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At-Taubah 64-74 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 66-70


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The speakers discuss the importance of avoiding excuses and apologizing for actions to avoid unnecessary consequences and avoid unnecessary consequences. They stress the need for forgiveness and reform, as it is a natural thing. The transcript describes a group of people making fun of others, including the agenda of the meeting and the media, and talks about the insincerity of their actions and the struggles of people who do not believe in Islam. They emphasize the importance of avoiding punishment and negative emotions in order to achieve goals and achieve anything.

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Letter to tell the hypocrites, Don't make excuses. Make no excuses. don't offer false excuses. There are 30, loose 100 letters, I'm dead. What are the? What does it mean? an excuse? What is an excuse? And explanation for doing something?

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An explanation for doing something. What does this explanation do?

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Rather, is an excuse. For example, I asked you why didn't you do your homework? You say, I had guests over yesterday.

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Okay, so this explanation that you're giving for not doing your homework, what is it going to do? It's going to save you from, from a punishment or from some harmful consequence. Right? So this is what an earth that is that it is an explanation for an action, which proves the innocence of a person. And it erases the consequences of committing that action. So that you don't offer any excuses, that we were only having fun, we were only talking. Why? Because other kids often by the manacle, what you have done is actually covered after

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you became believers, but by your statements you committed.

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You said you were believers, but the statements that you uttered were statements of disbelief. So your cover has been revealed.

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In therefore, if we pardon, I'm sorry, if I didn't mean come from a group among you, if we pardon a group among you, if we pardon some people, among you, which people,

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those who repented later on those who realize they had done something wrong. They shouldn't have said what they said, if we do forgive them, no, I leave a thought if we will definitely punish another group, which group

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those who don't realize their mistake. Those who don't repent, those who continue in their crimes, the unknown can emerge remain because indeed, they're criminals. What's their crime? That they are persistent

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in their sins that they're committing?

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So what do we see in this ayah?

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That first of all, making fun of a lion is messenger, and this is is what?

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What is it called for?

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Making fun of Allah, His Messenger, or his if his coffee,

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whether a person makes fun of us, so effect,

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his attributes, or a person makes fun of the statements, the habits of the prophets are a lot, isn't it?

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Or a person makes fun of the commands that Allah has given? What is this Kufa?

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This is COVID. Similarly, we also learn from this ayah, that presenting an excuse is worse than the crime that is committed. presenting a false excuse rather, is worse than the crime that is committed.

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Because what has been said, Let's start at the root. don't offer false excuses. Because other cafr don't bother emailing.

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You have committed Cofer after your email,

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that you did something wrong. You didn't accept it. Instead, you offered false excuses. The thing is that as human beings, we make mistakes, it's not possible that a human being would not make a mistake. All people make mistakes.

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People who are learned people who are very high there

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are people made mistakes.

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We hear about people who are CEOs, great managers who have experience of many, many years, but still they make major mistakes. It's a natural thing,

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then, what's the problem? What's the problem in not accepting a mistake in not improving yourself after making that mistake? Once a person realizes that he has made a mistake, what should he do?

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He should think about reforming himself, not offering excuses, giving justifications that I did this because of this and this and this reason.

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Then we also learn from this is that when a group of people together doing something wrong, everyone is not at the same level.

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Everyone is not at the same level.

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You understand, like the hypocrites together in their gatherings, it would knock at the profit sort of artisan activities.

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At the same time, there were some people amongst them who would not like what they were saying.

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Just because they were in that gathering does not mean that they support everything that's going on over there. What do we learn that one, the hypocrite man he stood up

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He said, words that were very derogatory. A man stood up and he said, what you have said is a lie. And you are a hypocrite. You may wonder what was he doing in that gathering? in the company of the hypocrites. It's possible they were relatives, it's possible they belong to the same clan. Similarly, it's possible you go to a gathering, you go to a dinner, and all of a sudden people are talking negatively about the religion.

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Everyone is not at the same level of the crime. If you remain silent, don't say anything, that this is like approval. What have we been told to do? That if we can do something we should stop? If we cannot, we should leave. Remember, if we cannot stop what's going on, then we should leave.

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So it was apparent that it says over here that in our for our anti Phantom income, if we do forgive a group from among you, who were just there by chance, or who did that crime with you, but later on, they repented, they change their ways, we will definitely punish the other people. Why? Because they actively participating in the crime. They were the leaders of that crime.

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They were leading that conversation. They were heading that conversation, that gathering.

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And later on, they never repented.

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And also we see that their toe was not accepted. Why?

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Or they're not forgiving. Why?

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Because it did not prevent property.

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What are the conditions October, that a person realizes mistake, he feels regret over? He leaves it. He reforms himself. And he makes a firm resolve that he will not repeat it again. But if a person does something wrong, he doesn't accept his mistake. Even if he's feeling guilty inside. He does not accept his mistake, he does not seek forgiveness. He does not change his ways. He does not apologize. And that is not Toba. And when a person does not do that he will not be forgiven.

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I don't know if you call 911. If you call the hypocrite men and the hypocrite women, what does this show? That hypocrisy is not just in men.

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It can also be in women.

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Because it's not just men who make fun of the they're also women who make fun of it. It's not just men who become hostile to Allah and His messenger. There are also women who do that. And whenever you Guna Wellman, Africa barbu member, some of them are from others, meaning they are of one another. What does it mean by that? They are of each other, meaning they have the same habits. They have the same characteristics. They have the same inclinations.

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They are of each other. They're similar to one another. They're not of the believers. They don't belong to the group of the believers.

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Rather, they are off one another. They're like minded. They share the same qualities. They share the same behavior the same thinking whether men or women.

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So Almanac, Your Honor, one munakata Babu member,

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what do they do? Yet morona. They order they have the same characteristics, all of them. What characteristics do they have? But first of all, yet Marina bill Mancha, they command that which is wrong, directly and indirectly. What is Mancha that which is denied that which is unacceptable by the shade era and

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the law of Allah does not accept it does not approve of it does not allow it. Similarly, intellect even that does not accept like for example, lying, who says lying is good. You ask a child even he will tell you lying is bad. Similarly cheating, backbiting, gossiping.

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Making fun of someone

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tells you intellectually that this is not acceptable. But what do the hypocrites do? Yet Marina Del Mancha they command that which is wrong

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way and hona and they also forbid What are in my rule from that which is good. What is

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that which is good? That which is recognized by that which is approved by the Shira as well as

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it is accepted by the *tier and there are

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so, instead of promoting good, what do they do? They stop good. How directly and indirectly.

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We learned earlier that the hypocrites they would make fun of the believers. When a person is made fun of for something that he's doing. Is he going

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Do you know if somebody is recyclable and somebody comes and starts walking the thing is you can recite it to them.

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When you make fun of someone, you discourage them from doing what they're doing.

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When hola Arden marbles differ a bit from that, which is marvel that which is good.

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They don't promote good. They don't promote obedience. What do they promote disobedience. And if somebody is doing something good, they stop them. They create difficulties for them. They tell them why are you wasting your time? You should be doing something different. How long will you study the Quran? Another year, another two years, do something different. It's been so long in hona and Marvel, they forbid from that which is good. That which is acceptable. We learned in South Africa on number seven. That who Medina they're the ones who Yoku Luna Latin fuku Ala Moana in the rasulillah. He had Thai and

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they say don't spend on those who are with the Messenger of Allah until they disband until they go away from you. Don't spend on them. Because the unsired they would spend on who the Mahajan especially the US herbal suffer, those who would live in the masjid. They were about 200 companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who had left everything and what would they do? They had dedicate themselves to learning the deen dedicated themselves. So what would the hypocrites say don't spend on these people? Don't give them anything. So that eventually they will leave from here. This is yen hohner. I didn't know stopping people from that which is good.

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Thirdly, why are we doing it at home and they restrain their hands the donation the letters of the BOD. And cod is to hold something in all five fingers. to grasp something with all five fingers. There is basically when something is closed within the fist. When somebody is holding something with all five fingers in his fist, what does it show that he's holding on to that very tightly?

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Isn't it? He's holding on to that very tightly, and he's not gonna let it go. So they are so stingy. They are so stingy, that they do not spend in the way of Allah. And what do they do? They close their fists. And you literally have to pry their hands open. You have to struggle against them to get their hands open so that something can come out to them so that they could spend a little bit

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you have to build on that idea of they're extremely stingy. They don't like to spend in the way of Allah. They don't like to spend on the poor and the needy. They don't even like to spend on their families. For a justified need.

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Tight fisted, close fisted. Deliberately. They're stingy Yakubu Luna at NASA law, another characteristic of the hypocrites that they have forgotten Allah. They have forgotten Allah. What does it mean by that they have forgotten Allah, that they are forgetful of Allah, his religion, and his remembrance.

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They don't remember. They don't care to think about they don't care to apply. They don't care to follow what Allah has commanded. They have forgotten his time they have forgotten his commands.

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And they have also forgotten to remember. They don't remember him at all.

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You know, when you haven't done something for a very long time, don't you forget it? You forget it. I remember I mentioned this to you before, but there was this friend of mine. She called me once and asked me for a book in which the transliteration of the sada would be written along with the Arabic and along with the English meaning was acquired. She said a friend of hers called her and she said that she thought of praying. And there was a lot of Muslims that she heard the adventures in the Muslim country is that you know, maybe I should pray. And when she stood up to pray, she didn't remember.

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She didn't remember how many Dakar she had to bring and what she had to recite when she could barely remember.

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This is why she asked that, you know if she could get a book or something through which she could learn. It wasn't that she wasn't taught how to pray she was done. But she spent years without praying the Salah when you don't do something for a very long time you eventually Forget it. masala they have forgotten how that they have forgotten the commands of Allah, they have abandoned them. They never follow those comments.

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They don't do it. And they don't even remember.

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And when they don't remember Allah, when they don't read his book, because remember, they could have Allah is not just saying Subhana Allah 140

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Does it mean even reciting the Quran also performing the Salah, a famous letter lyrically. So when a person does not pray for that, when he does not remember Allah or even in his son la coruna la illa carnelian then what's going to happen? fantasy, Allah Allahu Allah.

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Allah will also forget them.

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Like for example, if a person is praying this honor, and you know when we recite Fatiha in the Salah, what do we learn that every time we recite an ayah Allah subhanaw taala also response when a person recites hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. Allah says hamadani rT, my servant has praised me.

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When a person says Rahim, Allah says us narrowly

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and for every Ayah there is a response.

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Now, if a person recites a little further in one breath, without pausing, the profit sort of artisan would recite Quran with 30. What does that mean? pausing at the right places.

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If we recite through the Fatiha in one breath,

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one go without even reflecting on what we are reciting.

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Then what meaning does that sound okay? What meaning does it carry?

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If you're talking to someone and you don't let them talk back, if you don't let them give an answer, will they care to listen to you? No, they won't care to listen to you, then how do we expect that we're praying for that and our mind is elsewhere? It's not in for that at all. And we think that our son is going to be accepted, or that Allah should answer our prayers. Nestle law Fantasyland. It's logical, they have forgotten Allah, they have ignored him. And Allah has also abandoned that he has also left them

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we learned in the Quran that fedco Rooney at Coco, remember me and I will remember you but if a person has forgotten of luck and alone alternate remember him alone or to not care about him.

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Now what does it mean by the fact that Allah has forgotten that this yen forgetfulness is actually a weakness, isn't it? It's a weakness. And Allah subhanaw taala is free from any kind of weakness when we say Subhana Allah, what does it mean that Allah is free from any weakness, any deficiency? And we learned the Quran that musasa set the layer below B, while I answer, my Lord, he does not make any mistake he does not make any error nor does he forget. So, what does it mean by this fantasy?

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In the Arabic language, there is a particular style of speech which is known as Mashallah we have learned this earlier as well.

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What does it mean? That a word is mentioned twice in the same context, but for two different persons and the implication,

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in each is different. Like for example, when Mecca

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when Mecca Allah, they plotted and Allah plan, same word is used. Why is the same word used for moussaka? What does much academic resemblance, right?

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It's a style of speech. However, the implication of each word is different. It cannot be understood in the exact same way.

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It gives a different meaning. So the resemblance is only in the word not in the interpretation not in the meaning. Okay. So natural law, they have forgotten a law. What does it mean by a law forgetting them that Allah has left them out? He does not care about them. He has excluded them from his mercy from his bounty.

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He does not show any mercy to them. He does not show any favors to them. He does not give any thorough feel to them.

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He does not give them any ability or opportunity to do something good.

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The one who remembers a lot is remembered by and the one who does not remember Allah. Allah does not care for him.

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Allah does not give him tofi

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Allah does not help him. Allah does not assist him. Allah does not give him satisfaction, contentment, peace of heart. interco jatiya and number 34. We learn what to do man and Sacco Come on a seat on the call Iommi compiler and it will be sad. This day we will forget to as you forgot the meeting of this day of yours. You forgot the Day of Judgment. Perhaps you knew but you didn't remember. If you remember something, it shows in your actions

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is an issue

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and if you don't remember something, you will not act according to it. In a Muna Filipina who will fess up on indeed the hypocrites. They

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are sinful. They're defiantly disobedient they leave the boundaries of obedience

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and they become sinful.

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We will listen to the recitation of this ayah and then we will focus on the traits of the hypocrites that are mentioned in this I in particular

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Polo being only sent

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to the

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law can do for the

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God Oh God.

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Mona Mona, Mona

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up on the moon

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Nestle law, Nestle.

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Mona Tina.

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So what's the first characteristic that is mentioned in this ayah of

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that first of all, yet Marina Bay Mancha. They enjoin that which is wrong.

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So basically, they do wrong, and they also enjoy and wrong.

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What are they interested in? in obedience to Allah? No. They're interested in since

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in that which Allah has forbidden, that is what their practice and that is what they preach. That is what they promote. They initiate sin, and they set the trends of sin as well. Sometimes in the name of fashion, sometimes the name of freedom of speech, sometimes in the name of being confident.

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What's the second characteristic

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that they forbade good way and hona unimodal. They discourage people from doing good.

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A person who is sincere to Allah and His Messenger, who is sincere to himself, he will not refrain from doing good nor will he stop other people from doing it.

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He will only promote that which is good.

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So the fact that they are stopping other people from doing good, what does it show their insincerity.

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They're in sincerity with themselves and with also other people. They don't sacrifice in the way of Allah and they don't even let other people sacrifice for them. They discourage others by laughing at them by telling them directly, and by indirectly telling them as well.

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Thirdly, jacobina idea. What does that mean?

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They're very stingy.

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When it comes to spending on themselves, perhaps they'll be very extravagant. But when it comes to spending in the wave of law, it's very difficult to get something out of them.

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Fourthly, Nussle law, they have forgotten a lot. They don't remember him. They don't pray to Him. They don't thank him. They don't ask him for help.

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They don't bother to obey Him. They don't bother to talk to him in Salah. When they praise Allah they prayed easily. They have no connection with Allah, they have completely forgotten him. On the apparent they may be praying for Allah, they may be reciting the Quran, but they don't actually remember.

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They don't.

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Then they are forgotten by of fantasy Oh, Allah has also forgotten that Allah does not care for them. He does not give them trophy. He does not bless them with opportunities. He does not accept their deeds either. Nor does he bless their deeds with Baraka nor does he assist them in their work. They're forgotten by Allah Allah does not care about them.

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So for such people, why are the local whenever 1501 one after God, Allah has promised both the hypocrite

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Men and the hypocrite women. What has he promised them? walco Farah as well as the disbelievers? What has he promised him? Now Johanna, fire of hell. Now person may wonder these are hypocrites who claim to be believers could fall or those who don't believe at all.

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But look at their end. It is the same. Earlier we read, what does her call enforcer home, where home curfew? They die as disbelievers call Idina Fie her abiding, they're an eternity here has boom, it is sufficient for them. Meaning Hellfire is sufficient for their desert.

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That is what they deserve. Hellfire is what they deserve. It is just that and we Falcon, this is what they deserve nothing less than that. One learner whom Allahu Allah has cursed them, one what or whom are they will morpheme and for them is an everlasting punishment, everlasting punishment, it will never end it is eternal.

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You know, if you get a burn on your finger, what do you do? Immediately you, you know, put something cold on it. Or you put some kind of ointment on it or something or the other, and eventually what's going to happen, the pain is going to go away. But if it is a lasting punishment, it will not end there is no time that will be given for treatment, no time at all, constantly. Are they ever moving?

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cannot determine kubla Khan, just like those disbelievers before you, meaning their end is like the disbelievers who were before them. It's not different from them at all. God no they were I showed them income. They were more intense than you in what Overton in strength? In other words, they were more stronger than you in physical might in physical strength. If you look at it, each generation is weaker than the previous generation.

00:27:02--> 00:27:02

Isn't it?

00:27:03--> 00:27:07

What do your parents say? That when we were young like you We were so active Look at you.

00:27:09--> 00:27:35

So the previous generations they were much stronger than you. And if you look at what the previous people what they constructed the pyramids, if you look at them, what does it show the physical power and those people have not just physical as well as mental. They were stronger than you and they weren't just stronger than you but they were unwell and were older than they had more wealth and they had more children.

00:27:37--> 00:27:43

But what happened to those people first and there will be hierarchy. They benefited they enjoyed their share.

00:27:45--> 00:27:48

Holocaust on the roof hackers call them cough and what does that mean?

00:27:50--> 00:27:50

a share.

00:27:51--> 00:28:38

So they enjoy their share of dunya whatever that was ordained for them that is what they enjoyed. First them tartan behind aqui con and you also are enjoying what your share whatever is decreed for you. Commerce them Tara, just like he enjoyed who enjoy alidium in poverty calm those people before you behind after him with their share. Why has this been mentioned that for stemmed from behind African commerce, Santa Ana de la COVID, you can be happy that you are doing the same thing that they were doing. They came in this dunya they built their houses, they made their money, they ate their food, they denied the messenger, they market the ayah and eventually, they were finished. What

00:28:38--> 00:28:39

are you doing

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anything different? Your actions are the same.

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And you think you have the power you have the strength to resist the punishment of Allah. They were stronger than you they were more than you they were not able to resist

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well hooked on and you all have indulged in conversation can be hard to just like those who indulged meaning those people before they also indulge in useless conversations

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in their conspiracies against the messenger What are you doing? Nothing different.

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On a condos Have you thought our man whom fit dunya will after their deeds are wasted in this world as well as the hereafter they will get no benefit for them in this dunya nor will they get a benefit for them in the hereafter. What will ecohome will Hearthstone and those are the losers It is only such people who are losers.

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If you notice over here what has been said that their deeds are wasted in the dunya and their deeds are wasted in the after that in the dunya their deeds did not bring them any benefit.

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And in the hereafter also they will not bring any benefit to them.

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Because the reality is that when a person does something if it's something good he said

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sees the benefit of it in this world, isn't it? If you do something good you see the benefit in dystonia even. Like for example, we learn that a lot of artists by the North End who hire them for yoga, a person who is called Allah will give him a good life. It will hear his sentiment about him. Allah says we're at a no dunya we gave him his reward in the dunya. But such people who waste their lives, their lives are meaningless, purposeless and they spend their lives opposing the truth, opposing the messenger, not caring about themselves, then such people they will not get any benefit in the dunya. Nor indeed,

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all of their needs are wasted. And in the Hereafter, they will be utterly losers.

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I love me, I think I've never loved him and hobbling him. Have they not heard? It hasn't not come to them the news of those people before them?

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Don't they know about what happened to the previous people?

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Who doesn't refer to the hypocrites? Don't they know? Yes, they know

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which number which news? Which people before them? How many people have no idea what happened to them? When they disobeyed the messenger when they oppose him? They were drowned.

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Where are they? And the people of ours who was a messenger sent to them

00:31:26--> 00:31:27

who are listening.

00:31:28--> 00:31:30

They were also destroyed.

00:31:31--> 00:31:35

What's the mood the end the people have some mood who will center them. Salahuddin center.

00:31:36--> 00:31:38

What happened to these people even they were destroyed?

00:31:39--> 00:31:42

Will call me Ibrahim and the people of Ibrahim.

00:31:43--> 00:31:44

Who are these people?

00:31:45--> 00:31:46

The people that he was born

00:31:48--> 00:31:57

the people that he lived amongst the people of Earth. What happened to them even they were destroyed. They said that their kingdom route. He was destroyed by a mosquito.

00:31:59--> 00:32:18

He was killed by a mosquito. Just imagine what else have you imagine? And people of Medina who was sent to them? Sure. But these people were also destroying one motor vehicle. And the overturned cities definitely got is a Florida motor vehicle, which is on the roof address Hamza fatcat. What does it mean?

00:32:20--> 00:32:22

To lie? What does it literally mean?

00:32:23--> 00:32:27

To turn something from its original direction?

00:32:28--> 00:32:42

That let's say a thing is originally facing north. You turn it to west or east or south or up or down? This is what it is. So that the cat or those that were overturned,

00:32:44--> 00:32:58

the cities that were overturned, which ones are these? This refers to those towns to which Luther earlier Sam Wilson, how are they destroyed? They were picked up and they were thrown back down upside down.

00:33:00--> 00:33:02

So you understand their original direction was changed.

00:33:04--> 00:33:12

Move to Africa, they were overturned at that tomasulo millbay. You know, their messengers came to them with clear signs that they accepted.

00:33:13--> 00:33:22

Did they know did they submit? No. What did they do? They rejected they mocked they made fun.

00:33:24--> 00:33:26

And one of them unethically doing Same thing

00:33:28--> 00:33:42

for American Allahu Leo's Lima home so Allah did not do so Amanda, Allah did not treat them unjustly. Well, I can can do and freezer meals on the moon. But they themselves were rounding. They were running themselves. They were doing Zalman themselves how?

00:33:43--> 00:34:05

By committing sins, by denying the ayat when Allah punish them, it was not injustice on his part they brought about that consequence, they brought about that punishment on themselves. So in this ayah is a lesson that if the previous people were destroyed for the wrong day did, how do we think

00:34:07--> 00:34:08

we can be spared?

00:34:09--> 00:34:11

How do we think that we can be spared?

00:34:12--> 00:34:18

If the previous people who were stronger than us more than us, were just one one person?

00:34:19--> 00:34:31

An entire nation many entire nations were finished? Who are we before Allah? What are we going to achieve by forgetting Allah? By mocking at his words, by mocking at his messenger?

00:34:33--> 00:34:37

What are we going to achieve? Nothing, nothing in this dunya and nothing in the

00:34:39--> 00:34:57

The fact is that we have to realize and we have to accept our smallness, before almost a penalty. And this is what everybody is humility. Until a person becomes humble, he cannot obey, he cannot submit. And that is what is required of us that we must become humble before.

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Listen to the recitation of this ayah

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download be Holla

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Holla welcome to

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all Boo.

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Boo Boo hos you.

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lm mia

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Happy Monday

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for me Oh,

00:37:03--> 00:37:28

I was just thinking that when we focus on bottlenecks not just forgetting him in the obligations of the commands, but also forgetting him means we don't have the consciousness for Allah all the time. All his actions are based on without consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala. in detail, Allah forgets us. But I was thinking that he will not forget us by stopping the blessings. But he would forget us in not giving us the ability or the trophy to do the right thing. I think blessings are still given, but ability is taken away.

00:37:30--> 00:37:37

Because the munafo they were very wealthy, they were very well off. We learned in sort of an African that either item or duplicate,

00:37:38--> 00:38:14

that when you look at them, their bodies will be very amazed by the very strongly built, very beautiful, handsome, good looking, you'll be impressed by their looks, even by their wealth. They already read that their wealth and their children should not amaze you. So it's not that Allah for getting the means that they're not given blessings anymore. But what does it mean? Allah excludes them from his mercy. He does not give them the ability to improve themselves. He does not assist them. He does not give them contentment and heart. They're always worried, always scared.

00:38:15--> 00:38:17

There is no peace in heart.

00:38:18--> 00:38:20

Little things become such big issues.

00:38:22--> 00:38:28

Sometimes little little things, they become such a big problem. Why? It's perhaps because we're not remembering

00:38:30--> 00:38:31

anything else.

00:38:32--> 00:39:03

Me and whoever we're talking about the time that the battle, companions were really run in hypocrites. They started to insult them. And then they knew what the companions were doing was correct. And they were supposed to do that. But they felt that guilt. And it's kind of like us right now. Like, every time we want to do something, or we want to accomplish something in Deen. And then we see somebody else who starts to do it, we start to insult them or, you know, cause that feeling that we have in our hearts. So when shall you know when we see people doing good, we shouldn't do one cut and like make fun of them or insult them, but we should try and be like fall they're doing.

00:39:04--> 00:39:07

And the problem with that is jealousy.

00:39:08--> 00:39:16

That How come they're getting ahead of us. But the fact is that a lot of resources are not limited. If he can give them he can also review, ask Allah.

00:39:21--> 00:39:45

What I was thinking was just about our conversations, how we control our tongues. I mean, it's so crazy the way we use our tongues. You know, we talk so much, but it's just sometimes we'll say what's the nature of a woman to talk so much, but a lot of them I was just remembering of that lady who only used to speak the Quran. You know, only her whole talk was just words at the end of life. We focus more on this than perhaps we can also be at that level.

00:39:47--> 00:39:51

And sometimes when we talk too much then we ended up backbiting we ended up lying we end up gossiping.

00:39:53--> 00:39:59

What happens when we come across these several verses? We always think okay, you're not caffrey we're not gonna kill believers right? But

00:40:00--> 00:40:08

The way or listen to this vegan, it's just something what Professor or someone was doing a good job. These men African, they were taking all the way negative

00:40:10--> 00:40:47

because something is wrong with their hearts same as a kind of check for ourselves as well that when these type of verses come, what is the state of our hearts? Do we think yes? Is there any kind of sign of hypocrisy in us as well or not? Because actually, if we deeply dig in, we really find out. And we really need to work hard on it right from the beginning. Just this morning, actually, I got this chance. My son, he just went back from the school yesterday from here, I think this is the best example I can share with all of you. He was very scared and very upset. Why? Because he did something wrong here yesterday, how not himself because he was accompanied with other boys going

00:40:47--> 00:41:24

upstairs where they were not allowed. And when he came back, I didn't know this thing, because it was in his heart. So he said, You know, this is a very mean there. Because he knew that he did something wrong. And he started slandering and many other people. Now it was not me, I was not doing that. They were otherwise I was just with them. And finally, each and every thing is coming in front of my eyes. And I think this is the best way when you really cultivate this idea in our clinical care siblings, and even for us as well, that find out what is that? Did you make mistake or not? If you saw them, you were there, leave them right away.

00:41:26--> 00:41:58

So I was just thinking how addresses both male and female. And we should really check because sometimes we think that because we're girls that we're innocent, and you know, we don't do all this and only guys do that. But we need to check yourself because Allah, Allah addresses both male and female. And at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah it was mainly the men who were doing such things. But the women are also mentioned that this shows how it could be hidden deep within a person and he doesn't even realize it's there. But other people don't even know even he doesn't know, he doesn't even realize

00:42:00--> 00:42:24

this building upon that point, it's like we look at the nations before. And they were destroyed because of their arrogance, because they thought they had the strength to build such great monuments, such great things. And it also shows that we should check ourselves. We think that just by building these buildings and all these prime inventions, that we think that we are greater, and that's why that leads to arrogance and not believing in Allah and thinking that we are greater.

00:42:25--> 00:42:34

A lot of money. Yeah, exactly. And they were destroyed at that Prime stage of civilization. So we should always check ourselves. We shouldn't be among these people and get destroyed.