Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 10 – L108C

Taimiyyah Zubair
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After learning Michigan

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I number 8131 mohalla funebre mokara de him creda photostudio.

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Those who remain behind rejoiced in their staying at home after the departure of the Messenger of Allah,

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the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when he left critical 30,000 people went with him.

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But there were someone African, who made false excuses. And with those false excuses, they managed to stay behind. They were not required to go along with the Muslims.

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So when they stayed behind, they became very happy that our 100 Allah, thank God. And they were extremely happy that they didn't have to go forth with the rest of the believers. So funny how he became very happy, that he had his from their youth at risk fell off and for is to be happy on attaining something good, that when a person gets something good, he becomes very happy with it.

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And there are different types of forms. One is to be happy, and this happiness turns into gratitude. This is something that is good that when a person is given a blessing, he becomes happy about it. He is grateful for it. He uses it positively. This is beneficial.

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But the other is that a person is joyful, a person is happy, over something that he thinks is good for him but in reality, it is bad for him.

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He thinks it is good for him but in reality is bad for him. And he becomes happy and proud about it.

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He becomes proud about it. He becomes boastful he begins to show off he cannot keep that happiness inside him.

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So very hello hello phone book on the phone is a plural of mohalla from the roof letters hard land fat, and mohalla is one who is left behind.

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So who are the mohalla phone. Those who were left behind in Medina who did not go along with the Muslims do the week. Why were they left behind?

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Because they made excuses. And Allah subhanaw taala did not give them the trophy shaytaan put whatsoever in their heart, they complied for the * mohalla funa they became very happy the McCarthy him at their mchargue McBride is from the veterans of Iowa.

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And what does farther mean to sit mokara is a place of setting. And McCarthy is also a muster, to sit back to sit.

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So they were very happy at the fact that they were sitting behind clean air for a Sunni left behind the Messenger of Allah.

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They were very happy at this, that they didn't have to go along with him. And they managed to stay behind in Medina while the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was gone.

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He laughs from their own factories hotlanta. And craft is used in two ways. First of all, it gives meaning of birth after that, while the profits or loss of center was gone, they were behind. After him they were left behind, they were very happy about it.

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Secondly, the word lF also gives the meaning of opposite. clef is also to be in opposition opposites. So here for rasulillah meaning as opposed to the profits or all of the sudden in opposition to his command. They were told inferior FF and was the column

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A clear command was given, everyone has to go. But they didn't obey the command. And when they didn't obey, and they were back at home, they were very happy at it that it didn't have to go. What curry who ended disliked? They didn't want to nuj to be unwelcome what unforeseen FISA beat in there, that they should struggle in the way of along with their wealth and also their self. They didn't like to spend their money for that expedition. And they didn't want to go themselves either. They didn't want to go.

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And it wasn't just that they didn't go themselves and they didn't want to go either. Because one is that a person is not able to go but he still wants to go. Right? But this is that they didn't go and they didn't even want to go.

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So they didn't just stay behind from it. But rather they also discouraged other people from going

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will call you and they said to those who are going those who were heading out, let them feel philhealth don't go out in the heat. Don't go out through the hub. It's so hot. It's extremely hot. It's a drought season, and there hasn't been any rain. It's extremely hot. How are you going to survive in the heat of the desert? You don't have enough resources. Where will you drink from? What shade Will you sit under? Let them feel filled out don't go out in the heat

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and how is

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From the roof address how

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and how is heat, such heat that is obtained from the sun, or the fire or some other source?

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So what was this how to from, from the sun from the heat of the desert, so they discourage other people from going out for the battle. We learned earlier that the characteristics of an African is Ian hona, ideal maruf they forbid other people from doing good. This is an example of that, that they discourage them. Are you crazy? Why are you going, don't go.

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As I mentioned to you that the journey to the book was a very long one. And it was also extremely hot, there was drought. And on top of that the Muslims didn't even have enough resources.

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As you know, that the journey was so long, it was so difficult. They ran out of their resources that they had to slaughter their camels in order to drink the water that was inside their bellies. Just imagine they had gone to such an extent in such a desperate situation. And multiple people were sharing one camel, one horse, which meant that part of the journey they had to walk. Imagine you're thirsty. It's extremely hard and you have to walk not for a few moments. Not on cool soil, but on burning hot sand.

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Just imagine

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so they're telling them let them feel awful. How are you crazy? Where are you going? Don't go out in the heat. Just make some excuses like us and stay behind. Don't bother to go Don't even bother to give Verizon just stay at home.

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Cold se meaning all profits are allowed a sudden tell these hypocrites that narrow Johanna the fire of * it is a shutdown. However, it is more intense in heat, it is much more stronger in heat.

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Which heat Are you trying to avoid? And at the cost of which heat? You're trying to avoid the heat of this dunya and if you avoid that, by disobeying Allah subhanaw taala by disobeying the messenger, you know what heat awaits you the heat of the fire and that heat is much more intense. So what befits you that you should go out in this heat so that you can avoid the eternal heat pole now will Johanna a shadow however, the fire of * is much more intense. It's much more hot.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the fire that the son of Adam Kindles the fire that the son of Adam Kindles meaning that we have in this dunya is only but one part of the 70 parts of the fire of *. One part of the 70 parts of the fire of how they said O Allah's Messenger. This fire alone is enough in this fire alone that we have in the dunya it's enough to burn. So he said Hellfire was favored by 69 parts. It's 69 times more stronger, much more intense.

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We learn in certain marriage, I have 15 and 16 that the people of * can learn in La nuzhat Alicia by no means Verily, it will be the fire of *. snatching away, pulling away the scalp.

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Those in the Hellfire, this fire will be pulling away their scalp.

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In this dunya the heat only manages to make your scalp pot it cannot burn it it cannot pull it away. But the fire of * is much more stronger. Instead of hedge and 19 and 20 we learn your sub boomin Falco OC human homies use Kirby Murphy but only him while you lose. hammy in boiling hot water. extremely hot water will be poured down over their heads. And because it was pouring down on their heads, it's extremely hot that with it will melt what is within their bellies. Just imagine it is so hot that the effect of that will even reach the belly the stomach as well as their skins.

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Elsewhere we learned was so cool Matt and Honeyman sakata Amar home and they will be given to drink boiling hot water that will sever their intestines, sever their intestines. This is how extreme the fire of * is. And we worry about the heat of the year. We cannot bear the heat of donia without thinking that if we do not bear this heat today, then how will we avoid that heat tomorrow? How will we avoid that heat tomorrow?

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Or now Johanna eyeshadow holla low can we have cohoon If only they would understand that the fire of * is much more intense and they should strive to avoid that. Not striving

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To avoid the heat of this dunya if you avoid the heat of this dunya, then what's going to happen perhaps you will enjoy some shade, some coolness, some comfort for some time. And if you do suffer from this heat of dunya, eventually that pain that burning feeling will go away. But the firewall is permanent, the firewall is much more stronger, low can we have gone if only they would understand?

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We see that at a time when the dean needs our support, it is a crucial moment where every single person is necessary, then we cannot present excuses, we cannot say that I cannot take this burden. I cannot bear this challenge. This is extremely difficult. If a person at this situation prefers his own personal work, then that is a sign of hypocrisy. That is a sign of hypocrisy, that he says I cannot bear this heat. This is why I'm going to stay in the comfort in my house in the shades and I'm going to enjoy my cool water and delightful food, that I cannot come and stay hungry for some time. It's too hot anyway, then this is a sign of hypocrisy. What happens with us that when we're

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doing something, no matter how important it is, we do it for a few moments and we become bored of it. We don't have the patience to sit through something that is a bit challenging. Why? Because we don't realize that if we don't get tired now, then the fatigue and exhaustion of the Hereafter is much more severe, it is much more stronger. If you get tired now in this dunya then you will find rest in the hereafter. And if you're always looking for rest and comfort in dystonia, then how will you avoid the difficulty the fatigue of the hereafter? Each person is in a test each person then what are his priorities? What does he prefer? Does he prefer his own comfort? Or does he prefer the

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deen of Allah? Does he prefer his comfort? Or does he prefer obedience to Allah soprano. Each person is being tested. So we need to check ourselves that when it comes to serving the deen when it comes to obeying the laws of panel data, what do we give preference to our comfort in this linear or eternal comfort in the hereafter? We have to make the choice.

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folio Turku kalila. So let them laugh only a little while Jabra Coca Cola. And then we much then they should laugh a little and they should cry much more. Why does that matter? Can we accept one as recompense for what they used to earn? folio Turku yield herkules from the rotators lot hack f lick. And what does this mean? To laugh with one's mouth open? such that the teeth can be seen and at the same time the laughter can be heard. This is what is that a person laughs out loud? How would the mouth open so that the teeth are visible? And at the same time? Laughter can also be heard. This is what Nick is.

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On the other hand, there is the bassoon. What does that mean to smile. And the best time is not just smiling. But it also means that a person smiles and he laughs a little bit as well. But it's not too loud.

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It's not too loud. What is Alessi? folia Turku kalila they should not laugh out too loud. They should not. And if they have to, they should do it only a little. Not too much not all the time. folia Turku Leland, obviously, this is with regard to the when everything that in the studio, they should laugh a little.

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They should not laugh much. Why? Because of their end. Don't they realize that now Johanna is a shadow heroine. In the previous aisle, we learned funny how they were very happy. They were laughing. They were joyous. What does Allah say? They should laugh less, they should laugh a little, because a very painful punishment awaits them. And on the other hand, what should they do when they have a Coca Cola, and they should weed much more. You have, of course on the Road Truckers back as well. buka and buka is to weed to shed tears when you have cuca de la and they should weep much more. Were in this dunya because the end that awaits them is very serious. It's very painful. If a

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person finds out that within a few days, he's going to be punished with a severe punishment. Should he laugh, or should he cry? He should cry. This is my last time What are they saying from the Herculaneum? Well? Yeah, boo kathira.

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Others have said that what this means is that they will laugh less and they will cry much more when in the hereafter.

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Why does that matter? Can we accept as a recompense for what they had been earning as a recompense for what they had been doing? They brought this upon themselves. When the believers left for the battle, those who remain behind the hypocrites, they laughed. They laugh at the believers that look at them. They're so foolish. The dates are right, the shades are cool, and they have gone out in the heat. What does Allah say? These people should laugh. That's the one who does not cry over his sins in the dunya. Where will you cry, then? Where will he cry then?

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in the hereafter in the punishment? And how much will he cry? There is a hadith that is narrated by Hakeem that the dwellers of *, the dwellers of *, they will cry so much that ships would be able to sail in their tears. Just imagine, they would cry so much, they would weep so much, and their tears will be off blood.

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Their tears will be applied, because they will leave so much that eventually blood will be coming out of their eyes,

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because of the amount of crime because of the punishment, why? because it did not leap over there in the dunya.

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Instead, they were very happy.

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Now, this is what the regards to a specific context. But generally as well, a person should cry more, and he should laugh less. It does not mean we should be sad people all the time. It does not mean that laughing is not permissible. You can laugh, but at appropriate times. But at the same time, we should also cry over what over our sins. We should cry over our sins before our last panel started seeking His forgiveness, seeking his help. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam sought Allah's protection from an AI that does not we want to become an Iranian lead tomorrow. I seek your refuge from an AI that does not weep, that does not shed tears. Because not crying is a sign of the

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hardness of the heart. It is a sign of the hardness of the heart. We need to check ourselves, how much do we laugh? How much do we laugh?

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And to what extent do we laugh on what things unlevel other things?

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And sometimes we watch things we talk about things just to make ourselves laugh and other people laugh? Again, laughing is not something that is incorrect, but it should be within limits. And we should also ask ourselves, that how much do we cry? When was the last time we wept over our sins? When was the last time we wept? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said there's a hadith that is recorded and was said that if you knew what I knew, if you knew what I knew, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went for Mirage, and he saw how people were being punished. If you knew what I knew, then you would cry more. And you would laugh less.

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You would cry more, and you would laugh less. And you would not enjoy your women in your beds. And you would weep and beseech Allah for mercy out in the open. You would leave everything you would go out. And you would weep before Allah cry before him seeking His mercy if you knew what I knew. If you knew what I knew,

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Felipe Haku hollyland Well, yeah, Baku, Cassia, Jessica and Bhima. Can we we have to see what is it that we are acquiring? What is it that we're earning? What is it that we're putting in our records? Should we be laughing? Or should we be crying?

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If we're laughing so much, then how much are we crying? The hypocrites were the ones who did not realize their mistakes. And over their mistakes, they were very proud and they would laugh.

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They would not weep. They would not busy themselves in obeying a loss of penalty,

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in humbling themselves before Allah seeking His forgiveness, remembering him for the abiku kathira they should weep much more, and they should laugh less.

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For no jacket, then if he should return you, who should return you Allahu Allah. If Allah brings you back from where, from the book, as I mentioned to you, these ads were revealed on the way back from

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sofa in Roger Arcola, who if alive returns you in our thought if I didn't mean home to a group from them,

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meaning to a group from the hypocrites, because one group went along, another group stayed behind. So if Allah brings you back to Medina, and you meet a philosopher, and you meet a group of the hypocrites faster than Okay, then they seek permission from you, faster than you

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From the root veterus Hamza de Lune is what does even mean permission and then to seek permission. So on your return if they seek permission from you then whole route for going out when another time in another expedition in the future for other battles, along with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they say that we're sorry, we weren't able to go now, please let us go the next time, inshallah we will go with you the next time for Cole, then say be harsh towards them and say, lend the hoodoo Maria evident, you will never go out with me ever. You did not avail this opportunity. Now you will not be given any more chances.

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When a person does not avail an opportunity, that future opportunities are taken away from him. You didn't go this time, you will never be allowed to go again. Wanting to call to and never will you fight Maria with me or the one and enemy. You will not be allowed to go and fight with me. Why is this being said? Because first of all, they were not being given the permission anymore. That now in the future, you're not allowed.

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And secondly, the expedition to the book was also the last expedition that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam himself participated in.

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That's it. The chances over no more chances no more opportunities in the future. You will never go out with me. You will never fight along with me in acoem Why? Because indeed you are late umbilical Rudy, you were pleased with sitting you were satisfied with setting a Well Mr was the first time the first time you were content staying at home. You chose to stay back without any genuine reason fakuma and holophane then go ahead and sit with those who remain behind in the future as well. You will stay behind you will not be allowed to come holophane is the plural of the word highlife. Who is highlife, one who stays behind? Who are the holophane the women, the children, the old, the

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disabled, the sick, so you have to stay with them. You're not going with us again.

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And secondly, highlife is also used for someone who makes mischief. Who makes for sad

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certificado Merrill holophane stay with the hollyfield meaning with other people who were like you with them whenever you think in the future, that when African are not allowed to go anywhere with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you did not go this time you will not go again the next time

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in certain number 15 we learn say akula mohalla funa Aden calacatta lm Ivana malita who do have the una netta vehicle.

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Those who remain behind will say when you set out toward the war booty to take it they will say to you, let us follow you meaning let us come along with you. Allah subhanaw taala says Judy dooner and Ubud De Luca Mama, they wish to change the words of Allah. polenta to be arona say never Will you follow us. gadalla Kampala, LogMeIn kaaboo dusted Allah say before Allah said that you're not allowed to go again. First I have coluna then what will they say? But are

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you envious? You're jealous of us. That's why you don't want us to come. Because you're jealous. They don't even get it. They don't even get the reason. Belkin lay off on a la cadena. But in fact, they were not understanding except a little.

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So what's the lesson in this ayah that when a person wastes an opportunity to do good, then he ends up losing more opportunities.

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Because when a person refuses for the first time, then it is difficult for him to accept it the second time. Therefore, we should not miss opportunities, and we should avail the chances that we have instead of delaying, instead of procrastinating, what should we do? We should do that which is important. Because we don't know we might not get the chance again.

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Well, to suddenly and do not pray. Again the command is to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that all prophets are about Islam do not pray. What prayer, the funeral prayer. So that origin as

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our that hadn't been home upon any one of them. Anyone who any one of the hypocrites matter who died. Anyone who dies amongst them, you are not allowed to pray Salatu janazah for him ever then ever, forever prohibited. You're not allowed to press for that to janessa for these people

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while at the home and do not stand our left COVID he upon his grave either

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the profits or loss

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Sometimes habit was his usual practice was that if one of his companions passed away, he would not just face what echo janessa. But after he was buried, he would also stand over there and seek forgiveness for him. But he is told, you're not going to pray for that to janessa. And you're also not allowed to stand over the grave of a hypocrite and seek forgiveness for him in the home, why? Because in the home, cafaro believed he was fully indeed they have done poofer of Allah and His Messenger, while metal welcome physical and they have died while they were sinful. While they were committing sins, while they were defiantly disobedient. They were not performing the obligations.

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They were extremely sinful people. So how can you stand and seek forgiveness for such people?

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So in this verse, the prophet SAW The Lord is and was commanded to not praise for that origin as for the hypocrites, after this command, the profits out of Allison did not lead the janaza prayer for anyone, nor did he make Dora for their forgiveness, anyone amongst to amongst the hypocrites, but sincere believers, of course he did.

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Now, after the prophets are allowed is that and doesn't mean that we're also not allowed to pray strategy for a monastic?

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No. Why? Because we don't know. It's not correct for us to label someone as a monastic and say that we're not allowed to pray for him. It's not correct for us because we don't know. However, because it has been said we're metal we're home fast because they died while they were fast. While they were defiantly disobedient.

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We learned early until October, that what proves a person's Islam is the fact that he is praying to Allah and he's giving the Zakat and if a person does not perform these obligations, and what does it mean, his Islam is not correct, it is not acceptable. Because boonie Islamorada homes in Islam is founded on five pillars, if the pillars are not there to two major pillars, then the structure will not stay and

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this is why some scholars have said that if a person dies in a state of fisc, as it is said over here with metal wahome physical life for example, a person has statical soil and he has abandoned the soda he does not pray at all. He does not press Allah to do more, he does not prefer that to read, nor does he pray the five daily prayers he does not pray at all He is abandoned for like completely, and he dies in that state. More metal, we're home faster than such people nerdiness has to be read for them.

00:27:39 --> 00:27:52

Some scholars have given such fatawa that a person who is statical, sorta who does not pray at all, will map to a home fasciae cone and they die in that state of Fiske, the nosara trojanized is going to be prayed for him

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or moto to learn him. He also wish to follow this kind of almost apprentice.

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And how did he do that?

00:28:02 --> 00:28:10

As I mentioned to you earlier that the names of the hypocrites they were revealed upon what the prophet said a lot of them and he shared those names with her they from what we learn who.

00:28:11 --> 00:28:28

So, after the Prophet sallallahu Sallam passed away, he would always see does her name go to such and such persons janessa? If he would go only then our model would go and if he would not go and our model did not who would also not go he would also not go and attend the Select organism.

00:28:30 --> 00:28:41

So what do we learn from this that if a person dies on COVID, if a person dies on Fisk mattawan, faster than Serato janaza should not be prayed and if others are praying One should not participate.

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Secondly, we also learn from this is that a person who does wrong who indulges in wrong and he dies in that state, then strategy naza will not benefit him. the prayers of others will not benefit him the shofar. The da is the thought of others cannot help such a person.

00:29:01 --> 00:29:15

When the prophet SAW the thoughts and was told don't press autogenous then what does it mean? It's not going to benefit them. What is it that actually benefits a person his own repentance, his own humidity, his own actions,

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when there are duplicate and it should not amaze you What should not amaze you What should not impress you. And while you whom were older, to whom their wealth and their children don't think that just because they're wealthy, and they have a lot of children who are very successful, that Allah subhanaw taala is happy from them. No, that's not a sign of a loving happy with someone. In fact, it's quite the contrary, that in May you read the law who and you are the baboon via Allah is punishing them through these. Allah intends to punish them through their wealth and children fit donia in this world, that their wealth and children become a source of problems for them in the

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They become a source of many problems for them in this life.

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What does he call enforceable and they're sold depart them home Cafiero while they're disbelievers, they die in the state of disbelief. This idea has been mentioned for the second time in this order. The same concept was mentioned previously as well. Because many times, we get fooled by we get deceived by a person's present state, that because he is successful in the worldly sense, that means he is happy with him. What does Allah say lethargy, because it should not amaze you, it should not please you.

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Why either ondina to rotten and when it sola is revealed, what is it sort of

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a chapter, a chapter of the Quran

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and the word solar is on the roof ever seen wild?

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which literally means an enclosure?

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What does it mean and enclosure? From this, the word Surah Surah of the Quran is used for a chapter of the Quran. Why? Because in it, certain verses are enclosed,

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isn't it enclosed.

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And the word surah does not just apply to a surah by for example, an entire sutra such as pseudo totowa, or an entire school, it doesn't just apply to an entire school. But in the literal sense, it also applies to a group of verses

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a group of verses because it was very rarely, especially when it comes to long sutras that they will revealed all together at once.

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Very, very rarely. Some sources will reveal together in one go

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