Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 10 – L108D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the command of the Prophet and the importance of staying behind, disrespecting oneself, avoiding excuses, and prioritizing work. They stress the need to understand the value of opportunities and not wasting time doing nothing. The speakers also touch on the negative perception of people who have missed reward and reward, and the importance of avoiding health of the hereafter and prioritizing work. They use examples of successful individuals who do not want to miss opportunities and emphasize the importance of prioritizing work and achieving success.
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What either

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when a surah is revealed, and what does he mean by surah in the context and

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the chapter or some verses, basically a hokum of Allah is revealed that an army novella he that believe in Allah because the ayah begins with Yeah, you were letting me know the believers are being addressed and what is said in the I would Yeah, he do that all of you strive Murali along with this messenger.

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Meaning the instruction is clear that all believers if you have Eman, prove your amen and go and struggle along the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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The command is very clear, there is no doubt about it. What happens is that he seeks permission from you who look totally those who have means the possessors of means men whom among them among who, among the hypocrites, they come seeking your permission to stay behind.

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Whereas the command of a light is so clear, they still come and ask for an exemption.

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Like for example, sometimes the command is very clear. But still people will go to one scholar than another move to another Mufti, seeking some way out that some way or the other and exemption can be made for them. What do we learn? This is a sign of the fall. That is that velyka toliman, who those people who have means who have the strength, they are able to go, they still come and seek permission to stay behind. They were told is from the reflectors for well, and we have done this word earlier as well. Woman lemmya still there men control and whoever is not able amongst you to marry mercenaries and who should he marry

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the slave women as long as they're what minute. So a tone is basically derived from the word tool and tool is height. And tone is WUSA capacity and qudra. ability,

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and loophole are those who are possessors of material means those who are well to do they're financially stable, well to do people, they have financial ease, such people come and they say we'll call you and they say the governor, leave us behind Nicole Merle Carradine, we will be among those who said, meaning leave us don't tell us to go, we'd like to stay behind. So in the command of jihad came, the hypocrites, they sought permission to remain behind, even though they had the supplies, they had the ability to go.

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A person who does not wish to do something, he will always have excuses, isn't it?

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Earlier we read at the beginning of the lesson, that they say only if Allah gives us when Allah will give us if Allah gives us then we will spend, that's one excuse that when they don't have money, they say, if we have it, then we will give.

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But when they do have it, then again, they have an excuse. We're too busy. We don't have the time, please allow us to stay.

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A person who does not want to do something, he will find an excuse no matter what state he is in, no matter what state he is in. When he does not have money. He says I'm sorry, I cannot afford when he has money. He says I'm sorry, I'm busy. I have to manage my money. I have to look after my house, then that means you don't want to do it. Because if you want to do it, you'll do it regardless of your circumstances. Therefore the problem is not with the money. The problem is not with the time the problem is not with the resources. What is the problem with them? It's them they're insincere, their innocence insincere. And we're being tested in every situation, that who obeys Allah subhanaw

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taala. promptly, immediately and happily, readily. And who is it that presents excuses?

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Because if we want to do something, we'll do it, isn't it? If we want to do something, we'll do it. And when we don't want to do something, then we'll have a list of excuses.

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Allah subhanaw taala says look at these people are although they are happy, they're pleased they're satisfied. And you're Kunal Mourinho Elif that they stay with those who stay behind. Look at these men, they are willing to stay behind with those who stay behind. And how Elif is the plural of the word Hall effect.

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It's the plural of the word Hall Effect, and who is qualified, she who stays behind.

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So who are

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the women who stay behind look at these men that they want to stay at home with

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The women

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wears their manhood. You know, if a man is not behaving like a man, what is it, oh, be a man. Don't be a woman. So look at these men, there are so coward, that they want to stay behind with who, with the women, with the disabled, with the children with the old, those who are not required to go look at them, they want to disable themselves. And this being said to an Arab man, is a big deal. Even over here, if you tell him in the event, he will take an offense to that statement. But especially for Arabs, being a man was something very important to them.

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So rather the Akuma alhadeff. Look at these people, they're happy to stay behind with the women who stay behind, well to be are allowed to be him, and it will seal the bone, their hearts. A seal was set up on their hearts for home life comun. And as a result of that, they don't understand. What does it mean by this will to be on a coupon that as a result of their constant sinning. They're constantly presenting false excuses. A CEO has been set upon their heart so they don't even get it. They don't even realize they're wrong, they don't even realize they're saying they don't even have any desire to do something good for whom they have Kahoot. And as a result of that, they don't

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understand, instead of being ashamed, and feeling guilty for remaining behind, they are little do funny hat, they're happy. They don't understand that what they are doing is not good for them, it's actually bad for them, it's harmful for them for home life.

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So what do we learn in this ayah? What do we see in this is that the person who understands that every effort of his is rewarded, then what is he looking for opportunities, he does not avoid them, he looks for them.

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But on the other hand, when a person deliberately and habitually misses out on opportunities, he leaves one for one excuse, and another for another excuse another for another reason, then eventually what happens, a seal is set upon his heart, that he does not even see the opportunities, he does not even see them.

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He is not even inclined to doing anything anymore.

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He does not have any desire in his heart, the heart is sealed. He does not have any desire, any inclination, his heart to do something. And he doesn't get it that he's missing out that he's suffering a loss the home life home, they don't even understand.

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We see that. For example, if there is a big mess in the kitchen, a big mess in the house, there are some people who will walk in, and they will see that this is not in the right place. This should belong there. This should belong here. Or, for example, the dishes are not clean, they're dirty dishes, on the counter in the cupboard. There are some people who will see. But at the same time, other people they're living over there, or they stay in that environment. They're in the kitchen. They don't see them as they don't see that or they don't mind it at all. What's the difference? The differences in the view, the perception, the perspective, that there are some people who don't see

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the opportunity, who don't even see that something needs to be done. And there are other people who realize that something needs to change, there is an opportunity, I need to do something

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by for example, children, they're playing, toys are all over. They don't care. But the mother walks and she sees a big mess. And she wants everything to be put in its proper place. What's the difference? The mother sees the opportunity, the child does not see it, he does not see the need.

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Especially when a person gets used to a particular thing. When people get used to living in a mess, they don't see that mess anymore. And when other people walk in, they're like this is extremely messy. This is extremely dirty, isn't it so. So similarly, the men after clean because you're used to missing opportunities, or silicide upon the heart, they get used to missing them. And even when they see an opportunity, they don't see it. Even when it comes before them, they don't see it. If they see it, they don't have any inclination to have any desire for it. And they don't realize that they're missing out. They don't realize that they're missing out on reward. But on the other hand, a

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person who wants good, who wants to reward then he would look for opportunities. He doesn't need to be told. He doesn't need to be urged he will see himself

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and people who are not determined they have a list of excuses. And those excuses completely disable them. They're unable to avail any opportunity and they live in this world.

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Go away from this world without acquiring anything. We see that there are people who have achieved so much in their lives at a very young age, but at the same time, here we are, and we haven't acquired much at all. We haven't acquired much at all Why? It's the difference in availing opportunities and missing opportunities. It's about if something comes before us, what do we do with it?

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If you look at it, the scholars of the past at a very young age, for example, who wrote to him and never we, how old was he when he passed away? very young. He was in his 40s, late 30s. Very young, but at the same time, there are people who have lived longer lives, but they have not even gained the knowledge that he can.

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did they not have access to all that knowledge? Perhaps have a library that is bigger than his library? Perhaps they have access to internet where they can learn much more. It's about availing opportunities, we keep delaying, we keep procrastinating. And we think we will do it someday, we will do it one day, and that one day that someday never comes.

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Because when you want to do something, you'll do it. You won't wait for the ideal time that when I am free, when I have free time, then I will do you will never find free time in your life. Never. Today, you have one problem tomorrow, you'll have another problem. Today, you're going through one phase tomorrow, you'll be going through another phase. So whatever is important to it now, over here, a last parameter that says about the hypocrites for whom they have come on so they don't understand. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that menu to the left will be higher on the hoof at that whoever aligned tense, good for he gives him the understanding of religion. He makes him

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understand the deen and when he understands the deen, then he sees opportunities. He sees opportunities and he availed them as well.

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The loss of penalty has not given us this life so that we sleep in and eat and enjoy and talk and chat. No hold on Allah, and we pass our time and then we die. No, this life has been given to us so that we do something so that we can do something to avoid the health of the hereafter. And if we waste our time, thinking that tomorrow, I will do it in a year I will do it, then we will die without achieving anything. Whatever is important do it now. And the Hadees tells us very clearly that the one who's today is not better than his yesterday than he is destroyed. Every day, we need to check ourselves what is it that I achieved today? What is it that I have acquired today? What is

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it that is worth presenting before almost final data that I did today? Was it just eating and drinking and going here and going there and that's it the whole day was gone? Or did I really do something substantial? It doesn't benefit us to go to sleep without achieving something without availing an opportunity. It does not affect us. Because each day gone is each day less in the lifetime that we have.

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We have to become serious about the time that we have. Because time once gone, never returns.

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Opportunity once gone, never returns. And even when more opportunities come because we have missed the ones before we will not see the ones that are coming before us.

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locking in rasuluh but the messenger on the other hand, the messenger sallallahu wasallam, one Lavina, Amman, Omar who and those people who believe with him. They're not like the NFL team. They don't miss opportunities. They don't stay behind and become happy about it. No. What do they do just have to be unwilling or unforeseen. They fought with their wealth and their lives. They struggle in the way of a loss, striving day in and day out. They spend their time and they spend their money. We're less eager and those lahoma hierarchy for them are good things. What will ecohome will mostly hone and it is those who are successful. Two examples are presented before us. One is of the

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hypocrites and the hypocrites. What characteristics Do they have of laziness of Lefler negligence, avoiding good, having no interest in the making false excuses, wasting their times.

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Secondly, the second example that is given to us over here is after believers and what do they do? They are willing to sacrifice everything in the way of a loss

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because they don't want to miss any opportunity. They offer their time, their life, their wealth for the sake of a loss.

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They don't stay behind. They go forward. They don't stay behind.

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There are those people who when they're asked to do some work, they will leave their personal work. They

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We'll leave it in order to get that work done. Why? Because at work is very important to them. But there are others who, when asked, they will immediately excuse themselves that no, we're busy elsewhere. I'm sorry, I cannot do this. When we keep leaving opportunities that are offered to us, then what's going to happen? One day will come, where we'll be wondering, what can we do? And there'll be nothing for us. As we learned earlier, that we're in Guatemala, yesterday. If you turn away if you don't avail the opportunity alone, replace you with someone else. And it happens. Sometimes we're asked to do something, we don't do it, we don't avail that opportunity. What

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happens? Somebody else gets it. And we're wondering, what can I do now?

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And it makes us feel jealous, or envious or guilty. That's a good sign at least, that at least we're guilty, at least we're concerned that will enable us to do something else. But if we're not going, nevermind, forget it. I'm happy with whatever I'm doing. Thank God, I don't have to do anything. Look at her. It's such a crazy schedule, she's going through from the lamp saved from it, this is harming yourself, this is depriving yourself.

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So two examples are presented before us and we have to choose, we have to choose that is going to be the way of availing opportunities of missing opportunities.

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All right, the motor home Jeanette, Allah has prepared for them gardens for who, for those who do something, for those who work for those who avail their opportunities. What gardens has a lot prepared for them 30 min tactical and how beneath which rivers flow hunted in a fee head wherein they will abide eternally, and their legal frozen early that is a great attainment. That is a great success. What is a great success, attaining gender,

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if not, he has mentioned something beautiful with regards to remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala.

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He's mentioned that when a person is engaged in victory, when a person is engaged in remembering the last panel data, at the same time, there are angels who are building his gender. But the moment he stops that very moment, those angels also stop.

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If you want your house to be built in general, keep doing this. As long as you're doing record, your house is being built, your agenda is being prepared. When you stop, that construction will also stop. That project will also stop when you resume, it will resume when we are doing something for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. At the same time, the house in general is being prepared. gymnasts are being prepared. When we stop when we miss out on opportunities when we leave them. And we think oh, I've done enough, then we have settled for less. We have settled for less and we're not depriving except ourselves.

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Gender is not a place for those who want everything for free. without doing anything. It's a place for those who have done something

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or the long, long journey or the he has prepared. Why? Because they were busy doing something. As long as they were busy. their agenda was being prepared.

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forcing him he sabby

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work on a

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Liam aku

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aku Cassie

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boo, boo

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boo Joe Nice

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to see you

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Only mean,

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me Robo Ba,

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lacking for Sulu alladhina amanu Mara who, what do they do, just to be aware to him or unfussy him and because they have put in their effort and they have spent their wealth, what Allah ecola whom will hire not only they will have.

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Why? Because they have done something, they didn't just dream about it. They didn't just wish for it, they did something. Therefore, they will get hired. hierarchy is a plural of hierarchy and hierarchy is good, a good thing.

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So, if you notice hierarchy plural has been used, what does that indicate that they will get good Indonesia and

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not just one, but many good things. They will read their award in the dunya. And in the afternoon for their efforts, they will see the results they will be benefited by their efforts. What law aka homomorphic and it is such only who are successful. If you notice this whom what will occur whom will muffler whom is balmy, which domain is this moon fossil, it's not to say it's one facet. And when in one facil the meal comes like this separating between words is called the meat fossil. And it is for the purpose of giving the meaning of hustle that it is only such people who are successful, only such none other than them, because they have put an effort. And if you look at it

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over here, the word filler is used. Then in the next day, what is used toward foes. Both are translated as success. filler is used for what kind of success that which is acquired after putting an effort

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because the word fella fell is literally to split to cleave in splitting something in cleaving open land or something Earth, what do you have to do you have to put in a lot of effort. Similarly, the word for that is also used for backup, when something lasts when something remains. How can you get a hold of something that will remain that will last for long? When you've put an effort in getting it in making it

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and if you go through the quick way, the shortcut way, it's not going to last very long,

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isn't it?

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It's not going to last very long. When you go through the long group. When you put in your effort, then it lasts for a long time.

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And for the same is a word for that who is a fella?

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A farmer? What does he do? He splits the earth. And when he puts in the effort, he is successful. And when he gets his produce as a result of that his farm remains isn't it

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So, it remains for a longer time, because with that produce, he will sell He will make profit and again he will So, so for now is basically such success that a person attains in result of effort in result of some work after hard work. And a farmer cannot take a vacation,

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a farmer cannot take a day off, he cannot say it's too hot and I cannot go out in the heat. A farmer has to go out in the heat.

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Similarly, if a person is working to prepare the field of assets to prepare his gender, then he also has to become a fella.

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He cannot say, I need a break, I need a day off. I'm too tired. Now, I cannot go out in the heat. This is too difficult. No, he has to work as well. Because this dunya is not for enjoyment. this dunya is not for rest. If we're looking for rest, if we're looking for breaks, if we're looking for days off, then we are in deception.

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Because this dunya is for work. But dunia Missouri told us the dunya is a place of sowing seeds for the Hereafter, it's a place of cultivation for the Hereafter, whatever you saw here now, that is what you will reap tomorrow. But in order to so you have to put an effort you have to go through the heat you have to go through difficulty.

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So what's the difficulty? What's the effort that is mentioned in this ayah that when the dino ama Newmar hood jahad will be unveiling in will unfussy him, they strive in the way of a love with their wealth and their lives as well.

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They don't present excuses, nothing becomes a hurdle for them, if they get a hurdle, this tribe and they remove that hurdle.

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And it is only such people who will be successful because of a person begins making excuses, then he will never get anywhere. If he's looking for breaks, he will never achieve anything, you have to constantly put an effort

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I forgot to mention the difference between philosophy and philosophy. Now his success which a person attains after effort and photos is used for achievement, what a person achieves what a person achieves, and, in particular his success after effort,

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success after effort.

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So that Eagle falls early meaning what they have attained, what they have achieved is definitely very great.

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And also I mentioned to you earlier, in sort of earlier on we learned that from NZ Heron and now what are the hidden agenda for God affairs. foes is that when a person achieves what is desired, and he is saved from what is moku what is disliked. He's also saved from troubles. He doesn't suffer any harm.

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