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At-Taubah 64-74 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 71-72

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim I in number 71.

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What about me new and I want to move Mina to baraboo. home earlier about

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the believing men and believing women. They are allies of one another.

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In the previous ayah, who was mentioned, the one African that when African men and the monastic women, they are valuable member, they are one of another, they belong to the same group of people, they share the same characteristics over here with regard to the believers, again, mean owner mentioned and what may not are mentioned, men are mentioned and the women are mentioned. Because it's not only the men who are required to cooperate with one another and work together for the dean. But the women are also required to do that. Both are required.

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Generally, when it comes to serving the dean, what do we think it's an obligation only on men? Women are not required to do it. Women are supposed to look after their houses, their husbands, their children, and that's it.

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But if you think of it, if women can go and get an education, go and work, build their careers, then why can they not learn the Quran? Why can they not work for the dean? Of course they can. When they have the ability, when Allah gives them the opportunity, and when they are able to balance between both things, when they're able to fulfill their obligations, and at the same time, fulfill this obligation as well. That is towards our the

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so when will we No, no one more minute, who are they vulnerable, whom earlier.

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Some of them are allies of others, meaning they are friends of one another.

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It hasn't been said by all the home members.

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Why? Because they are all uneven, because they are all believers. And it's not just that they share their characteristics. But they are also supporters of one another. The hypocrites they only share their characteristics. And they also receive one another, they also abandoned one another. But the believers, they share their characteristics. And at the same time, they're also a source of support for one another. supporting other believers is a requirement of a man.

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A believer does not hold grudges, enmity for other believers. What does he do? He supports them and supporting is that you tell them what is right. You stop them from what is wrong. If they're having a problem, you assist them. If they're doing something wrong, you correct them. If they want some help you cooperate with them, you have the same mission as theirs. Both of you have the same goal vowed to him earlier about even if they're working at different places. However, because their mission is the same whenever they will meet, even if they're meeting for the first time, they will still have this bond with them. borrow the woman earlier over up

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yet morona will model their order that which is good because they do that which is good. They like good as well. And that is what they promote. together. You get more wanna win rounds together. They come in which is good to one another and also to others.

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As opposed to the hypocrites. What do they do yet Marana will Mancha but the believer he orders that which is good, because he man demands that a person called others to goodness, if he likes something for himself, if he finds out that this is what Allah likes, then he wants that that action should be done by everybody. If he's benefiting, others should also benefit.

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And if doing this action is something that brings pleasure to Allah and I want everybody to do it yet morona been model

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way in hohner and in Mancha and they forbid that which is wrong, because Eman demands that a person stops from wrong. He cannot think it's their choice, let them do whatever they want to know. He cannot tolerate that wrong is being done before his eyes. He does not like it. He stops people from doing wrong

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when you came on a salata and they also established a center where you look at that and they also give this a cap

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with regard to the menaggio cone, what did we learn Nestle law, they have forgotten Allah, but the true believers you came on a solid that they established the center.

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Then when afrikan Well I don't know salata, 11 kosala. But the believers, you came on us for that they established the solar. They don't pray easily. They don't pray with their heart and mind absent. No, they concentrate they have

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For sure, when you don't as DACA and they also give this account

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what are the hypocrites do Yakubu tuna at home? They restrain their hands they don't spend. But the believers you tuna Zakat,

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while their own Allah Allah solo and they obey Allah and His messenger. Then when Africa Nestle law, they have forgotten Allah, but the believers they obey Allah and they also obey His Messenger. Allah aka it is such people say or hammer whom Allah Allah will show mercy to them in the law or season Hakeem Indeed Allah is Mighty and wise.

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What do we learn in this ayah? The characteristics of the believers. And the first characteristic is that they are allies. They are friends of one another.

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Alia is from Malaya. wilaya is the opposite of Arda. What does that mean? hatred. Believers don't have hatred for one another.

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They don't have hatred for one another. A true believer cannot hate another believer. He can have, you know, differences from him. He can differ with him. He can disagree with him. It's possible that he does not like something that he does. But he cannot hate another believer. No, he cannot hate them. He can dislike them, but he cannot hate them. Why? Because they have

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their own idea of one another.

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Because if you look at it, no person is perfect. No human being is perfect. Every person makes mistakes, isn't it so.

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And if you're working together, if you're together striving for a goal, then it's not possible that nobody's going to make a mistake. People are going to make mistakes. But the fact that your goal is the same as their goal, that you want the pleasure of a lot, and you want that for them as well. What are you going to do when you differ with them? What are you going to do when you dislike something in them? Are you going to hold grudges against him? Are you going to back bacon? No. What are you going to do? You're going to go correct them? If you cannot, at least you will think good about them. At least you will think maybe he is more righteous than me. Maybe Allah likes him more

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than me. How do I know? Perhaps is a man is stronger than me. So a true believer can never hate another believer. Why? Because the other believer has a man and that is sufficient that he should be liked, and he should not be hated.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the believer to the believer is like a building. Its parts support each other.

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Its parts, what do they do? They support each other.

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If you remove the wall, if you say I don't like this wall, I want to get rid of it.

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I don't like this door, I don't like this window, I want to get rid of it. When I'm here, this wall becomes a hindrance for me and I cannot look beyond the window is too small. If you make these excuses, then what's going to happen eventually the whole building is going to collapse. Similarly, if based on just few differences, you say, I don't like this person, I don't like that person, I'm not going to talk to them, I'm not going to see them again.

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Then what's going to happen, the building is not going to stand together. It's not going to stand together. The fact that the other is a believer, you have to support him.

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You have to be an assistant for him. You have to cooperate with him. You cannot cut yourself off because if you do, your building will not strength, you cannot be successful.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said the example of the believers in compassion and mercy that they have for each other is like the example of one buddy. The believers are like one body when it comes to being compassionate and merciful to one another. If one part of it falls ill the rest of the body suffers with fever and sleeplessness isn't it? For example, if a person has an infection, perhaps infection is on the finger.

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Perhaps it's, you know, somewhere in the body. But the whole body suffers from what fever, isn't it? The infection isn't only in one part of the body, but the entire body suffers from a fever.

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This is the connection that all believers must have that if one is going through a problem, instead of saying I don't care for them, and I'm sick of them. I'd like to cut off from them. No, what should you do feel for them? They need help. Help them, assist them, correct them, encourage them. They need some support as well. And if you don't feel for them, if you don't support them, then how will you go together. If you cut them off, you will become weak you will suffer as well.

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Like for example, if a person says there is an infection my hand I'm gonna cut it off, you cut it off, you're not going to have a hand anymore. Just because you disagree with someone does not mean you have to get rid of them. They have a man, appreciate them for their Eman. overlook their faults, give excuses, give reasons, think positively about one another and move on Continue. For such believers, what are the local minima one minute, Allah has promised the believing men and believing women? What has he promised them? Jeanette in 30 min Danielle and have gardens underneath which rivers flow? This is what Allah has promised them. Both the men and the women, the men and the

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women? Why are they both mentioned? Because both of them together, hold the structure. If you cut off the women and say no, no, they have no contribution in team, they cannot serve the need. Is your building going to stand properly? No. If you cut off the men and say we don't offer any service for the men, we're only a women only Institute then what's going to happen? shipbuilding is not going to be able to stand you need both men and women both are necessary. Just like a family cannot survive with only women with only men. Similarly, the family of Islam cannot survive unless and until both the women and men are contributing are together working

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while are the local minima what may not Allah has promised such believers genette and gardens 30 min 30 and ha and in there they will be highly Dena Fie her abiding there in eternity.

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What else has a lot promised them? wama sakeena Thank you better

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houses, dwellings that will pay you back. My second is a Florida musket. Allah has promised them homes that are the UVA, what does the UVA mean?

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It's the feminine of play of what is like?

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Pure, good. Pleasant, isn't it player food is that which is good for you. That which is enjoyable, it is delicious.

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You look at it. It looks good. You smell it, it smells beautiful. You taste it, it tastes good. This is what the food is. So what would your house be?

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You look at it, it looks good. You live in it. It's peaceful, it's comfortable, it fulfilled every need nothing is missing. Nothing is imperfect.

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And also they have is that which is favorable that which is suitable Rehan tayyiba is when that is suitable. That is favorable. For example, if a ship is sailing on the sea, it needs winds that are favorable, isn't it? So if the winds are blowing against the ship, that's not the eba what is the eba which is favorable.

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So a house is the river when you're living in it, and it suits you.

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Not that you're living over there.

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And you cannot get used to the atmosphere, or that there's no sunlight.

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Or perhaps it smells a lot or the award is very older or something or the other.

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It's not suitable

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if you look at it. Which house in dystonia is perfect.

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Which house

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no house in dystonia is perfect.

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No house at all.

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Any house? You move from one house to the other? You renovate your house you do anything. You will find that the houses have dystonia. They are not the Yuba

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which houses

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the house of Jenna.

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Allah has promised such believers Wilma sakeena good houses, living in them will be a thing of experience for them. They will enjoy living in those houses

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fija nuttier than in gardens of Eden. In gardens of eternity. These houses are where in genetic. What does it mean by this gene Matthew?

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often is understood in two ways. First of all, it is understood as an island. What does it mean by

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a proper noun? A name of something like for example, girl is also a no, but it's an alum is Shazia, for example. That's what isn't Arlo similarly, Jannati Arden Arden is what one of the names of Jenna

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one of the names of Jin Jenna has many names, isn't it?

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Sometimes Jenna is described as fit those. That's one of the levels of done as well it's one of the names as well.

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Sometimes the name is that we find in the Quran is double Quaalude. Double salam, the home darussalam genital maga, Jonathan Noreen.

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So there are different names based on different levels of gender.

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So jannetty Arden gardens of Eden, of Arden. So what does that mean?

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What's the first meaning that it's one of the names in genda.

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Ultimately, he said that Arden is a high level in general, which is in its wassup in its midst. And the other gymnasts are around it. There's a hadith in which we learn about Jenna to either I would or that he narrated that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Arden is the who, meaning that Allah it is the house of Allah.

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And Lottie learn torah Heinen well in the Torah Colby bookshelf, which no AI has ever seen. And no mind has ever imagined no heart of a human being has ever imagined it.

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You understand? This is

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what he was gonna. Well is guru hammer, who Minh bunny Adam Lusaka and it is his mask. It is the house of Allah. None will dwell in it with him from the children of Adam except three. Who are they? And Naveen was like the Athene or Shahada, the prophets, the truthful ones, and the martyrs who

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now begin seducing and Shahada only these three, only these three will be were

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in gelato, none else will be allowed to live over there.

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We're about the rest of the site.

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There will be elsewhere. There are other levels of donut as well. And Allah subhanaw taala will say to the layman, the hallak the glad tidings for the one who enters you.

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Okay To begin, there's no way

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for us, but asleep to clean, my shoe heard that there is still a chance, a possibility.

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Allah knows, try, you might make.

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So this is gender or the what is gender to either a certain level of gender? Or than is isn't random. Secondly, or than is understood as is slifka. What is

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an attribute? So it is slifka agenda.

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It is an adjective that describes your net. So then we have to know the literal meaning of the word. If it's a word that is describing gender, then we have to know what it means. What does it mean? Or then literally means is the clock and Sabbath. What does that mean? stability and firmness,

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stability and firmness to stay somewhere. It is said or done a bill McCann meaning he stayed in that place for a very long time.

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He stayed in that place for a very long time, from the same notice the word margin, what is it? margin?

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minerals that are extracted from the earth? Where do you find them?

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in caves? under the earth? under the water? For example, gas, coal, gold, silver, salt?

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How long have these minerals been staying over there?

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How long 1000s of years, isn't it

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1000s of years. So are there is to stay somewhere for a long time. So Jannati are then how is it understood? gardens of eternity, they will never be taken out from there. They will never want to go from there.

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Anywhere you go.

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What happens eventually you have to leave from there. You build a house you want to live there. But eventually you know you're going to leave go to hotel you stay there you wish that could become your house. But it does not become your house. Even if there is a person who is the GM, the general manager of that hotel. And if he gets to stay there for some time, eventually after a year or two he will be transferred to another location. Eventually you will retire. this dunya is not eternal. Jannati are the gardens of eternity. The peace over there, the blessings over there. The people over there, the enjoyment, the pleasure, all of it is eternal. Everything in that gender is eternal,

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never ending

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and on top of that Allah subhanaw taala will also give them what what is when amin Allahu Akbar and pleasure approval.

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From a law that is the greatest, greater than what greater than all of these rewards that are mentioned over here, that Allah subhanaw taala will also restore them with his with one with his pleasure with his approval, and that is greater than every other blessing that they will be given their Lika, who will follows it earlier. That is the great success that is a supreme success, not the success of this dunya actual successes that agenda when a person has acquired that is one of a lot

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of a little later on. He said that we said, well as messenger, talk to us about gender.

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Tell us about gender, what is it built off? What is it made off? So he described to them and he said, a brick of gold, and a brick of silver,

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a brick of gold, and a brick of silver. It's mortar, meaning that which is put to connect the bricks is from musk. It's gravel is pearls and rubies. Its sand is saffron, whoever enters it will enjoy the delights. And he will never be hopeless. He will enjoy the pleasures every single thing he will enjoy over there and he will never be hopeless and he will live forever and will not die.

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His clothes will never decay. You know, you get a really nice outfit you wear twice or thrice and eventually what happens?

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You put it in the wash, you send it for dry cleaning goes back, then you have to go hunting for something similar, but his clothes will never decay, nor will his youth ever end. his youth also will never end his body even will not take the prophets are a lot of them also described as the two gardens, their bots and whatever is in them are made of gold and do gardens and their pots and whatever is in them are made of silver. You know how you have certain themes of colors. Similarly in general, but obviously much greater.

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The Roberta Larson also said with regard to read one of Allah, that Allah the Exalted and ever high He will say to the people of Paradise,

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or people of gentlemen, yeah.

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When people have dinner will be there in general. Hello and say to them, Yeah, hello, Alden. And they will all say love bake. Here we are our Lord and Saturday, we are happy at your service, the bake or Saturday? Here we are, and we are happy. And all the good is in your hand, will hierro fear the

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the Bank of Ghana mossadegh will Hiroo theodoric, he will ask them, are you happy? Are you pleased? you satisfied? And they will say why would we not be pleased with you? Our Lord, while you have given us what you have not given any other of your creation, he will say, should I give you what is better than all of this?

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Something that is much better than all of this that you have. And they will say oh Lord, what is better than all of this? What could be possibly something better than this that you have given us? He will say, I will grant you My pleasure and will never afterwards be angry with you.

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I will never be upset with you again. I will never be angry with you again. What happened in this dunya you reach a level you like yes and hamdulillah I feel a strong connection with Allah and I feel so good. And the next day you do something wrong. And you know that you upset Allah. But in general, Allah when he will bestow His little one, his pleasure, he will never be upset with the people of Ghana again. Never ever. This is why it has been said worldwide. I mean Allah, it is a quote, it is the greatest because of a person has everything, but he does not have that it's one of Allah, then what good are those blessings? What good are those blessings.

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A person cannot find any enjoyment and

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if you know you have everything, but your mother is upset with you, your father is upset with you constantly that guilt is going to eat you up, it will not let you enjoy. But in general, the enjoyment is so complete. The pleasure is so complete, that our last panel data will inform the people of gentlemen that I have restored my pleasure upon you and I will never be upset with you again. Never.

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I will never be upset with you again. What is when when Allahu Akbar

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also from other Hadees we learned that once the people agenda will be admitted into agenda. Allah subhanaw taala he will address them yet as London yelton all people have done and you will ask them that

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Are you pleased, and they will say we are pleased. So be pleased with us.

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Catarina, further on, we are happy with you. So you become happy with us. So Allah will say, oh people of Jana, if I were not pleased with you, I would not have made you inhabitants of my paradise. Because I am pleased with you. That's why I have admitted you into my den. So asked me what do you want. So, they will all give the same response that shows your face. So we may look at it. We want to see you. So Allah subhanaw taala will remove his veil and he will show himself to them.

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He will show himself to them. And this will be again ridhwan when Allahu Akbar and the great pleasure like in the door of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that the leather the enjoyment of looking at your face again the enjoyment of gender is so complete. There's pleasure, there is satisfaction there's contentment and they will be able to see a loss of panel data

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with every desire with every need fulfilled

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what do you mean Oh, Mina to bow boom.

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Yeah, Moon

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the moon.

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Tune as

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hockey la de la mina Mina

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Hall, ed. Hall, Ed Paulina.

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about the liquor one