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So they're more than welcome.

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Today's presentation includes three surahs, fluoroscopy, node two and node one. And these three shoulders together, what they have in common is that each of these jurors describe for us the qualities of a true believer. And so if there's any part of the Quran to study, if you want to know what it takes to be a true believer, this is the section to study that the Jews begins with Deuteronomy, which itself begins with a description of the true believers caught up to the hope of meaning, the true believers are successful, and in this of qualities are given those who pray the Salah, good concentration, those who got the ceremony, they pray this love and time, those who avoid

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things that waste time, those who avoid in moralities, or those who are paydays occur, and those who fulfill their trust that these are the qualities of the true believers listed at the beginning of surah. camino the next Surah Surah builds upon one of these qualities. The qualities listed in Surah minuman are those who maintain their chastity those who live a moral and dignified lifestyle. And surah unknown is a description of this lifestyle. sutra alone is a description of all the qualities we need to have to be morally rightly guided chaste individuals, and all the things we need to avoid as well. So it is in the sutra that we have the command to lower the gaze is in the sutra, if you

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have the command to observe each other. It is in the surah, we had the command not to enter someone's home or room without the permission. All of this is part of our morality. In the surah. We also have the prohibitions, obviously, now anything that leads to Zina and accusing others, obviously, now, all of this is mentioned in the surah. And so this is building upon the previous humor, that these are the qualities of the true believer, one of them being that you avoid all that is immoral. How do you avoid all that which is immoral, you follow the commandments in Surah angle. And this is a very important surah is ensuring that the Sahaba would recommend teaching to one's

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children when you compose the age of puberty, because in the surah, is everything they need to know to protect themselves and guard themselves during that critical time in the light where there is so much of temptation. And so every family should make this make an opportunity or a time to sit with the children while they are preteen during the early teens, and teach them at the scene of surah unknown because all the qualities you need to be a righteous, chaste individual are listed in the surah. And then we have suitable for upon, and Surah Al Furqan ends with a description of the true believers. And this is actually in the next juice would only be recited tomorrow night. But I'll

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include it here because it's one topic. This surah ends with a description of the value of the true worshipers of our roadmap. So this is an even higher level than

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our Eman is of different levels. We have Islam will believe in Islam, when you are a Muslim, you have a man who you truly believe it you feel that Islam in you, it drives you it changes you, it motivates you to be a better person. But why is it that you have a site where you worship Allah as if you can see him that you have this close relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is what is described at the end of surah. Four were alleged to have to describe the qualities of revival of man, the true worshipers of the Most Merciful. These are individuals who have humility, individual who avoid fighting and quarreling and sectarianism and getting into into arguments with

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people. Individuals who spend the night and pm live with 100 people who think about how via ask Allah to protect them from people who avoid the major sins. And if they've ever fallen into major sins, they ask Allah for forgiveness to make Toba and then the last quality listed here of ibadah rockmart is that they make you are not just for themselves or for their families. And then do is a very important Do I have a witness do we all should memorize it, we all should see it every single day of our lives. They do our robina habla mean as why Gina was rewarded Akira the iron which are not included in it, Mama, Oh our Lord give us as a gift from you, from our wives and children.

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People who will be the coolness of our eyes. I mean, all of us the role models of the righteous is a beautiful to our for oneself, for one spouse, for one's children, that you have the love for each other. kurata is nice and you love when you look at each other, you're free to feel happiness, but not just for the dunya but for the author as well because you make him do all that for yourself and your spouse and your children to be the role models of the righteous mom lives in that the righteous look up to you and the righteous want to be likely meaning you're just making to offer your children to be righteous. You're making too hard for your children to be so righteous the righteous woke up

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today. So this is a beautiful powerful to each of us should memorize. Each of us should try and save every single day. These three are very important. Hi

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recommend that everyone takes time to study in a tuxedo implemented in our life, because these are the qualities needed to succeed in this world and in the next superhydrophobicity