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Now, these are all early mock consumers that focus on the stories of the prophets and the concept of, of the danger of shock and disbelief and the dangers of oppression. sutra courses is one of the many tools in the Quran. With the story of Prophet Musa Elisa is an arranger, but the difference between Surah Al casas and most of the other stuff or shoot has been the stories The reason is the shoot of course is focuses more on the beginning of the story. You see most of the other suitors, we learn more about Musa Elisa as the Prophet Musa alayhis salam, as the leader of Bani Israel, dealing with the Pharaoh, leading his people after the turn of the battle. But with surah, casas received

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the beginning of the story, to see the story of his mother and how she had to put him in the basket, it would even go in the river, the story of his sister and how she had to follow him the story of how he got married, how he had to run away to Medea and how he met a man who deal with his daughters and got married and started a different life yet. So it's a very different side of the story of problems. And so when you combine this surah with the other sooner you get the full picture of the life of Prophet Mousavi Salah. Now towards the end of the surah. Once the handle discusses three of the

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people running through each of the people who sell exam time, who were tyrants right away in the time Musa Lisa many times the biggest and the most famous of them, of course, is the power. And this leads into the next

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chapter of the spider. Why is it called the chapter of the spider, because in this ruler, Allah gives us the power of them. He says that if you look at the house of a spider, it's something that the spider feel safe with that's it's weird, yet is actually very big. It just takes like a single slap, or a single swab and the web breaks. And that is the nature of the safety that the enemies of Islam face, especially the Titans, that the tyrants feel safe and secure and deposition, for all it takes is a single moment for Allah subhanho to take away all of the power. And so this is how the two sutras are linked. And one last listen to uncovering the surah begins with a very beautiful

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passage in which Allah subhanaw taala causes, does mankind think they will be left alone upon saying we believe without being tested? Know that we have tested those who came before you? Will you be simply the truthful from the liars. And so this passage reminds us that life is a test. And each and every one of us are going to be tested and when you are tested is not something to be surprised about. That is the nature of life in our religion doesn't teach us that if you see you believe that that's you for the rest of your life, you're going to have a perfect life. So that's the only agenda in this world. We will be tested and this is one of the core messages to uncovered that we will be

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tested and the sooner before that we see how powerful Moosa Elisa was tested. And so we need to do together. We can take enrollment to emotionally examine his family, and how to deal with the test of like so hang on is that my phone was set up