't believe those who become humble, and those who remain arrogant.

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Now, the example of these two groups of people is given in the following

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that method, the example of Alpha Chi in the two groups, what are the two groups, the believers and disbelievers, those who are patient were our middle son he had off by two and those who are your rules and kung fu

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and fairy

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For whom,

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and those people who invent lies against Allah. So methadone for your claim, the example of the two groups is like, Can aroma like the blind one Assam and the deaf.

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Meaning one group is like the one who is blind and deaf.

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Arma is from Romeo and Arma is one who is very blind, most blind, and our farm is from slum.

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And it's one who is most deaf.

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So Arma most blind and Assam most deaf,

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very blind, very Deaf cannot see anything, cannot hear anything,

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cannot see anything cannot hear anything. You see, sometimes a person may have weak eyesight,

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you may get a surgery done or he may wear glasses, and that may enable him to see better, if not completely, at least better.

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Similarly, a person may have some hearing problem. He may wear a hearing aid, and it would help him in listening.

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But if a person has become completely blind, and can any glasses help him, No. Can any surgery help him? No.

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Similarly, if a person has gone completely deaf, can any hearing aid help him No.

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The example of those who disbelieve the example of those who are arrogant, who are stubborn, they are like the one who was blind and deaf. blind to Allah is revelation, blind to the eyes of Allah. And why is the word blind been used, because in their arrogance, in their enmity in their hatred, it is as though they have become blind, they cannot see the truth.

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You know, when a person is overcome by emotions, when a person is blinded by love or blinded by hatred, he cannot see the reality of things anymore. In the bias that they had against the prophet SAW a lot of them they're like blind, they're like deaf, Deaf for the call of truth, Deaf to the warning that is given unable to understand anything that is said to them. But on the other hand, the other group is like well, it was severe and the scene and the hearing.

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The other group is of those people who are able to see and able to hear and notice the word bus leave.

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This is used in contrast to Arma. So bus lead is one who is able to see very well and assumere the one who is able to hear very well. And who does this refer to the believers, those who are able to see in difficult situations even this is a test that if one blessing has been taken away, at least are so many other blessings the seed they can see.

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They can see that if I am suffering from one problem, at least so many other things are still okay.

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Vasil was Samir they listen, they listen to the ayah they listen to the reminders. And they take heed,

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honey, so any method, can they ever be equal? In example, yesterday, we learned from the roof address scene while Yeah. Can these two groups ever be equal? In example, in description in cipher, can you ever say that the blind and deaf is just like the seeing and the hearing? Can you say that? No, you cannot answer that other than don't you take a lesson? Don't you take heed? Will you not consider that if the blind and seeing are not the same,

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and the Deaf and the hearing are not the same, then the believing and the disbelieving are also not the same, then being grateful and ungrateful is also not the same. being hopeful and being despairing is also not the same.

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being impatient and patient is also not the same as either the current don't shoot at these two groups are completely different. Which is why their end will also be completely different.

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Amongst the previous ayat, we also learned about the person whose focus is adonia and a person whose focus is d accurate. So a person whose focus is the dounia has and will be different than a person whose focus is the afra his end is different.

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As we learned in the Quran, that layers that we have enough was hydrogen as herbal genetti human fat isn't that the people of fire and the people of Paradise, they're not equal. They're not the same. How that the people of gender, they will be successful. And the people of Hellfire whom will upset Oh, they're the greatest losers.

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So over here

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We are being invited to reflect, to use our mind

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that just as the blind and seeing cannot be the same similarly believing and believing cannot be the same. obeying and disobeying cannot be the same they're different in their nature and they're different in their result.

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in Medina

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warning me

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you boss, hula, hula

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it was semi.

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So we see that in order to attain guidance, what does a person need to do?

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From the example that was mentioned the last time a person needs to open his eyes and open his ears he needs to see needs to listen. Because only when he will do that, then something will go in. But if he shuts his faculties off out of bias out of enmity, then how can you benefit? How can you learn?

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Share your reflections, please. And then we'll continue

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discussing about how dystonia is a test. And also what we work for is what we get in the dunya. If you work for that, that is your goal, you get that and like this, I have a we were talking about and this a habit, they were afraid when they got a blessing, they were afraid that this might be their test. And also this might be a way of getting away from the benefits of 100. So you need to pray for others that are gonna at the nitric Danya has to know.

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But ask Allah for both good Indonesia and also good India. But not that a person thinks I should only have good in this dunya and if he doesn't have it, he becomes extremely despairing. There's a hand at the back.

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I was just looking at a muscle pain and trying to understand it. And I just thought how it works like when your kids are reading within closed and their eye for anything they like to play and you just make them get up and go and get

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something for me from the Watchtower anywhere they go and they come back with the answer. It's not there. So it doesn't mean that thing is not there, it's there actually, but because their mind is so much engrossed in what they were doing. So I was comparing this thing that men can read. And

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if we are unable to see something, it means we are so much engrossed in the dunya is all there that there is no more room left for the, for the new thing for the alpha. And with the Sahaba, it was totally opposite. They literally could smell that it was there. So as a result, dystonia has nothing in front of them. So in us is a

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cycle. A person who acts only for a worldly blessings will not receive anything in the accurate if, for example, for giving a gift to someone, it should be for the sake of Allah. Because there's a friend of mine, she's like, I gave this girl a scarf ended by and she didn't say thank you, she was so rude, as like, but it was mistakable. Like, doesn't matter. He's like, Thank you or not.

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When you're doing something for a love for the ACA, and you don't care how people are towards you whether they appreciate or they don't, and you continue to do what you're doing. Because it's not the people who are motivating you are what is the motivating.

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From the Ironman Canada, you return higher the dunya, it shows to us that we should have a higher goal for ourselves. Our goal should not just be to get a nice house, a nice car and a nice decent a nice that it should be more than that. Because all of the near compared to the fries, what just a drop of the ocean. And remember the value of Eman

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it's more than the Earth's fill in gold.

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The point of the ayah is that don't make near your goal. Make your goal accurate, because whatever is decreed for you, it'll happen you'll get it anyway you get it regardless. But Your goal should be the answer. It's not that just because you have a car, you will be happy. And if you don't have that car, you won't be happy. You understand. It's not that the lessons of this world is being belittled over here, it's that the author is being shown to us as that which is more important that that should be our goal.

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sound like I'm just reflecting on concentrating on the cure, your goal is after I really truly living in this dunya would be a lot a lot easier for you. As like you don't have to compete with anybody with your clothings with your whatever possessions you have looking at, if you don't have it, who cares? And you will never be distressed you'll never be depressed because like you don't really care about this dunya like, you know, your aim is alpha and you feel much more sorry for the the people who are concentrated on the junior who says like, you know, their goal is so limited. And the thing is that when a person's ultimate goal becomes adonia, then he has to undergo so much

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difficulty that he has to dress up uncomfortably just to please people he has to sit uncomfortably just to please people he has to smile and comfortably just to please people. And it's a life of pretension. It's a life of great discomfort.

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And at the end, a person does not even feel happy. Whereas if a person's goal is the hero, that is what will make him happy.

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And I want

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a question actually phase here we'll have it

00:28:18 --> 00:28:19

on my camera,

00:28:21 --> 00:28:49

like the kuffaar, or what have you for my son or roofie. Her, however, is when something does not produce any result when something does not produce any benefit. There is sadly, it's when an animal over eats. And as a result of that its stomach bursts and all that animal had eaten it didn't bring any benefit to it. So all that the deeds that they had performed, who does they refer to the people whose goal is dunya it does not produce any benefit for them in the absence of

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any benefit at all. And the deeds that they do bring to the author, they're about life. They do not bring any benefit nor reward, they don't carry any value. So they're a first to the people whose goal is the dunya.

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Okay, who want the reward for the good deeds that they're doing in the dunya

00:29:11 --> 00:29:19

as I mentioned to you earlier, at this ayah primarily is about those who show off those who show off their good deeds, so they will have no result in the

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Thinking about a person who denies a hora, he doesn't have limits in dunya if you deny aka you don't have anything that you have to worry about in dunya and another thing or point of doubt, the prophet SAW Allah stunning as how he's just was tired of the message that he would convey. So as Muslims we have to convey to non Muslims Yes, we might feel in discomfort that shouldn't stop us. Then Allah is a capable of everything. Exactly. The trust upon Him will lower like Alicia in wiki

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subclinical Allahu morbihan they're going to show the world they're either in under

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stockbroker one or two Really? I said I've already called

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