Taimiyyah Zubair – The Beautiful Names of Allah #10

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning of Islam, a beautiful name, and its potential for healing and healing of one's spiritual and spiritual health. They also talk about the importance of lightening one's burden and allowing oneself to recover from sadness through actions. The speaker explains the power of knowing one's abilities and weaknesses to avoid chaos andaterasism, and how Congress's use of "has" to control people and hold people back from speaking up for themselves. The segment ends with a call for action.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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are the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Hill Karim la Biche slackly. sadi away a silly emri rock data melissani of coho Coley along with my dear Colby was said to listen he was rude Sophie mutter Colby amin Yoruba alameen inshallah we will continue with our study of the names of Allah the Exalted the names of Allah, which are the most beautiful, the most excellent and Hausner. And inshallah, today we will begin with the name of Allah asuw.

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Now, the name of Allah azubu is a name that a lot of people are not familiar with. But it is actually a name of allah which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to mention very frequently, in his Salah, meaning when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in recor, and in soju, he would often say Subhan could do some herbal mala aikatsu he would glorify and praise Allah subhanaw taala by using this name, a subu. So we see that the name of Allah su yes, it does not occur in the Quran, but definitely it occurs in the Sunnah, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to glorify Allah by by saying this name a subwoofer. Now when we look at the name, a

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subwoofer, what does it mean? We see that the name a subwoofer basically means the one who's the speaker is done, or the one who the one for whom a lot of the speaker is done, being the one who deserves a lot of the speed, and what exactly is the meaning of the speed, the speed generally we understand this as glorification, meaning to exalt or to glorify Allah subhanaw taala. But when we look at the basic meaning of the word sub Baja, basically sabaha is is to swim or to move very quickly, in air or in water. And when something moves so quickly, then what does that mean it is being distanced. So, the point of the spear is to distance or to remove from Allah subhanaw taala

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anything that is unbefitting anything that is that that is not befitting of him. So for example, it is to declare that Allah subhanaw taala is one without any equal without any partner. When you say Subhan, Allah, what you're saying is that Allah subhanaw taala is perfect, he is free and far removed from any imperfection, Any similarity, any equal, any child, anyone that resembles him, any weakness or any deficiency. So, or any resemblance to the creation. So, this is the the prime the basic meaning of Subhan Allah. So subu is the one for whom a lot of the speech is done meaning, the one who is free from any deficiency, the one who is free from any fault, the one who is free from

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any resemblance to anybody, so he has no no partner, no equal, no one who shares anything with him. And it means that he is free from anything that does not befit him. So So boo is a name of perfection, a name of glorification. And we see that even though the name is not mentioned in the Quran, there are many places where we have been instructed to glorify Allah subhanaw taala or we have been informed that everything in the heavens and the earth glorifies Allah subhanaw taala so for example, in sorbitol Jumeirah is number one, a Lost Planet Allah says you sub be holy Lehi math is somehow Swati woman fill out that whatever that is in the skies and whatever that is in the earth

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is glorifying Allah. It is declaring the perfection of Allah and this is because

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Truly Allah subhanaw taala is perfect. When we think about the creation, no matter how able or how beautiful or how powerful a creature may be, it is still deficient. It is still weak. This is the reality of the creation. It is only the Creator who is free from any fault. So you set be holy law He manifests in my work you were my follow up. Then we see in Surah tool Israel is number 44. A lost parent artist says to sub B hula who summer were to Subaru while our Lu woman fi hint that the seven heavens the seven skies and the earth and whoever that is within them is glorifying Allah soprano Tara is declaring the perfection of Allah subhanaw taala meaning it is not just you know people or

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birds or ants or angels, it is the skies themselves. It is the earth itself that is glorifying and praising Allah subhanaw taala. Even in Jannah, we learn incident Yunus is number 10. The darwell home fee has to be Hannukah lahoma that the people in Jenna they're saying will be subhanak Allahumma that Oh Allah you are perfect. So in this world and in the Hereafter, Allah subhanaw taala is truly deserving of all praise, because he is perfect in his in all of his qualities, he is free from any deficiency from any weakness, any fault, any resemblance, and he is perfectly glorious. And this is why Allah subhanaw taala is subu and we see that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam mentioned the name subu he mentioned it with padieu Subhan could do some and produce also gives a similar meaning the one who is all holy, and then Rob will mela eeka tomorrow. Now when we see the name of subu, he has definitely the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam use this name one calling upon Allah. But what are some other ways in which we can glorify Allah subhanaw taala definitely in record in such that we should add this in our Salah that we say subdue him could do some herbal mela equity will rule and then otherwise also, we should increase in our SB in our glorification of Allah and there's so many ways of glorifying Allah. You know you can simply say

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Subhan Allah, you consists of Han Allah He will be handy. You can say Subhana Allah healer Aleem, he will be handy. You can insist upon Allah He will be handy here Subhan Allah hid our lien. You can say Subhana Allah He will be handy here are the helpee what you learn up see was in a thorough she won't be dadda Kelly Mati any there's so many ways of glorifying Allah subhanaw taala The question is, why should we glorify Allah subhanaw taala so much. The thing is that when we glorify Allah, we are stating the greatest truth. We are stating, we are saying the statement of absolute truth, because definitely, most certainly Allah subhanaw taala is perfect. And when we say this statement,

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this only benefits us. We learned earlier that Allah subhanaw taala is a Hamid, meaning he's always worthy of praise. He doesn't need our praise, He is worthy of praise even without us praising him. So His perfection, his glory doesn't increase or decrease by our praise of him. The fact is that when we praise and glorify Allah, we're the ones who benefit. How because when we glorify Allah subhanaw taala First of all, this is something that brings us reward. Right? This is something that brings us benefit. So we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told people once that who junetta come that take your Juna, Juna is your shield, your protective gear. So he said, Take

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Take your protective gear, and the people said that has an enemy appeared. Is there an enemy that is coming that we should take on our you know, arms and weapons to defend ourselves to protect ourselves? He said, No, he said, Well, I can Janata come in and Now take your junuh against the fire of *. Meaning protect yourselves from the fire of *. And how should you do that? He said, say Subhan Allah will hamdulillah y la ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar say these words because they will come on the day of judgment as as shields meaning as a something that will protect you and defend you from the fire of *. And he said that they're also bulkier to solve

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There are also good deeds that will remain, that will, you know, these are albaraka to Sally had good deeds that will endure, because the good things of the world they don't last. But these words that you say these are good deeds that will remain that will last forever, meaning you will see them, you will find them on the Day of Judgment also. Because you see the things of the of the world, the good things of the world, no matter how much value we assign to them, they're not meant to stay with us forever, they're not going to show up on the Day of Judgment, that they're going to finish with the world. So what is it that we will have with us on that day, it is the good deeds

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that we perform. And among them, the most easiest of them is of course, the remembrance of Allah, and at the top is Subhana Allah, the mention of the glory of Allah subhanaw taala that will last a panel thought it is a su, then we said this will then we see that another benefit of the spear is that when we glorify Allah subhanaw taala, then this is something that helps us deal with our fear, our sadness, our anxiety, our disappointment, or whatever, you know, feelings that we have in our hearts that are troubling us. And the fact is that every now and then something happens in our lives, which you know, brings us inner pain, which which, which creates a certain,

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you know, feeling of sometimes despair, or even unease or you know, a sadness, disconnect from people. And and these are things that really weigh heavily upon us. Sometimes it is simply because we heard someone saying something nasty about us. And because of that, you know, our entire day is ruined. Sometimes we remember these hurtful words, for days and days for months and years. And every time that we recall that rejection letter, or we recall that, you know, that word of that that very hurtful word. He it drowns us in our grief. So how can we deal with such things, we see that this B is a is a way of strengthening the heart. When you remember how perfect Allah subhanaw taala is that

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this is something that strengthens you from the inside. Why? Because when you look at yourself, when you recognize yourself, you you know how weak and incapable you are, you recognize how limited you are in your abilities. You recognize how, how strong perhaps your enemies are, you you realize how many challenges you have in your life. But then when you when you realize that you're not alone, when you realize that you have Allah subhanaw taala who who protects you who provides for you who who has everything in his control, and you realize that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who is most perfect. And this is something that strengthens you from from the inside. This is something that

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brings you hope, even when you're feeling extremely down. So we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he is addressed in the Quran into the hairdryer 97 to 99 Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, according narla mo Anika el de kusakabe, Maya Kowloon that certainly we know that your heart Your chest feels constricted because of the things that people say. And the kinds of things that people said about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam he, it's unbelievable. How, what wrong statements they said about him behind his back and to his face. Subhan Allah and not just one person but so many people. So Allah subhanaw taala reassures him that we know what what kind of things

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people say about you. For sub Bish, behind the Rebekah were communists saggi Deen and the last round Allah gives him the solution. What is the solution, that facade behind the Robic glorify with the praise of your Lord, meaning glorify your Lord and praise Him say Subhan Allah Subhana Allah He will be handy he glorify your Lord will call me the surgeon and be among those who make sajida to Allah, meaning worship Allah subhanaw taala perform the Salah Barbuda, Rebecca had to call up and worship your Lord until certainty comes to you. And one of the meanings of certainty over here is death, meaning worship your Lord until the end of your life. So we see over here that the Prophet

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sallallahu Urdu Sena was instructed to do this be in order to strengthen his heart and this is something that we all should benefit from.

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Any time that we are feeling down, that we are feeling weak, that we are feeling discouraged and lost, and we don't know what to do, or we're feeling very hurt, and sometimes out of nowhere, you know, these feelings of anxiety they just pop in. Yes, definitely we have to, you know, take other measures as well. But Making This Be glorifying Allah subhanaw taala should be a part of our healing plan. In fact, it should be a habit, not just something that we do when we're struggling, but also something that we do. When times are good, when when we're feeling good. This is something that we should make a habit of, to glorify and praise Allah subhanaw taala. And then when you see that

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Making This Be when you glorify Allah, this is something that doesn't just strengthen you

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in terms of your, you know, your, your emotional issues, but also your spiritual issues. So, for example, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that whoever is such that he is frightened by the night, meaning the darkness of the night scares him.

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And then, or he is stingy. To spend wealth. Meaning a person is stingy on the inside, they they're too selfish, too greedy, to give of what they have, they find it very difficult to share, they find it very difficult to spend,

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or is too weak to face an enemy. So three things the Prophet salallahu Urdu Sena mentioned over here, whoever is scared by the darkness of the night, too stingy to spend his wealth, or too afraid to face his enemy. Then such a person he said for Luke sidman Subhan Allah He will be handy, then he should increase in saying Subhana Allah He will be handy. So when you glorify Allah subhanaw taala this will strengthen you emotionally and also spiritually, because in order to spend all of your wealth, yes, you know, you need that emotional stability, but you also need that spiritual strength, that that you know, dependency on Allah subhanaw taala that realization that when I gave in the way

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of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will not, you know, leave me empty handed, so to speak is your spiritual strength, it is your emotional strength. And then we see that, especially when it comes to sadness when it comes to grief, and this could be because of different reasons, it could be because of your own past mistakes. Regret can cause a person to be sad, it can be because of some kind of loss, it can be because of some disappointment, any reason because of which a person is feeling sad. Again, this B is extremely helpful in such situations. We see in the Quran, the example of Yunus early his Salah Allah account I mentioned in sootel ambia i 87 and 88. That whether nguni is the

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harbor mu hardly been fallen a lenok de la la, that weather known and unknown meaning units earliest center, when he left while he was extremely angry with his people, and he didn't think that Allah subhanaw taala would decree anything against him, meaning he didn't think he was doing anything wrong. But the later on when he was caught in the belly of the fish, Fernanda field lumad he called out from the darknesses Allah ilaha illa Anta Subhana Allah subhanak in the quantum in a valley mean that there is no god worthy of worship except you Oh, Allah subhanak you are perfect. All glory is for you. In the quantum in a worldly mean indeed I am of those who do wrong. So Allah Subhana Allah

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says first a Gemini Allah who want to Jaina home in our home. So we responded to him, and we rescued him from sadness. We rescued him from grieving what Cavalli Cannondale moved meaning and that is how we rescue the believers, meaning any believer after Yunus Allah is set up, if they glorify Allah, in their grief in their sadness, then Allah subhanaw taala will rescue them. So we see that sometimes, you know, we can identify a reason as to why we are sad. And there are other times when, you know, we we look at our lives and other people may even tell us that why are you sad? You know, you're being too dramatic. But you see, this is a feeling that is real, it cannot be denied. But it is also

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a feeling that can really consume us that can really affect every aspect of our lives. So whether other people acknowledge it or or don't, you know, if you're grieving or you're not, you know how heavy that that feeling of sadness or

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despair or, or even, you know the grief is. So how do you lighten that burden? And how do you how do you allow yourself to be rescued from it by calling upon Allah subhanaw taala by glorifying Allah soprano throne, La ilaha illa Anta subhanak in the quantum in a lowly me, you see, sometimes there could be, you know, an exam that you have to write, or a very difficult part of your life that you're going through a very difficult news that you've just been given, you know, with regards to your health or your family, your lost pounds are to protect you. But you know, these are realities of life, and sometimes more than anything, what bothers us is why am I so sad? Right? And so, how do

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you deal with this by calling upon Allah subhanaw taala Yes, you have to do other things as well. But this should be a part of your plan to help yourself that you glorify Allah subhanaw taala La ilaha illa Anta sapan aka in the consuming of Valley mean, and then we see that when a person does this be they glorify Allah subhanaw taala more and more than because of that, there the laws are also responded to, we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the that there are of Yunus earning his salon, La ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah in the container, lolly me, any Muslim, when he calls upon his Lord with this surah Allah subhanaw taala will certainly respond to

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him. And this is why we see that the spear in general also when you glorify Allah, this is a step towards having your doors accepted. So for example, in your recorder when you sit subu, when when you say Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah subhana wa Brrr lien Subhanallah BNR Aleem, then you say subdue, Han could do some rubble Mullah ekati war, and then you make some Dora you ask Allah subhanaw taala for something. And yes, you can do the same thing in such a way as well to handle a bill our last panel bill Arla, you glorify Allah and then you ask Allah subhana wa tada for something, whether it is forgiveness or it is some, you know, some certain,

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you know, blessing that that you want any form of provision that you want. ask Allah subhanaw taala by glorifying him or xojo Allah first. So this was the name of Allah azubu now inshallah we will look at the names are there al Qadir and Al mahkota did

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al Qaeda, Al Qaeda and Al mocked added now these names of Allah.

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First of all, we see that the name of audit occurs 12 times in the Quran. The name al Qadir occurs 45 times and mK 30 occurs four times in the Quran. And we see that these names are similar in meaning in the sense that all three mean one who has ability, but we see that a deed is a more emphatic form of audit, and looked at it is an even more emphatic form of audit. So not just one who is able, but one who is ever able one who is perfectly able. Now, when we look at these names, these names basically give two connotations. And what are they the first connotation is audit is one who has goodra Okay, one who has Audra. And what does podra mean? It means ability, or strength or

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power. And it also that the second connotation is one who does doklady meaning one who determines the one who measures the one who decrees The one who ordains. So these are the two connotations of the names, color, coded and looked at it. Now, let's look at these two connotations. The first connotation as I mentioned is one who has podra. And put right as I mentioned earlier, is over, it is strength, it is power, it is ability. So Allah subhanaw taala is audited, meaning his ability, he has perfect ability, perfect strength, which means that he's able to do whatsoever that he wants. It means that nothing at all is unattainable for him. It means that he's capable of all things. So if

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he intends something, if he wants something, it will definitely happen. Why? Because he is perfect in his ability. What happens with the creation is that they may want some

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thing to happen, they may even try to make something happen, but they fail to fulfill their their goals or to or to achieve their goals. Right to to realize their dreams. Why? Because our weakness, this is our reality we are not perfect in our ability, whereas Allah subhanaw taala because He is the Creator because he is such that La Ilaha Illa who his ability is perfect. So we see that Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran in surah al anon is 65 pull who will call you Allah Enya Bertha la Kumara dhaba. menfolk? ecom elementaita Oh, Julie con o el bisa comme sheoran, where you live about the comeback suburb, Omar k fenosa, riffel iottie la la mi of kahun. In total anatomia 65 or less

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Pandora says, say that he is a recorded, he is perfectly able to do what are that a year bartholomay komaba menfolk pick on to send a punishment on you from above you.

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Omen 30 out of dhulikhel or he can send a punishment to you from beneath your feet, oh, yell bissa, calm sheoran. Or he is able to is perfectly able to divide you into groups, meaning into factions, and then what will happen, there's confusion, there's chaos, and then there's animosity as a result of which were you the Cabal, the combat suburb, and he can cause you to taste the the might of each other, meaning he can cause you to become divided, so that you all are busy just fighting one another. A loss penalty is capable of doing that, sending something from above you, or from beneath your feet, or from within you. This is Allah subhanaw taala is perfect ability allows parents Allah

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says in the Quran in the who are allowed rajouri he loves all

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that, Indeed Allah to return him to life meaning human beings is able anyone a person has died, the body has disintegrated Allah subhanaw taala is able to bring life to that body again, he is able to return him to life, this is Allah subhanaw taala his ability and then the second connotation, that Allah soprano that, that he is the one who who does the deed. So one who has goodra meaning perfect ability and secondly, one who does duck deed and duck Dean is to give measure, to determine and to decree and ordain meaning that Allah subhanaw taala He is the one who decides what he wants to do with the creation and whatever that he decides, whatever that he decrees certainly happens, it

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certainly occurs whenever our last panel God wills happens, whatever he does not will cannot ever happen. So, this is the creed and remember that the creed is related to knowledge and, and and expertise right knowledge, meaning in order to determine something. So, for example, when the last panel Tata has created everything we know that he has created everything according to a certain measure, it is not random. So for example, just the human body even any to

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for for a human body to function, there's so many systems within the human body that need to be regulated, right, each hormone or each, you know,

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thing in the body, whether it is blood pressure or it is temperature, any the most basic things even that we are aware of, they need to be within a certain measure. And we see that if anything is below that measure or beyond that measure, that is what causes sickness or even death. So panela So, so in order to do duck deed, knowledge is a requirement and Allah subhanaw taala his knowledge is perfect, and he hasn't just decreed regarding human beings but every single creature that we know off and also so much more that we have no idea about. So Allah soprano thought is the one who does duck deed, so which and this means that whatever he decides happens, and for every creature, he has

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determined a precise decree. So in total masala is 23, last parenthesis for cadorna

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For Nirmal called the rune, so we decreed and what and what an excellent way it is in which we have decreed.

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So, so this is the basic meaning of Adi. Now, when we look at the name Khadija I mentioned to you earlier that it's similar in meaning but it is a more emphatic form. So a D doesn't just mean one who is able, but it means one who is ever able, one who is always all able, meaning His qudra His ability is such that it is a Shambhala meaning it it is perfect and it is over everything. It is it is total, it is over everything, and that that His qudra His ability is such that it is permanent. It is sliver Kadima, you see, our problem with the you know, with the creation, end as creation, what happens with us is that our abilities are limited, not just in how much they are, but also in

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terms of time, any, there's only a certain period of our lives in which we have certain strengths, we see that in childhood, we don't have certain abilities. And then again, in old age, we begin to lose those abilities. Or in certain places, we have certain abilities, but in other places, we don't have those abilities. So, our abilities, they are limited in terms of time in terms of place, but Allah subhanaw taala, his his withdraw is such that it is safe for him. So he is always able, he is always free from any weakness, so no weakness of any level reaches him at any point. She'll casati said that adid is the one who is perfect in his ability. And it is with his ability that he brought

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the things that exist into existence. It is with his perfect ability that he determined and regulated their affairs. It is with his ability that he fashioned all creatures and also strengthened them. It is with his ability that he gives life and he gives death. And he will raise meaning he will resurrect the slaves for Recompense. So he will reward the doers of good for their good, and He will punish those of evil for their evil. So when he intends something, he only says B and it occurs. So it is with his goodra that he will resurrect the dead, it is with his perfect qudra that he will recompense people. And it is with his perfect withdraw, that he just says come

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and things happen. And it is with his ability that he changes the hearts of people. Allahu Akbar, this is his ability, that he is even able to change the hearts of people. We are not able to do that. We can try to convince people for hours, we can cry before them, we can yell at them. We can threaten them, we can show love to them, we can show compassion to them. We can try different ways but we don't have control over the hearts of people. It is only Allah subhanaw taala who has control over the hearts of people so he can change the hearts of people and he can turn them in whatever direction that he wants. So this is uncoded. Now when we look at the name of Allah Al Qadir, in the

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Quran, we see for example, Allah subhanaw taala mentions his name on the deed when it comes to the creation of people, especially the fact that Allah subhanaw taala has created people in stages and that he causes them to change constantly. So Allah Subhana Allah says in sort of the room I have 54 that Allah who loves me Hello Coco Min darphin that Allah is the one who created you from weakness. So Majora lemon bar de la Finca. What and then he made after weakness, strength. So really, at the time when a child is born, it's extremely weak, but then what happens with time the child you know, develops the strength to you know, hold his neck, and then sit up and then stand up, right and then

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walk and then eat etc, etc. So, so Magellan embargo darphin cool weapon, so who gave that? It is Allah subhanaw taala. So medalla mimbar the quwata dolphin and then he made after strength weakness again. Why because now as you know, as a human being growth ages, right there, he also declines in his strength was shave at an old age, yes. loco, Maya. He creates whatever that he wants where he will

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Arlene will Cadiz and he is allegedly The one who is knowledgeable and he is the one who is perfect in his ability.

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And then we see that the name of Khadija is also mentioned with regards to the variation in creation. So, he is perfectly able which is why he is able to not just create but also change people. And then he is also able to create so many different types of creatures in sort of the node i have 45 or less parents artists as well logo hollowcore colada button Mima that Allah has created Allah that Allah has created every moving creature from water from inhome my MC our lab balcony. So among them is the creature that walks on its stomach. Meaning that moves on its stomach it crawls woman who may am she Aladdin julaine and among them is the creature that is able to walk on two

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feet, woman whom I am Sheila Arbor, and among them is a creature that is able to walk on four feet, four legs, yes, localup Maya sharp sha Allah creates whatever that he wants in the Lucha Allah cliche in kadhi. Indeed, Allah is Able to do all things, or he is powerful over all things he has goodra he has perfect stability over everything. So he is able to create creatures that crawl, he's able to create creatures that walk on two feet, and he's also able to create creatures that walk on four feet. This is the qudra of Allah. And then we see that this name is ultra mentioned when a resurrection is mentioned in the Quran. In total Baccarat I 148 Allah, Allah says aina matter Qunu

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yet to become Allah who Jumeirah wheresoever you may be Allah will bring all of you back together in the LA Hanako Alicia in Kadir Indeed Allah is able over everything. When it comes to the abilities that we have. Again the name of Allah Al Qadir is mentioned over there in total belcarra i 20 Allah says, Well sha Allah who led the hobby summary he was able Sati him in the la hora la coalition party, that if Allah wanted, he could have taken away their hearing and their vision. Indeed, Allah is Able to do all things, Allahu Akbar, any if any of our abilities function, it is because Allah subhanaw taala has enabled them to function. And if he wants, he can disable them any all ability is

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with Allah. He, he created certain strengths in us, and if he wants he can take them away when it comes to Revelation, when it comes to specifically abrogation, that last panel Tata gave a command and then after some time he cancelled it. So last month, he says Madden saffman 1809 Sienna TV Heidi minha Amit Leah Alam tanam Anna la hora de Cali Shane Cody that one abrogation is mentioned a lot of parents are asks us Do you not know that Allah is Able to do all things you need, it's up to him. If he wants, he can give a command. If he wants, he can cancel it, he can replace it with another. It's completely his choice. He has the ability to do that the authority to do that. And then we see that

00:38:27 --> 00:39:15

when it comes to assisting the creatures. Again, a loss Pandora says we're in the law Harlan nursery him Luckily, that Indeed Allah is able to help them he's able to help the believers. So Allah is added, meaning nothing is difficult for him. Why? Because when everything belongs to Him, then why would he not be able to carry out his will? When his ability is perfect? Why would anything be difficult for him? So Allah is coded, meaning no one can resist, nothing can escape and nothing can oppose him when he decides that something should happen when he wants to do something, it definitely occurs. We see that the name or the it comes in the Quran with the name of for Rahim with the names

00:39:15 --> 00:39:59

of food and Rahim so instead of amantha Hina Allah says Allah sallallahu Adrianna Bina como Bina levina are they to Minamata will love or the the Allahu la foto Rahim that it is possible that Allah will make between you and your enemies love any the people that you have hated all this time, people whom you have opposed and they have opposed you. It is quite possible that our last prank caller will create love between you all. So you who were enemies before will become friends in the future will know Khadija and Allah is able to do that. And this is the context of this as you see what the Muslims who had migrated from Mecca to me

00:40:00 --> 00:40:48

Dina, the you know, the Muslims were constantly at war with the creche. So here, any hope is being given that it is quite possible that the people whom you you know are fighting against they're fighting against you tomorrow they'll be your friends, and this is what happened Holodomor when he heard the alohar and he became rhodiola Horan Subhan Allah, so many companions who previously hated the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because when they were non Muslim, and now what happened? Allah subhanaw taala changed their hearts. So they became companions to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and then it is said well love over fudo Rahim Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. This

00:40:48 --> 00:41:37

is so beautiful. On the one hand, we see that the mention of this name here shows us that Allah is able to change hearts. So never, ever give. give up hope of people. No matter how far people have gone, no matter how much they have hurt you. No matter how you know what what wrong things they have done, have hope you know Allah is able to change their heart. And then also remember will logo photo Rahim Allah is Forgiving and Merciful, which means that no sin is too big for Allah to forgive. As long as a person repents within time, unless panel thought is able to forgive them. No sin is too big for Allah to forgive. So Allah who have fought over him, and then we see that the name Kadir

00:41:37 --> 00:41:59

also occurs in the Quran with the name Arlene, Arlene meaning one who is knowledgeable. So we learn in certain Mahalia 70, in the Lahore of emo codegear. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and able, and we see that it is only with perfect, it is only the one who whose deed meaning whose decree is perfect.

00:42:01 --> 00:42:52

The one whose decree is perfect, by definition means that he is knowledgeable that his knowledge is also perfect in the law Holleyman or the then the name of Allah, I looked at it looked at it, as I mentioned to you earlier, it has even more emphasis it is it is an even more emphatic form because remember, a rule in Arabic language that more letters means more meaning more emphasis, so much that there is an even more emphatic form of audit. So it means the one who is perfectly able, the one who the one who is perfectly in control, the one whose power is total and comprehensive, and look at the things all the things that he has power over. And he not just to you, but every single human being

00:42:52 --> 00:43:50

billions of human beings, not just people, but also ends and also birds and also the weather and the earth and all the planets and all the stars and the angels also this world and the hereafter. hynny look at all the things that he has power over all the things that he has decreed that he has created all the changes that he has caused to happen, all the things that he manages Allah Akbar, Allah is an mK 30 so his qudra his his ability is unmukt Lacan meaning it is absolute is perfect. And we see that the sname occurs in circle Palmer I have 4142 We're lost pound Allah says well caja Allah fit our own a noodle that to the people are fit our own Warner's did come, but can the will be if Tina

00:43:50 --> 00:44:43

kuliah. But the people have their own denied all of our signs for a husband at home with our Aziz in Makkah. So we seize them, meaning Allah subhanaw taala sees them with punishment. And this was the Aziz in Makkah did this was the seizing of the one who is mighty, the one who is Perfect in Ability. So what do you think happened to the people of their own? When the one who is almighty and the one who is absolutely perfect in his ability when he sees those people? What do you think became of those people? Could this survive? No. Could they escape? No. So this is a huge threat. And then in pseudoscalar, if 55 of us parent our dimensions in the room with the pain of a genetic one, I hope

00:44:44 --> 00:44:59

that indeed the righteous will be within gardens and rivers, meaning in the hereafter. FEMA are the slender pane in a seat of honor. During the Maliki maka did near the king, the sovereign who was

00:45:00 --> 00:45:56

Perfect in Ability. So, this is for the righteous, that how they will be in Jenna amongst the rivers of Paradise near Allah subhanaw taala in a place of honor. So again, the name looked at it as mentioned. So we see that the name looked at it, you know, the perfect ability of Allah, on the one hand, it, it instills fear in us, but it also gives us hope, it also gives us hope. So what is our share when it comes to these names of Allah subhanaw taala. And means that first of all, we should believe that Allah subhanaw taala is Able to do all things. What is difficult for us is not difficult for Allah, what seems impossible for us, and what is impossible for us is not impossible

00:45:56 --> 00:46:44

for Allah subhanaw taala. So what does this mean? This means that we should rely upon Him, we should have hope in Him, we should expect the best from him. And of course, this also means that we should fear him, because we should never forget that Allah subhanaw taala has power over us. Yes, he has power over our fears, and our enemies or, or whatever it is that we are trying to run away from. But Allah subhanaw taala also has perfect power over us. So let us not forget that. And, and this is something that should cause us to fear him. We learn in Sahih Muslim, that Abu Masaru there'll be a lot more on whom he narrated that of almost zero, there'll be a lot more I know, he said about

00:46:44 --> 00:46:51

himself that once I was beating a slave of mine, perhaps his slave had, you know, done something wrong.

00:46:52 --> 00:47:49

Well, whatever the reason was, he said that he was beating a slave of his with a whip. Okay. And he said that as I was beating him, I heard a voice from behind me. And what was that voice? It was aerelon abama. rude. No, meaning, have knowledge of this be aware, oh, boom was rude. So I was really sad that I did not recognize who it was or what was being sad because I was so angry. And I was so upset and I was so you know, I was just so busy beating my slave that I didn't care about who was calling me and what they were saying. Until that voice drew closer, meaning whoever that person was came even closer to me. And I realized that it was actually the Messenger of Allah sallallahu

00:47:49 --> 00:47:55

early, he was settling. And he said, air alum abama rude. irrelevant. Obama's rude.

00:47:56 --> 00:48:54

No, Obama's rude, no, almost rude. And he said that I I dropped the whip that was in my hand. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said aerelon Obama's rude anila up the ruler la kaminska Allah huddle hula that, no Obama's rude that Allah has more ability over you. anila aka daru Urlacher he is more guarded over you than you are over the slave of yours. Meaning you think you have power over your slave. And because of that you are beating him? Do you realize that Allah has even more has even more power over you? So Massoud said that after that, I never beat any slave ever again. I could never hit any slave ever again. And this is something that we need to remember that truly, if

00:48:54 --> 00:49:40

we think we have power over someone, whether it is our children, or our belongings, or our spouse, or the people that work under us, then remember that the last panel tada has even more power over us. So let us not get deceived by our power that we can say whatever we can treat people however, and we know that they have no one else to complain to, they are not able to defend themselves. They're not able to, you know, speak up for themselves, they're not able to get any help. And we see that there are places in the world where, you know, people who are victims of abuse, you know, they have the ability to reach out for help, but there are other places where people are not able to

00:49:40 --> 00:50:00

reach out for help. And sometimes they're so you know, brainwashed that they don't even think that they should reach out for help or they're too afraid to reach out for help. So sometimes we see that people do abuse others and they they try to control them in absolutely

00:50:00 --> 00:50:39

terms. So no matter how much control you have over someone, no matter how powerful you feel against them, realize that Allah subhanaw taala has even more power over you. So, fear him, let us fear Allah subhanaw taala. So these names of the last panel thought are beautiful, they inspire in us hope that whether it is you know a trial in life that we are going we are experiencing with regards to our wealth with regards to our relationships with regards to our safety with regards to our health, when we know that Allah subhanaw taala is hard coded and

00:50:40 --> 00:51:25

then we're no longer afraid of our problems because we know that Allah subhanaw taala is able to change them, that Allah subhanaw taala is able to mend them. And on the other hand, these names also inspire fear in us that Allah subhanaw taala has perfect power over us. Now when it comes to calling upon Allah subhanaw taala with these names, we see that first of all, there's a beautiful da which which the Prophet sallallahu Urdu said I'm used to make Abu Salah or Sharia law de la hora reported that the Prophet sallallahu earlier said of us to make this thorough, and what is this draw? It is a lahoma hopefully, hopefully it will gently what is tsra Fifi Omri woman unto Arlen will be humanly,

00:51:26 --> 00:52:10

that Oh ALLAH forgive me, all of my sins, my ignorance, my extravagance, in my matters and whatever that you are more knowledgeable of than I am meaning my mistakes that that I'm not even aware of but you are better aware of them. Well Allah forgive me for all of that. Allah mo fiddly did the warehously will help you are on the wakulla dedecker in the different different kinds of sins are mentioned. And then there's an acknowledgement that all of these sins are in me. I love them a little fiddly macadam to me, a hard to swallow to hammer Ireland to women and to Ireland will be humanly. Again all love Forgive me for what I have done before and what I did later, what I did,

00:52:11 --> 00:53:09

openly or secretly, and whatever it is that you are more knowledgeable off than me. Until Nakajima Enter, Enter Allah Cooley, Shea in Cadiz, you are capable over all things. And this is again important for us to remember when we think about our sins, that Yes, it is true, I have many sins huge, you know, inexcusable. I could never justify them. And if I were to be honest, I deserve consequences for them. But Allah is Able to do all things. He's able to forgive me he's able to mend my state, because he is our law coalition colleague, because you see our own mistakes. Sometimes we suffer because of them. For years and years. Now we're not able to go and fix our past. But Allah

00:53:09 --> 00:53:57

subhanaw taala is able to mend our situation so that we don't continue to suffer from the mistakes that we made in our past in our ignorance in our foolishness. And yes, indeed we did make them yes, we are responsible, but Allah subhanaw taala is able to fix our condition. We're untie laquisha in kadhi Allah is fully able and then we see another Dora which we can make Of course after salah and other and otherwise also, which is La ilaha illa Allah hula hula Shetty kala, the hula, hula hula hand wahoo, Allah coonley Shea in caddied, that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah he is alone. He has no partner. He owns everything. He deserves all praise and he is able over everything

00:53:57 --> 00:54:41

well who are left coalition in karate. Now this is something this is a statement that we should say after Salah also we learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever says Subhana Allah 33 times 133 times Allahu Akbar 33 times and then says this that ilaha illa Allah who artola shikara will will call our handle voir dire condition coded, making it 100 of code after every Salah, then the Prophet sallallahu earlier send them says said all his sins will be forgiven, even if they are like the form on the sea. Meaning even if those sins are many, they will be forgiven. So let us make a habit of saying this because regularly in the morning in the evening, of

00:54:41 --> 00:54:46

course after every salah and also remember that we mentioned this name.

00:54:47 --> 00:54:59

You know the meaning of this name in God is the hora as well, because in the DA VISTA hora, we say that for inaka Takeru Wanaka do that Oh Allah, you decree

00:55:00 --> 00:55:40

I don't decree meaning the power to decree is with you, you decide what happens. I don't get to decide that the final decision is in your hand. Right? It's not in mine. So we declare that in the door all of his taharah as well. Because Allah subhanaw taala is Al Qaeda al Qadir, Al Naka did and hamdulillah with that we will complete our class for today in sha Allah. We will continue with some more names in our next class next Saturday in sha Allah just Akuma lo Hayden so panicle lahoma will be handed a shadow Allah Illa illa Anta a stone Furukawa to buoy lake was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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